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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  September 26, 2013 1:05am-1:41am PDT

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somehow, oracle team usa staged the most amazing come back. winning seven straight in the squirrely wind of san francisco bay. and taking today's finale by 44 second. a comeback never before seen in the 162-year history of this race. while the old -- while they may be the same. the sailors who held it in the early days wouldn't recognize the boats of today, multihulled, computer tuned. fiber carbon monsters with a net deck the size of a baseball infield. a rigid sail taller than the statue of liberty. >> hard to describe how xil ratixil -- how xil rati how exhilarating it is. >> i got a chance to ride the oracle boat, as i chatted with the captain. there was a boom and massive shudder as we hit a seal at 35 miles an hour. poor thing. but just a tiny taste of the danger that comes with racing, almost three times faster than the wind. as oracle tried to push the
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technology even further. one of the boats capsized and broke apart last october. and many thought team owner larry ellison would have to eat $100 million worth of crow. but the self-made billionaire gets the last laugh. according to cup rules gets to choose the boat, style and venue for the next america's cup in a few years. will he push the catamaran design further in the future or reinvent the mono hull. who knows? as the rich and wind-weathered partied on the bay tonight there is a safe bet there will never
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tonight. a red flag warn wept no affect as crew reis main on the scene of this brushfire in burlingame that caused cal train delays. very strong winds, but they were able to knockdown the flames quickly. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm carolyn johnson. let's get to sandhya patel who is following this on live doppler 7hd. >> let's check out live doppler 7hd. it is tracking a shower that brought a hundredth of an inch in vacaville. it is not a big deal. here is what is the big deal. red flag warning at 11:00 it and it just started and going until friday at 3:00 p.m. for the higher hilltops, gusts 35,45 miles an hour and the humidity is expected to drop below 30%. here are the current winds. lower elevations are not too terribly windy, but check out the higher elevations. hilltop winds right now 39
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mount de diablo and when the northerly wind kicks in it dries out the atmosphere. we had the rain on saturday, but we add few days to dry out. you combine that with a dry winter and that means fuel moisture is running low. when you have low humidity and gusty winds what you are look at from our camera here is fire danger which is elevated. i'll be back with a detailed look with how long we will see the fire danger remaining high and when you might be seeing showers around here. dan? >> thanks very much. with the red flag warning going into affect, the fire danger is high in a number of parts of the bay area. heather ishimaru is live with the story in uh -- >> >> they have not only the high fire danger sign out in front of the fire station, but literally a red flag for the red flag warning days. the fact that it is not blowing in the wind is an indication of what sandhya is talking about.
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the gusts gusts are at the higher ridge line. chief, however,wever, has decided to increase staffing levels beginning tomorrow. >> the homes aren shaw rowedded in dense vegetation. they are keeping a close eye on the wind direction, the wind speed and the relative humidity. >> we monitor four remote automated weather stations and four happen to be in our district in the four corners of our district. >> the division chief was a rookie firefighter in october of 1991 when a fire in the neighboring oakland hills destroyed thousands of homes. donald case was a homeowner and remembers it well. >> we were completely scared. we thought our house was going to burn down. the smoke rising. it was pretty scary. >> he says he and his neighbors are diligent about the fire prevention, but not
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everyone is. >> i was riding by and somebody pitched the cigarette out the side of the road and was sitting there like burning on the side. ijust watch it. i mean, come on. >> don't be out cutting weeds. it is too late. we don't recommend people are out mowing weeds on the red flag days. wait until the fuel moisturecovt recovers and do it in the morning. >> we are currently in the fire season. it will be considered over after the first sustained rain. eterishish -- heather ishimaru, abc news. following developing stories where there are three confirmed and one presumed case of e-coli. three of the four are children and all live in tiburon or inverness. one of the children is in hospital and another was discharged this afternoon. officials are trying to figure out if there is a link between victims perhaps eating in the same place.
