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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  September 26, 2013 4:00pm-4:31pm PDT

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ah, this kitchen is beautiful! give him the tour. let me show you! soft-close drawers, farm sink! um... where's my room? we had to take just a little bit for the kitchen. because your kitchen dreams can be big. ikea has it all. there's no place for violence like this. not only at a giants game but any place in san francisco. >> san francisco police chief fwreg surr announces a zero tolerance policy after a dodgers fan was stabbed to death following last night's giants game at at&t park. good afternoon, i'm dan ashley. >> i'm care lin johnson.
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jonathan denver was stabbed during a fight after last night's game at 3rd and perry streets near harrison a few blocks from at&t park. >> live team coverage on the story. we begin with news reporter caroline tyler with the latest into the stabbing. >> reporter: one suspect has been arrested and at any moment is expected to be charged with murder. police chief greg surr saying he made incriminating remarks to detectives. another man is in custody and police are searching for two others in what they call a senseless tragedy. kristof left a blue candle at the scene where a fellow dodgers fan was killed last night in an argument over the team's rivalry with the giants. the victim 24-year-old jonathan denver from the mendocino county town of ft. bragg was decked out in dodgers gear. he left the game at at&t park in the eighth inning with his brother, his father and two others and headed to a local
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bar. his dad is a dodgers security guard. according to police, after the group left the bar around 11:30, it was here on 3rd near harrison street that they ran into four suspects, one in a giants cap. the police chief says those giants fans did not attend the game and were leaving a nearby nightclub when their paths crossed and turned deadly. >> there was an initial fight and nobody was seriously injured and then that fight stopped and then for whatever reason, one or more of the parties wouldn't let it go and there was a second altercation and that's when the stabbing occurred. >> reporter: police are now going door to door in the area looking for the weapon and any video of the crime. investigators say the car the suspects were driving is registered in lodai. the victim has a history of alcohol-related arrests. however, police do not know if alcohol was a factor in last night's fatal fight. the giants issued a statement
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today saying "we were deeply saddened to learn of last night's horrific incident that occurred several blocks from the ballpark. our thoughts and prayers are with his family during this difficult time." >> this gentleman's life was taken last night because of a game. >> reporter: the police chief is asking for witnesses to come forward. in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> the stabbing victim, jonathan denver grew up in ft. bragg and still lived there. >> abc 7 news spoke with one of his friends there who shared what may have been the last photo ever taken of denver. and she's live with that story. >> he was a diehard dodgers fans. >> reporter: matt is talking about his friend, jonathan denver, stabbed to death last night after the giants/dodgers game. this is a picture provided to us that shows denver at the game with his father and brother. >> i just was with his family and we're all kind of doing --
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just feel horrible for his mom and his brothers and just his whole family. >> reporter: denver just started a job as an apprentice that north coast plumbing in ft. bragg where his boss and co-workers told us he was a fine young man trying to find his pa in life. denver did have two recent brushes with law in mendocino county, one for driving under the influence in july and a second this month. an arrest at the local county fair. denver had no history of violence and his friend told us he was probably trying to protect his friends and family. what do people know about him? >> that he was a really great guy and would do anything for anybody and always put a smile on people's faces when he was around. >> reporter: lori anthony, abc 7 news. >> jonathan's father was a security guard for the dodgers. the team released this statement today. "there's no rational explanation
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for this senseless act which resulted in jonathan's death. the pain it caused his family and friends is unimaginable. friends are not enough to describe our sadness." this attack comes days after a fan suffered a concussion and broken arm following a beaten at sunday's 49ers/colts game at candlestick park. >> then, of course, there was the vicious beating of a giants fan, bryan stow at dodgers stadium in april of 2011. the incidents highlight a rash of van violence across the country. >> the giants and dodgers resume their series this evening. heather, with some more security. >> reporter: well, that's right, and also before the game tonight, there will be a moment of silence honoring the victim, jonathan denver. on either side of that silence, loud calls for this kind of fan-based violence to come to an end now. giants fan bryan stow was brutally assaulted outside dodgers stadium in 2011, has permanent brain damage and is still recovering from his
