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tv   America This Morning  ABC  September 20, 2013 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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making news in america this morning -- breaking news. 13 people shot in a chicago park. new information just coming in from authorities. deadline looming. it is shaping up to be a big day in washington. the clock is ticking to avoid a government shutdown. the latest on the budget battles in a live report. caught in the act. a student films her bus driver who appears to be doing something potentially dangerous. why the district is waiting to dish out a punishment. and flying high. a camera-strapped eagle, giving some breathtaking bird's-eye views. good morning, everyone. we begin this friday with that
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breaking news in chicago. 13 people, including a 3-year-old child, shot when a gunman opened fire on a basketball court in a city park. that child is among the most severely injured right now. listed in critical condition with a gunshot wound to the face. >> about 60 police officers were on the scene. investigators say the shooting appears to be gang-related. police had stepped up their patrols after a particularly violent labor day weekend, which ended with eight people dead. and more possible warning signs missed in the navy yard shooting. abc news has learned that aaron alexis was kicked out of the navy housing just weeks before the rampage. the reason, he had been complaining that he heard voices. and then, there was another incident at a virginia airport. a man believed to be alexis became angry after he thought a woman was laughing at him. and now, to capitol hill. and a largely symbolic vote on the budget bill that's taking place in the house today. it has no chance whatsoever of becoming law. >> it comes as the republicans in congress and the president
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are poised for another round of budget tear brinksmanship. the clock ticking towards a possible shutdown on october 1st. abc's tahman bradley is in washington with details. good morning, tahman. >> reporter: john and diana, washington is on the verge of another self-inflicted crisis. the government is set to shut down. republicans and democrats blame each other, as the clock winds down. the stock market is soaring. the dow hit an all-time high this week. the housing market is showing resilience. future construction of single-family homes hit a five-year high. but it's all threatened by a possible government shutdown on september 30th. at the moment, there's no sign of compromise in washington. democrats and republicans are just shouting at each other. >> i've never seen a group of people more extreme than the hard right republicans in the house right now. >> while the president is happy to negotiate with vladimir putin, he won't engage with the congress on a plan to make deals for the deficit that threaten our economy.
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>> reporter: today, the house of representatives is expected to fund the government for three more months. but republicans say they will deny funding for the health care law. the president is warning he will veto the bill. and senate democrats say it has no chance. >> any bill that defunds obama care is dead. dead. it's a waste of time. >> reporter: and there's another showdown looming. the federal government approaches the debt limit in mid to late october. republicans say they'll only agree to raise it if the president signs off on more spending cuts and delays implementing the health care law. but mr. obama insists he will not make that deal. >> i will not negotiate over the full faith and credit of the united states. >> reporter: there is infighting among republicans about the best strategy to go forward. senator john mccain pointed out that the people who want to shut down the government, were not allowed to see how angry the public was during the last government shutdown back in the '90s. diana and john? >> abc's tahman bradley, live in washington for us this morning. thank you. the fbi searching for
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several more suspects in the kidnapping of an atlanta area teenager. ayvani perez was released. she's back home now after being taken from her home on tuesday. one suspect was arrested after police traced calls he made to her family, asking for a ransom. a second suspect being held on immigration charges may have links to ayvani's mother. a texas appeals court has overturned the money laundering conviction of former congressman, tom delay. the court ruled that the jury did not have enough evidence when they found him guilty of illegally funneling corporate money to republican candidates. delay is a former house majority leader whose nickname was "the hammer." the prosecutors say they will appeal to an even higher court. mexico's government taking some heat for its response to a pair of deadly storms. there's plenty of flooding from the one-two punch from manuel and ingrid. the official death toll stands at nearly 100 people. that does not include those unaccounted for in a village that was devastated by a mudslide.
