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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  September 9, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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sheriff is expanding evacuation situations. >> good morning, i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. the wildfire started yesterday and doubled in size to 1,500 acres. several homes in clayton are evacuated. we have coverage this morning. the wind is picking up this morning since we have been standing here and it is getting winnie and the spot we are monitoring has definitely green. we see some spots that are getting more active as the wind picks up and we can tell the direction of the wind. the fire is pushed over in the left side direction and we can see the smoke moving that way. with me now is a staff chief whether is here to give us an update. great my nonexpert view this is breathtaking but what do you think and feel when you see
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this? as you can see the fire is fairly actively burning and the winds are causing it to pickup. this is not unusual for this mountain this early in the morning. it is just showing the potential we have out here. there is a lot of unburned file and the mountain has not burned for many, many years. we have very hot temperatures in the last few days. we have very low humidity. all of those factors contribute to this. >> this site looks --. >> our apologies for audio program with amy hollyfield. we will go back to amy but, first, we go to pictures of what is going on. you can see the hotspots burning right there at 1,500 acres. when the sun comes up firefighters will try to do battle and only 10 percent
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containment so a tough battle head with today's weather. >> mike had a good view of the fire driving in and you are describing how it wrapped around the south side. walked outside and there was the on glow of the fire as it mid from the eastern side to the south side and it was spreading both ways, spreading up toward the observatory and spreading down into the valley behind blackhawk near the fault lane that runs back there so the folks in blackhawk that live in the deepest part toward the back, i would imagine they are starting to get nervous and a lot of the vegetation up there with the oil in it that burns so much, there is a lot of it up there in that area and that could go up quickly. you can see the environmental wins are light and no wind in concord and livermore but we are up at 3,000' and maybe a little
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bit lower than that but the boundary layer is 1,200' and the smoke would be trapped. all the smoke right new is going up. as we start to warm the temperatures, the boundary layer will play out and the smoke will come down in the valleys and it will be worse than it was yesterday. right now it is 77 in mt. diablo with 90 percent humidity and wins from the northwest at 18 and gusting to 25 and this afternoon they gust up to 25 and temperatures are near 90 in the lower part of the fire and the humidity stays low at 10 to 20 percent. >> thanks. mike. >> a look at the fire burning on mt. diablo primarily the fires settle down but we have not with this fire so this is what the firefighters are facing when the sun comes up. we will keep you informed about that in reports all only. >> we will continue that coverage of the morgan fight
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with matt keller at the evacuation situation center if clayton. we are talking help for people and animals. >> there is help here but no one is staying at the red cross shelter at clayton library. one couple is staying to their vehicle sleeping right now with six chihuahuas and they decided they cannot bring an malls inside the shelter they would stay together and sleep if their car. here are the latest orders, 24 homes in the areas have been evacuated. that is in addition to oak hill lane and the power lines and cell towers are in the path of the fire. residents saw the flames getting close to the backyard. >> i heard noise from below the house and i walked out and looked down and you could see the flames coming up the hill.