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injuries. just tuesday the giants held a fund-raiser for him. earlier this year, there was a violent scuffle inside at&t park during a giants/a's game and back in 2003, a southern california giants fan was shot and killed in the dodgers stadium parking lot during the eighth inning. a friend of bryan stow's hopes last night's murder wasn't payback for his attack. >> i hope and i wish that people learn from the tragedy that happened to bryan. and that everyone's disgusted by it, giants fans, dodgers fans, i hope everyone will be ashamed of those guys. >> reporter: the mayor says we have to do better preventing violence associated with sporting events. >> that's horrible. any time people commit violence as a way to whatever they're doing, i -- you know, obviously we -- >> reporter: the san francisco police department has a beefed up presence at the ballpark tonight as decoy dodger fans. >> there's no place from san francisco for that type of violence. the rivalry needs to stay out on
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the ball field. and not in the stands and not on the streets. >> reporter: the city and the giants plan to work together on violence prevention. abc 7 news. unfortunately, violence leading to serious injuries at local sporting events is not uncommon. in october of last year, an elk grove man was stabbed during an argument between fans at a 49ers game. two suspects were arrested. and in august of 2011, two men were shot in the parking lot outside candlestick park before a 49ers/raiders preseason game and another fan was severely beaten inside a stadium restroom. stay with abc 7 news for continuing coverage of the story. the latest on the investigation at 11:00 as well as online at follow us on twitter @abc7newsbay area. the man accused in the shoots death of a san francisco state student had weapons and survivalist gear in his apartment. >> 20-year-old justin valdez was shot in the back and killed while getting off a muni street
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car monday. a 30-year-old has been charged with the murder. >> police say they found several guns including assault weapons, $20,000 in cash and other survivalist gear at his home. at a news conference today, police say he took out his weapons several times on muni. police also say he confronted other people before getting on the train. >> he actually pulled the gun on at least one other person in the area, but the person didn't report it until after this had taken place and they had gotten home. >> at this point, police still do not know the motive. both men attended san francisco state. politician s police say there's no other connection than that. police in san rafael are investigating drug-related sexual assaults. >> a 26-year-old woman reported she had been drinking with friends at a nightclub two weeks ago. she woke up at home eight hours later with no memory of what happened after she left that club. >> last saturday a 22-year-old woman was also attacked after
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drinking. she woke up in the next morning in a hotel in southern marin with no idea out she got there. happening now an appeals board is deciding the fate of two pit bulls that attacked a 10-year-old boy in antioch. hunter kilborn's face was mauled an august 11th. animal control found the pit bulls vicious and are recommending they be euthanized. >> the owners roderick and courtney de la cruz are telling the city they will fight for their dogs though their own son was also injured in the attack. they say only one pit bull attacked the boy. and happening now, in san pablo, a big rig fire shut down westbound lanes of interstate 80. >> this was the scene from sky 7 about half an hour ago. two of the right lanes were closed before san pablo road. as you can see, it has caused a terrible backup. >> abc news traffic reporter sheer with that mess. >> it was a defensive tackle by firefighters to put the fire out. if you're trying to make it to
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the end zone for the 49ers game, you are looking at a really -- eastbound side of 80 but in the westbound direction is where the alert is located. westbound 80 at san pablo dan road. in the eastbound direction, we have miles of backup coming away from the maze. going to take you 25 minutes. here's another picture of the fire. see lanes are currently blocked. two lanes as a matter of fact. very slow drive for you. you want to get on to the roads as soon as possible. humidity is low and a high wind warning is in effect around the bay area. that, of course, means high fire danger. >> let's take you outside now. this is the view from our camera. conditions are calm right now. winds are expected to pick up overnight. >> abc 7 morning news meteorologist is pulls double duty, here with a first look at the forecast. >> hey, dan, good afternoon, everybody. don't be fooled. it's 4:00 in the afternoon. you can see a lot of sunshine behind me. look at the flag on pier 9. it is breezy here at the lower levels. that's not what we're worried
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about. we're worried about above 1,000 feet and the winds have been light for the better part of today. see the dry air taking any radar return away from us. all the moisture is there on the right side of your screen. look at the thunderstorms over the sierras. you may have noticed how dry it is today, drinking more water, possibly even, you know, scratchy throat from time to time. what we're going to deal with as we look at the winds is the high fire danger. red flag warning will continue until about 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. now, it's above 1,000 feet and it's also pretty much for, there you go, the north bay mountai mountainses. good news, the winds aren't quite as fast as originally thought. gusts 25 to 30 over our highest peaks. so far, our fastest winds have been 19 miles per hour. the berkeley hills about 22. hamilton and diablo, 3,83,800 t 4,000 feet. the fire threat continues.
