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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  September 20, 2013 1:05am-1:41am PDT

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holloway says they smashed windows and doors to get in and left him with floors urinated on. graffitied walls. $20,000 in damage in adedition o stolen property. you may think the big guy would want to knock heads. instead he create aid website. called help me save 300. to post pictures of the kids tweeting abut the party and asked for all 300 or so to come back and help him clean up. so he could help them turn their lives around. >> everything broken can be fixed. everything stolen could be returned. there is 300 lives in trouble. that's all that i focused on. >> the county sheriff is investigating as well. thanks to oversharing kids, has a digital trail of crumbs to follow. >> thank you for watching abc news. world news now is coming up soon with overnight breaking new. i will see you at "good morning america" tomorrow. as always we are online at
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good night. >> announcer: every day more americans choose abc news, america's number one news source.
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>> tonight just weeking from a possible strike, abc learned exactly where and how bart get the manager ready to drive trains if workers walk off the job. good evening. >> 21 days away from a possible strike and training under way now could allow for limited service if there is a strike. >> lisa is live now from the pleasant hills bart station with the story. >>reporter: union members out remained that bart is actively training potential train operators at site on mar island but they have done nothing wrong and all for the good of the riding public say managers. bart train could come to screeching halt come october 1 11. that's why management coming up with plan b. last week bart brought 2 cars to wear house at transportation in vallejo. 12 manager non-union but certified operators have
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been going through refresher training course. on what bart calls non-working equipment. >> also lacking into the possibility if it's safe and if the board approves it of having limited train service for passengers. >>reporter: bart may run some trains during peek hours with the non-81 operators. something it says is allowed if the union strikes. >> we have to prepare for the possibility of strike and it's our responsibility to have some options for the bay area if that were to occur. >> we would hike them to come to the table with the same level of intensity to get a contract as opposed to training people that aren't ready to do the job. >>reporter: union representing rain operators calls bart move disingenuous and against the rules because treng of non-union personnel can only happen on equipment that is not powered up. bart operator showed me the photo tonight. >> we have interior lighting going on in the train which shows it is actually powered u p
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up. >>reporter: not allowed. >> correct. >>reporter: bart passengers none of this matters. they just want trains to run. regardless of who is behind the wheel. >> i think it's fair because the people got to get to work somewhere. >> i think it's okay just in case. officials both sides scheduled to return to the bargaining table monday. abc 7 news. >> and breaking news. special california meat company recalling 58,000 pound of beef because of concerns it may contain small pieces of plasti plastic. recall beef central valley meat company in hanford was intended for use by the national school lunch program. meat produced on april first and shipped to california arkansas montana and texas. again school lunches. central valley meat company made news last year after briefly shut down when accused of miss treating animal. reopened after the company promised to
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retrain work centers breaking news out of chicago. 11 people including a three year old child were injured when gunman opened fire at park in the city back of the art neighborhood. fire department officials say the chilled is in critical condition. no arrest have been made. >> we follow developing news after double shooting leaves one man dead and woman hospitalized. by after tonight shots fired on the portrero hill neighbor. both victims inside a car. man died at the hospital. woman is expected to survive. additional police were brought in after large crowd gathered at the scene. >> golden gate bridge officials study a toll increase in the coming weeks. bridge district had a 66 million dollar deficit last year and officials project the district 140 million dollars in the red over the next 5 years. traditional way the district has raised funds is by increasing your toll. >> today the purchase installation of movable median to protect drivers from head on
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collision was approved with final approval expected tomorrow as we fears reporte reportedless tonight it will cost 26 million dollars and require 52 hour closure of the gelleden gate bridge but not only until next fall. most of the money 20 million $come from state transportation funds. rest come from toll and other state local funds. fans say the oak licensed coliseum sell brit hard fought victory another game closer to the play offs but before the gym many fans experienced whether he will new level of security present view of is what to come this weekend. allen at the coliseum tonight how did it go? >>reporter: well, for a team on the brink of making play offs only 20,000 fans here tonight. so that extra security measure didn't really at any rate any back up. major league baseball behind the curve in the use of metal detector. nfl mandated themear last year. several nba teams including the warriors already use them.
