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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  September 18, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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that breaking news near san ramone. there has been a shooting inside of a gated community. officers were trying to evict someone there. good afternoon. a lock smith shot in the leg, with police, and sheriff deputies actually there to serve an eviction notice at a hougs on ashborn circle. laura anthony is live with the latest for us.
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laura. >> i'm standing on ashborn circle. let's show you what it looks like up the hill here, the house is on ashborn circle. you can see police vehicles tlchl we understand this started a little before 2:00 this afternoon. let's show you what the scene looked like from sky 7 hd. right after it happened we understand from contra costa county sheriffs police and the lock smith was trying to help police gain access to a home here to serve an eviction notice. apparently the occupants of the home fired out of the doors, through the door hit the lock smith in the leg. he was taken for treatment. and what he have now is a standoff of sorts. police do believe that this man, the gunman is still inside of the home here at ashborn kirk yismt neighbors being kept back joining me right now jimmy lee. jimmy, what is the latest?
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>> we're trying to resolve this peacefully. he's barricaded. we have our team trying to communicate with hism but the priority now is to resolve this peacefully. >> did this man shoot through the door? >> that is my understanding. they were serving an eviction, a restoration. the property going to go back to the rightful owner, in this case a bank. so this was a foreclosure, there were knocks on the door no, answer. when the lock smith went in to drill out the lock, that is when the shots were fired from inside to the outside, struck the leg of the lock smith. >> we saw this before. there is a protocol for doing this. correct? >> we'll take a look and you'll notice timing that will take place when there is no
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response, we tell a lock smith to come in. >> so that is the situation. >> residents received a phone call to shelter in place. in san ramone, abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> we have breaking news in san mateo county. skyline boulevard is closed because of a fatal crash involving a bicyclist and a minivan. this is a video of chp investigating around 1:30 this afternoon. officials say a 50-year-old woman was killed when her bicycle collided with a minivan. driver is cooperating. abc 7 news is on the scene. we'll have a live report from vic on abc 7 news at 5:00. >> defense secretary chuck haigel ordering a review of security and access procedures at military procedures world wide following the deadly
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attack at the washington navy yard. >> authorities say aaron alexis a navy vet and contractor opened fire at that facility, killing 12 people, injuring several others before being shot dead. some are questioning why he was allowed clearance, he had previous run ins with police. records show he sought help from the department of veterans affair autos today the secretary of defense admitted there were red flags. >> there are failures, we'll correct them. we owe our people nothing less. >> alexis' grieving mother spoke out and had no answers. >> i don't know why he did what he did. and i will never be able to ask him why. to the families of the victims i'm so, so very sorry this happened. my heart is broken. >> so-to-honor the victims the president will attend a memorial on sunday. >> one of the victims is mary knight whose brother lives in
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livermore, and he his family shared heir grief and we have the story. >> we were unprepared for and it came as a shock to us. >> mary knight's family can't believe what happened so far away. the 51-year-old working inside building 197 on the fourth floor when aaron alexis started shooting. mary was one of the last five victims to be identified. >> it's a great loss for the family. i think she was the core of our family. and now, we lost her. >> the reason mary was at the navy yard is because her company navy sea systems command was head quartered there. she was an it specialist and recently got a promotion. >> i was so proud of her. she always went for her goals. >> another major milestone was reached just last month. mary's oldest daughter got married.
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candice di lorenzo feels for her cousin autos just horrible. i just feel bachld i just want to hold them. >> the plan to travel to the east coast for a memorial service in the coming days. abc 7 news. >> an amtrak train hit a car on the tracks today at 11:30 near 9th street and 37th avenue in the fruit veil district. >> sky 7 flew over the scene after the accident. a station wagon was on the tracks when struck by the train. the occupants of the car were not seriously injured and they did manage to get out of the car on their own. there are no injuries to the 85 passengers on the train. >> san francisco officials are applauding governor brown's decision to sign a new law to protect domestic violence victims. >> the law increases the length of a civil harassment injunction l from three to five years, advocates say that shields victims from having to confront their stalkers every time. >> the justice system should
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not be revictimizing our victims in what is appearing under the configuration. lots of victims having to go through hell in order to get pro techs they shouldn't have. >> a stalking law does not increase penalties against violators and finds one in four women in the u.s. has been the victim of a stalker. >> high winds delayed finals today twochl races scheduled and one in. >> team usa is on the brink of elimination after kiwis captured another win today. allen? >> yes. winds have only picked up which is why they cancelled that final race today. now, we're at match point. dezealand only needs one more win and kiwis feeling momentum. team usa was saved by the bell. high winds ended the day and
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team usa started the day down seven races to one. and new zealand needed to win both of the races to put ate way. race one, lead changed twice but kiwi sw. a late charge than the combination of high tides and n winds led to cancellations of race two. >> i smell a victory. i smell the cup. i want to get it straight on a plane to take it back to new zealand as soon as possible. >> we survived only to race tomorrow. go oracle team usa. >> limits set after a sailor was killed in a practice run. the same conditions expected for tomorrow and both teams hoping they can get this final race in. >> it's not just there we're feeling strong winds. >> around the bay area.
