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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  September 23, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> thank you for joining us on this monday. >> we begin with developing news from the peninsula. caltrain service should be back to normal after being stop because of a broken gas main. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield is in san bruno. >> i have official word: the spokeswoman from caltrain is here and she will give us the latest. what is going on with service? >> fortunately we will be able to operate normal train service today in spite of the gas leak we experienced last night. we are happy to be able to led our riders know that trains will be operating normally. >> how did this impact you last night? >> last night we were fortunate
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because it was on sunday evening when we do not have a lot of service. there were only they trains in operation. we stopped trains in millbrae and south san francisco. we were able to get a bus bridge to get people around the area and bart honored caltrain tickets. >> monday morning is an important day. was it a tense night? >> we are always working to try to keep our service up and running and that was the goal. we were able to achieve that. the actual gas line is removed from the train track and the train tracks have been elevated above the avenue so we were able to continue construction work at the same time we operate trains. >> while i have you, christine, when will the project be completed? >> this is a multimillion dollar project that elevates the tracks over three streets in the city of san bruno. it is scheduled to be finished
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in the spring. >> thank you for joining us, christine. commuters are happy to hear that caltrain will be running without issues on the peninsula this morning. the gas leak has been capped and pg&e crews will be here throughout the day and into the evening repairing the ruptured gas line. >> time for a check on the weather of the mike? >> live doppler 7 hd shows no rain in the forecast. hardly any clouds. we will jump right in and show you how much warmer it is today than yesterday by 5- to 10-degrees. temperatures are back where they should be, and that is mid-60's to near 70 along the coast into san francisco and mid-to-upper 70 throughout the day shore and we will crack 80 in the south bay and low 80's in the north bay and low-to-mid 80's into the east bay valley. not going to last long with the three day forecast coming up. leyla gulen is back with the track for you.
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>> we do have caltrain running on time this morning and normal service despite that gas main break. we will look at descent conditions across our mass transit but the altamont pass is busy right new. it is evidence it is a monday morning and bumper-to-bumper traffic from tracy at 37 miles per hour is the top speed. dip down as you continue in the westbound distribution and you can see how swedes -- speeds do not improve until vasco road when it finally improves. across the golden gate bridge it is not too bad from the tunnel through sausalito into san francisco. >> deadly terrifying siege at an upscale mall in kenya is headed into the third day with new gunfire and new explosions this morning. authorities are conducting a massive security operation right now against al-qaeda-linked terrorists. we are joined from washington, dc, with the latest developments
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>> the terrorists timed this for maximum impact with a festival going on with dozens of children inside. a massive security operation is underway and they is saved a thousand people. >> security forces stormed nairobi's mall to end the siege with a loud explosion followed by thick black smoke. witnesses describe the sound gunfire. the police say they have rescued almost all of the hostages but the stand off continues. forces do not control the supermarket inside the mall's basement where authorities believe 10 to 15 militants remain holeed up with hostages. the toll is staggering: 69 dead and 175 wounded including five americans. one of them is a child. >> an enormous offense against
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everyone's sense of right and wrong. >> the attack began on saturday at noon at the mall that was packed with shoppers. two groups of gunmen stormed the doors throwing grenades and opening fire with automatic weapons. men, women and children ran for cover, hiding wherever they could. a woman took shelter in the back of a yogurt shop. >> there was panic and gunshots. >> knick, an american, was in a cafe with his 2-year-old daughter. we heard a loud explosion, follow by gunshots. an american living in kenya if a year needed chest, arm, and leg surgery following the injuries. >> i'm okay. i'm very grateful to be alive. >> the al qaeda affiliated fundamentalist group claimed responsibility saying the attack was to punish kenya for sending troops into somalia. >> witnesses say the gunman told muslims to leave and they would
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be okay only non-muslims were targeted. >> police in oakland are investigating a shooting that left a man dead. it happened after 11:00 last night. police say officers found a man dead in the street. so far no word open a motive or if any suspects have been identified. >> the 49ers host the cardinals on thursday playing without star linebacker allen smith who announced he will go into rehab after getting arrested on suspected d.u.i. abc7 news reporter matt keller is at 49ers headquarters in santa clara. matt? >> the 49ers are struggling on-and-off the field as the team has a short week at their training facility as they get ready for thursday night's game. san jose police arrested aldon smith on friday after he crashed
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into a tree. that was second d.u.i. arrest. he addressed the media after playing yesterday against the colts. he apologized to his team and family and everyone he let down. he is taking an "indefinite" leave and seeking treatment. this is the right decision according to the fans. >> what he has done may have affected him mentally can his team mades, so, maybe the best thing for the team right now. >> hopefully he is not gone too long, get really and get healthy and come back as quick as possible. >> smith had five tackles yesterday in the game and the decision to play was widely criticized but the 49ers c.e.o. defended the move saying he felt the best situation for smith was to allow him to play and face the teammates and the media to take responsibility for what he is doing. the league has not addressed the issues publicly but it is possible he could be suspended.
