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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  September 26, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> breaking news at 6:00, a late night stabbing near at&t park right after the giants and dodgers game turns fatal. what police say may have sparked it. >> flames a break out on the peninsula as a red flag warn goes into effect and meteorologist mike nicco is tracking the winds with live doppler 7 hd. thousands of pg&e customers are left in the dark with an impact on a hospital and what is happening right new. good morning, it is 49ers day here on abc7. thanks for waking up early with us. >> that is why our logo is red and gold? >> that is right. >> game kicks off at 5:00 p.m. mike and laically will be part of the pre-game coverage. >> it will be exciting and fun. we do have something to talk about the form of adversity in the weeks ago, high fire danger above 1,000'. this will continue through
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tomorrow afternoon at 3:00. today, the next 12 hours, starting off clear in the low-to-mid 50's and upper 60's at noon and pleasey in the hills at 73. warmer and 66 at 7:00. inland neighborhoods, we are starting off with jacket weather upper 40's to low 50's and around 70 at noon and 4:00, it is gorgeous, temperatures are going to be in the mid-to-upper 70's and breezy in our hills dropping quickly in the 60's during the evening hours. day planner at the coast is 51 degrees at 7:00 this morning over the next 12 hours a lot of sunshine and breezy in the mid-60's dropping to 60 by 7:00. >> back over to the film it, traveling along the southbound direction we have a three car crash moved to the shoulder that was blocking a lane, enough to cause this kind of a backup, a mile of bumper-to-bumper traffic. in san jose, this accident is
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clearing. the traffic is dissipating at the split. we have a two-car crash here with delays coming away from tully road. traffic is getting busy at toll plaza and from emeryville from the tolls to treasure island, it is sluggish. traffic is building early. >> a man is stabbed near at&t park after the giants and dodger s game. do people with the victim were dressed this damageers apparel. amy hollyfield is at the police station. amy? >> police say the victims' brother and father were wearing dodger blue hats and t-shirts and a blue wig. here is video of the area where it happened, close to the ballpark at 3rd and harrison and perry under the i-80
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approach at 11:39. after the giants and dodgers game. there was something said about the dodger apparel and there was a fight between two groups of men and a man was stabbed to death. police will not say whether this was certainly rivalry-related problem but all under investigation. they do have a couple of men in custody. one has blood on his shirt. they still have investigating to do and evidence to gather. in arrests have been made at this pin. i asked if the man with blood on his shirt was wearing a giants shirt or a san francisco resident and they said "no comment." it is shift change at the police station so the night crew is new briefing the day crew on what happened and we will check in, in a few minutes, to find out if during the briefing it was discovered that anything has changed especially on the arrest status so stay with us as we continue to follow this step.
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>> happening now, an east bay hospital is run on a generator this morning after an overnight power outage that affected thousands. matt keller are joins us if was tremendous valley. matt? >> power outage to 41 customers may not seem like a big deal but when a customer is a hospital it can lead to big problems. the workers say it is not a big problem this morning. they say their backup generators are woring well and they can last throw days and service has not been disrupted. in the past hour and a half we saw pg&e trucks inspecting power lines just down the hill from the hospital. pg&e is politicalling this -- is blaming this outage on potential high winds. at first 3,000 customers were without power but know that now
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most have it back on. everything new is running normally and pg&e helps to have the power restored by 9:00 this morning. >> new details in the murder of a san francisco state student shot getting off a muni street car. police say the officers have discovered several guns in the house where the 30-year-old suspect was arrested. the victim was 20-year-old justin valdez was a sophmore at san francisco state. this is muni security camera footage releases of the suspect that led to the arrest of the 30-year-old who lives near the crime seen. investigators say valdez was shot in the back of the head on monday in the ocean view neighborhood. police are expected it release more information of the crime. katie marzullo will have more in the next half hour. >> a 31-year-old man is under
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arrest in santa cruz accused of stalking teen girls near their school. joshua james was arrested on child pornography and stalking charges. two girls from santa cruz high school reported seeing a man follow them in a car while running. on tuesday, detectives received a second report of a man filming students around campus and they found upon graphic images when search the home the. >> a new law for curfew in oakland bans teens or children from being in public areas or inside an oakland business alone between 10:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. with business owners and parents hold accountable. they hope keeping kids off the street prevents them from being crime victims and reduce crime the. >> we are lending new details of the suspect's would police held up a group of casual car poolers as they waitedded for rides in oakland.