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spencer christian joining us now with the accu-weather forecast. >> yes. continuing with breezy conditions. here is a live view of our sunny skies looking over san francisco. current readings 69 degrees in san francisco. mild around the bay, mild to warm as a matter of fact. 74 oakland. 81 san jose. 57 los gatos, 64 half moon bai. that logs gatos number must be a mistake. we'll have low to mid 80s in santa rosea, napa and livermore. and here is a look at the first forecast and a look at the golden gate bridge under blue skies. we'll have mostly clear skies this evening and mild inland. and during early evening hours, temperatures from upper 50s at the coast to near 80s inland
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locations. overnight, we'll see bright, sunny skies. hardly a cloud. temperatures early morning hours from mid-50s mid 60s and hot inland. but weekend is going to bring change autos spencer, we'll see you then. >> still ahead at 4:00 taking apple's new operating system on a test drive. the after l the bell report is next. >> you can see another set back here for planned high speed rail system. why ground breaking has been delayed yet again. >> and a kidnapped teen is found skpaf sound. how police tracked down abductor autos michael finney taking your questions and will be here live to answer them, you can contact michael. >> taking a look at traffic right now on the san mateo
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bridge, you can see it's moving nicely. perhaps just a little bit heavier for drivers making their way east. but
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don't expect construction of california's high speed rail to begin soon. our media partner reports that officials for the first time have acknowledged it will be another few months before construction gets under way. ground breaking supposed to
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begin this summer, but the state still has to fire workers. a pair of lawsuits could force more delays than $69 billion project. a nebraska family fighting back against key stone xl pipeline by building a solar powered obstacle, a $60,000 solar barn on the property. deciding to build as a protest. the decision by nebraska's governor to run that controversial pipeline through their farm. the barn raising just only days after a local land owner goes court to try to stop construction of the pipeline. >> i just hope that judicial system comes wout good, common sense judgment on this. >> more than 50 volunteers are helping him build this barn. it's being paid for by donations and grants. >> mr. zuckerberg goes to washington. apple releases it's resigned software.
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hi, emily. >> today marks a turning point in apple history. i 0 s 7 can now be don loaded for free on the most recent iphones, ipads and ipods. google's next big innovation could be at the doctor years office, launching a company called calico, focusing on health and well being. apple chairman will be the ceo. and mr. zuckerberg goes to washington making a rare appearance on capitol hill holding meeting was several members of congress to lob yes on issues ranging from immigration to nsa surveillance. also talking about why
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immigration reform is important to many in silicon valley. take a listen. >> this isn't a matter of trying to hire other than americans. we'll hire all of them. the issue is there that are not enough talented people that we can bring into the country. >> that was mark zuckerberg. stocks closing higher today, s and p index climbing to a record after federal reserve refrained from reducing bond buying. and you tube is adding off line viewing to mobile apps. the site says it plans to let users down load videos to mobile devices to watch when an internet connection is unavailable. i'm emily chang with bloomberg west, back to you. >> spencer christian hinting at rain yesterday.
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now doing more than hint something. >> yes. yes. this is a suggestion. >> some light rain moving through the area late friday into saturday. we may not cover the entire bay area, but there will be wet spots. looking good now. at the month, it's dry wee. got sunny skies inland. it's a fwlorus day around the bay area. looking at the a bridge, it will be mild to warm tomorrow, hot inland, much cooler though, friday, saturday. and then a chance of rain late friday night into early saturday i'll show you in just a moment why we have that chance of rain. looking at the satellite image you can see np our weather picture today bringing us sunny skies and warm conditions with warming continuing tomorrow, if this heads towards pacific
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northwest that will bring us a chance of rain. we'll start at friday night, about 8:00 p.m. or so, we'll see some light rain pushing into the morn most part of the viewing area. during overnight hours, spotty showers or areas of light rain, perhaps some east bay, south bay this, isn't going to blanket the area but there will be wet spots overnight into early saturday. then, mid day most moisture will be to the north and showers will have tapered off. overnight tonight, clear skies, no showers in sight will be cool with low temperatures into upper 50s and then, tomorrow, more warming. sunny skies, highs mid to upper 80s, 89 in morgan hill. 84 san jose.
