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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  September 10, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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berkeley campus. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield is joining us with what we have learned. >> on the top floor, two investigators are up there right now and you can see their flashlights lighting up the room and it is dark up there but they are doing their best to figure out what started the fire. it is clear that it starts in the top floor of the building and that is where an older man lived by himself. firefighters busted down the door to get to him but it was too late and he died at the hospital. there are seven apartment units inside this building and eight people were live here. police, firefighters and residents were knocking on doors, trying to help people escape. everyone else did make it out okay. the top floor of the third floor was engulfed, stuff was flying off and burning and the fire department actually got here
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very quickly. we were lucky. >> they got the call a little after 1:30 to come to oregon street in berkeley and eight people lived here and not berkeley students and they say that the man who died lived here for 20 years. they say he was a smoker and he likes to light candles and some of the residents wonder if possibly he fell asleep and left something burning. firefighters do not know. they do not know if the residents can move back in. there is a lot of damage inside on the second floor, where they buffed through ceilings and walls to ventilate the fire. the bottom floor has a lost damage. >> thank you. a remainder, you can get updates on this story and breaking news any time on twitter, by following us at abc7 news bay
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area. >> now a check on the weather forecast and see how the wildfires out there are affected by the weather. mike? >> a little bit by the winds which are gusting up to 25 to 45 miles per hour last night around mt. diablo but right now, the wins have prosecute in a sea breeze that has brought us some moisture and there is spotty drizzle and 1.75 mile visibility at half moon bay and fairly as a breeze of 23 miles per hour but the rest of us are less than ten miles per hour. the next 12 hours show the spotty drizzle and clouds but in the east bay and the south bay the clouds are less and temperatures are in the upper 50's to low 60's. at noon we have a few lingering clouds and the bay is 70 and partly sunny at the coast and 62 and by 4:00, we are 88 inland so not so hot as yesterday and 78 around the bay and 64 at the coast. hope you like the break in the east. >> we are busy with a sig-alert in fairfield blocking the
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transition road between westbound 80 and highway 12 and road closing because of the organ fire. you are allowed if you are a resident but you have to show i.d. all roads in mt. diablo are shut down in the area. in addition to this, marsh creek road is shut down to regency road. want out for the closings and take note because they will not allow you in. now, a look where the metering lights have been turned on and you can see it is loading up, stacking away from the maze as you make the push to the treasure island area and to san francisco and it will pick up speed when you get to the west. >> thank you. of:03 and now the developing news story from the east bay where 100 homes near the community of clayton remain in danger because of the fire burning on mt. diablo. the fire has burned 3,700 acres
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and it is 20 percent contained. the fire continuing to cause concern in clayton where the flames almost jumped a critical road last night. fire crews continue to gather at a camp in dublin and that is where we find abc7 news reporter matt keller. matt? >> yes, we have seen several fire trucks arriving at base camp and you can see the firefighters are headed over to the breakfast line to eat and then start the 24-hour shift on the front lines of the morgan fire. the latest number show the fire is 3,700 acres and 20 percent contained. a flareup last night on marsh creek road threatens nearby homes and animals including horses but firefighters were able to stop it from spreading. the spokesman said that crews made good progress in the forward moment of the fire yesterday with no increase in the acreage. >> we not out of the woods yet but we have 700 firefighters
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assigned to the fire and they not taking it for granted. they are trying to improve the 20 percent line we were able to build yesterday and they are also trying to build more lines. >> firefighters say some residents ignored the orders and stayed behind if their homes and that can cause problems getting equipment to the front line and puts everyone in danger. the red cross shelter is still open for anyone who need as place to stay. people evacuating large animal could take them to the heather farms center in walnut creek. we are expecting an update on the containment numbers and the acreage in a few minutes from cal fire and when we get the numbers we will bring you the latest right here. that is the news from dublin. air fight at mt. diablo and you saw the fire retardant being
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dropped. four air tankers and 11 helicopters were brought in yesterday to help crews on the ground. there is outpouring support for firefighters with memorial dropping off food and water and grateful crews are asking community members not to donate anymore supplies with firefighters have plenty of food and water. >> here is a report of the pictures our viewers sent to us, shot from clayton yesterday, and you can see the color of the films painted against the smoky sky and here is another picture showing mt. diablo, the fire almost makes it look like a volcano with many tweets saying that. stay with us for continuing coverage of the mt. diablo fire and you can e-mail your photos and video to you report, at with the latest on
