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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  September 26, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> abc7 news starts now with breaking news. >> we have breaking news in san francisco, several have been detained after a man is stabbed near at&t park after the giants and dodgers game. we have learned two people with the victim were dressed in dodgers apparel. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield is at the police station at the hall of justice. >> we are told the victims were the father and brother in dodgers clothes, hat, shirt, a blue wig and they say the victim wasn't wearing codgers gear but this involved a comment about the dodger clothing. we have video of the area where
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this happened and video from third and perry under that interstate 80 approach where police say it happened. they say something was said about the dom -- dodger apparel and there was a fight. police will not say whether this was rivalry-related problem but it is under investigation. the dodgers and the giants played last night here in san francisco and the giants won the game. they say they do have a man in custody and they have questioned several people but they have a man who has blood on his shirt. no arrests have been made. this is still under investigation and i asked if he is a san francisco resident or giants fan, did he have on giants clothing and they said "no comment." this is still unfolding. they are work on putting this case together. those are the detail we have. it happened at 11:40 last night and we hope to get more information on this step as the only progresses.
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>> happening now, pg&e crews have restored power to several thousand customers in castro valley but dozens do not have service including a hospital. matt keller, how are they handling it? >> this is deceptive. you can see the lights are bright at the medical center in castro valley, one of the 41 customers knocked off power grid but workers have enough backup power to last for three days we have see pg&e trucks shining by and pg&e is blaming the outage on power lines that came down before 12:45. high winds could be to blame. more than 3,000 customers were without power and now most people have it back on. as workers at the medical center, asked if they were doing anything different with the
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current patients coming in and they said "no." pg&e is expecting power to be restored by 9:00 this morning. >> matt, thank you. if you have plans to head to a friend's house and watch the 49ers game together as 5:00 here on abc7 news, you have to wonder how the weather will be. >> it will be great. a lot sunshine of the temperatures in the 70's for not of us, the same weather they will have in stimulus. but they don't have a red-flag warning. high fire dangerren toes above 1,000 feet in the north bay mountains and santa cruz mountains and the mt. diablo range with gusts up to 45 miles per hour. now the temperatures with all the sunshine, and without the sea breeze the last two days, it will be warmer today. look the at low-to-mid 70's everywhere but the coast with the east bay valleys hitting the upper 70's like antioch and live
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more and concord at 77 to 78. leyla gulen has a check on the morning mute. >> mike, speaking of the drive hope to watch the 49ers game we do not have projects so construction should be wrapped up and we do is one project, though, this petaluma that is blocking all lanes and that will last until 6:00 this morning. this is at petaluma boulevard, northbound traffic all lanes are blocked off and we have a detour in place there, a little bit of slowing as you come up on 116. new, outside to the emeryville camera you can see looking west towards treasure island, bay bridge, moving along smoothly. >> new details in the murder of a san francisco state student shot while getting off a muni streetcar. police say the officers discovered several guns in the house of a 30-year-old man who was arrested. the 20-year-old justin valdez was a sophmore an sf state. this is muni security camera
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footage released of the suspect which they say led to the arrest of 30-year-old suspect who lived near the crime scene the investigators say valdez was shot in the back of head monday near randolph in the ocean view neighborhood and police have scheduled a news conference for today. they expected to release more information about the crime. abc7 news reporter will have more next half hour. >> the curfews if teens in oakland goes before the city council banning teens or childrens from being in public areas or inside an oakland business alone between 10:00 p.m. and 5:00 ap. business owners and parents will be held accountable hoping to prevent them from becoming crime victims and reduce crime. >> we are learning new details of a suspect would police say held up a group of casual car poolers as they waited if in oakland.