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peninsula, sunny, mild to warm. and low to mid-80s redwood city. on the coast mild to warm as well. a high of 68 in pacifica. 73 half moon bay. downtown sunny and bright, warm again. a high of 77 degrees. 72 in the sunset district. east bay, warm condition was highs in 80 in oakland and hayward. 85 castro valley. inland east bay, will be warm, 92 in antioch and fairfield, sheer look at the accu-weather forecast. notice how sharply temperatures drop on friday. about 10 degrees or so. inland locations will be cooler on saturday. that system wing swings through friday night. we have a best chance of showers friday night and saturday partial clearing late saturday but afternoon highs saturday reaching into mid-70s
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inland and autumn begins on sunday. so last day of summer will be a lot cooler than first day of fall. >> interesting. >> yes. >> in stereo. >> yes. >> thank you spencer. >> up next a bird's eye view. one quest to capture what its like to soar like an eagle. >> then a shifting strategy after days of deadly flooding in colorado. the task rescuers are now focused on completing. >> taking a look at the san francisco skyway. it's packed. very slow going for drivers on the left-hand side of the screen snaking towards lower deck of the bay bridge, really not that much better for drivers on 101. stay with us, abc
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it's about twenty by twelve of these. so, we can measure, plan and install it for you. yea, let's do that! ikea. professional kitchen services at a low price. negotiations in an effort to prevent another bart strike. representatives meeting face-to-face with management, may negotiate over in oakland going over economic issues like pay and benefits. there is not much time to reach a deal here, after talks end there is only one session scheduled for next week, monday, tuesday, wednesday, sessions are on the calendar for each of the two weeks but bart points out one of the two
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big unions isn't even available on october 9th. >> the creator of beanie babies pleaded guilty to tax evasion. the 69-year-old ty warner was charged with trying to evade taxes on more than 3dzs million in foreign income, saying traveled to skuric to avoid paying u.s. taxes. he cite kree yaited those toy that's became some of the profible and popular collector's items ever created. >> a sculpture on a michigan college campus for years has been taken down thanks to this miley cyrus video. yes. the video of her swinging from a wrecking ball inspired students at grand valley state to climb on the sculpture
4:25 pm
gracing that campus for years. well, it became a problem and officials had to take it down. >> we became concerned about just from a safety standpoint. and... also, the structural integrity of the we've elected to remove the ball for now. >> students staged protests in the pit where it stus used to stand, fittingly singing the miley cyrus "wrecking ball" sorngs hopefully, not twerking. >> the ball is gone. all is safe now. >> yes. >> giant panda cub at national school zoo is making another debut. there is a new picture of the female cub. mama panda was not looking and they did an exam. the cub is still under two pounds and has not yet opened eyes and won't be named until
4:26 pm
100 days after birth according to tradition. >> a twist on the term of bird's eye view this, video getting thousands of hits. someone strapped a camera on to an eagle and let it soar over the skies of a french city near the border with switzerland. it gives viewers a look at what it's like to fly like an eagle. the bird flies around the glacier near the swiss alps. how the camera was able to retrieve the footage is still a mystery. >> i'm sure the eeg jell not happy. it makes you wonder, is that real? >> i'm not sure if you can get eagles to sign on. i'll put this on your back, then, go and come back but there is the video. >> there is a lot more sthaild including details on a deadly bus dent that killed six
4:27 pm
people. >> you'll hear from witnesses that describe the terrifying moment of impact. >> salvaging the costa concordia. >> then, later starbucks pulls away a welcome mat for some customers. a controversial policy going