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17-year-old was a football standout at a high school in oakland. according to the "san francisco chronicle", several guns were found in his home. officials with the court system confirmed that ford is being charges as an adult. he and the other suspect, a 22-year-old johnson are charged with continue counts of armed robbery. nope was hurt. >> major league baseball commissioner is calling the oakland amount's home ballpark a "pit." selig made this comment yesterday during a radio interview saying a committee has been working on the situation if two or three years now. selig called it "very complicated." the 78-year-old commission are said he would work something out before he retires next season. last week, sewage overflowed in the bathroom of the a's dug out, at least the second issue at the stadium since june. >> so many are still marveling
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of the amazing come back in the america's cup by oracle team u.s.a. early son's team beat team new zealand by 44 seconds in yesterday's winner-take-all race. team oracle u.s.a. capped off the come back by winning the last eight races after falling behind 8-1, necessary necessity was on match point for a week and usa fans celebrated new zealand was heartbroken. >> i was in a puddle of tears. now, though, we are part of arguably one one of the greatest games ever in sports. ever. >> usually son says he hopes the next cup will be in san francisco but says he still needs to work out a deal with city officials. an announcement of the oracle defense is made in the near
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future the. >> quite a comeback. 49ers take on rams in st. louis and you can see the game right here the mike? >> great weather. temperatures are in the 80's today for highs and 70's by the time the kickoff and 70 in the dome. here is a look at what is going on at home, live doppler 7 hd showing dry air is taking over and the reason why we have a heightened fire danger today through tomorrow. check out the 40's in the south bay, cupertino and saratoga at 49, campbell at 48, and los gatos at 46. everyone else around 50 degrees and 52 in san jose and 49 in newark and 47 in san ramon and 45 in calistoga. 52 in san francisco and alameda is a warm spot at 56. east bay hills, the camera is bouncing all over the place. the temperatures today are two to four degrees warmer and even up to eight degrees inland. our three day forecast, the warming trend conrow
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and saturday and cooler with more clouds and a sea breeze on sunday. >> we have a brand new crash westbound at emeryville at powell street before you get to the maze and we have a two-car crash blocking one lane. you can see it is causing delays from university avenue so traveling through berkeley it will be show this morning and we have another crash in the clearing stages on the nimitz southbound headed into treatment causing quite a bit backup. we have an hour from tracy to dublin westbound 580 and 31 minutes from antioch to concord and 101 is still looking clear and under 20 minutes and here is a picture of the river of headlights coming into central san rafael so clear conditions, no accidents, no slowing. new this morning, president obama's job performance numbers take a tumble and we will show them to you.
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>> stanford graduate and senate candidate, cory booker admits he messaged an ex-otic dancer. >> oracle c.e.o. usually son is celebrating his win but shhhhh! in our day, we didn't have u-verse high speed internet.
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>> covering walnut creek, burlingame, campbell and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> a picture of san francisco, the bay and the east bay, with high fire danger today and football right here on abc7 news later on today. we will explain. >> unfortunately, there is also high fire danger, arson in southern california. this is new video, can you see what firefighters were dealing with inless an last night. altogether, the crews had five different fires. animal building estimated 20,000 in damage. >> a just released "new york times" poll finds that 49 percent of americans now disapprove of president obama's job opinion abc and only 32
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percent approve. two-thirds of americans say the country is on wrong track. syria and iran and the economy and health care are cited as reasons for low approval rating. >> stanford graduate, newark new jersey mayor, book known for his following on twitter and that included a stripper. he exchanged the direct messages with a dancer who worked at a strip club in portland, oregon, appearing to be nothing more than casual wanter. a spokesman is calling the messages a "nonstory." in a statement, the spokesman said "the mayor talks with people from all walks of life on twitter and the shocking part is learning that there is a vegen strip club in portland." >> fresh off the america's cup victory, oracle c.e.o. is facing criticism over the pay. the "wall street journal" reports some investors are complaining about the $76
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million compensation, package. the performance has been mixed. revenue was flat the last quarter and the discontent could led to a she down at the annual meeting next month. >> cannot afford a new tesla? you can rent one available in the high end rent am fleet in san francisco andless an. the electric cars are part of a dream car service which offers porsches and rates start at $500 a day. >> starbucks has opened the first two locations inside disneyland the parent company of abc7 and provided these images of the new starbucks. cast members serve up the favorite latte and customs can use the starbucks app or starbucks gift cards to pay. they opened locations inside disney's florida theme parks early this year, but we have
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been to the starbucks in the forbidden city, in china, and there hasn't been one here? >> they banished not, not culturally appropriate it. >> but before that, we had our lattes. >> lot of wind activity. we have a grande game coming up! >> that welcomes. >> in san francisco, we talked about this yesterday temperatures above average in the 80's following into the 70's by the time the folks headed into the game where it will 70 in the dome so perfect weather and it is not a problem blue are tailgating or the players on the field. the winds in the lower elevation are calmer than in the hills where we gust at 20 to 30 miles per hour this morning down from where it was last evening but they will pick unagain in the evening hours so we continue to have the high fire danger.