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>> thank you. you can watch the thursday's 49ers game against the rams right here on abc7 news with coverage at thursday at 4:00 p.m. and special 49ers day consent at abc7 news abc7news.c. authorities in sonoma are looking for a man who attacked a 60-year-old woman after the dog got into a fight. the sheriff says it happened yesterday morning in sonoma county regional park. a man put his dog leash around her neck and starting yelling. the suspect kicked the woman's dog and ran off. he is described as a 50-year-old white male 6' tall with brown and white australian shepard. >> closing arguments are scheduled in the time between ten california cities and the paint industry. the $10 billion slow down is coming to a close in santa clara
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county superior court in san jose. local governments say paint manufacturers deliberately sold a hazardous product for generations and should clean up the mess. attorneys say the payment no longer possessions a public health let and clean up efforts do more harm than good. it was conducted without a jury and the jury will issue a decision to three months. >> push to add the apple cofounder steve jobs' childhood home as historical sites, with a property evaluation of the home near the foot spell hill expressway where he grew up and where he and steve, together, the first 50 apple computers in 1976. in the garage. >> now the monday weather forecast. mike? >> we will start with 24 hour temperature change. most of us are warmer even up to
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five degrees warmer in novato. in san francisco, ferry building is 61, and everyone else is from 55 from the presidio to 59 in the mission and 57 in ocean beach and the financial district and richmond at 54 in walnut creek and palo alto and saratoga is 53 and union city at 56 along with belmont and petaluma cool at 52 and american canyon 50. look how clear the air is from the east bay hills to san francisco. next 12 hours, 49 to 59 this morning, and we will drop to 49 in santa rosa by 7:00. we will be around 64 to 76 with more sunshine at noon and a few clouds at 4:00 so mostly sunny and 66 at the coast and 82 inland, with the temperatures warmer than yesterday up to 74. my family complained because the we house was "cold" yesterday. 69? come on. 75 the day before.
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the three day forecast shows cooling again so short-lived warming trend tomorrow and about two to eight degrees cooler and drop a couple more degrees with more cloud cover on wednesday and thursday is the warming trend again and wait until you see the weekend forecast. but, first, leyla gulen? >> all right, good morning, everyone, we have a crash recorded involving two vehicles and it is blocking the red top road off-ramp on eastbound 80. so far we are not seeing any delays as a result and headed along the westbound direction you do see a buildup of congestion. to san jose, we are looking at top speeds on 101 to 80 and 85 into cupertino no problems or crashes. 101, san francisco to sfo is just twelve minutes and 880 northbound from 238 to the maze is 17 minutes. 101 headed away from 85 to the san jose airport that is under
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ten minutes. outside we go, the drive from the maze toward treasure island you can see the bay bridge and everyone is looking clear and no crashes to report and just a little bit of eastbound construction lasting until 6:00. >> if you want to make a fast buck there is one bill to get your happens on. the bloomberg business report is next. >> also, hillary clinton's cover story admission. why a new interview is ating major fuel to the buzz about her presidential ambitions. >> a big night at the emmys
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vice president biden will travel to colorado to look at damage from devastating flooding. he and his wife will survey the recovery efforts underway residents have been cleaning up the days of intense flooding. seven people have died in the floods and the number is expected to increase. 200 people are still missing. >> there is new word that hillary clinton is seriously considering a run for president in 2016. the former first lady and secretary of state says she is wrestling with the idea of jumping into the contest. in a wide ranging interview with new york magazine she is weighing the factors that influence her decision one way or the other. previously she said she has for plans to run for office. her inner circle said she learned from her experience at
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the state department and is more popular than ever. >> new figures have come out and there is good news for homeowners. here is jane king with the bloomberg business report. >> good morning, home prices continue to go higher, jumping 6.6 percent in august compared to a year ago and rent rose 1.9 percent. watch for home price appreciation to slow down. they will only gain 5.2 percent by next august. the government could run out funding october 1 and the treasury is expected to exhaust the ability to borrow funds in the middle of the month. stocks closed lower as investers worry about a government shut down. >> to make a quick buck get a new $100 bill because some of those coming out october 8 could be worth up to $15,000. including some with low serial numbers but many of the fancy serial number notes are spotted by bank employees who are allowed to keep them for themselves. that is the news from the new york stock exchange for the
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bloomberg business report. >> many actors are waking up emmy winners this morning. >> the emmy goes to..."madern the winner was "modern family" as outstanding comedy. the director was recognized for her work and "dancing with the stars" took emfor -- took home for best choreography. >> saw will ferrell and did a jag about a last minute call because others dropped out and he could not find child care. >> the first few skits funny. tried to get to sleep. >> it was good sleeping weather the. >> the cold. the rain. all made for a relaxing weekend.