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critics say the government did not do enough to prepare for the storms and say they were focused on celebrations for mexico's independence day. cleanup in colorado's storm zone. some basements filled with mud nearly to the ceiling. crews dealing with a spill from an oil field that was inundated with floodwaters there. 13,000 gallons of oil released from 1 facility. time, now, for weather across the rest of the nation. clear and warm along the east coast. further inland, severe storms from the great lakes to the gulf coast and into texas. nice and dry across the northern plains, across the rockies and into the southwest. showers along the northwest coast. >> 71 degrees today in seattle. still 103 in phoenix. mid to high 80s for the southeast. 88 in new orleans. 89 in miami. upper 70s along the northeast corridor. we're learning about that winning powerball ticket in south carolina. it was bought wednesday afternoon just hours before the drawing. >> and the numbers were picked at random. a quick pick. but we still don't know who bought that ticket. lana zak has more. >> reporter: lottery officials in south carolina could barely
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control their pride. >> it's just great. it's -- it's just -- i can't tell you what it feels like to know that somebody has been that fortunate and that lucky. and for us, it's wonderful. >> reporter: among the 356 tickets sold at this murphy's gas station in lexington, was the 1 ticket that won it all. >> the big story is, there's somebody out there who is $399.4 million richer than they were this time yesterday. >> reporter: nearly $400 million will go to the winner. but if you didn't win this time, better luck next. really. you may actually have a better chance of winning next time. the odds of winning a mega millions lottery prize is improving from just 1 in 40 to 1 in 15. >> it would be awesome. be awesome. >> reporter: and as mega millions is improving their odds, they say they're also improving their prizes. usually if you hit five out of the six numbers, you win a cool $250,000. but starting in october, that
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number will soar to somewhere between $1 million and $5 million. and with all that cash, comes big tax dollars. and that's why south carolina is singing. >> we really hit the jackpot in south carolina this time. >> reporter: they don't know for sure if that big winner is actually a resident of south carolina or was just passing through. but they're hoping that it's a local, and looking forward to collecting anywhere between $12 million and $15 million in tax revenue. john? diana? >> lana, thanks. the new iphone is released in a couple of hours. there are people waiting in line already. but something is different with this release. >> yeah. a potential problem for apple's new operating system. some savvy users uncover a big security issue. apple is commenting about it this morning. plus, the former nfl player finds out that hundreds of people were partying in his home through social media. wait until you hear what he did next.
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and welcome back. a big day for apple lovers. the new iphones go on sale. smaller lines than usual forming at some of the stores. this one is in pasadena, california. things were more festive in tokyo, as people picked up the 5s or the 5c. now, the 5s has a fingerprint sensor and the 5c comes with apple's new operating system. a potential security issue with that operating system, which is called ios 7. users have discovered that the lock screen can be bypassed with a simple sequence without putting in a password. apple says they're aware of the issue. and it will be fixed in a future update. the house has passed a
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republican-backed measure that would cut $40 billion from the nation's foot stamps program over the next decade. the program assists more than one in seven americans. and democrats say the cuts would mean nearly 4 million people would lose their food stamps if the bill becomes law. the senate's version of the bill calls for under $5 billion in cuts. and the dow jones industrial average snapped a four-day rally yesterday to end the day down 40 points. both the dow and s&p are on-track for their biggest monthly gains since october 2011. jpmorgan chase making a rare admission of guilty with a trading loss. regulators say it failed to properly oversee trading. that led to the $6 billion loss that was made public last year. jpmorgan will pay a $920 million fine. two traders are facing criminal charges for allegedly trying to hide that loss. mars has announced that it is introducing birthday cake-flavored m&ms next year.
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that has us wondering what the new candy would taste like, given the many different tastes of birthday cake. some have said that the taste will be like vanilla. that makes sense. >> we'll have to try these. do research. >> absolutely. mars, if you're listening, please, send them in. we will be your guinea pigs. we come back, we will talk about a bust behind the wheel. >> a school bus driver is seen texting while driving, with a bus full of students. one of them pulled out a camera. hear what the school district is saying about this video. >> wow. also, comments by the pope. surprising the catholic church. the blunt words that are breaking new ground. just like greek yogurts. that's why i prefer activia greek. you got that right jamie, there's nothing like it! exactly, because activia greek is the only greek with exclusive probiotic bifidus regularis, and it helps regulate your digestive system. i love its thick creamy texture! mmm! the greek nonfat yogurt that helps tummies smile! activia greek... like no other greek yogurt.