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beautiful sunrise coming up on the exploritorium which usually comes up at 7:01 but today is the first day longer nights than the days since march. sunny today, warming trend begins and a high fire danger through tomorrow afternoon and the evening plan should not be affected. our temperatures are not much in the way microclimates with low-to-mid 60's along the coast from half moon bay at 68 to bodega at 62 and we go great 71 in san francisco to 74 in oakland, palo alto, san jose, rip machine, and up to 76 in santa rosa, and 7 at concord and napa to 78 in fairfield and livermore for warm spots. tonight is a cooler one in the valleys as temperatures drop into the 40's again and we will be 52 in concord and 50 around fremont and live more and 49 in morgan hill and santa cruz and 55 in oakland and san francisco. area of low pressure that
6:19 am
brought us the breezy and cold conditions yesterday is moving on but there is a high pressure tabling it and that is creating the fast northern wind with a gusty dry wind bringing the high fire danger to the areas you see in red and that is all of our neighborhoods above 1,000' until 3:00 tomorrow. we jump ahead and we will have a remain what trend friday and saturday and clouds he of this system and the sea breeze cooler weather coming in on sunday, and you can see the rain coming down and the bulk of the rain will stay north but by monday we can have wet weather moving into the north bay and get as far south as the golden gate bridge. the seven-day forecast shows temperatures around 5- to 10-degrees compared to yesterday and we are back to average by saturday and then a drop in temperatures on sunday and monday a threat wet weather and then sun and warmer on tuesday and wednesday. >> we have "vente" delays on
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westbound i-80. had to join in on that. in emeryville we have a two-car crash blocking a lane trying to move it right now. the slowing is from before university avenue. along 880 is where we have serious delays headed further interest fremont and hayward we have a brand new accident that is blocking one lane and to the south we can see three miles of backup with the crash cleared to the shoulder. a picture of walnut creek, it is sluggish from pleasanton hill to walnut creek. >> as we have been telling you the logo shows the story: it is 49ers day. >> the 49ers and rams hit the field and the complete coverage of the week kay matchup in st. louis that will air right here on abc7 news. >> avoiding a collision, "7 on your side" and "consumer
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reports" put car safety upgrades to the test. >> first, the lineup on abc7 news at 4:30 the 49er pre-game show with mike shumann and jerry rice. we are carrying the coverage of the became at 5:00 p.m. and then after the game with larry and mike and jerry rice. gray's amat my is at
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>> new cars are safer than ever, headed with high tech features to avoid an accident. >> what if you drive an older car? "consumer reports" has partnered with "7 on your side" to check out after market safety upgrades. here is michael finney. >> good morning! many of the new cars come loaded with advanced safety features like collision warning and now you can he quinn older models with state-of-the-art features. security reports checked out two systems after market. >> the mobile 60 claims to equip any vehicle with multiple safety systems. >> this system is capable of detecting and classifying different objects on the road
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including other vehicles, pedestrians, bicyclists, and lane markings and more. >> "consumer reports" checked out the device, a small camera, mounted on the windshield that monitors the road ahead and sends alerts to a small screen. >> or to your smartphone and costs $850 plus installation. "consumer reports" found it works well. you get a lane departure warning if you go over the line without signaling or approach the vehicle in front of them too quickly. this test using a life sized dummy found it alerts you if you are about to hit a pedestrian when going slower than 31 miles per hour. what it is seeing is what is in front of you but it cannot help out with blind spot monitoring the. >> another after market device, the $250 blind spot detection system alerts you to someone is approaching you on either side.
