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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  September 6, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> abc7 news starts with breaking news. >> at 5:00, i am kristen sze. >> breaking news: fire crews are on the scene of a two-alarm fire in martinez. an elderly couple managed to get out unscathed. abc7 news amy hollyfield is there with the latest. firefighters are making entry for the first time and think they will go in this and put the finishing touches on the fire and get it out for good. they wanted to get pg&e to turn off the power to make sure the firefighters were safe to do a full sweep of the building and make sure that no one else is inside. they do not have reason to believe anyone is in there but they want to make sure just in case. we have cell phone video that a viewer sent us taking shortly
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after the five break out and it was really going. necessity have suspicions about the fire. it took off too quickly. they got the call at 3:15 to come to the birthday in martinez and they say an old car lot was burning and there is a residence on the property and an older couple lived here. they got out okay. a neighbor told us she saw and her everything. >> i was sitting by my front window and i heard a loud boom and i heard a car alarm and i heard another boom and it went up in flames everything the whole thing, all at once. >> firefighters say the couple who lived here has spoken to the sheriff deputy and they are not here anymore.
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the firefighters have been told they are okay but the firefighters want to search the building just if case to make sure no one is inside. this is a busy street this martinez and hopefully it will be open by 6:00 because of the only cork mute. the cars, they believe, were burned, it will cars. we ask if you have video of this scene or any other scene you will send it to us. >> thank you, amy. we have breaking news in san jose where one person has been taken to the hospital after two vehicles collided causing a water main break. abc7 news reporter katie marzullo is on the scene. >> it is worse than originally
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reported. three went people to the hospital. it is a dangerous scene that plaid out this morning in san jose. the lincoln town car is the car that started this, came speeding down this road and hit a large truck carrying other cars and the accident wiped out the water main and you can see this is at the elementary school completely ruining, curbing that truck. you can see the tow truck taking the link cop continent away. we can roll video of scene, it was 3:00 am and there were three people in the car and after the crash, two of the people ran off, one into the neighborhood and one into nearby bushes at the school but police were able to capture all these of the people and all throw of them were hurt and all three have been taken to the hospital. as for water at the elementary school, the water main because it was crushed in the accident has been broken and water is shut off so the school does not
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have water. it is early so we did not know if it can be restored in time for school to open. a school representative is on the way to the scene. >> thank you, katie. we have been following that all morning long. >> also following the heat wave, we have been warning you about this and it is starting. mike nicco has details. >> good morning, everyone, live doppler 7 hd shows how dry the air is and how few clouds are hugging the coast and a is just about it. temperatures right if you are running in the 50, and it feels great when you step outside, cooler than yesterday. heat will be warming a lot, 40 to 50 degrees in some area, with low-to-mid 90's in the east bay valley and upper 70's to low 80's most of the bay shore to mid-80's in the south bay and near 90 in the north bay and 70 at half moon bay to 74 in san francisco. today is just the beginning.
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come back in a few minutes or stick an for a few minutes with the hottest days in the forecast. leyla gulen? >> we do have one accident in leften traveling long southbound 680 at stoneridge drive that is on the shoulder involving two vehicles. we do have more construction in san bruno and one project northbound 280 to eastbound 380 has re-opened and this connection westbound 380 to southbound 101 is going to be closed until 8:00 this morning so plan ahead for that. 101 if you travel out of the city to sfo you are move at top speeds so the 11 minutes gets you there and drive time traffic 580 westbound from tracy to castro valley is 36 minutes so, quick out there 101 northbound from 85 to the san jose airport is 13 minutes and 280 northbound from highway one to san francisco is nine minutes. walnut creek shows the drive from pleasanton hill you can see 680 is flowing smoothly to the
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junction with highway 24. kristen and matt? >>guest: a san francisco city worker is under arrest this morning after he ran over and killed a mother with his work truck. authorities say the 35-year-old woman was enjoying the day at holly park with her 11-month-old daughter and dog when the park work errand over her yesterday afternoon. the driver did not stop and police, extrad him down a few problems away the neighbor say maintenance trucks have been a problem at the park. >> bound to happen the i am surprised we have fought not had more dogs run over because some leave the dogs loose. >> we want to make sure our citizens are safe. we want them to enjoy the parks and recreational space in a safe manner. >> the driver has been arrest the on suspicion of felony hit and run and the driver will be drug tested. the baby was not hurt. >> the next round of contract talks on significant issues between bart management and