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a football stand out at a high school in oakland according to the "san francisco chronicle", several guns were found in his home. officials with the court system confirmed that he is charged as an adult. he and the other suspect, a 22-year-old man, are charged with ten counts of armed robbery in the incident on monday. no one was hurt. >> major league baseball commissioner is calling the oakland a's home ballpark a pit. he made the comment about the coliseum yesterday in a radio interview say the committee has been work on the situation for a couple years now. selig called it a "complicated" situation with the a's trying to move to san jose the giants not wanting them to move there. the 78-year-old said he would work out something before he retires next season. last week, sewage overflowed in the bathroom of the dug out during a gale against the angels. it was the second time sewage has overflowed since june. >> many fans of marveling about the amazing come back in the
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america's cup by team oracle u.s.a. larry ellison's team beat team new zealand by 44 seconds yesterday in the winner take all race. team oracle u.s.a. capped east historic come back by winning the last eight races after fall behind 8-1. new zealand was on match point for a week but could not do it. oracle team u.s.a. tell brighted and many in new zealand were heartbroken. >> i was in a pud elf tears. no words to describe it. but, now, we are getting a sense of arguably one of the greatest sporting events ever. >> you cannot ask for anything better in sports. or in sailing. >> ellison hopes the next america's cup will be in san francisco but still needs to work out a deal with city officials. an announcement about the defense will be made in the near
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future. >> it is 49ers game day. mike, how is the weather? >> live doppler 7 hd shows it is quiet this morning. it will be quiet this afternoon. the day planner shows temperatures running in the low-to-mid 50's for the most part at 7:00 and a few isolated areas in the 40's as the dry air is still filtering into the valleys. by noon, we have a lot of sun and 70 around the bay and temperatures are milder than they were yesterday by 4:00, it will be warmer with mid-to-upper 70's around the bay and inland and mid-60's at the cost and at 7:00, maybe the 3rd or 4th quarter a fire let is continuing and the rest of us are in the low-to-mid 60's to 70 inland. this morning, from our roof camera, you can see the trees on the embarcadero and the flags
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are not so unfurled as yesterday as the lower elevations are calm although it is so breezy off the top. friday, saturday, temperatures are warming back to average and fire threat tapering friday evening into saturday and sunday we have clouds and cooler weather and possibility of wet weather open monday. leyla gulen? >> it could be a concern if you are headed home to watch the game, remember that because of the oracle open world convention at mascone center howard sheet -- street is shut down between 3rd and 4th so muni is re-routed in the area. if you depend on that and you need to get home, plan ahead. as we look at our drive time track, 680, walnut creek to dublin is 14 minutes and 101 from santa rosa to san francisco is 49 miles per hours and highway 17 through the santa cruz mountains is 24 minute commute. in san jose, along 280, away from 17, it is wide open.
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eric and kristen? >> thank you. >> twitter score as deal with the nfl. we have the bloomberg business report next. >> a deal in the not that could avert a government shut down. >> lost, found, reunited, a big
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>> covering cupertino, wine country and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> a beautiful shot from our sutro camera to downtown san francisco and the bay bridge. you can see the abc7 news on your screen, there is a 49ers game. we will carry it live at 5:00 and we will tell you how mike and leyla gulen will be involved. >> again the rams. on capitol hill senate majority leader harry reid got agreement to speed up consideration of the funding bill to prevent a government shut down. harry reid want through procedures to set up eliminating antiobamacare language from the measure this weekend. a motion to move the bill was adopted without objection, a rare moment of agreement between democrats and republicans. a final vote is possibly tomorrow or as late as saturday before it goes back to the house of representatives. >> the postmaster general will appeal to congress for swift action on a measure to reform the postal service.
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the agency needs first-class postage raised to 49 cent a stamp. if the regulatory commission approves the request the hike could go into effect by late john of next year. the post office is expected to loss $6 billion this year. a bipartisan bill in the senate would end saturday mail delivery and stop door-to-door delivery for new home and business addresses. >> imagine losing a family heirloom worth thousands. that is what a woman thought happened until she got some good news from a goodwill worker. sandra williams donated a diamond ring and other tiffany jewelry to good will. she didn't realize the mistake until days later. she called goodwill with little hope of getting them back but a goodwill worker found them while sorting clothes. >> look at all ridges, like whoa. i showed james, look.
