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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  September 27, 2013 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. this is what happened after a speeding driver caused a deadly collision in san francisco. the vehicles were so damaged they look like they have been fused together. thanks for joining us. >> that horrific accident killed a teenager and critically injured his mother and sister and sent a total of six people to the hospital. it happened at pine and golf which are still shut down right
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now. abc7 news reporter katie marzullo is there. katie? >> look at the mangled mess. that is the scene at pine. it is impossible to tell exactly what you are looking at. the silver vehicle is an s.u.v. on its side closest to the parked car. that is the vehicle that caused this mess. it slammed into the back of the minivan, the other unrecognizable vehicle sending it airborne with deadly results. >> like a bomb. like an explosion. >> that is how witnesses described the sound of the wreck. this is how they describe the look. >> horrendous. >> the police chief says a woman in a silver s.u.v. was going as fast as 80 miles per hour when they crossed over all lanes and went around the bus and rear-ended a van that was waiting at the red light. >> if you are coming up, you are under the car. you are on an incline. that is why the car was able to
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get the side. >> there were three people in the van, a woman and her two kids, 17-year-old son was killed and she and her daughter are critical. a van was clipped and three went to the hospital with serious injuries. the police chief says officers saw the speeding s.u.v. themselves before the crash but it was already too late. >> the car was going so fast the officer saw the vehicle cross polk street which is two blocks away and the car was going so fast they didn't have time to activate their lights or sirens. >> the he says the woman who caused the crash was not seriously hurt and he says she will face charges because whatever led up to this he is responsible for the deaths of the boy. >> the administration from the high school are actually on the scene early this morning. the boy who was killed, 17, high school age, they were concerned maybe he was one of theirs. they have confirmed he was not a
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student. he was not a student at vacation credit -- at sacred heart. this is no estimate when the intersection will be opened. >> thank you. more breaking news, this in contra costa county, sky 7 shows where one person died after a police chase ended with a crash near clayton. it happened around 9:00 this morning, along marsh creek road, rescuers had to untangled mangled car with to people trapped inside, a medical helicopter rushed one of them to a hospital. the highway patrol says a sheriff deputy was chasing the car. >> another family tragedy in san francisco. this was caused by an apartment fire which killed a one-year-old girl and her father and critically injured another relative. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield has the story. >> firefighters are trying to figure out why a fire at this
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home in san francisco turned so traumatic. >> it seems like they were doing the right thing. the house was not cluttered. working smoke detectors. very tragic. >> it happened at 1:30 this morning on 18th avenue. a one year old girl who was sloping on the top floor of the home was killed. her father also died. he was asleep in the basement. the mother was awake at the time on the middle floor. she got out okay. >> she bed would the late shift and was eating on the second level. >> firefighters say a gate at the entryway cost time. the mother had told them about her family members inside. >> we tried to get through the gate and also get access through the garage. both were difficult to access. it took three to five minutes. they tried to rescue the family but could not get to everyone. >> everyone is hurting this o. this is not what we are in the business of doing the we are in
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the business of saving lives and this is sometimes the outcome. >> the dead have been identified as one-year-old chloe and >> large fire started at 1:20 in san francisco with firefighters spending hours dousing it with water is bulldozers are covering layer after layer of burning debris. the cell phone video shows the fire a short time after it broke out in the middle of the night. >> fire crews from at least five cities are still on the scene of this giant hay fire along interstate 505 which is burning at a business called hay kingdom about 20 miles from advantageville. crews from davis and dixon and woodland all coming out to help the fire. officials say they are going to let the fire burn itself out and it could be another day or two. no word on what started the fire
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the initial loss is already estimated at $6 million. >> police are looking if a hit-and-run accident driver in atherton. the death of a mystery man is baffling investigators and neighbors. matt keller is at the scene. traffic will be blocked off until 3:00 p.m. we are here down the street from where the body was found. investigators are trying to figure out what happened before his death. >> a lone shoe sitting on the road in atherton is a key part of the evidence in what appears to be a fatal hit-and-run accident. the man was first hit between 2:00 and 3:00 this morning but police did not know until officers receives a call at 5:46 a.m. leading them to the body 250 yards away. >> we are trying to put together
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the evidence to figure out exactly how the body got from that location where it ended up. >> officers are trying to track down the anonymous caller and do not know if that person was involved in the hit-and-run. victim was not wearing jogging clothes. traffic was backed all morning long. an elementary school and high school are near in this quiet community. >> i was awake at 5:00 in the morning but i never heard anything. >> we don't have very much like that going on ever. >> police say they have identified the man but you not releasing his name. he is not from the area. he is from a neighboring city. >> the father of the suspect accused of fatally stabbing a dodgers man claims his son acted in "self-defense."