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now, this morning, it is up and at 'em and back-to-school and work and the weather is quiet with not much fog on live doppler 7 hd. you can see how clear it is, looking to the port of oakland with a lot of lights reflected in the bay. mostly sunny. milder temperatures. we will jump 5- to 10-degrees over year. another cool push for tuesday and wednesday. no rain this time. the weekend is looking warm if the offshore event develops as expected. you can see the storm track moving to the north a small area of high pressure that will hold today and bring us warmer temperatures. behind this system you can see more cold air and that will push the high pressure out of the way starting tomorrow and wednesday and bring us the cooler condition. if you like a touch of summer we have it in some areas and san
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jose at 81. warmer in los gatos and morgan hill and gilroy. we will have 80's on the peninsula, and redwood city and los altos, and headed out this afternoon, dress for mid-to-upper 70's and millbrae is 72 and at the coast we will have mid-to-upper 60's with a lot sunshine. low-to-mid 70's south san francisco and sausalito. warm through the north bay valleys, keep the grapes on the vine another day with low 80's and mid-60's at the beaches and along the east bay shore we go from 73 in richmond to 75 in oakland and san leandro and 78 in hercules and the east bay valley temperatures in the low-to-mid 80's so comfortable warm sunshine. tonight, a game at monday night football at the coliseum broncos are in town. 72 at 5:40 and dropping down to 64ibility help of the game with the weather not a factor. the temperatures are the same
5:20 am
but cooler in the north bay, low 50's. the seven-day forecast shows a dramatic drop two degrees cooler, a couple more degrees on wednesday and we anyone the switch and look at the temperatures, 90 nearly on sunday, and 80 around the bay. >> we have an accident eastbound 80, that is not appearing to be causing a slowing but on i-80 in the westbound direction we do have a report right now in this make sure you drive carefully through that area. we did have construction eastbound 580 traveling along the amount pass between greenville and north flynn road we have lanes blocked and that is going to last until later this morning until 9:00. if you are headed loan the westbound direction this is what you have to look forward to, it
5:21 am
will be a slow one, that is actually not going to be fast at 40 to 45 minutes westbound. mass transit is running smoothly and caltrain, bart, ace, everything run on time. outside we go a look at hose 101 away from 880, a clear drive. >> seven things to know as you start your day. what oprah says pushed her to the edge of a nervous breakdown. >> a major announcement from >> a major announcement from jimmy kimmel a mus wisest kid in the whole world? the girls and i need... a new activity. [ giggles ] ahh. so i see. that's a pretty color. do you have campbell's tomato soup? do i? [ snaps finger ] [ wisest kid ] campbell's tomato soup with grilled cheese. perfect together for fun times together. so what should we do next?
