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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  September 13, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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description of the man they have detained in this car right now. >> allen, thank you very much. our reporting continues on abc 7 news bay area, another top story, bart officials warning tonight to prepare yourselves for another phone shall strike now. but they're revealing a back up plan to keep some trains rolling by having managers operate the trains. here is a live look, traffic is heavy ever since the new eastern span opened and another strike could make it worse. >> hi, dan this, top official said today until now, idea of having bart managers operating train was passengers on them is, quote, unthinkable. but the real possibility of another strike and the long run has bart rethinking that
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position. >> so we're looking at it seriously. >> it's the first time mentioned during prolonged talks between bart and unions, possibility managers might operate in event of a strike. >> that is a planning exercise right now. we're not sure we're going to be able to do that. but i will sthai is something we're looking at. >> it came from a bart assistant manager speak together transportation commission about the plans if there is another unions bart couldn't begin to train until of a strike. >> i would be concerned if thinking about having managers run trains. >> the local president of the
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union. >> our trait operators go through a 16-week period of training in order to be certified and have to have a 90 day probation. >> whether or not managers operate trains during a strike bart does plan to increase service by 20% up to 100 buses only about an age of buses needed to replace bart. on the school bus only to learn she was dropped off at the wrong school. this happened to a 3-year-old girl attending her first day of preschool. this story gets worse. >> a very traumatic experience for the child then put on a second bus.
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the driver forgot about her. alicia put her 3-year-old on a school bus wednesday morning her first day in a special education preschool. she has ought yim. the driver arrived at the wrong school. she was put on another bus this, time, the driver got it right. the school notified the other. today, gonzales says she does not want to go back to school. >> she was terrified to get on the bus. very been transporting her. >> indicate lynn is a trip let. other two rely on the same company since this happened gonzales received responses from other parents. yesterday, durham saying the
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company takes allegations very seriously. >> to know that abc had gotten generic responses saying oh, well, district didn't let us know about this, and we'll look into it because safety is the first concern? i'm not buying it. >> today the company's general manager made no mention of wednesday's incident. >> top fry is the safety of stud yeents again, we asked why, or how kate lynn fell through cracks. >> i can't go into that now. >> hayward unified and several other school districts have a contract that ends in june, 2015. the superintendent said he will discuss with other districts with the possibility of not renewing the contract. >> these are concerns we have to address services.
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at this time there are very few option autos right now, the district says the district doesn't have another option to transport special education students. thank you very much. >> a brush fire is burned 27 acres and forced evacuation of homes. the fire began burning up the side of the ravine near broken spur lane threatening homes there. it was 80% contained. fire officials have revise that had number down to 27. the out building has been destroyed. fire crews made progress containing a wildfire that destroyed 68 homes. the clover fire is 80% contained. many still in place. some residents were allowed to return home yesterday. firefighters expect to have it
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contained on sunday. and officials now say it's cost $4.5 million to fight the morlgan fire smrks are patrolling the fire primt ter today, authorities believe it's started by target shooting on sunday afternoon. no structures were destroyed. >> a long time truck service center it's a story you'll see own only on abc 7 news. sky 7 was on mari just as he's trying to move to another lot. developers claim that business has been given two months to move, behind on the rent and has agreed to be out by july. a construction worker ended up in the hospital after he sfel neil a trench.
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the worker was conscious so firefighters lowered a ladder into the trench. officials say his injuries were minor. >> in the meantime cal osha is investigating a disturbing incident in the financial district. a window washer's rig dangled above the city. streets had to be closed. >> just didn't look right. a thousands pound platt form dangling from above. >> i talked to the engineer. and asked how s.this in danger snick tell, we better get up there. >> firefighters believe a latch was not engaged workers put it over the side of the building.
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below, battery street was lock blocked off to traffic. >> it's late. >> a window washer helped secure the platt form. no one was hurt but a lot of frazzled nerves on friday the 13th. >> it's creepy, scary. a little bit now. let your mind run wild. >> the platform was finally brought up to the top of the building at about 10:00 in the moshing. >>. the area around embarcadero jernt was barely recovering from another street was closed and this is why. a man climbed on top of a street sign startedded shouting and started to take off his clothes.
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he is taken to san francisco general hospital for a mental health evaluation. >> bay area home prices took a dip after months of increases. research firm data quick says it was down $22,000. prices still averaging 32% higher, however, in san francisco, median price still leads the way. properties sold for $825,000 last month. son noma ask contra costa counties were near the bottom. >> and there is more still head on abc 7 news at 5:00 including rising death toll from that massive flooding in colorado. the challenges of residents and rescuers today.
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>> abc 7 news jand patel, we have a chance of rain in our bay area forecast i'll have the weekend weather. >> plus chop, sliced? minced or mixed? whether it's worth spending hundreds on a food processionor. ♪ for a store near you go to
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more rain in colorado 19 counties remain under flood warning. flood waters cutoff access to
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towns and an order forced thousands from their homes. in lions national guard members helping hundreds escape the raging waters. and tomorrow's fresno state colorado game has been canceled. >> very clever idea in seattle. cops are changing uniforms to deal with unruly fans. under cover cops will be dressed as niner fans looking for physical harassment, foul or abusive language or people drunk. seattle fans making that stadium one of the toughest places for opposing teams. we'll have more on the story coming up at 5:30. >> tonight domestic violence victims have more protection.
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a law will include victims to include social immediate yachl the law designed to protect victims from online harassment. >> there are many ways for snun to harass someone, now social media is a common thing. it's just the -- it's bad intent that is one of the tools they're using. >> the legislature approved a controversial bill to give california driver's licenses to undocumented immigrants. governor groun broun says he will sign it. and coming up at 6:00 how undocumented workers have had a landmark few weeks at the capitol. >> and there was a big good gi today at the santa clara county health department.
