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tv   America This Morning  ABC  September 23, 2013 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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making news in america this morning -- breaking news. the mall. a hostage situation in kenya still ongoing. several new details emerging overnight, including the number of hostages still holed up. plus, americans in the middle of it all. this morning, a father talks about what he witnessed inside the mall. and how his family made it out alive. monkey business. pop star rihanna posts a selfie on social media. it lands two people in jail. and the winner is -- an entertaining emmys created a night full of surprises, funny jokes, and fashion. good morning, i'm reena ninan sitting in for diana perez.
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>> i'm john muller. the siege at a mall is entering its third day. there are signs it could soon end. police say they have rescued most of the hostages. >> at least 68 people have died and nearly 200 are injured. we begin our coverage with abc's tahman bradley. >> reporter: shortly before sundown, security forces storm nairobi's west gate mall to end the siege. kenyan police say most of the hostages have been rescued. but the standoff continues. >> we've taken control of most part of the building. >> reporter: but forces don't control the supermarket inside the mall's basement, where authorities believe 10 to 15 militants remain holed up with hostages. [ gunfire ] the toll is already staggering. at least 68 dead. 175 wounded, including at least five americans. one of them, a child. secretary of state john kerry called the gunmen ruthless. >> it's an enormous offense against everybody's sense of right and wrong.
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>> reporter: the attack began saturday at noon, when the upscale mall was packed with shoppers. two groups of gunmen dressed in black stormed the doors, throwing grenades and opening fire with automatic weapons. men, women, and children ran for cover. hiding wherever they could. heidi edwards took shelter in the back of a yogurt shop. >> there was panic going on. and another one in quick success. and some gunshots. >> reporter: nick handler was sitting in a cafe with his 2-year-old daughter. >> all of a sudden, i just heard a loud explosion followed by a few gunshots. >> reporter: the al qaeda associated group al shabaab claimed responsibility. saying the attack was to punish kenya for sending troops into neighboring somalia. eyewitnesses say the gunmen told muslims to leave. they were safe. only nonmuslims would be targeted. tahman bradley, abc news, washington. >> tahman, thank you. as more gunshots ring out this morning, we still don't know the fate of the hostages still being held inside that mall. >> kirit radia is right there in nairobi keeping track of any
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movement at the scene. good morning, kirit. >> reporter: good morning, guys. the latest we have from here, i can still hear helicopters going overhead. a short while ago, we heard gunshots coming from the west gate mall. all a sure sign that the operation is ongoing to try to clear the mall. now, i must say it will probably be a bit before we hear if they have been able to successfully rescue everybody. the kenyan authorities are being very careful about what information they put out. they fear that the terrorists inside are monitoring media reports. the kenyan police just tweeted something very interesting. we urge all den ykenyans to be patient. we are frayed and tired. but this is not time to give up. all agencies are doing what must be done. >> we're hearing that the bbc reached the terrorists overnight. what was the message? >> reporter: they're the al shabaab movement. as tahman reported, out of somalia. they're proetesting the kenyan
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troops operating against them, fighting against them there. the message is they won't give up or negotiate the release of the hostages. that's not good news. as tahman reported, 68 dead already. that number will most likely rise. as they clear more parts of the building, they're going the find bodies. and if the terrorists are not going to give up, i'm sure there will be more casualties today. >> sounds like it. thank you, kirit radia. reporting live from nairobi, kenya. stay with abc news for the latest on the terror attacks in kenya. we'll have updates throughout "america this morning" and live team coverage coming up on "good morning america." here at home, the victims of the latest mass shooting in the u.s. have been remembered with a memorial service in the nation's capital. the president and first lady joined some 3500 mourners to honor the 12 men and women killed last monday in the navy yard massacre. the president used the opportunity to continue his push for more gun control. >> if we can prevent even one tragedy like this, save even one
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life, spare other families what these families are going through, surely we've got an obligation to try. >> but the head of the nra promises to oppose tighter gun control. wayne lapierre is pushing for mental health care reform. saying potentially dangerous mentally ill people should be locked up. president obama facing other international challenges as he arrives at the united nations in new york. syria, at the top of the list. the russians are accusing the u.s. of blackmail over the plan to get rid of chemical weapons. and the new president of iran hoping to restart nuclear talks. as a way to ease sanctions. angela merkel has been re-elected to a third term as germany's leader. the victory cements her as the most powerful european leader. several weeks of difficult negotiations lie ahead for merkel. her party appears to not have won a majority in parliament. at home, the countdown to a possible government shutdown. the senate begins debate this week on a measure that passed in the house. it would fund the budget but get rid of the president's health
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care program. it stands no chance of passage in the democratically controlled senate. even some republicans in the senate are speaking out against it. now to new hints from hillary clinton as to whether she'll make another run for the white house. the former secretary of state gave her first big interview since leaving government. she admits she's wrestling with the decision. she is weighing the issue. she's pragmatic and realistic, end quote. she says she's in no hurry to decide. overseas in italy, the captain of the "costa concordia" back in court just days after the capsized luxury liner was hoisted upright off the coast of tuscany. captain francesco schettino charged with manslaugter in the deaths of 32 passengers and crew for causing the ship wreck and then abandoning the sinking vessel with thousands still on board. he could face up to 20 years in prison if convicted. the possibility of the death penalty in the boston marathon bombing case.
