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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  September 20, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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ah, this kitchen is beautiful! give him the tour. let me show you! soft-close drawers, farm sink! um... where's my room? we had to take just a little bit for the kitchen. because your kitchen dreams can be big. ikea has it all. good afternoon, i'm dan ashley. >> good afternoon, 49ers star linebacker alden smith is in trouble with the law, again. after crashing his truck early this morning. >> yes. he was arrested for driving under the influence and drug possession. david louie is live from the neighborhood where this happened. david? >> police are still waiting for official lab results of the blood alcohol tests but
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the field sobriety test gave police evidence to arrest him. he was found in possession of marijuana. you can see where alden smith's pick up smashed into a tree. you can see where the truck then created a deep rut in the lawn. the engine was still racing. >> i've seen a lot of smoke. then, night birds come out. and he turned and went up, turned off the engine. >> police responded and say he appeared to be under the influence of alcohol. >> he tested and checked in the car. and after that, police took the car away he did not appear injured. he was trance portdd and
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booked into jail. >> this was his second du ai. rest. the second was in south florida this is a booking photo n june of last year smith stabbed in a party in his house and two guests were shot. >> i just feel like after incidents that happened i feel like i let fans and everybody that kind of looked at me like that, down. i'm focused more than ever. and i'm -- i'm ready to go. >> smith arrested and detained this morning released after paying bail. he then showed up for today's practice as a 49er training facility. he's number 99 in this final video. however, it's unclear if he will be playing sunday. because after the rest for du skpismt possession of of marijuana and prior brushes with the law he may be facing suspension by the nfl. that is a decision we may not
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have until possibly after sunday's game. he lived about six miles from this neighborhood. why was he here at 7:00 in the morn something we can only guess. we're live in san jose. david louie, abc 7 news. >> he didn't go home, he went to niners head quarters in santa clara dressed out and practiced with the time. >> head coach says as far as he knows smith will play. >> disappointed and felt like he needs to go to work and face teammates. and you know, we'll go through it. >> now, smith had a few turbulent years since 2011 n january, 2012 smith arrested for a du nismt miami beach. >> in 2012, smith stabbed
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breaking up a fight at a party he had in his home z on september 3 a man shot at that party filed a lawsuit against smith and a fellow 49er. police did not say the two men did not shoot the plaintiff. >> also earlier this month prosecutors say they may consider charging smith for gun charges. police say smith had three assault rifles that are illegal in california. and today, dui and marijuana arrest. stay with us for more on this developing story we're going to hear from players on arrest of the teammate and you can follow us on twitter for late-breaking developments. >> turning our attention to weather. looks as though some of us are about to get wet. >> here is a picture you can
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see gray, groundy conditions, looks better, i can see blue skies there. >> sandhya? >> already santa rosa airport reporting drain rop drops not measuring of the most rain up along northern california coast. eureka getting rain now. it's coming in our direction. take a look at the view from our emeryville camera. did you feel the difference outside today with cloud cover it? was cooler today. no doubt bit. temperatures right now 69 degrees in san francisco. 71 oakland, mid 70s in san jose. 63 half moon bay. san jose you're going to be the last to see skploudz rain. you're enjoying sun right now. low 70s now jant rosa, napa, novato. 74 concord, here is a look at
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computer animation. some light showers and drizzle. it's this next band here 11:00 tom if you have early plans there is a slight chance of thunderstorms. scattered showers across the rest of the bay area, make sure have you umbrellas coming up in a few minute autos thank you. >> weather plays a big part in america's cup race and once again saved the day for team oracle usa. >> yes. high drama, really. wayne, pretty good stuff. >> very strange. is there such a thing as a rally cap in yachting? i don't know. just when we thought it was over if you believe experts, it's still over except for formalities. a change in situation here.
