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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  September 24, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> it is tuesday at 5:00. thank you for starting your day with us. >> we have a cool down. here is mike. >> absolutely. we have a cold front on live doppler 7 hd, in the form of high clouds. ought to make for a colorful sunrise. you can send your pictures to me on twitter or facebook. it is drive. the dew point is up from yesterday. but we do not have fog but if clouds along the coast this morning. a few those may spill into the bay but mostly we have a last sunshine today and breezy
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conditions and money -- mid-to-upper 60's, and mid-to-upper 70's in the east bay. the commute, leyla gulen? >> from 580 to the altamont pass we have construction until 9:00 a.m. in the eastbound direction between greenville and north flip. you can see yellow building and it looks like the traffic is bottlenecked westbound. no bottlenecks from tracy into livermore and 47 miles per hour is the top speed before you get into the path and it drops down to 38 miles per hour. this is how long it will take you, however, at 30 minutes not too bad along 680 southbound from dublin to mission boulevard, and 15 minutes along 85 northbound from 101 to cupertino, five minutes. >> developing news from pleasanton where police say they have solid leads in a brutal beating that left a man in a
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coma that happened during a confrontation right outside the victim's home. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield is outside police headquarters. >> we will get an update on the case this morning and we are feeling good about it because they are close to making an arrest. the 51-year-old david lamont was beaten and left lying unconscious in front of his pleasanton home. the police say he went outside to confront noisy teenagers. he is married. he is the father of two. >> i cannot describe, it is devastating. we have a very good man that did nothing to deserve anything bad happening to him. >> whatmont is in a coma and is suffering from major head injuries. police say they are following up on leads including a search for the brown s.u.v. seen in the area at the time. they will announce their
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progress later this morning. reporting in pleasanton for abc7 news. >> developing news from east palo alto this morning, where police want do fine the people who opened fire on a car a few hours ago. two people went to the hospital with gunshot wounds to the arm, after being shot just before 1:30 this morning. it happened on university avenue near michigan avenue. two or three people in a new camera followed the victim before the shooting and the camry drove aways then, after the shooting. >> in oakland, police are investigating a crash involving two vehicles that killed one person and injured another person. it happened near bancroft and 6 8th avenue with one car rolling over. police are still sorting out the details but one of the vehicles may have driven off from 82nd avenue avenue where this were reports of gunfire. >> new this morning, if some members of palo alto city council get their way, every newly build home would be
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prewired for installation of an electric car charging system. our reporter is in palo alto with more on why officials are pursuing this idea. matt? >> some businesses here in palo alto and also city hall have charging stations but now the city council wants to make it easier for residents to charge at home. the city counsel unanimously votes to call for mandatory charging because the cost to install is cheaper on new construction. one resident has installed his own curb side charging station for others to use near the california business district and says it is quite popular but the new wiring requirement would that make it open to the public it shows the demand is there and electric vehicle use should be encouraged. the council is look at the possibility of requiring hotels to install charging stations. this meeting was planned before
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the electric vehicle celebration held at palo alto city hall. >> thank you, matt. the spotlight is on president obama's in a couple of hours and he will speak to the united nations john assembly in new york with certain international >> president obama and the president of iran are giving speeches at the u.n. but will they do more than that in will they sit down together in president obama is open to engagement in iran will address concerns of the nuclear program. iran's president is a moderate cleric and he has been acting friendly to the united states in recent weeks. no meeting now between the presidents are on the schedule. in american president has met one-on-one with an iranian head of state since 1977. we know on thursday secretary of state john kerry will most with
