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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  September 12, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. at 6:00, congestion concerned, a store is about to open at a popular east bay mall but traffic worries coming along with all the customs. the reason we should not expect major progress with bart. >> breaking news, massive flash flooding towns deadly in colorado overnight and this morning it is force people from their homes and shutting down an entire college. thanks for joining us at 6:00. >> before we get to the weather in colorado, get to the weather in the bay area. the rain is moist. we have drizzle. it is more widespread than yesterday and it is making the roads slick. drizzle around the bay, and 64 degrees through 7:00. we will see sunshine quicker but
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temperatures are still cooler-than-average from 67 at noon to 70 at 4:00 and 64 at 7:00. next telephone hours, our thickest drizzle is in the in the bay and today we could get 100, and 73 at noon and more sunshine in the north bay and 81 at 4:00 and 72 at 7:00, and clouds are stubborn at the coast with drizzle and dry by noon and we will hang out in the low-to-mid 60's. >> we have a few crashes, one is causing the most delays is the one in the east bay southbound 880 with two cars involveed and one to three lanes and possibly throw lanes blocked but if the red is any indication three lanes could be blocked. so bumper-to-bumper traffic.
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in san jose northbound along 101 at the expressway another crash has caused quite a bit of slowing. the bay bridge toll plaza shows metering lights are on and everyone but the car pool lanes are backing up from the maze. >> happening today, bargain hunters are already lining up at a new nordstrom rack in pleasanton hill but neighbors worry it will make a bad traffic situation worse and now that story. >> there are people already in line for the grand opening of the nordstrom rack and the store does not open until 10:00 they are coming to a congested spot with a safe way gas station at the edge of the parking lot and there are lines to get into the gas station in the day and they cannot imagine what the opening
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of the nordstrom rack will do. safe way made changes and revising the traffic flow in the parking lot and adding double-sided pumps. they keep changing how you get in here. i get here early so it don't bother me but i use that score and it bores me with all the people getting gas. >> safe way is bracing for the rush and they brought in center employees to help with the traffic flow at the gas station and a worker said he came in from the brentwood safe way to work in pleasanton hill and the mall manager says he has arranged for overflow parking and now they have to wait until 10:00 to see how it will play out but with people already here the gas station pretty crowds it will be a busy day. >> happening today, negotiations
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are scheduled to resume between bart and one of the labor unions halfway into the 60-day cooling-off period called by the governor. they will meet with management today at the caltran building in oakland saying they will not be available until monday when the major sticking points over pay increase and pension contributions and health care premiums will resume. abc7 news reporter matt keller will have a report next half hour. a.c. transit is consideration lending more buses across the bay bridge. the board is looking at a proposal to increase transbay service. this is a plan to add routes in oakland with a park-'n-ride option. the increased service could lead to higher fares. breaking news in colorado: two people have been killed in flash flooding in boulder county. evacuations are underway and high water are keeping search-and-rescue teams from
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reaching stranded residents and drivers. a dam has given way and residents are ordered to be ready to evacuate with hand step evacuations in jamestown. just of colorado at bolder canceled all classes and students say every building on campus is flooded. >> now the crisis in syria and putin's stinging op-ed piece written by the russian president. in it he takes both president obama and the idea of american exceptionalism to task causing it "dangerous." his op-ed comes asset of state john kerry arrived in switzerland to meet with the russian counterpart. abc7 news reporter katie marzullo joins from the newsroom. katie? >> officials were with john kerry and want to ask facts looking for quick agreement on
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securing syria's chemical weapons. russian president putin making his stand known in an op-ed in the "new york times" today is against the military strike by the united states and doubts military enter recommendation is in america's best interest. also, referring to president obama's remarks that acting to prevent children from being killed makes america exceptional says it is dangerous to have people see themselves as exceptional. the chairman of the foreign affairs committee had strong reaction. i almost wanted to vomit. the reality is i worry when someone what came up through the kgb tells us what is in our national interests and that whas not. john kerry arrived in geneva a few hours ago and wants specifics on how to destroy and inventory a thousand tons of chemical weapons in the middle of a civil war. another thing this morning, anonymous officials are backing up what the "washington post"