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>> the first race began in fog and light winds and stayed that way. this is the kiwi boat with a big lead, a minute and a half. races seemed destined to be over. but then, the race took too long, so you can see here is that they say was abandoned as if it never happened. in this race, team oracle took a risk which did pay off. then, race turned on this maneuver. a foul on kiwis resulting in a big lead and a win by a margin. >> we've gone from dispair to... >> yes. >> looks like kiwi messed up a
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little bit. we're racing tomorrow. here is the finish. it's the race counting today. the american teems team needs to win six races in a row to keep the cup and racing that is close to mission impossible. but it's becoming a more interesting mission impossible. for one more day here, at america's cup pavilion, we'll have crowds and this will remain the center of the world's yachting universe. >> it's fun wayne, thank autos only in abc 7 news now, san francisco police busted what they say is a dog fighting ring. >> yes. take a look. this is video of one dog fight released by police, three people have been arrested. coming up at 6:00 reporter vic lee will have details on how
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the ring is connected to a long-running game in the bay view district. a man picked up a shotgun by bushes near a court house, that shotgun went off and damaged a building this morning. that car drove way with the man and shotgun inside of it. police do not believe anyone was the target of the shooting. >> two san jose boys ages 15 and 11 being questioned about wednesday evening's bebe gun shootings. cars hit traveling southbound near mckey road dur evening commute. chp officers say a 15-year-old boy walked into the police department this morning, and confessed. >> a large earth mover struck and killed a man working with a team today. sky 7 was over that accident
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on a construction site. investigators say the driver of the big cat scraper did not see the man as he was making a turn, and hit ask killed him. >> new iphone hit stores today but in southern california some people hit each other, police had to break up fights to control clouds. >> this is a wild seen. look at this, in passa deana, several dozen people were homeless people brought in from skid row and paid to hold places. police said they responded to calls and one report of an argument over a space in line. >> not clear about how much money was offered. >> there was a peaceful crowd burke a long line at apple store in palo alt
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cook shook hands and said he was impressed with the turnout. there he is. the first people in line from organization gift event helping veterans in need. they brought an iphone 5 s for a bet so he can use an app to help his issues from brain trauma. >> he's thrilled, excited. he cried. he can't believe someone is willing to do this for him. >> biggest disappointment was a shortage of gold-clovere gold-clovered -- gold-colored iphone autos the union representing train operators say it's considering legal action now management admitted they set up a makeshift facility to teach managers thousand operate trains in case of a strike.
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>> laura? >> we learn add sis stant general manager told us they were considering training managers to operate bart cars. we learned that is under way. >> this is an irresponsible move, one day after abc 7 news obtained photos of a makeshift training center, the union that represents bart train operators says it's looking at it's legal options. >> the fact is that they're doing thing that's we understand are not proper. >> according to the transit union, the contract between it and bart stipulate nose one besides atu members can be trained in cars that are powered up. management says current set up
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for some managers to learn how to operate trains during a strike should not violate the contract. >> this doesn't violate the contract in any way. the contract says it's only atu employees can run trains under third rail powers so the trains are on track. there is no third rail power. >> both sides that i their main objective to come to an agreement before cooling off period ends october 10th. in lafayette, abc 7 news. >> and still head on abc 7 news at 4:00 massive recall entered by a meat company and changes it may trigger. >> why you may not want to turn to target if looking for a part time job during the holidays. >> and changing market street. the work under way trance forming one of the run down neighborhoods. >> michael finney taking your questions and will answer them
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here live. you can kablgt michael on and on twitter at m finney. >> and taking a look outside at the san francisco skyway, let's hope it doesn't raining until everybody gets home. >> we'll be right back.