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his iranian counter part, the highest-level meeting between the two countries in 3 years. >> a lot of signs suggest that iran is preparing for a nuclear compromise but a few suggest it is preparing to cut loose bashar al-assad. >> president obama will call on the u.n. security council to approve a resolution that mandates consequences for sorryia -- syria if they fail to surgeon over the chemical weapons to the international community. the syrian president says inspectors could face security threats at the stockpile. the speech is scheduled for 7:00 a.m. this morning. in the newsroom, i am katie marzullo. >> san jose city country will consider a deal today to by a man nearly $5 million after police shot him two dozen times. are? s say the man was reaching for a weapon when they encountered him at a he tell in 2012 but the
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weapon turned out to be a toy gun tucked into his belt of a halloween costume. he survived the shooting and now the city wants it settle his lawsuit if $4.9 million. >> oakland police are on the look out for the people what fired shots and a car and beat a man during an illegal sideshow. >> newly released video show as man standing on the hood of a car firing shots into the car and we turned down the audio because of the profanity. it happened at 4:00 a.m. on saturday morning near the port of oakland and the driver of the black car crashed interest a white vehicle and people started arguing and some machine attacked the dry of the black car and trashed it. >> california drivers will have on give bicyclists extra room on the road after the governor signed a bill that rathers -- requires drivers to stay 3 feet
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away contract bicyclist and if this is no room drivers must wait to pass. law now requires drivers maintain a safe distance but it does not says file how much space to allow. the law is in effect in september of next year. >> mike? >> it will be tough bicycling in the afternoon because of the wind. good morning, everyone, we have temperatures in the lower 60's at fairfield and concord and 58 in san francisco and san jose at 59. as we head throughout the day, the next 12 hours, we are starting off clear here in friend, we do have high clouds that will roll through the sky around 7:00, and a beautiful sunrise, with the clouds and 52 to 60 and cooler at noon, and breezy at 4:00 but hardly a cloud to found at 64 do 76 and
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not so mild. 60 to 68. moving forward tomorrow, the cool of the day in the forecast but probably with the fastest breezes and the ones shift open thursday and that will bring us warmer weather on friday. i have the weekend forecast in a second. leyla gulen? >> you can linger a little longer because there is not much congestion. from tracy to dublin give yourself a head start with construction along highway 4 and we did have an early project that wrapped up that was blocking highway 4 in the eastbound direction between summersville and a street and that is re-opened but what will be sticking around until noon eastbound highway 4 from port chicago highway to willow pass road we have three lanes blocked with president obama traffic moving from concord to pittsburg and a slow down from antioch to i-80 into hercules at top speed and i-80 is wide open making the drive in this area.
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the san mateo bridge, there is a push in the westbound direction but all in all moving at top speeds. >> starting today, you can were joy your french fries and want your calories. we will tell you where you can get the new french fries.
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>> covering berkeley, san jose, and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> 5:13 on this tuesday. a political money fight in the south bay keeping santa clara's newest library from opening. look at the banner that hangs above the north side branch library. construction stopped weapon the re-development agency was dissolved and the state and city began fighting about the agency's funds. a group of parents went before santa clara's oversight board to ask to fight for the money. they want the city to pass a resolution that allows the board to transfer the money back to santa clara to finish the building. >> maybe well manage to get library open before the third graders graduate and go to different schools and never manage to use the muchty building that their par weres have paid for. >> a proposal lets cities use old funds to finish libraries
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that were under construction when the agencies were liquidated. >> advisory panel with the f.a.a. is meeting today and tomorrow to consider changes the rules on when passengers can turn on electronic devices on the airplanes. according to the "new york times" the committee will allow e-books and watching videos during take off and landing which you cannot do now. the ban on sending e-mail and text or using wi-fi will remain in place. the panel is expected to recommend the new policy by the end of the month and it will likely take effect next year. >> disney which is the parent company of abc is making changes to the rules in disabled theme park guests. here is jane king with the bloomberg business report. >> good morning. no more going to the front of the line at disney if you are disabled. they are halting a program after people abuses the system. they will receive appointments.
