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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  September 6, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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and a line drive to right and it falls in front of pence for a base hit. >> so close. the giants on the verge of perfection only to have it stolen away at the very end. good evening, everyone. i'm carolyn johnson. >> i'm dan ashley. it was tough to watch. a pretty good moment. abc7 sports director larry beil is here with that. almost perfect night in san francisco. it was great. >> i thought pence had it. one pitch away from history and one foot away from the catch that would have secured it. petite was that close. petite, an unknown guy. two down in the 9th and a 2-2 pitch to eric chavez and
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he said that was a ball. ball three. the former athletic lines to right and you saw it, pence dives, but it was trapped. it is a base hit so it is a one-hitter for petite. so close! yet so far. we will have more highlights and hear from pence and petite coming coming up. >> lincecum threw a no hitter earlier this year too. >> the pain on petite's face when he realized. >> thanks very much. abc7 news reporter is live at the ballpark. >> what a thrill it was and a disappointment too. >> every time that the giants win of course fans come out of at&t park with a big old smile across their face. and tonight they were happy, but then they also had a grimace because they were just about to see history and then it didn't happen. one of the reasons why so many
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fans poured out of at&t park all at once was they were basically bolted to their seats. tonight's drama played out to the last few seconds of the game. the huge crowd got to collectively express this odd combination of triumph for winning and disappointment they didn't get to see pettitte pitch a perfect game. >> two outs and top of the 9th and he lost. it if he could have caught it it would have been history to this little girl. she has been to a world series. >> and this far away from the glove, right? it is what it is. >> so close. >> it was a good game. >> a one hitter. how many times do you see a one hitter? a one hitter is to die for. to die for. >> in the end a one hitter is what they had to settle for. the giants shutdown the diamondbacks. it is a great night to celebrate. of course there are always those fans who leave at&t park a little early so they can catch their car and meet the
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crowds or catch the last-minute train. tonight was probably not the best night to do that. abc7 news. >> no, they really missed something if they left. >> what a gorgeous night to be at the ballpark and it will get even warmer. >> spencer christian is here with a look at live doppler 7hd. triple digits, spencer. >> that's right. today it got warmer and it will be hot. here is a look at live doppler 7hd. little patches of clouds off shore. clear skies from the coast to the inland. that was the case today. here is a look at the high temperatures. low to mid-nineties in the north bay valleys. low to midnineties in the inland east bay. 94 at gilroy and a high of 91 at redwood city. 81 was the high in san francisco. you get the picture. it is going to turn really warm today and tomorrow will be hot. a look from the sutro tower and i will give you a look at the air quality situation with the rising air quality going down and we have a spare the air alert for tomorrow.
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let's hope it doesn't remain that way through the hot weekend. the details of the accu-weather seven-day forecast coming up later. >> spencer, thanks so much. coming up in five minutes, the warm weather and a busy weekend and why it may spell trouble for bay area roadways. stay tuned for that. we are learning more about the woman killed by a san francisco rec and park truck. kristine was enjoying a sunny thursday with her dog and baby at holly park when she was run over. the man accused of killing her is out of jail. ama dates joins us live in the newsroom with more on this. >> he posted bail today. we went to his home, but nobody answered. those who knew the victim #r* shocked and saddened by her death. today i spoke with one of her friends who says she was a beautiful person with a generous soul. one day after kristine was run over and killed by a san francisco park maintenance truck people who knew her are
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remembering her kind spirit. she was a wife and a mother to an 11-month-old daughter. she was a zen monk who worked at new ventures west in san francisco, a business that offers professional coaching. her employer released a statement saying in part that kristi was full of brilliance, passion and kindness. her high energy and infectious enthusiasm impacted everything and everyone she touched. she was also a dancer. she performed with a group out of ohio. we spoke to the dance director by phone. >> she was just a real generous, loving, beautiful heart. she was always smiling and had nothing but wonderful things to say. >> police believe 57-year-old bernosky is the rec and park employee. he drove off after running over herment police found him a few blocks away and arrested him. he poured bail today. he has been place owed unpaid lead -- leave. he worked as a gardener for
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the parks and rec department since 2006. in april, his 20-year-old daughter tiffany was killed in a car accident on interstate 5 in fresno. ama dates, abc7 news. >> kristine has bought many meals for her family at three stone hearth and they are sending donations to keep sending meals to her family. find the link under see it on tv. the family of a man killed by officers in sunnyvale is angry about what an investigation into the shooting reveals tonight. 34-year-old moreles was killed on wednesday. police say it happened during an undercover drug sting. they were at hobbies where officers bought a pound of meth. that's when they say he threatened them and made a move that said he was reaching for a knife of some kind. he was hit several times. officers did not find any weapons on him or in his
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truck. his family told us tonight that they are upset with how many times he was shot and that no weapon was found. the six veteran officers are on paid leave during the investigation. president barack obama will address the nation on tuesday in an effort to gain support for a military strike against syria. the president wants the strike in response to a chemical attack. the obama administration says it was carried out by the syrian government. at the g-20, the president said winning support will be difficult. >> there is no question what is coming in is overwhelmingly negative. >> it is conceivable that at the end of the day i don't persuade a majority of the american people that it is the right thing to do. >> today all nonessential u.s. personnel were ordered to leave lebenon because of the security concerns ahead of the possible strike. >> an oakland man is missing in lake shasta after swimming with friends. about 10:30 this morning
