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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  September 9, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> abc7 news starts now with breaking news. >> 5:00, good morning, breaking news at the mt. diablo fire which grew overnight. >> more homes evacuated as the fire on mt. diablo rages out of control and is threatening dozens of homes and building near clayton and we have team coverage starting with amy hollyfield at a staging area in clayton. amy? >> i have a new update. the fire doubled overnight and now is 1,500 acres. you can see how active it is in the dark. it is still raging strongly and is very powerful, an active fire. firefighters are very busy. they say more firefighters from across the state are on the way. right now.
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they say they have a lot of work. they still want to build eight miles of fire line around the fire. they say it is about 10 percent contained. it started at 1:30 yesterday afternoon along morgan territory road on the east side of mt. diablo near clayton. the vegetation there is very dry and discussion -- susceptible to fire. this spread in a hurry. it destroys one outbuilding but they kept it from reaching hopes. they have told some people in clayton they do need testify -- need to evacuate. one firefighter hurt his foot but is expected to be okay. it is not a bun. it is steep terrain. 300 firefighters are on the line and that number is expected to grow significantly today as help is on the way.
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so 1,500 acres now burned in the fire. >> mike noticed changes in the fire from where you live in contra costa county. what did you see? >> south of mt. diablo you could not see it when i went to bed, but this morning it was clear it rounded the east side of mt. diablo and now is burning up the south side, burning toward the observation and, also, down in the valley right behind blackhawk so it was ominous looking orange glow from the valley and the orange looking smoke. winds environmentally are very quiet in the lower layers. because this is up around 3,000' most of the smoke has been going up but the winds will be from the northwest gusting to 25 miles per hour and it could push the smoke down. firefighters will deal with 90-degree temperatures and humidity at 10 percent to 20
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percent. >> the acreage grew overnight along with the evacuation situation order and abc7 news reporter is at the clayton community library with that part of the library. >> the sheriff says 75 homes are affected but no one is staying at the red cross shelter this morning at the clayton library. here the latest evacuation orders, 24 homes in the area of trailride road and east trail road and upper trail road and lower trail road have been evacuated in addition to the homes on oakland hill lane. firefighters say power lines and cell towers and 75 structures are in the path of the fire. animals were in danger so a call for help went out. >> friend put something out on facebook and said if you have a trailer and can help, please do. gosh, i know 20 showed up here but they got another 10 or 15 or
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20 trailers down on morgan territory that now are sitting up in clayton helping with whatever is needed. >> 30 horses from the rehab ranch and other animals were picked up and taken to the contra costa county fairgrounds in walnut creek and red cross workers say residents could be staying at hotels or with families but they are going to stay here, keep the library open for anyone evacuated from the homes and they not going to lobby until they are told to do so. >> matt, thank you. we will see how the traffic is moving. there are a lot of closures and here is leyla gulen. >> these are the closures you have to keep in mind for all folks not residents. if you are a resident you have to represent your i.d. marsh creek road is shut down to regency drive and morgan territory road is where we will
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see the closures in effect until further notice. mass transit looks like it is running on time and muni and bart and ace train all looking clear. in san jose, 101 away from 880 up to san jose airport a few cars out there and nothing to speak of at this hour, a good time to head out on the road. >> a brushfire that burned 40 acres is under control this morning but crews will monitor it for the next several days. it broke out in shellville off highway 121 around 1:30 yesterday afternoon and there were no injuries but several structures were destroyed when the fire spread to a factory with power lanes destroyed. the flames caused several residents to lose power. >> the rim fire burning in the sierra entered the fourth week and the fire has hit $89 million and is 80 percent contained but
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burned 253,000 acres since being started by a hunter's camp fire that got out of the control. crews are dealing with hot and dry conditions raising concern that the weather could cause additional flare-ups. this morning, san jose state university police investigating a homicide after a man's body was found on campus in a parked s.u.v. near the campus tennis courts near spartan stadium. police say it does not appear that victim was a student or affiliated with a university. the man's cause of death and identity have not been released. it is the fourth homicide investigation in university history. >> the san francisco sheriff needs your help in identifying a man found unconscious in union square. look at the photo of man with brown hair and brown eyes between 30 and 40 years of able and weighs 165 pounds with no tattoos or distinguishing marks.