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>> a judge ordered bank of in earthquake to pay $2.2 million to blacks after being unfairly rejected for positions going back to 1993. they have been ordered to offer ten of the applicants a job. >> investors are looking at reports on whom prices and consumer confidence. financial shares under pressure yesterday along with home build er and iphone sales wowed investors. at the new york stock exchange with the bloomberg business report. >> can you have your french fries and stick to a low-calorie diet, too? burger king says you can with the new satis-fries which go on sale, a small order has 270 calories compared to 350 calories for regular fries. the new fries are made the same way as the regular fries but with a new batter that they say doesn't absorb so much oil. >> the high flying world of marvel super heros is coming to
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the small screen on abc7 news and the agents shield take viewers into the secret intelligence organization tracking down those with superpowers. we have a look at that. >> marvel agents of shield pick up where the 2012 blockbuster film let off. while you likely will not see robert down any in his ironman costume the new series brings the agent back to life as he leaves the team of agents investigating strange events where people openly use their superpowers. >> there is a lost drama but it is an add senatorture. >> most of the stars red comic becomes growing up. >> now, they get to live the
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fantasy. all the things that only you dream about. just fabulous. >> you can want marvels agent of shield at 8:00 tonight right here on use and then "trophy wife" at 930 and "lucky 7" at 10:00 and news at eleven. >> a.m. looking forward to the explanation because if you saw "avengers" the agent was killed. how does he come back? >> we will check with meteorologist mike nicco. we want to know about the cooler temperatures. >> you may want to put on your old rugby shirt because it is going to be cold. >> now, a look outside at what
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is going on with live doppler 7 hd: just not much. it is cool this morning as it should be in the 50's and the dew points are up a little bit so it is not is dry as year. breezy on mount tamalpais as we look to the south and sausalitos you can see at the bottom of the screen and pick out the bay bridge in san francisco, and down to the san mateo bridge, cool breeze the next few days, and that is going to drop the temperatures below average and bring in a fire danger if the wind shifts thursday into friday when we bring warmer weather in. we are tracking the possibility of a higher fire danger. tracking. not guaranteed. warmer weather, though, is guarantee as we head into the week. the wins today, cold front rolling through and that is going to kick up the winds but nothing in the way of wet weather. the winds pick up at 2:00, so it will be very gusty around the bay waters today. our fat of the end withs develop around 5:00 and look how they peak later in the evening and into the early overnight hours
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and we could get up to 40 miles per hour along the coast, and 20 to 30 miles per hour away the bay shore. now we will talk about temperatures is the other shoe, that will drop. low-to-mid 70's in the south bay until los gatos and morgan hill and gilroy at 80 and low-to-mid 70's on the peninsula and milbrae at 69, and mid-to-upper 60's along the coast into san francisco and 70 in south san francisco and mid-to-upper 70's through the north bay valley and ten degrees cooler at the beaches and low-to-mid 70's along the east bay sure with oakland at 71 and no need for air conditioning, a delightful mid-to-upper 70 afternoon you will have, cooler weather tonight, behind the resident and dry air will help our north bay valleys drop into the 40's and the rest of us are in the low-to-mid 50's with a slight chance of sprinkles north of us on wednesday something we will keep an cry on and it will be our cool of the day and the day with the fastest wind and you can see the warmer weather coming thursday, friday, and saturday. enjoy. have a great day.
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>> and the show "goldbergs" is like old shows from our generation. i didn't wear the brooke shields jeans. now, what is happening in the north bay? we have problems on 680 southbound direction there is an accident and c.h.p. is on the scene. not causing any delays because it sounds like it is over to the shoulder. as we take a look into san francisco, oracle world until friday so howard is shut down until friday with muni rerouted. this drive is 280 away from 17, as you make the drive from 101 to cupertino that is a short 12-minute commute. >> seven things to snow use start your day.
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>> he hasn't had a cigarette in six years what really got president obama to kick the habit. >> chocolate lovers, why satisfying your sweet tooth is
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>> here are seven things to know: oakland police are investigating a crash involving two vehicles that killed one and injured another. one car rod over at the scene at 68th avenue. one vehicle may have drive were away from 82nd avenue where there were reports of gunfire. >> east palo alto police want to
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fine the people who shot at a car and wounded two people. this morning, the shooting took place on university avenue near michigan avenue before 1:30. both victims are expected it survive. the shooters were driving a white camry. >> the al-qaeda linked group that attacked a mall in nairobi, kenya, is still holding hostages that are alive. they said they are also have countless dead bodies scatter inside the mall and the militants are holding their ground. the group attacked the mall open saturday killing at least 62. crews this. on are working to contain a wildfire in southern california which now is burning northeast of los angeles. evacuation orders have been issued for several residents scorching 190 acres in the mountains and only 5 percent contained. >> fire has cost $1 million in damage to a century old church
5:25 am
in west oakland. the zion first church of god burned down before 3:00. investigators are looking into the transformer as a possible cause of the fire. >> six, it is going to be cool and breezy. i will show you how much the temperatures will drop. >> seven, the same theme for traffic: clear conditions on the roads but we have congestion in the usual spots behind me and at look at the toll will toll are -- bay bridge toll plaza where a few cars filtering but all in all it is accident free. >> if you are enwill rod in southwest frequent flying program use your points up soon because the airline is sending out e-mails telling members of the program that some flights will cost more miles starting march 31. the cheapest reward flight will take more points to become. currently it takes 60 point as dollar, which is being increased to 70 points.
