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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  September 18, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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now the golden
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gunman is under arrest and an east bay neighborhood is back with a tepees standoff. gunfire erupted as police were serving an eviction notice. good evening. i'm carolyn johnson. >> and i'm dan ashley. the standoff happened on ash born circle in san ramon. it is near 680 and bollinger canyon road. >> ama dates is live with exactly what happened there today. ama? >> dan and carolyn, it was a suspensful day for residents inside the gated community. gunfire and an hour's long standoff. but some residents say they had no idea what was going on because they weren't notified. sky 7hd was above north canyon estates after a shot was fired from a home on ashborn
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circle. two sheriff deputies and a locksmith and a property manager had attempted to evict the person in the home just before 2:00. >> this property was going to be restored to the rightful hone neither. rightful owner. in this case it was a foreclosure eviction. >> the property manager was hit in the leg. he was taken to the hospital with nonlife-threatening 0 res. res -- threatening injuries. >> we started evacuating closest to the suspect's residence. that was immediate. shortly thereafter we put out a notification to about 40 or 50 residents to advise them to shelter in place. >> this neighbor got the telephone notification on her cell phone. >> they just said 24r* is police activity in the neighborhood. >> neighbor karen crabb said she didn't get the call and is concerned about the sheriff's office response. >> they didn't tell the person right in front of it to shelter in. >> hostage negotiators wanted
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to get the gunman to surrender, but when the talks stalled, this personnel carrier used the boom to open the door and gas was released inside. minutes later the suspect finally emerged to the relief of residents. >> in today's day and age, it just goes to show that you have to be safe in your surroundings and safe wherever you are. >> the gunman was treated on the scene for gas exposure and then taken to hospital for further treatment before being booked. ama dates, abc7 news. an eviction lead to a a similar situation last year in modesto. he shot and killed a a sheriff deputy and a locksmith. he held police at bay for 12 hours. after they stormed the house they found him dead inside. he committed suicide. new at 11:00, a powerful homemade bomb leveled a restroom at a park in alameda county. when deputies arrived, look at what they found yesterday. debris was possibled about a hundred yards in every direction. the restroom was made of six-inch thick steel reinforced concrete. officers
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discovered an explosive device. a car tire filled with several pounds of gunfire compressed and then sealed. the explosion could have killed someone and when you look at the damage it is easy to understand why. there is a toilet seat sceat terred -- there is a toilet seat scattered about. the fbi is now investigating. >> a deadly accident is raising questions about road safety in san mateo county. a bicyclist died when she collided with a mini-van near elk tree road. you are looking at pictures from sky 7hd of the scene. a 50-year-old woman was riding downhill on skyline when she collided with a mini-van when it turned left in front of her. people who live nearby tell us this is a dangerous blind curve. the driver is cooperating with authorities. first the bay bridge and now the golden gate. it will be closed to install a barrier to prevent head on crashes. a final vote is coming on whether to buy the system chosen.