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e-coli infections usually happen by eating food that is contaminated. symptoms include cramping and >> problems. >> now to america's cup and a historic finish. >> the come back of 2013 is complete. america's cup will stay in america. >> inconceivable when team usa was down 7 points. today it was a spectacular push to a winner take all finale. the u.s. managed to take the america's cup prize after winning eight races in a row. each a do or die victory. a sweet victory for team usa. larry ellis son hoisted the cup at the america's cup pavilion. there he is triumphant. he praised his team and san francisco saying both changed sailing forever. >> the san francisco bay is a great backdrop for a sailboat race. these 40 plus not catamarans are absolutely amazing.
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i think a lot of people who are never interested in sailing suddenly got interest i had in in -- interested in sailing. >> he would love to bring the t is still tooback to san early to say what will happen in 2017. >> well, the celebration continues this evening along the embarcadero where the fans are still marveling at the team's accomplishments. alan wang is live for us at pier23 where they are still partying. alan? >> yes, carolyn. the final concert is over and the crowd is tapering down. there is still one private party for oracle team usa taking place down at the end of the pier. they just aren't ready to let the day end. as the celebration sailed into the night they couldn't stop talking about oracle team usa's miraculous victory. >> it was amazing.
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>> you can't ask for anything better. >> they want to keep preserving the moment. >> it is one of the greatest come backs in sports history. >> as we kim across the finish line we joined the chaos. it was crazy out there. >> while team usa fans were celebrating, new zealand fans were caw mise rating. >> i was sitting out there and it was the worse thing i have ever had. it is one of the brightest events ever. >> after two weeks of racing only a handful them are left. curious workers filled out the crowd. >> i was supposed to be at work today and i am not at work today. >> i have a great manager and very flexible. i am going to work late tonight. >> i am the boss. >> there was no shame in
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abandoning the office, and there is no telling how much productivity was lost in the financial district today. in san francisco, alan wang, ab ab -- abc7 news. happening now, the celebration on treasure island and that's where h oracle a is hosting the -- is hosting the big party. they feature performances by maroon 5 and the black eyed peas and america's cup victory. state lawmakers think they may have a way to avoid a possible but strike. but the governor is not on board. the senate and senate republicans have sent governor brown a letter urminging hem -- urging him to vote on a measure to avoid a strike. the governor says the -- he earlier suggested a binding arbitration bill and lawmakers didn't support that. >> so i call upon the parties too get serious and make the concessions needed and keep it running. hundreds of thousands of people expect it will be
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variable in getting to and from work. >> a bart strike could happen as soon as october 11th. both sides held talks today, but they are still far apart. we are learning new details of a suspect who held up a group of casual carpoolers. 17-year-old ford was a football standout in oakland. according to the san francisco chronicle, several guns were found in ford's home. officials were the alameda county court system confirmed that ford is being charged as an adult in this. he and the other suspect, 22-year-old johnson are facing 10 counts of armed robbery. >> meantime an arrest in the murder of a san francisco state student who was shot getting off a muni street car. 20-year-old justin valdez was a sophomore at sf state. this is muni security camera footage and they were released to the suspect. they released cason who lives near the crime scene. they haven't said whether he
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is in the video. investigators say valdez was shot in the back of the head on monday near randolph and bright streets in the city's ocean view neighborhood. valdez was from garden grove and they say he was a student leader. >> justin is one of the most well liked and well respected students who came through here. that's why it doesn't make any sense to anybody. we are shocked. >> police have scheduled a news conference tomorrow and they are expected to released more information about the crime at that time. next on abc7 news, bay area police are issuing a special warning to parents and concert goers this weekend. the dangerous and sometimes deadly activity that has become too common. >> and emergency information when you need it most. the dangerouses coming to twitter that could help you in a crisis. >> and how to experience driving a tesla without
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in mountain view this this weekend and police are issuing a warning to concert goers to keep people safe. a ama dates has the story. >> beyond wonderland bay area kicks off at the
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amphitheater. the stages are already being uh seem be belled -- assembled and eager concert goers have ticket in happened. >> it is cool to be in that crowd of huge people and we were there for the same reason. >> brianna wept last year. -- went last year. everyone usually has a good time, but -- >> some people have too much of a good time. >> drug use or possession is used. >> anything that is illegal, i wouldn't say it is a bad place to go because of it. >> the pill popping for these events is a huge thing. it does affect some people. >> molly is ecstasy. over labor day weekend an electronic music festival in new york was called off a day ahead of schedule because two people died. both deaths were consistent with the use of the drug. mountain view police and the santa clara county public