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and "wall street journal" first reported this the c.i.a. has been delivering light machine guns and other small arms to syrian rebels for self -- several weeks although the top rebel commanders said they have not received weapons. an investigation is underway into the cause of two separate faith accidents on train tracks the same day last night at 9:00, one person was killed. and north of san carlos a person was hit and killed. 11 people have died in caltrain accidents this year and 12 were killed in all last year. >> from the central valley, police are trying to figure what led to the death of a 14-year-old. her body was found snowed a car parked outside a high school yesterday which is 20 minutes north of fresno. police say the girl's brother
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made the discovery. right now investigators are looking into the possibility that heat may have played a role. the high yesterday was 88 degrees. >> the state legislature approved a compromise to deal with the prison overcrowding. a measure passed in the state senate asks a judge to extend the dead line to release thousands of inmates. it includes the governor's plan to lease cells in private prison and county jail if the court sticks to their original deadline. the state is under federal court order to reduce the prison population by 10,000 inmates by job. >> in a few hours we will find out in defending champion will team usa will make changes to the crew for the america's cup races against new zealand of the the skipper will decide whether he will replace the tactician for races six and seven this morning on san francisco bay. blunders and the dominance of new zealand have put team usa in
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a deep hole. new zealand leads four to minus one. the kiwis only need five more winds to claim the cup. >> how is the weather, mike? >> not so breezy as the last couple of days because of the fact that high pressure is starting to take over. right now, temperature of 59 in wood side and a lot of low-to-mid 60's on the peninsula and belmont at 61 and san bruno and foster city and redwood city and palo alto 63 so not much a microclimate with clouds in the low-to-mid 60's but half moon bay at 59 and san francisco and fairly at 61 and antioch is cooler at 58. we are barely above the clouds as they stretch up to 2,200'. this is a telling sign, we will
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be two to five degrees cooler-than-average again today as we top out mainly in the 60's and 70's with a few 80's but they will be inland east bay valley neighborhoods. we will be two to six degrees warmer starting tomorrow holding steady through saturday and a cooling trend on none. we will see if the cooling trends in the seven-day forecast after we look at the traffic from leyla gulen. >> causing problems in the east bay, southbound 880, a crash blocking three lanes involving two vehicles, one of which is spun out and leaving us with more than two miles of backup. 26 miles per hour is the top somebody and before you get this you are in good shape but it is going to be on the break. northbound 101 this crash is still blocking a lane causing heavy backup coming away from 880 and to the entrepreneur, northbound 680 at green valley we have an accident.
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now a look at what is happening in san jose, you can see a picture of the slow down northbound 101 away from 880 because of the accident. >> the powerball jackpot is getting bigger and how much is up for grabs after no one matched last night. >> first, the yearly tribute to live to the 9/11 victims and how this display is bringing comfort to new york city. >> yahoo's marissa mayer takes the stage in san francisco.
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>> covering fremont, palo alto, north bay and all bay area, this is abc7 news. we take you to boulder county, colorado, we have been telling you about the fierce flooding and here you can see they are trying to upright this car that flipped over. there were reports that two people are now dead. homes have been collapsed. evacuations are underway. we will bring you more as we debt more information. >> now new york city: a tribute in light to mark the 12th anniversary of help -- september
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the lights were turned off just before dawn. the peoples were put in place six months after the attack. at full power they can be seen for many miles depending on the weather. then they fade away. >> facebook c.e.o. is headed back to washington. this is zuckerberg yesterday and today he will meet with top house of representatives republicans to discuss several issues including immigration reform. among the house leaders, zuckerberg will meet with today includes speaker boehner and majority heard -- leader cantor. the company stock climbs to an all time high with shares for the company closing up 3 percent yesterday to $45.04.