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abc7 transportation reporter is live tonight. heather, we have been talking for years on how to make the golden gate safer. >> dan, yes. over the years the project has been held up by a combination of at times funding problems and also the need for something custom for this historic, narrow bridge. now those hurdles are out of the way and it is full steam ahead except for one hurdle that is a full bridge closure about a year from now. the last fatal head on collision from the golden gate bridge was in 2001. right now plastic posts are still the only thing standing between traffic going in opposite directions. in 2008 11 people were injured when a single car crossed over causing a nine-vehicle accident. now the bridge district is buying a moveable zipper-style barrier. this is bridge an animation they considered in 2008. >> in regard to head on collisions, yeah. when i am in that lane -- you
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know, you think about it. >> these district renderings show the steel concrete-filled barrier as it should look when installed a little more than a year from now. they acknowledge that it is not foolproof and they will make the narrow lanes even narrower. the two on either side will be reduced from sten feet to nine -- from 10 feet to nine and a half. >> it can move a little bit and the cars candy flect off of it and we may see other accidents that we are not used to here at the bridge. we have a sideswipe. >> installation will include a closure of this bridge 52 hours friday night to monday morning in late october or early november of next year. you exact dates and time tba. >> the various pieces will be put out on the bridge and we have to do a lot of restriping and get iferg ready. our dyes have to be trained to run the zipper trucks. we need that52-hour window to
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do that. >> the board will approve the barrier purchase on friday. abc7 news. >> negotiations to try to prevent another bart strike have ended for the night. both sides appear to be far apart. union members tell abc news that bart walked out of the negotiations and will only meet for a fraction of the remaining 22 days during the cooling off period. bart is ready to meet at anytime the mediator calls them to the table. according to bart, the union's most recent offer will cost $150 million over the next four years. the union says it is asking for a 13 and a half pay increase over a three-year contract. in a matter of hours two of the fresh and easy stores will shut their doors for good. the west san jose 1k3* bay view district will be shut as early as tomorrow afternoon after the chain was sold earlier this month. everything is being sold half off to get rid of the
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inventory at those two stores. workers found out they were losing their jobs during a conference call last week. 17 fresh and easy stores, if there is one near nut bay area, will remain open for now. the university of california is turning to social media to raise money for scholarships. the six-week fundraiser combines the old school model of pledging funds with on-line crowd sourcing concept. as part of the campaign students and celebrities are promising to perform certain tasks if they get enough pledges. for example, jamie foxx will perform a rap song as bill clinton and governor jerry brown will host a brown bag lunch for 10uc students. to learn more go to and click on see it on tv. fremont police want to know who abandoned two dogs today. the dogs were found separately and brought to the tri city animal shelter. the staff at the shelter say they are between three and five years old and appear to be related. they look very much alike.
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unfortunately the dogs are not microchipped so they don't know who they belong to. police are hoping the owner claims the dogs or at least provides information about the dogs in the hope of placing them in a new, safe home. we are learning more about the damage from the rim fire that has burned for weeks in the sierra. for wrist service officials tell us the devastation is larger than any other fire in the sierra in centuries. it has burned about 400 square miles. part of it so intensely that everything in a 60-square mile area is dead. in total nearly 40% of the entire burned area looks like this moon scape scene here. the fire began on the 17th and is now 85% contained. a weather rarity in mexico where twin storms hit both coasts at once. the threat is not over yet. tropical storm ingrid battered the gulf coast while tropical storm manuel drenched the pacific coast. manuel has gained strength and could make landfall again overnight and this time as a
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hurricane. much strongerment the tourist city of:00 caw poe co was --:00 poe co left many stranded. the death toll has reached 80. it is only expected to climb. and with at least 58 people unaccounted for 50 miles north of okra --:00 caw poe co there is growing concern about people's safety. and the strange messages left behind by a killer. the carvings on the navy yard shooter's gun. and what the gunman's mother is saying to the victims tonight. >> and it was a party for the record books. too bad the homeowner who was a former nfl player wasn't invited. how he found out his house was trashed by hundreds of teenagers. >> and are you a big winner? the powerball numbers and where the big tickets were sold. >> i'm sandhya patel. the skies are clear tonight, but your weekend plans may
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include rain. i'll be back with the detai
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navy yard shooting in washington, more information is emerging about the shooter, aaron alexis. should someone have flagged him earlier as disturbed and dangerous? karen tra a vers has the latest.