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health department want to make sure those in attendance don't end up in the emergency room so they are offering tips to keep people safe. >> they warn against taking anything someone else gives you because it may not be what they say it is. >> many drugs can be mixed with other things and it can have serious health affects affects and it can in some cases be fatal. this is serious business. >> they will enforce all drug laws this weekend both in and around the event. ama dates, abc7 news. twitter will provide a new service designed to help during an emergency. by the end of the year the twitter alert program will allow local and national groups such as police departments and the red cross to send out tweets through a special account. it will be tagged as critical and they will need to subscribe to the individual accounts to receive the twitter alerts. can't afford a new tesla, but are curious about them? you can now rent one. they are making the sports sedan available in the high
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end rental fleet in san francisco and los angeles. the electric cars will be part of the dream car service that offers aston martins and the rates are about $500 a day. new at 11:00 a man who stood up for his community and made a difference. they paid tribute to dr. ronald lowe. lowe opened a medical practice in san francisco's chinatown and began serving low income immigrants. he never stopped giving. he never turned away a patient without insurance or money. in addition he served on the board of at least eight charities of a fill an a fop pick group. first they landed the super bowl at their new stadium and now they are going after the college football championship game. a media partner, the san jose mercury news says they will submit a bid for the title game of the bowl championship series. if selected levi stadium will host in 2017, one year after super bowl 50 is played
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there. those behind the bid are not releasing financial details, but promise it would be a money maker for the area. the 49ers are in st. louis ready to take on the rams here on abc7 tomorrow. we sent mike shumann to cover the game, and while there he ran into one of the biggest 9er fans around. >> the biggest fan from topeka kansas and who are you a fan of? >> michael wilhoy. >> why is that? >> he is my son. >> you have to be excited because it is probably rare when you get to see him play. >> it is. i am very excited. >> pretty cool. our coverage of the game begins at 4:00. we will have special content for you at as well as on our facebook page and twitter at abc7 news bay area. larry beil, mike shumann and jerry rice take over at 4:30 with the pre game show, and they will be hereafter the game as soon as the 49ers beat st. louis. >> 49ers stay here on abc7. now let's go back and talk about the forecast.
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we talked about a red flag warning. >> sandhya patel has more on that. >> the fire danger is up and it will remain high right through friday afternoon. we are watching live doppler 7hd right now. the isolated showers developed around vacaville and now you look at the sierra nevada and it is taking you back four hours. we fast-forwarded from autumn to winter-like that. don't wax off your skis. we didn't get a lot of snow. looking at san francisco it is sparkling tonight and here are your numbers. 57 in san francisco and 59 oakland. san jose is 57 degrees. it is running cooler than just 24 hours ago. so great sleeping weather. 53 in los gatos. you might hear those trees swaying in the wind. from the emeryville camera you can see a shaky camera as you look toward treasure island. 57 in santa rosa and 55 napa. temperatures are in the upper the inland spots 58 in livermore and concord. from the east bay hills camera showing you another bouncy
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camera right now with those winds starting to gust close to 40 miles an hour at mount diablo. the fire danger is on the rise and the warming trend starts tomorrow and we are looking at fine fall weather for the upcoming weekend with some changes sunday night into monday. a few snow showers in tahoe and really tomorrow afternoon there is a northerly wind flow and warmer, dryer conditions are expected for the bay area. this wind direction dries out the atmosphere more. that's why we are concerned about the fire danger. we already have dry vegetation. check out the wind gusts. 11:00 p.m. and these are the lower elevations along the coast. 30,35 miles an hour and as we head into the commute it will still be gusty. hang on tight when you leave home. the winds are gusting about 31 miles an hour. san francisco, oakland and later tomorrow morning the winds let up and it is a little breezy, but not terribly bad. only to pick up again thursday night into friday morning. breezy tomorrow morning and you will feel the chill. upper 40s showing up in the north bay, santa rosa,
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cloverdale. the rest of the bay area, low to mid50s. it is going to be clear. you will need a jacket or coat and the kids will definitely need the extra layer to keep them snug. the temperatures with breezy conditions in the 70s for most of you. half moon bay 68 degrees. plenty of sun from north to south. 71 in san francisco and a warmer day oakland and palo alto. fremont mid70s. 78 antioch and livermore. 75 in morgan hill. a look at the accu cl seven-day forecast featuring -- accu-weather seven-day forecast. warming up inland. mid80s saturday. upper 60s coast side. sunday increasing the cloud cover.l inthe fog will roll in n monday i justed added a chance of rain for the morning hours with cooler weather. the computer models are hinting at some wet weather between late sunday night and monday morning. >> thanks, sandhya. >> the 49ers are in st. louis, but the giants are at home.