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>> when i saw the boxes i thought, my gosh, they actually found my stuff! i could not believe it! >> so lucky, right? they met for the first time yesterday a warm embrace and sandra offered her a reward but was told by good will she could not give one. instead she will treat bonnie to a nice dinner. >> honesty is the best policy but it may depend where you live. there was a behavior laboratory where 192 wallets were left across 16 cities in the world. the city with the heightest number of returned wallets was finland. mumbai was second and hungary and new york city tied for 3rd and the city most like his to have a finders keeper policy was portugal. the capitol. you saw new york city there at number three. >> way to go, knockers. >> twitter is on the offensive
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with a new deal with the nfl. >> here is the bloomberg business report. >> twitter teaming up with the nfl involving posting highlights of no one games and sharing the ad revenue the tweets score. vie long is one of the sponsors and it will range from relays to advice on fantasy. twitter has an alert system letting you to sign up to receive text of emergency notices from fema and others. and now the camry has been the top selling car for a decade but luck could be running out, but lose the top place next year as it reaches the limit on price cuts and rivals. >> look for a big settlement between j.p. morgan chase bank and federal and state authorities over north business. they could agree to pay $1 billion including $4 billion if consumer relief to settle
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investigations including whether it violated civil or criminal laws. that is the in us from the new york stock exchange with the bloomberg business report. >> the 49 ares are dealing with all kinds of issues headed into the game in stimulus again the rams. they have a short turn around after the loss to the colts and they could be without three defensive starters with aldon smith out checking interest a treatment center after a d.u.i. also, patrick willis and a new quarterback for the team is out. >> in excuses. we have to find a way to get the turnovers and eliminate the scoring, regarding how many time s... >> tight end davis is also listed as "questionable." he could play, though, after
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practicing on a limited basis this week. some challenges. we are noter withed. owe coverage begins at 4:00 this afternoon with special content at and on facebook and on twitter at abc7 news bay area. jerry rice and mike shumann take over when the game ends, as well. >> a couple of folks are pulling double duty including leyla gulen and mike nicco. >> we will be on from 4:00 to 5:00 joining those three from the 4:30 to 5:00 hour for a special time. great time. we will look and show you what is going on as far as the weather. we will start in california and make the trip all the way to the show me state and fly on down to downtown st. louis. i used to work in a factory that is where the dome is. they knocked it down.
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i got bad grades my first year in college and my dad sent me to a factory to work. it worked. here is what is going on. san francisco and the rams, 76 outside, and tailgating will be great if you have friends this. inside, it will be a comfortable controlled 70. live doppler 7 hd shows it is quiet and very dry air over the top of us and as we look from our camera you can see the winds on the floor storm pointing more toward the south, the flag is there and we do not have a sea breeze but a northern wind and that is bringing us sunshine and warmer weather and heightening the fire danger through friday afternoon and wet weather is possible on monday in the north bay. you will find temperatures are unified and our spread to the south will be between 74 and 76 with 74 in san jose and spread on the peninsula 72 to 75 and redwood city and los altos at
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75. half moon bay is the warm spot at 68. to sunset, 66, and downtown and south san francisco and sausalito 70 and 71. bodega bay is 62 and headed into the valleys we go to 75 in petaluma to 77 in napa. we will have east bay shoreline temperatures around 73 in berkeley and hayward to 76 in castro valley. inland, slightly warmer at 76 in san ramon and pleasanton to fairfield and antioch and livermore at 78. tonight the temperatures are in the 40's in the deepest valley and morgan hill and a few east bay valleys could dip in the 40's. the area of high pressure and low pressure are getting too close to each other and that is creating the wind. as we head through the weekend it will relax. sunday's forecast shows the rain
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coming down to the north bay which is the best chance of wet weather in the north bay sliding down to san francisco by monday evening and it falls apart. the heaviest rain is in machine dough -- mendocino county. clouds drop our temperatures on sunday. chance of rain monday. the cool of the is tuesday and wednesday. it is locking slow over the altamont pass. very early this morning we saw traffic building. you can see we are down to the single digit, nine miles per hour coming from tracy and it jumps up do 20 miles per hour and 33 and is better the closer you get to vasco road. construction crews are at at eastbound 580 where you have a few lanes blocked lasting until 9:00 this morning.
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right now from daly city beyond 101 and toward the at&t pack you can see clear conditions to king street and nine minutes guilties you there. no slowing. month accidents. san rafael, southbound direction, the headlights are moving along at top speed more than 49 miles per hour. >> ahead, seven things to know as you start your day. make it a great day. i'm john muller. [ male announcer ] if you had a dollar for every dollar car insurance companies say they'll save you by switching, you'd have, like, a ton of dollars. but how are they saving you those dollars? a lot of companies might answer "um" or "no comment." then there's esurance. born online, raised by technology
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>> here are seven things to know today. the breaks news. a man died after being stabbed 56 the dodgers and joyans -- giants game in san francisco a few blocks from at&t park. the victim's pair and brother were both wearing dodgers gear. police say a remark about the clothes may have triggered the fight. >> developing news in east bay where a big overnight power outage has a medical center run on backup power. 3,000 customers were in the dark at one point. now sit down to a few dozen. the hospital is operating normally despite the outage. >> antioch officials will decide what to do with to pit bulls that attacked a 10-year old old boy. hunter kilbourn's face was malled.
