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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  September 6, 2013 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. incredible: home video of a huge fire in martinez. many cars and a building destroyed and many questions. new this morning we talked to the people who escaped from the burning building in martinez. abc7 news reporter aim ail joins us from the scene. amy? >> this is an intense fire. a woman was asleep inside and she was lucky on get out. firefighters have determined the cause of the fire which
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destroyed a business, an investment property and a home. it was because something was left burning on the stovetop. this cell phone video taken by a viewer scott murphy shows what firefighters were up against at 3:30 this morning. the next door neighbor could not believe how quickly it spread. >> very scary. it was so close. i woke up my family to get out. things were blowing out up. >> the owner found out about the fire while watching the only news. >> shocked. watching tv and seeing your building burning down. >> he leased the office and the lot to a man who sold cars, eight were destroyed. he had an apartment here and one of the tenants said the fire was all his fault. >> lost everything. everything. everything we won but for the clothes. >> ray says he left the house around 3:00 this morning when his friend called and asked to return the dog to him.
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he left some potatoes frying on the steve top and his girlfriend asleep on the couple. >> i got back and the house was pretty much involved nothing but a four ball. thank god she got out. >> firefighters pulled the pot from the home. the contents were burned in the fire. >> neighbors and the property owner have complained about his lifestyle and the constant flow of people at his home. he says he has turned history life around and it was a cooking error. >> i had recently cut everybody off from being anywhere near our property. i got it all cleaned up. >> he says he and his girlfriend were homeless if about 10 years before catching a break from this landlord and being allowed to move in and he says he has rethe his life before and he says they will do it again. >> thank you. authorities have released the name of the woman struck and killed by a city vehicle in a
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san francisco park and the name of the driver. the victim was 35-year-old from daly city and a maintenance truck ran over her while she was lying in the grass with her 11-month-old daughter and dog. >> the accident happened at holly park just before 2:30 yesterday afternoon. the baby was not hurt and the dog is okay, too. today, friends and neighbors have been leave flowers at the accident site. >> incredibly sad. hard to believe it happened right here and there is any way a truck should be driving here. it is just...tragic. authorities say the truck kept going after hitting the woman but police tracked down the driver a few blocks away. he has been identified at 57 -year-old employee of the city parks department. three is under arrest on suspicion of felony hit-and-run and vehicular manslaughter.
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>> an elementary school is the victim of a car crash that wiped out the water main so there is no tap water to drink and no water for the bathroom. we go to terrell elementary school. that created a wild seen? >> it is a crash that keeps on giving. you can see the crews hard at work at the school trying to get water flowing again. it was long before students arrived on campus that the dramatic crash cut off the school's water supply. >> terrell elementary school sounds like a construction site as crews worked fast to fix the busted water main. around back, port-a-potty are in place. the school is providing bottled water. >> great thing about elementary kids, everything is an adventure so it will be a great adventure the. >> the drama unfolded at 3:00 a.m. san jose police say this mangled lincoln collided with a
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truck hauling cars and crash landed on the water main. two of the three people in the car tried to run off but police found them dragging a man from the bushes on school property. >> this is suspicion there could be alcohol involved but we are not sure. >> some parents this morning saw or heard the crash but did not know exactly what happened. i have seen a lot of police and fire trucks and i thought thought...someone got murdered, really the. >> we have had someone crash interest our house because we live off of pearl avenue. i assumed it was the seem thing. >> the school district foreman want on the scene and stated 45 or six hour repair job and parents say the kids can handle it the. >> it is a great school. >> they will adjust. it will be fine. >> the school district spokesman says water should be flowing by noon but tomorrow they will do a
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more extension i repair. three people in the lincoln town car went to the hospital, one a registered owner of the car. no word from san jose police as to the charms, if any, the three could face. >> it is heating up an the bay area and only a taste of things to come. we will check with abc7 news reporter mike nicco and live doppler 7 hd. mike? >> good morning, everyone, we will set the stage using live doppler 7 hd and the wind. they are light and variable and the sea breeze is gone and today is step one. getting rid of the cooling sea breeze and temperatures are remain warmer now than they were at this time yesterday, especially inland. fairfield is 14 degrees warmer and you know the sea breeze is gone and eight degrees warmer in livermore so temperatures are running in the 70's in most areas and 80's inland and 67 in san francisco, and temperatures, today, compared to yesterday are going to run anywhere from three to ten degrees warmer and this
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is not the end. we will have warmer weather in the weekend forecast coming up. >> new this or, a huge explosion in southern california leveled a home and damaged two others. neighbors say they were shaken from their beds when the house next door blew up shortly after 4:00 this morning and and it is believed it may have been caused by a gas leak. the flames quickly spread to member by hopes. no one was seriously hurt. >> the contra costa county fire protection district is launching a new pilot program to keep more firefighters available for emergencies. starting today, a two person medical squad will handle lower priority calls. this will free up fire engines to handle higher priority calls like fire and rescues. the program is designed to maintain staffing in the wake of county-wide budget cuts.
