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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  September 6, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> owe reporter, katie marzullo, that is happening? >> matt and kristen, we are standing on the front lawn of the elementary school and when you look from the lawn to the front you can see the busted water main. what is happening now is crews have been on the scene and assessed the damage. you can see it is totally busted. i have new information how long it will take to repair but i want to get to that if a second. this video will show you what led up to all of this. a large truck, a car mover, was turning around in the parking lot of the school and a lincoln town car according to the truck driver came speeding down the road and smashed into it and the accident ended up leveling the water main here. three people remain in the car, two of them actually took off and tried to eleven the scene on foot, and one ran into the northbound by neighbor and another ran into the bushes. police ultimately found the two and had all three together and
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took all three to the hospital with injuries. as for the mess left here, a toreman with the unified school district is on scene and says eyeballing it the damage looks really bad. >> it will probably take five or six hours to get it fixed and we. knight need a bunch of portable potties. >> kids, be warned, you may be using port-a-potties. police will not say if the driver of the lincoln town car or any of the three people face any charges but they said on camera they suspect alcohol was involved in the crash. it is not stolen. the registered owner of the car is one of the three who now is at the hospital. >> more breaking news with firefighters remaining at scene of a car lot after an overnight fire. back to abc7 news reporter, amy
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hollyfield. amy? >> the ownerses of the car lot have arrived. they are surveying the damage but there is not much left. the building is gone. eight cars burned. here is what it looks like at peak at 3:15, the video is courtesy of scott murphy who sent it to our abc7 news, two people lived on the rot and firefighters spent a little time looking for them. they have just confirmed that the two people are okay. they were awake when it happened and the man came out and left the scene but the woman went back to a trend's apartment behind the lot and went back to sleep. firefighters are relieved to have them accounted for the neighbors tell what she heard and saw? >> i was sitting at the front window and i heard a large "boom," and i heard car alarm.
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i looked out the window and i heard another "boom," and it went up in films, -- up in flame s all at once the. >> everyone is okay and now they are trying to figure out cause. it spread quickly and firefighters are curious to know how it caught fire. they have their suspicions saying it looks a little off. this is on the boulevard in martinez and they are trying to get the road open as soon as they can, a major street in martinez and they are worried about the only commute. we appreciate "you report" videos so if you have any video we encourage you to send it to us. >> right now we have breaking news from southern california if riverside where you can see a
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house has exploded and there is a fire. these are live pictures. officers found the structure engulfed in flames. they thought it was a plain crash but these structures caught on fire and officers helped evacuate the neighbors and the good news is there were no injuries and police believe no one was inside the structure that was leveled. the bomb squad unit headed out there now in riverside. >> we will monitor that all morning. at 6:30 we will check back with amy hollyfield and katie marzullo. you can get breaking news updates on twitter@anytime. >> absolutely. wewilllookatthevisibility. canwefindfog? absolutelynot. theairistoodryandsinkingunderthe
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highpressureandourwinsarelight. a few clouds along the coast and everyone else is great. temperatures compared to yesterday at this time, without the cloud cover, with the light winds and the dry air, we are up to eight degree cooler. when you step outside it feels repressuring and temperatures are running mostly in the 50's and you cannot find a 60 anywhere. we are almost in the 40's in napa at 50. santa rosa and novato at 51 and 52. san francisco is the warm spot at 59 and antioch. 57 in oakland. 58 in concord. 55 in san jose. love that will that will that e. now the back drop to show you the 24 hour temperature change up to ten degrees warmer today in fremont to 83 and check out none in concord and near 90 in santa rosa and that is warmer
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than yesterday. very comfortable in the 50's this morning and we warm into the 70's and 80's by noon and 70's at the coast and 80's around the bay and 90's inland and temperatures in the evening hours are comfortable at the coast and 66 and 74 around the bay and 84 inland. the warmest days are saturday, sunday, and monday. hope you are ready. leyla gulen? >> we have lots of congestion on the altamont pass, busy, busy, busy. traveling along westbound direction the top speed is 37 miles per hour and it is slower as you inch your way into livermore. it loosens up beyond highway 84 but it will be 45 minute commute from tracy to dublin. in santa clara it is a pickup in the center divider but not blocking any lanes. we did not see any delays. 101 is nice and clear beyond the san jose airport where we are seeing the backup, though, is
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between 280 and 680 and the nimitz the pocket of slowing. the drive time traffic southbound we i would santa rosa to petaluma is 15 minutes along 580 westbound from castro valley to the maze is 14 minutes and 101 northbound from 280/680 split is 14 minutes and mass transit all run on time and muni and bart and ace train, the metering lights are on as of 10 minutes and traffic is backing up with car pool lines just fine. >> in san francisco, a city worker is under arrest after a hit-and-run accident that killed a mother in holly park before 2:30 yesterday afternoon. a maintenance truck ran over a 35-year-old woman lying in the grass with her 11-month-old daughter. the truck debt going after hit the woman and the police tracked hill down a few blocked away. they arrested the parks
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department employee on suspicion of felony hit and space run. uc berkeley police are searching for the man who exposed himself in a women's bathroom. it happened on tuesday in a campus residence hall. this is the second such incident this week. we have a scripps of -- description, heavy set white male between 30 and 40. he was last seen wearing a t-shirt and light colored pants. if you have information call campus police. authorities this tuolumne are deciding what to file charges against a hunt are accused of igniting the devastating rim fire around yosemite national park. the massive blaze was started by the illegal fire that gout out of control and burned 237,000 acres and 80 percent contained but it spreads in yosemite national park. the district attorney is not revealing the hunter's name.