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he was found on saturday morning with head injuries that suggest a fall. he is in critical condition. he had nothing on him that would identify him. >> morgan hill pre-school teacher charged with trying to give drinks laced with sleeping pills to toddlers will be sentenced today. authorities say someone at the academy day care in morning were hill saw her spiking children's drink cups with an over-the-counter adult sloping aid and was fired immediately. no child drank from the cups. >> plan to name the western span after former san francisco mayor willie brown could get the green light today. the senate vote on a resolution renaming the span. the reasonnal has been contentious with supporters and were on points very vocal about it. if the senate approves the resolution the span could be called the willie l. brown jr.
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bridge, the suspension bridge conducting san francisco to yerba buena island not the new eastern span that opened last week. >> now we will find out what conditions firefighters are facing today. mike? >> they will face dry conditions and hot temperatures and could get up to 90 on mt. diablo and the humidity 19 percent and that will be lower and the winds switched from the north to northeast out of the northwest and that helped push that fire around the eastern section counsel to the southern parts of mt. diablo. now, fog, we have thick fog at quarter mile along the cost and everyone else is okay who we see the fog and lower cloud level move into the bay and the north bay valleys. temperatures are coolest at theft oh and santa rosa, 50 and 51. if you headed out to half moon bay, 54 and 59 in los gatos and concord and 58 in oakland and 57 in hayward and everyone el in the low-to-mid 60's and san jose
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63 and meant in antioch. you can see the low clouds and fog trying to move across san francisco and that has a short shelf life. brighter conditions along the coast in san francisco and early sunshine pushes us around 78 to 87, warmer-than-average and inland from 84 in the north bay to 97 in the east bay which is remain warmer than average. >> we have these closures in an unincorporated area of sonoma county. highway 12 will be shut down to both directions with one-way traffic control in effect with a 40-acre fire that bumped. pg&e is trying to make repairs to downed power lines. highway 4 traveling from antioch to his 80 it is 33 minutes.
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i-80 from highway four to the maze through berkeley it is 16-minute drive and 87 northbound to the airport is under ten minutes. the bay bridge toll plaza shows traffic not building too much. still very clear to treasure island. kristen and eric? >> a major automaker is recalling thousands of vehicles in the bloomberg business report. >> president obama intensifies the p.r. campaign preparing to convince the nation the united states has to take military action in syria. >> as the 49ers begin the final season at candelstick park there is a claim about hiring at new stadium. >> we follow breaking news in contra costa county where a wildfire at mt. diablo has
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make the push in public and private knowing this could be the biggest test of his presidency. >> president obama is making an all-out push to persuade congress to authorize a military strike against syria but it is a hard sell and even senior administration officials admit it is an uphill climb. >> they have no viable plan. >> last night president obama surprised a dozen republican senators being lobbied overdinner by the vice president. today, a full public campaign, the president sits down for six network tv interviews deliver delivering a rare rhyme time address to the nation. the administration is using this gruesome video of the aftermath of an august 21 chemical weapons attack to sell a limited retaliation strike. >> secretary of state john kerry likened the crisis in syria to the holocaust and genocide in rwanda. >> it is good to hear people saying to a dictator, keep your
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hands off chemical weapons that kill your own people. >> the risk of not acting is greater than the risk of acting. >> polls show a majority of americans are against military intervention in syria and the president's liberal base opposes military action with this new tv ad. >> do not lead us down this road. >> the administration's lobbying efforts continue syrian president bashar al-assad denied using chemical weapons and in an interview pledged to retaliation if the united states strikes. >> the president will talk to senate democrats in person tomorrow win approval in the senate seems within reach but the house of representatives is a different story and the white house has a lot more work to do. >> thank you. abc7 news reporter will provide coverage of president obama's address on the crisis in syria tomorrow evening at 6:00 right here on abc7 news and a reminder to get updates on twitter.
