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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  September 12, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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>> bart and officials will meet but rather than talking of the big issues they will focus on the small stuff. bart and the union are scheduled to meet to negotiate supplemental provisions. the big stuff -- salary and benefits -- are not going to be discussed until week. management said they need to take into account replacing of costs for parts and investment of expansion. unions say this is a pay cut and employees are forceed to pay more for health benefits. if no deal is reached another strike could begin october 11 and the governor will be powerless. bart riders want them to come to a deal because of the problems a strike creates for them on the commutes. >> right now, breaking news in
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colorado, flash flooding left one person dead in boulder county and emergency evacuations are underway. heavy rain has been falling north of boulder. a flash flood emergency is issued for bolder county and jefferson county. it has been raining for several days. the main highway through the city is closed. mandatory evacuations are underway for the small community of jamestown where there are reports of homes collapsing. one has been killed. 400 students at university of colorado boulder were evacuated and the campus is shut down. >> firefighters report major progress at mt. diablo in contra costa county. the 3,100 acre fire is 80 percent contained. that is a relief to evacuees allowed to return home. no homes were destroyed. full containment is expected tomorrow. the problem now is replacing
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vegetation to preventive erosion. a body of a 56-year-old man was found yesterday in an area burned by the clover fire. the fire has destroyed 37 homes and 77 other structures. it burned 8,000 acres. it is 50 percent contained. >> an urgent plea to women in abusive relationships from the daughter of a san jose woman killed in a domestic dispute last weekend. get help before it is too late. police say 39-year-old martha casillas was stabbed saturday night. they arrested mario, her husband of 20 years. he murdered her while on bail for an incident from last month. the 2-year-old daughter did not want to she her face and says her mom would be alive if she spoke up sooner and urges others not to make the same mistake. >> if you are suffering domestic
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violence you need to talk about it and you see what happened to her. >> she is trying to gain custody her two younger brothers. her father is jailed without bond. there is a fund to help the family. if you would like to donate we have a link at >> the sister and fiance of a man from chile shot to death in berkeley three years ago are returning to the scene. they are trying to callancy to the unsolveed case to the man murdered on his 35 birthday. he moved to berkeley with his fiance. they were confronted by two men near the intersection at emerson and he was shot to death. they will join the counsul general hoping someone can provide new leads. >> san jose will pay $5 million to settle a lawsuit by a man who
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was shot 20 times by police but he was carrying a toy gun in october of 2011. he survived the wounds. he was passed out in a hotel stairwell after attending a costume party dressed as a surgeon with a toy tucked in his belt. officers thought the gun was real. city officials say police opened fire when they thought he was moving his hand toward the gun. >> today a san jose city committee is scheduled to consider a plan to increase healthy food and drink options in all community center vending machines. the director of san jose parks will recommend changing guidelines to require that 75 percent of available products of vending machines be healthy options. the city requires what of the available products to be healthy choices. last month the city council committee killed a proposal to ban the sale of soda and other fattening beverages at public
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facilities. >> no economic forecast concludes california will continue to outpace the nation in job growth but the uneven economic recovery leaves unskilled workers behind. california's jobless rate will be around 8.5 percent this year higher than the national average but the gap will narrow the next two years. coastal economies see growth in technology and investment and trade jobs and inland is lagging with low-skilled and manual labor jobs. the governor brown will sign a bill to boston the minimum wage if it reaches his deck. the state senate has until tomorrow to pass legislation raising the minimum wage $2 an hour by 2016. the bill passed in may. the minimum wage is now at $8 an hour. it would then climb to $9 july 1 next year and $10 january 1 of 2016. critics say this will drive business out of california.
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>> the state senate will vote on a resolution naming the western span of the bay bridge after former san francisco mayor willie brown and it was passed unanimously and the senate is expected to go along today. there is a new wrinkle: a lawsuit is expected to be filed today claiming that lawmakers fast tracked the bill and slipped it through without following proper procedure. the governor brown also opposes the name change pointing out state rules say bans cannot be named after people who are alive >> now the weather. mike? >> good morning, again. we will break down the next 12 hours. more drizzle. more clouds. temperatures are mild. we will see more sunshine by noon at the coast and that is where they will cling the longest at 62. 68 at lunch time. 74 inland and mild to cool. by 4:00 county we are looking at
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temperatures under average, 82 inland and 70 around the bay and 20 degrees cooler at the coast. by 7:00, sunny conditions. but we cool in the low 70's inland and mid-60's around the bay and 60 at the coast. that is jacket weather. friday, saturday, sunday, temperatures are warm at two to six degrees tomorrow and hold steady through the weekend. the coast will have most of the cloud cover this weekend. there is lots of slowing on the nimitz, 880 in oakland a project has been going on a a long time with narrowing lanes so bumper-to-bumper traffic moving in the northbound direction but it will clear up by 5:00.