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>> blue are just joining us or headed out the door here are seven things to know: pg&e and caltrain crews remain at the
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scene of a gas leak in san bruno capped around 1:00 o'clock a.m. that started at 8:00 p.m. last night when a construction crew hit a gas line. 49ers linebacker aldon smith is taking a leave of absence. officials is announced he will seek treatment after the d.u.i. last week and will miss the gay marriage against the st. louis rams and no word when he runs. >> the mall stand off in kenya where black smoke could be seen for several hours and the smoke is still billowing, a hostage siege is in the third day of the mall rescuing an unknown number of hostages inside the mall head by al-qaeda-linked terrorists. >> lawyers for boston marathon bombing suspect will ask a judge to discuss the protocol and timeline for the prosecutor seeking the death penalty. the attorney general holder will
5:25 am
make the ultimate decision. the attacks killed three and hundreds injured. >> the a's clinched first league in the american league west and won the division title after texas lost to kansas city facing the detroit tigers when the playoffs begin a week from friday. >> six, the weekend is over and so is the wet and cool weather with a brief warming trend in the seven-day forecast. >> seven, take the second cup of coffee to go because we are seeing the bark to work -- back to work monday commute building with plenty of congestion over the altamont pass and the usual places. >> a shocking revelation from the queen of talk. oprah admits the toll of trying to sane her failing cable network contributed to a near nervous breakdown that hit as she was filming the movie "the butler." she did not immediately realize
5:26 am
what was happening. it took a while to slow down and take better care of herself. in an interview she said "i reaped a point where i could not take any more stimulation." coming up on "good morning america" at 7:00, her moment when she relied she was about to have a breakdown and needed to do something. >> record crowd is expected when jimmy kimmel shuts down hollywood boulevard for a performance by...paul mccartney, a two night kickoff of the new reason of jimmy kimmel live and he will perform a free concert outside on the boulevard. tomorrow night it will be timberlake's turn to perform songs tonight and tomorrow night live at 11:35 right here. >> right now, the abc7 news morning news continues with the top stories including continuing coverage of the kenyan maul
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attack and the woman with ties caught in the middle of the siege and what her father is saying this morning. >> bart and the unions will return to the bargaining table and the main sticking points that still remain between the two sides as the clock ticks toward
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning, everyone, on monday. good to see you. 5:29. >> san bruno residents are relieved after pg&e crews repaired a gas main break that happened last night as a result of caltrain work that brought back memories of a devastating disaster three years ago. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield is on the scene. >> trains are rolling this morning and we saw the 5:15 train pass by so the morning
5:30 am
commute is not impacted but last night there -r7 questions and it was 8:15 when a construction crew accidentally hit a gas line, ruptured that gas line at 8:15 at san bruno avenue and san mateo. officials decided not to evacuate homes but they did decide that trains should not come through here. >> last night we were fortunate because it was a sunday evening and we do not operate a lost service on sunday night. we only had three trains in operation at the time. we stopped trains in millbrae and south san francisco and we were able to provide a bus bridge to get around the area and bart honored caltrain tickets. >> 50,000 people take the trains on a week day morning so the news good for all of those people. the trains are running. they capped the gas leak overnight. they got it capped around 1:00 o'clock a.m. and declared the
5:31 am
trains would run. pg&e crews will be out here all day. they will work to repair the line. the work is not finished. the threat is over. the gas has been capped. >> we will see what good news is in the weather forecast. mike? >> no node for umbrellas with seven days of dry weather. high pressure is become and no fog forming at our reporting stations on live doppler 7 hd. everyone is showing unlimited visibility and that is what this means: a beautiful picture of the bay bridge with high definition picture. check out the high definition in the sunshine, a last it, and we could have a few fair weather clouds but mostly bright and warmer. we will be closer to average temperatures 80 to 85 inland. around the bay at 73 to 81 and coast into san francisco is 64 to 70.
5:32 am
enjoy it. >> plan ahead. we have several muni lines, more than ten, to be rerouted. in san francisco this is due to big event that will last until thursday oracle open world at mascone center until 10:00 in the morning so plan ahead. you cannot drive through that area. muni will be rerouted. the east bay shows a construction roth northbound 680 that lasts until 6:00. and outside we go, here is a look at the drive through san rafael in the southbound direction the headlights are moving fine. >> 49ers linebacker aldon smith is taking a leave of absence from the team. officials announced he will seek treatment after the d.u.i. arrest last week. he will miss thursday night's game against st. louis.
5:33 am
he is entering an inpatient facility. he started in the game again the colts a decisions widely criticized. the 49er c.e.o. defended the move. >> aldon will be able to face the media, face his teammates, and take full responsibility for what he is doing. we felt that was the best situation for aldon. >> smith was arrested on suspicion of d.u.i. and marijuana possess after he crashed interest a tree if front of a san jose home on friday. you can watch thursday 49ers game right here against the ram with our coverage on thursday at 4:00 p.m. and we will have special 49ers day content at and our abc7 news facebook page and twitter@abcnewsbayarea. >> breaking news from san francisco police are sending for someone who tried to break into a warehouse. around 1:45 an alarm went off at a business.
