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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  September 25, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good morning, at 5:00, on wednesday. thanks for joining us. >> happening on san francisco bay today, team u.s.a. oracle has put together a string of wins to set up today's winner take all match. abc7 news amy hollyfield has more from san francisco. >> today we get to find out would gets the america's cup with the final deciding race
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starting this afternoon. some are calling what team u.s.a. oracle has done "the greatest come back in sports history." the team won the 7th race in a row yesterday. they are now tied 8-8 with new zealand. both teams are saying this is not over yet although team u.s.a. oracle has momentum on its side. >> this has been one of the most incredible days in sailing, and in sports. unbelievable come back. amazing. >> even the fans and spectators are shocked and many have returned to new zealand thinking the race was in the bag. san francisco mayor lee has been making plans on coming down here to the embarcadero to give the trophy away, never dreaming team u.s.a. oracle could come back from being down 8-1. the skipper of oracle says this is not over. today should be an afternoon full of suspension and the race
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will start at 1:15, weather permitting. >> and now: wind, waves, and who wins? >> it will be interesting to see that, winner take all. the wind: bay breezes are up starting sooner and will last longer. yesterday they came from the northwest at 15- to 25-knots and today they come from the west at 15- to 25-knots. this morning we have good winds gusting along the coast into the 20's and point reyes headed to san francisco at 1:00 o'clock, and it jumps to 30 and the gusts at san francisco are 13 miles per hour so it will be calmer for the beginning, but as we head through the afternoon hours, check out the jump in wind speed at 37 to 30 in san francisco and 23 miles per hour
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in oakland. we see the gusts develop in a faster capacity from 5:00 to 8:00 and during the overnight hours they will start to taper. as far as the temperatures, we will be fairly mild, and temperatures in the 60's around san francisco and half moon bay and san mateo and oakland and richmond and the rest of us are in the 70's. now, the morning commute. >> we have a flat tire stalled on northbound 238 to the southbound 880 connection. it is over to the shoulder and you want to be careful when you head owe. so far, we do not see delays northbound or southbound with slow-and-go traffic but you can see 71 miles per hour is the top speed. as you head out of dublin into castro valley, here is the drive time traffic, southbound 680 from walnut creek to dublin is 13 minutes and 101 southbound from santa rosa into san francisco is 15 minutes and from one to los gatos is 23 minutes through the mountains. the golden gate bridge shows it is clear out there and not seeing any fog and a quick drive
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away from the waldo into san francisco. >> bart managers and union leaders plan to hold contract talks again today as the strike deadline is even closer. workers could walk off the job again when a cooling-off period ends october 10. the two sides report little progress in the negotiations. bart is now planning to charter 200 buses in the event of another strike to ferry passengers. our media partner reports that is triple the number of free shuts bart used in july and the agency is considering having some managers run a limited number of trains. union leaders claim that would be a safety issue. >> right now, in the senate, a handful of republicans led by one lawmaker who resorted to reading green eggs and ham are talking nonstop to protest president obama's health care law. to drama leads up to a scheduled vote on funding. abc7 news reporter katie marzullo is in the newsroom. >> this has been going on 17
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hours now and we have a look at the senate floor. right now, you do have senator ted cruz of speaking and a hand will of others have stepped in to relieve him but overnight he beat the record for the longest speech this year, previously held by not rand paul who filibustered the nomination of john brennan as c.i.a. director and lasted 12 hours and 52 minutes. that was last march. to the point of the marathon speech which is technically not a filibuster, senator cruz is criticizing obamacare. the senate will vote today on a funding bill to avoid a government shut down but not before restoring funding for the affordable health care act. cruz can not stop that from happening with this but he said he would roast until he could not stand. at one point he had to dig deep comparing obamacare to a doctor sues --
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>> those who opposed the idea of universal health care in the first place, and have fought this thing tooth and nail through congress and through the courts and so forth, have been trying to scare and discourage people from getting a good deal. >> president obama is touring with president clinton and hillary clinton selling the law, a major provision takes effect in less than a week on 1 when online marketplaces open for the uninsured to start shopping for health care land. the republican leadership does not support what cruz is doing and senate majority leader harry reid says the vote will happen no later than 9:00 this morning. >> new details this morning on a fatal shooting at a muni light rail stop if san francisco. the crime appears to be random and unprovoked. investigators say this surveillance image shows the suspect just before the shooting. he is described as of asian
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decent with a black baseball bat and hooded jacket much the victim was shot and killed before 10:00 monday night as he exited a muni train at randolph and bright street. he then ran away. >> in the east bay, police are searching for three men who stole a woman's purse and happened at a variety store yesterday afternoon with a woman's purse on her trunk and a car drove up behind her. one of the men got out and snatched her purse before getting back in his car. the victim suffered minor injuries to her leg when she tried to grab her purse but instead grabbed the door and she was drag add short distance. the car is described as tan or brown 1990 ford with dealership plates. >> governor brown is warping the california state university about adding more students or
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classes into the already overwhelmed system. "los angeles times" reports that the governor used we a trustee debate over preliminary budget plan to resolution for more improvements in infrastructure. the trustees want more funding to add another 20,000 students and increase faculty and courses. the governor questions whether the system with 430,000 students, could be overreaching in its enrollment plans and says adding more constitutes requires adding more space and the aging buildings need to be taken care of first. >> three scientists are among 24 innovators from around the country picked for the gene juice grants including a physicists who rescues ancient recordings including the oldest recording of a human voice dating back to 1860 and two others are stanford university professors constituted dig the effect of climate change.