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>> we have areas around walnut creek and lafayette that do not have fire protection coverage like they used to have. there is still an engine that will show up and the fire department will still show up if the calls but they are coming from further away. >> fire station one was chosen because it is stream located. five fire stations have closed in the fire protection district if the last two years. >> a farewell this morning to secretary of homeland security janet napolitano and vice president body were said she deserves a seat on the scour the she will move to the pay area and take over as head of the university of california system. she served 4 1/2 years as secretary of homeland security longer than either of her two predecessors. >> up next is the crisis if syria with the president drumming up support for the military action in syria. does he have the support of the american people and congress?
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a bus loaded with high school football team bursts into flames
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>> the state department is ordering most diplomats and their families out of lebanon and urging americans not to travel there or to southeast turkey as president obama moves
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to make a move against syria. >> president obama would not say what happens next if lawmakers do not sign off on a strike on syria. >> it is safe for me to jump the gun and speculate. >> president obama met on the sidelines for 20 minutes with his host, putin, but when it came to syria putin said they stuck to their guns. president obama will deliver an accuracy to the nation next tuesday night an attempt to convince war weary americans and lawmakers that the united states cannot stand by and do nothing. right now, congress seems poised to reject a strike authorization republican senator john mccain supports military action but last night, he got an earful from frustrated arizona constituents. >> iraq is as big a mess so we did not fix that. >> democrats are under pressure, including a congressman.
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>> we can do something but it doesn't mean we have to bomb the hell out of a country the. >> national security advisor said that the president can act without congressional approval but --. >> it is neither his desire or intention to do that authority absent congress backing. >> campaign in the air could last two days and will include tomahawk cruise missile fired from four navy destroyers in the mediterranean and a bombardment of missiles and bombs. >> president obama said he expected opposition and it is a hard decision and he believes it is the right thing to do. >> the united states employment rate fell to 7.3 percent in august, the lowest in five years. the labor department says emlies added 169,000 jobs but the report says the lower jobless rate is mostly because more americans stopped looking for work. >> bus full of high school football players from oregan are safe after their bus burst into
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flames. a state highway camera caught video of the flames engulfing the bus moments before the bus driver scrambled to safety and waited on the side of the road. when everyone was accounted for firefighters put out the flames. they are not sure what sparked the fire. >> that is a rough way to get to the game. >> glad everyone is okay. >> the weekend is here and the heat is on. >> big time. >> you will find unique ways to keep cool this weekend. we will look outside and show you one those ways, ocean beach, with the temperatures in the 70's and possibly 80's this weekend. it is just not a weekend heat event, this is going to last longer in the seven-day forecast. that is ahead. >> mike, thanks. can you look at these irresistable and adorable
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>> covering cupertino, concords wive country, and all bay area, this is abc7 news. >> a new report out this morning shows the number women having babies is holding steady now that the economy is doing better. according to the national center for health, the number of babies born in the united states last year remained flat. that is the first time in five years the number did not significantly decline. many women delayed having babies when the financial crisis hit in 2008. the fertility rate is the total none of wednesday born per 1,000 women. last year, it was down slightly from 2011.