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>> larry beil is here with all of it. >> and it may have been the end. barry zito for what will likely be his final start, but it was the finish that was rather odd. you've got to try this sweet & sour chicken helper.
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after 7 years and $1 would -- $126 million and as many ups and downs barry zito made probably his final start as a giant. we start with a funny moment with a guy in the black shirt. moments after he dropped the foul pop up, he is all over this one. he was careening through the seats. fourth inning and bases juiced for abreu. puig can't make the catch and everybody scores on the triple. 3-0 giants. zito pitched 5 innings and allowed two runs on four hits and still has the big hook. top of 5 and dodgers threatening and crawford flies to left and that ends the inning. 5-2 giants and zito looks fine. he leaves the mound and stunned to learn that manager bruce bochy has taken him out. he clearly wanted to stay in. he is shaking his head going what are you doing? he got the win and the giants beat l.a. 6-4.
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we will see if zito gets a farewell inning this weekend and to get a curtain call from the fans. a's and angels in anaheim. a grounder at first and barton coming home. but he can't hang on. 1-0 angels. in the fifth and singles off straley. 3-0 for los angeles. the a's with two men on in the 6th. he is giving it a ride here. he makes the catch and cocoa tags and scores. that's all for the a's who fall 3-1. hot tempers are on display. they are slowly trotting around the bases and he hit him with a pitch back in june. that's why all of this happened. he is confronted by mccann. he gets nasty and the gonzalez and other players are ejected and the brewers won the game a score of 4-0. but that was ridiculous.
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the 49ers are dealing with all kinds of issues heading into tomorrow's game in st. louis which we will have in abc7. the defense is getting pushed around. the stats tell the story. they forced one turnover in the last two games. both were losses. the niners turned it over themselves seven times. time of possession, sometimes a misleading stat, but the seahawks and the colts ran a combined 137 plays compared to 104 for the niners. the defense can't get off the field. >> there are no excuses. we have to find a way even though we are on the field much more, we have to find a way to get off the field and get turnovers. we can eliminate the scoring. regardless of how many times we are on the field. make them kick field goals. >> don't forget we have another edition of vernon's view tomorrow night at 11:00. vernon will sit down with a one-on-one chat with our mike shumann in st. louis after the game. veer fan -- vernon only on abc
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news. isefully his h okay and he plays. vernon and not shu. shu is okay. >> maybe shu should play. maybe it will help. >> i don't think it is plan "a." coming up next on abc news, why is congresswoman nancy pelosi glued to the tv?
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when you leave home tomorrow morning. you will feel the chill in the air. a red flag warning for the hills. temperatures are in the upper 40s to mid50s. numbers by 8:00 a.m. in the 50s and mike nico is here 4:00 to 7:30 a.m. dan, carolyn? >> thanks. bay area congresswoman nancy pelosi got into the cup racing spirit today. >> she sure did. she ducked out of the news conference to watch the finale and didn't find a chair. >> she ended up sitting cross legged and tweeted "congratulations, what a finish." it was a cool finish. it sure was. thank you for joining us. i'm carolyn johnson. >> i'm dan
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