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the $625,000 fellowship can be used by the scientists for whatever research they choose. >> speaking of climate, we will check with meteorologist, mike nicco, for the forecast. >> we will start in the south bay where los gatos is the cool est at 50 degrees. it is 57 in san jose. it is 57 in los altos hails and cupertino. santa clara is 56. alameda is the warm spot this morning at 60. we have coolest weather in calistoga and 57 in san francisco. lafayette is 56. you can see it is breezy in emeryville looking to the bay breeze. our day planner today will will be 58 degrees. 60 to 6466 is the temperature at
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noon, and 72 at 4:00, and 58 to 66 at 7:00. the temperatures are cooler than yesterday and well below average with a breeze. tomorrow the winds shift. they will come off of mountains, through the central valley, into our mountains and that will bring a fire threat and temperatures are warmer with calmer conditions friday into saturday and the fire threat goes away and temperatures are back to average. now the commute. leyla gulen? >> good morning. we have a stalled vehicle with a flat tire northbound 238 and you can see it is causing slowing already so right now we have bumper-to-bumper traffic to the nimitz from castro valley on the transition between northbound 238 to southbound 880. as we take a wider shot of the amount pass, this is look busy at 40 to 45 minutes from tracy to dublin but the speeds are slower. mass transit, though, everyone is running on time. if you ditch the car, all look
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ing good for muni. c.h.p. has issued a high wind advisory so for anyone driving anything high profile, be very careful. >> big companies are already recruiting colleges for next summer's internships and the bloomberg business report is next the. >> the warning going out to the parents of little leaguers on the peninsula: watch more than just the game. >> not everyone is celebrateing team u.s.a. oracle, a snub that made we run errands. we run to the grocery store. in fact, the average american drives fewer than 29 miles a day. the 100% electric nissan leaf goes two-and-a-half times that on a single charge. it's a car. it just doesn't take gas.
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>> covering santa clara, san francisco, east bay, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> 5:14 on wednesday morning, a lovely shot from the camera to san francisco, the bay bridge, there, in the background. we are monitoring weather and traffic and bringing the latest on both in a couple minutes. >> belmont police are looking for a burglar targeting family vehicles during little league baseball games. it happened the last three sundays at a parking lot at the sports complex. a purse or wallet left in the vehicle was taken. police released a photo of this man: one victim's credit card was use the at the business. the person used the card at self -- several business to buy power
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tools. >> students and parents are tackling bullying. groups were brought together including a representative from facebook to talk about prevention and the realities. cyberbullying on facebook and other sites are rising. on monday the governor signs a bill making california the first state to require a website to give minors a way to remove embarrassing posts. >> state investigators have should down a rogue website that is suspected to be the official cover california website. the real site is intended to give those in california information of the new health care law. here is what the bogus site looks like: it has been traced to panama through a server in austin, texas. they believe it is likely the people behind the site are just marketing their service. laws are in effect to protect people from misinformation or come fusion when looking up health plans on official government websites. >> even lower gas prices could be right around the corner.