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>> a group of community activists protested at candelstick park about what they call unfair hiring practices at the new home. >> we discovered this is like the good old boys network that resulted in 1.6 percent minority participation of $1.1 billion project that of involves public funds. >> we have opened it up to outreach to the community. some folks came away with contracts. some did not. it was fair. it was above board. >> this view shows the 49ers new home in the hague -- making. >> thing of this: what is more important when you fly: access to wi-fi or access to a bathroom
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? the answers may shock you. here is jane king with the bloomberg business report. >> if you have a toyota that last recalled you may have to take it back to the shop again recalling 780,000 vehicles after a 2012 recall didn't work. 780,000 2006 through 2011 more buzz of the plans for a new iphone "new york times" says a new phone will have a faster processor and better camera flash and fingerprint sensor. the other is essentially a cheaper express of the soon-to-be outdated iphone 5 but a plastic case rather than a metal case with a variety of colors and priced between $300 and $400. what would you be willing to give up to get the best possible wi-fi service? 32 percent of those flying would
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give up a seat that reclines and 13 percent would rather have wi-fi than access to a bathroom. that is the bloomberg business report. >> just saying...aisle seats are important. >> it we penneds on the length of the flight. >> it shows that people are addicted to their intent use. >> absolutely. a six hour flight with no wi-fi... >> weather is very important. important for us and the firefighters at mt. diablo. >> this will be a three-day event. in san francisco it will be mild today like it was yesterday. but the rest of the bay are going to cook with above-average temperatures and live doppler 7 hd shows how quiet it is and the clouds along the coast spilling across the bay and along the
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east bay shore. the clouds are that it is low over the embarcadero center but they are out there. we use this as a backdrop hot inland today, cooler air starts to move inland tonight and a few air conditioners will running on the way to work before i got going this morning and back to acknowledge on when. along the coast spilling into the low valleys and, also, across san francisco, when it hits the water a lot of the times the fog and low clouds go away and they are redeveloped as the moist air hits the east bay hills and the shoreline and you get clouds so you will start with cloud cover and you go up the bay bridge or san mateo and you get to the other side and it is foggy but in between it could be clear. by 10:00 we are clear and you can see by the afternoon we are seeing a few holes in the sunshine. above average temperatures from
5:20 am
83 in milpitas and 87 in san jose and 94 in gilroy. everyone else from san mateo south low-to-mid 80's and 20 degrees cooler at the beaches and mid-60's. 68 this downtown to mid-70's around south san francisco and mid-to-upper 80's in the north bay and mid-to-upper 60's at your beaches and upper 70's to low 80's for the east bay shore and hercules and fremont at 84 and the east bay valley mid-to-upper 90's where it will be the worst today. it will be hazy, too because of the mt. diablo mt. fire. wednesday temperatures are close to average and other than varying cloud cover we will have pretty smooth weather through the weekend. have a good one. leyla gulen? >> we have smooth traffic for the most part but we have closures in place until we further notice because of the mt. diablo.
5:21 am
morgan territory road to high land road unless you are a resident, you need to present an i.d. if you are not a resident you are not allowed in. the altamont pass building heavy traffic from the central valley at bumper-to-bumper traffic at 27 miles per hour is the spot speed. over the pass you are at 33 miles per hour and stop-and-go traffic. the san mateo and dumbarton bridge on time with a buildup of traffic at the tolls but beyond there it is locking clear into foster city. the golden gate bridge shows track with fog coming from sausalito and you are moving along fine. >> ahead, seven things to know use start your day. >> too good to be true, questions about diana nyad's record swim.