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>> security measure implemented to ensure safety. >>reporter: major league baseball says the goal is to have metal detector in every stadium by the start of next season. but the a's leading off early by using metal detector first time expecting to be in the play offs. >> rirment for the post season by major league baseball we want to have practice run done so we don't just start off on the first post season game fought have any experience with it. >> it could take longer with big crowds lake play off coming and world series if we get in helpfully. >>reporter: a's hired 70 extra staff members for the new security but they aren't sure if it trickle down into future ticket prisons. extra step next to the bag check already in place. if. >> he's going for this. >>reporter: twin fan actually welcome the extra security. >> i think it's unfortunate but
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the way our world is day, because tonight was jaws practice run only 4 gate have metal detector but they say by this sunday it's a regular procedure at every game. in oakland, abc 7 news. >> well, rain is on the way and could affect the weekend game. sandhya is here with life doppler 7 hd tonight. when does the wet weather come. >> really soon. yes it could affect some games this we hope. football baseball let me show you live doppler 7 hd writ now and is what has gone. we just have a few clouds while off theo coast writ now but look at a wider view here we take you back in time and bring you up to the present time and you will notice that we do have a storm that is on its way. thist is the last storm before summer ends and i'm watching it for you carefully because this is going to impact part of your weekend plans. i'll be back with look at the details on when you will need the umbrella and what part of the weekend may include the pitter patter
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of rain drops. >> all right see you shortly. >> new details tonight. plan raising the chinese flag over city hall has been suspended. it was temporarily replace the flag on october 1st the day people republic of china formed in 1949. manufacture was designed to attract new american businesses but critic say it endorses the brutal government. the mayor says the city needs to allow the community time to weigh in on the decision. >> new at 11:00. university of california police arrested a man on suspicion of indecent exposure. 23-year-old joel wagner taken into custody on tuesday. he was exposing himself and performing will you do act in the main library on the berkeley campus. they say there is reason to believe he may have committed similar act on or interschool ground. authorities say he is not a student and has no apparent legitimate reason to be on campus in the fears please. >> new details about the san ramone man accused of opening fire as he was being evicted
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from his home. from-year-old mike gone surrendered after stand off on wednesday. we learned that his investment advisory company filled for bank ri. his wife had greating card shop in danville also went under. couple defeated on home license and being evicted when authorities say he shot the property manager in the leg. he's being held at the contra costa county jill on charges of attempted murder. >> there is new information out tonight in the washington navy yard shingt. bloomberg news reports the same government contractor that conducted the become ground check on the gunman also veted suspected national security agency snowden. men tim civilian employee military members return to work at the navy yard today for the first time suns monday shooting. crime scene area is still off limits of course along with the base gym where the fbi is steaminging their operation. 12 of the co-workers were killed on
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monday. >> tragic story unfolding in the colorado flooding. 79-year-old woman told her elderly neighbor save herself shortly before she was swept awhich. take a lack. photo is the only item that has been recovered from evelyn's home. she and her neighbor joy were trying to get to hire ground when evelyn fell trying to pull her out but couldn't. evelyn last word were don't worry about me. save yourself. joy did survive. confirmedare 7 confirmed deaths republican a republican and democrat o. more than 2000 homes destroyed and 200 miles of red way no longer usable. dozens more bay area red cross volunteers now heading to colonel republican and democrat 0to help the flooding victim. >> if you are looking for place to aren't beware. the coming up next. crime targeting would be renter how you can avoid being ripped off. >> also possible medical breakthrough in breast cancer research just how close we are to a vaccine. >> and with new operating system comes new problems of
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♪ ho ho ho >> well there is a growing scam in the south bay targeting people in search of rental. santa clara county district attorney's office bogus real estate listings on the rise and warning that aplays across the bay area. amma has the story. >>reporter: someone lay to you and they take your money, that's a crime. deputy district attorney kimberly conners is warning of on line real estate rental listings that are fake. it's a scam she says has been on the up particular in santa clara county over the past year. she's currently working a case involving this woman. of san jose. conners says she was renting this home then posted phoney rental listing for it on lane. >> she was put on craad sunny b. make it soundte nice. negotiate a deal. take the money and then the person never got to move in of. >>reporter: conners believe the woman may have done it several times and hoping other
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victims will come forward. >> i wish there was more we could do to stop people from being scammed like this. but there is nothing really we can do. >>reporter: linda works for this property company. company has this santa clara listing for there00 dollars. someone used their info and tried to rent it for just 1200 dollars. >> very easy to just copy or to get the photo and have, they put in their information and phone number so they text potential renter. >>reporter: vacation rentals also targeted. >> we are not sure if it's because there's a little bit of a shortage of affordable housing or lake all the scams people caught on this is a great thing and it's working so they are taking advantage of it. >>reporter: either way conners says if looking for a rental check your facts. find out who opens the property. is it foreclosure and if not being allowed inside to look around take that as red flag and walk away. in san jose, 7 news.
