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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  September 6, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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this is the scene at pearl avenue at the elementary school. a semi truck and a car got in an accident before 3:00 a.m. and hit a water main. one person in the car was taken to the hospital. two others took off. the police found one of then moments ago. we have a news crew on the scene with a report coming up after action. >> for folks planning the weekend we will check with mike nicco. >> good morning, everyone. all the dry air is on live doppler 7 hd and hardly a cloud to be found until you get to the coast where we have a few clouds. they will not last long today. a beautiful picture from the east bay hills as clean as the air is going to be during the heat wave as we look at emeryville cross the bay bridge and interest san francisco. look how warm the first forecast is: all of the them are above average, 87 in the north bay to 93 in the east bay, 84 in the
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south bay. we will be 68 loom the coast to 74 inland and the friday morning traffic. leyla gulen? >> very quiet and early at 4 31. good morning, everyone. we have construction with no congestion but construction is blocking off the transit northbound 280 to eastbound 380. there is eastbound and westbound traffic along 380 to 280. be sure that you know it is open until 5:00 a.m. but should okay for the morning rush. the toll plaza shows cars are moving fine on this friday lite. >> a city worker is under arrest in san francisco after a hit-and-run accident that killed a mother in a park at holly park before 2:30 yesterday afternoon. a maintenance truck ran over a 35-year-old woman who was lying in the grass with her
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11-month-old daughter. the baby was not injured. authorities say the truck kept going after hitting the woman but police tracked him down a few blobs away. they arrested the parks department employee on suspicion of felony hit and run. >> the contra costa county fire protection district is trying to keep more firefighters available for emergencies. two person medical squad will be to charge of handling lower priority calls at fire station one in downtown walnut creek freeing up fear engines to handle high priority calls to maintain staffing in response to budget cuts. fire station one is chosen because it is centrally located. five fire stations have closed in the district in the past few years. >> the california public utilities commission will hold a special hearing this morning to decide if pg&e should face more fines in the deadly san bruno pipe behind explosion. pg&e officials admittedded they
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did a poor job record keeping on the gas pipeline operations. they face fines up to $250,000 on top of more than $2 billion in fines it is facing for the explosion. monday is three years since the explosion and fire killed eight people and destroyed 40 homes. >> big rig driver is in serious condition from the severe burns he suffered when the truck caught fire on interstate 680 last night in sunol. you can see the fire was so intensity destroyed the cab of the truck. the films spread to grandson on the side of the freeway and the driver suffered burns to his hands, face, and legs and airlifted to the hospital. >> president obama is using his final day of meetings in russia to renew a request for support in a military strike in syria it is not clear if the coalition is closer to becoming a reality. russian president putin is
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opposed to attacking syria. china is also against it and the european union is skeptical. a key status update is later today when president obama holds a news conference before leaving the summit in the russia. >> senate majority leader harry reid is expected to police on the calendar the syria resolution approved by the senate foreign relations committee this week. debate by the committee authorizing a strike could come monday or tuesday and would be larger than anticipated. the national security team is preparing for a two day aerial attack using b-52 bombers and tomahawk missile assault. >> the man charged in the murder of a popular school yard supervisor if san jose will appear in court today. the 49-year-old was found dead in her van on tuesday. she was last seen saturday when she left her home to run errands. a 43-year-old was arrested on
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suspicion of murder. they knew each other and the victim was a school yard supervisor at an elementary school where she worked for 12 years. >> a silver alert is issued in santa clara county for a 68-year-old man considered "at risk." he was last seen tuesday in santa clara at his daughter's house at 5' 8" and 140 pounds with a grown t-shirt with hawaii on the front. he takes the bus frequently and has dementia. >> there are telephone scams, first in contra costa county. the sheriff says that a man identifying himself as lieutenant stevens has been called people and telling them there is a warrant out for their arrest. he tells the targets, in order to clear it they can pay him over the phone. several have fallen for the
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scam. the sheriff says they do not have a lieutenant stevens. >> palo alto utilities department isen watching customs to be wary. someone is posings a member of the department of water and power is targeting businesses and residents saying their bill is overdue and threatens to shut off the power if it is not immediately paid. the city says that anyone gets a call asking for money or personal information should hang up and call the city's customer service right away. >> a bay area couple called the landlords from hell will be sentenced after leading guilty to waging a harassment campaign against tenants. the couple planned to rehabilitate and sell the building south of market in 2008 but the prosecution says they cut telephone lanes, doused belongings with ammonia and gave threats in an effort to get tenants to eleven. authorities say they skipped bail and escaped to europe. the couple of extradicted from italy to face charges including
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grand theft, stalking, vandalism, and criminal threats. >> the stage is set for the start of the 34th america's cup with two races on san francisco bay. defending champion oracle team usa takes on challenger new zealand and the 72' cat manies are powered by 131' sails that look and perform like jetliner wings. crowds have been gathering at the headquarters. oracle has gone from favorite to "underdog" because of penalties imposed for illegal weights on the boats. the best of 17 series starts with oracle two races down. it will be great weather. >> nice and hot and mike nicco joins us. bring the sunscreen if you are headed to the bay. >> absolutely. do not worry about the winds. they will be calm over the bay water. it will be interesting how they adjust to that.