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>> a call went out for help getting horses and other animals out of the way of the fire and 30 horses from the rehab ranch and other animals were picked up and animal evacuation situation centers are set up at at the contra costa county fairgrounds and a man says his friends were told to evacuate last night at 5:30 and he talked to them at 10:00 last night and they were still inside of their home. the shelter here will remain open just case anyone need as place to stay. >> we are keeping track of where the fire is burning and you can see it right here this is not typical for an overnight look at the fire several hotspots and of course it has jumped to 1,on acres overnight and they will use an air attack later bringing in water from planes and helicopters. >> we will continue to bring you coverage at mt. diablo with
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more throughout the newscast and at you can get breaking news alerts by following us on twitter@abcnewsbayarea and from fremont, this morning, crews are working to contain a two aheart house fire. authorities got a 1991 -- got a 9-1-1 call at 4:00 this morning and a house was in flames and throw people were rescued from the home and taken to the hospital to be treated for their injuries. no word on their condition. two firefighters suffered minor burns. >> san jose state university police are investigating a homicide when a man's body was found on campus. the slim was found in a parked s.u.v. yesterday near the campus tennis courts. police say it does not appear he was a student or affiliated with the university. the man's cause of death and identity have not been released. police say it is the 4th
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homicide investigation in university history. >> officials in san francisco need your help in identifying a man found unconscious in union square. the man has brown hair and brown eyes and between 30 and 40 years of able and weighs 155 pounds with no tattoos and found with head injuries that suggests a fall. he is in critical condition and authorities are trying to find his relatives. >> transportation officials will look for ways to bring relief to traffic congestion on highway 101. our media partner reports that officials will use cameras to document the northbound evening commute. traffic is so bad between the richardson bay bridge to the green bay interchange that the car pool lanes are backed up. is going on mt. diablo one of the more quiet spots on the
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mountain with a 1,500 acre wildfire continues to burn. >> the winds are going to be the big issue that far up on the mountain the winds will gust up to 25 miles per hour. we will have a temperature around 80 to 90. we will have humidity at 10 percent to 20 percent. wins from the northwest means they are blowing toward the southeast where the fire is from the east side to the southeast side to the south side overnight. fog is an issue at half moon bay. everyone else is okay. our temperatures are running through the san ramon valley in the upper 50's to near 60 and warmer around antioch at 66 and livermore at 65. the air quality will be worse
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today than yesterday. 63 in san jose and mountain view is 62 and 54 in san francisco and 48 in novato for the cool spot. in the afternoon hours, the warm weather is in the east bay valley and mid-to-upper 90's and the car or the house thermometer could say 100. 78 in oakland and 68 in san francisco. >> we do have the closings that will be in effect until further notice for mt. diablo fire so marsh creek road will be shut down to regency and morgan territory road to high land road and if you are not a resident you will not be allowed in the area. if you are, you need to present an i.d. in san jose, we still have this crash blocking a lane northbound 101 on the express way and that is leaving us with bumper-to-bumper traffic away from the nimitz and before you get there, we have a report of a brand new accident when someone heard two cars crunch so
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possibly another smackup in the backup, coming up on the nimitz. so, slow-and-go traffic on 101 and outside it looks like the bay bridge toll plaza metering lights are on and track is packed into treasure island toward san francisco. >> president obama is making his case to the american people and the media blitz the commander in chief is undertaking trying to sell the nation on his land to attack syria and how syrian president bashar al-assad is racketing to the threat in a new tv interview. >> a royal misunderstanding: scotland yard respond as one of queen his both grandchild is accused of intruding on the palace grounds. >> there are 1,500 acres now consumed with 300
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>> covering san rafael, south bay, pleasanton and all bay area this is abc7 news. >> a look from sky 7 you can sigh the orange glow of the fire on mt. diablo at 1,500 acres burning not all that far and can be seen from the city of clayton with evacuees that way. to the right of the screen, fire