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>> drivers appear to be getting used to commuting across the new bay bridge but we still have some delays. this is a look at our yerba buena island camera with headlights coming into san francisco doing well for after 6:00. we did not see the long backups in the evening stretching into the night yesterday so we have the early problems with the bridge so may that is behind us. to the toll plaza, leyla gulen was talking about this, car pool lanes are great and you can still see a backup but it is better, as well. traffic on saturdays and sundays going into san francisco can be daunting, right? this week, perhaps, especially daunting and we will check back with leyla gulen for the traffic. >> abc7 news has learned the nbc round of contract talks on significant issues between bart management and union workers will not begin until
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mid-september less than a month from a third strike dead line. the mandatory 60 day cooling-off period ends october 10 and they hit the halfway mark next week. bart management says it is yet to see reasonable proposals from the unions and says they are not budging below 20 percent wage increase over three years. the unions accuse bart management of bargaining in bad faith and releasing inaccurate information to the public of the wage and benefit proposals. >> legislation that will pave the bay for the warriors to build a new arena on the waterfront could come for a vote today authorizing state lands commission to green light the warriors arena project saying it is consistent with public laws for short line development. it would not change required environmental reviews and the measure cleared the assembly in may and some east bay lawmakers opposed this saying it shifts jobs away from an economic depressed area to a region low unemployment already.
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>> swimmer diana nyad makes a heroes return to california. >> hernandez is getting ready to return to work and what is next for the former negativing in patriot -- former new england patriot accused of murder.
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>> this is abc7 news. we go to riverside with breaking news where an explosion rocked a neighborhood completely leveling when house and setting several others on fire and you can see the flames raging. it went to four alarm but no one has been injured. this was a vacant home. officers quickly evacuated the area. in word on the cause. >> happening today, former new england patriot aaron hernandez will be arraigned on first-degree murder charge connected to a killing of a friend. he was indicted last month in the death of a 27-year-old. aaron hernandez pleaded not guilty to murder and weapons charges in june.
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the prosecution says aaron hernandez orchestrated the killing for talking to people with whom hernandez had a problem. aaron hernandez is held without bail. >> the crisis in syria, president obama returns to the united states today, from the g-20 summit in russia without the international support he wanted for his planned military attack. and we are joined from washington, dc, with the next course action for the president. >> good morning, as president obama reaches out to world leaders we have a sense of what a possible military strike would look like, this military strike could do more damage to bashar al-assad's forces in 48 hours that the syrian rebels done this two years of civil war. >> world leaders gathering at the g-20 summit in russia continue to resist president obama's push for military strike against syria. >> mr. president, any progress on syria? >> we were talking about the
6:16 am
economy. >> the president is arguing a strike is necessary to deter syrian president bashar al-assad from using chemical weapons in the future. the g-20 post russian president putin is staunchly opposed to attacking syria and is not alone. china is against the strike. germany will not take part in an attack and the european union is calling for a political solution. back in the united states, the debate conditions over whether congress should authorize the use of force against the syrian regime. >> i will look at the ramification for the region of a strike. >> there are no good options left. there are only bad and worse. >> if the president moves forward with the strike we have learned that the national security team is preparing for significantly larger military bombardment than most anticipated. an air campaign that could last two days strikely include tomahawk cruise missiles fired from the four navy destroyers in
6:17 am
the mediterranean loaded with 200 missiles in addition on a bombardment of missiles and long range bombs fired from b1 and b52 bombers. >> the president will keep making the case for a strike to the american people. senior officials say the president is considering a national address. >> before you go, does the president have enough support to get authorization for a strike? how are the votes lining up? >> curing to people would count votes on both sides of aisle, democrats and republicans, they say if the vote were held today a resolution authorizing force would fail and we have our own system. we can confirm right now he does not have the votes. >> thank you from washington, dc. >> now, the weather, we have an uphill battle in the temperature department because we are on the way up. >> we are going to be hot this