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the rest of the program is the same with no blackout dates and points that never expire. >> chocolate lovers could spend more. a new report says that people are buying more dakota -- more dark chocolate which is driving up the price. one kilo is expected to hit a record $12.20 a 45 percent increase from 2007. compound the situation, a short am of beans this year and probably next year. >> first lady is well then for her health initiatives and now the president is revealing how seriously she takes it. >> the president was talking to a fend at the united nations with mean made light of the habit and admitted that he has a new one, he chews gum.
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every man says what three said. >> he is honest. >> the abc7 morning news continues at 5:30 with the top stories. >> beaten into a coma outside his own home a man fighting for his life. ahead, who police believe could be responsible for the violence. >> a community mourns the loss of a young boy killed while riding his b
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. it and tuesday at 5:29. thank you for joining us. >> we will get you out the door with a check on the forecast. >> we will start with live doppler 7 hd. good morning, everyone. it is showing how quiet the weather is. cold front to the north and high clouds kicking up right now
5:30 am
making if a color will sunrise headed into the afternoon, though, it is going to kick up breezes so hold on to the hats and steering wheels it will be bumpy. it will be interesting to see how many races they get in today because the wins should be fastest in the evening hours than during the day. we are below average inland running from 74 to 78. the bay is up to 74 and san francisco is at 64 to 69. now the morning commute. leyla gulen? >>guest: we have one problem halfway between 680 and i-80 on westbound highway 4. that is not blocking lanes but in the center divider and watch out for that it could slow things down. in san jose, we have construction project that will wrap up in 30 minutes southbound 880. we have a couple of lanes blocked. so far, san jose is quiet as we pull out and we look at 85 making it into cupertino at 74 miles per hour. and 280 is clear into cupertino
5:31 am
and 101 is not giving us problems and a look at the drive headed into central san rafael the headlights coming in the southbound direction is getting busy. >> pleasanton police have an update after a man was bodien into a coma in front of his own home after a confrontation with young people. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield is at pleasanton police with the latest. >> police say they are close to making an arrest. they are looking for the people with beat the 51-year-old david lamont into a coma. they believe the teens did it. his neighbors say that teenagers often hang out on the hill would their house. he went outside to confront the teens and he was attacked. the neighbors hope for an arrest soon. >> there is in discuss to drive away and leave the man lying in
5:32 am
the street. it is horrible. >> that plant was found in front of his pleasanton home. he is married. he is the father of two. police say they do have good leads including the fact that someone spot add brown s.u.v. leaving the area. the officers say they will give a progress report later this morning. that is the news from pleasanton for abc7 news. >> we also have developing news from oakland, police are investigating a fatal crash involving two vehicles following a shooting. one of the vehicles over turned at 6 8th avenue. one was killed at the scene and 509 injured the one vehicle may have taken off earlier from 8 2nd avenue where police received reports of gunfire. >> police are also investigating a homicide, someone discovered a bed on the street near 89th avenue and mcarthur. the victim was shot. in word if there is any connection to the previous incident involving that vehicle
5:33 am
crash. >> in san francisco, police are investigating a fatal shooting in the ocean view district that happened at 10:00 p.m. at randolph and bright streets. the mat was shot along a muni metro route. the service was rerouted and vote gays made no arrests. >> another vigil is held tonight for the boy who was hilt and killed by a car as he was riding his bicycle to school. hundreds turnout for the vigil for burgess hu at the former elementary school in discovery by. authorities say the boy was riding his bicycle against traffic in byron when he was hit. officials where low was a student immediately enoughed fellow students of the tragedy and brought in grief counselors. >> the young boy was very popular and well known. they all good friends. >> police say the woman who hit burgess hu immediately pulled over. she just dropped off her own children at the same school.