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i'll show you how long it's going to last in your accu weather seven-day forecast coming up. >> mike, thank you. the high fire danger throughout the bay area is a concern for firefighters and homeowners who are paying close attention to the warning. >> abc news reporter nick smith is live from the oakland hills where it's warm and windy. nick? >> reporter: absolutely. dry, windy conditions means that this can become fuel which is why officials have issued that red flag warns. in fact, they've warned that anyone visiting waukeen miller park not use the grill and they're cautioning anyone stay a away from anything that might cause a spark. >> the very hot october morning and a very windy. >> reporter: conditions similar to today. gregory ross and his wife, cynthia, have lived this home since 198 o and know the serious threat of a red flag warning. they were among the fortunate to survive the devastating 1991 fire storm that destroyed 3,500 homes and killed 250 people in
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the fire. >> the winds are blustery this morning. i was concerned about the winds. someone may be trying to barbecue or something like that. >> reporter: she's right. most people equate high fire danger with high temperatures and that's not always true. according to fire officials, though the bay area has had significant rainfall over the last few days, the wind has dried out the light fuels in the hills. >> with the low humidity and the wind, we are at a high fire danger and a red flag warning. >> reporter: making conditions ripe for a fire. but even with those warnings in place, in the event of an emergency, some areas of the oakland and piedmont hills would be a challenge for the fire trucks to get through, prompting officials to post warning signs based on the probability of ignition, the effects of wind, slope and fuel. >> if they want to introduce added fadd ed tax, i think that would be a practical thing to do. >> reporter: in november voters will have an opportunity to renew an existing tax that could raise $1.8 million to address issues of infrastructure and force compliance with fire inspection results, education,
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and improve firefighter outreach. the price to keep everyone safe and potentially prevent the loss of property and lives. in oakland, nick smith, abc 7 news. still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00, larry biel and hall of famer jerry rice preview the 49ers game and ckey offensive liner for the niners. and i'm eric thomas. >> in the next half hour, we'll take a look at candlestick's
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you may have noticed our yellow and gold logo on the bottom of your screen because it's 49ers day here on abc 7. >> we're showing tonight's niners game against the rams in st. louis. kickoff is at 5:30. our coverage begins right now. >> abc 7 news sports director larry biel live in studio b with 49ers hall of famer jerry rice. hi, guys. >> thanks. always fun to have the greatest after owl time with us. 49ers not looking great. 1-2. the stress they're understood for the first time under head coach jim harbaugh. what do you want to see from the team in terms of feistiness? >> i want to see intensity. i did not see that with the indianapolis colts because the colts came into candlestick park and pretty much stuck it to us. they took our heart and they ended up winning that football game. so i want to see more intensity.
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>> more intensity. that's enough. and the kind of harbaugh captain comeback-like feeling on this team. >> yeah, you know, come back and fight and, you know, when your back is against the wall, they're 1-2 right now, all they have to do is get this game tonight. get some positive momentum going. then they can just move on from there. >> colin kaepernick has struggled, and last year took the lead by storm with the read option. but the niners were afraid to run it because they don't want to get killed. it hasn't been that effective. is the read option dead right now? >> i think it is because if you can't run the ball, and the thing, too, they can't throw the ball downfield, so what defenses are doing right now, they're stacking the box and taking it away, so i feel like it's dead. until they can prove that they can run it and also throw it, they're not going to be able to do anything on the football field. >> well, we'll see if they can pull it off against the rams. by the way, we have a special demonstration at 4:30.
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jerry is going to show me how to get off the line of scrimmage. >> i'm going to try. >> we did it in rehearsal and a worker's comp case is coming because why did you elbow me? why did you elbow me? >> that's part of the game. >> you guys chance take it back. at 4:30. >> play nice in there. >> didn't have to elbow me. coming up at 4:30, mike joins larry and jerry for our 49ers pregame show. stay with us for that. b.a.r.t. labor talks resume tomorrow. >> a councilman has become a vocal backer of a proposal that would ban b.a.r.t. workers from striking. >> steve spent this morning at the b.a.r.t. station, his online petition at >> 400,000 people can't get to their jobs or doctors appointles or get to school. they want their voice heard. i'm happy that i'm getting the support that we're getting. we need legislation to ban transit strikes in california.
