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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  September 16, 2013 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> we will do everything in our power to make sure whoever carried out this cowardly act is held responsible. >> rebound is promising justice will be served in the navy yard shooting that killed at least seven people. >> thank you for joining us. washington, dc, police are potentially looking for more armed individuals but they believe the gunman who shot an officer and others is dead. now the latest from eric.
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>> at least seven are dead and ten are wounded. a security guard, a flavor in the worst rampage at a military base since the shootings at ft. hood in 2009. it created chaos this morning at one of the oldest naval bases. >> the big concern for us right now is that we potentially have two other shooters that we have not located. >> that is not con filled but police have to treat it as if they are, both potentially wearing military type uniforms but not thought to be in the military. what is confirmed, one suspect is dead after opening fire on more than a dozen people at the washington, dc, navy yard. >> we could see him with a rifle and he raised and aimed and fired and hit high on the law. pow, pow, pow. then he stopped. and then pow, pow, pow. we just ran. >> workers ran but personnel
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brought help like this park service helicopter airlifting the wounded to safety. the washington, dc and capitol police and the f.b.i. also sent officers. speaking at the white house this morning, president obama talked of yet another mass shooting. >> a shooting that targeted our military and civilian personnel and these are men and women who were going do work doing their job protecting all of us. they are patriots. >> this shooting rampage affected air traffic at reagan international airport with departures halted but it is back to normal. the president has ordered federal agents and police to streamline the investigations so they can quickly learn who the shooter was, why he turned to violence, and why three picked the washington naval yard. or shooters. >> coming up in 15 minutes we will take you near the scene of navy yard shooting in washington, dc, for the latest developments on a possible
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motive and the search for possible accomplices. >> san jose police are vetting -- investigating how a man died after finding his body in an r.v. near north 4th at 3:30 this morning after a call came to 9-1-1. the coroner says that the death looks "suspicious." they are doing an autopsy to learn more. they would only say that the man, in his late 70's to early 80's appeared to have been living in the r.v. >> the grieving mother of a 17-year-old antioch student is talking about her son and investigators checking to so know speed could be a factor in the crash that killed him. he died on friday night in a crash on hillcrest avenue. abc7 news aim ail joins us if the school he attended. amy? >> we are having difficulty with
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the audio. we will try again now. amy? >> he has been described as a champion of the underdog. his mother tells us she wanted everyone to remember the good about her son, how much he loved music and loved to dance. >> his mother has a message for teenagers. >> teens are driving the cars, please, slow the cars down. cars do kill and harm people. it is terrible that i have to loss a child like this. >> her 17-year-old son died on friday night when the car he was riding in crashed interest a tree at hillcrest in antioch. the driver is still in the hospital. the site is now full of flowers and balloons and social media sites have pictures and sentiments of grief. his mother says this brings her
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a bit of comfort. >> i know he is loved by many the i seen a lost pictures and comments and it is helping me get through this with all of the youth that i know he was loved. >> today, students muscle face a reality. the administration brought in extra counselors to help students with their grief. >> the staff has been briefed on how to react to and handle those that might be struggling with emotions today whether it be a colleague or whether it be a student. >> i know you guys love him and, also, i want you to remember the good of him. >> she was on the way to the hospital to visit the driver who is a friend of the family. he is in stable condition. police are looking into whether he was speeding or even racing at the time of the crash and if that was a factor in the accident. >> san francisco police are
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investigating a serious concept involving a taxicab in north beach shortly before midnight. a man was leaning a club with a grew of friends on broadway near montgomery street. we toll the victim was taken to the hospital in critical condition. >> it is back to the bargaining table for bart and the two biggest unions. both sides remain far apart on major issues like pay and benefits and urging commuters to have a backup plan if workers strike when the 60 day cooling office h off period ends. >> autopsies are conducted on three women who died in a house fire in pittsburg breaking out after 12:30 yesterday morning. investigators say they women, all family, lived at the home and were sleep when the fire started and received no warn because the house did not have working smoke detectors. >> president obama says that the nation's financial system is safer five years after the