5:34 am
police responded to the scene can the dog unit. a fire department truck was called to provide a ladder so police could search the roofs of buildings. they have not found anyone. >> in kenya gunfire and explosions have been heard. terrorists holding hostages in a shopping mall. we have this picture of the mall where massive security operation is underway. black smoke has been filling the skies. military helicopters have been circumstance killing and there have been numerous explosions as the siege enters the 3rd day. authorities say almost all hostages evacuated from the nairobi shopping mall and the two terrorists were killed in the operation. two terrorists have been killed today. somalia rebel group claims responsibility for the attack that began on saturday. we have a picture of smoke still rising from the mall on saturday when a dozen gunmen began firing
5:35 am
in the mall. 62 people were killed and 175 others were injure the. they cannot confirm the number of hostages still inside the mall. uc berkeley graduate was one of the people injured in the attack. this twitter foe show shows the facial injuries she suffered and her father says she is recovering. >> i am happy...she is okay. some metal hit her chest and in her leg. >> she graduated from cal in 2005 and currently lives in kenya. three other americans were injured. we will go to washington, dc, in a little bit, for the latest developments in the citizennia -- kenya attack. >> a family is homeless of a an apartment fire in concord with the first floor apartment destroyed. the fire began when a spark flew
5:36 am
from an electrical outlet and lap on a mattress. there were no injuries. >> bart and the two biggest unions are expected to return to the bargaining table hoping to hammer out a new contract. they are scheduled to meet on three days and have until october 10 to reach a deal when a couping off period ordered by the governor expires. if there is no agreement workers could strike by the 11th. the two sides are $112 million apart with the main sticking point pay raise and pension and health insurance contributions. >> you have to keep this in mind as you think of the bart alternatives, starting today the downtown san francisco pickup for car pool lanes is moving. the if you location will be on the west side of spear street. this is for the next 18 months. officials say it is moved for a construction project at the regular location. >> for the second year in a row
5:37 am
the a's are champions of the west. they beat the twins 1:7 to take the title after the next it is rangers lost to kansas city. the a's knew in the third they clinched but did not make the celebration any less sweet after the game. >> this is awesome. this is why you play baseball for moments like this. so happy for everyone. so exciting. >> it is a season's worth of games. not one game but when you do it at home in front your fans, it is sweeter. >> the likely opponent in the first round of the playoffs should be the tigers and it will be several days before oakland knows if they will host game when when the my offs begin in a week. >> fans are already sending the celebration photos. this was taken yesterday before the 7th inning. we would like to see your amount's pride by e-mailing the
5:38 am
fan photos or share them with us at facebook or at twitter. let everyone know you are cheering by getting this badge on our abc7 news facebook page. >> there is action going on in oakland today. mike nicco? >> a quick turn around set up for football on monday night the broncos coming to town to take on raiders with temperatures in the mid-70's. we will look at the full forecast coming up and, first, the north bay, flirting with 49, 40-degree temperatures in napa and american canyon and 51 in santa rosa and petaluma at 52 along with mill valley and guerneville and everyone else is warmer but san ramon at 52 and 59 in alameda and richmond district and san carlos is 56. that will stay steady through the next couple of hours with
5:39 am
temperatures holding in the 50's where they dip into the 40's. next 12 hours, mid-to-upper 60's and mid-70's inland and the low 80's at 4:00, and a few clouds but a lot sunshine today. temperatures are jacket needing weather to 7:00 and 68 to 74 and a one day warming trend. the tomorrow and weapons, some of the coolest days in the forecast, they will be dry a warming trend begins on thursday, friday, and saturday. i show you that in the seven-day outlook but, first, here is leyla gulen? >> an early crash is killed along 80 at red top road. we do have lots of congestion that will take you one hour toed from tracy to dublin. on 80.