5:26 am
the animal control investigator recommended they be euthanized. >> baseball commissioner is call ing oakland coliseum a "pit." the 78-year-old made the comment yesterday during a radio interview and says a team has been working on the a's situation for several years. >> five, it is 49ers day here on abc7 news and the 49ers try to bounce back from a disappointing start against the programs tonight in st. louis and you can watch the game right here on abc7 news. kickoff at 5:00 but the pre-game festivities kickoff at 4:30 when mike and leyla gulen join larry and jerry rice for a special preview show. >> here is a lock from the east bay hills camera, at 1,900' up in the heart of the red flag warping and i will tell you how much longer you have to worry about the high fire threat in the seven-day forecast. >> a look at the bay bridge toll
5:27 am
plaza where traffic is running smoothly. we are starting to see early congestion building over the amount pass with highway 4 and other areas of the bay area. form president george h.w. bush was an official witness at a same-sex marriage wedding in maine over weekend. the elder bush and his wife attended the ceremony of long time friends. here is a picture of the president signing the marriage license. gay marriage became legal in maine in december. >> can't afford a new toes that, you can rent one? the model s sports model is available in the high-enrent a.m. float in san francisco. the electric cars will be part of the dream cars service which office porsches starting at $500 a day! >> the abc7 morning news continues at 5:30 with the top stories. oracle team u.s.a. keeps the
5:28 am
america's cup trophy. what c.e.o. ellison is saying about whether the sailing race will return to san francisco in four years. >> state lawmakers have an idea to avert
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at kaiser permanente we've reduced serious heart attacks by 62%, which makes days with grandpa jack 100% more possible. join us at and thrive. abc7 news begins with breakings news. >> three people are deattend after a man is stabbed to death at at&t park after the giants and dodgers game. two people with the victim were dressed in dodgers apparel. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield is at the police station with more. amy? >> this is still getting put together. we know there was a fight. there was a fatal stabbing. there was dodger apparel involved. here is video of the area where it happened.
5:31 am
it was close to the ballpark at 3rd and perry where we took the video under the i-80 overpass, the entrance ramp. this is the area where it happen ed. a couple of groups of men got in a fight after the game at 11:40. something was said about the fact the guys had on a dodgers hat and shirt and a blue wig. there was a fight. a man was stabbed to death. we are told the victim's father and where were wearing the dodgers apparel. police say they have men in custody. including one who has blood on his shirt. no arrests have been made. they are still gathering information and evidence. they are still trying to figure out what happened, who is to blame, who could be charged. they need a little bit more time on this one because they are talking to people at this point so we are in contact with police and we are getting updates and we will brief you as soon as we
5:32 am
get more information on this story. >> pg&e cruise are restoring power to a few dozen customers without electricity hitting at 12:45 this morning with 3,100 homes businesses losing electricity. right now, the medical center is still running on backup power located in the outage zone and abc7 news has been told they have enough fuel to run generators if throw days but pg&e expects to restore power this morning so there will be no impact on the operations. >> the abc7 news logo is red and gold because the 49ers are playing and we carry the game from stimulus right here. >> it ought to be great weather in stimulus. the weather is so nice for the folks there. at the dome it will be 70
5:33 am
degrees with controlled climate it will be comfortable. the big weather story, the high fire danger, the red there warning until 3:00 tomorrow afternoon and north bay mountains and east bay hills and santa cruz hills, above a thousand feet and winds from 15 to 25 and gusts 35 to 45 and the humidity is dropping rapidly. you will notice that when you step outside. the first forecast if you live in the lower elevations we will have a lot of sunshine, low-to-mid 60's along the coast and low-to-mid 70's around the bay. >> as far as afternoon road projects as you head back home to watch the game, so far there is nothing just give yourself extra time because of the congestion that is building quickly. also, as you make the drive over the altamont pass you can see the red peeking identity at livermore avenue it going to be
5:34 am
45 minutes of a drive from tracy into dublin. in san jose, here is a look at the project, it will be there for another 30 points northbound and southbound 880 at 280 we have lanes taken away and outside we go, and this is the drive across the san mateo bridge coming up to the highway rise and not a problem. it is a quick drive from hayward to foster city. >> new information this morning in this week's fatal shooting on muni light rail, sources say they made a disturbing discovery in a home of the suspect arrested on tuesday after police released video of the man. abc7 news reporter katie marzullo is in the newsroom. >> new information on the suspect and memorial plans for the victim. a 20-year old was shot and killed on monday night as he got off a muni street car. police found several guns at the suspect's house these blocks from the crime seen which is randolph and bright.