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union will not begin until mid-accept a month from the strike dead line. the 60 day cooling-off period ends october 10. the management has yet to see proposals that are reasonable and accuses the unions of failing to move below a 20 percent wage increase. the unions accuse bart management of bargaining in bad faith and releasing inaccurate information to the public about the wage and benefit proposals. >> legislation that would pave the way for the war nors to build a new waterfront arena in san francisco could come to a vote if the state senate by today. the bill would authorize the commission to green light the warriors arena roth saying it is consistent with public laws and would not change environmental reviews. some lawmakers oppose the project saying it shifts jobs away from an economically depressed area to a region with heard low unemployment. >> president obama runs to the united states today from the g on summit in russia without the
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international support he wanted on syria. we have learned if president obama decides to go ahead with limits support, the natural security team is preparing for a larger attack than previously anticipated. we are in washington, dc, with the details. >> good morning. as president obama reaches out to world leaders we are learning more about what a potential attack against syria would look like, a senior official says this military strike could do more damage to bashar al-assad's forces in 48 hours than the syrian rebels have done in two years of civil war. aworld leaders gathering at the g-20 summit in russia continue to resist rebound's push for military strike against syria. >> motor, any progress on syria today? >> we were talking about the economy. >> the president has argued that a strike is necessary to deter syrian president bashar al-assad to using chemical weapons in the future. but the g-20 post russian president putin is staunchly
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opposed to attacking syria and not alone the key is against the strike, germany says it will not take part and the european union is calling for a political solution. back in the united states, the debate continues whether congress should authorize the use of force against syria. >> i want to know the ramifications. >> there are no good options blest syria, only bad and worse. >> if the president moves forward, the national security team is preparing for significantly larger military bombardment than most anticipated, a campaign that could last two days will include tom human cruise -- tomahawk cre missile missiles, with ships loaded with 200 missiles in addition to an aerial bombardment of missiles and long-range bombs fired from b1 and b-52 bombers.
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>> officials say president obama is considering an address to the nation to make the case for a strike on syria. >> it is cool right now. but it will change quickly for us today. >> we will check with mike nicco we are heating up a lot, today. >> rapid warming, absolutely, with temperatures in the 50's as cool as it will get. check out how beautiful it looks from the east bay hills on the bay bridge, all the way over to san francisco, easy to see by far our cleanest air is today during the heat wave. temperatures compared to average one degree warmer in redwood city at 82 and san francisco at 74, four dead warmer and livermore is 92, and 90 in napa, oakland the average high is warmest this time of the year at 75 degrees and you will be 82 degrees. the next 12 hours, 53 to 65,
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cool in the not bay valley to 65 for the rest of us. sunshine and we are warming up, 72 to 82 by noon. 72 to 92 with calmer conditions around 4:00 and fairly comfortable this evening or stuffy inland at 84 and 66 at the coast. the three hottest days of forecast, saturdays sunday, and monday with the heat coming in a day later it will hang around a day longer. be prepared, it will be three tough days inland. >> good morning, leyla gulen the. >> it has been quiet as we take you to orinda and lafayette and traveling along the eastbound direction along highway 4 we have construction crews with three lanes blocked off until 6:00 westbound, though, is moving swiftly from walnut creek to the tunnel toward oakland. so you are in good shape. 680 southbound walnut creek to dublin, traveling to the south,
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you are look at 14 minutes and 101 southbound from santa rosa to san francisco is under 50 minutes and highway 17 through santa cruz mountains is 24-minute commute. this is a gorgeous sight of the bay bridge westbound direction you can see traffic is moving smoothly to treasure island. >> the nfl is hoping to score big with...women. bloomberg business report is next. >> $the 80 million bill a hunter could get for the rim fire and the bay area camp that will play in the recovery. >> tesla c.e.o. plans a cross country mission to prove a
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>> covering fremont, palo alto, north bay, and all bay area, this is abc7 news. >> happening today, a former new england patriot hernandez will be arraigned on a first-degree murder charge connected to the killing of a friend. the grand jury indicted hernandez last month. he leaded not guilty. the prosecution says he orchestratessed the killing because he was upset for talking to some people with whom hernandez had a problem. hernandez is held without bail. authorities in tuolumne are still dividing whether to file charges against a hunter accuses of igniting the devastating rim