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or have uch as fever, nfections, fatigue, cough, or sores. you should not start humira if you have any kind of infection. make the most of every moment. ask your dermatologist about humira, today. clearer skin is possible. welcome back. time for a look at your road conditions. clear sailing on i-95, up and down the east coast. but every road across the nation, from the great lakes to texas, could see some rain today. wet also in the northwest. >> if you're flying, airport delays possible in dallas, houston, memphis and detroit. now, a bizarre and brazen case of home invasion. this happened to a former nfl
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player when he was thousands of miles away. >> hundreds of teenagers broke in to party and trash the place. but what really boggles the mind is that they tweeted out pictures of themselves while they were there. abc's gio benitez has the story. >> reporter: it was like the epic party in the movie "project x." in this sleepy new york town, up to 400 teens threw a wild, labor day house party, captured on twitter, in selfie after selfie. this tweet reads, here's to the nights we don't remember and the friends we won't forget. the morning after, the place was trashed. the summer home of ex-nfl star, brian holloway. the former patriots and raiders player was in florida and knew nothing about it. holloway's son tipped his dad off after seeing those photos on social media. among them, this picture of a teen standing on a table the former nfl player bought with his super bowl money. >> i can't believe it. we just broke in the house. this is amazing. >> reporter: holloway takes us
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through the home, showing us the estimated $20,000 in damage. the ten smashed windows and glass doors. holes punched through walls. all of that graffiti. show me where all of this damage was. >> that window was completely kicked out. >> reporter: police are investigating. but holloway did his own sleuthing. he tracked down 220 of the kids, posting all those party picture tweets online, hoping the teens will repent and learn a valuable lesson about drinking and vandalism. >> it just went to a whole different level. >> reporter: holloway says some of their parents have threatened him. but in an open letter, he writes, i know i can do something to turn these kids around. >> there's 300 lives that are in trouble. that's all that i focused on. >> reporter: gio benitez, stephentown, new york. a school bus driver suspended for texting while behind the wheel. the florida middle school student captured her in the act. and her parents showed it to district authorities. it clearly shows the driver with her eyes on the phone, one hand
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on the wheel. at one point, the bus veers towards the other lane. she had to quickly pull it back. >> you're supposed to get them from point "a," to point "b" in a safe condition. that's not safe at all. not only are they going to kill the driver, they're going to kill the children on that bus. >> i don't know exactly who that is on the video. i will have to look into that. you've given us a bus number. we will check into that. >> a school spokesperson called the video disturbing and says the district's policy bans texting while driving buses. florida lawmakers have passed a texting ban for all drivers. and that takes affect on october 1st. catholics are talking about the bombshell comments by pope francis. the pope said the church is sometimes obsessed with small-minded rules. he added that the church cannot insist on issues related only to abortion, contraception and gay marriage. >> i think he has opened the
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door to a conversation about, you know, how is it that we are going to you know, reform our own attitudes and our own lives as catholic christians. >> the remarks were seen as a clearer sign that the pope intends to change the tone of church while holding fast to his teachings. time for sports. and a baseball team becoming the first to secure a playoff spot. and a big night in the city of brotherly love. >> here's linda and neil at espn with all of the details. >> good morning, america. neil everett. i'm linda cohn. big doings for the los angeles dodgers. neil? >> yeah. linda cohn in los angeles. and the dodgers clinch. coincidence? i think not. top of the eighth. a.j. ellis, hit like .150 something in september, off josh collmenter. that will win it. kenley jansen, a one, two, three ninth. the dodgers, 7-6. they win the n.l. west. they're back in the playoffs for the first time since '09. >> unreal. thursday night, football. nfl-style.