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here is the bloomberg business report with jane king. >> good morning, crude oil hit a two career high in august while concern of military intervention in syria but, now, the prices are coming down and taking gas prices with them. the cheap oil analysts say the average price on regular can go 20 to 25 cent lower as it already is in texas, tennessee and south carolina. investors are look at reports on august home sales and mixed close for stocks yesterday with concern of budget talks. >> if you are hoping to land an internship for next year, do not wait until the spring. large companies including g.e. are recruiting already for next summer. the competition is stiff, the national association of colleges and employers say 63 percent of the 2013 graduating class participated in programs.
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>> assailing fan, larry ellison cheered on team u.s.a. oracle his fans were left waiting. >> he apologizes and wish three could be here and cannot be in two places at once. >> he was a know show in san francisco at oracle open world for his keynote speech, but was watching the america positive cup race after the announcement he would not be there hundreds of people lost mascone center and he skipped the earnings conference call last week so he could watch the races. >> now mike nicco and the conditions. >> lot like yesterday, very windy. but the winds will come in from the west. we have fire weather watch starting this evening as the winds will switch and come from the north to northeast and that will bring us dry air and it will drop the humidity down to critical fire levels and, also, the winds above 1,000' all areas shaded, whether it is the north bay mountains, the east bay
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hills or the santa cruz mountains, the wins are from 45 to 55 miles per hour with the low humidity so we have the fire weather watch. this evening through 3:00 p.m. on friday. the cameras show the winds picking up, and it will be our coolest afternoon. the fire danger is developing and calmer and warmer as we head out for our weekend. festivity. 72 if livermore and 69 in san jose, and napa is 74, today, and eight degrees cooler than average, and san francisco is 65, and, today, a stretch of four or five days, and this is the warmest time of the year at 72 degrees and we will be 68 in oakland, and six decks cooler-than-average. in the south bay, we are mid-to-upper 60's to los gatos and gilroy and santa cruz and low 70's and temperatures in the
5:19 am
upper 60's and low 70's until milbrae at 66 and low-to-mid 60's along the coast and blowing sand and mid-60's downtown south san francisco and sauce let and low-to-mid 70's through the north bay valley and ten degrees cooler at the coastline and manipulate 60's along the east bay shore to 70's in castro valley and fremont and the east bay valley, low-to-mid 70's today. we will have a few more clouds in the sky than yesterday but it will be a bright date. napa and santa rosa and cloverdale, half moon bay and morgan hill and a few other cities drop in the 40's and the rest of us in the low-to-mid 50's. while you were sleeping the secondary punch, the lows are spinning off the coast near portland and that is going to bring us the coolest and most breezy weather today. as we head to tomorrow, watch the winds go from the northwest as the high pressure builds over the we basin and comes from the north. that is the warmer and dry air that is going to bring our temperatures back to average but we have to go through the fire threat before we get there.
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saturday, sundays mom, and tuesday, that is normal if this time of the year. have a great day. >> as we take you over to the forth bay into marin county we have a couple of projects out here and we do have that lasting until 6:00 this morning, southbound 101 from sir francis drake through greenbrae three lanes are, blocked but northbound four lanes are taken away until 6:00 this morning. so far, so good, we have lots of green on the map so you are running at top speeds. as we look at our drive time traffic, 680 southbound, from 4 to walnut creek it is a short six-minute commute and at 24 it is clear from walnut creek through the tunnel into 13 highway and 580 westbound tracy to dublin is building at 37 minutes. outside to the san mateo bridge, you have a c.h.p. issued high wind advisory and traffic is running smoothly with extra tail
5:21 am
lights making the push to the high-rise but we are still accident free. >> it is 5:21. >> seven things to know as you start the day and the unexpected intruder that interrupted the practice the san jose earthquakes. you can see these otters live. at 8:00 tonight "the middle" and "back in the game," and an hour of "modern family," at 9:00 and "nashville," at 10:00. ♪ let's face it. everyone has their own way of doing things. at university of phoenix we know learning is no different.