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for additional suspects after georgia police rescued a kidnapped girl and arrested two people in the abduction. the 14-year-old taken out of her home early tuesday morning police say two kidnappers broke in demanded money and jewel skpri shot the family dog. when her mother said she had no money, the men took perez. federal, state and local officials searched for her. >> this is a good day. this is a good day for the family, but importantly for ivania. she is safe. >> investigators believe the family has no connection to the abductor buzz would not reveal how they found perez saying only the investigation is ongoing. >> two men want forward a string of car break ins crashed and flipped their car
4:31 pm
after a police chase around 10:00 this morning. someone saw a vehicle linked to multiple burglaries. the suspect took off. >> the vehicle failed to stop. after a very short pursuit, the vehicle collided with a tree. where the suspect ran, taken into custody. >> the driver has minor injuries and taken to the hospital. both driver and passenger were arrested. police say they found items from several burglaries in the vehicle. >> fire damaged a restaurant on the sausalito water front. take a look at this cell phone video of the tavern on bridgeway. investigators say an electrical problem sparked a fire inside of the restaurant around 1:45. pg&e is now at the scene trying to restore power. the incident has been causing traffic back ups in the area. >> it's been days since rain stopped in colorado but hundreds of people remain unaccounted for in hardest hit areas. death toll now stands at six but search and rescue teams
4:32 pm
worry the number could climb as they spend another day going door to door, searching for victims. marcy gonzales with the story. teams back out today, looking into vehicles and trying to find hundreds of people still unaccounted for. >> we're moving out of a high octane evacuation in search and rescue. that we've been doing we're transitioning to a long tasks ahead. >> the smigs staling back helicopters are searching for people stranded in towns where rushing water ripped through roads. but in places people found creative ways to evacuate. like here at n.colorado residents laid down ladders and wood. they're only way to make it out of the bridge. sit now being repaired and can be months before roadways
4:33 pm
leading out of town are rebuild. a major concern with people refusing to evacuate. >> i want them to make decisions. and you know access to medical care, you know for potentially all of winter possibly beyond. >> as they're urged to leave homes others are returning. >> we've got, i'm going to say seven feet of water. >> allowed in for a day to assess damage leaving with small keep sakes and a strong sense of resilience. >> we're going to get through this. >> the driver of the double decker bus is nong among six people killed when the bus collided with a passenger train in ottowa. witnesses say the bush crashed through a train barrier, passengers say they scream forward the driver to stop.
4:34 pm
one passenger says he didn't seem to notice the barrier was down. another passenger wondered if the driver passed out. >> everyone shouted stop. stop. i looked up the bus was coming into contact with the gate. the front impacted at once, there was dust everywhere. all i just remember sthai just grabbed my son and ran off the bus. >> all six of the dead were on that bus. 30 others were injured including 10 people critically. there were no major injuries among passengers and crew on the train. >> the costa concordia has been righted and workers now working to allow the luxury lineler dwroer float again. once done, water will be pumped out of the tanks call to reboat the -- refloat the vessel, organizers expect it won't be towed until summer, 2014. engineers righted the ship
4:35 pm
monday night, 20 months after it ran aground killing dozens of people. >> a un inspector report suggests rockets containing nerve agent sarin were fired from the elite military unit based in mountains overlooking damascus. the same day he thanked russia's support. yaush says the syrian government handed over evidence that the opposition rebels have used chemical weapons. syrians in northern city receive aid hands on lesson on how to deal with a kem cal attack. volunteers carried out a drill in what was once a playground ai. 24-year-old former chemistry student taught them how to put on gas masks and protective suits and how to help people in the event they're subject to an attack. reports say at tack killed more than 1400 people, including 400 children.