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chiefs/eagles. andy reid returning to philadelphia. chiefs up 3-0. michael vick, picked off by eric berry. two interceptions, fumbles twice. eagles committed five turnovers. fourth quarter, chiefs up seven. jamaal charles, playing like it. he pushed out at the 3 yard line. he would punch it in. 92 rushing yards and a touchdown. the chiefs are 3-0. how about college football on espn. you had clemson. they're ranked third. martavis bryant. two touchdowns from boyd. don't want to go there. he didn't get called on that. isaiah battle got called on this. he went throat punch. that may have a carry-over effect. he was ejected. north carolina state, dejected. clemson, 26-14. >> not too bright, punching someone in the helmet. it's got to hurt the hand. >> there's cameras everywhere. i mean, probably, they're looking down at us right now. >> good point. >> and the one pointed right at
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you. in case you missed it earlier, this morning, diana and i competed in a battle of mind and muscle. enough for us to declare it our own "play of the day." >> the people from spartan race put us to the test with an obstacle course that included a wall to hurdle, monkey bars. even a huge tire that we had to flip. >> yeah. it was a miniversion of the courses they set up across the country nearly every weekend. if you want to see more of our race, and it's a good one. i recommend it. go to >> you can also see who beat who. >> yeah. that's a tease. coming up next, "the pulse." a surprise for "the view." >> which host announced she was briefly fired from the show years ago. a must-see video of the day. an incredible video from an eagle soaring high in the sky. temperature-balancing layer with active air technology that works on any mattress brand, including yours. whether you sleep hot or cool,
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together, we can supply up to three million vaccines. it's easy to make a difference at walgreens. simply get a shot. and give a shot. at the corner of happy and healthy. ♪ it is time to check, "the pulse," the stories you'll be talking about today. for the second year in a row, jay-z and beyonce, claim the title of the highest-earning celebrity couple, according to "forbes" magazine. >> they beat us out. the hip-hop power couple raked in $95 million since june of last year. >> they remain ahead of football star tom brady and gisele
4:24 am
bundchen, who held on to the number two spot. they earned $80 million. brad pitt and angelina jolie, up one spot. they brought in 50 million bucks. talk about an uh-oh moment. former co-star of "the view," joy behar, admitted on "the tonight show," she had briefly been fired from the talk show seven years ago. >> yeah. she says, barbara walters was going to introduce rosie o'donnell as a new host. but behar let it slip out during an interview. and that didn't go over so well. >> behar said walters called her and said she wasn't going to get her job back. but things worked themselves out. time for a flight. how about we head to the french alps. that's where this video is. and you're seeing it from the perspective of an eagle. soaring near france's largest glacier. >> the person who made the video rigged a small camera on top of that bird. perfect music, steve miller band, "fly like an eagle." >> leave that video up. isn't this amazing? >> oh, my goodness. why can't we fly like an eagle? >> this is awesome. >> and the eagle looking for its
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>> kgo. >> good friday morning at 4:28. thanks for joining us. >> boy, that word "friday" sounds good. is there a little bit of rain in the forecast? mike? >> the key is "a little bit." but not right now. it is dry for the oring commute. clouds are spilling from the coast across the bay. no harm, no foul, just keeping temperatures warmer. the changing of the guard is happening this afternoon. our warmest weather inland east bay is 79 to 83. most of us are an the 70's at 77 degree range. the coast and san francisco, 62 to 68. the three day forecast has wet
4:29 am
weather. >> leyla gulen is off but a traffic check shows daly city caltran is doing road work on 280 southbound. watch out for that. it will be happening in the right lane until 6:00 a.m. in concord, caltran is doing road work 680 northbound. a few lanes are closed until 6:00. the golden gate bridge shows the bay bridge toll plaza with traffic headlights coming into san francisco very light. no fog to speak of. a nice drive there. >> our top story at 4:29, the clock is ticking to another bart strike we know about the plan to keep the trains rolling. a 60-day cooling-off period ends october 10 so bart is training managers to drive. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield is at north berkeley bart station.
4:30 am
>> we have video of the plan. this is where they are training managers to drive trains in vallejo. two cars, 12 managers are out there getting a refresher court to be ready. bart says the plan is to try and provide limited service for passengers. >> we have to prepare if the possibility of a prolonged strike. it is our responsibility to have options if that were to occur. >> we would like them to come to the table with the same level of intensity to get a contract opposed to training people that are not ready to do the job. >> the union calls the move "disingenuous and against the rules." they made little progress in the negotiations this week but they are set to come back to the table on monday. if they are not able to reach an agreement in could be a strike. that would happen october 11,


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