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eeeeee yesterday they beat team new zealand twice to tie the series at eight each for winner to take all. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield has a report at the top of the hour. >> contract talks take place again today between bart negotiators and union leaders. both sides say little progress has been made. bart is coming up with contingency bus plans, though, to move commuters. if employees go on strike, that is. >> federal transportation officials are trying to determine if asiana airlines met legal requirements to help the families of passengers after
5:25 am
july's deadly crash at sfo. according to the associated press, the ntsb raised concerns with the department of transportation that the federal law may not have been followed. >> four, today governor brown will sign a bill into law raising the minimum wage. the measure raises the minimum wage to $9 in july and to $10 an hour in january of 201. currently the minimum wage for the state is $8. >> three bay area scientists have been chosen for the genius grants. a physicist at the livermore national laboratory and two stanford university professors are among 24 innovators from around the country picked for achievements. >> it is all about the winds, whether it is a small craft advisory on bay and ocean wars today, or the fire danger and the cool weather. i will have an update on the areas in the seven-day forecast.
5:26 am
>> look from the remainryville camera toward the bay bridge, we have the c.h.p. issued high wind advisory and on the san mateo bridge, as well, we have an advisory so be careful on the roads. >> showing pictures of a concrete barrier outside the earthquake complex that stopped a fighting vehicles at 10' short of the goalpost and the earthquake practice disfacility is next to a test track for systems that manufacture the bradley fighting vehicle. the goalkeeper was training and called the incident "scary." no word on why the driver hit that barrier. >> this is sea otter awareness. this is a new otter catch that offers a first of its kind look into otter behavior this shows video from the marshes in monterey county south of santa
5:27 am
cruz. it is home to the largest concentration of sea ats on the west coast. you can watch the sea aters live by going to our website at and look for oh see it on tv. it is a great place to go kayak ing. >> the abc7 morning news continuing at 5:30. >> a safeway store employees attacked inside his own store and security video police want
5:28 am
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>> mike, i extend outside, it is cooler. >> it felt like fall. there was a little bit of a change in the air. good morning, everyone, it is cool. it is dry this morning. nothing showing up on live doppler 7 hd the form of moisture. you can see from the east bay hills looking on emeryville to san francisco, we have clean air. winds are up to 15- to 20-miles per hour throughout the east bay hills. here is what will happen with the temperatures: only 70 to 74 inland. the cool of the day breezy around the bay at 66 to 71 and breezy at the coast only 60 to 65 degrees. >> it is quiet. we have plenty of congestion over the altamont pass and you could tell me that. as we look right now in the east bay, this is coming arm from the maze, the eastbound direction we have a report of a stalled big rig to the shoulder but it is enough to cause slowing coming up on macarthur maze and in
5:31 am
the westbound direction, though, all is quiet. you may get to the bay bridge and it is decent but it is breezy. we have a c.h.p.-issued high wind advisory. oracle open world at mascone center will block off howard street through friday with muni lines rerouted in the area. >> bart and the unions go back to the bargaining table with october strike date looming. we learn new details an how bart will provide some transportation if the trains stop running. abc7 news is at fremont. matt? >> you can see the frustration on the face of the riders, thinking of the possibility of another strike in a few weeks. the plans are not giving them much solace. our media partner, the mercury news, reports that bay area transportation officials released a strike contingency plane that is bigger than the response that took place during
5:32 am
the skull strike and would cost up to $21 million. bart would use 200 free charter buses triple the number used during the first strike, car pool lanes along the corridor and the east bay would also be enforced all day and new temporary diamond lanes would go in on highway 24 near the tunnel. even with the contingency plans in place, the possibility of a bart strike is hangover the heads of the riders. >> it will make it harder and it will take longer and be more frustrateing. >> san francisco muni and transit and the ferries are running extra service and will look to allow managers to run a small number trains and the union says that will threaten the public safety. negotiations is scheduled to resume at 9:00 this morning and north side is reporting were progress but the 60 day couping off period helps october 11, the earliest we could see a possible strike. >> this afternoon, team u.s.a.