4:36 pm
>> united nations officials rang a bell in the name of peace today in new york city. >> un secretary ran the bell ahead of the internation wral day of peace. that bell tolled every year since 1981. this year's scene said x for peace. >> still to come at 4:00 bizarre weather caused quite a spectacle, again. a violent clash where hundreds managed to break through three fence autos today 7 on your side q and a just ahead. you can contact me at faceboo and on twitter at m finney. i'll answer questions live here later. >> from our camera looking west, we can see a sunny, warm
4:37 pm
afternoon around the bay area. i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> it is brutal on interstate 80. traffic heading away from us is heading towards berkeley. it's moving i don't know, a couple miles an hour. stay with us, mo
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video of hundreds of undocumented immigrants storming three border fences on north africa's coast, 300 people were involved in this dispute a hundred managed to make ate cross. six border guards were injured. all of the immigrants detained ask taken to an internment center authorities attempted to identify them and their nationalities. all of this happened in one two of spanish enclaves in morocco. latest incident where immigrants tried crossing in from europe either swimming on the coastline or climbing as you saw. a man who confessed to killing a man while driving drunk changed his plea to guilty in court. this month, a 22-year-old posted a you tube video confessing to killing a 61-year-old in a wrong way crash in june. now, last week he entered a not guilty plea and he faces
4:41 pm
up to eight years in prison. >> a bizarre phenomenon we saw in australia is now being repeated. take a look at this, it's not snow but foam generated from the ocean during a storm. a foam-covered street in a sidewalk it's covered beaches and created a agitation of sea water when containing higher concentrations of dissolved organic matter, sea form can be dangerous, blamed for deaths and strandings of hundreds of sea birds on the monterey coast. looks like soap. >> yes. >> yesterday's wind caused part of the great nae san francisco to shut down. sand covering southbound lanes of the highway between lincoln and in both directions between
4:42 pm
slot and skyline no word on when that road will reopen. >> yes. sand is the he tennal problem. >> yes spence jer back with hopefully a foam free fookt we have beautiful smiz across the bay area. looking at national weather picture tomorrow we'll find weather patterns up in the northeast. nice preautumn weather, thunderstorms in northern florida tomorrow, showers heavy at times across the central up ander mid west states. down in the southwest, showers over at western texas and farther reach southwest we'll see hot conditions in phoenix. a high of 102. tomorrow, sunny skies and warm to hot in much of the state. 840 in los angeles, 104 dmoun palm springs here in the bay
4:43 pm
area, warmer than today, high temperatures climbing into 70s and upper 70 to low 80s around the bay. enjoy the warmth. we'll have another day that is going to cool down sharply dri fri and going to be autumn-like on friday night, and saturday. first day of autumn will be sunday. officially. >> and warm up begins then. >> yes. yes. >> still ahead at 4:00 your home and your health. link between where you live and your access to medical care. >> when beeing a ticket and the price drops does the airline have to give you the cheaper price? we'll talk about that coming up in my q and a. >> i'm going to guess "no" here is a look at what is head on world news at 5:30. >> hello and tonight on world
4:44 pm
news, we're looking at the messages the navy yard shooter left behind, and trying to crack the code on what he thinks turned him into a killer, what we believe, tonight. also made in america is here again. the astonishing simple inventions from people across the country. tonight, inventors in the pressure cooker. you'll help decide which one has a chance to make a fortune. it's a big night
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check healthy living news a new health study finds having a body mass index too low or too high can cause complications in pregnant women. researchers found expectant whoirm obese had three times of the risk of developing hypertension or guess stational diabetes. doctors say the study shows how important it is for pregnant women to keep an eye on their weight. >> another new study finds kids who are fit have better memory recall than children out of shape. researchers at the university of illinois found nine and
4:48 pm
10-year-olds in the best shape did 15% better at absorbing and retaining new information an out of shape children. researchers say their findings question wisdom of cutting physical education programs in schools. this study published in the journal plus one. >> where you live could have a major impact on quality of health care, especially for low income people. this is according to a report out today by common wealth fund. finding major differences in quality of care from one state to the next and low income people and everybody else. california ranks 20th when it came to health care for low income people. and in bottom 25% for treatment. click on see it on tv. >> michael finney is here now and the first swun from debbie n asked on tuesday, my husband and i buy bought tickets and paid $800. i am super happy folks got
4:49 pm
these free a day later but if a fare goes down it and did, shouldn't i get a refund for the difference? >> here is what she's talking about. you probably heard about the united glitch where would you buy domestic flights for about two hours you can get them for free. now, only paying fees and taxes. and united airlines said we're going to honor those, by the way i disagree with that. but, they are honoring them, she's saying why don't i get in on the deal? because you paid 800s skpdz united airlines doesn't want to give tickets away. back in the day when ticket price woz drop you can just call and go hey, the price dropped and they'd say okay. they don't say okay anymore. there is one thing you need to know there. is a regulation saying after you buy you have 24 hours to cancel it. so, if you should see a big
