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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  September 18, 2013 11:35pm-12:36am PDT

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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- aaron paul. from "betrayal," hannah ware. and music from jim james. with cleto and the cletones. and now, in all honesty, here's jimmy kimmel! >> jimmy: welcome to the show. thank you for watching. thank you for coming.
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thank you for -- [ cheers and applause ] all of the applause is nice. thank you for taking a break from being on the phones to be here. i want to show you, we have music from jim james, lovely hannah ware is with us and captain cook from "breaking bad" aaron paul its here. [ cheers and applause ] are you viewers of "breaking bad?" [ cheers and applause ] i probably shouldn't say this. backstage a couple minutes ago, aaron told me how "breaking bad" end. it ends with scenes. inside joke. a lot of people are excited about the fact that aaron is here. we had to add extra security tonight. in fact, where is, there he is. lavoe crawford from "breaking bad" is here with us.
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[ cheers and applause ] what's up lavoe, how you doing? >> what's up? >> jimmy: not much. thank you for coming. >> yeah, whatever, man. i am just here to keep an eye on him. >> jimmy: you have to keep an eye on him. your boss, goodman has his own spin-off show. are you going to be a part of that? >> i better be. >> jimmy: either way it is nice to see you out of the house. >> mm -- yeah, whatever. >> jimmy: it was today, a day of much downloading and updating for owners of the ipad and iphone. apple released ios 7 this morning, the new operating system. i have to say it was nice to use through 40 pages of user terms/conditions again. it's been too long. the updates add a few new features. ios 7 changes the look and
11:38 pm
functionality. updated the phone, camera apps, siri has a male voice if you want to use it. like having a little chaz bono in your pocket. there are so many new features. no one should have to go outside or make eye contact with a human being every again. the new ios 7 will make your phone the most technologically advanced piece of electronic equipment you will ever accidentally put through the washing machine. speaking of apple devices funny, anchorman on bbc, simon mccoy, who always has an ipad in his hand while he does the news. like this. >> i'm simon mccoy coming up -- feeling the heat. a day of special coverage of the use of energy in the uk. >> here is another one from another day. >> i'm simon mccoy, all day looking at scotland's future -- >> jimmy: this morning, simon did not have his ipad in hand.
11:39 pm
instead he stood there with this. >> good morning, welcome to bbc news. plans for privately run junk tanks to tackle. >> jimmy: don't know if you can tell, that is a ream of printer paper. so the bbc released amost immed picking up his tablet to hold on the air, he picked up a ream of paper sitting next to it. he didn't notice a weight difference there? how is that possible? maybe he just became amish this morning. the good news is something sxitisxit isxit -- exciting happened on the bbc today. doesn't happen every day. ha-ha-ha. [ cheers and applause ] you know, beside being easily mistaken for printer paper these mobile devices can beep very dangerous. researchers at ohio state university say the number of pedestrian whose have been injured while using smart phones
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walking and using has more than doubled since 2005. and they also confirmed that, those injuries are -- hilarious to watch. happen. the studies say that not only do people walk into traffic. people have walked off bridges. that's, that's one of the injuries no one has any sympathy for. dropping off the roof into a kiddie pool. you are the idiot. you got what you deserved. be careful when you are using these. do you want your last word to be an emoji. mike tyson is on a pro notimoti tour, promoting "being mike tyson" when mike tieston doyson interviews it is like christmas for me. the host asked mike about floyd mayweather jr., another boxer. and you will seep her here, new are born. >> mayweather the guy of the moment. what are your impressions of him as a champion.
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>> he is the greatest champion around. no doubt about it. if you like him, dislike him here, has to be -- he has to be put in one of those high enchalances, far from his skills, his business astributes. some one has been brushing up on his voblabulary. he is the best. popular online food delivery service taking unusual approach to advertising. eat 24, a company that allows you to order food from russia to have it delivered to your home. they claim to get business from advertising on porn sites. they have little pop-up ads on porn sites. so i guess you could watch porn and order a sandwich at the same time. this is probably one instance in which you don't want your food to arrive in 30 minutes or less guaranteed. what about the poor delivery
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drivers? it has to be uncomfortable transaction. oh, let me go get my wallet out of my pants. i will be right back. for an extra $5. their delivery guy will, will pat you on the head and tell you, you are not the saddest person in the world. you know, i mentioned our friend aaron paul is on the show tonight. [ applause ] anyone that watches "breaking bad" aaron is a great actor. he has other talents too. aaron e-mailed me before the show. told me he has a secret talent that he has never shared and he asked if he could demonstrate it tonight. is that all right with you guys. i had a feeling it would be. ladies and gentlemen, say hello to aaron paul. >> how are you? >> i am good. i am great. >> tell us, what is your secret talent. >> all right. so, ever since i was a little kid.