6:07 am and you can get the breaking news updates by following us on twitter@abcnews. orders are in place as a wildfire buns -- burns with reports that at least one firefighter is hurt and firefighters say many homes are threatened and they specific the fire to grow. residents are asked to limit their water use am because firefighters need all wear they can get. >> breaking news this morning from syria, the soldiered press says that syria has accepted russia's proposal to place chemical weapons under international control. russia is working with syria to prepare a detailed map of action which comes as president obama is ready for a nation-wide address on a possible military strike against the country. that speech is still planned if 6:00 p.m. stay with morning news at 6:15 and we will go to washington, dc
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to find out more about the latest development from syria and how it could affect president obama's speech. >> apple is keeping quiet about what to expect at the big we veal in cupertino this morning. according to the "wall street journal" apple will launch the new iphone with a fingerprint scanner for extra security and rumored to have a faster processor and new champagne gold color option. a new iphone s is expected to come in a range of candy colors. insiders say the two phones have been leaked so much recently that do not be surprised if apple still has another surprise. stay with us for continuing coverage on today's apple announcement. we will tweet the event at 10:00 a.m. at twitter. >> could the announcement boost the apple share prices?
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>> temperatures have been really high? >> soaring yesterday. a couple record highs but they are going by the wayside. here is live doppler 7 hd and you can seat latest update, notice what you do not see: radar runs, the smoke is considerably less on mt. diablo. the latest conditions are 76 and relative humidity is 20 percent and winds are gusting at 22 to 32 but they up to 45 overnight. that is good to see they pulling back. the wins will be faster today than they were yesterday. during the afternoon hours, they could gust to around 25 miles per hour but the heat will break and it will be up to ten degree cooler for the firefighters with an open ended smoke advisory for contra costa county and alameda county. in the afternoon, temperatures are going to run in the low-to-mid 90's rather than triple digits and most of the bay is in the mid-70's to 80's and in san francisco, low-to-mid
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60's. >> we have two accidents on the nimitz causing a bit of a backup and they of near san mateo bridge and dumbarton bridge so if you are traveling along southbound 880 at highway 92 it was first reported as a stall and that turned interest a traffic collision and all lanes have re-opened but it was blocking for a time to the south and this accident is blocking a lane southbound 880, and that is leading to bump bumper to bumper bump traffic and this is walnut creek and that is look slower away from highway four to the 24 junction. kristen and eric? >> the abc7 morning news continues with breaking news a fire breaking out at the mc's cup village in san francisco and the damage caused by the late night flames and the investigation this morning. >> must, facing her critics: dianna need has an event today to face critics who
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>> more breaking news from san francisco, a small section of bleachers at the mc's cup pavilion is damaged by a small fire this morning. crews arrived around 3:00 and
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knocked the fire down in 10 minutes. arrest on is investigating. >> now syria is responding to a possible diplomatic solution that could avert a military strike. we are in washington, dc, to explain with that report. >> good morning, eric. as president obama works to rally support if a military strike against syria, a stunning turn of events: assad is backing down as the president opens the door to a diplomatic solution. >> syria takes center stake as president obama calls for action against bashar al-assad's regime. but as obama gears up for the big speech, a possible diplomatic break through: the president told abc that the assad regime can avoid a military strike if they town over military weapons. >> i want to make sure that the norm against the use of chemical
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weapons is maintained. >> the syrian government embraced the suggestion made by secretary of state john kerry that it could avert an attack by handing over the weapons. president obama calls it a potential breakthrough but added that he still wants congress to authorize military action. >> if, in fact, the close is between a world in which dictators and other countries start believing it is acceptable to use chemical weapons on civilians and children, that will make it more dangerous for us. >> a possible diplomatic out could not come at a better time with capitol hill opposition hardening. >> teach risk is there that a military strike could do more harm. >> polls show a majority of americans agree that antistrike sentiment is now filling into the streets and president assad issue add new warning to the united states. >> if you strike somewhere you have to expect precautions, in
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different forms in ways you don't expect. >> this morning, word that syria has accepted russia's plan to turn over the chemical weapons to international control is short on specifics. eric? >> abc7 news will provide coverage of president obama's address on the crisis this syria tonight at 6:00 right here. you can get update on twitter@anytime. >> diananeed-- diana nyad will meeting. she insists she swam the entire
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110 mile distance by herself without help. >> now a check on the weather forecast. >> cloudy. cooler. >> yes, the clouds have of mid in to the bay and they are starting to filter inland but they have a short shelf life. the breeze is bringing them in and that will bring the cooler weather. all is quiet on live doppler 7 hd and there are a few patches of drizzle out there so want out for that. those are around for another hour or so. temperatures coming in at 59 at ferry building and financial district and 58 in richmond and petaluma. we are 60 in belmont and union city and santa clara and walnut creek, and palo alto right now is at 63, also. some of cloud cover to the east across the bay with all the smoke that is in the air from the mt. diablo fire.