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>> we found both systems work as advertised but they are no substitute for using your mirrors and paying attention. >> you need to be aware that the blind spot system incent automatic that easy to install and it took a "consumer reports" merck four hours to get the job done so not a job if a do it yourselfer. >> the abc7 morning news continues at 6:30 with breaking news. >> a man is stabbed to death near at&t park after the giants and dodgers game. what police are saying about what may have sparked the attack. >> in the newsroom we have new details in the killing of a stand san francisco state student with a disturbing find in the suspect's home. >> the winds will keep the fire threat going in the seven-day
6:27 am
forecast. >> in the traffic center, the bay bridge toll plaza is loading up but we have a few crashes slow things down across the bay
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> on this thursday morning, beautiful shot from mount tamalpais of the bay and san francisco and the bay bridge and you can see the sun is rising in the east. >> you can see the red and gold colors in the sky almost as if welcoming the 49ers day here on abc7 news. >> what a coincidence. we will carry the 49ers and ram matchup but right now we check on the forecast. >> we have a fire danger, everyone, and here is the red flag warning continuing above 1,000' for the areas in red in the north bay mountains and east bay hills and santa cruz mountains with gusts up to 45 miles per hours and humidity is dropping. the fire danger hangs around through 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. today, for the bay we are in the low-to-mid 50's with sunshine and we will be up near 70 at
6:31 am
noon and mid-70's with breezes around the hills and at 4:00, you are ready for the game and it will be comfortable outside and trillion drop to 66 so make sure you have a coat it will be cooler when you step outside. 49 is our temperature inland at 7:00, and 69 so quick warming and mid-to-upper 70's in the afternoon hours and five to 5- to 10-degrees warmer than yesterday and in the sunshine, you have a breeze that will keep the temperature cooler than the home 60's in the afternoon. that is the day planner if the coast and we will check out the commute. leyla gulen? >> we have a new accident in marin county long eastbound 37 beyond 101 involving a couple of vehicles and we are looking at a slow down in the southbound direction so no delays so far on 37. we have a bit of red and gold out here southbound 880, a crash
6:32 am
is still blocking a lane coming into hayward and you can see the thai is causing a delay approaching 92. this accident is cleared to the shoulder and we are seeing heavy backup from highway 84 and it is still a problem and a look outside here is a picture of the san mateo bridge where traffic is loading up at 14 minutes in the westbound direction. >> we are continuing to follow breaking news from san francisco, one man is dead after stabbing near at&t park at the giants and domeers game and we are learning how fans wearing team colors may have played a role. amy hollyfield has more. >> i got east phone with the sergeant who just came on duty and got a briefing from the vest gars saying that two people are under arrest and he says they are giants fans and it appears the victim, the man who was
6:33 am
killed, was his father and his brother who were wearing dodgeers gear. here is video of the area where this happened at 11:40 after the game near the ballpark at 3rd and harrison under the interstate 80 approach. police say that words were exchanged between the two groups of men over the fact that some membership had on dodgers gear and a man was stabbed to death with his father and brother who were told they had on dodgers hats and a blue wig. this rivalry has town violent before. you will remember giant fan was severely beaten this los angeles two years ago after a game and suffered traumatic brain injuries and the proceeds from this week's giants ticket sales are going to his medical we care. the team is donating the money to him. in this case, police are saying homicide detectives are writing up the report and they are not
6:34 am
commenting on the motive behind the attack. they have just given us the facts of what happened and what the people were wearing. they will not say whether this was rivalry-related but all signs are indicating it likely was. >> new details this morning in the measure deof a man stepping off a muni train. a suspect is behind bars and we have learned that the police found a potential treasure trove of evidence. katie marzullo is in the news room with more. >> source tells abc7 news that police found a lot of guns at the suspect's house and that house is just three blocks away from the crime seen in the ocean view neighborhood. police have arrested 30-year-old and investigators have been circulating surveillance video and it did lead them to the suspect. police say that he shot and killed a 20-year old justin
6:35 am
valdez after he got 50 a streetcar on monday night around 10:00. police believe the killing was random. valdez was from southern california and his former principal said this is unbelievable. >> he was one of the strongest role molds on campus to have been killed senselessly doesn't make sense. >> his school community is planning a vigil in his honor tonight according to the facebook a memorial is hell at 7:00 p.m. at the student center. police have scheduled a news conference for later today and we expect to learn more of the crime and the weapons police down in the suspect's house. >> happening now in castro valley a few dozen pg&e customers remain without electricity because of a power outage. here is a look at the medical center you can see the lights
6:36 am
on, the hospital told abc7 news that it is now back on regular power after having to run on backup power most of the morning. a medical office building is still on backup generators and at one point more than 3,000 homes and businesses lost electricity and pg&e crews worked to restore power within a few hours and the others should have their power become on by 9:00. a high school teach are accuse accused of having sex with an underage student will be arraigned. miss arrested the 32-year-old on monday. someone tipped off school 14s about inappropriate contact with the 17-year-old female who attended the high school and the district contacted the police who took him into custody. officials immediately placed him on leave saying the allegations were disturbing enough to keep him out of class rome. investigators thing the 17-year-old is the only victim. >> get ready for football!
