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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  September 11, 2013 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> from ground zero in new york city bells toll to commemorate the most devastating terrorist attack on united states soil, the 12th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. we will have complete coverage coming up next. >> at home, we have encouraging news about the devastating fire in the mt. diablo area.
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residents are. >> loued to go home. the file started sunday afternoon and now is 70 percent contained. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield joins us from clayton. >> sign of confidence, they are letting firefighters go home. as they leave clayton, they are seeing several signs of gratitude. >> a couple of finally returning home and are feeling very relieved to have a home to return to. >> we are blessed everything came out the way it did and there was no damage. we are just glad for the fire department. >> we released some of the resources to the region and making them available to their home unit or other fires and we are in the mopup phase.
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>> the fire is now out leaving behind 3,133 scorched acres of land around mt. diablo and near the town clayton. crews ahead good progress last night getting 70 percent of the fire area surrounded with the safety zone and they hoped to finish digging out that fire line by friday. a woman stayed with her daughter during the fire and got her family thinking. >> my children want me to move closer to town because it is a long way out here but i of although it. i do. it is a beautiful area. >> the couple love it, too, and say when they pulled into the drive they knew it was safe to be here. >> the birds are singing so it is gone. >> just to have a cup of tea and sit in my own chair. >> the evacuation orders have been lifted and no homes were damaged. they were all saved which is why
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so many signs of gratitude around clayton today. they will leave some firefighters out there today and tomorrow. they want to dig out the line around the entire area so they think that will happen by friday. >> a lost firefighters risked their lives while fight the fire and became the victims of low-life crooks who broke into a fire station and stole personal property including wedding rings. outraged community members are coming together to make donations to replace those items. the owners of the jewelry store in san francisco are offering to make replacement rings. >> oakland police hope a composite sketch released last hour will help investigators catch the killer of an 8-year-old girl. the girl was killed july 17 when someone sprayed the front door of an apartment in oakland with gunfire. two other children and the grandmother were wounded but
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survived. the motive and identify of the gunman are a mystery and now witnesses put together through descriptions a sketch of the man they believe is responsible for the shooting. >> we feel strongly this is a very accurate sketch of the suspect who is described and responsible for the shooting not only of homicide death of the 8-year-old but the other victims >> the officers will hand out the new sketch in the east oakland neighborhood where the shooting happened later today. >> happening now police giving the all clear at two schools after reports of "shots fired," this morning. someone reported hearing gunshots in the area and officers said they had to secure both campuses as a precaution. investigators believe the shooting might have happened half a mile away on webster street but they are still
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investigating. >> in new york city where the twin towers once stood, family members are gathering to remember the lives lost on the 12th anniversary of the september 11th attacks on america. a touching moment at the national september 11th memorial plaza with more on the coverage of this day coming
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>> in new york city where the world trade center stood family members are gathering to remember the lives lost on the anniversary of the september 11th attacks on america. my uncle came from poland. he was only 21 years old. he is my mom's only brother. >> that was the national september 11th memorial plaza. this morning, family and friends of the world trade center attack victims red messages to their lost loved ones. a bell tolled to mark the moment when now hijacked jets crashed separately. >> our hearts still ache for the futures snatched away. >> there were four moments of silence, two for the moments when the planes struck and two when they came down. president obama spoke at pentagon where the plane crashed and in a field in shanksville,
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pennsylvania, the names of passenger and crew members of the san francisco-bound flight were read at the flight 93 national memorial. the bay area also is honoring the heroes of 9/11 and matt keller attended remembrances in san francisco and union city this morning with coverage live from union city. >> this plane 93 memorial in union city is dedicated to the honor of the 40 heroes who lost their lives on 9/11 12 years ago with people in the bay area took time out to remember the tragic day. the flight crashed far away in pennsylvania on lend but the impact was great in the bay area. it was san francisco-bound and many of the victims worked or lived here and today family and friends gathers at the memorial in union city for a ceremony. it feels like yesterday. it doesn't go away when we get on a flight. >>the ceremony was somber with the color guard setting the
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tone. getting here you had to walk beyond the remembrance stone placed in a line for each person who lot their life in the crash in pennsylvania. the pilot grew up in san jose and his sister and her husband say time helped distance the pain but not the memories. >> this is obviously dedicated to flight 93 and we appreciate that fact and have not forgotten jay son or the other victims. >> we enjoyed a great extended family and there is a lost support. there are nothing but good memories about jason. in san francisco, the bell rang at 6:59 a.m. at fire station 7 signifying the last alarm. when the world trade center south tower collapsed. personal stood at attention as the flag was lowered. then a minute of silence.
