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ripped off while d
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in rows killed by poison gas. others foaming at the mouth and gasping for breath. a father clutching his dead children, imploring them to get up and walk. >> tonight the president calling the chemical attack in syria a crime against humanity while pushing diplomacy as the right course of action for now. good evening, everyone. i'm carolyn johnson. >> i'm dan ashley. john alston is live in the newsroom with the president's latest strategy on syria. john? >> dan, tonight the president called on congress to postpone a vote authorizing a military strike against syria. he may not have enough lawmakers on his side yet and he is also pursuing the russian plan for an international team to destroy syria's chemical weapons.
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>> the purpose of this strike would be to deter assad from using chemical weapons. >> president obama tried to sell a skeptical nation on his plan to attack syria if it comes to that. he says there is proof that the regime of bashar assad unleashed chemical weapons last month which killed more than 1400 men, women and children. a limited strike against syria would send a message that no other country can deliver. >> a targeted strike can make assad or any other dictator think twice before using chemical weapons. >> the president tried to answer concerns that even a limited attack might drag the united states into another mideast qawg mire. >> i will not put u.s. boots on the ground in syria. i will not pursue an open-ended action like iraq and afghanistan. that's my jawment as commander-in-chief. -- that's my judgment as commander-in-chief. >> it did not get much approval where a few hundred watched the address. he is an activist from syria. >> 800,000 or 1 million
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700,000. somewhere american freedom bombs will only kill the bad guys. it is unrealistic. >> he is with the hoover institution. >> it is too little to send a signal to the government and too much to keep us from being a party to this civil war. >> for now it appears the u.s. has bought some time while russia and our allies try to get syria to hand over its stockpiles of chemical weapons. john alston, abc news. >> president obama nominated local congresswoman barbara lee of oakland to the general assembly. it begins later this month and ends in december. lee's current term in the house that ends next year will not be affected by the nomination. lee has been called anti-war and recently announced her opposition to the president's plan for military action in syria. tune into abc success
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"nightline" at 12:35 for analysis of the president's speech and more on the possibility of a military strike against syria. our president aring continues on-line and on twitter at abc7 news bayer a. we move to the big fire on mount diablo and an outrageous crime as thieves take advantage of a desperate situation. crews on the front lines found themselves the victim of of thieves. no kidding. firefighters who you are ared to save homes in contra costa county were targeted by burglars at the fire house. lisa amin gulezian has more on how this happened and the community response to it. >> they probably came up with a crowbar and popped the door open. >> and just like that the thieves were inside fire station 7 in walnut creek. the station was empty on sunday and monday because all of the firefighters had rushed out to fight the mor dan fire -- the morgan fire on mount diablo. the burglars broke into lockers, desks and gym bags and stole the most personal of
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items like a wedding band and watch that his wife gave him. >> we are out there saving other citizens' life and property and helping them and then you come back to see your house has been violated. >> it is really just a slap in the face. who thinks to do that kind of thing? >> but this wasn't a one-time thing. those at station seven think they went to station 3 the very next day and tried to break in through this window. a sleeping firefighter who was just inches from the window heard the choation and -- the commotion and scared the thief away. those who live in this quiet community can't believe what happened. >> oh my gosh, that's horrible. >> that surprises me. >> that's very, very sad. it is disturbing. >> the contra costa county fire protection district is now considering installing security cameras and extra
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locks at all of the fire stations. in walnut creek, lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. >> as for the mount diablo firecrews have it under control, but some smoldering spot fires are keeping containment around 60%. abc7 news reporter alan wang joins us from clayton where the evacuation order was lifted late this rch a. alan? >> carolyn, most of the people are back in their homes on the slopes of mount diablo tonight. and we spoke to some who went to a spot near the top of the mountain where some firefighters put up a courageous fight. >> wildlife and brushes and trees and it is crazy. it is just gone, everything. >> the flames were so intense here the eastside of mount diablo looks like the surface of the moon. evacuation orders were lifted and residents came back to survey the damage. >> the flames were so big, taller than the trees. it looked like for sure the power lines were on fire. >> on the first day the firecrews aided by airdrops
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kept thousands from losing electricity. but the flames sliped under the power lines and burned right up to victoria musanti's home where firefighters were running out of water. >> they asked if we had any water. i said i have some and we had some in the hot tub and they had a pump and we were able to get it out. >> a 20 gallon trashcan was reduced to this and this is what is left of the air -- arch re storage shed, but they saved all of the homes on the ridge. >> i don't know how they did that. they stopped it within feet of all of these people. >> residents all over the town of clayton expressed their thanks. >> they are the most dedicated , hard working personnel i have ever seen. they truly care about everyone. >> firefighters are here to serve. that's what we do. we appreciate the recognition from the folks we serve every day. >> reporter: in all more than 3,000 acres burned, but not