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collapse of a "wall street journal" giant -- after a wall street giant plunged the nation into a recession. >> the unemployment is down, housing market is healing, our financial system is safer. >> this morning, the president marked the 5th anniversary of the bankruptcy of lehman brothers during a speech at the white house, ands what surrounded by americans who bid from government stimulus programs. the president says his administration has laid a new foundation for a stronger economy but he admitted the benefits are not being felt by many middle-class americans. >> now the crisis in syria, u.n. inspectors found clear and convincing evidence of a chemical attack outside damascus. the inspectors are scheduled to present their report this morning to the u.n. security council. the report says that rockets containing the nerve agent sarin gas were used in the august 21 attack. the syrian helicopter was shot down today in turkey. turkey's deputy prime minister says that the airports gunned
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down the helicopter for violating its airspace. >> coming up, the military exercise taking place here in the bay area that could save lives. >> lots of first responders at sfo but there is no emergency. the training many are getting involve this training-looking aircraft which could be very important. the story is coming up next. >> the young local victim of a pit bull attack is about to come face t
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>> covering fremont, palo alto, north bay, and all bay area, this is abc7 news. >> victims of a colorado flooding this morning are being helped biological folk. officials are hoping to reach a thousand people stranded in small communities by the flooding. five people are confirmed dead. 19,000 homes have been destroyed or damaged so far. >> for the next disaster here in the bay area, there is brand new marine corps aircraft that could prove invaluable. happening now, san francisco first responders are being trained in its use. abc7 news reporter cornell bernard is near sfo. cornell? >> we have emergency training going on here at coast guard station san francisco international centered around this marine aircraft which looks more like something from the
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movie "transformers," but it could be a live saver. san francisco firefighters and paramedics are always prepares for any emergency. now they are getting extra training alongside of the marines. this aircraft could play a major role in the bay area in the event of an earthquake. >> our firefighters and paramedics need to know how to load casualties on to the aircraft. ought marines have been using this since 2007 and it can carry up to 25 people. a hybrid aircraft which lands and takes off like a helicopter, but it can fly as fast as a plain. >> if the patient that needs to be evacuated need those go further away, this aircraft is a keep capability to bring to that, this is the real benefit to the osprey, the range and speed it brings to the table. >> you can see this aircraft up close, the week of october 7 in san francisco during a scaled
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down of float week that has been minimized because of the sequester. >> happening today, in antioch, the 4th grader attack by pit bulls will reunite with the firefighters would rescued him. the ten-year-old hunter kilbourn is involving after being mauled by two pit balls while playing at a neighbor's home. he has had a number surgeries and can only go to school part time because of the injuries. a hearing is set on thursday at antioch city hall to decide the fate of both dogs. >> meteorologist mike nicco is ahead with the work week forecast. mike? >> a little bit of a roller coaster more so than last week. we will have a fall cold front to our neighborhood that could bring a chance of showers and a much cooler weekend. our seven-day forecast is ahead. >> and there have been racist
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tweaks credible reports, and
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they are taking that very seriously. the fbi is now taking the lead on this investigation. the police chief and the mayor also saying at this point they have no known motive yet for what has happened here, but, again, a horrible morning here at the naval yard in washington, d.c. 12 people we know confirmed dead in this morning's shooting. >> thank you, lisa. that began to unfold around 8:20. i want to go straight to pierre thomas. we just heard from the fbi taking the lead here, pierre. no motive according to the mayor, but is there any indication at all from your sources that this might be connected to terrorism? >> right now law enforcement
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officials are saying no nexus to terrorism. right now they're in the process of taking the fingerprints of the dead suspect. that will give them official confirmation they hope on who this person is. again, as lisa pointed out, the mayor and police chief talked about the possibility of two other suspects. sources are telling us that the hard evidence points to a single suspect, but there are some eyewitness accounts according to other sources that need to be checked out. they want to be completely certain of what this is. it's a massive building they have to go through room by room to figure out what they have, george. >> a lot to run down on this story. pier pierre thomas, thank you. we will continue to follow this all day long. the mayor of washington, d.c., has announced there are at least 12 dead in this washington navy yard shooting this morning. one gunman at least has also been killed, possibly two more at large. stay with us on witnessneabcnew.