4:50 pm
price drop call, cancel your ticket buy the new one if she would have seen that zero, she could have signed on and got it and dropped another one but they're not going to crop it for you good information to know on the 24 hours. >> yes. >> 24 hours, it's really cool and help autos a twitter user asks sit legal for credit card companies to charge you $1 to update for verification purposes? >> they don't really charge, they charge to it make sure everything is going through and working then go back and take it off. sometimes, it will be there. and sometimes 48 hours, it doesn't affect you. they're just making sure it's fine. by the way, crooks do that, too. it's a problem. >> yes. >> yes. >> this one from twitter. how much can a landlord charge for repairs of an apartment i currently live in? >> nothing is being a lanld lord is that you pay a monthly amount. they fix stuff whit breaks. you shouldn't be charged a thing, unless, are you going
4:51 pm
nuts in the apartment? tearing up? >> yes. >> if you are you've got to pay for damages and they have the right to charge if you you're doing something horriblying wrong, otherwise that their cost. in the city of san francisco if you're in a renlt control they're allowed to do pass through. they'd fix all of the driveway asks pass through the cost of the repair but an individual normal repair like a light switch? that is their cost. >> that is why you rent. >> right. >> exactly. >> thanks michael. >> here is a spoiler. a man bought a kit to trance form his coupe into a lamborghini z then found with for sales stickers on it and a large price markup, authorities fined the driver and deducted points off his record. the driver said he never intended to really sell it. and he just wanted to see if
4:52 pm
he can really pass it off as an lamb bore geney. right. >> starbucks takes a stand against some customer autos qlae. they're asking some to please leave at home. >> i'm cheryl jennings, coming up at 5:00 rescue at sea. why the coast guard was dispatched and head of the line. three men play out fantasies to get their hands on latest
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at 8:00 back to back episodes of "the middle then modern family at 9:00 followed by nashville, then stay tuned for abc 7 news at 11:00. >> coe of starbucks is taking a stand whether or not customers should be able to be narmd their store autos they sent out a letter asking customers to leave them home.
4:56 pm
>> starbucks known for options. if you're a gun owner have you one less option. the ceo requesting customers no longer bring firearms to his stores unless they're authorized law enforcement personnel n an open letter he says this is a request and not an outright ban because we want to give res sponsible gun owners the chance to respect our request and because enforcing a ban would potentially require our partners to confront armed customers. people we spoke with are divided about allowing guns into their coffee shop. >> i couldn't zront a problem with it. >> i believe in the second amendment only in a basic way. i don't think people should allowed to carry firearms around anywhere. >> pro gun advocates held appreciation days here in the bay area and across the
4:57 pm
country in support of the company's previous policy of allowing customers to show their guns where the law allows. shultz says he doesn't want the events in his stores saying it's upsetting for some. >> does that make you feel less safe? more safe? >> i feel safe. >> if i'm going knowing and see people strapping guns? i think i'll pass. i'll go to peet's down street. >> other companies already have policies in place for preventing people with firearms from entering their business autos thanks for joining us. >> thank you, we're following breaking news live in contra costa county a lock smith trying to help deputies. >> and a young girl with special needs and instructions
4:58 pm
are ignored. what happened on the way home from school. >> i'm sandhya patel. and i will be tracking some possible rain and let you know if it's going to impact your plans coming up. >> sky 7 is hd that we brought you at 4:00. a man was shot, someone working with deputies to evict him. good evening. >> now that standoff in a neighborhood near san ramone that, lock smith is okay, helping police with an eviction. >> the lock smith is wounded but alive again. the neighbors being asked to shemter in place. abc 7 news reporter laura anthony is live monitoring developments. this is still a standoff kploint. we're on ash burn circle.
4:59 pm
let's show you what it looks like this is an afluent neighborhood large homes and the house we're talking about is in the middle of other homes for this investigated community residents being told to stay inside of the homes or not being able a.loud back home, let's show you what it looks like from the ground. a specialized division two deputy arrived at this home with a lock smith just about 2:00 fom evict resident. when he twont drill the locks the resident apparently fired a shot from inside of the house. >> we had a civil unit here meaning property was going to go back to rightful owners in this case a bank. so this is a foreclosure
5:00 pm
eviction. shot was fired frin side of the house to be outside. >> we got a notice saying there was police activity in the neighborhood skpefr one should stay indoor autos this was reported as an officer involved shooting we're told police did not return fire and at this point they're trying to make contact with the man inside of the home just up from where i am standing. and are not certain but want this to end peacefully. a s.w.a.t. team headed up there. this does recall an incident in april, 2012 a lock smith in a stanislaus county sheriff's deputy killed when trying to serve an eviction notice. the resident fire friend side of the home. sheriff's department tell meez


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