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fire around yosemite national park. the forest service officials say the massive blaze was started by a hunter burning an illegal fire. the flames have burned 237,000 acres and the fire is 80 percent contained but it continues to spread in the yosemite national park. firefighting costs have topped $82 million. the hunter could be financially liable. yosemite national park's camp owned by the city of san francisco was spared from the flames and it will be used as a base camp for recovery operation that starts on sunday. >> students are again attending an elementary school that was closed down because someone stole the water supply over the labor day weekend. this happened in bridgeville using a garden hose to drain 20,000 gallons of water from a tank into a large water tuck without water, the school could not use the bathrooms and it is the second water theft. a month ago someone stole 20,000 gallons of water from other
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tanks and could have been taken for illegal pat grows. >> the nfl is rushing to win hearts of female fans. >> here is jane king with the bloomberg business report. >> would you like to drive a car without paying for gas? the first of a kind program in orlando shows all customs can champion the electric car positive free. orlando is the largest car rental market and enterprise is winning the leases for $30 a day with, thats. investors are looking at the august jobs report and guessing what it means for future stimulus and the nfl is on the offensive to appeal to women. the initiative includes ads, t spots run during games and expanded merchandise and pop up clothing boutiques and says sales have tripled in the past four years. the nfl is offering an ex-expanded menu of merchandise
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including toasters and cheese boards and other items for what it calls home-gating they home to appeal to 83 million female fans. that is the news from the new york stock exchange with the bloomberg business report. >> tesla c.e.o. is out to prove that mileage tesla's electric vehicles can get and plans to drive a tesla model s across the country from los angeles to new york in six days with only nine hours of charging time! he will promote the battery charging station tesla is setting up, and says he wants to prove to sketchics that electric cars are as convenient as cars that run on gas. there are fewer and fewer skeptics, with shares are up 400 percent this year. >> some of us did not buy it... >> we were not sure. it is a pretty pricey car and i hoped the prices would come
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down. >> even the cheap cars have air conditioning which all of them will need. >> absolutely, no matter what your car is. hopefully you can have air conditioning and if you do not i can tell you where to go to get free air conditioning. the coast, that time of the year, sunny and remaining mild at the coast. if you are headed that way, strong sunshine and we will look at visibility unlimited and we have a few clouds along the coast this morning. this is just a beautiful, beautiful picture. i am so glad we have that camera to look at this high definition picture of the new bay bridge. sunshine today, heating begins, and although it is in the 50's, and you think it feels great, but there will be 25 to 35 degrees of warming coming our way today. tomorrow morning, it will be from five to possibly ten degrees warmer and that will help jack up the heat on sunday
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and monday. that is when it will peak. today, the temperatures will be in the low-to-mid 80's if most of the south bay is the usual warm spots are los gatos and gilroy near 90 and santa cruz is on the beach at 82 and you head up in the hills at 92. 70 at half moon bay today and on the other side of the peninsula, a lot of upper 70's to low 80's the sunset and 70 today and downtown south san francisco and sauce haiti mid-70 and upper 80's to 90's so find refreshing wine and shade if you are headed up there this week. 79 in richmond and low-to-mid 80's in the east bay shoreline. same in live more, wine country, 92 and everyone is in the low 90's. we have a big festival, 42nd annual mountain view art and wine festival starts tomorrow at 10:00, 6:00 both days and we start at 78 and warm up to 90 so it will be a little warm. this weekend, the heat is
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peaking with triple digits and low 90's around the bay and the coast is mid-70's and temperatures taper and still, warmer-than-average temperatures. >> the 18th annual ghiradelli square chocolate festival so the weather will make it...melty. you will get chocolate on your hands. be inside and in air conditioning. highway 4 eastbound direction we have construction between summersville road and this area the lanes will be blocked until can this morning and westbound 50 miles per hour is the top somebody and we have more traffic building as we take it to the west and, also, in the eastbound direction between port chicago and willow pass road we will have lanes blocks and that will last until noon and that is a longer project if you are going to be traveling through san jose this morning, so far, so good, quiet along 280 away from 17.
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>> ahead, seven things to know as you start your day. a story you will see only on abc7 news the bay area man who is building wheels fitted for a king. >> a big role that a sports anchor will play at the tournament of making soup at the touch of a button. sounds yummy. that's "america's money." i'm diana perez. have a great day. breakfast together can be a...bit of a dance. ♪ won't touch -- stop. eggo time. [ female announcer ] but eggo waffles can win over the pickiest of eaters.