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it lost hall the volume of at the $30i.p.o. before climbing become. >> marissa mayer says 800 million users visit yahoo each month a 20 percent increase in traffic since she joined the intent company last july. marissa mayer was a hot ticket at tech crunch if san francisco yesterday. people packed the floors to hear about the new logo and the company plans no -- for the future. she talked about her photo shop. >>the of frommer said, obviously the article is about leadership being unconventional so this is too conventional would you please move upside down so i said, sure. >> well, marissa mayer likes the new i don't go and is proud they did not spend millions on it. she ones to invest in people and work on smartphones. >> in boulder county, colorado, a water rescue team has
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uprighted the car which is in flood waters. we know that there is a been inside. this gentleman -- there it goes. he handed him a life jacket which he put on but the car has gone back down on its roof again and there must be air pockets because we saw the car in this position before and the gentleman need was okay. we believe this to be the situation new. that guy hopefully can climb out but they are checking right now. >> as we watch the developing news story, mike, maybe you can talk about the weather that led to the conditions the. >> numerous days of rain with terrain like ours in the rockies and hardly any trees, a lot of brush and valleys and that is funneled into the valleys and
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ravines so that is why they have the flooding. you can see they opened the door to the car and they pulled this gentleman out and three is probably in shock as he is pulled to safety. don't know how long he was trapped in the vehicle upside down in that creek or stream or whatever it was but you were saying? >> days and days and days of rain, over and over and over. the soil is saturateds you get run off, and that is why the flash flooding occurs and they have flood warnings in affect for the better part of today for many of the areas around boulder. >> we cannot seen the man's face but his chest is moving up-and-down and he is breathing. mike nicco we turn it over to you. we do not have much in the way
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of radar returns but we have drizzle and a ceiling that is thick this morning up to 2,200' so we have delays at sfo of an hour. we have been watching the drizzle and the deck is still wet. that is what you will run into, more wide-spread drizzle and wet roads today. more sunshine today, cooler than average and the extended temperature is going to be pretty close to average and everyone is cloudy this morning through 9:00 and by noon we are seeing most of the neighborhoods clear but for the fog across san francisco and the lower valleys along the coast in the north bay you will clear out through 3:00 as pockets of sunshine develop along the coast and as we head into the evening the clouds will come back. upper 70's in the south bay today and 80's in cupertino and
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los gatos and morgan hill and up the peninsula we have milbrae at 72 and san mateo at 75 and 80 for everyone else. upper 60's in downtown and south san francisco and sausalito. low-to-mid through the north bay and upper 70's around santa rosa. check out the mid-60's at the beaches and low-to-mid 70's along the east bay sure. oakland, hair, and san leandro around 71 degrees and low-to-mid 80's in the east bay valley. the temperatures are cooler tonight, mid-50's to low 60's in most neighborhoods. you can see tomorrow is two to six degrees warmer than today and we will hold steady through saturday ands there a couple of degrees, sunday, monday, tuesday and wednesday and temperatures are steady for this time of the year. >> good news, the crash at union city has cleared so all lanes have re-opened but we have all of this backup at dakota road.
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four miles of backup, at least, at 22 miles per hour for a top speed. in petaluma southbound 101 we have another accident but slow conditions approaching highway 116 and to the south, we will go to a beautiful picture from our emeryville camera to the bay bridge where it is leaving oakland into san francisco with traffic winding around into treasure island and we are seeing quite a few extra cars but it look like everyone is but it look like everyone is move [ male announcer ] pepcid® presents: the burns family bbq. guys, you took tums® a couple hours ago. why keep taking it if you know your heartburn keeps coming back? that's how it works. you take some tums®. if heartburn comes back, you take some more. that doesn't make any sense. it makes plenty of sense if you don't think about it! really, honey, why can't you just deal with it like everybody else? because i took a pepcid®. fine. debbie, you're my new favorite. [ male announcer ] break with tradition, take pepcid® complete. it works fast and lasts.