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one home was last. in clayton, alan wang, abc7 news. >> right now the most active fire in california has already destroyed 80 structures and is threatening 500 more. it is the clover fire burning 150 miles north of sacramento outside of redding. it started yesterday and at one point the flames were spreading 500 acres an hour, imagine that. the people who took this home video had just minutes to evacuate. the fire has burned nearly 6800 acres. governor brown today obtained a federal grant that cuffed 75% of the -- that covered 75% of the cost. the rim fire is enormous at 255,000 acres. the fire is 80% contained tonight. a team of 70 scientists is now in that area to assess the damage to the natural habitat and figure out a plan for recovery. it could cost tens of millions of dollars to restore. now stay with abc7 news for continuing coverage of all of
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the california wildfires including the mount diablo fire. we also have the latest on and you can get breaking news updates by following us on twitter at abc7 news bay area. new at 11:00, bats have become a big problem at a bay area elementary school. look at what we can show you here in this facebook video. you can see them streaming from the roof of glen cove elementary in vallejo. parents and teachers are worried about possible health risks. bats can carry rabies. no one was available from the skoal or school district for comment. police are on an unusual burglary case after a curious man uncovered stolen cremated remains. he called police to the creek side village apartments after he found a box along the side of the road. he opened it and discovered the ashes along with information about the dead person and the cream for yum. police tracked down a family member who said the box was stolen from his car nearby. officers are still searching for the thief. governor brown is on
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record tonight opposing a new name for the old bay bridge. we are talking about the western span of the bridge, the state senate expected to take up a resolution tomorrow to rename it after former san francisco mayor willie brown. there is a live look at the western span. the new one just opened as you know recently. governor brown says the bridge should keep the name it has had for 77 years, just simply, the bay bridge. he may not have much say in that matter. the governor cannot veto a legislative resolution. we will see what the law i can makers decide to do. -- law i can makers decide to do. >> tonight the people have spoken. the fate of anthony wiener and his bid to become the next mayor of new york. >> and did she cheat? what endurance swimmer diana nyad have to say about those skeptical of her swim from cuba to florida. >> and are you throwing away money? what food safety experts say about expiration dates and why they may not mean what we are lead to believe. >> i'm sandhya patel. low clouds are making a big
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the iphone 5 with not one but
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two new designs. >> with that apple introduced a pair of iphones in cupertino. the 5s and the 5c. the 5s features a fingerprint scaner as rumored and it is considerably faster than the current iphone 5 and comes with a better camera. the 5c is less expensive and has many of the same features as the currentive phone 5 -- the current iphone 5 but comes in more colors. it will be available september 20th. they have a new operating system ios7 that will change the on screen design of apple products. it will be ready for download on september 18th. in cupertino apple is busy on another huge project, the new campus. crews started clearing space for the massive building. it will be 2.8 million square feet in size and look like a space ship. campus 2 as it is called is expected to open in three years. former congressman anthony wiener lost his attempt to be mayor of new york city tonight. three-quarters of the vote counted in the
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primary wiener conceded his loss. he had less than 5% of the vote. he never had a real chance. wiener served as a u.s. congressman until a sexting scandal forced him to resign. former councilman bill deblasio has a large lead. and new york governor elliott spitzer lost in his attempt to return to politics. he was running for new york city controller. he resigned as governor after being connected to an escort service. american swimmer diana nyad is defending herself of a skeptics question whether she cheated during her historic swim from cuba to florida. she held a conference call tonight with members of the marathon swimming community. some say they are suspicious about long stretches of the 53-hour swim where nyad appeared to have either picked up speedy spite the strong currents. skeptics think nyad held on to the boat or got out of the water. nyad denies every allegation. >> i would never ever, never did, never would, perform or
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go about any swim i have ever done including the current one from cuba on anything but being add do manet about the basic tenant of what we think is fair and square. >> nyad made the 110-mile swim without a shark cage. clint eastwood's wife has filed for legal separation from the actor. the eastwoods have been married since 1996 and live in caramel. various media reports say trouble started during the trucks of the reality show "mrs. eastwood and company." dina is said to be in a relationship with her high school skeet heart scott fisher who left his wife, erika. erika reached out supposedly to clint and the two reportedly have started dating. you could be wasting money and perfectly good food when you toss out items when they reach their expiration date. they say for nearly every product the use by and sell by dates are for quality and not safety reasons.