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this is the latest updates with the death toll increased, now, from 12 dead from seven earlier today. you can get the littest on abc7 news bay area our handle and follow us on twitter for the latest information. this story, mt. diablo state park re-opened a week after wildfire forced it to close. firefighters declared the fire 100 percent contained over the weekend. the fire burned 3,100 acres of park land and crews now will set out bales of hay to prevent soil erosion. the fire was sparked by a target shooter. >> meteorologist, mike nicco, looking at changes in the forecast. >> interesting forecast coming up. good cold front coming down but in could be moisture with it. we could use rain. as far as live doppler 7 hd we are tracking fog this morning
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and there is one little patch of cloud cover near half moon bay and another near san francisco and that is about it right now. we have winds developing at noon, west wind at 15- to 25-knots, all the bay waters and into the west delta that will last through 9:00 with west winds at 15 to 25 knots and the winds are fairly light but you have a couple of years before they pick up. check out the visible satellite and watch the clouds dissipate because of the dry air above the marine layer this morning. here is what it has done to the temperatures, mid-to-upper 60's in half moon bay and san carlos and oakland and santa rosa and hayward, and fremont and everyone else in the low-to-mid 70's, and here is a beautiful picture from our camera, you can see how still the wins are in the embarcadero but headed to the ferry building the flags are
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unfurled and that is the sea breeze that will keep us cooler-than-average even with the sunshine. we have warming but it is limited to wednesday and thursday and the cold front comes in on friday and if we do not get the wet weather we get cooler weather for the week. in san jose, beautiful sunshine and temperature, tomorrow, 78, and three degrees shy of average and livermore is a biggest discrepancy at four degrees shy of average. napolitano is close, within a couple of degrees and we will talk about the temperatures, 78 in san jose and most of the neighborhoods or neighbors will expense the same. 80 in los altos to 69 in millbrae. mid-to-upper 60's along the coast into san francisco and south san francisco and sausalito could get around 70 to 72 degrees and most of the neighbors in the north bay valley in the upper 70's to near 80. at the beaches, mid-to-upper circuit and along the east bay
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shore we have low-to-mid 70's with low-to-mid 80's crossing into the inland valley. tonight, a lot like this morning temperature-wise, mid-50's to everyone a 60 and cloud cover is the same but not so moist and i don't expect much in the way of mist and drizzle, if any, as the dry air conditions to mix. we have one more system coming down tomorrow so a few more clouds are possible in the upper levels but with that low that will bring tomorrow as the cold of the day in the forecast until we watch this big system roll on through on friday but as it gets here all the moisture is drying and it heads to the north. we will want it but after hitting temperatures above average on wednesday and thursday, friday, saturday, and sunday, it could feel fall-like especially saturday with temperatures in the 60's and 70's there. >> we could use a little rain. it has been a while. >> game time forecast? >> we will be 67 at the a's taking on the angels and down to
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61. gorgeous night. >> the newly crowned miss america is brushing off criticism this morning after negative tweets about her race. the 24-year-old nina davuluri is the first indian american to be crowned miss america and some twitter users are expressing their discontent that someone of her disscent won the pageant. she is a native from syracuse and she will rise before the negativity. >> being able to share my talents on the miss america stage was a first time bollywood has been performed on the miss america stage and such an honor for myself, my family and the indian community. >> the first run are up is miss california, a san francisco native if anything happens to the new miss america, crystal will step up. >> i am saying, when i was the kid, i had to color her hair black so this is a nice moment, right, the definition of beauty diversifying. >> america is a diverse country.
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>> 49ers' kaepernick comes clean. >> did he really pay off the bet for the rough loss to seattle? >> today on "katie" child free by choice. moms have it easier in the workplace. >> that is today at 3:00 on
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>> this is a live picture of the navy yard in washington, dc, where there has been a tragic shooting. 12 people are dead. we are continuing to follow the developments. we will have updates later at 4:00 and 5:00 with the possible motive and the search for more possible gunmen. we will take you with reporting continuing on with break news alerts by following us open twitter@abcnewsbayarea. . >> we will lighten the mood to end the newscast everyone is talking about it 49ers quaterback kaepernick really shake an eyebrow after losing? >> don't hurt yourself. don't hurt yourself. >> man...
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>> don't hurt yourself, man. >> oh, man. right after the 49ers lost, this was a video showing kaepernick ready to shave after losing the bet with russell wilson. it was a promise -- promotion. it looked like he went through with it but mike says, no. >> thanks for joining us.
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>> oh! hey! what's up, buddy? what's happening? all right. what up? what's happening? what up, dog? what's happening? hey, hey, hey! how are you? >> how are you? i'm good. >> good. come on out here. [cheers and applause] yeah. hello, and welcome to millionaire. today's first contestant is a thrill seeker. she jumps out of planes, white-water rafts, skydives, and today she's gonna dive right into the game of millionaire with us right here. from denver, colorado, please welcome beverely leadon. how are you, beverely? >> i'm great. i'm great. >> what's happening? so a little bit of a thrill seeker, so you just--you just doing all


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