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this weekend. the hottest three or four days are ahead of us with today a milder day. the wins are nonexistent, light and variable indicative of high pressure as is the clear air. it looks warm outside but trust me it is very cool out there with most of us in the 50's. sunny today and the heating trend begins. tonight, not so cool as this morning and up to ten degrees warmer overnight but not hot enough for a heat advisory that will peak sunday and monday. the temperatures starting in the south bay 84 in san jose and cupertino and 90 in los gatos and gilroy and 82 in santa cruz. low-to-mid 80's for the peninsula, and 70 at half moon bay, and, also, the sunset long the coast, mid-70's downtown and south san francisco and sausalito, and upper 80's to near 90 in the north bay valley and we will be near 70 at the
6:19 am
beaches along the north bay. 79 in richmond and low-to-mid 80's for the rest of the east bay shore. a couple festivals: the 42nd annual mountain view art and wine festival starting tomorrow from 10:00 to 6:00 both days much the greek festival at the coast, stop by here are it will be delightful with the coolest temperatures this the 60's to 80's and in the seven-day forecast, triple digit heat possible tomorrow and definitely sunday and monday inland and 90's around the bay and 70's at the coast with the temperatures tapering tuesday and closer to a by thursday of next week. have a great one. leyla gulen? >> as we take a look at 6:20 we have a report of a car fire headed through vacaville with
6:20 am
possibly one lane blocked but it is pretty clear conditions if a friday lite along 80. 580 tracy to dublin is 35 minutes and highway four building and 24 minutes and 101 san rafael to san francisco is 17 minutes and outside we have a look from our emeryville camera at the gorgeous bay bridge and self events this week, the giants and 49ers and america's cup. can it handle all traffic? we hope so. matt and christian? over to you. >> a year has passed sin the highway patrol lost one of its own in the east bay and at 6:30 the new tribute now standing for the c.h.p. and the promise the fellow c.h.p. officers are
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>> we take you back to our breaking news story in riverside, this is a house that exploded and you can see the extent of the damage with blames down there and it was a four
6:24 am
alarm and the flames spread to northbound by hopes, fortunately, in all of this, as bad as it looks, no one was injured because it was vacant and residents were evacuated. they thought this could have been a plane crash. you can see why they might have thought that. breaking news in riverside county. >> now it is time to check with josh for a look at what is coming up on "good morning america" at 7:00 a.m. >> a good friday to you both and all you there in the bay area, lots to get to here on the program including our exclusive interview with george zimmerman's wife who is filing for divorce now after she stood by her husband during his trial and the death of trayvon martin and she says she is finally starting to feel. she is feeling. -- she is feeling empowered. that is next on "good morning america" this morning. >> in southern california, a
6:25 am
triumph for world record setting endurance swimmer diana nyad. there were cheers, balloons, and hugs all around and she received a heroes welcome >> i realized how epic it is, people have been trying it since 1950 and for a 64-year-old ... >> she might want to say 64-year-old young, she did nut let her age get in the way but she admits doubts arose by nightfall with the first 13 hours were hell. 53 grueling hours later she achieved her life dream becoming an inspiration to all. >> a new member show americans are continuing to cut the cord
6:26 am
and say good by to land line phones, only 71 percent of american households had land lines in 2011 down from 96 percent in 1998 with the decline due to the popularity of smartphones and the bad economy which forced consumers to cut costs. >> the labor department released the august jobs report the last hour and ahead at 6:30 we will bring you the new numbers. >> first, breaking news, a car lot goes up in flames overnight and the owner just talked to abc7 news about what happened and we will have that next. >> in san jose, an elementary school will be forced to use port-a-pottys with the water main flight cut off by a wild car crash. >> mother nature pulling a cool prank this morning and this is the cool of the morning this week with temperatures in the 50's but we are in the 90's by the end of the day and hundreds
6:27 am
this weekend with details in the seven-day forecast. >> from the traffic center, at 6:80 making the push into walnut creek it is busy but no c too small.