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it is going to be the low clouds that will filter the sunshine and take it away from us longer today and help enhance the sea breeze and the cooling trend with more clouds and more drizzle tonight is possible and that will lead to the cool of the day tomorrow but temperatures are going to rebound and be seasonal headed through the week. today, near 90 in los gatos and morgan hill and 72 in santa cruz, and low-to-mid 80's the rest of the valley and cupertino is 84 and 80's on the peninsula and san mateo and millbrae at 76 and 70. and low-to-mid 60's along the coast and into san francisco and 68 in south san francisco and a touch more sunshine for two-degree advantage and 71 in sausalito and low-to-mid 80's through the north bay valley but the clouds keep your beaches in the low-to-mid 60's and 75 at berkeley the cool spot along the east bay shore at 84 in castro valley and inland you are not is susceptible to the sea breeze and temperatures in the low-to-mid 90's with haze away the east bay valley with a smoke
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advisory. the games tonight show 7:15 first pitch and 56 and not too bad of a breeze at at&t park. the seven-day forecast is two to three degrees cooler, and the weekend is very seasonal and comfortable temperatures everywhere. now, the traffic? >> the passengers could be uncomfortable on the stalled tour bus a sig-alert westbound 80 at highway 12 and the transition road between 80 and 12 is shut down currently and that will take at least another 20 to 25 minutes to clear. they are bringing a big rig tow and another bus to pick up the passengers. southbound 880 has left us with
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heavy backups from san hand drove and slow speeds, so it will take you 25 minutes to head from 238 all the way down into fremont and as we take a wider view of san jose, everyone is move long at top speeds but for the patch of 101 where the usual bit of slowing, and we will look at the drive coming from santa benicia interest central san rafael with more traffic out there and ten minutes away from highway 37. >> our coverage of the wildfire continues at 6:30 and students to athletes and how the flames are county whatting people across the east bay who are not close to the flames. >> but, first, making yard work easy, "7 on your side" and
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that helps prevent problems starting your equipment. >> the abc7 morning news continues at 6:30 with breaking news and an early morning fire in berkeley leaves one man dead. >> minutes away, new details firefighters are revealing about what possibly caused the fire. >> we are looking at mt. diablo and the lack of smoke this morning and we will talk about the conditions as the firefighters condition to fight the mt. diablo fire and, also, a cooling trend in the seven-day forecast. >> in the traffic center, a look behind me that is the bay bridge toll plaza with metering lights turned on. we have a sig-alert in fairfield and accidents causing heavy delays in some of the less than usual spots with more details coming
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it's halloween time and disneyland is ours! going down!
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boo! with haunted mansion holiday... space mountain ghost galaxy, and wicked fun in both parks, the disneyland resort just got spookier! visit trick or treat. >> abc7 news starts now with breaking news. >> from the east bay, one person is dead after a late night fire in berkeley. >> abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield is talking to neighbors and firefighters.