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trucks are positioning themselves for the fight this morning. >> viewers sending photos of the morgan fire with dozens including this one from wayne in brentwood. you can see the orange glow on mt. diablo as the flames burned. we will show you another photo from dan in clayton taken at 9:30 and a raging fire shot there. you can see the orange flames up close and we still have the situation this morning from san ramon beyond the school at 9:30 to show you how far away the flames could be seen, this is more than 20 miles away from clayton and we do want to see your photos of the fire so e-mail your pictures and video to us. >> now the crisis in syria, president obama is undertaking a massive media blitz to sell his
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planned attack against syria. this comes ahead of the nation-wide prime time address tomorrow. we are joined from washington with the latest. >> good morning to you. over the next two days the president will make the push in public and private knowing that winning the vote on syria could be the biggest test of the presidency. >> president obama is making an all-out push to persuade congress to authorize a military strike but it is a hard sell and senior administration officials admit that the president faces an uphill climb. >> they have no viable plan. >> last night president surprised a dozen republicans would were lobbied over dinner by the vice president. today, a full public campaign and the president sits down for six network tv interviews before delivering a rare prime time address using this gruesome video of the aftermath of an
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august 21 chemical weapons attack to sell a limited attack. secretary of state john kerry has likened the crisis to the holocaust and genocide in rwanda. >> it would be good to hear people saying to a dictator, keep your hands off chemical weapons that kill your own people. the risk of not acting is greater than the risk of acting. >> polls show a majority of machines are against military intervention in syria and the president's liberal base 07 poses military action. >> don't lead us down this road again. >> the administration lobbying efforts continue and syria's president bashar al-assad denied using chemical weapons and in an interview with charlie rose on pbs pledged to retaliation if the united states strikes. >> the president will talk to senate democrats in person tomorrow. winning passage in the senate is in reap but in the house of representatives it is a
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different story and the white house has a last work left to do. >> use will provide coverage of president obama's address on the crisis in syria tomorrow evening at 6:00 right here on abc7 news. get updates any time on twitter by following on abc7 news bay area. >> a royal mixup in london when the queen's son was confronted. the duke of york was out for a stroll in the garden of the palace and two armed officers stopped him and ordered the prince to show his i.d. scotland yard has apologized for confusing him with an intruder. this happened on wednesday to days after a man was arrested on suspicion of burglary inside the palace. here is prince andrew's reaction to the royal mistake to be seen on "good morning america" at 7:00. >> couple of cops are look for a
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new job this only if you have any recommendations. >> we will check with mike for the forecast. the temperatures will be high? >> high in the east bay where the firefighters will fight. on mt. diablo it will be 83 but in the lower elevations toward the valley behind blackhawk it could be in the 90's. i will show you live doppler 7 hd, impressive radar return the smoke plume coming up from mt. diablo fire that you can see from the east side to southeast side to the south facing side during the overnight hours and this is a fault through danville near mt. diablo and this is what is right near the community of blackhawk. you can see blackhawk, the fault behind it, and here is the valley. that is where it is burning right now. i got up this morning and i
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could so an, glow from the valley and i could see the fire working its way up to the top on the top-facing side. that is what they will deal with in the afternoon, the rapid spreading in the overnight hours. you can see the higher you are in elevation it is warmer up this as naturally occurs in the nighttime hours. our mid-60's are the warmest in pittsburg and antioch and brentwood and everyone else, dress for 50's until you get to fremont and los gatos and low-to-mid 60's. this is how it looks from the exploritorium with the clouds creeping across san francisco as the clouds are trying to re-establish on top or within the marine layer with a lard time making it to our neighbors. it will be hot inland today and cooler air arrives tonight and the sea breeze touches all neighborhoods by wednesday. most of us are in the lower
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elevations along the coast and spilling into the bay and it will be thicker through 9:00 and between 10:00 and 11:00 it evaporates and sunshine develops at the coast. today, we will be in the mid-80's in the north bay to near 100 in the east bay. you can see warmest temperatures around the bay are upper 80's and mid-60's along the coast and well lose one to six degrees tuesday and wednesday from the coast inland and get the temperatures back to average and it becomes more of a cloud cover forecast as temperatures hold steady wednesday through sunday. today is the last hot days in the forecast. we have busy conditions if you travel through san jose and over the altamont pass. it is busy. these closures are in effect in sonoma. a fire occurred yesterday and highway 12 is closed in both directions with pg&e out this to