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a u.s. lawmaker called for stronger regulations after
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58,000 pounds of beef has been recalled. federal authorities say pieces of plast wrik were found in the meat intended for schools in california, montana, texas and arkansas by central valley meat company out of king's county. the company was shut down last year after videos uncovered showed workers mistreating cows. part of an awbc 7 news i team investigation. a connecticut congress woman called for a stronger agency and harsher penalties for repeat offender autos target not going to be hiring as many temporary workers this holiday season. the minneapolis-based chain plans to hire about 70,000 seasonal workers, 18,000 fewer than last year the store says they became more pronounced as shoppers time their buy for times they believe they can get the best
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deal autos business news, neilson plans to track more tv viewing and is it too late to save the black berry? >> with those stories and more, now from bloomberg west with today's after the bell report it was a rough day for black berry. the company preannounced it's second quarter result was sales roughly half of what wall street was expecting. the company cut 4500 jobs and reiterated it's been exploring options tied to the future news set to be announced the conference, the change won't take affect until next fall's tv season. all three major indexes falling today as stocks dropped the most since august, your bloomberg silicon valley falling as amg shares dropped nearly 3%. google is reportedly considering dumping the cookie in favor of a new system
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creating an anonymous identifier to modify internet activity. if it happens it could shake up the internet ad business. dan, carolyn, back to you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> end of the week, almost the end of summer. >> looking for sunshine. right? >> yes. roo you're not going to find touch of it. look behind you. look at clouds gathering. just go to the south bay. san jose, you'll find the sun there. plampbs saturday will include damp roadways. cloud cover, sprinkles and showers being reported in santa rosa. but nothing measuring so far. check out the view from our
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roof camera. there is a little peek of blue out there. showers saturday. fall arrives at 1:44 p.m. we're going to brighten et up for you. breezy conditions around mid week, here is a cold front. it's narrow this, is our first band that is going to produce a little bit of rain. here is a second wave of showers. this is the one going to bring us the cooler air. and it also going to kick up winds. we're going to see heavier showers. so tonight at 7:00 p.m. rush hour smrks of you sitting for dinner rainfall first gibs in the north bay and it's light. really goits -- it's going to continue. by 11:00 if you do have plans, just keep in mind that there will be some showers around. heaviest concentrated in the north bay here at 11:00 a.m.
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for sunday plans you can count on sunshine. through saturday night here are the rainfall projections. lowest in the south bay. highest in the north bay. coast and bay 500 to 1500. inland tends to a quarter of an inch. so yes, we'll receive rain. will it wash out the sfwheekd no. by sunday, things will clear up. tomorrow morning, scattered showers, and owe not as cool as it has been. we're talking about cloud cover around. you probably already noticing extra clouds, mid-50s low 60s, make sure have you umbrellas around. little ones have rain coats in the afternoon. we'll see scattered showers with cooler weather around the region. 71 san jose and palo alto. santa rosa, oakland, vallejo,
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68 degrees and remember we haven't seen a lot of rain this summer so far, august 8th. september 6th south and east bay had a few hundredths. with dry weather a little bit of rainfall will be slick here. saturday, showers cooler, sundays, warnler, autumn arrives at milder weather. you look at the week you're looking at low to mid-80s inland. low to mid-60s coast side. mild fall weather we expect it around this time of the year, until then you'll have to take it easy. >> going slow. >> yes. >> thank you very much. >> coming up next, intrigue at emmys. back lash over plans to give recognition to a young actor. >> and after 4:30 university in the heart of silicon valley. and isn't able to meet wireless demands of students. >> taking a look outside, at
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this is just amazing. san francisco glide memorial celebrates it's golden anniversary this year. it's a big celebration planned for tonight. glide has been critical in helping those in need. and of course well known for colorful ceremonies featuring sings, -- singing, blues and
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jazz music. it's been like that for years. tonight glide's now famous ensemble will perform live at sf jazz center. >> you're not going to be able to sit down in your seat very long. you're going to have to get up a little bit z get with it. and feel something. and know something. being able to say that all this helps me to be something. >> they have done so much for the community. the performance later stold as a cd. >> wow. controversy is brewing and awards ceremony will include five special contribute united states -- tributes including one to actor cory monteith. the "glee" actor died of a overdose.