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>> good morning, when it comes to hiring house, many people turn to online rating services like yelp or angie's list. can you trust the reviews? "consumer reports" partnered with "7 on your side" to find out. here is michael finney. >> good morning. hiring the right plumber, paintser or handyman can be a pit or miss. angie's list say they can help you find the best company with the help of millions of prior customers would write reviews. "consumer reports" money experts checked how the rating services worked and whether you can rely on them. >> a doctor wanted to hire a house cleaner and registered with angie's list which says the
6:25 am
rates based on reviews from real customers. >> it did rate this business with an a and i had to dust areas that were supposed to have been cleaned. i would have to give it no better than a "b." "consumer reports" money advisor says it is not unusual to disagree with user reviews but watch out for jumping on companies at the top of search results. >> we found businesses with the top ratings who pay for advertising rise to the stop on angie's list. >> "consumer reports" money advisor checked out other rating services including yelp and google plus. >> google plus did not respond when we asked how it verifies reviews are from real customers. yelp said they have a way to identify the reviews but admitted the system has not been objectively tested. >> they allow businesses to buy their way to the stop of the
6:26 am
pack in search results but unlike angie's list they clearly labeled the ad. >> there is no substitute if using family and friends for references for this type of service. bottom line, rating services is are not perfect and we saw ratings for the same business can various significantly from site to site but if you cannot get a recommendation from someone you know it could be worth it to look up the business on self sites. >> subscribers are charged to sign up and yelp and google plus are free. another freeway service worth checking is the nonprofit better business bureau that deals with compliments against companies and rates how well they resolve the problem. >> we are continuing to develop breaking news with flash flooding turning deadly in colorado shutting down an entire college campus. >> an update from first responders at the scene.
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>> at the fremont bart station, halfway through a cooling off period is and today's talks between bart and the
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>> abc7 news starts right now with breaking news. >> good morning, at 6:30 we have breaking news from boulder, colorado. here is a picture of the flooding and the road collapse with cars that turned upside down. we just witnesses a rescue of a man being pulled from a vehicle that landed on its roof in the rushing floodwaters. we saw it happen. they broke a window and pulled him out. he seems to be okay. this is indicative of how powerful the flood waters are and how much rain they have had the past few days. >> breaking news in a little bit, but, first, our forecast is damp. we had drizzle this morning. mike? >> turn around, don't drown. if you cannot see the bottom of the water you need to turn around and go a different way. we have moisture in the air and
6:31 am
drizzle but no rain. ing in to worry about like what we see there just a damp morning with drizzle. the culprit through 7:00 for the bay if 12 hours is faster sunshine, 67 is lunch temperature at 70 at 4:00 but mid-60's and maybe a light jacket is needed in the evening. the next four hours, drizzle in the north bay and the higher elevations in the east bay. noon we are sunny and 73 and topping out around 80 at 4:00 and pulling back to 72 at 7:00, and coast will have drizzle through the morning. by anyone we are cloudy and dry and mostly cloudy in the afternoon and low-to-mid 60's. now the commute planners. we have bumper-to-bumper traffic on 80 in the east direction in san francisco at 4th street, and c.h.p. coming into do a traffic break because of problems with a lot of debris on the road and a truck may have
6:32 am
dumped debris on the road. what you are fining is heavy conditions and when you are beyond that you will see slow-and-go traffic as you come into the city. we are going to see heavy traffic in the financial district of the northbound 101 we have a stalled car and all the track, though, is in the southbound direction and outside we go, through this window, toward san jose, northbound 280 traffic is building and you can see all headlights making their way up to highway 17. happening today, we are halfway point of the 60 day cooling-off period that avert add bart strike. the two sides will meet today but talks have been short on progress and long on finger pointing. matt keller has more. >> bart and a unions are scheduled to meet later this only but rather than focusing on the big issues, the economic provisions they will talk about the small stuff.