6:21 am
repair some downed power lines. you are asked to avoid the area. if you need a detour you can use napa as an alternate. in san jose, this crash is causing problems northbound we i would at the expressway blocking the fat lane and bumper to bumper rack but we also have a report of another accident before you get to the nimitz two accidents in the same area causing heavy backups away from 280 at the 680 split. >> instagram users will notice something different in the new year as it grows more popular than ever. >> look at at the mt. diablo fire with the names and mike was talking about the smoke and more on how this grew to
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jackjalapeños, bacon,s,r. tomato and avocado. i call it, "the avocado da vinci". create your om'lart with denny's build your own omelette menu. >> good morning at 6:24. we have another look for you at the mt. diablo fire with smoke rising and we do have flames and this is only 10 percent contained with 1,500 acres burned, now burned to the south side of the mountain with continuing coverage coming up. ought fire reminds us it is never too early to plan ahead with a list of resources and tips to help you prepare for any
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type of disaster. go to our website at and look for "prepare" logo. >> this morning many are saying that diana nyad is planning to meet with members of the marathon swimming community skeptical of her record-setting 110-mile swim from cuba to florida. in a statement issued this morning, a spokesman says that the 64-year-old endurance athlete is proud of her accomplishment and committed to complete transparency. many marathon swimmers wonder how she doubled her speed on one stretch of the 53-hour swim suggesting she held on to the boat that was with her. her team denyies that claim. >> instagram users will now see more than photos. according to the app owned by facebook they will sell ads in the next hour. the company's c.e.o. says instagram has more than 150 million active users each month
6:26 am
50 million more than seven months ago. facebook spent $1 billion acquiring instagram last year. >> our coverage of the wildfire burning on mt. diablo continues at 6:30 with flames reaching the summit of the mountain. new containment figures from firefighters and the help on the ground and in the air to get the fire under control plus we will update the evacuation wases affecting people and animals. a fire from the east bay hills camera the smoke is blowing to the southeast as the wind shifts helping to spread the fire. i will tell you what the firefighters will deal with later today. >> i am leyla gulen telling you about closures in place because of the fires and as we look at the bay bridge toll plaza we have heavy backups coming from oakland and busy conditions and
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a couple of
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>> kgo co-kgo good morning on monday, this is a picture of the blames and the fire look at a mt. diablo fire above danville still raging with hotspots flaring this morning and we have about 300 firefighters on the scene trying to get a hold of this, but, still, it grows, doubling in size overnight. let's continue our coverage on the morgan file, the official name of it which doubled in size and our reporter is standing by in clayton with the latest.
6:30 am
this spot that we have been watching for the last couple of hours has doubled in side since we have been here and there are no firefighters up there, just two rugged, too dangerous, so they are letting it bun. it is because of spots like this that the fire has doubled overnight and firefighters expect this fire will continue to grow. right now they have it at an estimated 1,500 acres. firefighters will set control lines away from the fire so the fire will move to a more accessible area so they can get to it safely. so, they do expect this fire will grow and continue to burn for some time. >> i feel confident we will be able to get a control on this, probably not today, certainly not today. it will be probably a good couple of days before we can get our arms wrapped around this but slowly but surely we will get the upper hand. >> more firefighters are on the
6:31 am
way and they estimate that about 500 more will arrive soon and will get out there on the line by 8:00 this morning. right now they put it at 10 percent containment. it has forced some evacuations from the town of clayton. look at the smoke you are probably going do see in the east bay as you head out to where you need to be, headed or blowing to the dublin and livermore area and it is a huge amount of smoke coming off the fire for this o for people to say. firefighters say it looks scary and swim dating but they feel like they have a comfortable management on it with a plan to get a box around it and it will take some time and a lot of work and a lot more resources coming if here the next couple of hours . thank you, amy, we will go to the skies over the fire looking