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>> san francisco base following foot steps of twitter and facebook. by turning to advertising. social sharing web site start using promoted pin to pitch product from advertisers. nearly 50 million people in the united states use pinterest. >> researchers in cleveland plan to get permission from. fda to test the vaccine. it uses the own immune situation lick polio to prevent the disease in the first place. this process will likely take at least 2 years. and if approved for clinical trials the drug not available for likely 10 years on the mark mar. >> coca-cola poll jaysing over the use of some unfortunate words. teenager in capped opened a bottle of vitamin water and found offensive word nz the cap. the father complained to the parent company coca-cola that says the language inside the cap was product of competition involving english and french words. in french retarred
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liens late or delayed. coca-cola says in part it was never our intention to offend anyone. hope our consumer can accept our profound apology. prosecute motion by the way has since been cancelled. >> watch for this up grid to g gopally latest operating syste system. forbes magazine reporting vulnerability allow anyone access to the phone camera and photo the with the pass code. press button just the right seek we understand and voila school through the photo. also top on the share photo for twitter no word from apple yet on when it's available. >> discop certificating. >> heats talk about the weather forecast. >> sandhya is here with the latest on live doppler 7hd. >> yes. our live live doppler 7hd tracking rain so summer is going out on a wet note. show
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you that live doppler 7hd watching clouds gather off the coast line here by morning things look very different from this. from east bay hills camp raw can see spectacular have you looking back towards san francisco. really great visibility right now. 57 san francisco. 58 oakland. check out the temperature san carlos, san jose warmth from earlier in the 60's it's 54 degrees in half moon bay. glorious view of the bay pwrem and here are your temperatures. 51 in santa rosa. 56 napa. antioch 69 degr 66. hope you had a chance to enjoy the warm-up today. we got mid 90's inland. felt lick summer and coastal fog mid 60's with all the mick row climate at from our sutro towercam. see san francisco writ now and here's a look at the forecast. cooler for your friday chance of rain in the north bay late night hours. showers saturday entire bay area and possibility of thunder. fall araves at
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4:44 p.m. sunday and appropriately so we bring it back up to brit and sunny by sun. the storm that is going to bring us the rain is basically a narrow band of moisture that is soshed with this cold front but it will dampen part of the weekend. so lets look at the timing. 5:00 o'clock friday you see all the cloud around. rain still doesn't get here until about 8:00 p.m. friday. so the rush hour looking fine but if getting away out of town friday night at 8:00 p.m. watch out for some slick roadway there. showers kind of briefly let up and then by 8:00 a.m. saturday we start to see some mr. moisture develop in the north bay. a little touch at the monteray bay if doing traveling. noon time saturday you have plans around that lunch time how are you can see pretty wet in the north bay and then 3 or 4:00 o'clock in the afternoon games you are going to, you are going to take a walk or hike. it is going to be wet as you will notice there also ones need the rain gear.
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need up umbrella. by evening taper off. total through saturday evening look like this highest in the north bay as we expect around this time. quarter inch her and rain total drop off down to the south bay anywhere from nothing to 500 for the south bay coast and basement inland fog 500 to tenth of an inch of written. tomorrow morning make sure the kid bundle up. temperatures in the upper 40's to the upper 50's. so it is going to be a cool start with some cloud along the coast line as we head that tomorrow afternoon. cooler breezy day temperatures low 80's inland. low upper 60's coast side. see i hope ceasing cloud cover in the north bay first. sun in the south bay then everyone sees showers light open saturday. much cooler fall like at least low 60's coast and 1:44 p.m. sunday autumn areeves. >> let's focus on the a's. how about the game. >> larry has highlights.
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highlights here for the wrong reason. smith hospitals up. look out for the mound. this will forever be known as mrooping. ouch. tied at 3 in the sixth. there it goes. deputy to rate center. take a 6-3 lead bullpen couldn't hold. twins tie it up in the eighth. cocoa crisp won award for most inspirational. game winner we love hot cocoa. a's win 8-6. texas also victorious and number now 4 clinch the al west titles as early as saturday. giants if new york for the fans. love to say kid willie may. left their lefty. went 7 innings. struck out 10. giants scored only 2 runs toda today. that was enough. fourth inning perez 3 for 3 on the day. sanchez a lot of fans there. over 3 game tomorrow.
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dodgers clinch nl west victory over the diamondbacks in arizona. ramirez goes deep twice. drives in 4. look how they sell brit. run to the out field they hop the fence lick animal on the loose at the zoo. and jump in the diamond back pool. cannonball. oh, my. a lot of laughs. thursday tonight football. the return to philadelphia andy reid. smith at the helm and reid returning. the coach for 15 years first quarter michael vick. that is picked off by eric. goes 30 yard. won of 5 turn overs. 10 nothing kc. alex throws for 2 73 yards. touch down 3 yard out to keep 2 and friend last year already 3 and o. 26-16 the final. host
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the colts on sunday and suddenly game plan for the battering ram. richardson with very little time to learn new play book and the name of the team mates. >> i was up all night way more here than i am in the day. i'm not that far heene. not that far behind but listening way to go but i'm working hard. make sure this i'm good enough to coach. >> no if you please to tackle. 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> that's ridiculous. >> trying to figure out there's a pool there. >> yes. hey have a pool. is that rav is open. 110 degrees. >> comingers available. >> yes. >> thanks. >> stealing the show next on 7 news. check out the little girl dance moves. >> she puts everybody to shame.
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morning. >> thanks. >> faipally. you probably watch another one of thichlts you changed your mind after watching this one. check out the little girl that can really work a dance flar. >> no way to watch this without smailing. she is good. video gone completely viral. >> she looks kind of like larr larry. >> kind of except a lot better. >> exactly. >> exactly. >> see you tomorrow thanks a you've got to try this sweet & sour chicken helper. i didn't know they made chicken. crunchy taco or four cheese lasagna? can i get another one of those actually? [ superfan ] hey, america, we're here to help. ♪
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