6:33 am
bart management is scheduled to meet at 10:00 to negotiate supplement am management with union. the salary and benefits is scheduled to be discussed nbc week. bart management and the labor youngs have been in a cooling-off period since august 10. in no deal is reached another strike could begin october 11. bart riders say the last strike added several hours to the commute. do not want to do that again. there is no reason for a strike. we have one strike and now we have a new bridge. we will get bart running and get to work and let everyone be happy. management and unions are far apart and need to take into account the rising employee costs and replacing infrastructure and invest in the bart expansion. unions say the current offer is a pay cut if employees have to pay more for benefits. up for debate is length of the contract, in the want as four
6:34 am
year deal and the union wants three years. in colorado we have breaking news, the flooding this at this situation in boulder county, the roadway was washed away by this flood wart you see here that allowed three vehicles to fall into the waters. this is on its roof and we witnessed just a few minutes ago a man trapped inside and he was freed by a swift water rescuers. the flood waters and high waters are keep search-and-rescue teams from reaching stranded people in boulder areas and mountain communities. they have had up to 6" or 7" of water in several places and it has been raining for several days. mike has been following that.
6:35 am
in east palo alto police are vetoing the shooting of two teens that may have stemmed from road rage that happened before 11:00 last night, the "shot spotter" system detected gunshot s way and officers go got this they found two teen, 16 and 17, with gunshot winds. they say a man pulled up to their house in a silver honda and opened fire. the teens are expected to survive. >> firefighters say they have made major progress in the big wildfire at mt. diablo in contra costa county. the 3,100 acre fire is 80 percent contained a relief to evacuees allowed to return home open tuesday. no homes were destroyed in the fire and full containment is expected by tomorrow. the big condition new is replacing vegetation destroyed by the fire to prevent er rose when the rain arrived. a wildfire burning in shasta county claimed a life. a sheriff deputy found the body a 56-year-old man in an area
6:36 am
burned by the fire. the fire has already destroyed 37 homes and 77 other structures. it has green to 8,000 acres and now is 50 percent contained. >> the latest on the crisis in syria, secretary of state john kerry is in switzerland landing in the country just before 2:00 a.m. our time. john kerry left washington, dc last flight to speak with the russian counterpart in geneva. they are expected to discuss new's proposal for international inspectors to seize and destroy syria's deadly stockpile of chemical weapons. russian president putin is asking or taking the united states to task in a new op-ed in today's "new york times" and says that any potential military strike by the united states against syria threatens to spread beyond syria's borders and unleash a new waive of terrorism. he writes and i quote, "it is alarming that military intervention in internal conflicts in foreign countries has become phone place for the
6:37 am
united states. is it in america's long term interests? i doubt it." >> we have flash flooding in colorado with more open this water rescue we brought you earlier. >> hook at the golden gate bridge and we have had drizzle out there this morning in spots and mike is falling that and leyla gulen is looking at traffic.
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>> check identity the a beautiful picture of america's cup pavilion from our roof camera. look at all the clouds, that is going to keep our temperatures below average again although we will see sunshine quicker today. some of us will rebound from yesterday. we were only 69 in santa rosa and 77 and concord is 7 degrees warmer and everyone is cooler. tuolumne has poor air quality through tomorrow. and thunderstorms in the sierra and scatter the because of the
6:40 am
area of low pressure backing the storms toward us. 88 in yosemite national park and 78 in tahoe. sunny and 79 in los angeles. leyla gulen? >> we have a lot of traffic on southbound 880 headed through union city toward fremont that was backup because of an early accident that has cheered but it is solid. it is solid over the altamont pass traveling out of tracy at 22 miles per hour is the top speed and 44 miles per hour headed interest livermore and it will take 44 minutes to head from tracy to dublin and highway 4 is 38-minute commute from antioch to concord and san rafael to san francisco is under 20 minutes. this is walnut creek where it is bumper-to-bumper traffic to highway 24. >> today, a san jose city committee is scheduled to consider a plan to increase the amount of healthy food and drink options in community center vending machines. the director of the parks will
6:41 am
recommend changing guidelines to require 75 percent of available products in vending machines be healthy and the city requires half of the visible products be healthy choices. last month a san jose city council committee killed a proposal to ban the sale of soda at public facilities. >> new this morning, prince william is ready if a big career change. we will explain. >> trading is underway on wall street and the dow now is down ten points and we will go to jane king at the new york the. >> shop until you drop the new discount score opening in contra costa county and why not everyone is thrilled. >> more on our breaking news store in colorado: flash flooding hits the boulder area with raging flood waters, washed out roads and cared flips over. these are pictures. we saw an incredible rescue of a
6:42 am
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6:44 am
>> covering los altos, antioch, petaluma and all bay area, this is abc7 news. >> breaking news in colorado where flood waters have washed away a road trapping drivers.