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18-year-old robinson soch began struggling and went underwater. he never resurfaced. they did not track him down. they will be back out tomorrow morning to continue the search. black billowing smoke and flames engulfed a big rig snarling rush hour traffic for hours as crews worked to clear the debris. the fire broke out a -- out after 5:00. you can see just how heavy the smoke was. there are the frames as well engulfing the cab of the truck. it sat on the shoulder of the freeway. the chp reopened all lanes on the highway around 7:30 tonight. meantime, the rim fire in around yosemite national park is now the third largest wildfire in california history. the fire has burned more than 385 square miles. it is 80% contained. tonight state route 120 which has been closed since the rim
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fire started is back open. damage to the san francisco water and power system from the fire could reach nearly $30 million. repairs are underway to the roof and to the transmission lines at the hechhechi reservoir and the power house. the city spent about $900,000 for other power sources during the shutdown as the flames approached. water service for the bay area residents was not affected. the warm weather and an event-filled weekend may mean trouble especially with drivers continuing to jam the bridge. traffic getting out of san francisco is quite slow. it is mainly because of the giants game just letting out. that is a live look at the sky where you can see the headlights jam packed and snaking to the lower deck of the bridge. earlier this week it took drivers an hour to get to the bridge from the city streets. and here is what traffic looks like on the span. you can see it is slow going for the drivers. the tail lights you can see on the right side of your screen are making their way across the bridge over toward
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oakland. moving really slowly right now and the big question is what will happen this weekend when there is so much going on, the america's cup finals have oracle cup team usa taking on new england. the a's are taking on the houston astros. onon sunday the niners host the green bay packers in the season opener and the cal bears will play portland state on saturday. don't forget, to help navigate around the traffic troubles, you can download the traffic app for free on apple's app store or google play. >> there is a shame there is nothing going on. >> really. well, return to the moon. that's coming up next on abc7 news. >> 0, ignition and liftoff. >> the high-tech mission to learn more about our nearest celestial neighbor.
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and a bay area crowd gathering together to watch it happen. >> and rice, the harmful elements in this dinner time staple. >> and going back to the future. the service that is giving you a chance to hitch a ride in
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to the moon right now. the scientists at nasa ames are leading the way. they launched in an exploration satellite that they designed, built and tested themselves. abc7 news reporter alan wang is live at moffett field where thousands watched the liftoff. very cool. >> that's what everybody else out here said too, dan, very cool. and they were very proud of themselves. they did it all at nasa ames. the rocket took off from the virginia flight center and everybody out here got to watch it on a giant inflatable screen. >> two, one, zoro -- zero, ignition. >> thousands came out to witness what never happened before. they designed, built and tested their own lunar space explorer called ladie. >> it is a wonderful time.
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>> this is a great capability at the nasa ames flight center where we can build our own satellites and fly them from here. >> how many astronauts are on laddie? >> zero. >> he is right. it is a 180-day unmanned mission to explore the moon's dust which is like microscope peck glass. among the experiments, sending complex data from deep space to earth using laser light instead of radio waves. >> to download a movie from the moon right now would take hundreds of hours using current technology. with a laser communication system we can do it in under 10 minutes. >> investors on wall street are watching closely because it could revolutionize the way we communicate. there is not enough fuel for laddie to return on this mission so nasa will crash it into the moon.
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but it is part of a new reusable low cost generation of spacecraft and now more can be built at ames. in mountain view, alan wang, abc7 news. >> we are learning more about the dangers of arsenic found in rice. in a new study arsenic was found in 1300 samples of rice and rice products. brown rice had the highest levels and instant rice the lowest. the fda says the amount of arsenic is so small that rice is still safe to eat, but they say you should vary your diet. arsenic is a carcinogen found naturally in water, air and soil. the next iphone hasn't been announced, but fans are lining up to get one. two employees from the website sell your thought they would be clever and be the first two people in line today. but when they showed up to the apple store in new york, guess what. two people were already waiting. apple is expected to announce its iphone 5s on tuesday and released it two weeks from today.
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ride finding service uber is taking people back to the future. in san francisco there is a fleet of delorion's riding around. they were designed to look like the time machine from the movie "back to the future" and over the next two days some lucky uber users can track one down. all you have to do is open the app and spot the delorion. you can have a maximum 15-minute ride. >> but you can't go back in time. >> let's check in with spencer about that. >> i can't go back in time either. i will look ahead. here is what is happening on the live doppler 7hd. clear skies across the bay area. we had a really, really warm day today. even tonight it is still quite warm outside. here is a look at the 24-hour temperature change. it is 10 degrees warmer than it was at thisou last night. 10 degrees warmer than livermore than at this hour last night and numerous other locations are much, much warmer. that's a pattern that will be with us.