6:32 am
at pictures of the big plume of smoke and the ring of fire with hundreds of firefighters on the line to get this under control. will the weather cooperate? it looks like right now it may not. in is a look at live doppler 7 hd and here is a look at our only radar return from mt. diablo this morning and this is the smoke, that is how thick it is, with live doppler 7 hd picking it up and blowing to the southeast because the wins switched coming from the northwest and gusting 15- to 25-miles per hour bringing the fire around to the south side which is why it is so easy to see from many more neighborhoods and why people are more panicked humidity is 15 percent. gusting to 25 percent and that is going to be the case throughout the day. here is what to expect, winds
6:33 am
gusting at 15 to 25 miles per hour and that will keep most of the smoke moving out towards, hurt -- unfortunately to tracy. temperatures at 90 in the lower elevations and humidity at 10 percent to 20 percent. the weather does not cooperate whatever today. >> we will continue our coverage with abc7 news reporter matt keller are joining us from the clayton community library now serving as an evacuation center. matt? >> we will give. >> look at the fire from the evacuation situation center with a huge plume of smoke above mt. diablo. people living in 75 homes is been told to evacuate the order. here are the details: 24 homes in trailride road, east trail road, upper trail road and lower trail road have been evacuated
6:34 am
in addition to the homes on oak hill i lane and fire lines and cell towers are in the path of the fire and animals are in danger so a call went out for help. >> friend put something out on facebook and said if you have a trailer and can help, please do. gosh, i know 20 showed up here and they got another 10 or 15 or 20 trailers in clayton right now helping, too, ready to help with whatever is needed. 30 horses from the rehab ranch and other man malls were picked up and evacuation centers set up at the contra costa county fair grounds. a couple is staying here in their car in the parking lot at the clayton library and they have six chihuahuas so the animals can not go in the shelter and they decided to stay
6:35 am
together in the car. the shoal step will remain open if anyone needs a place to stay. >> again, sky 7 is showing us a huge plume of smoke rising into the air with a ring of fire around it and saw this going yesterday the smoke could be seen from the backyard of home with the sirens headed no it and we have 300 firefighters there now and more are on the way, 500 more, according to amy hollyfield. a big battle ahead today with the weather playing an important role. >> amy is telling us the firefighters redidn't it will take days to get the fire under control. we want to talk about the pictures from our viewers, they have been good the this photo shows a view of the fire near lone tree, from brentwood and another photo unloaded this morning showing the fire from
6:36 am
skyline boulevard from the peninsula, seen from far away across the bay ... and this is that picture. you can tweet us your pictures so you can see the scope of how widespread and how the smoke can be seen from across the bay. >> develop news with crews on the scene for the next several days do monitor a brushfire that burned at least 40 acres near sonoma starting at 1:30 off highway 121 near 8th street. it spread to a factory and several structures were destroyed along with factory equipment and power lines. >> we have evacuateed pulling firefighters back. we had to pull operations out of the area. >> crews got the fire under control but we will continue to watch for any flareups.
6:37 am
>> today is three years since the deadly pipeline explosion and a service will begin at 6:00 tonight at the blast site. pg&e gas line explosion and fire killed eight people and destroyed 38 homes. 16 of the homes have been rebuilt and 16 others are empty lots. >> ahead the 49ers home opener is marred by tragedy. >> first, forget the new eastern span, today the western span is the center of attention with a name change later today. >> a hook outside at the fire bunking from mt. diablo and you can see the flames look like they are about to crest mt. diablo. we will talk about the weather conditions as we
6:38 am
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energy source available. it would charge overnight. every morning, you'd wake up with a full tank, ready to go. if the car was invented today, it would be the 100% electric nissan leaf. with over 200 million gas-free miles driven and automatic hov lane access, the question isn't "why electric?" it's "why gas?" [ male announcer ] the 100% electric nissan leaf. nissan. innovation that excites. now get a 2013 nissan leaf for $199 a month. ♪ >> we are back at 6:40. now one of the hottest places in the bay area the last couple of days, 98 in livermore. dropping down to 90's by friday. we will be back to average which is 87 on sunday, so it will take a week. air quality issues in tuolumne county. if you are traveling around the state most of the wet weather will stay well to our east around las vegas. as far as what is happening in
6:41 am
