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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  September 19, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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73. now over to traffic. >> first, though, southbound 280 northbound 880, the connection is closed for roadway excavation until 6:00 a.m. causing some slowing. southbound 880 from washington, four left lanes are closed until 5:00. keep that in mind in the east bay. the bay bridge toll plaza, traffic is light. no metering heights yet but we will let you know what is going on. >> golden gate bridge officials will take a vote to make a long talk about dream, a reality, a barrier to prevent head-on collisions. >> a big vote that could change the experience of driving across
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this bridge. this is what the barrier will look like: a movable zipper style barrier making the narrow lanes more narrow rather than 10' wide they are 9.5'. the only thing they have on there separating traffic in opposite directions are plastic posts. the fear is there will be head on collisions. the hope is the barrier will prevent the collisions. >> if it is hit it can move a little bit. cars will also deflect off of it and we could see other accidents we are not used to including a sideswipe or fender bender. >> this is the bridge now. this is what it will look like with the barrier. to install it the golden gate bridge officials will take a page from the bay bridge playbook and do a shutdown closing the golden gate bridge from friday to monday.
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that is still a year away. first they is to get it approved. the vote is scheduled for today. we will follow this so stay with abc7 news as we track this story that will be developed throughout the day. a san ramon neighborhood is back to normal after a major stand off that kept people out of their homes for hours. at ashbourne circle, two sheriff deputies, a locksmith and a property manager were in the process of a 401(k) eviction and someone fired a shot. the property manager was hit, and the suspect barricade himself inside for hours triggering calls to neighbors but some did not get the calls. >> we started immediately evacuating neighbors from the closest residence, immediately. shortly after we put out a
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notification to 40 or 50 residents to advise them to shelter in place. >> they did not tell the person in front of them to "shelter." negotiators were called but the talks stalled. ten minute after firing gas the suspect surrendered. the suspect was taken into custody. >> the washington, dc, navy yard, re-opened 90 minutes ago, three day after the mass shooting left 12 people dead. the gates were opened to cars and workers. the navy said it will be a regular work day but for the building where the shootings occurred and the gym which is used as a staging area for the f.b.i. investigation. authorities now are focusing on the behavior and mental background of 34-year-old aaron alexis who died in a shootout with police after the rampage. >> the f.b.i. and alameda county sheriff deputies are investigating an explosion that leveled a restroom near
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livermore. here is what the sheriff deupties found at the state pack on tuesday night: the restroom was made of 6" concrete with debris nearby. there was an explosive device filled with gunpowder. the explosion could have killed somebody. >> negotiations between bart and the unions are done for the week without much progress. union members tell abc7 news that bart walked out of negotiations and will only meet on few of the remaining 22 days before the end of the cooling-off period. bart officials are ready to meet at any time the mediator calls them become. according to bart, the unions offer will cost $150 million over the next four years. the union says it is asking for a 13.5 percent increase over a three-year contract. negotiating sessions are scheduled monday and wednesday with both unions and next tuesday with just one of the
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unions. there are talks scheduled monday and wednesday of the following week and monday and tuesday of the week after that. only one union can meet with bart on october 9 the day before the 60-day cooling-off period ended and bart workers could go on strike again. >> state regulators are poised to step into the battle in the bay area between the taxi industry and the new on-line ride-sharing services. the public utilities commission will vote whether drivers for companies like lift and sidewar will have to have background checks and have the right car insurance and driver training. the start-up companies use mobile yaps to summon private vehicles to transport customers. cab drives are already regulated and that puts them in a competitive disadvantage. >> transportation officials will set a date for the public to weigh in on a proposed rate change for packing at the ferry terminal on october 17. the proposal includes a daily
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right between $2 and $5 and optional monthly passes starting at $20. revenue is needed for maintenance. >> oakland a's fans will face brand new security including walking through metal detectors. they will have to empty keys, cell phones and other items from their pockets. the extra security is a mandate from major league baseball similar to security at nfl and nba games. tonight the a's play the twins at 7:00, trying to bounce back after were dropping the series against the age gems in 11 innings. the magic number to clinch the al west is five because the range gels, also, lost in tampa . >> five to clinch the title. mike has the forecast. mike? >> temperatures are cooler than
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yesterday. 49 in novato. 45 in half moon bay. we have 50 in bodega. 51 in san ramon. alum rock is 49. cool temperatures there. the rest of us are in the 50's until redwood city at 58. 59 in fairfield and brentwood. san francisco right now is 55. the next 12 hours show temperatures running in the 50's at 7:00. at noon we are 66 at the coast and 80 inland and check out the warm temperatures at 4:00: warmest afternoon we will have in the next seven days pushing in the upper 80's inland and mid-70's around the bay and the coast. temperatures fall back by ten degrees headed through the evening hours. now a check of the morning commute. >> we have a big potential problem in pleasanton browing, an accident there, southbound 680, a car is on the roof on the right-hand shoulder and one car is down the embankment and a big
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rig is involved. they need to get the driver out of the overturned vehicle. the commuter direction is not looking good. we will keep you posted. >> southbound 680 at walnut creek, that is looking fine. no problems. eastbound highway 4, closed from summersville road to a street until action this morning. a little regular work going on there. construction work. >> next, escape from paradise, a popular mexican tourist spot is slammed by floods as tourists try to get out. >> high-tech advice from the san francisco d.a. and iphone users need to upgrate right away. >> are you a big winner? we have where the winning ticket for the $400 million jackpot was
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sold. firsts though, we have america's money report. >> good morning, stock futures indicating a stronger open today on wall street following the chairman bernanke's announcement the federal reserve is not easing the stimulus. the dow starts the day at a record high. more bad news for blackberry, reportedly laying off up to 40 percent of the work force by the end of the year. the company has 12,000 employees-plus. blackberry is unveiling the new smartphone, the z30. grand theft auto five is nearly $1 billion on sale on the first day of release on tuesday.