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good morning, everyone, this is the cool of the morning we will have over the next several mornings, temperatures 8:00er up to nine degrees cooler at half moon bay and three at sfo and temperatures in the 50's and few 60's into the east bay valley with the 60's on highway 4 and pittsburg is 64, a remain warmer spot. 62 in oakland, and san francisco along with mountain view and 61 in fairfield and everyone else in the 50's. novato is 50 degrees. you may dip into the 40's when the sun comes up. next 12 hours, a few clouds along the coast and total sunshine. look how quick lit warming takes place. we are 20 to 25 degrees by noon and were toking out in the he 90's by 4:00 and low 70's at the bay. the three hottest difficulties of forecast: tomorrow, sunday, and monday, it just keeps getting warmer influence monday. we will see how long it lasts. now the commute.
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quiet so far with a little bit of construction traveling along the nimitz in the northbound and southbound direction with lanes blocked off until 5:00 between embarcadero and high street so you are going to see construction crews with slowing there. watch out for that to 980. it looks like it is moving along across the bay area and oh the altamont pass we look at top speeds 24 minutes from tracy to dublin and highway 4 from antioch to concord and san rafael to san francisco is 16 minutes. the san mateo bridge shows we have cars but everyone is moving along at top speed as you make the drive in the westbound direction to foster city with no problems awaiting. >> he lost his life in the line of duty and a moving tribute friends and family pay to a bay area officer gunned down in a senseless act of violence.
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>> shakeup that has hundreds of health care workers looking for new jobs. >> tip or not to tip in a growing trend on the menu
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,. >> covering palo alto, petaluma, and antioch this is abc7 news. >> it has been a year since the c.h.p. lost an for during a traffic stop in martinez. a new memorial in his honor will pay tribute to four other c.h.p. officers who died in the line of duty. the family unveiled the memorial yesterday outside the c.h.p. station in martinez. the seven-year veteran was gunned down by a driver he pulled over during a morning commute in alamo. he left behind a wife and four children. his fellow officers say they are upholding their promise to lob after them. >> their son is attending college and we have been in contact with that c.h.p. area
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and they have checked on him. >> the man would shot him was identified as 36-year-old christopher boone placey and was shot and killed by another officer. >> major shakeup in the bay area health industry could drive hundreds out of work. john muir health is selling the muirlab division to another company. muirlab has 540 employees in contra costa, alameda counties, and the main facility in north concord will close but other outpatient laboratories will remain open. the new owners plan to keep only 150 workers. john muir health spokesman told abc7 news that john muir lab could no longer making it in the competitive marketplace. >> the labor department releases the monthly jobs report and it is predicted 177,000 jobs were added to payrolls in august and the unemployment rate will remain at 7.4 percent unchanged. many were encourage by signs of
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improvement this past week. reports show that service companies are stepping up hiring and dwindling number of people are losing jobs. >> restaurants in new york, chicago, and in the bay area are replacing the concept of tipping waiters with something else. that is because the minimum wage in san francisco is among highest in the country. >> this service at original joe's in san jose is known to be impeccable. diners expect it when they pay $30 a plate. what if tipping was eliminated? >> people would feel awkward if it disappeared. >> it has at several restaurants. instead, diners pay a flat service charge to the entire staff. >> they put in something like a 10 percent service charge. most people tip more than 10 percent. >> professor of consumer behavior at san jose state
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doesn't think the in tipping idea is something americans would go for even though in europe tipping is minimal and in parts of asia no one does it. restaurant tourism says tipping is part of our culture. >> it would not happen here because we have to raise our prices. two, it could affect my wait staff not giving the right service. >> what would you do if you did not have tips? >> would not be a server. >> consumers had mixed reaction to the thought of having a set service charge. >> confusing. different servers you do not know where the money is going or whatever doing. a not rate is great. >> i will tip either way. >> most americans who took an online survey agreed, 63 percent say they tip even when service is bad. >> we want to know what you think about not dipping joining the conversation on our facebook page and sound off.
