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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  September 17, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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the victims daughters. >> a controversial plan has been shot down. >> that is right. they voted against selling guns back to manufacturers. the sheriff's department said it would raise about $150,000 which would help buy new gun autos supervisor says the success was the reason they turned down the idea. >> kind of change we turn around and have gun buy backs and now saying 700 guns into circulation again. >> they say the sheriff's department is funded with $6 million in reserve. >> bart talks continue for a second day this week. the countdown a possible
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strike continues. abc 7 news is monitoring negotiations and unions offered a counter proposal saying it closes a pay increase over three years from a original request. bart has not responded. >> there is a lot of difference. >> the not interested in negotiating they made an offer after speaking with the district's offer. >> the district made what it calls its final offer before cooling off began. there has been almost no progress since then. now, if an agreement is not reached, a strike could happen october 11th. in the event of a strike bart may use managers still certified to operate what they're calling a skeleton service. >> another developing story a car hits a blind man and his guide dog, then takes off. you can help police find the car that hit the blind church
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minister and his seeing eye dog. he told police he was bumped monday night just after 8:00 p.m. he and his dog are okay. that is the good news here, we're wlif more on the story. laura? >> we just spoke with the reverend and met his dog, eden. they're both doing fine this evening. but they're shaken up by what happened on the street here just last night, this after 8:00 when they were walking across the street walking down to star bucks to get coffee. he passed a cul-de-sac, he felt a car hit him in the leg. then, hitting him. he believed the car was backing out of the cul-de-sac. a woman got out, asked sf he was okay, then she drove away.
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>> i wanted awareness of people in our community not to drive so fast. i want this woman to come forward and just say she's sorry. it doesn't make a difference what the reason was behind it. you know sni just want her to recognize the fact she hit me. and drove off after the situation. >> and what he wants to come from this, he wants her to come forward but in addition, he says this is a very dangerous street, that he ask others are often put in danger by speeding cars and would like to see the police put out more action here and again, would like to hear from the woman just an apology he said, he appreciate yaitd shis stopped to see if he was okay but would like her to take a bit more responsibility and police here put out these flyers on cars, asking for public's help in locating this woman.
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>> two pigs who ran amuck have been caught they have been uprooting front lawns and neighbors tried everything from putting pepper in grass to killing shrubs they're after with chemical autos in the hills of san mateo county authorities say they've confiscated 8,000 marijuana plants this summer. street value is $28 million. along with pot, four tons of tochlsic garbage was also seized. authorities say the growers used irrigation systems to tap into a water source. they got a lot of marijuana but so far no one has been arrested. berkeley city council discussing increasing the number of medical marijuana december pens riz allowed in the city. the law allows four and the city medical marijuana commission wants to increase that number to six. they say that would provide
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more patient was access to medical marijuana and bring down the price. officials estimate additional dispensaries could bring additional tax revenue. >> state employees sending out thousands of delayed unemployment checks, saying they were delayed because of a transition to a new computer system. employees have to double check claims, createsing a backlog of work. >> some claim it was complexity. these were having to go in to process. and to get benefits issued. >> officials hoping checks will be sent out this week. >> well, now to latest on that massacre in washington, d.c.. we are learning now that the shooter, aaron alexis had a history of mental illness and acted alone and bought the gun two days beforehand skb gained access to a handgun. once at the navy yard. among 12 victims a
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graduate of stand ford a cross the nation from washington to here in the bay area, flags flying at half staff today including at the med federal building in san francisco under order frtz president for all federal and military installations. flags will stay at half staff until sunset friday. abc news reporter karen traverse live tonight with more on the story. karen? >> stachers asked to stay so investigators could continue to pore over crime scene, tonight we're learning about possible warning signs about aaron alexises' mental state. >> yesterday, shock, fear gripped washington. today, sadness, and many questions. who is aaron alexis? why did' rif at the navy yard
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intending to kill? >> a gunman determined to kill as many people as possible. >> law enforcement says alexis was a ticking time bomb and warning signs may have been missed. august 7th alexis called a newport rhode island police claiming after an argument in an airport an unidentified person had sent three people to follow him, and keep him awake to keep him awake. he switched hotels three times that week trying to escape the voices. he had been cleared -- it's unclear if the military took action. friends say they're shocked at what he in washington. >> he was a real jokester doing stuff to make people laugh. >> law enforcement officials trying to piece together a motive. police searched what is thought to be his rental car found at the navy yard and search aid nearby hotel.