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>> covering cupertino, concord, wine country and all bay area this is abc7 news. >> on this thursday morning, a
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look of the camera toward san francisco. you can see the bay bridge and the lights. we will look at weather and traffic coming up in a couple of minutes. >> fremont police are asking for the public's help identifying the owners of two aban they are not microchipped. police are hoping the owner claims the dogs or provide information about them so the shelter can find the animals a new home. >> san francisco district attorney is urging iphone users to download apple's newest operating system to help curb the rash of phone thefts. a new feature of the ios7 is a kill switch that can be remotely shut off if stolen, hopefully to prevent thefts. >> this will reduce the number
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of thefts. it is going to reduce the number of injuries caused by the theft. it is not going to happen overnight but it will happen quickly. >> the features available on the newest iphone but can also be downloaded to the older models including the ipad. he has been pushing the smartphone industry to include technology to make the devices useless to thieves. >> the number of missing people from colorado's devastating flooding has fallen to 200. the door-to-door seven for stranded victims continues. the rescuers have reaped cut off victims and reduced the number of people unaccounted for. at least six people have died. electricity and phone services are slowly being restored. crews are trying to clean up 5,000 gallons of oil that spilled into the flood swollen river in north industrial colorado from a damaged storage tank. >> thousands of tourists are trying to get out of mexico as a
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hurricane slams into the pacific coast devastating the coast as a storm over the weekend and regained strength to become a hurricane. it has been causing widespread flooding. acapulco is submerged with 40,000 tourists stranded. the government of mexico says 80 people have been killed and 58 are mission after a massive land slide in the southern mountains. >> ticket purchased in south carolina is the only one to match all six numbers in the powerball draw for the massive $400 million jackpot. officials say the ticket was sold at a highway gas station in lexington, the cash value is $223 million. it is the fifth largest jackpot in lottery history. the numbers are 7, 10, 22, 32, 35, and powerball number is 19. several tickets matched all
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number but the powerball numbers. tomorrow the mega million is $145 million which has a plan to win back hairs from powerball. organizers want to make it harder to win big helping grow the jackpot. they want to increase the odds for winning smaller but still significant prizes. >> just $145 million. >> we have the office pool going and we were hoping to phone in from tahiti. >> i guess you didn't drive through south carolina last night. >> good morning, everyone, these are our numbers: pretty quiet right now. on friday evening, tomorrow evening, we will track light rain for friday evening and saturday festivities. as far as what is going on today, it will be one of the warmest days in the forecast.
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low-to-mid 80's for most of the santa clara valley, and 82 degrees in santa cruz. as far as temperatures on the peninsula, a lost low-to-mid 80's until millbrae and san mateo where we will be in the mid-to-upper 70's and half moon bay is at 73, a warm spot along the coast. 72 at sunset and up more 70's in downtown and 76 in south san francisco and same in sausalito. mid-to-upper 80's through the north bay valleys and upper 60's to low 70's at the beaches. 79 in berkeley not quite to 80 but it will feel close enough with temperatures ranger from 80 in oakland. inland, a lot of lot of 90's, the cloud cover is increasing tomorrow morning ahead of the next weather maker which is going to sit offshore today,
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with high pressure still dominating our weather and build the warmth for another day. a couple of things have changed since yesterday, the system now is dropping a little bit further to the south, and it has just a touch more moisture, so, action we are protect any quiet in most neighborhoods but for the extreme northwest corner of sonoma. in the evening we will have sprinkles along the coast into san francisco and possibly the north bay. overnight it will be quiet with just scattered sprinkles. then the bulk of the system come ms. and it looks more oppressive than the actual rain that reaches the ground but saturday morning in the north bay and progressing to the east bay by the afternoon and it is out of here. what will happen, it is coming in a little bit later so more of us will see rain. when it comes in, during the daylight, it is harder to reach the ground. that will keep our rainfall amounts light.