11:43 pm
i have always been able to tell the sex of a dog just by petting it. >> jimmy: petting it where exactly? >> on the back. on the back. >> jimmy: you do this blindfolded don't need to see the dog at all? let's give it a try. put the blindfold on. bring dogs in. see if air run can correctly guess if the dog is male, female. it is time for the celebrity hidden talent show. all right. all right, the male dog. the male dog will have blue ribbons around their necks. the female dogs will have pink ribbons around their necks. are you ready, aaron? >> i am ready. >> jimmy: you swear on the life of jesse pinkman's son brock you have no knowledge which dogs are which. >> i swear. >> jimmy: we have not set up the order. let's begin, shall we? bring it in. bring the dog in. i've don't know why i am whispering. i've really don't need to
11:44 pm
whisper. i am whispering. >> ah. >> jimmy: cute dog. i will tell you right now. >> all right, -- >> jimmy: that is right. that is correct. right. guillermo bringing another one in. lower. a little lower. >> bitch. >> that is absolutely right. >> oh, man. >> jimmy: 2-2 so far. another little dog. >> this is a -- >> jimmy: one more. this is unbelievable. >> this one any got balls --
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>> jimmy: that's right. that is incredible. take a bow. aaron paul, everyone. we will take a break. when we come back we will find out what some specific think about the emmys, jim james, hannah ware, and this guy, aaron paul. we'll be right back. you know this hybrid has a better fuel economy rating than the prius v really? great gas mileage and it looks good. yeah, so much better than choosing good looks or great gas mileage. that'd be like somebody being large or in charge. and there are three ways to do this, my way, my way, my way!! do i make myself clear?! i like "and" better. yeah and is better, the twenty fourteen fusion hybrid. ford gives you hybrid fuel economy and a whole lot more. go further
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♪ >> jimmy: tonight on the show -- from "betrayal," hannah ware is here. we have music from jim james. and we'll be right back with aaron paul. sunday, it is the primetime emmy awards. the night all of television
11:50 pm
makes beautiful love to itself. you know, next to the second to last episode of "breaking bad" and series finale of "dexter" and sunday night football, the emmys are the most anticipated night on television. my show was up for three award and coveted most improved. we are excited. and that's nice. but unfortunately matt damon is up for an emmy this year. and, a lot of people think he is going to win. but that doesn't happen. he isn't going home. he is lucky i will let him go home with his wife sunday. i swear to god if he wins i will pull a kanye west full out. whenever there is a big award show like this coming up. a lot of guessing who will win. many predictions are made. a lot of speculation. i don't like speculation. i am a man of science. so we sent a camera crew on to the street today to ask some very specific demographic groups for their thoughts on this year's emmys. and the results were enlightening. >> can you take the glasses off?