5:35 am
we expect to learn more in a news conference today. officers arrested the suspect, a 30-year-old on tuesday. they were circulating surveillance video from muni and that led to the suspect. police believe the killing was random and unprovoked. valdez was going to sf state and was from southern california. his former principal said valdez was a real leader. >> justin is one of the most well liked and well respected students that came through here and the whole thing is -- it doesn't make sense. we are shocked. san francisco state is plan an event if his owner according to facebook, a memorial will be held at 7:00 p.m. at the university student center and the "san francisco chronicle" is reporting that sf state is offering counseling to the students. a santa clara high school teacher accused having sex with
5:36 am
an underage student is scheduled to be arraigned. police arrested the 32-year-old on monday after he was tipped off about inappropriate contact with a 17-year-old teen. officials immediately placed the teacher on leave saying the allegations were stubbing enough to keep him out of the classroom. investigators think she was the only victim. the source of an e. coli outbreak made four sick and three are children. one of the children is hospitalized. doctors discharged the second child yesterday. officials are trying to find out if there is any connection between the victims and the infection of e. coli usually happened from eating contaminated food.
5:37 am
>> bart will get an update on where the talks stand between bart and the unions with two weeks until the cooling-off period end. not and assembly republicans urge the governor to call an emergency session to vote on a measure to strip bart unions of their right to streak. the governor says both sides need to get serious and make concessions needs. the next negotiating session is tomorrow and union workers could walk out october 11. >> there is word that the san francisco 49ers are trying to attract another high profile sporting event and our media partner, the san jose mercury news said the team will submit a bid for the title game of the bold championship series, the super bowl of college football. if selected, the stadium would host the game in 2017 the year after super bowl 50 is played there with supporters not releasing details but they promise it will be a money maker for the bay area.
5:38 am
>> oracle team u.s.a. owner says he helps the next america's cup will be in san francisco. he says he still needs to work out a deal with city officials after the team capped off an amazing come back. america's cup will stay in america! they beat team new zealand to retain the cup beating new zealand by 44 seconds in the winner take all race. oracle team u.s.a. got eight straight wins after trailing 8-1 for a week. ellison hoisted the cup at the pavilion and praised the regatta and san francisco saying both changed sailing forever. >> san francisco bay is a great backdrop if a sail poet race and the 40 plus knot catamarans are absolutely amazing. a lot of people who never are interested in sailing got interested in sailing. >> ellison has already received
5:39 am
a notification from the challenger for the 35th america's cup and said an announcement about the oracle defense will be made in the near future. >> red and gold day and 49ers game day kicks off right here and mike has a look at the forecast. good morning, everyone, no wet weather and we are getting more dry by the moment the check out the temperatures in the 40's and east bay valley, concord, 10 ramon, hayward, fremont, in the north by, napa, 49, we are close in santa rosa at 50 and san francisco and oakland and san carlos is the warmest at 55 and novato and san jose at 54 and mountain view at 53 and close in los gatos to the 40's with 50. look at the flag on the exploritorium pointing to the south with the wins from the north and part of the high fire danger. heading out the door it will be cooler at 46 to 56 and the dry air warms nicely and today is warmer than year at 52 to 70 and
5:40 am
4:00 you kickoff work and ice if up the kids and going somewhere to watch the game at 64 to 78 and we saw a high fire danger in the hills and the threat continues. moving failure, a warming trend is on way with the fire threat tapering tomorrow afternoon so the friday evening no need to worry and saturday is the warmest with more clouds and cooler weather on sunday and i will update the chance of rain on monday in the seven-day forecast. >> it will an hour to get you out of tracy to dublin. we will take a look along 580 and see the red to livermore avenue, and it starts to ease up and you start to slow down approach the dublin interchange so 50 minutes it takes you from tracy to dublin in the westbound direction. eastbound side, not so bad but we have a construction project between greenville and north glenn road until 9:00 this or. as we look into the north bay petaluma, northbound 101 all
5:41 am