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for example experts say you can use eggs up to three weeks past the date on the carton. they have to be cooked all the way through. condiments can be used past their date as well. same with dry and processed pantry foods. >> the use by date or the sell by date for many products is anywhere from zeks months -- six months to possibly two years out. >> the exception is meat which should be tossed by the date on the package unless it is frozen. the only food federal law says must have a use by date is infant formula. there is a new popemobile, though it is not the half million dollar ride you are probably thinking of. this one is worth a few hundred bucks. it is a nearly 20-year-old renault4l with 190,000 miles on it. it was a gift from a priest who was humbled by pope francis' drive to reach out to the poor. they were surprised to see the
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pope take the keys and drive off. >> who knows where he went, right? >> let's get a check of our changing forecast. >> sandhya patel is here. >> our morning drive may be on the downside as we are expecting some drizzle. check out live doppler 7hd. it is pretty clear that it is cloudy in the entire north bay. you can see up to santa rosa and seeing clouds toward the concord area. it is overcast along the coast and the east bay. the marine layer is expanding. as you check out the winds you will see why. we have a good delta breeze and gusting to 39 miles an hour in fairfield and it is helping to push the low clouds into some of our valleys. there is a wind advisory for the straight and delta until 3:00 tomorrow morning. gusts to 45 miles an hour out of the southwest. it may make for difficult driving conditions and blowing debris. watch out if you are heading in that direction or coming out of that direction. from our high definition emeryville camera notice as we look toward interstate 80, 63
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in san francisco and mid60s redwood city and san jose and oakland. it is 62 in los gatos. the view from the tower camera is showing you a very gray picture of downtown san francisco. 62 in santa rosa and mid60s napa and novato and really pretty comfortable from concord to antioch and livermore in the 60s and in honor of 9/11, the exploratorium camera showing you c oi t tower and telegraph hill all lit up. low clouds and fog and drizzle in the morning. give yourself plenty of time for the morning commute. cooler tomorrow afternoon. we are looking at a warmer pattern by the end of the week. look at the water vapor imagery and changes today 3 to 25 degrees cooler as this area of low pressure approached and the wind switched direction. there is more of an on shore flow combined with a deeper marine layer and dropped our temperatures. this low will influence our weather so the cooling continues for your wednesday afternoon. but not as dramatic as today. tomorrow morning widespread low clouds and some spotty
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drizzle out there. occasional high clouds for the afternoon. our cool down continues for your wednesday. in the sierra nevada we are looking at thunderstorms developing for the afternoon hours. tomorrow morning it is going to be on the cool side. bundle up when you leave home. temperatures mid50s to low 60s. the spotty drizzle may slow you down as we will see some sleek streets tomorrow -- some slick streets tomorrow afternoon. 78 san jose and 66 santa cruz and 66 sunnyvale and on the peninsula we are looking at 70s from millbrae and down to palo alto, redwood city, 64 on the coast in half moon bay. 62 daly city. the sunset district 63 degrees. you will need the long sleeves there. 63 downtown san francisco. for the north bay you will see the fog near the coast. the temperatures in the 60s. most other areas in the 70s except in ukiah and clear lake. it will remain warm above the marine inversion. 71 in oakland and 74 newark. inland communities running cooler than average. 82 fairfield and a pretty mild
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day. if you are heading to the giants game tomorrow as they take on the rockies, 12:45 temperatures, mid60s and drop together low 60s. it is going to be a little on the breezy side. grab a sweatshirt if you are going. warmer for your thursday. you will really feel it on friday. mid-nineties inland and mid60s coast. a slow dropoff in the temperatures for the weekend. it is looking pleasant, carolyn and dan. >> thanks. the a's are on the road tonight. >> larry beil is here with how it went. not great. missed out on a chance to gain some ground. and whose eyebrow is coming of on? the unique wager between colin kaepernick
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the playoffs, but will the bull pen holdup once they get there? they lost out on a great
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chance to gain ground in minnesota. look at sparky here. he is wondering what a baseball tastes like. yummy. going for number 19 and former a rollingham, 7 homers in 10 games and that was number 6 meaning he hit another one later. a two-run shot out to left -- actually that is right. your other right. the a's take a 2-1 lead. parker in line for the win until willingham connects again. he knew it right away. minnesota wins it 4-3 and texas loses to pittsburgh. oakland face two in the west with 18 left. baby is getting air time. giants and rockies and the baby bjorn in one hand and makes the catch. hunter peth ce is -- hunter pence is also tremendous. a three-run homer and number 20 on the year. the giants were up 6-0. only to see colorado score
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eight straight and pence tries to complete the cycle. zeks r.b.i's for -- six r.b.i's for pence. he was their best. his second homer off romo in the 9th. big trouble for oracle's team usa and the america's cup beaten by team new zealand by a whooping minute and five second. they won four of five which prompted oracle to postpone today's second race because they have to regroup. it was a world cup qualifier and landon donovan and a corner kick from donovan. eddie johnson with a mellon. 1-0 lead. 78th minute and the passing is extraordinary. to clint dempsey and 2-0 team usa world cup bound for a seventh straight time. finally the grudge match that keeps getting better. the niners visit the seahawks
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and they made a friendly wager and the loser had to shave one eyebrow. >> a big game on sunday. >> you know what we should do, who ever loses should shave the eyebrow. >> all right. i hope you don't like your eyebrow. >> here is what wilson may look like after the game. he said today the eyebrow may be removed digitally. >> oh brother. >> weak, russell wilson. abc sports brought to you by river riverwalk casino. >> ring reunited. still ahead, the plea posted
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weather, dress warmly. a cool start. mostly cloudy, patchy fog.
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mike niko is here 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. tremendous relief for a santa cruz newlied with who with the help of a strappinger has her wedding ring back. >> susan smith was desperate to find the ring her 2-year-old daughter tugged off her finger at cap paw toll law beach. >> a stranger came to the rescue spending two hours with a metal detector and they uncovered the ring from beneath eight inches of sand. >> a nice guy. good for him. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm carolyn johnson. abc news continues on-line, on twitter and facebook. >> appreciate your time.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- simon cowell, stacy keibler and music from gary clark jr. with cleto and the cletones. and now, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you for coming. thank you for watching. i am glad you are watching


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