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fire cadets read the names of each the 30043 new york firefighters killed on 9/11. joe an said she has made sure all 43 stations across san francisco hold a ceremony each year since she has been chief, offering a lesson about the dangerous job to future firefighters. >> it is a career they are getting into and it set as good tone to never forget, a job about helping to save lives. you can sacrifice your own life in the endeavour. >> the creator of the memorial here in union city just got approval last week to build another 9/11 memorial in downtown hayward. this often -- this video shows the construction of the world trade center starting in 2004 and ends this month with the rise and the installation of the
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spire that brings world trade center to 1,776'. hundreds of thousands of images were captured and edited to make the video when it is completed, 102-story building will feature three million' of office space. >> the f.b.i. has notified los angeles and new york police of a new terror threat. the source told authorities that the head of al-qaeda is in the final stages of planning massive attacks on los angeles international airport and john f. kennedy in new york the he claims three columbia university students would wear suicide vests at john f. kennedy and others posing at george cab drivers would carry out a second bombing. news sources say authorities are skeptical because to man is promising more information if he gets paid. >> today is the first anniversary of the attack from the consulate in libya that
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killed bay area native ambassador stevens. the high school library in piedmont will be named the ambassador christopher stevens memorial library in his honor, contributions to the community. he graduated from piedmont high school in 1978 and killed with three staff members in the attack in benghazi a year ago today. on this anniversary a car bomb exploded in benghazi libya outside a foreign ministry building and it blew away large parts of the foreign ministry and damaged a bank and injured a security guard. the blast did not affect the computer systems. a witness said if the car bombing helped an hour later the street would have been full of people. >> secretary of state john kerry is preparing to travel to gentleman near to meet with the russian counterparts on a diplomatic solution to the crisis in syria after president obama announced to the nation last night he is willing to try this path before resorting to
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military action. we have the latest. >> military strike on syria seems less likely now. syria said yesterday it will turn over the chemical weapons but there are big questions about how that would actually happen. in an accuracy to the nation president obama welcomed the developments but he showed a healthy dose of concept such. >> it is too early to tell if the offer will succeed and any agreement must verify the regime keeps its commitment. >> secretary of state john kerry heads to europe to work out a land. the administration is pushing for a resolution through the u.n. security council. diplomacy is the focus. the president said a military strike must still be an option. >> our ideals and principles and national security are at stake. with modest effort and risk we can stop children from being gassed to death. >> nearly two-thirds of
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americans oppose military action. it is unclear if president obama's speech changed any minds . president obama did not convince me. >> if they did it two or three weeks ago, without the he equivocation it would be fine. >> congress is on hold. no votes on any syria resolution as lawmakers wait-and-see how the diplomacy works. the post office says the cash problems are so severe they cannot buy trucks that deliver mail. the age is looking to rent mail delivery vans. they own the largest fleets in the world but most of the vehicles are 18 to 25 years old. the cost of replacing the vehicles cost $6 billion. so leasing came up as a fix.
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>> mike nicco? >> it has been cooler today and we have had drizzle in the not bay and along the coast. flight arrival delays in sfo with the coldest weather of seven-day forecast today and i will show you the warming trend. big changes for bay area market trade with the new owner and possible closing of you're sure to get a better bundle.