lanes are going to be shut down and they are slowly picking up cone as they speak but in 20 minutes we will have a full opening, and southbound side is not a problem as we go outside here is a look at the drive through walnut creek and as you make it southbound along 680 you can see how the tail lights are building and everyone is still moving along at top speed. >> bay area police have a special warning for fans headed to a huge weekend rave, the activity that some may be doing that is putting their lives at risk. >> the top level meeting today that could be a major step forward in easing nuclear tensions between the united states and
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>> miss have narrowed their focus to one person in the investigation of a brew tall beating that left a man in a coma. investigators are focusing on an 18-year-old who does not live in pleasanton and talking to these teenage witnesses. the victim, david lamont, is it will in a coma. he confronted a loud group of young people and his wife found him severely beaten in the street. >> police are are issuing a real
5:45 am
warning to parents and concert goers at a huge rave on saturday night in mountain view. drug use is prevalent at the raves especially ecstacy. a festival in new york over labor day was scan selled after two people died possibly from overdosing. police recommend that concert goers attend the event with friends and warn against taking anything someone else gives you because it may nature be what they say it is. >> many drugs are mixed with other things and can have serious health effects and can even be fail so this is serious business. >> the police will have officers enforcing all drug laws this week, both in and around shoreline theater. >> this party is safe: 49ers day on abc-washington post poll and the 49ers are waking up in st. louis ready to take on programs the rams and mike shumann ran into a
5:46 am
big fan. >> who are you the biggest fan of? >> my son, michael. >> you have to be excited because it is rare you get to see him lay? >> i am very excited. yes. very excited. >> okay, i know they have the chiefs but hopefully they will rally some fans. our coverage begins at 4:00 this afternoon with special content at abc-washington post -- on and 49ers great jerry rice take over along with mike shumann with a pre-game show and they will be here after the game when the game ends this stimulus. >> mike nicco and leyla gulen will be there tonight. >> talking about our forecast, our fire net and what to expect in st. louis today. i can show you right now, the graphic shows outside it will be gorgeous, it doesn't get much better than this weather in st. louis this time of the year and as cool as the 40's and 50's and
5:47 am
sunny and above average in the 80's following down to 76 by the time we get to the kickoff at 7:25 their time. 70's degrees inside the dome. that is the dome in downtown. now, back at home, we have quiet weather on live doppler 7 hd showing how dry the new air mass is. winds in our lower elevations are gusting up to possibly 12 in oakland and san francisco at ten and mostly from the north in most areas. they are lighter than what we are dealing with in the higher elevations. the fire danger is above 1,000' in most areas. from emeryville the camera was bouncing as we look at the east bay bridge, the new span. sunshine today, our warming trend begins and a high fire danger through tomorrow and wet weather is possible on monday. there is a lost minor back stories to talk about. first, the temperatures and how uniform, 74, 75, or 76, and down
5:48 am
to santa cruz, 72, 73, 74, 75, that is what you get on the peninsula, the coast is maybe more in the way of microclimates from 68 at half moon bay to 66 at the sunset and we have 62 in bodega bay so it will be cooler there. on the bay side, downtown, south san francisco and sausalito at 71, and temperatures around 75 to 77 degrees through the north bay valley and along the east bay sure, uniform at 73 in berkeley to 74 in oakland and 76 in castro valley and temperatures in the east bay valley, 76 to 78 degrees. tonight, more microclimates and today is the first day of the year or of this senator where the night is long we than day. 49 in santa rosa and morgan hill and santa cruz, from 40's in the east bay valley and all the reporting stations in the low-to-mid 50's. area of high pressure and area
5:49 am
low pressure are squeezed together and we have the high fire danger in all areas you see in red. as we head to sunday, check out this next system rolling in and we could have wet weather for the north bay on monday. tomorrow and saturday, the warmest days as we see the warming trend continue, and sunday with the onshore flow, coolest days are monday with height rain and sunshine and warmer weather rolls back tuesday and when. >> we have a report of a crash in san jose and northbound 101 that is where we do have two vehicles that collided and they are new blocking one lane. you can see it is causing bumper-to-bumper traffic away from the 280680 split with slowing before you get there and hopefully c.h.p. is headed out there and will get that to the shoulder with no injuries reported. highway 4 westbound another accident at summersville, with no injuries. they are exchanging information and it is nut -- not block any