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for the accused marathon bomber. the 20-year-old, dzhokhar tsarnaev is charged with helping his brother plant three pressure cooker bombs injuring 363 people and killing others before murdering an m.i.t. police officer. all right, today marks the first full day of fall. parts of northern california looked like it skipped a season entirely. the final day of summer looked more like december in the sierra nevada over the weekend. what started out as heavy downpours in the mountains ended up as four inches of snow taking the people by surprise, braving the snow in shorts and t-shirts. time for the weather across the nation. maine and northern new england can expect showers. along the gulf coast of new orleans, tallahassee areas could see up to 2 inches of rain. showers will fall over the northern plains. the only rain on the west coast will be in the pacific northwest. the higher elevations could see snow showers. >> temperatures will be seasonal on the east coast.
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chilly in new england. mild in the midwest. some hot spots. 92 in phoenix. 90 in miami. a night filled with hollywood surprises as the primetime emmys were handed out. >> "breaking bad" won the first best drama emmy edging out the online series, "house of cards." and the top comedy award went to "modern family." the fourth straight year in a row. we'll have more of the night's winners and some of the most amazing red carpet show stoppers. we'll have more coming up in "the pulse." >> excellent moments in the show. >> always love the emmys. if you didn't get your iphone, you'll have to wait. they're sold out. faster than anyone expected. when will they be available again? and close call. a pilot is forced to land a plane on a busy and popular chicago road. this morning, he's talking about what went wrong. and we continue to follow the breaking news out of kenya. a deadly mall attack now approaching the third day. we'll have an update and hear more from the american who made it out alive with his family.
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well, if you didn't wait in line last week for the new iphone 5s, you're probably out of luck until october. the new phone attracted the longest lines ever. a record 1,417 people outside apple's flagship store in manhattan alone. the entire september stock sold out in 24 hours. the new gold cell phone sold out completely. the cheaper 5c is still available. wall street keeping an eye on washington this week. the dow closed more than 185 points down on friday. those jitters triggered by the house voting to defund the
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president's health care law and yet another debt ceiling deadline to avoid another government shutdown is set for october 1st. the average price of gasoline has dropped six cents a gallon in the last few weeks. the average cost for a gallon of gas is $3.52. prices are expected to dip lower by halloween, partially because of a light hurricane season. all right. let's look at the box office. hugh jackman's new film in number one. if thriller. "prisoners." $21 million in ticket sales. "insidious: chapter 2." that brought in $14.5 million in six ticket sales. and third was "the family." "grand theft auto 5" continues to break records. it's reported by the first video game or feature film to reach the $1 billion milestone so quickly. why a picture posted on instagram by rihanna led to the arrest of two people. and buzz, buzz, buzz at home.
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recovery is still a long way off in the flooded colorado foot hills, despite days of cleaning up, floodwaters are flowing alongside shattered homes and roads. and another worry over the weekend. e. coli found in the water system in the hard-hit town of lyons. now for a look at your morning drive. slippery spots in northern new england with flood hazards along the coast. potential snow conditions in the higher elevations of the pacific northwest. if you're flying, thunderstorms and lightning could cause airport delays in new orleans and miami. back to the news.
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and a recap of the top story. security forces in kenya have stormed the shopping mall. they've freed most of the hostages. at least 68 people have died. nearly 200 are hurt. >> among those able to escape the terror attack was an american family. nick handler says he was at a cafe with his 2-year-old daughter when it began. >> all of a sudden, just heard a loud explosion. followed by a few gunshots. i just immediately grabbed her and luckily was by the door. i sprinted out and ran across the mall. >> he was reunited with his pregnant wife, who was on a different floor when the attack happened. a desperate pilot who was quickly running out of options turned one of chicago's most famous sights into a landing strip. john peterson's plane starting having problems. he had to set it down on lake shore drive. >> shaking vigorously. when the aircraft is shaking like that, it can fall apart in
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midair. i called o'hare tower and did a may day call. >> the pilot waited for traffic to stop at a red light before he landed the plane. two cars clipped the wing. amazingly, no one was injured. pop star rihanna took a bite out of crime. in thailand. during a recent trip, she posted a series of selfies. one of them was with this animal. the photos helped police track down the people who had the animal. wild life exploitation is a big problem in thailand. well, here at home, they're not exotic. they did halt play at angels stadium. in anaheim, california. >> oh, yes, they did. bees. hundreds of them. thousands of them. a swarm invading right field twice, delaying the game against the seattle mariners. a spectator who works for a beehive removal company helped shoo them away.