5:33 am
oracle will try to complete one of the most improper come backs in history. the defenders beat team new zealand twice to tie the serieses now, at eight setting up the winner take all winning seven in a row with new zealand sitting on move point for a week. only once before in the history of the america's cup has there been a winner take all final race. our news reporter will have a report at the top of the hour. >> several teens have been described as "persons of interest" in the brutal beating of a pleasanton man, david lamont. he was at his home when he went outside to check out loud voices in a field. his wife found him beaten unconscious in the street. police are now interviewing students from both nearby high
5:34 am
schools to see what they know. gatherings with alcohol can pop up anywhere because of text messaging and twitter. >> there is a reason we all talk about it and obsess and worry about it for the entire four years we are in high school and when they are in college. >> neighbors say he saw a gold or metal brown s.u.v. drive away from the scene but miss have made no arrests. >> federal transportation officials are investigating whether asiana airlines met legal requirements in helping the families of passengers after july's deadly crash at sfo. this was a resolution report that staff with the ntsb which coordinates the family assistance response after major crashes quickly raised concerns with the department of transportation under united states law, asiana airlines was required to provide service to family members of the 291 passengers include promptly posting a toll free number to gather and distribute information and provide transportation and lodging. >> the driver is under arrest this morning after a high speed
5:35 am
chase in oakland that ended in a wild crash. the car police were pursuing slammed interest a parked vehicle, a fire hydrant and, finally, a power pole at 20th avenue. the car flipped over. the impact snapped the power pole in half and knocked electrical wires on to a transit because. no one on the bus was hurt. the crash, though, briefly knocked out power to some pg&e customers that power has been fully restored. >> san lenadro police are asking for help in finding a man involved in an attack at a safeway store throwing a punch at the manager of the floor knocking him to the near seriously injuring him and ran out of the store after the attack. it happened monday morning before 11 check the at safeway and was caught on surveillance video. police confident they will fine the attacker. >> governor brown will sign the measure racing the state minimum
5:36 am
wage at noon in oakland. nearly two week ago the lawmakers closed out the final session of the your by raising the california minimum wage for the first time in five years. it is now $9 in july and $10 an hour in january of 2016. currently the state minimum wage is $8. >> investigators are trying to determine the cause of a fire that ripped through a home and damaged two other homes in the east bay. it started yesterday afternoon in piedmont. the wind spread the flames to a pair of neighboring homes. you can see the firefighters tackling the flames from the radio of the home where the fire originated. crews from oakland joined piedmont fire in the response and quick action by the crews limited the damage to the neighboring homes. the fire chief says this is the first fire in the area since the devastating oakland hills firestorm in 1991.
5:37 am
>> firefighters are making progress against two wildfires burning this southern california. this fire forced evacuation was of 30 homes and broke out along interstate 15 in san bernardino county. the massive airliner dropped tons of retardant. it has burned 200 acres. crews report a fire burning is now 70 percent contained near los angeles that has burned 250 acres sin starting on monday. >> it feels like fall. >> it does with the cooler conditions this morning. the wind will shift to tonight through 11 through 3:00 on friday afternoon. the wind shift will bring warmer and dry air and above 1,000' up to 45 to 55 miles per hour so you can see shade, the north bay mountains, the east bay hills, santa cruz mountains, that is where we have critical fire conditions during that timefray.
5:38 am
now, temperatures on the peninsula, we are running mostly in the mid-to-upper 50's not much microclimate. san bruno and san mateo and palo alto at 57 and dress for 55 headed out to menlo park and 56 in foster city and belmont and the hills, cooler at 50 degrees. that is the same temperature we have in san ramon, 57 in livermore and novato and oakland at 59 degrees and hair at -- hair at 55. we will be in the 50's through 7:00 and everyone barely making it into the 70's around the bay and inland at 4:00. it will be breezy through 7:00. in the evening, grab a coat. tomorrow is warmer with a wind shift. the warmest weather is friday and into the weekend when the fire danger tapers. leyla gulen? >> we will look at the altamont pass where it is busy and 43
5:39 am
minutes gets you between tracy to dublin so you can see the stop-and-go traffic through the pass and it starts to losessen up and it is become on the brakes as you head into livermore. eastbound direction, we have a construction project, eastbound 580 from greenville we have a few lanes blocked until 9:00 a.m. and you can see the yellow behind me as you make the push in the eastbound direction with a bottleneck. we have construction northbound 101 from the end of the tunnel to sir francis drake we will see four lanes blocked until 6:00, for 20 minutes and to the north we have a construction project southbound to industrial, a look at 101 coming in the southbound direction into central san rafael we are looking clear but a few extra headlights. >> thanks. next, taking internet protection to a new level. software pioneers mcafee is back with an idea that will change the web forever.
5:40 am
>> criminal minds, some enterprising thieves used aluminum foil to rip-off gas
5:41 am
5:42 am
glossophobia, is the fear of public speaking. , w? ♪ ♪ the only thing we have to fear is... fear itself. ♪ ♪ >> covering los altos, antioch, petaluma, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news.
