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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  September 13, 2013 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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tch and get a total home dvr included for life. why wait? call today. [ male announcer ] choose at&t and build your bundle. it's whatever works for you. ♪ >> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. suspended on the face of a financial district high-rise a window wanter's rig dangles precariously in the embarcadero. >> the rig dangling developed during morning rush hour shutting down a major street in downtown san francisco. abc7 news reporter matt keller joins us to show what happened. >> in the financial district, check out the pictures from one embarcadero center about an hour ago. we watched as the platform was
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taken over the top of the building ending a strange morning on friday 13th. >> it does not look right whether you are below or 41 stories up at the embarcadero center, a 2,000 pound window washing platform was dangling from above. >> i talked to the guy the engineer in charge of it and asked, is this in danger of falling and i could tell, we better get up there. >> firefighters believe a latch was not engaged when workers put it over the side of the building of the no one was inside the rig. below battery street was blocked to traffic. floors 28, 29, and 30 were in the landing zone if it dropped. those workers were kept out of the building. >> hopefully it comes to a good end. >> window washer securities the platform by rappeling down. no one was hurt. a lost frazzled members on friday 13th.
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>> creepy. scary. >> the roads at one embarcadero center are back open midday and firefighters are just happen nothing bad happens in all of this. another incident that affected downtown traffic happened a few blocks arm on sacramento and drum streets. look at this picture at the sign you can see a man standing on top of the "do not enter" sign because a shirtless man climbed the poll and is not coming down. police and fire are on the scene trying to talk hill down. drum street is close. >> a federal court has upheld barry bond's 2000 conviction for obstruction of justice rejecting the argument that the jury instructions tainted the verdict and his testimony did not rise to the level of obstruction. he denied using performance-enhancing drugs to a
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jury in 2003. the ruling says there was sufficient evidence to convict bonds because the statement was evasive. no word whether the former san francisco giant will appear the decision. >> governor brown is promising to sign a bill to raise the state minimum wage by a couple of dollars by 201 welcome news to folks who are struggling to live on the current minimum wage but not to many of the employers. katie marzullo joins us from burlingame with more. katie? >> minimum wage workers are happy but there is another angle working out here. in the expensive bay area, a lot of people are already making more than $8 minimum wage out of necessity. burlingame avenue is under construction and on the street workers operate delicate machinery. >> we cannot ask minute to work for minimum wage. can you not live off of that. >> co-owner says that he starts his employees at $10 an hour is
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if that is the law, all the better. >> i am okay with pay more but it has to be an even playing field. if the people over this are paying more everything will work out. we will do okay because we charge a little more. >> the minimum wage in california is $8. lawmakers voted to raise it to $9 an hour in july and $10 january 1 of 2016. it feels good, finally. it has been a while. we deserve it. for sure. >> as a server, he makes $8 an hour plus tip helping out the extra $2 will help out for groceries and rent. other than that, it is perfect. >> not to everyone. >> you are talking about 1,400 or $1,500 for a one bedroom. >> giving them an extra two dollars is a great idea. >> $10 minimum wage is the highest in the country topping washington state's $9.19.
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san francisco beats both with a minimum wage of $10.50. >> the california chamber of commerce and the state restaurant association are opposed to the minimum wage hike saying it will be unfair expense to help employers but it lookings like it is going to be the law. governor brown is saying he will sign it. >> the state legislature approved a bill to give undocumented immigrants california driver's licenses. the licenses would include a special mark that indicates the person cannot vote or receive social services the governor says he will sign it. immigrants have to pass a driving test and be insured. several states already offer similar programs. >> developing news in new jersey, where officials are saying this morning that the fire that tore through parts of the jersey shore boardwalk is suspicious. we are getting a look at the damage where crews are pouring thousands of gallons of water on hotspots.
