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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  September 10, 2013 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> a i of relief and a ray of home in the mt. diablo wildfire if a cluster of homes have helped them get a better handle on containment. >> the fire that break out on sunday is burning in the morgan territory and mar be creek road area on the east side of the state park. our reporter, amy hollyfield is in clayton with the latest. >> they have open up a couple of roads. it happened this morning.
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that is a good sign. the fire danger for this area has passed. they are still being cautious. we can hear helicopter right now getting water and it is about to pass over us for another drop. knowing it has calmed down is a huge relief to residents. >> the threat from last night is over but the memory is still on the mines of residents this morning. >> the winds swirled up. it jumped to a huge tree on this side. it blew up. it went down this meadow like a river of flames. it was intense and horrible. >> the fire him jumped the only bayer between the fire and a rove homes. >> my daughter was driving out 6 here and the flames were hitting her car, almost hitting her car.
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she was so scared. >> the firefighters held it back and today they monitored the astronaut make sure it doesn't flare back up. the confidence level among residents and firefighters has gone up. >> a public of us were talking to the crews and they said they feel the worst is over for our area here. >> firefighters say the fire surprised them and laid down but the big plumes of smoke coming from the canyons for the past two days are gone today. firefighters say they have made great progress getting 45 percent of it contained. they still don't trust it and the evacuation order for 75 homes is still in place. >> we want to make sure the areas that people are allowed to go back in when we do our repopulation are as safe as we can make them. the fire still is not 100 percent contained yet. we will make sure that everything is safe. >> this is a picture of the helicopter about to make a water drop and it is not actively burning this morning.
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can you see they still very cautious worried that wins could pick up this afternoon and they know this fire can be unpredictable and they know the situation and change. so they are still working on containment so they have dug out a perimeter around the entire fire. what firefighters are facing from the weather. >> i watched them work from my driveway yesterday and at 1:00 o'clock, it was going crazy and there was smoke everywhere and the helicopters come in and three hours later there was hardly any smoke coming from the system and hardly any now.
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that is why live doppler 7 hd is not showing any radar runs like it did year. what a phenomenal change they had yesterday. overnight the marine layer made it into the east bay valley so the humidity was up. we had gusts up to 45 miles per hour and now we are down to 15 and the temperatures are 80 and humidity is going to be 20 percent right now. that is about where it will stay for the afternoon and the sheet going to break. it could be 10 or 15 degrees cooler for the firefighters but the gusts could get up to 25 miles per hour from time to time. our viewers have been sending dramatic pictures of the fire. this photo was taken around 11:30 last night behind deer valley high school in antioch. a lost flames are there and another viewer took this picture around 7:00 p.m. from highway four and brentwood and another commented that mt. diablo looked like a scene from the lord of the rings. what do you think? you can send your pictures to
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us. >> new details now on another major wildfire burning in northern california, the clover fire has destroyed up to 80 structures, 30 of which are homes and damaged another 30 since breaking out less than 24 hours ago. the fire has jumped to 7,400 acre and evacuations are in place for happy valley and cotton wood and schools are closed this morning. the governor secured grant for fighting the fire now 40 percent contained. >> the sierra fire is sometime burning at yosemite national park and coming with a staggering price tag this morning $100 million. that is the early cost estimate four weeks of a it was started by hunter's campfire. so far it has burned a quarter million acres and is 80 percent contained. stay with abc7 news for continuing coverage of all the california wildfires including the mt. diablo fire and the latest on and you
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can get the breaking news updates on twitter@abcnews. developping news in berkeley we know the identity of the man who died after an early morning fire in an apartment house. investigators say the 56-year-old andrew goodwin was found in his apartment. he died at the hospital. the home was engulfed in flames when crews arrived. the red cross is helping several others would live in the building. >> it is scary to see your house on fire and the woke front of our house the top floor was in flames and stuff was flying off, burning, and more. >> no official word on a cause of the fire although he smoked and liked to burn sandals. >> part of the bleachers at america's cupville large was damaged at the bleachers but
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arson is now investigating. >> this morning, san jose police are investigating the death of a baby boy found dead at a bay care center. police say the three-month-old child was found unresponsive at the discovery year daycare center on piedmont road yesterday. the boy died at the center. the santa clara coroner says that there are no obvious signs that the death was suspicious but they are waiting for autopsy results to know for sure. >> president obama will have a new diplomatic option on the table when he speaks to the nation about the syrian crisis. it is a deal brokered by the russians. is it in you have to avert american military strikes? we are joined in washington, dc with our reporter. >> there is a lost uncertainty. the developments shook it up. president obama said that he welcomed the possibility that syria would town over the chemical weapons but he said it was the threat of the united states military strike that drove them to this point.
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>> president obama will try to convince a skeptical nation that a military strike on syria must stay on the table. yesterday, he opened the door to plan "b". bashar al-assad, if he will yield control to international authorities of the chemical weapons, his military strike is on pause? >> absolutely. russia offer add plan where syria would do that, with russian support. in an interview with abc7 news yesterday, rebound said that the threat of a military strike is what pushed them to this point the. >> if we can resolve this without military conflict that is my preference. >> the syrian foreign minister accepts the plan to keep off american aggression. russia said they will announce a clear and concrete plan to secure syria's weapon. the obama administration is skeptical that assad will come through. >> we are waiting for that propose a.