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>> 5:24. blue are just joining or headed owe the door, number one, breaking news, the fire at mt. diablo doubled in size to 1,500 acres burned with more evacuations ordered for resolution dens near clayton and
5:25 am
300 firefighters are on the scene only 10 percent contained. diablo and what to expect as the fire spread to the south side during the overnight hours and we have another hot day, triple digits possible and i tell you how much longer they will last. >> three a brushfire that burned 40 acres is under control this morning with crews monitoring it for the next several days for any flare-ups. it broke out off highway 121, a factory and several structures were destroyed. >> four, san francisco police are investigating witness reports that the man who died after falling from a foot bridge outside candelstick park was drunk. the man died at the scene at 1:30 yesterday around kickoff time in the 49ers game with the packers. >> five, a san francisco city worker accused of run over and killing a mother with hisor
5:26 am
scheduled to be arraigned. authorities say he ran over 35 -year-old and let was arrested a short time later. rebound is hitting the airways to talk about syria and he has six television interviews lined up ahead of the big speech tomorrow to the american people to push for limited military strikes against syria, for the alleged use of chemical weapons. the back to work commute is off to a clear start and accident free. we have closings related to the fires with details on that will set coming up. >> critics are claiming that diana need's swim from cuba to florida is too good to be true. in marathon swimmers wondering how she doubled her speed on one stretch of the 53-hour swim and suggesting she held on to the boat that was with her. her team denies the claims saying she was helped along the
5:27 am
110 mile by the fast moving gulf streak and she violated the traditions by wearing a special mask and wet suit to protect against jelly fish. and the team says no swimming association has dictated rules for swimming from cuba to florida. >> an embarrassing royal mixup in london after the queen's own son was confronted by police. prince andrew, the duke of york, was out for a stroll in the gardens when two armed officers stopped him and order the prince to show his i.d. there has been an apology and the incidented happen on wednesday two days after a man was arrested on suspicion of burglary inside the palace and prince andrew's reaction to the mistake is on "good morning america" at 7:00. no respect. that would not have happened to prince charles.
5:28 am
>> the abc7 news continues at 5:30 with the top story including another fan fall and what witnesses say happened before the fall. >> continuing coverage of the mt. diablo wildfire including the help for four legged animals impacted by the flames. >> mt. diablo state park has a fire that has grown to 1,500
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♪ >> abc7 news has breaking news. >> good morning, the latest breaking news is the latest we have on the mt. diablo fire because while you were sleeping the fire doubled in size. the fire could be taking a new path putting other communities in danger.
5:31 am
>> abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield begins coverage from clayton. >> check out scene behind me the wind is appearing to whip up activity right now and we are seeing the slow burn look active. we have been leader for an hour and in this one hour we have been here we have watched this spot spread. the latest estimate is that the fire has burned 1,500 acres but from our van take point it looks like it is continues to grow. 300 firefighters are working on this and they need more help. more firefighters from across the state are on the way. they hope to build eight miles of fireline around the fire. right now it is only 10 percent contained. this started at 1:30 p.m. yesterday forcing evacuations in clayton. they have lost one outbuilding. it hasn't reaped any homes.
5:32 am
one firefighters has been hurt. he hurt his foot. it is not a bun. he is expected to be okay. we are told the terrain is very steep out here. this has burned into parts of mt. diablo state park. it appears it is continuing to spread. stay with us -- we have another hotspot getting going right there and we have been watching spots like this throughout the morning and they justfully you like -- they just flare-up. i am hoping for another briefing here soon. stay with us and i will have the latest in the next half hour. >> thank you. evacuees are sent to clayton community library and the red cross is on site to hope. those with horses and there are wages, can go do heather farms park in walnut creek or the contra costa county horseman association on grant street. to show you how the community is
5:33 am
rallying, a three went out on facebook to help the founder of rehab branch in clayton with horses and goats needing to be evacuated and a few hours 30 people showed up from communities, many with trailers to move the animals to safety. >> the weather is not advantageous for f.b.i.s and we hope it is a different story today. >> i noticed a couple of things, it is above the boundary where news for air quality in the east bay and can you see it is calm in concord and livermore the two main reporting stations but at 3,000' we above the boundary layer and the wins are blowing. on the positive side it is keeping the smoke above where all of us live but unfortunately you get up around 3,000 feet and the winds are faster up there
5:34 am
this time of the morning and we have a wind. right now on mt. diablo northwest wind and gusting to 25 miles per hour and hire is mt. diablo, clayton is here. the fire starts on the north side and spread to the south side. this is the valley before you head to the south into blackhawk. you can see an orange glow this morning behind blackhawk so folks there could be keeping an eye here or twitter open to make sure you do not have to be evacuated. northwest wind gusting to 25 miles per hour today and high temperature in the mid-80's to possibly 90. all morning we will bring you continuing coverage of the fire at mt. diablo with more in newscast and on our website at and you can get breaking news alerts by tolling us on twitter@abcnewsbayarea.