5:34 am
the vigil is held at the middle school. >> a two-year old girl is in the hospital with serious injuries after being hit by a car while playing outside with end froms. it happened at 6:00 last night near north parkside drive in pittsburg. she chase as ball into the street account driver of a passing s.u.v. tells vest gores he did not -- investigators saye did not see her. >> developing news, the siege in kenya at the mall is not over. gun fire could still be heard from the building. the ordeal is in the 4th day. the group that attacked the mall has posted twitter messages claiming the fighters are still holding hostages. a security expert with contacts inside say there were 30 hostages when the assault began on saturday and ten are still believed inside the mall. united states officials say they are looking into a claim by concern why's foreign minister that two or three americans were
5:35 am
among the terrorists who killed at least 52 people and wounded 175 others. >> in an hour and a half, president obama will address the united nations general assembly. the president's address will be closely watched for signs that he may meet later in the day with iranian president, a moderate cleric who has been making friendly gestures to the united states in recent weeks. he is expected to signal hissingness to engage with new iranian government if tehran makes nuclear con sessions long sought by the united states and allies. he will call on u.n. security council members to approve a resolution that would mandate consequences for syria if it failed to turn over the chemical weapons. >> labor leaders and bart management are expected to be back at the bargaining table this morning. north side has reported any progress in recent days and it is now over two weeks to go before the cooling-off period ordered by the governorrens. if the two sides do not reach a
5:36 am
deal, employee could strike by october 11. >> there are negotiating sessions scheduled each day through the end of the cooling off per. these are the dates when the unions will meet with bart negotiators with few days when bart 8 meet with one of the two unions. the last talks are scheduled october 10 the day the cooling-off period ends. >> crews are working this morning to contain a wildfire in southern california. voluntary evacuation orders have been issued for residents as 200 firefighters battle the flames that have scorched at least 190 acres in the mountains. the fire broke out before 6:00 yesterday evening and is burning northeast of los angeles. it is 5 percent contained. our weather has a higher fire danger. >> we will have cooler breezes and more moisture in the area
5:37 am
today and it is mild on the peninsula, san mateo and redwood city is 63 and belmont is 62 and foster city is 59 and menlo park and palo alto at 55 and woodsigh is cool of the at 53. we have 60's around mountain view, and you can see the 60, and livermore is 66 in antioch and san francisco. day planner today, the next 12 hours we will have a few high clouds and color sunrise is possible across the not bay and these temperatures, with total sun sleep, we are stuck in the 60's at noon, and barely 70 inland, and we will be in the 60's at 4:00, but low-to-mid 70's inland at 5- to 10-degrees cooler than yesterday because of the breezes that get progressively faster from 4:00 to 7:00. we will drop into the 60's in the evening. it will feel cooler. temperatures are coolest tomorrow and the winds history
5:38 am
and we will keep an eye on on the possibility of fire danger on thursday into friday. here is leyla gulen. >> we have a construction project in place along eastbound 580 headed between greenville blocking a few lanes until 9:00 but the story is in the westbound direction. it is packed. 25 miles per hour from tracy boulevard and slow out of the pass and over to livermore. it is going to take you 45 minutes to head from tracy to dublin. our traffic across the bridges, westbound richmond-san rafael is six minutes and along the san mateo bridge is 13 minutes and dumbarton is 11 minute commute westbound as we go outside, from the remainryville camera at the gorgeous sight pushing in the westbound direction and treasure island the bay bridge is loading up and it will take you 12 minutes to head out of emeryville to san francisco. >> 5:2869 teens who post things
5:39 am
online they later regret have new protections. what essential media sites will be forced to do. >> also, flames gut a landmark church in the east bay, with the people across america are experof finish quantum, shine voting it product of the year, better homes and garden's best new dishwasher detergent,
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>> oakland police say they have detain three men in the armed
5:42 am
robbery of a group of casualty car pearls in the rock bridge district when victims were held up waiting for a ride on hud son street. at least seven people were robbed of money, wallets, purses, backpacks and cell phones. some of the car poolers ran away and no one was hurt. this is the latest in a string of armed robberies in the area >> a fire has caused $1 million in damage to an historical church in oakland that burned down yesterday afternoon. pg&e says almost 2,000 customers remain without power after flames engulfed the utility pole if front of the church. the pastor's wife says the church was first built 97 years ago by members who were electricians and carpenters. >> we had a lost historical
5:43 am