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we are not wait google long. >> new washington post/abc news poll found two-thirds of americans oppose a flight against syria and despite the developments the lobbying campaign for military action continues. today, president obama sits down on capitol hill with senate democrats and republicans. right now, though there is not enough support in either the house or the senate. >> i will vote against this resolution with a vital threat for the united states not play. >> there are already hiccups with france saying they would float a resolution and russia has said they opposed to a resolution. use will provide live coverage of president obama's address on the crisis in syria and that tonight at 6:00 right here on abc7 news and a reminder you can get updates any time on twitter by following us on abc7 news bay
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area. apple c.e.o. has unveiled two new iphones and we will have a report on what the company is revealing about the
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>> apple is peeling back the curtain on the new replacement for the iphone 5. the long awaited reveal is happening right now and the company's cupertino headquarters abc7 news reporter matt keller is there. what are they offering?
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author offering bright colors here on the front of their building at the apple headquarters. it matches the invitation sents out that said this should brighten everyone's day. but of course everyone was looking for the next big thing. the inphone 5 is going to be replaced by two iphones coming in five colors. apple says it will be blazingly fast and efficient and it will cost $99 with a two year contract. they are known for high end and high price and well designed products but the announcement of the less expensive iphone c mean they are going after a different consumer. >> it could break off from the brand but that would be a good with the next billion or two billion customers? these are people around the world not as privileged as we are so that would serve them well to keep growing. >> apple announced iphone that comes in three metal finishes
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and it takes a huge leap in performance 4 times faster than the original and has a new finger print sensor for extra security and a better camera. i was told that the new iphone 5c and 5s go on sale in stores september 20. we are inside the building right now still listening to the speakers inside and he will have the latest on the iphone for the new iphone later on abc7 news. after the announcement: you can see apple shares are down some what showing down about two points and fluctuating a little bit between two and four points and down under 1 percent. so it is at 503, above 500. so we look at our technology
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reporter now, david, at the apple announcement and a full report later at 4:00 and 5:00 and of course on twitter, as well. mike nicco? >> flight arrival delays at sfo are over because the clouds have broken but lingering longer than yesterday leading to a cooling trend with a warming trend coming up but not a lot of heat in the forecast. stick around for that forecast, it is a roller coaster road. >> deals and changing your meals. "good morning america" shares a dramatic
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>> covering benicia, san ramon, san mateo and all bay area, this is abc7 news. "good morning america" contributor johnson has deals and steals that save you money but you may not know how she saved her own health. she lost 72 pounds in 20 pounds. look at her before on left and now. she says she was over weight since second grade using notes to get out of p.e. and avoiding the doctor for 10 years. she revealed her life-changing moment came when her boss suggested a wardrobe makeover and she decided to make a permanent life-style change. >> daily way in was important to stay on track and simple things like no cheat days. all days diet, eat healthy six days and on the seventh,
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whatever you want. to reward healthy eating is like an alcoholic celebrating a month of sobriety with beers. she reveals more success in her new book. she says this is not plan if everyone but you have to make a mental plan to start. >> you have to have a plan and it may not be the same as someone else. >> if you are planning on exercising, how does it hookst can you breathe? is it better? >> it is significantly better than yesterday but the open ended air quality issue is out there by the air quality, air quality management district so keep that in mind in santa clara county. this is how it looks on monday bay with the summer getting darker. at 1:30, then, the dc120 comes
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in and check out what happens. they had a flare-up and then a significant drop in two or three hours of the smoke coming out of this fire. they really did a number on that. look how suddenly almost nothing hopefully the conditions will be favorable for them. it is taking longtory get sunshine today and it is helping the cooling trend we talked about. from our camera they will be on the bay at 1:30 and 2:30 winds at 15 knots from the west. partly cloudy or mostly sunny. the fog will try to pass the golden gate. clouds and drizzle tonight and highs headed through the
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weekend. this morning, over to san francisco, and a little bit of haze and clouds and san francisco is going to be seeing a smaller drop today. concord had a record high but nine degrees cooler today. we will push 90 around los gatos and 84 in san jose and cupertino and 80's on the if peninsula and low-to-mid 60's along the coast in downtown, and sausalito at 71, more sunshine, and low-to-mid 80's through the north bay valleys and 20 decks cooler at the beaches, mid-70's to mid-80's along the east bay shore and berkeley at 75. still warm and a good time to keep then withs shut and air conditioning on. it is war with low 90's but the haze is hanging around. a nice night with winds out there but not obnoxious and the cloud cover is not overbearing and it will not be damp. 66 and dropping down to 62.
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tonight is like this morning. clouds and drizzle. temperatures in the mid-50's around santa rosa to 60 at san jose and 62 at livermore, a warmer spot. the seven-day forecast shows two to four degree cooler tomorrow. a mini warming trend thursday and friday. it could be above average. we settle into seasonal norms saturday, sunday, and monday. >> mike earth thank you. a video that stunned the internet. a working woman set on fire has been reveals a hoax. >> this afternoon on "katie" human trafficking in america and what is being done. meet a woman who survived being a captive teen sex stave
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>> coming up at 4:00, a man wakes up after surgery and is shocked to seely wife taxpayer for the first time. >> making yard work easier on abc7 news at 5:00, consumer
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reports and "7 on your side" lighten your load when it comes to the weekend chores. >> more on apple's big reveal happening now in cupertino in addition to two new iphones, apple says the new phone will be super fast and another will come in silver and gold and space gray. there -- they will be 40 times the ipad software will be available for download on wednesday coming with a male version with new cameras and photo features. a viral youtube video that show as girl accidentally
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setting herself on fire. >> that is the original video on youtube tube viewed by nine million people. jimmy came clean on the show and released the rest of the clip. [ screaming ] >> the girl was a stunt woman. clear
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