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>> blue are just joining or headed out the door seven things to know: breaking news in martinez firefighters are at a fire burning at a used car lot. an older couple got out safely and amy hollyfield is on the scene talking to witnesses with a full report in a few minutes. >> breaking news from san jose, cruise are at a chaotic scene when a car collided with a semi
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truck driver on pearl avenue breaking a water main that goes to the school and three people are taken to the hospital and katie marzullo will have a report in a few minutes the. >> a san francisco city worker is under arrest after running over a woman in holly park with his work truck. the 35-year-old woman died and her child was not hit. the driver did not stop and was hear arrested for felony hit and run. >> the g-20 summit wraps up in russia and president obama is assure he is asking for diplomatic and political support and not direct military involvement. the denver broncos kicked off the season at home against the visiting super bowl champion ravens, the quaterback peyton manning three seven touchdowns and beat ravens 49-27.
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>> since, it is clear this morning, total sunshine on the way and the heat wave begins today it will last beyond the weekend and i will show you how long it will be around in the seven-day forecast. >> seven, that looks good for the commute: we have friday lite condition and we are looking at the bay bridge toll plaza where traffic is making its way, marching into the tolls and toward the bay bridge but all in all we have clear conditions and no accidents. >> hall of fame baseball broadcaster will serve as grand marshal of the 125th rose parade new year's day in pasadena. the 85-year-old voice of the dodgers has been with the team since the 50's when they were the brooklyn dodgers. grand marshal is a great honor with other greats including george lucas and frank sinatra. it is a dream come true. >> the future king of england will go for a royal ride in a custom-made stroller built right
5:27 am
here in livermore. the man received a call from someone close to will and kate for an order for prince george. the stroller is painted british racing green and has "number two" on the side. the rise is king sized selling for $4,500. he has made strollers for the kardashian and lebron james. >> when kate middle top, anything is standing next to her, it sells. big time. >> place the order now. >> the abc7 morning news continues with the top stories. >> which is minutes away from the release of the august jobs report. will the economy add or lose jobs, we will bring you the new numbers from the labor department. >> pg&e faces new fines these years after the san bruno
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>> abc7 news stars with breaking news. >> good morning, thanks for joining us. a two-alarm fire broke out at a used car lot this mar din necessary and abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield is there with the latest on the flames. amy in we are working on getting in san jose. >> there are several people taken to the hospital after two vehicles collided causing a water main break at an almostty school. >> our reporter is at that scene with the latest there. katie? >> we just saw the car and the truck involved in all of this towed away so the damage last behind may not look like much right now, see the busted water main in front of the school, it
5:31 am
doesn't look like a lot but it is a l it means that this is in water going into the elementary school right now. look at the video, here is what happened, a large truck carrying cars, turning around, in the paling lot of the elementary school, and it was hit by a lincoln town car and the accident smashed into the water main and the truck driver was not hurt but three people in the car were hurt and police did not know that, though, until they found the three people. there were three people in the lincoln town car, one remains with the car, one person went into the neighborhood here to the east and one person want into the school. we found the two people that fled the scene and all throw people are currently at a local hospital. >> the truck driver says that the car was speeding going 100 miles per hour down the road. police will not confirm that but they do suspect that alcohol may be involved in this accident and we know the car was not stolen and the register owner of the
5:32 am
car was one of three people now at the hospital. the elementary school, we understand, the water company and a representative from the school are on the way to assess what has happened and sigh how quickly they can get the water turned on so we will know to they can open zoom this morning. >> thank you, katie marzullo. >> we had a nice week but it is changing for the week. >> from mild to...scorching hot. >> absolutely, the first fall flareup of temperatures is on the way and it starts today. you can look at the visibility which is unlimited on live doppler 7 hd and no cloud toes found as we look from our roof camera to oakland so we will talk temperatures for today, and today probably is the cool of the day of the next four days, 87 to 93 inland and 76 to 84 were at the bay and at the coast, 68 degrees to 74 in san
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francisco. now a check of the friday morning commute. >> all right, good morning, everyone. we have a report of a stalled vehicle on eastbound highway 4 coming up to bailly road with one lane blocked. a lost construction is happening on the eastbound side of highway 4 between port chicago highway and willow pass road and to the east, as well, so watch out for that and slow for the cone zone with a buildup of traffic in antioch in the westbound direction. here is a look at san mateo bridge you can see traffic is moving smoothly from hayward to foster city. >> a dozen cars and amending go up in smoke after a two aheart fire. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield is on the scene. amy? >> kristen, look at the damage of this fire: you can see
5:34 am
firefighters still were watching it closely with smoke coming out it, and they just get the fire out moments ago and you can see about it will cars burned here and the building is gone. this is also a residence here and an older couple was living here but did make it out okay. check out the cell tone video take were by scott murphy who went it to us. he warned you to see what it looks like when the crews arrived. firefighters say it was going and they wonder what was fueling the fire. they have an investigator on the scene to try and figure that out. neighbors are suspicious saying this was very scary. >> it looks like it was come this way and i woke up the family to get out. it was huge. huge. just huge. way up in the sky. the entire area.