11:51 pm
>> sure. what do guys like mcguire if he did sausages instead of steroid think of john hamm's chances at the emmys. >> i have no idea. >> who have the confidence to rock a rachel haircut in 2013 thing will kill it on at the emmys this year? >> jennifer aniston. of course you do. no brainer. >> let me ask you, sir, where are guys who shopped for television -- >> what do guys who got into a fight for half a hot pocket think of the emmys this year? >> "the good wife" is a sitcom i watch. >> let me ask you something, what does todd from breaking
11:52 pm
bad's nazi uncle think about not getting dominated? >> kind of sucks. >> skncan i ask you? >> i would say he probably has a pretty good chance. why not? >> hey, guys, what are disney child stars who never became successful instead became club promoters in san jose think about getting so many nominations? >> they think it's great. >> i, i think that they might think it's great and be gel to us as well. >> what is a guy who is going to say to me forget about it think about the chances? >> he is a fake. forget about it. >> let me ask you guys, does the black eyed peas cover band side of rice think they'll win the best reality show? >> i have no idea what you are
11:53 pm
talking about. >> i think so, yeah. >> what is the man who haunts all children's dreams drink of bob newhart bringing home the emmy? >> i have no idea. none. >> does the guy who had his face melted off at the end of rader's of the lost arc think there is too much violence in breaking bad. >> i have no idea. none. >> what do people who, i don't know, could be married, could be mother and son, could be father and daughter, could be cousins, really, really tough to tell, what do they think about tina fey's chances of winning the emmy? >> i really don't know. i don't know the show. i don't know anything -- awe tau sc >> scud be a daughter, could be a mom. tough to nail this one down. >> let me ask you, man, what does grimace's great, great grandmother think of the second season? >> i have no idea. i have never seen the first season. i have no idea what homeland is?
11:54 pm
>> a little bit of lipstick right, lipstick right there. just a little. got it. >> all right. i still haven't heard of homeland. >> we have a good show tonight, hannah ware, music from jim james and we'll be right back with aaron paul. stick around!
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>> jimmy: tonight on the show -- from "betrayal," hannah ware is here. and music from this album
12:00 am
"regions of light and sound of god" and jim james from the sony outdoor stage. >> jimmy: tomorrow night, james caan will be here. from "homeland," morena baccarin will be with us. and we'll have music from grouplove. i want to say we are shutting down hollywood boulevard, for two huge concerts next week. monday and tuesday with paul mccartney and justin timberlake. they'll be here. and for some dumb reason, we're giving the tickets away for free. if you're in the area and want to come, go to all the details will be right there although i think it has been overloaded for 24 hours. if you can't get through -- sorry. >> jimmy: it's been a thrilling, exhausting, unpredictable and wildly-entertaining winnebago ride -- but we are down to the last two episodes of one of the greatest shows ever. "breaking bad" airs sunday nights on amc. please say hello the pink man, aaron paul.
12:01 am
[ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ >> how are you doing? >> jimmy: i am doing well. >> good, good, good. >> jimmy: the beard looks good. >> pretty wild, huh? >> jimmy: for pleasure for business? >> mixture of both. >> jimmy: mixture of both. okay. i got you. you have done it man to disguise yourself a little bit. i would imagine people are getting very excited. >> it is just madness. >> jimmy: i would imagine that it is. all we talk about here at our work place. >> good. >> jimmy: and you are, actually on the show. so, imagine that people drive you crazy. >> people come up to me constantly just begging to, to have me tell them what is happening with the show. how it is going to end. and i, they just constantly harass me.
12:02 am
finally. i will tell you. you want me to tell you. yes, please tell me. this is how it end. they start screaming, how dare you, don't tell me. no, no, no, stop. stop, stop. >> jimmy: why do people go through the charade. they think they want to know something. then they know they don't want to know something. like for you, you are not, probably not enjoying the show as much as we are. you do know what the ending of the show is. >> no, i am enjoying it. >> jimmy: you are? >> yeah, yeah. i do know. i am such a huge fan of the show as well. i am just lucky enough to have such a crazy front row seat to all of the madness. but, yeah, it's just. >> jimmy: not a front row seat. you are on the stage. you realize that, right? >> yeah. you know, i don't know if you are caught up to the show. [ cheers and applause ] you know this, last episode, was pretty messy. and -- >> jimmy: yes. >> the final two episode are so much more messier. >> jimmy: really? >> yes, yes.
12:03 am
it goes to a place that. >> jimmy: how scan thcan that p be? >> want me to tell you? >> jimmy: no. >> so crazy. i want kate for peopcan't wait how it plays out. >> jimmy: do you feel sudden leap this season the number of fans of the show has increase xd p -- increased exponentially. >> netflix had a lot to do with that. people getting caught up. people talk about it all the time. people that don't watch, they'll say enough. stop talking about this damn show. then they'll watch it. >> jimmy: do you have people ask you about it? >> have to be honest. grandmothers will come up to me. the thing that worries me, little children. i will be walking by. i want to disneyland yesterday. and, little kids will just look at me, like they're looking at, like justin bieber walking by i am like what? how do you even know who i am? and they're like my god i love your show. like an 8-year-old boy.