6:45 am
>> our reporter is in the newsroom with dramatic video. katy? >> dramatic video of a closeup rescue that happened moments ago. let's look at the picture we have right now near boulder, colorado, zoomed in, and you can see how quickly and how fast the water is moving and when we have a wider shot you can see the road collapse and multiple vehicles fell into the water and rescue crews are in the water and on the roadway checking to see if anyone else is trapped the this video happened just ms ago and you may have watched it live here crews actually pulling a man from an upside down car in the water, the car practically underwater and the water moving very quickly. there is the wide shot you can see what we are dealing with. the man get out okay and they are checking to see if anyone is any of the vehicles. three are in the water. two people have already been killed in flash flooding in
6:46 am
colorado after days of rain and high water keeping the teams from reaching some stranded residents and drivers in boulder and mountain communities. a dam has given away and officials in another county have ordered residents to be ready to ever advantage bit. >> are you looking to sell your home? you could be too late. a trend this morning showing that housing markets that is cooled after the summer buying season, and it is a national list of the top markets that have turned around mostly in california, the top throw are all southern california. you can see orange county, los angeles, oakland is unusual five, and san jose came in number eight on the list. it includes the markets with the largest increases in inventory from april to august. we have the entire list posted on our website at >> if you want do boy maybe now is a better opportunity.
6:47 am
right? >> you could be surprised to hard how much debt people are walking around with. >> not surprised. >> wall street trying to figure out what is going on with the job market. jane king is at the new york stock exchange. some of the numbers are staggering and a lot of people feel they are drowning in debt. according to an investigation by a website americans have $225,000 in debt including student loans and the north and car loans and 59 percent have at least $500 in a savings account, only $500 for emergencies. this word from them open which two states. the computer problem cause, disruptions in the government jobs data labor department reporting the number of people applying for unemployment benefits dropped by 30,000 but, again, as i mentioned, two
6:48 am
states were not able to process all of claims they receiveed. they were upgrating commuter systems and it may is given us a misleading number for the jobless rates. stocks right now are quiet. we are trading lower with the dow down one point with small losses. the silicon valley index is down a quarter of a percent. mention time you shop at macy, look to see if this guy is in the score, the c.e.o. has been paying surprise visits to macy's surprising the store managers to see if they stock merchandise that appeals to local shoppers because consumers have been cutting become on clotsing and accessories. >> thanks. from britain, prince william is officially leaving the military to focus on world duties and charity work.