6:37 am
it is 49ers day. ahead, everything you need to know ahead of game entwo the 49s and the rams. >> first, lawmakers say they have an idea to avert another bart tricycle -- strike but the governor says it will not, would. >> traffic on 680 is building quit a bit in walnut creek and we will have remark and weather next at the morning news
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>> we are talking bail for a minute here and the dodgers and giants wrap up the veers. cooling to 59 but it will not be so brisk as yesterday. speaking of brick, winds are gusting to 25 miles per hour in the east bayvilles which is why we have high fire danger, two to eight degrees warmer today than yesterday. everything is quiet up-and-down california today as far as the showers. a few may pop up in the higher elevations around los angeles and san diego with low-to-mid 70's and mid-70's through the central valley and sunshine in monterey with 54 in tahoe. >> car fire at hillcrest avenue blocking a lane and it is causing delays soon but we have plenty of delays waiting for us through antioch at seven miles
6:41 am
per hour is the top speed. then you will see top speeds into pittsburg and as we go outside, this is the san francisco skyway you can see the traffic is running smoothly from san francisco westbound along 80 and coming toward 5th, it is not a problem. the bart board gets an update on contract talks with two weeks until the cooling-off period. senate and assembly republicans are urging the governor to call an emergency session to vote on a measure to strip bart youngs of their right to strike but both need to make the concessions needed to avert a strike. the next session is tomorrow and union workers could walk out october 11. >> breaking news, divers in italy make a cue discovery near -- make a key discovery near the wrecked "costa concordia" ship.
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>> welcome back at 6:44. we have break news, differs in italy believe they have found human remains near the wrecked cruise ship, "costa concordia"
6:45 am
that crashed interest a reef last year killing 32 passengers. two people were never found. crews uprighted the massive ship last week and d.n.a. tests will be needed to determine if the remains are those of the two people an italian woman and a waiter from india who were not found. >> there will be a new service from twitter to help dug -- during an emergency allowing local and national groups to allow the red cross and police --s to send out emergencies which are called "critical." people have to subscribe to the individual accounts to get the twitter alert. a remainder is we are the best news source in emergency situations with breaking news. >> starbucks efforts could be bubbling. >> los gatos netflix wants to change the way you think about its bit. jane king is at the new york stock exchange.
6:46 am
>> good morning to you. netflix is the largest extreming internet service and now los gatos-based service wants to put the she on us cable saying they have offered united states channels the opportunity to do that and has similar deals in sweden. >> new beverages could be bubbling up from starbucks with a trademark application filed for the term "fizz itch sodas in atlanta and austin. this morning, we are seeing a rebound situation with positive g.d.p. numbers and jobless claims fell and maybe we can buck the trend. the silicon valley index this morning is also trading higher and investors are watching shares of jc penney after the 15 percent drop of the stock down
6:47 am
yesterday on liquidity concerns and are down this mornings as well. the company is saying they expect positive seas numbers for the third and fourth quarter. that is the news from the new york stock exchange. >> as we have been telling you this morning the 49ers are in stimulus had morning ready to take on programs right here on abc7 news later on today. >> we sent our sport anchor, mike shumann to cough the game. >> hour is a big fan. who are you the fan of? >> mile, my son. >> you have to be excited. it is rare when you get to see your son, my, play? >> yes, it is rare. >> the coverage loading to the coverage of the 49ers game in stimulus starts today at 4:00 and we have possibly 49ers day con department at and on facebook and on
6:48 am
twitter@abcnewsbayarea. >> join us at 4:30 for the 49ers pre-game she and jerry rice will be with us after the gale when the 49 ares are -- 49ers defeat the rams in st. louis. >> mike and league league will -- and leyla gulen will be part of that. >> we will go right to it, if you are headed that way today catching a flight now you will run into 80 degree temperatures and sunshine well above average for st. louis toward later days of september and inside the dome it is a nice 70 degrees. enjoy. right now our fastest winds at the lower elevations are going to be along the coast through 9:00 this evening and northwest wins at 20 to 30 knots as far as temperatures, you need to dress more warmly this morning and in
6:49 am