5:50 am
lanes to pittsburg. bay bridge toll plaza shows the cash-paying lanes already loading a little bit and we have fast track lanes moving sightly into san francisco from emeryville and metering lights are not on yet. >> secretary of state john kerry and six foreign ministers are meeting with iran's top diplomat today on the sidelanes of the united nations general assembly paving the way for the first round of negotiations over iran's nuclear issues. they are testing tehran'singness to discuss a deal to resolve international concerns of the nuclear program. >> high school ins in hot water with the state with testing rules that officials say were broken. >> stanford graduate politician
5:51 am
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♪ >> the 49ers take on the rams and we have our special logo in red and gold and the 49ers new stadium will install the new scoreboards, two giant quality scoreboards will go up in santa
5:54 am
clara at the stadium over the next few weeks. it is a massive undertaking. a 330 ton crane will hoist the screens 250' up and into the stadium. the smaller one is in the south end zone and the larger, 48' high by 200' wide will be in the north end zone. the scoreboards will be among the largest in the nfl with the project manager saying after that the work on the field will begin early december. >> you can watch all the action tonight here at 4:30, the 49ers regame she with mike shoe man and jerry rice carrying the network coverage of the 49s and program game at 5:00 p.m. followed by after the game with larry mike and jerry and the two hour season premiere of grey's anatomy comes on at 9:00 and then abc7 news at eleven the do you not have to miss a moment, bass you can watch us on computer, tab let or smartphone
5:55 am
with more information at abc7 . >> an added fee tire, is mike and leyla gulen will be involve the. >> looking forward to it. we still have the dodgers if town take on the giants at first penalty 64, not so breezy at last night. from the east bay hills you can see compared it our picture from emeryville it is bouncing with gusts up to 20 miles per hour and two to eight degrees warmer than this time yesterday afternoon compared to this afternoon. if you traveling around and headed up to tahoe it will be 58 degrees today. leyla gulen? >> we have a couple of accidents first at the nimitz on the new park mall where we have this accident involving throw vehicles with a possible medical emergency and we are seeing some slow downs because it is blocking one lane and as we take
5:56 am
you into san jose the accident still blocking one lane and the backup is causing from actually road you will be on the brakes where we have a two-car crash and outside we go, a picture of your drive right through san jose northbound 280 away from 17 and a few extra cars moving in the northbound direction. >> union city's james logan high school is in trouble with the state after breaking standardized testing rules back in may, our media partner, the "contra costa times" reports that students were allowed to finish one section of the test a day after starting it and the administration told the state of the infraction and the result is that the state has stripped logan of its academic performance index which met the standards. >>menlo hark -- police department to buy license plate
5:57 am
readers but not until the privacy concerns addressed. the surveillance cameras are mounted at intersections in one neighbor where there have been five shootings since february. the license plate readers are monied to three patrol cars and a subcommittee of the city council will help the city attorney draft an ordinance to balance public safety with the citizens' right to privacy. >> the bay area is waking up to high fire danger. meteorologist mike nicco and live doppler 7 hd are tracking the winds. >> first, a deadly stabbing near at&t park right after the end of last flight's joy ans and dodgers game. new details we are learning of the victim and the family. >> later, avoiding a collision, "7 on your side" and "consumer reports" put after market safety
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> breaking news at 6:00, a late night stabbing near at&t park right after the giants and dodgers game turns fatal. what police say may have sparked it. >> flames a break out on the peninsula as a red flag warn goes into effect and meteorologist mike nicco is tracking the winds with live doppler 7 hd. thousands of pg&e customers are left in the dark with an impact on a hospital and what is happening right new. good morning, it is 49ers day here on abc7. thanks for waking up early with us. >> that is why our logo is red and gold? >> that is right. >> game kicks off at 5:00 p.m. mike and laically will be part of the pre-game coverage. >> it will be exciting and fun. we do have something to talk about the form of adversity in the weeks ago, high fire danger above 1,000'


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