4:27 pm
emmy producers standing by their decision saying he was highly admired by a younger generation he doesn't have the body of work that the other four honorees have. there are people like larry hagman had more res onance over the years. >> it's younger viewers are watching then that is where the money s this is isn't charity this, is a business. >> emmy show producers are standing by their decision. hagman fans say they're going to honor him with their own special tributes tomorrow, which would have been his 82th birthday. certainly larry hagman should be honored as well. >> oakland graduates a new class of police recruits. >> the president's terse responts to house republicans
4:28 pm
after they vote to defund his health care law. >> ask a hopes to a run down
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>> a new crop of police officers will hit the streets of oakland after graduating today.
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the 36 officers will help bolster the force that has been short handed while battling a rising crime rate. more on this and nick in, everyone of cops are needed. >> if you look at fums you'll find violent crime climbed 19.4%. in eight days there will be more boots on the ground committed to reversing that troubling trend. meet the proud class of opd's 167th basic academy. if there is one thing everyone can agree on, it's that the story needs more officers. today, 36 added to ranks. still leaving the department close to 200 officers short of
4:32 pm
desired staffing levels needed so i asked the question of these new officer trainees. why join a department with odds heavily stacked against you? >> family business. >> this officer is third generation law enforcement. service is in his blood. city of oakland struggling. i see the city is going to be flourishing. >> this reflects the deverse ti of the community. almost half speak a second language and six are women. >> i see the need. i have a heart for people. i'm compassionate about law and justice. i want to serve. >> recruiting continues. according to the chief the goal to graduate a new class
4:33 pm
every six months. next academy begins september 30th. >> police in chicago say suspects in a drive by shooting used an assault rifle. police also believe thursday night's attack back of the yard neighborhood was gang related. 13 people wounded are including a 3-year-old toddler shot in the fates. one official says the weapon belongs on a battlefield not american streets. >> we believe weapon used in this incident was a assault-style rifle with a high-capacity magazine. >> a lot of shots like boom, boom. >> despite having highest crime rate in the nation's three largest cities the murder rate is down 22% from last year. >> this weekend the president will turn his attention to the families of washington navy yard shootings. the president and first lady visiting with family members
4:34 pm
following a memorial held at the marine barracks on monday, 12 people gunned down by a shooter at the navy yard. the navy installation opened yesterday. the building is still closed. the university of kansas played a professor on leave because of a controversial tweetd he wrote after the shooting. he tweeted blood is on the hands of the nrsa. let time let it be your sons and daughters, shame on you. may god damn you. the university placed him on leave pending a review. >> house of representative as prove aid budget bill today, passing legislation to keep the government solvent when funding runs out but eliminates funding for the affordable health care act. this is a 42 time the
4:35 pm
voted to reform the plan. >> american people don't want the government shut down. they don't want obama care. >> president obama told people the house cares only about beating his plan. >> they're focused on politics. they're focused on trying to mess with me. they're not focused on you senate majority leader says the bill, despite thumbing the government will not ab proved. >> a high rise luxury apartment building will be opening soon in san francisco part of the plan to revitalize mid market. abc 7 news is in the newsroom with more. >> this is the first wave of new residential buildings opening in the mid market corridor, you're about to see it caters to a different
4:36 pm
clientele. kyle is taking a look at a finished union. among 200 cho signed a lease. >> i believe the citizen has to help trance form the city. for me to be one of the first to help the area revive is an opportunity i just can't give up. >> nma stands for new market. one bedrooms going for $3300. a pool, fitness senter and valet parking, included. >> twitter was the game changer. >> san francisco mayor ed lee credits twitter for the domino affect two. years ago the city signed a lease. other companies still followed. and the city says 4,000 housing units will be added. >> transit there that with
4:37 pm
some good policies from city hall have combined in a very, very good balance. >> there is a lot more coming down the pipe. american conservatory theater breaks ground on a major renovation of the theater. and nordstrom rack in the spinning. the developer isn't worried about finding tenant here see these as opportunities. >> thank you. >> still to come, priest brought a wedding to a crashing halt.