12:04 am
i love your show. i look at their parents -- how dare you, you psychos. how are you letting your children watch this? shame on you. let them save your children. >> jimmy: you have been doing weird things lately. you really do seem to be enjoying it. because one thing i saw, that you had a hollywood tour bus drive by your house. instead of hiding as most people would do, you came out and greeted everyone and took pictures with people. >> i did. i did. >> jimmy: do you think that is a good idea? >> you know at the time i thought the was a great idea. it was an awful idea. >> jimmy: a bad idea. >> people wait on the front doorstep waiting for me to come home. >> jimmy: not good. >> little scary. >> jimmy: sure, very scary. who would have ever guessed that would encourage that type of behavior. >> what an idiot. >> jimmy: calling people. >> sunday night. people watching the show. people are like, oh, my god. like i am stressing out.
12:05 am
i need to take to someone about the show. i'm like, what's your number? and i go, hey, everyone i'm at home. any one want to talk "breaking bad" people will tweet me their numbers and i will call them. >> jimmy: do they believe it is you? >> not at all. majority of the conversation is me trying to convince them it is actually me. and then once they figure it out. they just scream. >> jimmy: you are from boise, idaho, how do you pronounce it? >> whatever you want. boise, boise. i don't even know. >> jimmy: big screening there for, locals. >> yeah, yeah. this last sunday night's episode. i want to boise. rented out the oldest theater in idaho, the egyptian. i invited all the community to come down. i, i hid tickets all around the city. did a scavenger hunt via twitter. >> jimmy: that too seems like a bad idea. >> it was an awful. awful idea. i will be having lunch. send out a tweet. saying, the tickets are in a
12:06 am
fire pot. check it out near the capital. then 100 people will be coming from every direction. diving to the flower pot. the biggest mistake. hey outside 43 i will be dropping tickets outside a window. next thing i look there is like 100 people outside the window. i open the window. said, yeah, bitch, and then i throw out tickets. it becomes like wrestle mania outside. girls getting tackled. thrown in bushes. tickets stolen. and i'm like i'm so sorry, oh, you are bleeding, oh, no. it's -- awful. >> jimmy: more carnage off the screen than on it. >> yeah. >> jimmy: we will take a break. when we come back, we will not have a clip from the next episode of "breaking bad." but aaron is going to tell us nothing. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ [ applause ] ♪ [ male announcer ] ever wonder why no other mouthwash feels like listerine®? because no other mouthwash works like listerine®.
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>> jimmy: aaron paul. two episodes of breaking bad left. can't show a clip. give things away. tell us something isn't in the finale. >> a lot of things that aren't in the finale. >> jimmy: what was the last day of shooting like? >> i actually worked on the final day of shooting. >> jimmy: oh, oh. >> no, no, but it actually it
12:13 am
was a scene that aired in last week's episode. >> jimmy: which scene? >> the flashback scene. where they're cooking in the camper. >> jimmy: was that shot, entirely original. some was from, earlier episode, right? >> no, no. that was all. >> jimmy: all. >> they had to wait to shoot that. just because i needed to be clean shaven. you know. >> jimmy: i see. >> they decided to keep that scene until the final day of shooting. and we shot the interior winnebago last. and so it was very emotional and sad. i kept walking around the desert saying i scant bleacan't believ happening. how is the show ending the i am so depressed. i know, it is very sad. >> jimmy: you are with a group of people. and you've been working every day for years. >> seven years. shot the pilot seven years ago. and, but brian cranston. god, i love that man.