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>> glazer is a lone democrat to back the idea. received a lot of support from republicans. a critic who showed up at the event claimed it may be politically motivated because he's running for state assembly. let's go back and get the full forecast for you. >> mike up on our rooftop with the accu weather forecast. >> breezy up on the rooftop. winds have changed brings in drier air. you'll notice it tonight when the temperatures are in the 40s in many neighborhoods. live doppler 7 hd showing how dry it is outside. by sunday, though, we'll start to pick up radar returns. our next system is coming in from the north. we'll keep it spinning up there on mt. st. helena. let's talk about what's going on if you're heading somewhere like that gentleman on the motorcycle to go watch the game. look at the gorgeous weather from our sutra tower toward the marin headlands. see up to the north thanks to clean air. mid to upper 60s san francisco, oakland. half moon bay, 61. how about other areas? as we look at how clean the air is, all the way down to ocean beach, almost like you could see
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half moon bay and pacifica from here today. it is so clear. santa rosa, 78. look at all those mid to upper 70s. napa, novato, livermore. what are the big three things we want to talk about over the next seven-day forecast? right now, tahoe, 49 today. that's an indication that things are definitely changing. windy over the hills tonight. keeping the fire danger up. warmer tomorrow. high pressure moves in. we'll have lighter winds and that warmer weather coming in. that chance of rain sunday night. all right. let's talk about what's happening with the winds. see the low pressure, too, up in montana? the high pressure come in behind it. tie pressure gradient there is bra bringing us dry, gusty winds. they compress, heat, dry, he some more. above 1,000 feet. all the areas you see shaded in red we have the greatest fire threat. here's a look at the wind gusts. these are potential wind gusts. this is as fast as it would get. these aren't sustained. see they're pretty fast over the ocean and then they're going to start the transition. see that in fairfield and napa.
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the winds are going to start picking up again overnight as we head into the north bay and start to relax tomorrow morning and then they'll keep relaxing during the day. that's why we're going to have warmer weather and get rid of those fire conditions. as far as temperatures tonight, sheltered valleys in the 40s. the rest of us dress for low to mid 50s when you step outside tomorrow. as far as temperatures in the afternoon hours, we're going to see a lot of 60s along the coast and 70s to 80 degrees in the south bay. as you head up the peninsula, we'll have temperatures that will run in the 70s and 80s. let's take a look at the accu weather seven-day forecast and see how much warmer it's going to be as we head toward saturday when it will climax. a couple of degrees warmer. cooler with the onshore flow. the chance of rain is mainly in the north bay sunday night into monday morning. monday will be the coolest day. tuesday, wednesday and thursday, temperatures a little bit below average. sunshine and pretty quiet weather. so it's a little breezy now. remember fire danger couldn't
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hello, stay tuned as we preview the 49er/ram game from st. louis coming up on abc 7. here's a look at tonight's lineup on abc 7. 4:30, the 49ers pregame show with larry biel, shu, and 49ers great jerry rice. we're carrying the nfl network's coverage of the 49ers/rams game at 5:00 followed by after the game with larry, mike and jerry.
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the two hour premiere of grey's anatomy at 9:00 followed by abc 7 news tonight at 11:00. >> don't miss a moment. watch abc 7 feature lets you watch abc 7 on your computer, tablet or smartphone. there's information at under see it on tv. >> thank you for joining us for abc 7 at 4:00. >> we appreciate your time.
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abc 7 news presents the 49ers pregame show. >> live in st. louis 49ers getting selt to take on the rams we'll join mike shumann in just a little bit. miners facing a huge test on the road after back to back losses.
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>> in san francisco, coming up, we take a look back at the history of candle stick. >> and in santa clara, i'll take you on the a tour of the 49ers new home coming up in the next half hour. >> who knew katie had the hands? how are you doing, welcome to our studios in san francisco. i'm larry beil. we're set for 49ers day here, counting down to kickoff between niners and rams in st. louis. network kuvrj will begin at 5:00 which means we've got a half hour to pregame the game and get ready with our niner, shu. and across from the original home of the red and gold. it's fun, a pleasure when we get to have the greatest of all time in the studio. jerry rice is here. a man who needs no
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introduction. thank you for coming in. >> thank you for having me. >> let's go over numbers just because we've got highlights here. you're racked up incredible amount of yardage. 208 touchdowns, three super bowl titles mvp of super bowl 23. if only niners had someone like that. >> you know, i didn't work hard enough. i left yardage out there. >> not a lot. not a lot. those were your numbers, numbers niners are concerned about the record and one and two. i think you can argue this is the first real crisis since jim harbauh took over with red and gold. what do you want to see tonight? >> i want to see them be able to run the football and put points on the board take pressure off captain, i mean, cappernick if they can run the ball. i want to see


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