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at 4:00 what made the priest so bhad, and what the bride and groom thought about the scolding he gave during their vow autos today on q aand a is just ahead. i'm still taking your questions. you can contact me right now on and on twitter. i'll answer your questions here live later. we love this kitchen! what's next? great! do you have measurements? yeah, i paced it off. it's about twenty by twelve of these. so, we can measure, plan and install it for you. yea, let's do that! ikea. professional kitchen services at a low price.
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golden gate bridge going to get a moveable divider next year. a line of plastic barriers there that, is all separating northbound and southbound traffic. the moveable barriers have been debated for years. the bridge district provided images of the new, moveable barriers. the bridge going to close for a weekend so crews can install it well, let's go back and update the weather forecast. >> yes. sandhya patel is checking where rain might be. >> well, i'll show you. it's north of us, we have had sprinkles in santa rosa. but that moisture is coming down our way so if you're stepping out tonight going out for diber or a night on the town do expect drizzle and light showers late night hours, heavier rain as you can see here. 75 in new york.
4:42 pm
82 new orleans, cooler weather into minneapolis. 65 degrees and out west, portland 67. 102 in phoenix. state wide temperatures traveling up to northern california or central california, expecting showers around sacramento, 71 tahoe, 58 get a load of this. snow level 8800 feet. showers, snow mixing in. 71 in los angeles all you'll get is drizzle so if you're going down sourjs you'll be okay. saturday plans will include some slow going on the roadways. showers thunder in the north bay. you'll need umbrellas. sunday, they take on colts don't worry about umbrellas and lots of sun screen, temperatures low to mid-60s it's going to be nice-looking weather for fall. which also coincide was the rain. >> thank you.
4:43 pm
>> a dramatic rescue in virginia beach, virginia. you can see a helicopter called in to rescue a sea gull in a power line that had been there two days they did manage to free the bird. >> well, still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00 a tip from anyone undergoing angie plasty. >> how it could save your live. >> okay. i'm michael finney. ahead, find out why you can get the best deals on iphone 4 trade in. also, the whole bunch more, all coming up on today's 7 on
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california unemployment rate inched up again in august for the second month. it's now 8.9%, july came in at 8.7%.
4:47 pm
national rate is 7.3%. the rate state creating a lot of jobs. over 29,000 jobs in fact added last month. that is 26 months of job growth. >> doctors found many men will die with prostate cancer rather than being killed by the disease believing many cases are better treat bid waiting. many men developed other problems because of the treatments for tumor that's would not have killed them it can be cured if caught early enough. >> new evidencing suggests married people owe better after undergoing angioplasty than single patients do.
4:48 pm
they discovered unmarried patients were twice as likely to die or suffer a major card yaik event when compared to married patients, married people tend to take care of each other, single folks often have to fend for themselves. >> this is a wedding viral that has got viral. >> please, sir leave. please? >> where do you want me to leave? >> anywhere other than here. >> this is a solemn assembly not a a photography session, please move or i will stop. >> the ceremony resumed after photographers moved elsewhere alongside a lake. bride and groom discovered they'd become sensations after getting back from a honeymoon. >> i wasn't upset. i just more apalled and shocked. >> i think biggest fear is
4:49 pm
that he was going to step in to say something. >> the priest and his church have not responded to requests to comments on what happened. but don't mess with the father. >> send and ray asked a bought a refridge rant for the car, i lost the receipt. they told me they need the receipt do we have to have a receipt? >> you know is that sounds like a big story. doesn't that sound like a story? it's not. it's the law. it was about protecting the environment. a group of laws set up for our air conditioning in cars and make sure there wasn't abuses so you're just the guy that got caught. just return it, remember next time oo. that is a shame. all right. good information. on the subject of
4:50 pm
documentation ayala asked are car of manufacturers and dealers obligated to give customers documentation on a used vehicle? >> not by law, the different cars have different rules depending upon manufacturers. i don't know anyone that says have you to have all documents. now, here is what they do have to tell nut state of california for a used car, everything that is wrong with the car the dealer knows or should have known if something saul you'll be expected to find out f the frame is bent, you if it had been flooded and recalled, the state says they have to tell you about it before you buy the car. they don't always do that. it's what you see reports they give you.