5:35 am
trues will monitor a brushfire that burned 40 acres near sonoma starting around 1:30 yesterday afternoon off highway 121. it spread to a factory. several structures were destroyed along with factory equipment and power lanes. >> we evacuated everyone like when a fire town went down we had to pull the firefighters back. no injuries were reported. crews got the fire under control but we will watch for glareups. >> here is what traffic looks like. >> there are closures that are still in effect so take napa road to connect from 116 to highway 12 the right thousand we have highway 12 shut down between 121 and here until
5:36 am
notice with downed power lines and peg is out there repair things. to the south, 101 through central san rafael toward 580 if you need make the drive across the richmond-san rafael bridge all is moving along find out there but we do have heavy backups in the westbound direction along highway four from antioch to pittsburg and 17 miles per hour is the top speed. >> this morning police are investigating the shooting death of a man in berkeley and it happened after 5:30 yesterday evening in the area of 8th and page treat, responding officers found a man with gunshot wounds dying at the hospital and no word on any suspects or arrests. this was the 4th homicide of the year. >> the san francisco 49ers opened the final season at candelstick with a 34-28 victory over the green bay packers but there was a fatal accident outside the stadium. police were investigating reports that a man who died after falling from a foot bridge was drunk. people use the foot bridge to
5:37 am
cross over jamestown avenue on the south side of the stadium and the man was in his mid-30's and died at scene around the time the nines game kicked off. paramedics saw what happened and raced to help him but could not revive him. two fans at the colts and raiders game escaped injury right after the game in a none tell. the raiders lost the game 21-17. >> san francisco city worker accused of run over and killing a mother in a city park is scheduled to be arraigned today. authority say the man ran over a 35-year-old mother while laying with her baby and dog in holly park. witnesses say he kept driving and was found and taken into custody a short time later.
5:38 am
he faces vehicular manslaughter and hit-and-run charges. >> today is three years since the deadly we pipeline explosion and a remembrance service is at 6:00 p.m. at the blast site. the pg&e gas line explosion and fire killed eight people and destroyed 38 homes. 16 of the homes is been rebuilt and 16 other homes are vacant lots. the city leaders continue to push for stricter pipeline safety regulations and reforms. regulators are trying to figure out how much in fines pg&e should pay for the stat. >> commuters face a big change in the east bay. freeway onrank metering lights will be up and running along highway four and 242 in north concord and pittsburg and are in use during commute hours. it is the first phase of a $27 million project to get traffic flowing more smoothly on one of the most difficult commutes. >> how will the weather affect
5:39 am
the firefight in mt. diablo? >> it will have an adverse affect because of the winds from the northwest at 17 to 25 miles per hour as we head in afternoon. the winds will stay fast compared to the rest of us and the temperatures are going to be high and the humidities are going to be low. it is one of the few areas that will have gusty winds in the hot sections of our neighborhood. the winds are fast along the coast but it will be in the 60's there. we have quarter-mile visibility at half moon bay with cloud cover. you will see more sunshine than yesterday but not so as friday and saturday. we have four mile visibility in napa so the fog is floating into your neighborhood and you are 50 degrees right now. 51 in santa rosa and 55 in napa and san francisco and mid-to-upper 50's at half moon bay and san carlos and hayward and concord and los gatos but 63 in san jose and 66 in antioch. the highs today are mid-to-upper 60's along the coast and upper
5:40 am
70's to low 80's around the bay and upper 80's to mid-90's inland neighborhoods. now the morning commute. leyla gulen? >> there is another possible fire burning right off of bodega highway at salmon creek with a report of a tree that caught fire and crews will head to the seen. that could cause a closing along highway one and bodega highway so keep that in mind in the east bay traveling along 580 it will be stop and go and heavy conditions at 28 miles per hour for the respond need and 680 blue pleasanton but from tracy to dublin 30 minutes and highway 4 westbound antioch to concord is 25 minute and 101 san rafael to san francisco is looking good.