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>> welcome back. 5:42. a team of united nations inspectors arrived in beirut on the first leg of a trip back to syria for more chemical weapons inspections. leave officials say the six member u.n. team will travel by road into syria today. a report by the inspectors following the previous visit said sarin gas was used in august. the united states and allies say the syrian president bashar al-assad's regime was behind the attack that killed 1,700 people. >> in pakistan, a convoy of 16 military vehicles with relief supplies are on the way to a remote part of the country where thousands of people were injured and left homeless after a massive earthquake. the 7.7 earthquake hit yesterday afternoon. officials say the death toll rose to 210. >> governor brown has signed legislation to deter papparazzi
5:44 am
to deter photos of celebrities children with jennifer garner and halle berry saying their children are harassed. the law increases penalties for actions including taking photos and video of children without concept and in harassing manner. they face up to a year in jail and $10,000 fine for violations. the governor signed legislation to allow workers to get six weeks of pay while take leave to care for a sin sin -- sick sibling and grandparent or grandchild starting july of next year. >> antivirus pioneer mcafee will launch a new company that make the internet hack proof and says he will create a new kind of internet, one that is decentralized and will provide more details at a conference on saturday in san jose.
5:45 am
mcafee made news for a string of bizarre behaviors. he buried himself in the sand and faked a heart attack in central america in order to escape questioning in the death his neighbor in belize. he remains a "person of interest" in that case. >> a panel of federal judges is tending the deadline if reducing the california prison population. california has until the end of the year for a solution if overcrowding but it is now delayed until january hopefully to find a long-term solution, a partial victory for the governor fighting against the early release of inmates saying it would jeopardize public safety. >> 49ers day is almost here on abc7 news and well carry the nfl network broadcast of the 49ers and the ram game, and our coverage begins at 4:00. we will have special content at and on facebook and on twitter.
5:46 am
49er great, jerry right will take over before the show for pre-game show and after the show. i hope mike can get an autograph from jerry rice. >> for you? i thing he will only do one. leyla gulen will be part of that she. >> how about the parties? >>guest: absolutely, that is in the forecast. we will talk about what to expect in st. louis and at home, first, we have to talk about the winds still an issue on the bay water, that have shifted. rather hand coming over mount tamalpais they come through the golden gate at 15- to 25-knots. at coast they are from the northwest at 15- to 25-knots and through 3:00 tomorrow morning. we will look at the forecast. you can see this morning we are running around 20 to 25 for the
5:47 am
gusts. the gusts. this is as fast as the gusts will get. at noon, point reyes gets near 40 and san francisco gets near 30 so they are starting the match at 1:15 before the winds are out of control at 30 to 45 miles per hour gusts into san francisco. overnight, the winds are developing with an offshore wind developing and why we have the high fire danger tonight. from our roof camera, we will use this as the backdrop at the back dairy, it will be cool and breezy and fire danger is developing tonight and calmer and warmer temperature. today is well below acknowledge, mid-to-upper 60's at the coast and san francisco and richmond and oakland and san mateo and low-to-mid 70's elsewhere, and antioch and napa, fairfield, rather, is 74, as warm as it gets. tonight, 40's in the valleys in
5:48 am
the coast and the east bay valley and low-to-mid 50's for most of us. while you were sleeping the cold front slid to the south and the secondary push of cool air you can see with the low pressure off the portland coast reinforcing the cool conditions and with high pressure settling behind the cold front, watch as it moves into the great bay son, that will bring us the northeast dry wind, warm are wind, and create the fire danger tonight, tomorrow, and through 3:00 friday afternoon. if you are headed over to st. louis, here is the three day forecast: you are getting gorgeous weather by their standards if fall, temperatures are well above average, sunny and low-to-mid 80's with temperatures in the 60's at night. that is a treat. we will hope the game will be as go. now what is going on: tomorrow, a little bit warmers remember the fire danger starts and temperatures are back to average friday but we will be there on saturday, sunday, monday, and tuesday. >> we have a brand new crash in
5:49 am
milpitas southbound 680 making the connection to the boulevard, a truck versus a vehicle and that truck caused the vehicle to fishtail so we have delays in the area, essentially if you are headed along if that eastbound direction where we will find 680, though, running smoothly out there until you get closer to the sunol grade we see a dip in speed at 39 miles per hour in the northbound direction and southbound side coming from pleasanton to 84 you are looking at top speeds, highway 84 itself, not too bad at 54 miles per hour. speaking of 580, that is a busy commute, between 40 and 43 minutes tracy to dublin, antioch to concord and 30 minutes 101 southbound building from saab -- san rafael a construction roth could be slowing things down. >> several consumer groups plan to sue the federal government today to force automakers to
5:50 am
install rear view video cameras adding the backup cameras to the list of recommended features. safety groups call that move a "stall tactic." they say congress imposed a deadline in 2008 to have guidelines in place by 2011 and officials should make it mandatory in 90 days. >> there are many uses for foil but you probably have never thought of credit card fraud. they wrapped the foil around the satellite dishes at gas stations and it blocks the signals from connecting to the processing centers so the theives could use stolen or invalid car cards. a gas station owner noticed unusually large transactions and discovered the satellite transmitter was tampered with. police arrested three people after they returned to the station to buy more "stuff." >> a san francisco landmark has
5:51 am
a new owner, coming up a big change in the works for ghiradelli square. >> oakland puts out the call to expose big-time literbugs and what people have been nabbed dumping illegal.