12:14 am
so, you know, as you guys know, when he cooks he cooks in his tighty-whities in the winnebago. the final setup is my coverage. in an apron. in his underwear. the final take he comes walking up, and the camera can just see his backside. i can't. and i just hear outside people laughing. and i'm trying to hold in my tears because i know the show is almost done. and then he just turns around and starts walking away. he is naked. he pulled down his pants. anytime he can hatch the opportunity to show me his -- he does. it is a beautiful thing. >> jimmy: on the night of the finale. you have a big event set up. >> yes. >> jimmy: hey la lot of people. sold out in five second. >> literally sold out in 60 second. i rented out the cemetery where woe will play the pilot episode
12:15 am
and final episode the night it airs. >> jimmy: sound weird that you rented out a cemetery. they have events at the cemetery. >> movie screenings there every weekend throughout the summer the a aboutful thing. you are not laying on grave stones. it is an open grass field. sold out within 60 second. all the proceed are going to my wife's charity, kind campaign. it is an incredible organization. and now i am giving everyone an opportunity to go to to enter a chance to wind. the grand prize, trip for two to los angeles. i will pick them up at the airport. we are going to go out to dinner. hopefully toilet paper brian cranston's house. then meet up with cranston and get into the winnebago put on hazmat suits and drive off to the cemetery together and meet up with the entire cast, and creators behind it, writers and watch the finale together. >> jimmy: sound fantastic.
12:16 am
and little detail might be nice. you guys should enjoy a pizza on the roof of brian's house. that would be good too. >> great idea. >> jimmy: why not? >> the best part is, jimmy kimmel here will be doing the q & a afterward? awe. >> jimmy: conducting the q & a session. >> thank you by the way. thank you. >> jimmy: i threw a lot of qs about the end of the show. never get any as back. hopefully get some as. >> you will for sure. can't wait to do it. anxious for the end of the show. i dread the end of the show. i am so jealous of anyone who has not sat through and watched the show yet. breaking bad. finale is oh, you know what i have a gift for you. just being reminded before we go. this is to commemorate your five years on the show. maybe at your grandma's house. >> amazing. thank you. thank you. >> jimmy: aaron paul!
12:17 am
the final episodes of "breaking bad" air this sunday and next sunday at 9:00 pm on amc. we'll be right back with hannah ware.
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ >> jimmy: like most young professionals in our business, our next guest made the leap from fashion model to architect student to actress. her new show "betrayal" premieres september 29th here on abc. please welcome hannah ware.
12:23 am
♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i am told this is your first talk show appearance. i understand you not knowing which chair to sit in. where are you from? i sense a hint of an accent. >> from london. yes. >> jimmy: what part of london? >> south london. you know london well? >> jimmy: i do. been a bunch of times. i don't even know l.a. i don't know -- for frz a >> neither do i. >> jimmy: were your parents attractive as well? >> i love you. my mother is a social worker. my dad is a janitor. >> jimmy: -- my dad is a journalist. >> jimmy: what kind? >> used to present panorama for
12:24 am
the bbc? >> jimmy: a news show. >> he worked for the bbc many years. >> jimmy: a reporter. when you get a bad report card does he investigate? >> no, no. he wasn't actually that interested in grade as such. but he did, whenever he calls me up now. my mother is jewish and her first question is have you eaten? and my dad's first question is give me the headlines. so, yeah. kind of different. >> jimmy: because the call is expensive. >> he likes to cut the chase. doesn't want to mess about. need to know what is important. >> jimmy: what do you say if your mother asks, will she supply you with a meal over the phone. >> that's the cure for everything. >> jimmy: do you tell her you have eaten every time? >> all way. we go through it. >> jimmy: i got you. you got into acting. your sister is a famous singer also? >> yes. >> jimmy: jesse ware. >> jesse ware.
12:25 am
>> jimmy: getting married. you are maid of honor? >> yes, i am.bout that or too much work. >> i'm not sure we're speaking at the moment. >> jimmy: not speaking to your sister. >> at the moment her fiance decided he wants me to wear something nautical to the wedding. >> jimmy: nautical. are you sure he didn't say naughty? nautical. what do you mean by that? >> she is getting married on the greek island. he decided he wants the bridesmaid to wear sailor outfits. >> jimmy: i love this guy. wear sailor outfits. >> i threatened to chain-smoke down the island walk down. >> jimmy: will your sister go along with this. >> i don't know why he is interested. he's not into clothes. all of a sudden. >> jimmy: as a joke to wear them or thinks it would look good if you are dressed as sailors. >> i am not sure.