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a somber crowd over washington today, flags flew at half staff. at washington nationals game just blocks from td yard players wore navy caps skb a moment of silence for victims. the pentagon will review security and access at all defense department facilities around the world. >> do we know more about the weapons? >> officials said today that he walked into the navy building with a shotgun. and might have picked up a handgun. they're trying to figure out how he did that. they said contrary to reports, he did not have an ar-15 with him. we know that over the weekend the gunshots he did take
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shooting practice with that type of gun and we're told he you bought a shotgun there. officials say they still haven't gotten that and we don't have details we're starting to piece together how he got the weapons remember, did he not have to force his way in. he had security clearance allowing him to walk into the navy yard. >> surreal to see pictures of him smiling. >> thinking about getting healthy? what it takes to stop age prog ses. >> also a tech titan comes to san francisco. the message for students here and everywhere. >> i'm sandhya patel. message to you, don't wash your car wez have a slight chance of showers. we'll talk about that coming up. >> don't wash your car or pick up. surprise pick 7 on your side and consumer reports team up to rate the best pickup truck out there on the road.
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mark zuckerberg donated $100 mill wrib to new jersey schools this morning atending opening ceremony for a new public charter school in san francisco. >> it's my honor to honor mark zuckerberg. >> mark zuckerberg known for donations to schools, he gave new jersey schools $100 million. schools in newark benefited and the head of facebook paid
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a rare visit to the high school in san francisco. the student admits he hasn't been exposed to many computers. >> i zront a face bk account. >> that changed for all 120 students who heard zuckerberg talk about having dreams and never giving up. >> at the time we're just building this little service for a community we cared about but maybe some day someone would build a version of this for the world. >> skpet mayor attended the opening of the high school. kit stands for knowledge is power program. they have public charter schools and known for preparing students in under served communities for college. >> this is a new school. it's smaller. so that means more time to have that one on one. >> students did better than those who attended a
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traditional public high school. >> we knew there was a place in san francisco. >> this is the first charter school approved by the school district in years. >> so we're going to prove people wrong. we're going to show folks that it's possible to have two school communities with identities and values and own way of working. >> enrollment is now open. the deadline is november 21. in the newsroom, abc 7 news. >> thank you very much. another reason to get healthy, researchers at ucsf say a strict regime of exercise, diet and meditation can reserve -- reverse aging. those who changed their live style had younger cells in genetic terms had to do with what are called telemeters. as we age, they get shorter, weaker. this study suggests they can be lengthened.
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>> if you're thinking about buying a truck, you're in luck. >> best one out there on the road. >> michael finney is here with the story. >> you know we are, i brett people in the bay area do not know this but pickup trucks are the top-selling vehicles in america. nearly two million bought every year. ford f 150 leads the pack but there is stiff competition. >> pickup trucks aren't just for hauling stuff around. more and more they're built for every day driving. full-sized pick ups like these have plenty of room and are pricey. >> not only can you use them for heavy work or towing but
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civilized to serve as family transportation. >> the ladder for climbing into the bed is lever but didn't earn top scores in part because handling isn't agile. the ride isn't refined. >> in our tests both chevy and ram outscored ford f 150. >> ren designed for 2014 chevy silverrado handles well. and gets the best fuel economy. >> it has a low step in height. >> program 1500 updated for 2013 plus a real suspension gives it the best ride of any full sized truck. so which to choose?
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silver raddo is a better truck ram is more pleasant. >> sticker trucks are expensive. saying it's worth to it bargain you'll likely save thousands of dollars. >> interesting we sell many pick up autos it's amazing. >> thank you. >> sure. >> well, the -- you're going to see two bay area inventors featured on world news in just a few minutes the inventors made it out of a thousand contestants. i talked to local contestants. a smart lock open as a person
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approaches and this pet location service locater. >> gps attached to a dog's collar if the going dog goes missing you get an alert on your smart phone. >> winner gets their product manufactured and sold on walmart shelves. you can find the inventors this evening at 5:30 on world news right here on abc 7. >> scientists say weather in space could be affecting satellites that handle the communications. m.i.t.researchers have been studying impact of solar storms and found most of the failures happened during those events. they're using information to design new cell phone autos america's cup races canceled because of strong winds, both teams warming up and ready to go. the decision was made. the races have been
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rescheduled for tomorrow in the battle between team usa and team new zealand. >> some powerful winds were blowing akrts east bay. take a look at conditions in ala media. blustery out there. will winds be around tomorrow? let's check in now with abc 7 news sandhya patel. >> is it windy out there? >> it is not. i was looking over the bay, white puffs gone, but we have had windy conditions here in the bay area. sfo wind gusts 51 miles per hour. they're dropping off now. we have a small craft advisory for the bay. live doppler 7 we'll talk about our weather and a big possible changes coming up.