momentoes in the church: pictures, items we will not be able to replace. >> the community says the church was not just a landmark but a lifeline then for serving meals to the hungry. investigators are looking into the transformer as a possible cause. >> a new law will give minors in california the chance to remove embarrassing photographs and potentially damaging material they put on the internet. the governor signed the bill yesterday and its purpose is to give those under 18 a second chance after they post something on-line and later regret it. under the law which goes into effect in 2015, website operators would be required to are race material when asked by the minor. however, the law would not apply if the content has been reposted by a third party and the law does not extend to adult would want do go back and delete content posted as a minor. >> shareholder is claiming executives damaged the community
5:44 am
putting profits ahead of safety and files a suit naming present and past company executives and board members claiming $100 million was to be used for point line assessment, maintenance, and record keeping was, instead, used to buy back stock and give bonuses to executives. it claims this was done before and after the 2010 deadly pipeline explosion in san bruno. we contacted pg&e if a response but a spokesman said they are reviewing the suit. ought staff at the medical center have a mystery: a male patient with no name or identification. officials say this man has amnesia and did not have any i.d. on him when he was brought to the hospital. if you recognize the man, you are asked to call the hospital. >> washington, dc has given the go lady to an extension of the sonoma area rail transit commuter train. our media partner reports that the project has received a $2.5 million federal grant to design
5:45 am
the san rafael to larks spur segment getting commuters to the ferry service and then interest san francisco. a smart line from san rafael to santa rosa now is unconstruction and it is expected to be running by 2015. >> america's cup races continue today and supporters are team new zealand are not giving up as team u.s.a. oracle pulls in another victory in the 16th race. the team won the last five in a row but they trail new zealand 8-6. they need three more winds to keep the trophy. new zealand needs only one win. the rates are scheduled for 1:15 and 2:15. >> hopefully the winds will be fast enough but safe enough for racers. >> it will be a game time call. what do you call that? here is the potential if the wins headed into the afternoon,
5:46 am
starting at noon, winds at 15 to 25. if figure they are coming from a different direction and they have been in the southwest, and today from the northwest at 15- to 25-knots from noon to 9:00 and faster over the ocean northwest at 20 to 30 knots starting at 7:00 this evening, and through 9:00 tomorrow. here are the winds at sfo up to 18 and has picked up most of us were call an hour ago and now we have six to seven miles per hour wins in fairfield that has increased to 22 so you can see the winds developing ahead of the cold front the it is clear looking from sutro all the way over to berkeley and oakland we will have cooling breezes today and tomorrow and the winds will shift and bring dry warm air posing a fire threat and warmer highs is what is coming with the wind sift into the week. today, we are below average, low-to-mid 70's for the bulk of the santa clara valley and los gatos and gilroy could make it
5:47 am
up to 80 degrees. and low-to-mid 70's on the peninsula, and redwood city at 73 and millbrae is cooler at 69 and mid-to-upper 60's along the coast into downtown and south san francisco and sausalito at 70 through the north bay mid-to-upper 70's and napa is the warm spot at 78 and ten degrees cooler at the beaches and from 70 in berkeley to 74 in castro valley and felt. inland valleys, mid-to-upper 70's with a lot of sunshine and tonight the temperatures are cooler because of dry air behind the front and our shelter valleys up north in the 40's and the rest of us in the 50's. the cold front is coming through kicking up upper level moisture so we will have a cool sunrise as we have the high clouds and the cold air will hang around today and tomorrow and it has limited moisture but most of of the showers stay to the north. there could be a sprinkle tomorrow afternoon and that is about it. it will not be a repeat saturday. now, the seven-day forecast
5:48 am
shows faster winds and coolest weather tomorrow, and you can see the switch in the wins -- winds and holding steady for sunday and monday. >> we have a serious crash as you make the drive close to vacaville where we have a report a vehicle that flipped over several times along eastbound 80. it is possibly rest in the number one lane in the westbound direction so if the drive takes you in the westbound direction you can see this accident. it flipped over several times so be careful of that as we head into the santa cruz mount days we have a stalled big rig southbound 17 and you can see we have a littlibility -- little bit of slowing and north close to the reservoir you are clear and at continue speeds and as we look at drive time traffic, 101 southbound from san francisco to sfo is 10 minutes and northbound along the nimitz from 238 to the maze is 13 minutes and 101 northbound from highway 85 to
5:49 am
the san jose airport is 16 minutes. >> a week after shooting at the washington navy yard the navy is closing a gap in the security clearance process. a gunman killed 12 people. he passed a background check despite a history mental instability and gun violence. the navy's new policy is that all police reports must be reviewed as part of a security check. officials say the check on aaron alexis failed to reveal he has shot out someone's tires in a dispute in seattle nine years ago only saying he deflated the tires. >> surprising report about online reviews that many of us count on to make decisions. wait until you hear how many are fakes. >> an alternative to smoking, the dangerous e-cigarette malfunction that left a young boy in the hospital.