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you can see .1" in the north bay possibly. in the seven-day outlook temperatures are ten degrees cooler tomorrow and another 5- to 10-degrees cooling on saturday. sunday we have increasing sunshine and warmer and temperatures back to average monday, tuesday, and wednesday. leyla gulen is off this morning so we will do the honors. the accident southbound 680 a car is on the roof on the shoulder and another calf is down the embankment and a big rig and another car involved. the overturned vehicle has the driver still trapped. firefighters and ambulance are called to the scene to free that person. it could affect your traffic. >> the oakland maze shows traffic is moving along, moving just okay. syrian president bashar al-assad claims that the united nations
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report that found clear and convincingest of a sarin nerve gas attack in syria is unrealistic and he denies his regime was behind it. he appears in a fox news interview in damascus accusing rebels of using chemical weapons in the attack and says his government would abide by an agreement by united states and russian officials to give up the government's chemical weapon. he estimated it would take a year to destroy them and cost $1 billion. >> senator john mccain is slamming russian president putin in an opinion piece he submitted which is the russian newspaper being posted today. he accused putin corruption, repression, and self serving rule titled "russians deserve better than putin." the column counters putin's op-ed in the "new york times". the prime minister of japan is convinced the radiation contaminated water is contained.
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the prime minister took a three hour tour of the complex which was christian eled after the 2011 earthquake. he again emphasized that tokyo is safe, and promised the olympic committee before it awarded the 2020 games this month. he said he will work hard to counter rumors regarding fukushima safety. >> honda is recalling hundreds of thousands of vehicle and that could cause a deadly crash. >> what thousands of children admit to doing: putting the safety of their children at risk on the roads. >> a remarkable images caught by
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and become a volunteer reader, tutor or mentor with united way. >> amendment, everyone, 4:52 on the morning news. this is a beautiful picture of the golden gate bridge with the traffic moving along just beautifully this morning. we have news involving the bridge and the long-awaited
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safety barrier to prevent head on crashes. >> the university of california is turning to social media to raise money for scholarships. the six week fundraiser combines the old school model of funds for the online crowd sourcing concept. volunteers are promising to perform tasks if they get enough pledges. for instance, jamie foxx will perform a rap song posing as bill clinton. governor brown will host a brown bag lunch for ten u.c. students. >> living near the coast we often see marine life but a man's encounter took his breath away. a man was on the morning walk and he spotted two whales close to the wharf. he ran home and grabbed the camera and he took these amazing pictures saying they were so close to him he missed some shots. they did not seem bothered by him at all and they were looking
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for fish. >> now a look at what is going on: twins and a's, the first play at 7:05 first pitch. we are back to evening games. 68 under sunshine and dropping to 62 as the sun towns into stars. around the state today if you are traveling, it will be warm in many areas and low-to-mid 90's through the central valley and a sunny 77 in tahoe and 80 in yosemite national park and sunshine in monterey and 70 and 80 in los angeles. safe travels. leyla gulen is off. pleasanton, southbound 680, talking about this big problem at the exit, we have throw cars involved in a big rig and one car is on the roof and there is an extraction of a person going on right now. this could affect traffic on 580 so potentially a big commute problem.
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we have in san jose a connection that is closed calling slowing this and, also, we have caltrain, bart and muni on time. mass transit is looking good. san mateo bridge, traffic is moving fine, with tail lights headed into foster city, not a lot them out there at this moment. >> honda is recalling 300,000 cars and s.u.v.'s in the united states because of an airbag defect recalling 2003 and 2004 model year odyssey minivans and 2003acura sport utility vehicles with a glitch in the airbag systems. no crabs have been reported. the glitch should take an hour to fix. >> a survey finds that a lot of parents admit driving with their children not always buckled in. this is the way you should properly restrain your child before driving off. the group safety kids worldwide found 25 percent of parents admit they do not always buckle.
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half say it is okay to leave them unbuckled if they are not driving far. children under age four should always be buckled in. four to seven should sit in a booster state. ken norton sr., the greatest fighters in history, passed away. he had three epic fights with muhammad ali in the 1970's breaking momentally's jaw. norton played linebackers for the 49ers was in poor health after a series of strokes. norton sr. was 70 years old. >> a federal court has ruled your facebook "likes" are protected speech under the first amendment and the case involved a former sheriff deputy who says the sheriff fired him after he "liked" a candidate run again the sheriff. it is the internet equivalent of displaying a sign in your front yard. it could tick off your neighbor
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boss but you have every right to say it. >> too much sugar can rot your teeth but is it the motion dangerous -- most dangerous drug of our time? it is linked to obesity and diabetes, with the average american getting 13 percent of recommended calories in sugar. an expert in europe says it is as addictive as smoking and should carry a warning that the content could be dangerous to your health. >> first, the bay bridge and now the golden gate bridge, the big decision coming this morning that will have drivers gearing up for another challenging commute. >> the s.w.a.t. team descends on an east bay neighbor. some were not told what they were happening. >> new details of the damage caused by the devastating rim fire in
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> thank you for joining us. we will get a check on the weather forecast, laying leg is off this morning. mike is doing the weather honors >> we will start with live doppler 7 hd and visibility. good morning, to you, everyone is unlimited with a few clouds as we talked about yesterday. no one weather-wise, with temperatures the warmth weather this week is 73 at half moon bay and 77 in san francisco, and 79 in san mateo and everyone else in the 80's until you get to the east bay


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