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sunny skies, temperatures two to 11 degrees cooler. right now gusting to 40 at sfo. you can see 32 in fairfield. so definitely a wind coming off the cool ocean water allowed temperatures to drop. 64 in san francisco. low 70s to san jose. half moon bay, 61 degrees. highs low 60s to low 80s running behind where we should be for this time of the year. from our cameras seeing a lot of blue skies now. 79 in santa rosa. 77 antioch. 72 degrees in livermore, it's nothing but sunshine in san jose. sunny warmer, cooler friday, saturday, talking about a slight chance of showers between friday night and saturday morning.
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and we'll see a change in weather by the time sunday arrives. a system went through, high pressure building in creating winds. we're looking at breezy conditions tomorrow. and will be a warmer one. lots of sunshine out there. pleasant weather is ahead. big changes coming in the form of cooler weather for friday and saturday. as this cold front nears, not much moisture associated with this z rain line in northern california but one model hinting at possibility of rain best chance in the north bay. so i'll show you where there is a lot of moisture. west of mexico we're looking at pacific. it's 35 miles per hour winds
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and check out rain expected along west coast of mexico. there are tropical storms watches up from cabbo they're expecting flooding rains from three to five inches for portions of mexico. higher totals for southern baja. looking at temperatures, cool start. clear. breezy in redwood city, but 80 degrees. north bay communities mid-80s. head out towards east bay, we're looking at 78 oakland, hayward, mild sunny day there. inland spots getting warm. 88 in fairfield. a check of the accu-weather forecast, low 90s inlands,
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upper 60s coastsside. a slight chance of rain in the north bai. friday evening saturday morning highs into upper 70s inland. but first day of fall which is sunday will take temperatures back up to milder levels. live on the roof i'm abc 7 news sandhya patel. protected from wind. back to you in the studio. >> still to come a city searching for a missing millionaire. >> plus no, selfies. a marathon that wants people to wait until after the race to take picture autos boot camp tonight. how successful patrol has been at recruiting women.
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game stop. yes players undergo car chases unlike other versions this one has multiple characters. reviewers love it. 20 million people could buy it at $60 a pop. >> maybe you're not in the market for a video game but there are lines out there to buy power ball tickets. less than six weeks after a $425 million drawing sparked lotto fever another massive jackpot is awaiting us tomorrow. you have over 24 hours now to buy a ticket. speaking of lotteries in spain someone bought a ticket worth $6 million and lost the ticket at the store. this happened in and it could be a electrical or a visitor. no one can find that person, however, the ticket for the lottery on june 30th of last year. if you were in spain, check your pockets. >> i'm sure i was there. i have the ticket here. >> well, from spain to japan,
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organizers of the hong kong marathon want runners to finish the race before taking selfies. here is video from line. the woman dropped her phone, she tried to pick it up and a huge pile up ensued. among those who fell was the eventual champion. eventual champion. >> the most ♪ for a store near you go to
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tonight at 6:00 police get the nation's biggest grant for fighting youth violence, how much or how little good it will do. >> plus, environmental showdown brewing over an abandoned military base. the air force left radio active waste behind z on a satellite trip where gps
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technology that can lead you to directly to the best deals coming up in 30 minutes at 6:00. now back to cheryl and dan. >> that will be handy. >> a programming note. next monday and tuesday, jimmy kimmel shut down hollywood boulevard for a two night concert event with paul mccartney and justin timberlake. >> if you're curious about lilly collins head -- please don't try thchl the ak stress started starred in mirror, mirror. >> mcafee says she poses a biggest risk of land lg a malicious site. >> i'll use the company computer to see. thanks for watching.
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welcome to "world news." tonight breaking news about the time bomb inside the mind of a gunman. a plea for someone to stop the voices in his head and the new stories of amazing things people did at the navy yard to survive. s.o.s., a white x mark on a lawn leads a rescue team to move in and get a family to safety. ginger zee is there. and a made in america excuse sieve, your simple invention that can make you a fortune. how about a hands-free umbrella. david muir on an all american chance of a lifetime. and a good evening to all of you. we begin t


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