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>> the pentagon acknowledged there were red flags on aaron alexis. >> why they didn't get picked up. >> he carved the words "better off this way" and" my elf weapon" on the side of the shotgun he used in the masacre. they are trying to figure out what the phrases could mean including whether "better off this way" meaning alexis knew he would not survive the rampage. they are piecing together clues about his mental state. on august 11th at 6:00 a.m. he called police claiming after an argument at a virginia airport, on uni-- an unidentified person sent three people to follow him and keeping him awake by talking to him and sending vibrations through his body through a microwave machine. authorities contacted naval police who determined at that point in time, he was not a threat to himself or others. >> when somebody is in a position where they have access to information and facilities because of their
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clearances, a a mental health issue or problem can be extremely serious and would need to be addressed right away. >> reporter: alexis' grieving mother spoke out today for the first time. she had no answers. >> i don't know why he did what he did, and i will never be able to ask him why. to the families of the victims, my heart is broken. >> reporter: last month aaron alexis sought help for insomnia at two veteran hospitals. he was asked if he was dealing with insomnia or depression or if he had thoughts of hurting himself or others and he said no. >> tune into "fight -- nightline" on the navy yard shooting. our discussion continues on our website and on twitter abc7 news bay area. a new commercial cargo ship rocketed off to the international spacestation. >> we have ignition and we have liftoff. >> orbital sciences launched
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the first ship. the capsule full of food and clothing is due at the international spacestation on sunday. it is the second private business to attempt a shipment to space. california-based space x that was founded by elan musk has been delivering cargo for more than a year under a nassau contract. and away it goes. a former oakland raider is picking up the pieces after his home was trashed by teen agers. hundreds of kids showed up after someone posted the party on twitter. holloway, a lineman for the raiders in the 1980s owned the home for 30 years and it has been vacant for the last two. he is using the twitter postings to reveal their names and he hopes that will teachers and them a lesson and possibly change their lives for the better. >> i would feel sick if i had an opportunity to do something and participate in helping save their child's life and i
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did nothing. >> holloway estimates the damage to the house is about $20,000. one ticket matched all six powerball numbers winning the huge powerball jackpot. it was sold in south carolina. two tickets with every number except the powerball were sold here in california. one in riverside and the other in los angeles. those tickets are each worth a little more than $873,000. and while powerball is getting all of the attention with its huge jackpots, mega millions played in 42 states and has a plan to win players back. the game organizers want to make it harder to win big, helping the jackpot to grow. and they want to increase the chances players have of winning smaller, but significant prizes. >> i think that is a good idea. at least win something. >> i don't know. i am getting tired of throwing my $2 away. >> let's talk about the weather forecast. we are winning the weather
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lottery. >> meteorologist sandhya patel is here with that. >> we are indeed, carolyn and dan, especially if you like warmer weather. it was warmer today and warmer tomorrow and then we will see the big changes. check out the harvest moon. this is a time lapse tonight from our kgo roof camera. you can see a really cool shot of the moon. this is the full moon closest to the autumn ali squaw knox -- autumnal equinox. check it out. it is still out there. if you don't get a chance we will show new a moment. live doppler hd showing how clear it is this evening. we don't have any fog to speak of, so visibility is not obscured at all. check out thissen credible vow from the -- check out this incredible view. you can see the full moon. it is called the harvest moon. it is 60 in san francisco and 61 in oakland. still mild, redwood city, san jose, 58 los gatos and half moon bay 48. it will bounce back a few degrees. east bay hills camera, you can see all the way back toward san francisco.
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the lights on the sutro tower, this is a sign of what is to come. you don't have to worry about fog for the morning commute. novato is currently 68 and 63 in concord and livermore. downtown san francisco, sparkling this evening. here is a look at the forecast. mild to warm tomorrow. much cooler for your friday and saturday and we are looking at a chance of light rain. that's during the friday night-saturday time period. part of your weekend may be affected by the rain. here is a storm that will bring us a rain chance, but before that gets here, the high pressure will continue our warming trend tomorrow. today's highs were in the mid60s to the upper 80s. a good 5 to 10 degrees warmer. we will bump up the temperatures a few more degrees. you might want to step out and enjoy the warmth and enjoy the nice, summer weather. changes are coming. that's starting on friday evening. we will see the first chance of rain, ukiah, cloverdale 5:00 p.m.