6:49 am
the dow is a father, of course, a new father to baby prince george and completed the final shift as a search and recuse pilot after seven years in the military. he and his wife will move to the palace in the next few weeks. >> now the forecast. mike? now we will see what is going on outside, seven years and retire on people's money, how about that? ten miles per hour in concord with a sea breeze and the depth of the sea breeze is up to 2 mis200' and the moisture is up which is why we have the drizzle. you will run interest slick streets this morning along with sfo arrival delays of an hour and nine minutes. look at the bottom of any page for the airplanes for flight tracking information. mount tamalpais has cool whipped clouds and high clouds in the
6:50 am
distance getting the light from the impending sunrise. isn't that beautiful? we have more sunshine and cooler-than-average temperatures with the increase in sunshine and tomorrow is the day we transition back to seasonal temperatures mostly the seven-day forecast other than a few drops in temperatures, should be close to normal. all of us are socked in through 9:00 and by noon, most of us are cleared but for the lower-lying surfaces along the north bay and marin counties and around san francisco the clouds are stubborn with a few breaks in the cloud cover by 3:00. now, temperatures in the south bay at 79 today in san jose and santa clara and 80's around cupertino and los gatos and morgan hill and gilroy and warmer in santa cruz at 70 and on the peninsula, 72, but everyone else is in the mid-70's to near 80 and mid-60's loan the coast to upper 60's in downtown and south san francisco and sausalito and mid-60's at the
6:51 am
coast but mid-to-upper 70's in the inland neighborhoods. we were 69 in santa rosa year. berkeley is 70 and oakland and hayward at 71 and up to 74 in hercules and fremont and temperatures jump significantly in the east bay valley at low-to-mid 80's. tonight we will be cool cooler and the drizzle is less widespread. the two areas of low pressure dominating our weather will be slit by the time coming up from the south and that is going to slow the sea breeze down and push a little bit warmer weather our way and this is why we will be two to 60 degrees warmer today, the same on saturday, and you can see the pull back on sunday and monday and temperatures if the most part close to average. enjoy. >> we have heavy traffic in trend because of this debris in the lanes and we still have the 4th street off ramp shut down and if you are traveling
6:52 am
northbound along 101 and eastbound 80 that is where you will find the traffic so c.h.p. is trying to clean things up headed along the westbound direction bumper to bumper traffic with a new accident northbound 101 at 280 causing delays approaching the 280 extension but 101 is pretty as a standstill. in marin, southbound along 101 we have this accident by highway 37 and that is causing delays and 101 shows the drive to central san rafael traffic is snaking through the hills as you make it over to central san rafael that is going to take you 40 minutes to make it between petaluma and highway 37. eric and kristen? >> ahead, 15 things to know before you
6:53 am
6:54 am
>> as we hand things off to "good morning america" 15 things to know before you go: negotiations are set to resum today between bart and one of the labor unions more than halfway into the 60 day cooling-off period called by governor brown. they will meet with management today at the building in oakland but not on biggest issues. >> breaking news in colorado: flash flooding left two people dead this morning. right now, teams are trying to reach stranded people in boulder and mountain communities. orders are in place for several areas. boulder colorado university has canceled all chases. >> putin said russia is giving up chemical weapons because of the russian office not because of threats of the united states. the russian president putin is criticizing the united states in today's "new york times".
6:55 am
>> powerball forever is ready to heat up again this week saturday night's big jack president is estimated at $317 million after no one picked all numbers last note in the $24 million draw. >> the new nordstrom rack has there is a busy safe way parking lot that draws long lines of cars and it will get worse. >> low-to-mid 60's in most unables and 59 in antioch right now. the the bay bridge is looking beautiful, and temperatures, today, are 73 in the north bay to 83 in the east bay inland and 72 to 80 an the bay and mid-to-upper 60's at the coast in san francisco. >> seven, here is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza a different view, not too pretty at 20 minutes from the maze to
6:56 am
san francisco and we have a couple of problems traveling along in the eastbound direction, a traffic break with c.h.p. picking up debris because of an early accident at 4th street and we have this accident northbound 101 at the 280 extension. a busy morning on the roads. >> abc7 news continues on-line and on twitter and facebook and all the mobile devices. see you in 25 minutes.
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good morning, america. and breaking overnight, major flash flooding in colorado. at least one person is dead. entire homes collapsing. roads turn into raging rivers. people warned not to leave their homes because of gas leaks. deal or no deal? secretary kerry on a diplomatic emergency mission at this hour, pushing for a plan to have syria surrender its chemical weapons. and russian president putin ratchets up the pressure with harsh words for the u.s. right now. they're inside. they're inside. >> do not hang up this phone. >> hurry, hurry. >> reporter: home invasion hero. the brave 12-year-old who called 911, protecting her little sister, after burglars tore through the back door of their home. we are right there as the calm dispatcher tells her how to hide until police finally arrive. ♪


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