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>> abc7 news starts right now with breaking news. >> we are following two breaking news in the south and east bay. >> in the east bay, amy hollyfield is in martinez with the overnight fire at a car lot. she talked with the owner. amy? >> the rot owner is here and three was shocked to get here and see this. this is what is last of his visit that he just bought a year ago. he has suspicions about what could have happened. here is the fire at 3:15. the video was sent to our abc7 news you report by scott murphy capturing it on the cell phone. it was really going when firefighters arrived. it has a few components: a man represents the -- rents the office and lot. there is also an apartment unit on the property and an older couple lives there.
6:31 am
they got out. the neighbors say they have had problems before because of people who are constantly visiting the couple who are in and out of here the property owner admits he has had issues with the residents. >> they have had people coming around here and, we have had trouble. the police have been here a couple of types. >> you suspect they did something wrong? >> i suspect, may, yeah. >> the couple caused some panic for firefighters when they got out, but firefighters were not sure they were accounted for. the firefighters had to walk through the building to make sure. the woman walked out but went to a friend's house behind the rot and went back to slope and the man left the seen. firefighters still trying to figure owe the cause of this. this happened on a busy street and firefighters managed to re-open two northbound lanes
6:32 am
moms ago but the southbound lanes are being used to accommodate the fire trucks and pg&e with southbound lanes closed. if you have video from a scene, please, please, send it to us. >> thank you, amy. breaking news in san jose, a lincoln town car and a semi truck collided near an elementary school. >> katie marzullo joins us from that seen. katie? >> look at this, a busted water main. skid marks in the lawn. all if the front yard of the elementary yard if san jose. there is a large truck trying to turn into the school to turn around and it was hit by a
6:33 am
lincoln town car with throw people inside the lincoln town car, two member -- men and a woman. the two membership took -- 9 two men took off and the woman remained in the car. all three were taken to the hospital. too early to know what charges they will face. a sergeant said this from the scene. >> the car did not come back stolen, the registered owner was with the car. this could be alcohol of haved. we are not sure. >> water is turned off because of the water main being damage damageed. the foreman of the unified school district is here shaking his head looking at the damage. he estimated crews have five to six hours of work ahead of them. in the loan time, it is common
6:34 am
practice for a school to bring in portable potties if the staff and students. >> we have break news from southern california in riverside county. this is the aftermath, after a house explosion and fire officials are just now saying they think this was a gas explosion. this home was vacant and there are no injuries but you can see they still putting water on it and it is just seems to have leveled a house and damaged two others. it sounded like someone dropped a truck from a helicopter it was that loud. that is breaking news from riverside conclude. turning to weather mike nicco, the heat up begins today? >> step outside we are in the 50's but well end up in the 80's and 90 by the afternoon, a huge warming at 25 to 35 degrees
6:35 am
because there are hardly any clouds. starting off around upper 50's and sunshine and mid-70's by noon and low 80's by 4:00 and comfortable and low-to-mid 70's by 7:00, inland, 59 and 7:00, and 81 at noon and 92 so it is getting hot at 4:00, and not so confidentable this evening, temperatures in the low 80's and the coat, a few clouds and sunshine and 70's throughout the afternoon. >> we have possibly a solo vehicle spinout on 680 freeway up to milpitas northbound side it sounds like a car spun out and now is facing the wrong direction so we do have clear conditions along 680 but not is on 101 are we have 36 miles per hour between 280/80 and up to the nimitz, 880 is looking clear. nine minutes gets you from
6:36 am
sausalito to san francisco across the bay bridge at 12 minutes and san mateo is quick at 13 minutes. kristen and matt? >>guest: thanks, leyla gulen. a san francisco city worker is under arrest this morning after he ran over and killed a mother with his work truck. authorities say the 35-year-old woman was enjoying the day 59 holly park with her 11-month-old daughter and dog and the park worker ran over her. witnesses say the driver did not stop. police tracked him down a few blocks away. maintenance trucks long been a problem at the park. >> bound to happen. i am surprised we have not had more dogs run over because some leave their dos running loose. >> we want to make sure our citizens are safe and they can enjoy parks and recreational space in a safe manner. >> the driver has been arrested on suspicion of felony hit-and-run. the baby was not hurt. >> how much do you tip when you
6:37 am
dine out? consider that, but bay area customers weigh in on the new tipping new friend. >> coming up, apple considers a big change for upcoming iphones and what customers can find on the popular gadget. >> what a gorgeous over view of the bay as we go high up for you to look at a few clouds out there but, over all, it will be clear and hot. we will talk weather and traffic together next as
6:38 am