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here is a live view of the bay bridge, 70 degrees in san francisco and oakland 69 and 71 redwood city and 74 san jose. these are like daytime readings. 68 losnd 58 half moon bay. now a live view of the beautiful downtown san francisco skyline from our exploratorium camera. 65 in santa rosa and 74 antioch ande more. as we look along the embarcadero here at abc7, these are the forecast features. warm to hot conditions for the next three days with 100-degree temperatures plus in our inland locations. we will have a cooler pattern on tuesday. meanwhile we will be sweating it this is a look at the development of our wind pattern over the last 12 hours. the center positioning its with the clockwise flow around the high and we are getting an offshore flow of winds which means a big warm up and the warm up will continue through the weekend and through the beginning of next week
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actually. now as we look at our high temperature trend for the week ahead in oaknd la, the temperatures will peak tomorrow at about 90 in oakland and upper 80s the next couple days and then dropping off on tuesday. a similar pattern will be found in the inland east bay at livermore, but the temperatures will be higher. on saturday, sunday and monday highs at or above 100 degrees and dropping off on tuesday and settling into the 80s for the remainder of next week. overnight it will be very mild to warm with the low temperatures in the midto upper 60s. antioch will bottom out at 70 which is quite warm for an over night low. and then tomorrow the heating continues. in the south bay we will see high temperatures in the midto upper 90s. 94 at san jose and 97 in morgan hill. on the peninsula, the highs in the low to mid-nineties and up to 80 on the coast at half moon bay. downtown san francisco a high of 86 tomorrow. north bay highs mid90 is across the region. low 90s from oakland to fremont and the inland east bay will see highs at or maybe
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even above 100 degrees in some spots. here is the accu-weather seven-day forecast. this little heat wave will last three days through monday. the temperatures will finally drop below 100 degrees inland on tuesday and then we will have further cooling on wednesday, thursday and friday. for the next three days it will be really, really hot. especially in our inland locations. >> those 80s look nice later in the week. >> i can't wait for that to happen. what a giants game it was. >> it was so exciting and it came down to the last momentment . >> it was hot and tense. nearly perfect. petite is inches away. and hunter penc
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the giants may be in last place, but it didn't matter on
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this night because petite was flirting with history. he was working on a perfect game against arizona making the third start of the season, first at home for the giants. fourth inning and it is 1-0. hector sanchez adds to the lead. scoring hunter pence and 2-0g-men. petite with his fifth year in the majors was with arizona for three seasons and struck out aaron hill right there. in the 6th trouble. patrick corbin looking to end perfection. he makes the diving catch. perfecto in tact. great move by the skipper, bruce bochy. to the 9th and he got the first couple of outs. eric chavez and the 2-2 pitch and he says that was a little low. a little low. good eye by chavy. the former athletic with a line strive in front of hunter pence. he gave it all he had and he couldn't come up with it. it is a base hit and he would ground out to end the game. it is a one-hit shutout and the giants have a 3-0 final.
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>> it is special for me because it is the first win my family in minnesota. >> when it it was hit it was one of those dreams where you can't run fast enough. it was just a little too far. like i said, i gave if my best effort and just a little bit shy. >> so close. the a's beat the astros the first 10 times they played this season and now when they need to beat houston every game is a struggle to the end. the a's started half a game out of first place and pick toping in the second and runners at the corners and young fooled everybody with the bunt. nicely done. 1-0a's. in the fourth and tied at three and he says you know what? i can bunt also and he does so. houston up 4-3. this is a see-saw game. a's finally get control.
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a's win it 7-5 and texas lost to anaheim. in first place by half a game. u.s. open tennis semifinals and four-time open champ serena williams in new york. serena machine-like early. competitive in the second set, but here is match point. serena, you can see she wants it. one win from the 17th title. abc7 sports brought to you by riverwalk casino. >> she is tough as nails. >> and intense. >> thank you, larry very much. still ahead, aquarium
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weather. sunrise at 6:45 and the temperatures will be rising. clear and mild and the
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temperatures are ranging between 5:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. and 62 to 72 dries. >> the heat is on. a girl as an unusual friend. >> this horned puffin could not seem to get enough of dakota wood from los gatos. she is running back and forth. >> the video was posted by the girl's mom and has already racked up nearly 200,000 views in a few days. >> cute stuff. i'm carolyn johnson. thanks for joining us. >> i'm dan ashley. for larry beil and spencer christian. we appreciate your time. have a great weekend and connect on twitter.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, celine dion, and from "parks and recreation" jim o'heir, and now, here is jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: welcome, that is very nice. welcome to the show. thank you for ñrwatching. thank you for being here


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