5:41 am
80 away from 17 is quiet but traffic is building. >> shocking video confession gone viral. the legal trouble that could come today to a man who admitted he caused a fatal d.u.i. accident. >> hanging in the balance in downtown san francisco a threat that forced in us to shut down a street. >> we have new developments in breaking news a growing wildfire and a shot of flareups this morning, hot spots and flames now have expanded to 1,500 acres now burned with 300 firefighters on the oh wow. you look incredible! right?! is this the bacon and cheese diet? this is the creamy chicken corn chowder. i mean, look at it. so indulgent. this is so much more... what's different? oh, it's my chicken and cheese enchilada diet. well keep it up, honey. it's working.
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5:44 am
>> this is what is facing firefighters today in the east bay, the fire blazing near mt. diablo state park and it has forced the evacuation of dozens of homes and we have reporters on the scene with live team coverage. >> many have sent photos of the mt. diablo fire and shear one showing a view the fire from the highway 4 bypass in brentwood. here is another view from skyline boulevard across the bay, from the peninsula, this photo was up loaded to us this morning and you can get the wider view, wider perspective >> the a grand jury will decide
5:45 am
whether to charge a man confessing to killing a man while drunk. the video is viral. matthew cordle talks how he drove after a night of drinking he hit a car killing a 61-year-old father back in june. >> i am willing to take this for one reason. that reason is to pass this message on to you. i'm begging you . >> he plans to plead guilty in champions. the defense attorneys call the video of testament to his character but credit is say he is trying to manipulation the prosecution and the public. a street near union square is open after a damage scaffolding was swaying in the wind. firefighters stood by just in case it fell. no one was hurt. a crew got there to secure the scaffold back on to the building
5:46 am
>> mike nicco has the forecast. >> we hope today is better for firefighting. >> probably not. it will not be any better and it could be worse on mt. diablo. it moved to the south facing section of mt. diablo. if you live in blackhawk and you look out the back window you will see an orange glow and at the lot of danville can see that, it is eerie to see the orange glow through the sky. >> far as radar and satellite, live doppler 7 hd shows...very cloudy. some of that is spilling into the bay. we will watch sfo to see if there are arrival delays. hard to see the clouds over the embarcadero because they are not here. they are still in the western section of san francisco. they are beginning to try to make a late push.
5:47 am
the big story is not the push of schooler air because it will stop right about san francisco like it did yesterday. it is the hot temperatures inland again today our third day or fourth day in a row to push nearly 100. everyone will be back to average by wednesday. we have one more warm day tomorrow inland. the low lying valleys along the coast are thickest in marin county headed to sonoma and san francisco and san bruno and some of it is lining up along the east coast. the depth of the marine laser so shallow it cannot claim over the east bay hills so you are clear and in the 60's and everyone else is in the 50's. at 3:00, you can see more sunshine along the coast. now, the temperatures are mid-to-upper 80's but gilroy is low-to-mid 90's and 20 degrees cooler at your beaches.
5:48 am
we will be around 68 this downtown to 74 in sausalito and mid-to-upper 80's through the north bay valley and 20 degrees keeler at the beaches and hercules and fremont around 84 and the east bay valley, mid-to-upper 90's and a few areas could hit 100, rockies will take on the giants and it will be nice at 66 dropping to 59 under sun. the seven-day forecast shows two to six degrees cooler from the coast to inland and then we hold steady. have a great day. >> we have report of a new accident in san jose traveling along northbound 101 coming up on the expressway, where we have two vehicles involve asked one lip is blocked. there is a slow down in the southbound direction and the rest of the drive is clear to the south bay freeway and as we take it to the east bay traveling out of walnut creek across highway 24 you are at top somebodies and as you continue
5:49 am
through the tunnel to 52 miles per hour. it is still clear and the rest of the drive into emeryville and toward the tolls, you are looking at a good drive but outside at the bay bridge toll plaza you can see how that is loading up in the cash-paying lanes, the center fast track lanes are moving along fine and our morning or day commute is heating up. >> thank you. speaking of heat, katie couric kicks off her second season. we chatted with the newly engaged talk show host and this season viewers will notice more topics covered in a single show, topics such as health, kids and money and expect a lost fun and a list celebrities. >> robert deniro, and billy crystal and julie ann moore will
5:50 am
talk about her children's books, a mix of serious and fun. >> the premiere of the second season of "katie" for the mix of serious and fun. >> coming up the new research that could prompt younger women to get mammograms sooner rather than later. >> turning the smartphone to a personal protection device giving some people peace of mind. >> we follow the latest developments in the wildfire burning on mt. diablo.