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>> welcome back at 6:39 as we look at traffic headed into san jose northbound 680 we have a report of a solo vehicle spinout causing backup. headed along the westbound direction across 580 through the central valley to dublin/pleasanton, 36 miles per hour is the top speed beyond highway 84 so building up quite a bit. in oakland, it looks like the drive along 880 and 680 is slowing. and berkeley terrorism is -- drive is more volume. 13 minutes gets you interest san francisco from the maze. that is the weather. mike nicco? >> thank you, leyla gulen. the golden gate bridge shows how clear it is this morning. where is the coastal clouds? there barely any and
6:41 am
temperatures are three to ten degrees warmer than yesterday and this is just the beginning. if you are traveling around tuolumne this are air quality issues with air quality warning through noon and around the expire state the warm weather and 73 in monterey and 70 in eureka and 90's through the central valley and at tahoe, poor air but it could get cleaner through the weekend and sunshine and temperatures in the low-to-mid 80's saturday and sunday. >> the new version of the iphone will debut on tuesday is expected to come in different colors but look the same otherwise. there be -- could be a big change with the "wall street journal" reports apple is considering a bigger screen with a 4.8" screen that could be bumped up to 6" putting the iphone in the phab-let category
6:42 am
which is in between phone and tablet categories. >> we will bring you just released numbers from wall street when we return from jane king and the new york stock exchange. >> bay area restaurants and customs react to t
6:43 am
6:44 am
>> covering benicia, san ramon and all the bay area this is
6:45 am
abc7 news. we are looking at a picture now from riverside of a house explosion. they now think it was a gas explosion. you can see it looks like it has not been cap asked they are putting water in the surrounding area. what happens is there was a vacant home. this was an explosion. no injuries. but it leveled a louse and scam two others. no one was injured. at first it was so loud people thought it was a plane crash. now we know a how explosion due to gas. >> it has been a sear -- a year since a c.h.p. officer was killed during a traffic stop. a new memorial will pay tribute to four other c.h.p. officers who died in the line of duty. the seven-year veteran was gunned down last year by a driver he pulled over during the morning commute.
6:46 am
he left behind a wife and four children. the fellow officers are withholding the promise to lock after them. >> their son who is attending college, we have been in contact with that c.h.p. area where he lives and they have checked on him. >>the man who shot the officer was 36-year-old who was shot and killed by another c.h.p. officer. >> the stage is set if tomorrow's start of the 34th mechanic's cup with two races on the san francisco bay. oracle team usa takes on challenger team new zealand with the cat marines -- cat marines' like jet lineers wings. crowds have been gathering and oracle has gone from favorite to underring do because of person amounts imposed for illegal weights. they start the best of 17 series, two races down. >> major shakeup in the bay area
6:47 am
health industry could drive hundreds of people out of work. john muir health is selling muirlab to another company which has 540 employees locally. the main facility in north concord will close but other outpatient laboratories will remain open. the new owners says the plans to keep only 150 workers. john muir health spokesman told us that muirlab could no longer make it in an increasingly competitive marketplace. >> restaurants in cities across the united states including some in the bay area are replacing tipping because of minimum wages particularly in san jose and san francisco are some of highest in the country. at a restaurant in san francisco and another restaurant in berkeley dineers pay a flat service charge to the staff. tipping is minimal in europe and nonexistent in asia.
6:48 am
>> it would not happen here because we have to raise our prices. too, it could affect the wait staff not giving the right service. >> what would you do without tips? >> would not be a server. >> most americans would took a survey say they continue to tip anyway even if it goes away. 63 percent say they tip even when service is bad. >> investors are focused on the nation's employment picture. >> and a dating app is catching fire. we go to the new york stock exchange with jane king. >> good morning to you. the labor department says the economy did add 169,000 jobs in august. that was less-than-expected and, also, less than june and july and companies are being cautious in weres of the way they hire. we saw a lot of part help time jobs being added and we saw a drop in the up employment rate to 7.3 percent that is the lowest since 2008 but it took
6:49 am
more people that stepped looking if work and an aging workforce reflected in the neighbor. it is weaker than expected overall and it is giving investors congress that the fed will not stale back in a major wear. wall street confused by this report out today. we have had a positive start to thinks based on the fed stimulus possibly continuing but some people are also worried that the economy may not be able to make it on its own without the fed. the silicon valley index is lower with as well, but just lightly at the moment. if you shop at wall groans you may want to go to more than one because consumer groups crosschecked prices at different sores in los angeles, orange, and dallas and they found that prices varied by 20 percent depending on the star. walgreens say it reflects the cot of doing business in the unable it sevens.