5:35 am
cars were blowing up and pieces were flying all over. >> firefighters got the call at 3:15 this morning to come to the boulevard in martinez and firefighters say the couple living here got out okay and they have left the scene so firefighters have not been able to talk to them. they say all of their firefighters are all right so no one was hurt. they trying to figure out what happened. this is a major street that closed and they know the morning commute is about to get underway . >> develops news in san francisco, a city worker is under arrest after a hit and run accident that killed a mother in a park at holly park before 2:30 yesterday afternoon. a maintenance truck ran over a lie-year-old woman would was lying in the dress with her 11-month-old daughter at the time. the baby was not injured. authorities say the driver kept
5:36 am
going after hitting the woman but police tracked him down a few whose away. they arrested the park department employee on suspicion of felony hit-and-run. >> happening today, the contra costa county fire protection district is launching a new pilot program to try to keep more firefighters available for emergencies. starting today, a two person medical squad will be in charge of handling lower priority calls in downtown walnut creek and it will free up fire engines to happen 8:00 higher priority calls to maintain staffing in response to budget cuts. fire station one was chosen because it is centrally located. five fire states have closed in the contra costa county fire recollection district in the past two years. >> the utility commission will hold a hearing to decide if peg manage should face more fines in the deadly san brew necessity pipeline explosion admitting they did a poor job record keeping on the gas pipeline operations. the utility faces fines up to
5:37 am
$250,000 on top of $2 billion in fines they are facing for the explosion. monday is three years since the blast and fire killed eight people and destroyed 40 homes. >> big-rig driver is in serious condition from severe burns suffered when the truck caught fire on interstate 680. it happened last night north of share done road in sunol and you can see fire was so intensity destroyed the cab of the truck. the flames spread to grass and the driver suffered burns to his hands, face, and legs. it was air lifted to the hospital. president obama is using the final day of meetings with global meetings in russia to renew a request if military strike in syria but it is not clear if the coalition he has been seeking is closer to being withing a reality. russian president putin is opposed to attacking syria and china is against it and the european union is skeptical.
5:38 am
an update comes today when president obama hold as news conference before leaving the summit in st. peterburg. >> the labor department released the latest jobs report, the unemployment rate dropped to 7.3 percent in august down .1 percent from the previous month, 169,000 jobs were created slightly less than analysts predicted. investors the watch to see how this affects the stock market with a report from the new york stock exchange at 6:45. >> we are adding numbers to our temperatures this week. >> can we do the math? can we get to triple digits? this is actually one of the areas that will see the biggest jumps, 35 degree temperature swings in novato and american cannian and 51 is the cool spot and sauce sleet 58 and 60 at bodega bay and petaluma at 56 and temperatures in in the 50'sd
5:39 am
brentwood at 60. we starting off cool. check out the day planner the next 2012 hours, rapid warming by noon at 82 inland and 74 and 72 at the bay and the coast. by 4:00 we get more of a spread at 92 inland and 84 inland and 74 around the bay and 66 at the coast. the three hottest days are saturday, sunday, and monday: triple digits inland but the coast are mid-70's to possibly low 80's off the beach. that is how rapidly the temperatures will change. leyla gulen? >> good morning, mike. traffic is building. we have a couple of recovers are stalls. one was on highway 4 eastbound at bailey and now a report westbound 580 beyond senator ramon road near dublin hills park blocking one lane westbound. the drives though, from dublin
5:40 am
to castro valley is smooth but where it isn't smooth is over the altamont pass where we have heavy traffic. on 680 southbound dublin/pleasanton to mission boulevard southbound is 15 minutes. highway 85 northbound 101 to cupertino is five-minute commute. outside, marin county traveling along southbound 101, a bit more traffic northbound side up to santa benicia. that is looking good. >> he lost his life if the line of duty. a moving tribute to a bay area officer gunned down if a senseless act of violence. >> to tip or not to tip? a growing
5:41 am
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>> covering walnut creek, burlingame, campbell, and all bay area, this is abc7 news. the man charged in the murder of a popular school yard supervisor at san jose is expected to make the first court appearance today. the 49-year-old was found dead in a van or tuesday. she was last seen on saturday when she left her home to run errands. police arrested a 43-year-old on suspicion of murder wednesday.