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♪ so, what do you say? thanks... but i think i got this. ♪ [ male announcer ] the all-new cla. starting at $29,900. >> the san francisco giants are home to close out the first week of the regular season with proceeds benefiting the giant fan beaten while leaving a game in los angeles two years ago. $10 from tickets in the infield for the game against the
5:53 am
dodgeers tonight and thursday will go to the fund with the final game against the padres on sunday. his insurance company stopped paying if full-time care at a rehab center. the family is suing the dodgers to help pay for medical costs. >> google is growing so fast that it is having to buy or lease more than a million square feet of office space near its home. they have made all of the deals in the last few weeks including the purchase of seven build education in mountain view and the lease of a large building in sunnyvale. the amount of square footage provides space for 5,800 google employees. >> we turned up the heat yesterday and what do we do today? >> turned it back down. why not in 4 degrees, much, the giants are out but the dodgers are in town so they could use your support. 64 and down to 59.
5:54 am
clear and breezy at at&t so dress accordingly. we will use this as a backdrop today, for the big weather story: four to ten degrees cooler than yesterday. you can see the cold present to the north is where the showers are going to stay and temperatures will be 69 in monterey with sunshine and 65 in tahoe. leyla gulen? >> we have a sig-alert reported in vacaville along eastbound 80 between lincoln highway rivera a vehicle flipped over several times and is possibly in the westbound side of 80 so if you are traveling westbound watch out. in oakland, at high street, we have a report of possibly ten vehicles off to the shoulder with flat tires, one of which is leaking fuel. we are going to find out what is going on out here and the metering lights on the bay bridge are not on yet. eric and kristen? >> toys 'r us plans to hire
5:55 am
45,000 seasonal workers at the stores and distribution center as it is ready for the holiday shopping season the same number of workers the chain hired last year. stores usually begin to hire for the holidays in mid-september and ramp up liaring in -- hiring in mid-october. it is a slower than expected back-to-school season. the holiday season usually is 40 percent of the revenue. >> in east palo alto a congresswoman is holding the first of series of community job fairs so this is an opportunity at east palo altoty hall from 10:30 this morning until 12:30 p.m. with an opportunity to speak to seven local employers hiring in the fields of banking, auto, software, security, and food services. >> if you check out reviews on sites like yelp or city search
5:56 am
before you purchase, you may want a second opinion. several businesses hired companies to post made up reviews posted on sites like yelp and google and stir search and yahoo. a teen who is a professional bogus reviewer says she has written hundreds of glowing reviews for $4 each. >> do you have any reviews you could read to us? >> i made the appointment over the phone and the next day they were working on my bathroom. >> have you renovated a bathroom? >> no, i am 17. >> up to 30 percent of the reviews you see online are fakes. "new york times" reports that the sting in the city uncovered a wide range of services that used fake reviews including dentists, lawyers, and ultrasound clinic. >> an e cigarette exploded and burned a three-year-old son. she was driving while built what her cigarette and noticed a strange smell. she said it blew up and sent hot
5:57 am
coil flying into her son's car seat. the woman says the seat caught fire and she doused the flames withennic coffee and the son suffered second- and third-degree burns. the food and drug administration will introduce the first e cigarette regulations but it focuses on nicotine levels not fire safety. >> diplomacy at the united nations, coming up at 6:00, what to expect if the united states and iran as president obama is ready to address world leaders in a little more than an hour. >> first, a violent night across the bay area, ahead the crash taking the lie of an innocent pedestrian. >> later, fitness gadgets put to the test, "7 on your side" and "consumer reports" reveal whether the high-tech toys can really help you shed the weight and keep it
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> live from the kgo-tv
6:00 am
broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> at 6:00, eight shots fired into the back of a car and four people are inside when this happens. ahead, police reveal whether this was a targeted shooting or road rage. >> a bay area city makes a new attempt to go green. ahead, the requirement palo alto is considering to make it easier to own an electric car. >> in one hour at 7:00, president obama is set to deliver a major address to world leaders at the united nations. the question remains, will the commander in chief meet face-to-face with the leader of iran? thanks for joining us on this tuesday. >> we will find out what the weather looks like as you head out the door. mike? >> good morning, changing of the guard taking place up to the north and here are the high clouds coming this with our cold front because they are high clouds we will not get any rain from the system today. we will be significantly cooler than yesterday with the freezes it will feel cooler.


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