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>> covering fremont, palo alto and north bay and all bay area this is abc7 news.
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>> the grocery chain has closed and some stores will close. we will have details soon but 13506 the chains' 200 fors will be acquired. there are 15 stores in the bay area but it is not clear if they are on the closing list. sales will begin today in stores that are scheduled for closure with most of the merchandise knocked down 25 percent. the bill will be completed in three months. >> some folks around san francisco want to see the sun but i know, mike, a lot of you want to lower the air conditioning bills. >> i could get back in the 90's in a few neighbors but that is toward thursday and friday and right now we will talk about winds which is why we are cooler today is the stronger sea breeze and you can see what is doing to the bay area throughout the afternoon and the evening, and west wind at 15- to 25-miles per hour and that will spill into the delta communities. we will look at the visibility, half moon bay at 8 and
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measurable drizzle in santa rosa at .01" with the most on mount tamalpais at .05". the visible satellite shows the swirling mass off the coast a southwestern wind banking the fog into marin county and sonoma county and above that we have an off shore wind bringing high clouds into the forecast so high clouds will keep the sunshine dim. temperature is 71 at petaluma and napa and most of the north bay in the low-to-mid 60's from bodega at 61 and same in calistoga and sausalito is at 65 and the temperatures are close to everyone else but cupertino and fairfield, no more shine at 74 and 72 and most of us in the manipulate 60's with san jose and san carlos at 62. san francisco is about 66
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degrees. this is how it looks outside. you can seat cloud cover out this right now. looking at the game, i will have the forecast for you, morning clouds, afternoon high clouds, and low clouds will not clear from the bay and the north by so you will have a fixture of both headed in the afternoon hours and your temperatures will be cooler-than-average, and warming highs tomorrow, friday, and saturday and we pull back as we head toward sunday. this afternoon and compared to average, three degrees cooler in san jose at 78 and up to napa at 76 and seven degrees cooler than where we should be. we have two players on the map, and this low increasing the sea breeze and the blow is back watching high clouds to us and the thunderstorms in the sierra this afternoon. this pinched the high pressure and squeezed it to the north and we have heat advisories for
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portland and seattle. los gatos is up to 81 and santa cruz at 66. the if lanes is low-to-mid 70's. downtown is look at 67 in san francisco and the cloud cover through the north bay is low-to-mid 70's in the valleys and low-to-mid 60's at the beaches and along the east bay shore, low-to-mid 70's and inland, yes, free air conditioning. at the game we will see breaks in the cloud cover and temperatures in the mid-60's for the better part of afternoon. first pitch is 12:45 and the seven-day forecast shows more sunshine and a slower, relaxing sea breeze especially into friday and we will taper saturday and warmer-than-average and sunday, monday, tuesday, morning clouds and afternoon sunshine and seasonal temperatures. >> heart warming story from texas this morning where a generous teen sold her brand new dream car so her best friend could have a car, too.
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meet chandler, a 17-year-old is on the left and she few her friend, the daughter of a single mom would never be able to afford a car so a few months after getting her own dream car for graduation the shiny new red jeep she sold the jeep and bought two smaller cars, her parents took out a loan to help and she surprised her new friend or her old friend with a new car. here they are with the new wheels, chandler on the left with the 2010 white bmw and her friend with 11-year-old acura after wiping away a features. >> that is the best story. >> wonderful. >> stay with us: what would you do if you saw a bear walking down the street?
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>> today is the first day of school for the redwood shores school district which was the last in the bay area for go back-to-school this year. on abc7 news at 5:00, tighter security at everything from airports to sports games and how
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the september 11th attacks changed our lives. >> beware of the bear. that is what folks in tennessee decided to do as a black bear strolled around the crowd outside the convention center walking down the stairs and down the street as people went about their business and some took pictures. >> were was safe.
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