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next monday "katie" kicks off with a second season and the viewers will notice more topics covered in a single show that matter such as health, kids, and money. but, also, expect a host fun and a list celebrities. billy crystal, julie ann moore, and i think that it is a real mix of serious and fun. >> you can catch the fund with the premiere of the second season of "katie" on monday right here on abc7 news. >> but mike is not going to sing the weather? >> you don't want that. >> now a look outside to show you what is going on. the air has been fairly dry and
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the sea breeze is keeping us cool with all of the sunshine but now the sea breeze is gone and any coastal clouds are quickly melting under this strong september sunshine. as we look down from mount tamalpais, it is as clean as the air is going to be but no "spare the air" expected right now. sunny today and the heating begins. tonight, we will be in the 60's the next couple of nights with heat peaking sunday and monday and it will spill into next week. now, the temperatures, in the south bay 84 at san jose and cupertino and near 90 in los gatos and morgan hill and gilroy. up the peninsula, a lot of low-to-mid 80's and millbrae is mid-to-upper 70's half moon bay and the sunset, 70 along the coast, and mid-70's for downtown south san francisco and sausalito. get to the beach tomorrow because there will be a long line on a weekend like this. upper 80's to low 90's so
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refreshing wine and shade in the north bay and 79 in richmond and everyone else in the low-to-mid 80's and you may hear the air conditioning working tomorrow, low-to-mid 90's and you are close in the east bay valley. we have a last events going on and we will start first with the one that happens at 7:05. the coliseum will be 75 and only down to 70 with stars after the sun, and check out at&t mark: no wind, no mist, no chill or dampness in the air. 71 but dropping to 67 by end of the game. dan ashley will play at alamo music and wine festival but the temperatures are getting hot at noon at 90 and hot at 3:00, but 7:00 it will be 85 and when it ends at 10:00, it will be 73. mountain view, the art and wine festival is tomorrow. the temperatures are not quite so war, 78 to 91 both days. if you are headed to the coast
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and you fine the beaches crowded though santa cruz and the folk festival and enjoy the food there. temperatures running in the 80's. when you head up into the hills around santa cruz it will rapidly warm into the 90's. here are the temperatures tonight: this is why we are not under any type of watch or warning for heat because we will cool into the 60's. not the 50's from this morning but we will be back in the 60's the here is the seven-day forecast: temperatures peak tomorrow, sunday, and monday. tuesday, wednesday, thursday, we are still warmer-than-average but it will not be oppressive or dangerous. >> hot in the city! thanks, mike. facebook is delaying a change to a privacy policy after getting valued by groups that went to the federal trade commission.
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facebook said they would hold off into implementing the through policy to review the changes. opponents claim the policy changes make it easier for the company to use your name and picture in ads without your consult. facebook says the policy is in response to a $20 million class action settlement and the rules have not changed but the language makes it more cheer. >> get ready to look at two adorable cubs at the dallas view, two brothers are eight weeks old born in july at the smithsonian conservation and biology institute in virginia. a team from dallas picked them up and brought them back to texas for the animal adventures outreach program to teach the public about highly endangered
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>> a man admits to killing someone in this confession on-line and the message to the worlds and why some are questioning his motives. at 5:00, ready for lift off. nasa's mission to the moon and the bay area involvement and how it could unlock long standing mysteries about the atmosphere. and now time for "purr-fect" pet. >> triplets. >> from the east bay spca with
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three new friends. tell us about our pets. >> we have a liter of three calico kittens, two months old. >> they are just wild. >> they are sweet. >> they were rescued from an abandoned apartment and we have been caring for them for a few months and now they are just waiting for their forever family at the east bay spca in oakland. >> you have a special going. >> we have a kitten item donation drive to help little guys like this if you visit our website you can donate items directly to help little guys like these. >> who wouldn't want these cats. do they is to be together? >> they do not have to be together. >> just wanted to know that.
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let's get them a forever home. >> back to you. >> it would be nice if they could go to the same home. >> they like each other. >> for all of us, thank you for joining us.
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[cheers and applause] >> oh! hey! hey! hello, hello, hello, hello. what's up? what's up? what's up? what's up, baby? how are you, sir? >> i'm good. [cheers and applause] yeah! [cheers and applause] i am cedric the entertainer, and this is millionaire. welcome to millionaire. [cheers and applause] today's contestant is a tea salesman. from detroit, michigan, please welcome mike saliba. mike, what up, baby? [cheers and applause] what's happening? so you sell tea. >> yeah, when you're as good as me, you sell a lot of tea. >> is it like other leafy things that people sell? [laughter] >> it is because


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