6:50 am
if you are married you may never have heard of tinder, a dating app for mobile devices that brings up a facebook picture which you slide to the right if you like and to the left if you don't lick. users if they both lake each other, they can let each other talk or set up a date and a year avalanching they are racking up 13 billion "likes" and makes two billion match as day to day. >> would needs bars any more? >> thank you, jane king. >> this weekend we have the 49ers, the giants, america's cup and people will be sweating it out. >> it will be very hot. live doppler 7 hd shows how light and variable the wind is. if your city does not have a win it is because it does not exist. our fastest wind is only nine miles per hour so today we are getting rid of the sea breeze
6:51 am
with total sunshine like we see now from mount tamalpais allowing the warming to begin. not so cool tonight at ten degrees warmer overnight but not warm enough for heat washings and we will cool off in the overnight hours. the heat will headache sunday and monday when the offshore wind event develops and low-to-mid 80's for the santa clara valley and 84 in san jose and los gatos and morgan hill will push to 90 and we will start with mid-to-upper 70's millbrae and everyone else in the low-to-mid 80's and 70 at half moon bay and the warm of the spot and sausalito is mid-70's and upper 80's to low 90's so find a refreshing wine and shade in the north bay and nearly time to air conditioning in the east bay veal if live more so find yourself a refreshing wine and shade.
6:52 am
now, tonight, we have two games, and at 7:00, it will be 75 at the coliseum dropping to 70 by end of the game and at at&t park, no fog, no mist, no win, sunday and dropping down to 66 or 67. tonight the temperatures are low-to-mid 60's and that is ten degrees warmer than this morning and one of the coolest oranges all week, saturday, sunday, and monday, it is oppressive, and head to the coach and you will final the free air conditioning. leyla gulen? >> back to the dating app, you do not need bars, matt said, but it is a different kind of bar: reception bars on the cell phone. >> in san jose we have an accident report involving a big rig on the shoulder northbound 101 to 680 the connection. we are looking at heavy traffic northbound direction at 27 miles
6:53 am
per hour but we still have an accident in place northbound 680 and it is a solo vehicle spinout with two miles of backup in the northbound direction headed interest milpitas it could be slow so give yourself center time as we take a hurricane at the drive time traffic 588, and 34 minutes, 680, good job, cupertino northbound is a short five-minute commute. >> ahead, seven things to know of with you go. >> the morning news
6:54 am
>> as we hand things off to "good morning america" breaking news in martinez where a fire broke out at a car lot this morning. an older couple who lives on the rot got out safely and the owner of the lot just arises and said he had issues with the couple. >> breaking news from san jose police are investigating if alcohol is involved in a crash
6:55 am
that left a school without water. car crashed interest a truck in front of the elementary school breaking the water main to the school. >> san francisco city worker is under arrest after running over a woman in holly park with his work truck yesterday. authorities say the 35-year-old woman died and her baby was not hit and the driver didn't step and was arrested positive felony hit-and-run. >> in the abc7 news room president obama met privately with russian president putin over how to respond to chemical weapons used if syria. putin said they spoke for half an hour on the sidelines of the summit in russia. >> five, the broncos kicked off the nfl season at home by crushing the super bowl champion ravens before the hometown fans. broncos quaterback pay top manning threw seven touchdowns tying an nfl record and beating the ravens 49-27.
6:56 am
>> six, check out the sunshine this morning: we have a hot weekend with temperatures before average today and five to ten degrees warmer this weekend. >> seven, at look at the bay bridge toll plaza with busy conditions from the maze to san francisco. it will be busy week. and am luck rock, lots of traffic. >> we will see you in 25 minutes but, first, a picture from russia where president obama is giving a press conference to close out the g-20 summit and putin and he met and they are no closer on action in syria.
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amer good morning, america. at this hour, president obama, set to leave russia to return home, for an all-out last-ditch effort to get congress behind a strike on syria. as u.s. officials reveal how iran is plotting revenge if the missiles fly. going to extreme. the relentless heat steams up the west. so hot, people are exercising after dark. this, as temperatures plunge to below freezing overnight in the northeast. freak accident tragedy. this teenager flying his favorite remote-control helicopter. struck in the head in a park filled with witnesses. how his lifelong hobby turned deadly in an instant. ♪ i've got the eye of the tiger ♪ and get ready to "roar." she's the megastar turning "good


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