5:52 am
5:53 am
>> good morning to you. new this morning, heart of the historic ghiradelli square in san francisco has been sold to
5:54 am
atlanta-based investment town with a prepare cost of $54 million. half of the rental space is empty. the c.e.o. says that the firm is hoping for a restaurant lease revival the building was the home of the ghiradelli chocolate production facilities and dates to the middle of the 19th century. >> as you head out there this only you will feel kind of chilly with salt in the air. >> it will be cooler tomorrow morning, our coolest morning in the forecast. now the game tonight, 61 at 7:15 dropping to 57 and it will be breezy at at&t park. check out the temperatures: the east bay hills camera and the beautiful shot back to san francisco as the backdrop from two degrees cooler than yesterday to nine in santa rosa. we are in the 60's and 70's and we should be in the 70's and
5:55 am
80's. look at the pink and white in the radar here, and live doppler 7 hd showing snow showers above 7,000' in tahoe. that is a sign of the teams. 66 in yosemite, sunny but breezy 65 in monterey and sunny in san diego and los angeles. >> we have a brand new report of an accident open highway one are we have a car that tried to avoid hitting a and we will have more information on that ahead. back in milpitas we have an accident south 680 a truck and a vehicle and the opinion driving the truck is outside the other car yell at them. never want did do that. to the north, this is across the altamont pass, headed along in the westbound direction bumper to bumper traffic down to 16 miles per hour and 11 miles worth of bumper-to-bumper traffic and it eases when you
5:56 am
get to highway 84 but, still, busy drive and 43 minutes gets you in the westbound direction and drive time traffic 680 southbound to mission boulevard that is 50 minutes and highway 85 from 101 to cupertino is a short five-minute drive. in oakland this is an initiative to bust literbugs is showing success with videos of illegal dumping including license plate numbers used to track down and site -- cite offenders, most dumping being disregarded construction materials and mattresses. >> people have found cow heads dumped in the district to biomedal waste which indicates irresponsible dumping by companies. they are considering an ordinance to change dutching from an infraction to a
5:57 am
misdemeanor and increase the fine. >> 40 million americans use medical apps on the mobile devices and now doctors warn some of them may not be the best resource. a group dermatologists recently found half of the apps for skin care were designed for doctors and other health care professionals. right now, there is no f.d.a. standard for health apps. >> winner take all for america's cup and ahead at 6:00, we are live with a preview of the high stakes sailing ending between team u.s.a. oracle and new zealand. >> later, a church confession, a california priest is now admitting to that is forcing him to leave his
5:58 am
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. team u.s.a. oracle could complete one of the greatest come backs in sports history, we have the final day of the american's cup. >> we are weeks away from a second possible bart strike. this morning, we are learning new details on the contingency plane the transit agency has arranged in case employees hit the pick the line the. >> political protests on capitol hill republican senators are continuing their speaking demonstration with a vote scheduleed today over the president's affordable health care act. >> we have a check on the trust ed forecast. >> the air is clear. not a cloud out there. it looks like that is going to be that way for the better part of the day. this could be a fair weather cloud d


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