4:51 pm
>> amelia wants to know who sf offering best deals for iphone 4 trade ins because i want the new phone. >> this changes minute by minute. there are many people out there. this weekend if have an iphone 4 or 4 s and two years is up you can go get $100 for it enough to get 5 c without spending money. it's pretty good. and you can check into it. >> coming up next it's in the heart of silicon valley. so... why is san jose state having trouble providing internet access to students in silicon valley? >> and dui charge facing
4:52 pm
smith. >> well, mountain view's linked dgs n with a lawsuit y users accusing the company of pest yefring their friends.
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4:55 pm
the 8:00 it's last man standing then, the neighbors at 8:30. and join us for abc 7 news at 11:00. >> san jose state is in the middle of silicon valley but has a wireless internet system that is not keeping up with demand. >> well, awkward. this is making things tough for students. >> that is right this, is the
4:56 pm
problem right now among students. many use a lap top and a smart phone, the yurt university says devices put a lot of pressure on the system. students say the university should have better wi-fi because this is the silicon valley after all. students are candid about the system. >> unrelyible. >> good skb bad moment autos terrible. >> despite being located in the silicon valley san jose state admits it doesn't have enough points around campus. >> very to move around campus, does this work? this work? it's annoying. >> the library is challenging use bid both college students and general public and there are plenty of lap tops in constant use. >> i try to do online class. it won't load the page. >> this is what we
4:57 pm
experienced. notice the wireless signal. it's dodgey and takes hits. the university says there are 2000 students this year compared to last year. the number of wireless devices more than doubled in a year. >> we have found that each person is carrying more device autos until now they zrnt a wireless router and being installed. >> now they're trying to install it everywhere. so yeah. they're about to make it better. yes. >> the university says it never anticipated this kind of demand. the college promises to triple the points by the entd of the school year. >> that is going to do it for us. thanks for joining us at 4:00. >> abc 7 news at 5:00 begins
4:58 pm
right now. >> with more legal trouble facing san francisco, alden smith's teammates reacts to a drunk driving charge. >> here, fist fights and violence. breaking out in long lines of apple fanatics desperate to take home an iphone. >> call is coming early, coming up. >> 49ers linebacker number 99 has been arrested again and, could face suspension. tonight we hear from his coach as we look at his troubled past and present. good evening, i'm cheryl jenning autos i'm dan ashley. smith practiced with the team today and coach harbaugh expects him to play on sunday.
4:59 pm
police arrested smith after he crashed into a tree this morning. heather? >> head coach did not relish talking about number 99 this afternoon, he much would have prefered to talk about a great practice, preparing to beat the colts this weekend. i did say he's disappointed in smith. and encouraged him to come face his teammates and soldier through it. 23-year-old alden smith was at practice this afternoon, despite being arrested at 7:00 this morning on suspected dui. a neighbor says he crashed a pickup truck. >> we knocked on the door so hard. and he wake up and turn off
5:00 pm
the engine. >> he was released from jail before noon on bail. head coach says he has talked with smith but whether he played against colts this weekend and has other discipline will be up to the league. >> there will be consequences there always is, good or bad. >> this is a january, 2012 mug shot from south florida. he's being sued by two men who say they were shot at a party at his house in june. >> for myself coming in as a young guy i had to go through things but it comes a point swru to say okay this, is it. it has to put


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