5:44 am
police believe they knew each other. the victim was a school yard supervisor at an elementary school where she worked for 12 years. >> this morning a silver alert has been issued in santa clara county for a missing 68-year-old man considered "at risk." the man was last seen tuesday night at his daughter's house in santa clara. he is 5' 8" and 140 pounds and wearing a green d shirt with the words "hawaii," on the front and suffers from dementia. he frequently takes the bus. >> it is a year since c.h.p. officer was killed during a traffic stop in martinez. a new memorial in his honor will pay tribute to four other c.h.p. officers who died in the line of duty. his family unveiled the memorial yesterday outside the c.h.p. station in martinez. the seven year veteran was gunned down by a driver he pulled over during the morning commute in alamo. he left behind a wife and four children. the fellow officers say they are
5:45 am
upholding their promise to lock -- look after him. >> their son is attending college and we have been in contact with that area and they have checked on him in the area. >>the man would shot the officer was a 36-year-old who was shot and killed by another c.h.p. officer. >> a major shakeup in the bay area health industry could drive hundreds of people out of work. john muir health is selling the muirlab to another company. muirlab has 540 employees in contra costa and alameda counties. the main facility in north concord will close but other outpatient laboratories will remain open. the new owners say they plan to keep only 150 workers. a john muir health spokesman said that muirlab could no longer make it in an increasingly competitive market. >> restaurants in cities across the united states including some in the bay area are doing away with tipping. that is because the minimum
5:46 am
wage, particularly in san jose and san francisco, are some of the highest in the country. at one place dineers pay a flat service charge but tipping is minimal in europe and nonexistent in asia. it is not something that most americans will go for. >> we have to raise our prices. two, it could affect my wait staff not giving the right service. >> what would you do if you did not have tip service. >> wouldn't be a server. >> most members who took an online survey will continue to tip even if it goes away. 63 percent say they tip even when service is bad. >> always worried about looking bad to your waiter or waitress. i feel obligated and i overtip because you do not know what they say when you leave. >> i was a server and it motivated in to give you better
5:47 am
service. >> we want to get to the weather because you will talk about that soon. >> absolutely. >> we will show you what going on. creative ways to keep yourself cool, maybe going to the burger pitt. they is air conditioning and burgers. >> checking out the light and variable wind this morning, live doppler 7 hd shows how quiet it is, not bouncing around with no wind above the service and the sea breeze is going, and that is why you do not see clouds around san francisco or toward the east bay hills. with the sea breeze gone and sunshine the heat begins today and it will not be so cool tonight with temperatures running mainly in the 60's but not the 70's and that is why we do not have heat advisories right now. it will cool off significantly during the overnight hours. the sheet going to peak sunday and now monday. today, we will have 88 in los
5:48 am
gatos and flirt with 90's in morgan hill and gilroy and santa cruz, 82 degrees with the greek festival underway. low-to-mid 80's bay and up to the sunset, and if you have a festival, let me know, if you make a forecast, we will give you the forecast. mid-70's downtown and south san francisco and sausalito and upper 80's to near 90 and we will have temperatures at 79 in richmond and low-to-mid 80's along the east bay shore and we will have low-to-mid 90's in the east bay valley so it will be hot when you head home tonight. we will tack about game tonight, 75 at 7:05 to 70 degrees a nice
5:49 am
night at the coliseum and it will be equally as nice at at&t park and 71 and dropping down to 66 or 67 degrees. the seven-day outlook shows heat on saturdays sunday, and monday, with 90's around the bay and triple digits inland, breaking the heat on tuesday, and more comfort average on tuesday and wednesday. >> we have construction here that we were report on earlier in san bruno westbound 380 to southbound 101 shut down until 8:00 this morning and we have more traffic in the westbound direction coming away from 280 so that is slowing. if you are traveling an from sfo to the city, 101 beyond candlestick park is moving at top speed and the 280 stings is starting to backup at 40 miles per hour closer to king street but coming from daly city you are next length shape 101 seeing a bit slowing north of 280.