the central valley, 100. 81 without the haze in tahoe around fresno and bakers peeled and 82 in los angeles. safe travels. >> we have been talking about the morgan fire all morning and we have some closures if place until further notice. you must present an i.d. to get in. if you are not a resident you not allowed in. this is the area we are talking about, marsh creek road to regency drive it will be shut down and morgan territory road to high land road, so you will see those street closings and we have a rot of a serious accident involving a motorcycle and you are at a standstill, southbound 242, right around 680 where 242 meets 680 so that is where we have a possible we major injury accident and as we head over to i-80 westbound, we have another car with possible injuries and
6:42 am
possibly a party truck. here is a picture of walnut creek traveling 680 southbound side toward walnut creek traffic is building. eric and kristen? >> a plan to name the western span of the bay bridge after former san francisco mayor willie ground gets the green light today. the proposal has been contentious with vocal opponents and proponents or, rather, opponents and supporters sounding off. if the senate approves the resolution it could be called the willie l. brown jr. bridge and applies only to the suspension bridge connecting san francisco to yerba buena island not the new eastern span that were order last week. >> trading is underway on wall street. we can see the dow is up 71 points. first, though, a man faults to
6:43 am
his death at candelstick park during the 49ers home opener and what we are lending. >> a look right now from sky 7, which is currently over san ramon 20 miles away from the clayton side of the fire and you plume of smoke is in the air and the ribbons of fire around it, with coverage when
6:44 am
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>> coughing walnut creek, burlingame, campbell and all bay
6:46 am
area, this is abc7 news. >> good morning, everyone, it is 6:46. a view from sky 7 of the fire, the morgan fire, you can see it has reached the crest there, a huge plume of smoke being lifted into the air and hundreds of firefighters are on the scene and hundreds more are headed to the scene with coverage coming up. >> the 49ers on the final season with a victory over the packers but there was a fatal accident outside the stadium. police are investigating witness reports that a man who died at falling from a bridge was drunk. people used the foot bridge to cross over jamestown avenue on the south side of the stadium. the man in his mid-30's died at the scene around the time the 49ers game kicked off. off duty paramedics and police officers saw what happened.
6:47 am
they raced to help him but could not revive him. >> there was a railing collapse after a colts game and two fans fell off the walkway. a fan was take were away on a stretcher and another left if a wheelchair. the raiders lost that game 21-17. >> now business news, investors are watching the crisis in syria and we are joined from the new york stock exchange. jane? >> good morning. it could be a bumpy week watching as the united states possibly could move closer to a military strike against syria and crude oil is impacted by this. it has been quiet, but rising next could change this on a time and things would be higher in terms of oil. gas prices are up for two weeks
6:48 am
rising three cents a gallon so the average pump price is $3.58 for regular. it is near $4 on average in the bay area according to aaa but, still, that is 25 cent lower than a year ago. stocks this morning are solidly higher across the board and the silicon valley index is just up nearly 1 percent. restaurants that specialize in pasta bowl is discovering portion control and introducing small plates including grill chicken tapas and olive garden has been testing this and will add it to the permanent menu. olive garden is trying to differentiate themselves from other restaurants offering cheap eats like applebees. >> thanks, join, for all of us
6:49 am
hungry folks. >> fans of katie couric your way is over with the new season starting right here. >> but, first, the fire situation in the east bay, here is mike. >> we will look and show you what is going on with live doppler 7 hd showing the only radar run out there is the one coming off the smoke from mt. diablo. right now the good news is that smoke is above the boundary layer, and it is moving up into the sky and not filter down to the ground. once the sun comes up and we overturn the atmosphere more of the smoke is going to come down to the ground and right now most of it is trailing over the calaveras fault and headed out to the south and, also, toward the east so it will head to the a pass and eventually tracy so watch out for that. the shot we have been showing
6:50 am
you has been pretty much this shot and i tried to mirror it and what you were seeing necessary -- general by but it would have to go through this valley climb up the opside and climb back down but right now most of the fire is well aware to the north so we will keep our fingers crossed. the temperatures in the east bay valley are running cool, but headed into the hills, 74 in mt. diablo so that is a lot warmer when you move up. 48 in novato. 54 in san francisco. oakland is 57. san jose is a warmer spot at 63. check out this gorgeous picture, look at buildings poking through the clouds rolling across san francisco as we look from emeryville. hot inland today and cooler air tonight and the sea breeze touches all of us by wednesday.