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>> good morning, these are live pictures of the fire burning on mount diabolo that doubled in size to 1,500 acres and 300 f.b.i.s on the line are ready to do active battle again and we have team coverage. ought fast moving fire reminds us that it is never too early to plan ahead. we have a list of resources and tips to prepare for any type of disaster at abc7 news and look for the logo. >> a new accessory is turning smart phones into personal protection devices an iphone stun gun cage. the yellow jacket is the first
5:54 am
smartphone self-defense case that charges the phone battery and packs 650,000 volts that sells for $149 online. there will be versions for iphone 5 and galaxy. >> mike has the forecast. >> we have a cooling trend on the way and we will talk about what will happen if you are traveling around today. we will start with our temperatures very dangerous in the central valley so we will be in triple digit to palm springs and at love the smoke is still hanging around yosemite national park and it will hang around yosemite national park with light winds. away from tahoe it is sunny and 81 and 82 in los angeles. leyla gulen? >> we are tracking the accident in san jose causing quite a bit
5:55 am
slowing northbound 101 on the expressway we have bumper-to-bumper traffic by highway 87 blocking one lane. you have top spreads and c.h.p. is making their way out there with slowing. the nimitz in the southbound direction we have slowing there, as you come up on highway 101 but everything else is moving along at top speed. >> thanks the a historic movie theater in san francisco's richmond district is getting a new digital projector because of outpouring of community support. they need $75,000 to upgrate the print to digital and the hollywood standard. there was a fundraising campaign and supporters have now contributed in you have to place the conversion in one of two ought attorneys.
5:56 am
-- one of two auditoriums. >> a study from harvard suggests many women who die from breast cancer never had a mammogram before the diagnosis. the study at harvard from 1990 to 2007 found that 71 percent of women never had a ma'am grandmother, half of the deaths were in women younger than 50. that suggests that younger women have more aggressive forms of breast cancer more resistant to treatment and they need regular screenings. >> health warning to parents of teens who are or were overweight. researchers found teens who were overweight or obese have a higher risk of developing an eating disorder as they lose weight. they say doctors and parents do not notice it right an because of the weight history. they say watch for symptoms including concentration standards and bloating and chest pains. the study is published in
5:57 am
"pediatrics." >> selling syria to the american people and the blitz that rebound has planned forked to as he aims for the planned attack against the country. >> continuing coverage of the mt. diablo wildfire and the new containment figures released and the help in the air and on the ground to get control. >> the call for help a ranch made to get their animals away from the fast-moving flames. >> a look from sky 7 over the flames and we do have hotspots flaring up this morning and we have
5:58 am
we run errands. we run to the grocery store. in fact, the average american drives
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fewer than 29 miles a day. the 100% electric nissan leaf goes two-and-a-half times that on a single charge. it's a car. it just doesn't take gas. [ farrar ] so think about where you go in a day. do you really need gas to get there? [ male announcer ] the 100% electric nissan leaf. nissan. innovation that excites. now get a 2013 nissan leaf for $199 a month. ♪ >> abc7 news starts with breaking news. >> the breaking news comes from the east bay. these are shots over the scene and the wildfire on mt. diablo doubled in size overnight. it is raging.
6:00 am
now the contra costa county sheriff is expanding evacuation situations. >> good morning, i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. the wildfire started yesterday and doubled in size to 1,500 acres. several homes in clayton are evacuated. we have coverage this morning. the wind is picking up this morning since we have been standing here and it is getting winnie and the spot we are monitoring has definitely green. we see some spots that are getting more active as the wind picks up and we can tell the direction of the wind. the fire is pushed over in the left side direction and we can see the smoke moving that way. with me now is a staff chief whether is here to give us an update. great my nonexpert view this is breathtaking but what do you think and feel when you


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