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amy? >> i spoke with an investigator. he says they have figured out the fire started in the top floor at the front of the building and made its way to the back. they will congress -- come back at 8:00 when they can see better. they got a call after 1:30 to come to oregon street in berkeley and a large house was on fire that was divided into seven apartment units so eight people were living here. an older man lived on the top floor. he died. everyone else got out okay. they say it was scary. >> woke up to loud screaming and i thought it was the neighbor's house and i saw fire and i didn't know it was fire in my building. i ran out and it was a hell fire at the top of the the a
6:31 am
the second floor was torn occupy, the -- out the ceiling and the walls. seven people are now staying with friends or family. they cannot go inside. they are not students at berkeley and they say the man on top is not associated with berkeley but is older and lived leader for 20 years. he was a smoker. he also liked to light candles. some wonder if he left something burning when he fell asleep. it is too early to tell and firefighters need to take time to figure out the cause. >> now a check on the weather trust. mike? >> spotty drizzle this morning and low clouds and no problems but use the wipers. 1.5 mile visibility at half moon
6:32 am
bay. that is where the fog is. the rest of us have a low ceiling because of the marine layer. there will be a cooler forecast locked in, up to 12 degrees cooler and 23-mile-per-hour wind in fairfield so you have good sea breeze going on. it has been detrimental to the firefighters. that is ahead on mt. diablo where it has been gusting to 45. we will focus on the next 12 hours. this morning, clouds and upper the coast will be 62. 88 at 4:00 inland and 78 away the bay and all of us in the 60's and 70's this evening. enjoy the comfortable evening. >> we have closures but, first, a crash involving a couple of vehicles as you head out of santa rose southbound 101 you
6:33 am
can see we have lanes blocked with heavy backups as you make it in the southbound direction and the rest of the drive into petaluma from old redwood city highway we are seeing the delays with slow-and-go track on highway 116 and it eases up at 15 miles per hour is the lowest speed in the area. here are the closures: mt. diablo park all roads in the pack are closed including north gate and southgate and summit and these roads, marsh creek and morgan territory to high land and deer valley, those are all shut down if you are a resident you need to present an i.d. >> thank you. now the latest on the mt. diablo fire burning in contra costa county. firefighters are working 24 hour shifts to watch the fire burning so close to clayton. >> abc7 news reporter matt keller joins from the command center in dublin.
6:34 am
matt? >> i got the latest numbers. right now it is 45 percent contained up from 20 percent containment yesterday. the fire acreage dropped because of better mapping. now it is at 3,243 acres. it was 100 structures threatened yesterday and 75 this morning. a trouble spot was near morgan territory with winds picking up and flames raised to several barns and trailers. everything has calmed down and no homes are damaged. people evacuating large animals may take them to walnut creek. the red cross shelter is still open at clayton community library on clayton road and it is expected to be open for the next couple of days but as you heard containment is up to 45 percent and acreage is down to 3,243 acres and the homes
6:35 am
threatened is down from 100 to 75 homes threatened. >> some were allowed to return home temporarily to collect personal items and pets. horse owners came to rescue animals after the flames were creeping closer. >> trying to evacuate horses and get the livestock out. >> how many horses do you have? >> personally, i can account for about 40. that i know from friends and mine. >> the evacuations are in effect for the area at morgan territory road. officials say they strongly discourage anyone from staying in the fire area. >> officials are warning the public of smoke from the fire. a smoke advisory is in effect in alameda and santa clara and telling officials that take it easy if they have to do anything outside but of course that is tough for students at livermore
6:36 am
high school. >> these are not optimal working conditions for practice. i understand guys are struggle more than usual so we adjusted our time as far as recovery between each sprint. >> officials say the best way to avoid the dirty air is to keep the ones and doors closed and the perks mike showed us did not show a huge amount of smoke east mountain but stay with us for continuing coverage of the mt. diablo fire and you can e-mail your photos and video to us with the latest on or breaking news updates on twit twitter. >> at almost rock park will be closed because of extreme fire danger and anists need the park are not allowed due to dry weather conditions. temperatures reached 92 degrees with community at 20 percent and