5:40 am
southbound side, though, away from concord for walnut creek, you will run into a few extra cars but highway 24 is wide open to the tunnel. here is our drive time: traffic across the bridges, golden gate bridge is under ten minutes and the bay bridge is eight minutes in the westbound direction and san mateo bridge is 13 minutes from hayward to foster city. the bay bridge toll plaza hes cash-paying lanes loaded up. >> team usa hangs on for another day on the bay but can they catch up to team new zealand? the growing excitement the america's cup action is generating for fans of both teams. >> the request of lawyers for
5:41 am
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5:44 am
capital punishment. tsarnaev is accused killing three and injured 250 others at the april 15 marathon. he is accused of killing an m.i.t. police officer while on the run with his brother three days later. >> president obama is urging lawmakers to take up gun control legislation in the wake of the navy yard shooting rampage. the president and first lady joined 3,500 mourners at a memorial service for the shooting victims verdict. the ceremony took place not far from the navy yard where authorities say 34-year-old contractor aaron alexis fatally shot 12 people last monday. the president called on americans to raise their voices against gun violence. >> two unions representing teachers at city college of san francisco are set to announce details of a lawsuit to keep the school open. they will lose accreditation in july because the commission for community and junior colleges
5:45 am
decided city college had not done enough to reform the financial policies and management. the unions say they want to protect the rights of the faculty, employees and students already affected by the impending closure. >> america's cup races continue today after oracle team usa kept the competition alive with two victories. the catamaran took a commanding lead in both races against emirates team new zealand in the series. the american team has notched four straight victories since new zealand reaped match point last week. oracle needs to win four more races for america to hold on to the trophy. the kiwis need one win. the first race on the bay at 1:15. the world conference is officially underway at san francisco's mascone center. the c.e.o. of oracle praised the champs during the keynote address at the technical conference last night.
5:46 am
>> that was an awesome job. amazing. amazing. >> he was criticized for missing an earnings call on focus on america's cup. he is scheduled to speak at the world conference tomorrow. other specificers include mike dell, representatives from tesla and the c.e.o. the new york stock exchange. the conference will pump millions of dollars of revenue into the bay area. >> there will be lots of detours in san francisco south of market area through thursday because of oracle world. howard between 3rd and 4th will be closed and other streets in the area will have partial lane closings. download abc7 news exclusive waze app to navigate around the closings. >> america's cup racing continues today. how are the conditions looking? >> weather will not be a factor. it will be quiet. the area above the high pressure will take over today but it will get breezy tomorrow into
5:47 am
wednesday so hopefully they win. there will be drying conditions after that. live doppler 7 hd show a few clouds along the coast and mostly sunny day. the storm track and all the wet weather is near portland and headed up to seattle and vancouver. back at home, look at the clean fall air as we look from the east bay hills back to san francisco and it will be mostly sunny today and a few clouds from time to time and milder temperatures at 5- to 10-degrees warmer than yesterday and another cool push for tomorrow, wednesday, and we get an offshore event and it looks like it will be pretty warm as we head to thursday, friday, saturday, and a lesser extent on sunday. an area of low pressure, a cold front hell at bay by this high that brings us the warmer weather today but it is not very strong and the cold front will crash into tomorrow and wednesday and that is why we will be cooler. we will look at numbers: we start in the south bay, a lot of
5:48 am
upper 70's to low 80's throughout the valley. los gatos is 83 and morgan hill mid-80's and 80 in santa cruz. beaches to the north are not so warm but as bright, mid-60's around half moon bay and pacifica and mid-70's and near 80 on the if peninsula and 72 in millbrae and hang an the low-to-mid 70's for downtown and south san francisco and sausalito and our other side along the coast will be in the mid-60's. low 80's through most of the north bay and headed to the east bay shoreline we will have mid-70's for everyone to upper 70's. the 80's are dominant in the east bay valley and low-to-mid 80's there. are you ready for football? our sister station, espn is carrying machine night football with the broncos and manning taking on the raiders and 72 with 64 degrees four hours later and mostly sunny to mostly clear conditions. cooler temperatures this
5:49 am
morning, running in the low 50's in the north bay to possibly mid-to-upper 50's for the rest of us. here is the seven-day forecast, least two to eight degree cooler tomorrow and coolest on wednesday. in the offshore event develops and near 90 inland on saturday and 70's at the coast. leyla gulen? >> plenty of track and lots to cover. if you are headed across the altamont pass that is bourne buk with lightening through livermore and not lightening in terms of mike's lighting but lighter traffic headed over to the dublin interchange and on 680, not a problem, it is easy. san jose shows more traffic if you are headed 101 northbound, 46 miles per hour will be the top speed and look at
5:50 am
slow-and-go traffic along northbound 280 if you are headed between 87 and 880, you will find most of the slowing as you take a wider picture, 85 is still looking clear and top speed use make it up to 280 into cupertino not a problem. away from sfo into the city, you can see clear conditions, a lot of volume building and at the bay bridge you can start to see more traffic and that is due to construction but ten minutes gets you from sfo to 3rd street. >> 25 people in china are dead this morning after the most powerful typhoon slammed into the ren joe. there is video of typhoon battering hong kong. the storm paid landfall in southern china last night. the storm forced hundreds of flight cancellations. officials say heavy winds blew cars off the road and toppled trees and houses. in addition to victims in china eight died in the philippines from the storm. >> the new iphones go through
5:51 am
the first crash test and they stand up to other models. from closure to the freezer, the new sweet treat that features giant pitcher hits the store shelves. this is a growing problem with a um, hello. these ugly stains are ruining my good looks and style. and good luck using that cleaner. excuse me, miss ? he's right. those are tough hard water stains, and that cleaner's not gonna cut it. truth is, 85% of us have hard water and many don't even know it. you need lime-a-way. lime-a-way is specially formulated to conquer hard water stains. it's 4 times more effective at removing lime scale than the leading bathroom cleaner. see the lime-a-way difference or your money back.