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at the peninsula, eastbound 92, to southbound 101 the connection is closed until 6:00. we do not see delays. 101 is moving well and we do not have accidents. outside, walnut creek is a breeze away from highway four to the 24 junction and we have no slow downs right now. >> homeowners are having a hard time catching culprit whose have gone "hog wild." a at&t tweet that has a company apologizing posting about 9/11. >> the oakland a's are planning for the playoffs. first, though, america's money. >> topping america's money, wall street licks the possibility of a diplomatic solution in syria. the dow surges 135 points on
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wednesday the third straight day of begins and the s&p 500 had the 7 the day of gains. homes in foreclosure dropped to the lowest in eight years and that reflect as better housing market and fewer bad listens. what old is new again in las vegas, now bringing back "what happened to you," the ads will be out later this year. that is
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>> covering novato, oakland, and sunnyvale this is abc7 news. >> good morning, on thursday, 4:41. downtown san francisco has clouds this morning, and maybe some drizzle. i found that on the windshield. we will check with meteorologist mike nicco just ahead. >> oakland police hope a sketch will help investigators much cat
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man who shot and killed an 8-year-old girl. it happened during a sleepover at a home in july in oakland. the girl was hit when someone fired through the front door of the apartment. two other children and their grandmother were wounded but they survived. investigators still have not revealed a motive. police used witness descriptions to put together the sketch of the gunman. >> s.w.a.t. teams gather in the south bay not because of any trouble but for the best in the west competition. more than 30 of the top teams from across the west will take part in the two day event at the santa clara sheriff range in san jose. the competition tests the physical fitness of each team, tactics and weapons brother efficiency. it sevens as a workshop to improve skills for swat operations. it is closed to the public for safety. >> wild pigs are making a mess of an east bay neighborhood ripping apart the yards.
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the homeowners are tired of putting their lawns back together and are throwing in the towel. >> 20 homeowners in san ramon say a herd of feral pigs are going "hog wild." we keep putting it back but each orange it is like a puzzle and it is time consuming and frustrating. >> a neighbor posted this video of the pigs on youtube coming down from the hills to look for food in the moist grass. neighbors have tried everything. >> i tried the motion lights. it didn't help. >> they hired an expert to trap the pigs but they have been bypassing every trap. >> they are too smart. >> the only big they have gotten is this one, struck by a car. the big expert say that members
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who use chemicals actually attract the pigs who smell the dead grubs. >> we are trying to come up with something. >> harold was so desperate he hung the halloween decorations around the yard. they have sound activation. >> they have torn up lawns near my yard but they stop short of this. >> or the grubs are going. they are waiting for the first catch but the big experts says by the end of the week they should be rounded up. >> the oakland a's have increased their lead and are planning to sell playoff tickets although they have not made the post-season. the a's blasted beyond the twins 18-3 and lead the rivals, the rangers, by three games with several games to go.
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tickets for tie brakier and home games go on sale next tuesday. prices will be based on factors like the man. >> the a's had two touchdowns and two field goals? >> sorry, that is what it sounded like. >> there are so many experts. >> the weather will be comfortable. watch out for the extra drizzle in the air falling at enough you have of pace that some areas are wet as you ascend and descend. 700' or 800' is where we will find drizzle as you get closer to the coast. it is not a wide help spread rain event on live doppler 7 hd. it looks dry in most neighborhoods. our breezes are calm. we have ten miles per hour at concord and 17 in fairfield and a sea breeze out there again but
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it is taller today at 2,200'. that makes it easier to get rid of. it will mix out faster. our roof camera shows clouds out there but we can see the bay bridge and the exploritorium across the street and more sunshine today and temperatures stay cooler-than-average and warmer highs tomorrow and through the extended roller coaster ride will stop with minor fluctuations but we will stay close to average most of the seven-day forecast. low-to-mid 80's around los gatos and cupertino and morgan hill and mid-to-upper 70's for san jose at 79 and up the peninsula we start in the upper 70's to near 80 and drop to the low-to-mid 70's in millbrae and san mateo and mid-60's along the coast. in the north bay, mid-to-upper 70's much warmer than yesterday. remaining 69 in santa rosa yesterday. in the east bay shoreline
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low-to-mid 70's like oakland and hayward and san leandro 71 and the east bay valley we have low-to-mid 80's. temperatures tonight are in the mid-50's to 60 but not so much drizzle as this morning. a dry and more warm air mass is working up from the south and this ridge will bring us a two to six degree warmer trend tomorrow holding steady through start and temperatures are a couple of degrees cooler sunday through wednesday. morning clouds, afternoon sunshine. hopefully traffic will stay that way. >> unfortunately we are seeing a load up of traffic over the altamont pass westbound. you will find extra people there as you make it from tracy to dublin and we have a construction project eastbound direction on 580 between greenville and north flynn until 11:00 this morning. three lanes are going to be