the east bay valley and look at the mid-to-upper 40's, pleasanton hill, walnut creek, 46, danville at san ramon and dublin and concord and pleasanton, 47, 50 in lafayette and 49 in livermore. we are warmer in antioch at 2357 and 40's in hayward and fremont and los gatos and napa and 55 in oakland land and san carlos and mountain view and san francisco. looking back toward the clean air all the way to mount tamalpais, this is the back drop to talk about sunshine and warmer temperatures, high fire danger continues through friday and above 1,000' and wet weather is possible monday in the north bay. today is not much microclimates from 68 at half moon bay to 78 in fairfield and antioch and livermore and a lot of low-to-mid 70's around the bay shore. in the 60's hanging along the coast and low 60's to upper 60's
6:50 am
at bodega at 62. the sheltered valleys are in the low-to-mid fists like this morning. area of low pressure that brought us the cool is pulling away but the flow an the high and counter-clockwise around low and gun nilling dry air to us and all areas you see shaded in red, that is where we have the red flag warning until 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. so above a thousand feet we have a high fire danger. the rain is moving in northbound california can by monday it is moving to the not bay and could get as far south as san francisco and oakland before falling apart monday evening. keep an eye on it and enjoy the warm dry weather for today, tomorrow, saturday, on shore flow and cooler conditions on sunday and the cool of the day is monday. >> we have a new accident in san jose, along northbound 85 as you ahead away from 17 involving at
6:51 am
least four vehicles but we are bumper to bumper at saratoga and 40 miles an hour approaching saratoga. to the nimitz we have an accident blocking a lane southbound 880 a 14-mile stretch as you continue down this area south of highway 84 where we have major delays out there and that is due to an early accident causing pressure on 238 northbound headed out castro valley. back to san jose you can check out 101 which is moving well coming away from 880 you can see clear conditions and if you have a flight to catch at san jose airport it will not be a problem. >> ahead, seven things to know before you
6:52 am
6:53 am
>> good morning, at 6:53, a look
6:54 am
at the skyway and san francisco and you can see it is a little bit crowded but moving right along right now. as we hand things off to "good morning america" here are seven things to know before you go: breaking news, a man died after being stabbed last night following last night's dodgers and joyans game in san francisco. the fight broke out between fans a fuel blocks from at&t park. we have learned the victim's father and brother were both wearing dodgers gear. police say two giants fans are under arrest. >> in castro valley we got an update, 350 customs will lose power for three hours so pg&e can fix a circuit problem. 3,000 customers were affected initially including the medical center. the hospital is relying on backup generators and operating normally. >> the high fire danger continues in our hills and mountains through 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. winds are sustained from the
6:55 am
north at 10 to 25 miles per hour in the areas in red and gusts up to 45 so the fire danger perrives and you can see the camera bouncing from the east bay hills. check out the forecast for today: low-to-mid 60's at coast and mid-to-upper 70's midland. >> new details in the murder of a san francisco state student who was shot while getting off a light rail car on monday night. police tell abc7 news that the officers discovered several guns in the house where the 30-year-old suspect lived and police are holding a news conference today and are expected to release more information. >> antioch 14s will decide what to do with two pit bulls that attacked a 10-year old boy last month. hunt are kill born's face was mauled and part of his ear was chewed off by a neighbor'sing do. the animal control investigator recommends that thing dos be euthanized.
6:56 am
>> bay bridge toll plaza is not so busy as it could be at 11 minutes out emeryville to the maps. here is a look at the most major delay along the film it, southbound side, 14 miles and the backup will take you 35 miles per hours to make it from 238. >> it is 49ers day trying to bounce back from a disappointing start against the programs tonight in stimulus. you can want the game here. kickoff is at 5:00. >> pre-game kicks off at 4:00, and at 4:30s join mike and leyla gulen with larry beale and mike shumann and jerry rice. >> we continue now online and twitter. see you in 25 minutes.
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good morning, america. breaking this morning, asleep in the cockpit. the brand-new report revealing both pilots for the airbus were asleep at the same time. 325 people onboard. the jet on autopilot. when they woke up, no clue how long they had been out. mind of a madman. the chilling tape showing the navy yard shooter stalking his victims. the haunting moments when he tracked them down, hiding in the shadows. and when he made his fatal move. out of prison. the teacher that spent one month behind bars, convicted of assaulting a student is out today. protesters going after the judge who admits he made a mistake. could he be thrown off the bench? and could the teacher go back to jail? caught on tape. a toddler trapped inside a burning building, dropped to safety, in a dramati


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