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today was the last day on the job for marty fenstershib. he called his career amazing and exhilarating ride and he says he is proud in playing a role against aids and hiv. >> preorders for new iphone 5 c. sprint ab and t and t-mobile stores are helping orders. the 5 c and 5 s will be available in stores friday, september 20th. >> whether shredding vegetables a good processor can save you a bunch of time. >> many cooks rely on a food
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processor to handle prep work. consumer reports put 20 to the test and found you can receive bang for your buck for spending as little as $50. >> cameron saved tons of time by use being a food processor. >> if i have a big order i can just throw them here, grates them perfectly. anything. >> in the market? this sous chef surpassed and aced many tough tests including slicing mushrooms and shredding carrots. this has a 16 cup work bowl, you can neatly store a ton of
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blades. it's 18 inches tall weighing nearly 20 pounds. >> this is a can live with less than perfect results consider this $50 hamilton beach a decent size work bowl. it did an excellent job shredding carrot autos down side is that it's very noisy. consumer reports also tested food choppers that don't slice or shred but great for small, quick jobs.
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consumer reports recommends mini prep plus that sells for $30. >> good to know. >> yes. >> sanda, how does it look? >> fantastic. it's breezy out here, you know? but it's sunny out here, gorgeous day. i don't think we can ask for better than this, we'll keep it going into the weekend with minor tweaks. we'll talk about the weekend and any plans you have for the outside. live doppler 7 showing you still lingering fog near the coast. it's a shallow layer about 1300 feet deep. and have been seeing possibility of thunderstorms tonight. this weekend we're looking at partly cloudy to partly sunny conditions.
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it's not as intense as yesterday. mostly eastern colorado we do have still flood warnings going until sunday and just so you know more than 14 and a half inches of rain fell. and as you look at the view look at the dramatic view we do have some thunderstorms developing in the area. 64 in oakland. mid-70s redwood city. 59 half moon bay. looking at this view temperatures this afternoon have been quite nice. we saw our summer micro
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climates this afternoon. here is a look at the forecast. fog near coast and bay. mild to warm again, tomorrow. turning cooler for your sunday. we say see bigger changes a week from today. foggy areas if have you early plans bundle up and give extra time. after the nonplenty of sunshine with firefighters 60s to 80s we may squeeze out another 90. so looking ahead beyond this weekend, we'll have a couple company lp systems moving through. then, last of the series could bring us a chance of rain in about a week. it's a week from today overnight lows mid-50s low 60s,
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cool start but a beautiful day. saturday, 79 san jose. millbrae, 71. so close to today 76 union city. and so much going on this weekend. cal taking on owe lieo state tomorrow. america's cup financial races over san francisco bay. gorgsis weather looking at the accu-weather forecast mild to warm tomorrow. cooler inland on sunday.
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friday late fall like temperatures loaf 60s to upper 70s. there is a possibility of showers. we'll watch that carefully for you. until then, my best advise just enjoy the weather. i'm sandhya patel, back to you. >> that is advise we're taking thank you. >> we have a quick reminder for you. the exclusive alarm clock app for your smart phone. >> yes. easy to get go go to abc 7 slash apps and keep in mind, it is free. >> we like free. write rite? >> if a mother drinks milk does it affect the height of her child?
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>> a local couple bought a smart tv and found out it
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a study suggests the amount of milk a worth drinks may affect how tall her children may become finding mothers who drank the milk had a bigger baby both in height and weight. researchers caution a bigger stud gee needed to confirm results. >> a large number of people have allergies to certain foods and they can be deadly. we're going to talk about food allergies and we'll talk about
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clinical trials and a teenager with a life threatening exkbreerns because of peanuts saying the important action to get to the hospital right away. charlotte showed how to inject a epi pen in an emergency. >> once taken out you inject it into the meat of your log or thigh. and wait so it's like the front of the thigh like that. then, click ask count one two,, three, four five, then take it out. >> i hope we never have to use that but hope you'll join me on beyond the headlines this sunday at 10:00. >> yes. tune in. chocolate lovers have a date with decadence this weekend. thousands are expected to pour into that popular tourist spot for the 18th chocolate festival. 30 jornds will be giving out samples.
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coming up at 6:00 explanation for a hit and run death of a san francisco park sun bather. you'll hear from someone who said it wasn't a hit and run at all. and yours could be one of five million home that's need a new coat of paint. and so many start ups born here they need more space. it's coming up in half an hour at 6:00. >> ra. >> this tech firm is celebrating with a generous public service project.
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>> yi. the company chalerning employees to volunteer to help collect food donations and part includes this. to see who can coolest display. >> we are fortunate to have 25,000 pounds of food that we will be contributing as well as 125,000s ndz matching funds for volunteering time. >> very impressive and generous. >> that is going to do it for us. thanks for watching we appreciate your time. we'll see you again at 6:00.
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welcome to "world news." tonight, breaking news. stranded. the rescues under way after deadly flash floods. the view through the windshield of a fire truck, answering the call. families evacuated by zip line, dangling over the rapids. and for the first time, we hear from the driver pulled from this car. the boardwalk blaze. the great american landmark, gone. and the big question tonight about how it started. what we're learning right now. bad behavior. who knocked down actress nicole kidman? the dangerous fall, and, tonight, the outrage. and a diane sawyer exclusive. for the first time, linda ronstadt, after all those hits, "you're no good" -- ♪ you're no good ♪ you're no good ♪ baby you're no good >> tonight, right here, she reveals what's stolen her voice, with one powerful message.


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