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>> we are not talking about not tipping at all but the service fee. no service fee provided by mike, right, just free forecast. >> we should have paid him for the last week but now he owes us for this week. mike? >> it is payday. here is the wind, so, yes, 15 miles per hour and everyone else is light and variable. from mount tamalpais this morning, you can see how it is not as bouncy as yesterday but it is clear so that is a definite sign that high pressure is here as the winds are calming and compressing the air enough so we will have sunshine everywhere today and the heating begins. not as cool tonight. temperatures tonight could be up to 10 or 12 degreer warmer than when you step outside. this morning, you will wonder where the warming trend is? it will not last. heat peaks sunday into monday.
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90 in morgan hill is the warm spot in the south. 82 at santa cruz and 84 at san jose. a lost low 80's until millbrae and san mateo and mid-to-upper 70's and half moon bay is the warm spot along the coast and 70 for you and the sunset and everyone el is around 68 degrees and in the mid-70's downtown south san francisco and sausalito with upper 80's to near 90 in the north bay and novato and calistoga and napa at 90 and 68 at bodega bay with no cloud cover. 79 in richmond and low-to-mid 80's for the east bay shore and low-to-mid 90's inland east bay neighborhoods. >> 75 for first patch at the coliseum and only 70 by end of the game, a delightful evening. nice at at&t park, without the breezes, well start at 71 at
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7:15 and drop down to 66 or 67 degrees. tenth the temperatures, everyone is in the low-to-upper 60's but santa rosa and half moon bay in the upper 50's and the low is pulling away and that means high pressure is taking over and the warming friend begins today. the offshore wind will set up tomorrow and look how much the temperatures jump, we will flirt with 100, friday saturday, sunday, inland and low 90's around the bay and mid-to-upper 70's along the coast and temperatures stay before average even when they are cooler, tuesday, wednesday, and thursday next week. >> if we get a sunburn we will blame you for that. >> i will pair you for that. >> hands will be open. >> this isn't all state. >> good morning, everyone, at 4:48. quiet conditions and we have construction. this is going to wrap up at 5:00 this morning. if you travel eastbound on a 80
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you are going to see construction crews with blocked lanes. 680 is moving at top speeds and we will see you under 30 minutes out of tracy to dublin. from daly city along 280 the extension brings you to king street and clear conditions and accident-free and we do not see any accidents and certainly mass transit is running on time. 101 headed in the southbound direction to central san rafael it is moving along just fine. >> more revelations from the documents leaked by n.s.a. contractor edward snowden with "new york times" reporting the government spent billions since 2000 building have computers to break codes worldwide designed to keep information safe on the internet but the report says that the national security agency has been unravelling the technology making nearly everyone's secrets available to
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the government. >> hillary clinton is running to the white house for the first time since july. the former secretary of state is scheduled to take part in an event on monday afternoon on wildlife trafficking. it will focus onests to combat the selling and trading of wild animals and plants. the visit likely to attract attention because she may run again for president in 2016. she stepped down as secretary of state in february and was last at the white house in july for a lunch with president obama. >> apple is looking to take a bite out of the competition with a big change for future iphones
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too much? a little. [ male announcer ] connect all your wi-fi-enabled devices with u-verse high speed internet. rethink possible. >> a broken water main is being blamed for a sink hole that swailed a low in oklahoma city. two women saw a puddle under their vehicle and then the car suddenly began to ink into the