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>> eventually officials brought in a fire extinguisher. there were no reports of any bee stings. >> fan helped them get rid of the bees. that's awesome. and action-packed sunday filled with football. >> here's our friends at espn with the highlights. welcome in to "sportscenter." i"m john buccigross. 28 of the 32 nfl teams in action on sunday. a couple of highlights for you. andy dalton of the bengals, a beautiful day in southwest ohio. hands it off to benjarvus green-ellis. but clay matthews knocks it loose. jennings runs it back. and the packers who were down 14-0 now make it 14-10. third quarter, aaron rodgers to james jones. it was 14-0 cincinnati. the packers score 30 straight points and lead, 30-14. but back come the bengals. they're down by three. packers go for it on fourth and inches. they don't get it, then they fumble it. and then the bengals pick it up after they fumbled it. and terence newman goes all the way.
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lambeau leap in ohio. and the bengals beat the packers, 34-30. let's go to seattle. the seahawks appear to be an nfl heavy weight. russell wilson runs the offense. the defense is stout. taking on the jags. play action to sidney rice. nice catch. second td catch for him. the seahawks remain undefeated at 3-0. for more nfl highlights, check out "sportscenter" live at 9:00 a.m. i'm john buccigross. have a great monday. well, a big dose of brawn in a small package. >> this makes this our perfect "play of the day." meet 5-year-old carson kinnick. doing what he does best. he weighs about 55 pounds. he lifts 80 here. he has a smile on his face when it's over. carson's dad says he has been in the gym with him since he was a baby.
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>> for the fourth consecutive year, abc's "modern family" won for best comedy series. the series has earned a total of 45 nominations to date. and the wildly popular amc series "breaking bad" went out with a bang. named outstanding drama series. >> "saturday night live" became the most honored series ever. 40 emmys topped the previous recordholder, "frazier." and we can't talk about the emmys without mentioning some of the stars and what they wore. >> tina fey looked fabulous in this cobalt blue number. by narcissa rodriguez. she picked up an award for writing in a comedy series for "30 rock." >> and there's sofia vergara. does she ever look bad? she's gorgeous. vergara wore 100 carats of rubies, sapphires and emeralds. totalling a whopping $7 million. >> she looks amazing.
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>> and finally, look at this. the gorgeous heidi klum. can you believe she's had four kids? on the red carpet in a sexy, sparkling versace number. the woman is gorgeous. >> that va va voom sofia vergara had on. let's get her back on. i didn't know i was such a fan until i saw that outfit. i'm a fan. >> she's totally, totally gorgeous. >> whoa. and there is one star who clearly missed the red carpet altogether. >> will ferrell showed up to hand out the final award of the evening with his three young sons in tow. i love their outfits. >> unfortunately, helen mirren and maggie smith dropped out at the last second and they called me literally 45 minutes ago. i couldn't find child care. we had a soccer game, a neighbor's birthday party, a nut allergy. i didn't have time to do my hair. >> i love it. us parents can understand.
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 >> 4:28 on monday morning. thanks for joining us. >> crews are wrapping up after a gas main break that affected caltrain service and brought back memories of a deadly explosion three years ago. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield is on the scene. amy? >> the gas has been shut off. crews accomplished that overnight. no more gas leak problems at the intersection. crews will be here until tonight, until 6:00 tonight to repair the damage. it caused quite a problem at this intersection in san bruno last night. construction crews broke a 2" gas line. they had to stop caltrain
4:29 am
running in both directions. people were allowed to stay in their homes. >> it is a residential area. because it is san bruno there is a breeze. the gas is dissipating with no injuries so this was in reason to evacuate the homes. >> what they are working on is a construction project that is $155 million project elevating the train tracks over three streets. the avenue has been closed since friday at 5:00 and scheduled to remain closed until 5:00 this morning because of this project. we are expected to get a briefing from the pg&e spokeswoman at 5:00 this morning. we will bring you more details throughout the broadcast. >> thank you.
4:30 am
now the weather forecast. mike nicco? >> we have live doppler 7 hd showing the weather has been moving to the north. we do not have wet weather to contend with but a little bit in the way of moisture that could pose fog. nothing now, though. from the east bay hills camera to san francisco our first forecast is closer to average with temperatures significantly warmer, 5- to 10-degrees. low-to-mid 80's inland and mid-70's to near 80 around the bay and the coast in san francisco is mid-60's to 70. she is back and hopefully feeling better. >> feeling better. the bug is going around. hope everyone had a great weekend and we starting off on the roads with no crashes. we have construction. if you are headed along eastbound and westbound direction along 80 you will find construction crews eastbound between buchanan and willow


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