12:26 am
via text. you misread these things. >> some times the phones spell out different things. auto correct. >> maybe he wrote naughty. >> jimmy: will you kid wearing that? >> no, of course not. >> jimmy: when you are here in california, do you, i would think if i grew up in london and used to driving on the wrong side of the road which, it is the wrong side of the road you are driving on? >> yes, it is. no, no, it's not. you are driving on the wrong side. >> jimmy: we are driving literally on the right side of the road. it is right there on the -- on the title. right side of the road. >> all right, fine. you can hatve that. >> jimmy: is that a problem. in lon donedon i made the mista terrifying nightmare the whole time. >> i am a terrible driver. >> jimmy: makes it worse. >> yes, really bad. >> jimmy: when you say you are a terrible driver have you been in accidents? >> okay, let's just say last car
12:27 am
i had, i totaled. a few weeks ago. >> jimmy: a few weeks ago. >> yeah, it was, the few meters away from my house. not good. >> jimmy: your car or rental? >> my car. >> jimmy: your car. do you have a car now? >> no, shooting in chicago. i totaled the car and then left. >> jimmy: went right to the airport. >> to the airport. >> jimmy: you are okay. >> ic'm fine. >> jimmy: with another car? >> the other car was stationary. i was late for a meeting. i'm not good with time. >> jimmy: uh upholstered. >> i was wearing an orange dress. i was smoking a cigarette because i was nervous. >> jimmy: okay. >> i was swatting a fly, i didn't want it to get smushd edn my dress, pale orange. doing two things. same time. i was going head-on into a truck
12:28 am
that was parked. i totaled. >> jimmy: what kind of cigarette was this you were smoking? >> american spirit. it matched my dress. orange american spirit. >> jimmy: you have to be color coordinated when it comes to nicotine. was anyone in the car? >> no. they weren't. just me. >> jimmy: did they catch you or did you walk away from the scene. >> i crawled out of my car. there was a very nice man who watched the whole thing. and i said can you just watch my car while i get to my meeting. because my dress was still fine. >> jimmy: you had a guy watch the car for you. >> just watch it for five minutes. i have got this meeting. i have this meeting. he was very sweet. he watched the car. >> jimmy: see that's what happens when you look like this. he probably would washed your car if you asked him to. wow, that is something else. your show is called "betrayal." >> yes. gyp >> jimmy: i watched it. i enjoyed it. a lot of sex going on. for abc this is like almost
12:29 am
pornography. i say that in a good way. but the idea of the show is, well you explain it. you will explain it better than i. >> the premise of the show is, it's based -- based on a dutch series. i will not talk about that. >> jimmy: we do not look to talk about those people. >> i play a photographer who has an affair with some one who is going against my husband in court, they're two lawyers. so there is a twist. my lover is attached to a very powerful family in chicago. causes all problems. >> jimmy: this happens in real life all the time. >> all the time. >> jimmy: best of luck with the show and with driving. i hope you have a driver to take you home? >> ah. >> jimmy: we'll arrange. guch guillermo will give you a ride home.
12:30 am
>> jimmy: hannah ware! "betrayal" premieres september 29th at 10:00 on abc. when we come back, music from jim james.
12:31 am
12:32 am
>> jimmy: his new album is called "regions of light and sound of god." playing the song "state of the art," from ontario, canada -- jim james. ♪ daylight come daylight go how far will it reach ain't nobody know ♪ ♪ when the dawn breaks ♪ now i know you
12:33 am
need the dark just as much as the sun but you signin' ♪ ♪ on forever when you ink it in blood a-e-i-o-u ♪ ♪ e-i-o-u a-e-i-o-u-i i used the state of the art ♪ ♪ technology supposed to make for better living are we better ♪
12:34 am
♪ human beings we've got our wires all crossed our tubes are all tied ♪ ♪ and i'm straining to remember just what it means to be alive ♪ ♪ a life worth living now you can feel it in your chest buildin' like ♪ ♪ little bullets just building up the nest and you build ♪ ♪ it up strong and you fill it up with love and you pray for ♪ ♪ good rain all from the lord above a-e-i-o-u ♪ ♪ e-i-o-u a-e-i i sued my state of the art
12:35 am
technology ♪ ♪ now don't you forget it it ain't using me 'cause when the power goes out ♪ ♪ i got over me 'cause the power's


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