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the fire broke out the same place devastated by super storm sandy a year ago. investigators say the fire that started near a froze were custard stand does not seem to be an accident and destroyed the recently rebuilt boardwalk and dozens of businesses. new plans to rebuild are already underway. >> our job now when the investigation is complete to move aggressively in the area, take down the buildings that need to be taken down and do everything we can to assist the business owners to rebuild. >> the governor estimates more than 20 businesses were taken out by fire which consumes five blocks of the new jersey board walk. >> this morning, through much of the rockies, residents are waking to another day of rain in major cities and small mountain towns. let's go to boulder which has been especially hard hit. >> this is what crews are
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dealing with: raging fire waters and right now the national guard is working around the clock trying to save families wore trapped. residents in bolder, colorado, are keeping their eyes to the sky hoping the rains that is battered the area for days could ease. overnight dangerous flash floods triggered warning sirens with officials telling 4,000 people to head for higher ground. a dam grief called a surge of water, mud, and debris to rip through this small town and the owner of this home frantically signaled for help. the water started to recede but a surprising amount is flowing through the city streets. a few miles north a town located in the rocky mountain foot holes remains isolated. the national guard is there rescuing residents trapped at wrong side of a raging river. >> if the water comes over this
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bridge... >> they have experienced record-setting floods all summer, with a road completely wiped away like this. >> we have three cars in the water. >> this remarkable rescue: a man was trapped for an hour in the car. some of the flooding exacerbated by wildfire burn scars. three people have died. others are unaccounted for. the colorado governor warning the situation remains dangerous. >> the water is filled with debris, sand, almost like liquid cement. just a foot and a half water can knock people over and you can be swept away. >> you can see the floodwaters are moving and while we are seeing breaks in the weather that are helping the rescue crews more rain is expected through the weekend. >> thank you. the board of bart is telling the union not to expect more money on the table when contract
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negotiations between the two sides resume monday. today, bart's assist antigen -- assistant manager is considering running skeleton trains using 200 managers if the union is on strike. yesterday's bart board meeting they tried to steer $5 million to the bart contract negotiations which was left over from the budget after bart balanced the books in june. >> way to fund breast cancer research that begins with a beautiful pair of shoes. how it works is ahead. >> big problems for jetblue, what is behind the
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>> a study questions the effectiveness of school anti-bullying programs. researchers at the university of texas arlington found that students at schools with such programs are actually more likely to report being bullied. the study suggests anti-bullying programs could unintentionally teach bullies how to hide their behaviors. the authors say schools need to come up with more sophisticated strategy and consider using guards and detectors. >> marin county has the highest rates of breast cancer in the country and researchers are racing to find out why. one man wants to do his part and all it takes for you to help him is a new pair of shoes.
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and now to sausalito with amy hollyfield. >> buying the shoes is the expense sitting on a custom-made setee surrounded by beautiful shoes that are like art work and the owner has made the experience guilt-free. among the shops in sausalito you may not expect to find a high-end shoe boutique but that is how wayne likes it. >> i am trail blazing and i would like to see more stores come into sausalito at a level everyone can appreciate opening two stores on wednesday a store as pretty as the schools displayed with not many for sold less than $1,000. we have champagne, a shall pick you up by private car.
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>> to store isn't just indulgence but about giving. we will donate 10 percent of our proceeds from that day through the month of october to zero breast cancer marin. >> he lost two sisters to cancer , and the giving continues beyond october. he will select a different charity each month to donate a portion of the sales. his sisters would be proud of his generosity and the store. >> they would be pleased. they would go crazy. >> i spoke with the director of zero breast cancer marin and she says the number of incidents are going down and she thinks that donated money is helping her organization get that number down focusing on prevention. we know wayne from the reason amend mcdonald house if san francisco.