6:37 am
the spark was closed because of fire danger. >> officials provide an update on how the wildfire is affecting the water systems. damage from the rim fire to the san francisco water and power system could reach $30 million with retears at the hetch hetchy reservoir and powerrous. the reservoir provides water service for bay area residents. >> ahead, the bay area response to possible military action in syria. >> but, first, the new list of the best colleges in the entire country is out and several bay area universities are making the cut. >> here is a look outside of the embarcadero across the bay with clouds and cooler and we will talk to meteorologist mike nicco and leyla
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6:41 am
high desert getting a few thunderstorms this morning but that is where they say until the afternoon possibly around yosemite national park at 94 and tahoe at 81 and 77 in los angeles. leyla gulen? >> we have a fender bender and i will get to that in a moment but we have a sig-alert westbound 80 at highway twelve a trapsing road blocked because of a disable tour bus with passengers taken off-and-on to another bus leaving us with bumper-to-bumper traffic and you can seize american canyon instead. the altamont pass is busy only at eight miles per hour and slow along highway 84 up to 680. here is where the crash is, westbound 880, cleared to the shoulder but it was blocking two lanes and we had problems leaving us with nasty delays from castro valley. >> thank you, 6:41. are you feeling smart this
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morning? two of our colleges are ranked among best in the country. uc berkeley is named the top public school in the country of the one is princeton. two, is harvard. three, yale. if we had number four it would be columbia. the top bay area schools is stanford at five and there is cal, the top public 20th best school in the country tied with georgetown. >> and jimmy kimmel pulled a fast one on nine million youtube viewers. the dow is up 64 points and across the 15,000 level. first, though, the bay area reacts as president obama gears up for a nation-wide address on syria tonight. and a new poll showing how the country feels about
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>> covering santa rosa, berkeley, san jose, and altogether the bay area, this is abc7 news. breaking news, syria has accepted russia's proposal to place the chemical weapons under
6:46 am
international control for subsequent dismachine -- dismantling which would be a significant breakthrough according to president obama but remains skeptical. >> the latest developments would be welcome news for people who oppose a military strike in syria. dozens gathered outside the federal building in san francisco yesterday, one of 200 demonstrations across the nation. >> we are barely out of iraq and afghanistan and now we are going to bomb another middle east country? that is wrong. >> the latest washington post/abc news poll shows two-thirds of americans oppose military action against syria as president obama prepares to address the face tonight on the crisis. >> abc7 news will provide live coverage of president obama's address on the crisis in syria and that is tonight at 6:00 right here. remembers you can get updates on twitter by following us at abc7 news bay area.
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>> 600 jobs will be visible at a job fair today hosted by the job journal and abc7 news. you are invited. it is held at hotel on market street in san francisco from noon to 4:00 p.m. available positions include financial advisors, librarians and software engineers. there is a list of jobs at abc7 . >> despite growing employment number a few number of people do not believe the economic recovery is real. >> huge changes for the dow and big bay area companies. >> jane king is at the new york stock exchange with more on that and other things. jane? >> good morning. appeal-based hewlet-packard and bank of america is kicked out of the dow jones industrial average. san francisco-based visa and goldman sachs replaces them so the dow could look differently
6:48 am
when strategists pointing out that visa will become the second most important stock on the dow because it is weighted by share price. goldman sachs is the third most important and this happened september 20. >> now, this morning, big gains yesterday are continuing. on wall street, there could be intervention in soaria which could be a burden so markets are trading higher. the silicon valley index is a little lower. the dow is twice as high as the low in 2009 in the depth of the financial crisis and the recess ended in june of twine but not everyone agrees with that. a survey says that a third of americans think the united states is in a recess or depression. a survey says that only one in six americans think the economy is growing. if you use at&t for verizon, how loyal do you feel?