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taken away so you are starting to see a slow down before you get to that spot. it will move long east of there. this is how long it will take if you travel westbound: 26 minutes and under half an hour from tracy to dublin along highway 4 westbound antioch to concord at 15 minutes and a report of a truck with a plat tire southbound 680 in concord at main street. that is blocking one lane. 101 southbound, 17 minutes to san rafael. the bay bridge toll plaza shows track moving smoothly. foggy conditions causing a wet road. >> on the east bay the library at piedmont high school is now named the ambassador chris stevens memorial library. he was the ambassador to libya killed in an attack on the consulate in benghazi september 11th last year a student newspaper editor at peed
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important high when he graduated in 1978 and attended uc berkeley. last night the board of education rededicated the library in his name. his mother, stepfather, brother and young nieces were there. >> many thanks from all of chris' family and his classmates for honoring him in this specially appropriate way. >> his mother says he was inspired by an inscription if the library, achieve the honorable the many would agree he embodied that standard. >> at&t is apologizing after a 9/11-related tribute in poor taste. the twitter post yesterday said never forget and featured this photo of the new york skyline with a smartphone showing the area where the twin towers stood one called it the most tacky memorial on the internet. they removed the post last night. >> forget summer, a major retail
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certificate in the mood for christmas. it is creating a backlash. >> it calls itself america's most healthy grocery store and the state is suing whole foods. >> an unwanted
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>> good morning, on this thursday morning, a look at the golden gate bridge where is tracking mist and fog but very light on the traffic this time in the morning. speaking of traffic, leyla gulen is checking around the bay area with the latest update. >> the i.r.s. is now warning of a telephone scam that targets the asian community and was issued last week by michael finney. someone with a washington, dc, phone number, claiming to be from the internal revenue service has been calling people
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telling them they owe $9,000 in back taxes and if they do not pay up their visa could be revoked. the i.r.s. do not send unsolicited e-mails. if you get one ask for a badge unusual and verify the call from the i.r.s. by causing them up. >> what is the date? today is september 12, three months to go until christmas but believe it or not the first christmas ad has officially made the debut. k-mart is airing this commercial called don't led the holidays sneak up on you promoting the layaway program. k-mart believes it is never too early to start unhappy customers think differently. they are turning to the facebook page to complain about ad saying it is way too
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soon. a mystery found on the john muir trail, someone found this on a camera near cottonwood lake and is trying to track down the owner of the camera. go to if you would lick a closer look at the photo or know the person in it. >> it will not take very long. mike nicco, i got some drizzle. >> there is drizzle on the bridge at ten-mile-per-hour wind with mist and drizzle. that will be indicative of the areas on the peninsula or the east bay that you deal with. it was cool yesterday but santa rosa will be eight degrees warmer and san jose two degrees warmer and fremont is the same, and oakland and san francisco two or three degrees cooler.
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and to the west, there could be a few thunderstorms along the sierra, 88 in yosemite national park and 88 in tahoe and sunshine if los angeles. we have one stale, a car with a flat tire southbound 680 and a shot of it, hopefully we can show you that. southbound 680 at main street we have this truck with a flat tire in the fast lane and that is already starting to cause traffic to back up. in the south bay, eastbound 237, to northbound 85 we have the transition shut down and that will last until 6:00 a.m. and you can see a little bit of northbound traffic along 85 but everything else is moving along. this is the san mateo bridge from hayward to foster city. eric and kristen if. >> more trouble this morning for a controversial project on highway 101 in mendocino county.
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caltran is hauling dirt after having a permit revoked two weeks ago. they can only haul it at night through one of towns. on tuesday, two demonstrators chained themselves to trucks and stopped work. police arrested three people. the protesters are say they will run. the bypass is intended to alleviate a major bottleneck through willis but critics say it is not need asked they are upset with caltran for building the bypass through a wetland. >> man who threw a banana on the field during a giants game was arrested in new jersey on theft and drug charges and he has two prior arrests involving drink asking driving. last in he threw a banana into the direction of the baltimore orioles outfielder and he said he did it because he was frustrated because the giants were losing. >> lawsuit filed by the state against whole foods said they
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have been selling products with pesticides. the items are pet products and repellant. the regulators say they must be tested and approved before being sold. the company is reviewing the lawsuit. >> if your toddler talks early, he or she could drink early, as well. a study finds that kids would talk before their peers are more likely to engage in underage drinking and get drunk more often than less advanced youngsters. but early talkers are also more likely to do better in school and more likely to get advanced college degrees. >> a new nordstrom store opens in the east bay but there is trouble that some fear it will bring and a change neighboring businesses are forced to make. >> a major meeting in europe that could avert a strike against syria.
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> happy thursday at 5:00. thanks for starting your day with us. >> on this thursday morning we will look at the weather. mike? >> thank you very much. good to see you. this is more drizzle out there this morning. the frizz factor is higher. but it and not organized area of rain. it is just the mist and drizzle. it will make the streets slick this morning. we will keep on eye on that. we have


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