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>> if you own one of the new
5:54 am
iphones, keen a tight grip because the iphone 5s and 5c are more breakable than previous models. the company which provides protection plans for the gadgets did the differenting. phones are submerged in water and dropped 5' off the ground. the company tested other smartphones. the worst performer in the job test was samsung galaxy s4. the best? google! >> now the weather forecast. >> mike? >> we will show you what it looks like from sutro tower. the air is clean from san francisco to oakland. that is our backdrop: sunshine later today and warmer temperatures from three degrees in oakland at 75 and san jose at 81 in concord at 83, nine degrees warmer than yesterday. around the state it will be quiet no matter where you are going and a few sprinkles and a light shower is possible in eureka at 66 and should make it to the central valley and sunshine, and 72 in tahoe to 79
5:55 am
in yosemite and the sun shine around monterey and 70 and sunshine in southern california from near 100 in palm springs and upper 70's to mid-80's san diego and los angeles. leyla gulen? >> it is busy on highway 4 headed in the week direction from antioch to to concord but it is quiet morning. so, most of what everyone is having to deal with is congestion. no crashes. we will try to keep it that way. we are headed westbound direction top speeds are at 23 miles per hour and it jumps up to 63 at pittsburg. the bridges are running at top speed and continuing along highway 4 to i-80's you are in great shape. the san mateo bridge shows a busy drive but it is going to take you 14 minutes to head into foster city. eric? >> 5:55. will the first be with him? you can weigh in if george lucas
5:56 am
proposal for a museum is the best use of land. it is now used by a sports basement field and slated if cultural use and lucas wants to build a museum for his art collection. there are two other proposals but lucas tells the not fat not plan is not approved he will build the museum in chicago. you can weigh in on what you think is the best idea. go to our website at >> giants closer is coming to a grocery store with you as the new ice cream hits the through shelves today "mexican chocolate," chocolate ice cream with cinnamon with a tag line "it only tastes illegal." a play on his t-shirt from the world series we last year that read "i only look illegal." part of the proceeds go to supporting immigration reform
5:57 am
efforts. the ice cream is sold at whole food stores and other independent grocers. >> ice cream sounds good. >> and he is so cool so it is appropriate. >> at 5:57. will she? won't she? hillary clinton sparks new speculation about running for president. >> first, a gas leak forces pg&e crews to respond in san bruno and what neighbors are facing this morning and what commuters can expect. >> breaking news in kenya, explosions and gunfire as the siege at a shopping mall enters
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. a gas main break in san bruno forces pg&e to work around the clock. we have what commuters can expect. >> day after the arrest for d.u.i., 49ers linebacker aldon
6:00 am
smith goes before the reporter with an admission and the break he is taking and from whom he is asking forgiveness. >> in kenya black smoke rises from the shopping mall where hostages are held. the overnight explosions and where the situation stands right now. >> a busy monday morning. thank you for joining us at 6:00. first up a check on the weather. mike? >> thank you. check out the visibility. so far not finding anying for with the ground being wet from the weekend rain. we will talk about today, what you should expect away the bay the next tell hours, clear start with temperatures in the mid-to-upper 50's and bright today, and sunshine and 70 at noon. mid-70's with a few clouds in the afternoon and a pleasant 68. you need a light coat in the evening. as far as inland we are 56 dropping to 49 in some areas in the north bay and sunny 75 at noon and seasonal temperatures in the 80's during the


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