5:50 am
across our bridges, the richmond-san rafael is seven minutes and 13 across san mateo bridge and across the dumbarton at 11 minutes. cash-paying lanes on the bay bridge toll plaza are loading up to the tolls. >> more revelations from the documents leaked by n.s.a. contractor edward snowden. "new york times" is reporting that the government has spent billions since 2000 building supercomputers to break encryption codes worldwide which is designed to keep information safe on the internet but the report says that the nasa nasa has been unravelling the technology making nearly everyone's secrets available to the government. >> metering lights are coming to two east bay freeways and what commuters will see when they are in operation. >> being overweight may not come from what you put in your stomach but what is in it. >> apple is looking to take a
5:51 am
bite out of the competition with a big
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5:53 am
>> a broken water main is blamed for a sinkhole that swallow add car in oklahoma city. two women parred their car and saw a puddle and slowly the we car starting sinked into the
5:54 am
ground. >> the next generation of spacecraft is headed to the moon, this nasa animation shows the land on moon launching from virginia. it is the first spacecraft developed, built, and tested at nasa at moffett field on 100-day mission to explore the moon's thin atmosphere and lunar dust the launch is from virginia you know a lot of people will be watching here. >> mys we have sun in the sky? >> absolutely even to the coast. check out the picture from east bay hills how clean the air is. unfortunately, it will not remain that clean as the air stagnates over the weekend and the temperatures heat up. it will get hazy. however, right now, no "spare the air" day is expected, up to seven degrees warmer-than-average in oakland and napa. in oakland this is as warm as it
5:55 am
gets. air quality problem in tuolumne county. around the state, everyone will be warm. even monterey at 73. leyla gulen? >> we are looking at clear conditions in san jose but we have slowing in the northbound direction along 101 coming up to the nimitz teen 280/680/880 where we see the usual slowing. beyond san jose airport you are in good shape. 101 from san francisco to sfo is a short ten-minute commute 238 to the maze and 14 minutes and 16 minutes from aye to the san jose airport. outside, the golden gate bridge is clear conditions but more traffic. >> big changes if commuters next week, fern on-ramp metering lights will come to north concord and pittsburg and up and run during the commute along highway 4 and 242 monday morning. this has been in the works for 20 years and it is the first phase of a $27 million project
5:56 am
to get traffic flowing more smoothly. >> the new verse of the iphone debuting this tuesday is expected to come in different which ares but hock relatively the same as previous models and could be a big change down the road. the "wall street journal" reports apple is considering bigger screen on future iphones right now iphones have a 4.8" screen but that could be bumped up to 6" and that size will put the iphone in the phab-let category. >> the key to fighting obesity is in the your stomach: the bacteria in your gut. different backteria can spur fat or protect against fat. researchers transplanted germs from twins, one fat, the other lean, and put the bacteria in the mice. the mice that received gut
5:57 am
bacteria from obese people gained more weight. that is why some could have a harder time gaping weight could develop personal fat-fighting therapies. >> the new bay bridge faces the next big debt: the first ever weekend commute. >> first, we are continuing to follow to breaking news stories, a semi truck and car collided in front of an almostty school and led police to chase people. >> east bay car lot goes up in flames and this is cell phone video with damage to cars and property and the concern from
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> abc7 news begins with breakings news. >> we have two agree news stories. in san jose, a semi truck and a car collided near an elementary school and it could impact the day ahead for students.
6:00 am
>> owe reporter, katie marzullo, that is happening? >> matt and kristen, we are standing on the front lawn of the elementary school and when you look from the lawn to the front you can see the busted water main. what is happening now is crews have been on the scene and assessed the damage. you can see it is totally busted. i have new information how long it will take to repair but i want to get to that if a second. this video will show you what led up to all of this. a large truck, a car mover, was turning around in the parking lot of the school and a lincoln town car according to the truck driver came speeding down the road and smashed into it and the accident ended up leveling the water main here. three people remain in the car, two of them actually took off and tried to eleven the scene on foot, and one ran into the northbound by neighbor and another ran into the bushes. police ultimately found the two and had all


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