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ground. the women were able to crawl out of the back window and the owner bought the car just a month ago. ouch. >> that is how it always works. >> the environmental protection agency says restoring of san francisco creek on the peninsula is nearly complete forming a boundary between menlo park and palo alto a few remaining streams in the bay area not confined to a concrete channel and runs past sanford where a 100-year-old fish bear area near the famous palo alto tree has been removed. the demolition gives trout new access to miles of additional spawning grounds for the first time in a century. the next generation of spacecraft is being sent to the moon it will launch from virginia this evening, the first spacecraft developed, built, and tested at nasa nasa at moffett field on a 100-day mission to
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explore the moon's thin atmosphere and dust. we will report back to our kids and talk about what happened. us this week. mike nicco? >> high burn factor no matter where you are this weekend with the total sunshine even headed out to the coast. here is from our roof camera, no clouds as we look to the ferry building and embarcadero center and the western span of the bay bridge. we will talk about our 24 hour temperature change the biggest jump in three months, ten degrees warmer and inland neighbors we will see a big jump in concord eight degree up to 91 and we hit 89 in santa rosa, three degrees warmer than yesterday and 74 in san francisco. air quality is still bad in tuolumne county continuing through the afternoon and headed up to talk home, 79 degrees with haze. leyla gulen? >> we have one accident that happened in metten with a
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construction project on 580. it is on the shoulder and not blocking any lanes with no injuries. southbound 680 at stoneridge drive we noticed slowing in the northbound direction and that is again. highway 4, making the travel from antioch to pittsburg the top speed is 62 miles per hour. if you are travel along 680 in the southbound detection from pleasanton hill to walnut creek to get to highway 24 you are in very good shape with no construction. we are looking at a cheer drive across highway 24 into the tunnel. the golden gate bridge shows a gorgeous and clear ride if you head out of sausalito, out of the waldo tunnels and into san francisco. >> big change if commuters, three way on-ramp metering lights will come to north concord and pittsburg up and running during commute hours along highways 4 and 242 monday
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morning. this has been in the works for 20 years and it is the first phase of a $27 million project to get traffic moving -- to get traffic flowing more smoothly. >> the new version of the iphone debuting on tuesday is expected to come in different colors but look the same as previous models. there could be a big change down the road: the "wall street journal" reports that apple is considering a bigger screen on future iphones. right now iphones have a 4.8" screen which could be bumped up to 6" which puts the iphone in a category between phones and computers. >> the key to fighting obesity could be in your stomach? it is a bacteria in your gut. scientists in stimulus say that different kinds of bacteria can burn fat or protect it. researchers transplanted germs from twins, one fat, the other lean, and put the bacteria into
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mice and the mice that received the gut bacteria gained more weight although they did not eat more. the research could explain why some people have a harder time losing weight and could be used to develop personal fat-fighting therapies. >> we are following breaking news in the east bay where a fire is burning at a used car lot. the challenge firefighters are facing getting the films out. >> breaking news in san jose a car accident sent one to the hospital and shut off water to a school there. >> the vote expected today in sacramento that could bring a waterfront arena for the warriors a step closer
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>> abc7 news starts with breaking news. >> at 5:00, i am kristen sze. >> breaking news: fire crews are on the scene of a two-alarm fire in martinez. an elderly couple managed to get out unscathed. abc7 news amy hollyfield is there with the latest. firefighters are making entry for the first time and think they will go in this and put the finishing touches on the fire and get it out for good. they wanted to get pg&e to turn off the power to make sure the firefighters were safe to do a full sweep of the building and make sure that no one else is inside. they do not have reason to believe anyone is in there but they want to make sure just in case. we have cell phone video that a viewer sent


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