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>> a great passion for all things of generosity. and that is another way of doing it. >> are you going to turn the skies blue? >> i am trying. it is blue in sausalito. if you are headed that way you can see it from mount tamalpais still covered in clouds bringing us a close to normal day with cooler weather for the weekend forecast. >> flying for $5? some paid nothing. a united
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>> covering daly city, dublin, los gatos, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> dozens of jetblue slights slowly returning to normal after a computer glitch triggered delays. they turned to twittory advise customers of what the problems were. they say a computer failure limited their ability to dispatch flames. the system was restored by 7:30 budget blue said customers should expect delays through the day instructing passengers to check for night status updates on the web site. >> united is trying to decide how to handle customer whose took advantage of a mistake on the booking website yesterday and bought tickets at low fares from $0 to $10! a few hours later they realized the mistake and shut it down. it is back on-line now with the correct fares. >> nicole kidman may press
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charges after being hit by a bicyclist. a freelance photographer hit the actress on a city sidewalk yesterday. she screamed and grabbed the left ankle but said she was okay. the 19-year-old photographer was ticketed. >> cannot ride on the sidewalk. >> ouch! the weekend is here. this is what we are looking at, summer is on vacation? >> a little. yes, actually. that is quit a difference from last week, absolutely. good morning, everyone, we will start with live doppler 7 hd and you can see it is pretty dry with drizzle along the coast and parts of san francisco especially near the coast still moist but that is finally letting up. breezes will be a big story with san francisco and san pablo and into the delta at 2:00 we will have southwest wind at 15 to 25 notes and that will affect the america's cup and at the coast we will have a northwest win at
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the same speed, 15- to 25-knots but that will kick in at 5:00 hanging around through 8:00 tomorrow morning. you can see, still, a little bit of cloud cover around san francisco to the san mateo bridge county so we have flight arrival delays continuing at sfo this morning. oakland and san jose running on time and our temperatures, still, in the 50's around half moon bay, and san francisco, and 61 in oakland and hayward where there are clouds and mid-to-upper 60's elsewhere until you get to fairfield, antioch, and los gatos, low-to-mid 70's. the clouds are touching the top at the golden gate bridge but if you look to the distance to the north you can see a blue sky starting to develop. so we will have a bright afternoon even if a few clouds linger around the bay shore and especially at the coast. temperatures are close to average today and cooler breeze arrives on sunday, so today and tomorrow close to average. we dip down on sunday and then normal highs the rest of the
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seven-day forecast with no real wild swings. looking to the northeast toward richmond and the richmond-san rafael bridge, part of that for america's cup is not choppy but it will be later today and we are going to be within two degrees of average highs mostly on the cooler side. we will start in the south bay with mid-to-upper 70's for milpitas and sunnyvale and santa cruz and everyone else in the low-to-mid 80's. mid-to-upper 70's dominate the peninsula and millbrae is 72 and 9 at half moon bay the warmest spot and everyone else around 65 and 70 downtown south san francisco and sauce lady and low-to-mid 80's through the north bay with napa at 84th warm spot and 20 degrees cooler at bodega bay and berkeley is 72. mid-to-upper 70's for everyone else. mid-to-upper 80's in the east bay valley, not air conditioning weather in the triple digits. tonight, cool again in the mid-50's to around 60, and i don't think the drizzle will be
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so widespread but the coast, like this morning. in tahoe, you can see the water, see to the other side of tahoe, a few clouds up this, and the big story is it will be warmer-than-average with 80's until we get to sunday and the upper 70's. the seven-day outlook shows tomorrow a lot like today, cloud cover and temperature-wise you can see the cooler breeze and temperatures rebound so it puts us at average for monday, tuesday, wednesday and thursday so have a great weekend. >> we have pets from the humane society and an old friend coming back from maternity leave. >> first, we have preorders underway for the new iphone 5c, the cheaper iphone went on sale at midnight with sprint and at&t and apple online stores accepting orders. t-mobile takes orders later today. orders for the new iphone 5s begin september 20.
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mike was right, the humane society has brought in a
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>> coming up at 4:00, a utah dad's creative way to get his daughter to change the way she
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dresses. did putting on these clothes get the job done? >> at 5:00, chopped, sliced, or mixed, "7 on your side" and "consumer reports" team up over food processors. >> we have a quality pet for you. mike nicco? >> we will be introduced to mulan. nice to see you become. congratulations. you have...she likes to play too. this girl is eight years old. you would not know it because she has so much spunk and she is playful but she would like to be in a home with you, no other
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dogs, she wants you to herself but she is super playful and great on the car ride and she is just a doll. she has the cutest space. >> and on the 28th there is a big fundraiser for the humane society so give them a call. >> thanks for joining us today. have a great weekend.
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>> hey! hoh. hey. welcome. hey, baby, what's up? what's happening? what's happening? how are you? >> cedric! >> hello, how are you? good. there he is. >> yep. >> what's up, man? >> hey, we're gonna get it. >> hey, let's go, bro. come on. [cheers and applause] yeah. i am cedric the entertainer. welcome to millionaire. [cheers and applause] today's first contestant says he and his fiancee shared an interesting dream right before he auditioned for our show. from charlotte, north carolina, please welcome levi evans. what's up? >> hey. how you doing? whoo! >> levi, oh. >> both: oh! >> oh! levi! >> hey, we got it, man. >> i like your moves, man.


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