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about the time you are sitting for dinner or heading out of town, 7:00 p.m. you can see the rain down into the north bay and then we see really a little bit of a lull before moisture starts to pick back up again. 10:00 a.m. on saturday, if you have the early morning plans we are looking at rain in the north bay. at least a chance of it continuing right on through saturday evening, early evening hours around 6:00 p.m. can't rule out drizzle elsewhere, but the best possibility of rain is very light in the north bay through the first half of your saturday. tomorrow morning, bundle up. it is going to be crisp and clear in the morning with the exception of a few patches of low clouds. mid50s to upper 50s. a few mid60s showing up in antioch, but tomorrow afternoon you will need two things. the shades and the sunscreen. 84 in san jose in the south bay and 89 los gatos. on the peninsula you are looking at 83 redwood city and mountain view, 73 degrees in half moon bay. getting warm there. daly city 68. downtown san francisco 77 degrees. north bay, nice summer day,
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86, santa rosa, sonoma. east bay communities, oakland, hayward, low 80s. head inland and it is the summertime microclimate. you are in the 90s. 92 livermore and walnut creek. accu-weather seven-day forecast. make sure you find your umbrellas before friday night. we are looking at right on through the first half of your saturday. much cooler weather. you may need those sweaters by saturday. mid70s inland and low 60s coast. the temperatures recover in time for the first day of fall which is sunday at 1:44 p.m. dan and carolyn, in case you are keeping tabs. >> summer is over. we are mourning about it. sports director larry beil is here. >> talking about the a's. they are not feeling too good this afternoon after a third blown save. but he is feeling better tonight.
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opportunity at the coliseum. even though they lost in extras they still reduced their magic number to clinch the al west. we love the super sized a's. how would you like a giant sized dan and carolyn walking around freaking people out? we need to talk to promotions about that one. a two-run bomb in the first. 2-0 angels. cocoa crisp, when he is healthy, things are dangerous. it is the first time he ever reached 20 in the season. and then another two-run clout, but he can't close it. josh hamilton with a two-run homer in the 9th and ties it up at four. we go to extras. no walkoff drama for the a's today. hamilton with the sack fly and scores in the 11th. the angels are victorious, 5-4. but the a's get help from tampa bay. they beat texas in the 12th. jennings, r.b.i single and the
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rays walk off with a 4-3 victory. so oakland's magic number drops to five to clinch the west as the a's get set to host the twins over the weekend. giants and mets and the g-men continuing their week in the big apple. nice outing by matt cain. seven and two-thirds and a little help from my friends. bare hands a and spectacular. giants bull pen blew a 4-19th inning lead. two runs score and mets rally with four in the 9th and they win it 5-4. the one thing they really want to do on sunday against indy is unleash frank gore. the running game is just average at best through two games. the niners afnlging 95 yards -- averaging 95 yards. last year 155 per game and frank, he wants the rock. >> we have to get better in the running game. we have to get it done. a lot of teams playing us.
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we still have to find a way to get it done. >> ahoy matey. we are down to our last jive. a sailing term. they won by 15 seconds and the second race canceled because of too much wind. they need one victory tomorrow to capture the cup. and finally the play that will live in infamy for the astros last night against the reds. he is going for a double. head first slide and he gets a face full of brandon philips' derriere. a play that will go down in history known as the butt tag. abc7 sports brought to you by riverwalk casino. not the way you want to make history on video forever. >> no thank you. >> thanks, larry. still to come, a close encounter of the whale kind. >> amazing photographs caug
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wake uú weather when you leave home tomorrow morning. make sure you grab your sweatshirt. crisp and clear in the morning. mid50s and mid60s. we are looking for it to warm up during the day. carolyn, dan? >> thank you. living near the coast we often see marine life. but one man's encounter took his breath away. >> a man in cap paw toe law was on his morning walk when he spotted two whales close to the wharf. he ran home and grabbed his camera. >> he took these pictures. the whales got so close to him he actually missed some shots. >> he got some good ones. that's our r. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm carolyn johnson. good night.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- aaron paul. from "betrayal," hannah ware. and music from jim james. with cleto and the cletones. and now, in all honesty, here's jimmy kimmel! >> jimmy: welcome to the show. thank you for watching. thank you for coming.


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