6:51 am
our cloud cover today is just now starting to get intense and by association, most of the clouds are evaporating and the coast will he clearing but not so warm as friday and saturday. you will be in the 60's at the coast and 70's around san francisco but, most of the bay is going to be in the up if are 70's to mid-80's and inland we have mid-80's to around 100 and tomorrow is one to six degrees cooler from the coast inland and same thing on wednesday we are back to average and the temperatures hang around through at least sunday. have a great day. leyla gulen? >> we are tracking this serious accident in concord headed into leften hill involving a motorcycle and it looks like it is placed at concord avenue southbound 242 coming up on 680 so we do have a lane blocked and the fire department has arrived and they are blocking that lane and it is leaving us with bumper-to-bumper traffic away from highway 4 and highway 4 is
6:52 am
a bear this morning if you are leaving antioch in the westbound direction 18 miles per hour and you are back on the breaks so if you make it out of antioch to concord that is 30 minutes and it is 30 minutes away from highway 4 to walnut creek and outside we go and here is the san mateo bridge where traffic is building up but, still, it is moving and we have report of a fire at the tolls. >> ahead, seven things to know of with you go.
6:53 am
>> a look from sky 7 and the fire is burning at mt. diablo, huge plumes of smoke headed up into the air and that is our top story. >> as we hand things off to "good morning america" the fire is number one, breaking news from east bay, where 300
6:54 am
firefighters are working to contain this fire at mt. diablo which is nearly double in size overnight and the morgan fire has burned 1,500 acres and only 10 percent contained. two, a red cross shelter at the clayton library people from 75 homes near the fire area have been evacuated and after a call went out on facebook volunteers showed up with trailers to help the founder rehabilitation ranch in clayton evacuate 20 horses and several goats. >> we will talk about the fire, mt. diablo full of the stuff that burns so easy because it has the oil in it and the steep terrain. if you have been on the south side it just drops off which is why they are having a hard time. 74 is the humidity and 15- to 20-miles per hour wind which remains with the temperatures jumping to near 90 in the afternoon. firefighters are going to have it tough. >> four, breaking news from
6:55 am
fremont, where more than 200 people are without power right now following a house fire this morning. three people were rescued from the home, and two firefighters suffered minor injuries and no word on when the power is restored. >> breaking news in detroit where the search is on for an inmate who stab add sheriff deputy in the neck and took another deputy hostage at the courthouse where the inmate was appearing. miss say he got the uniform from the deputy he took hostage and carjacked a van. the injured deputy is expected to be okay. >> six, president obama will appear in interviews on six tv networks ahead of the address to the american people tomorrow in a push for limited military strikes against syria. the national security team continues to work on securing support from skeptical members of congress who runs from a five-week break today. >> seven, the bay bridge toll plaza shows packed conditions and 20 minutes to get you away from the maze and into san
6:56 am
francisco and the closures due to the morgan fire will be shut down morgan territory to lieland road and that is going to be shut down until further notice with an injury accident involving a motorcycle now is cleared. >> we continue online and on twitter and facebook and all the mobile devices. we will follow the morgan fire for you and here is another look from sky 7 look at the flames pushing for the summit with smoke drifting as a result of the winds and spreading the fire. see you in 25 minutes.
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♪ good morning, america. the war of words at a fever pitch right now over the strike on syria. an all-out push from president obama over the next 48 hours with an address to the nation. as syrian leader assad speaks out overnight denying he used chemical weapons and vowing retaliation. terrifying accident at the amusement park. children tossed from a popular carnival ride after it suddenly halts. more than a dozen children rushed to the hospital. the swing ride shut down. what caused the major malfunction? unstoppable serena. the tennis star captured the u.s. open crown in the longest championship match in 30 years. both players battles fierce winds.


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