6:49 am
apple has a new low priced model and when they go on sale t mobile gets them at the same time as at&t and verizon make the flexibl plans more attractive than before. team are behind a viral video on youtube tube that shows a girl accidentally setting herself on fire. there is jimmy, the master find behind the video with the fire extinguisher and he says it is a hoax and the girl who set herself on fire is the stunt woman and the fake video got nine million views on youtube. he came clean last night saying he hopes to put an end to this,
6:50 am
forever. so, that was supposed to disturb you. so you would not do this anymore. >> what are we going to do during commercials? >> she was on fire, that is what you noticed heritage -- her >> check out the smoke and how dark it was and how much there was and how the smoke was blowing to the southwest and the southeast and into the central valley for better part of the day. my kid' school cancel all afternoon activity because of the smoke issued by air quality management district. that is out this but we hardly see any smoke. temperature is 76 and humidity is 22 percent and wins picked up and gusting to 45 and now only 25 but that is too fast to help
6:51 am
the firefighters. wins gust around 25 but the heat breaks are 10 or 15 degrees cooler and contra costa county under the smoke advisory. this is from the east bay hills camera and it is cleaner, much less smoke, hopefully we will be able to drop the advisory soon. not so hot today, more clouds and more drizzle tonight and some you may not be seeing any now. it was out there early this morning. we have seasonal highs and cloud cover and you can see by 10:00, the east bay inland neighborhoods in the south bay are cleared and by noon it is sunny and in the afternoon hours we will have pockets of sunshine. temperatures are in the low-to-mid 80's for the south bay and near 90 in los gatos and gilroy. up the peninsula from 83 in los altos to 70 in millbrae and spilling interest downtown and south san francisco warmer and 68 and more sunshine. 71 in sausalito and low-to-mid
6:52 am
80's through the north bay valley and the coast, you are at 20 degrees cooler from 75 in berkeley today to 81 in fremont to 84 in castro valley. inland valley no more record highs but, still, warm, low-to-mid 90's and not so hazy as yesterday. tonight, 7:15 first pitch at 66 dropping to 62. we have clouds tonight and more drizzle, and that sets the stage for the cool of the day tomorrow, a warming trend on thursday and friday. we settle interest seasonal levels for the week. leyla gulen? >> we have an accident in san jose that is causing slowing on northbound 87 headed to san jose airport coming up on 101 you can see the red there is bumper-to-bumper traffic 101 slow-and-go traffic and it starts to slow down as you approach the airport and it starts to clear up to the north and as we lock along the peninsula, 280, 101, all running
6:53 am
at top speed northbound and southbound and to the maze we go, here is the drive coming along i-80 in the westbound direction pushing to 580 we have traffic out there but all move at top speed and down to 14 minutes at 580. thank you at 6:53. seven things to know before
6:54 am
>> as we hand things off to "good morning america" here are 15 things to know: breaking news in berkeley a man died after an early morning fire. the man smoked and liked to burn candles but so far this is no official word on a cause. seven other people lived in the apartments in the house. >> cruise are getting a handle on the fire in mt. diablo at 45 percent contained up from 20
6:55 am
percent last night. officials dropped the number of acres burned to 3,240 from 3,700 because of better mapping technology. >> breaking news in syria, the syrian government has accepted a russian proposal to surrender control over the chemical weapons. the unexpected move is aimed at averting a possible united states military strike. >> four, 20 structures have been destroyed by a fire in shasta county. 350 homes are threatened by the fire which has scorched 6,700 acres since breaking out. it is only 5 percent contained. >> today is the day apple will unveil a lineup of new products at cupertino headquarters according to insiders, the iphone will have a fingerprint scanner for extra security and the new iphone 5c is expected to come in a range of colors. >> we have low clouds, fog, flight arrival delays in sfo. check out temperatures at 55 in
6:56 am
san francisco, and 56 in antioch and a beautiful sunrise with temperatures two to 12 degrees cooler this afternoon. the heat wave is over. >> a look at the bay bridge toll plaza and not so packed with cars there making their way through the fast track and cash-paying lanes are heavy at 15 minutes get you from the east bay to san francisco with this sig-alert in affect westbound 80 at highway 12 because of a stalled tour bus. >> the abc7 news continues online and on twitter and facebook and all the mobile devices. >> we will be back in 25 minutes with news and weather and traffic. have a great day.
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good morning, america. and breaking overnight, as the president is just hours from addressing the nation, syria says it's willing to surrender control of its chemical weapons. is russia giving the world a way out of military action this morning? and developing now, storm surge. tropical storm gabrielle, reforming at this hour, tracking along the east coast, while two other storms brew in the atlantic right now, on this, the peak day of hurricane season. i don't know what he's capable of. i'm really, really scared. >> george zimmerman's wife calls police, saying her husband has a gun. police race to the family home, prepared for a hostage situation. but why is no one pressing charges? [ screaming ] and it's the video that stunned everyone.


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