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the 21-year-old michael montgomery is charged with killing jonathan denver. the suspect's father says the victim hit his son over the head with a chair. detectives are looking at video from buildings to determine what happened. police are still searching for several more suspects. officers are beefing up security at the park and some are dressing up undercover as dodgers fans. a moment of silence was held last night. the giants game many displayed giants-dodgers friend and otherred expressed their worries over a heated rivalry. >> we extend our deepest sympathies and prayers do jonathan's family during this difficult time. >> stay with abc7 news for continuing coverage of the developing story with the latest on the investigation online at you can get breaking updates any time by following us on twitter@abcnews. >> bart managers and union leaders plan to go at it again
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today with contract talks but that strike dead line is looming ever closer and they took a break yesterday but negotiations are now set to continue just about every day until october 10th when the 60 day cooling-off period helps. the bart board got an update on where the talks extend. there is a $21 million strike plan this week that would include free charter buses and extra car pool lanes on freeways and some train service run by bart managers. >> breaking news in the budget battle: the senate finishes voting on legislation to keep the government running beyond next week's deadline. >> the face off between baseball's most well-known beard and his former boss. what brian wilson has to say to giants' president. >> this bicyclist is not waiting for the new bay bridge bicycle path to be finished. how a determined bicyclist pulled off a bay area
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>> from hilt -- from capitol hill the senate has stop add bill to script the health care law of president obama 54 listen 44 on party line. it clears the last obstacle to the senate approving measures to avoid a government shut down on tuesday. it is not clear if the republican-controlled house of representatives will vote to prevent a shutdown on tuesday. some conservatives want to de-fund the health care reform
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plan by holding up spending for all federal programs. >> new u.n. report says "it is extremely likely humans are the main cause of global warming." that is according to a much anticipated report from the panel on climate change. in 2007 the same ground said it was only "very likely" humans were to blame. it is closely watched by governments, environmentalists and key industries like the oil and gas sectors because it provides the scientific backing for many world policies on climate change. >> more controversies surrounding former giants closure and dodger reliever brian wilson confronting giants president if his seat next to the dugout. wilson was upset he has not received the 2012 world series ring. the giants say they tried to meet with wilson several times throughout the season even inviting him to the ring ceremony in april but wilson
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never responded. they say this week they enwhatted to honor him during a private ceremony. after the exchange the giant as sent the ring to the dodger clubhouse withstrictions to "give it to him." >> okay. a man claims he is the first person to peddle a bicycle across san francisco bay without a bridge. this shot was taken by sky 7, and he founded the bay cycle project which is 2015 before the new bicycle lane between oakland and european -- and the island is completed so he pedaled a bicycle from oakland to san francisco on pontoons with a safety belt. just if case. but it looked to be a great day. >> we have all been on pedal boats before but nothing like that. pretty brave. >> we will check with mike nicco to see how the weather willing. >> i am sure he was watching the
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weather forecast, with calm air and water. that will chain as we head into the weekend. i have a chance of rain in the seven-day forecast so take a look at richardson bay and enjoy because it will not look like this on sunday and monday. >> high marks from the insurance industry for several new cars. which models earned top honors in helping you avoid a crash? >> plus, some couples get matching outfits. the royals get...matching what? you will see the logo that will
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>> covering cupertino, concord, wine country and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. mid-size vehicles earn top honors for safety to prevent front end collisions. vehicles with front collision warning and automatic braking system can warn the drivers or automatically stop the car and they did better. 74 vehicles were tested and very ratings went to the cadillac and
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subaru legacy and mercedes and volvos. if you need a new car, something to think about. >> i was thinking about that pontoon and the bicycle across the bay. the water was flat. maybe riding to the giants game? >> there you go, it will be plat over there. everything is going to change as the baseball season comes to an end this weekend. we will look and show you what is going on as far as our picture there, that is a look at at&t park and it looks beautiful as we look from south beach and a lot of the sunshine that is still taking over. hard to believe that it is almost over for the giants. but the a's will move on. the winds are light at 17 miles per hour at half moon bay and ten at livermore and 17 at fairfield and they are all over the place. that is what you get, light and variable wind with high pressure. from our camera, the palm trees are fairly moving which is
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unusual for us. it will be warmer today, and the fire threat is good news, it tapers as we head in the afternoon and evening, and we will be warmest tomorrow and the cooling trend will come in sunday with the front bringing us a little bit of wet weather sunday evening into monday. now, what will happen today from the east bay hills, the camera is not shaking like yesterday. our 24 hour temperature change, everyone is going up from two degrees in santa rosa to five degrees in san francisco and 74 is warmer-than-average and seven degrees warmer in fremont. here is a look at our temperatures, the 70's at the coast and mid-to-upper 70's throughout the pay area but palo alto is 80 and 79 in san jose. low 80's throughout the north bay and the east bay. warm, yes, but not uncomfortable. here is the forecast for the game tonight: 66 at 7:15
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dropping down to 61 but without the breeze we normally have. temperatures in the sheltered valleys fall in the 40's like the last couple of nights and low-to-mid 60's with a lot of dry air over the top of us. here is a look at the setup, high pressure holding that next system at bay but it looks juicy when you look at the bright are whiter tops but a lot of that right here is going to stay to the north of us. we will jump to tomorrow morning and watch the clouds developing along the coast, which is why today will be brighter. in the evening we get the opshore flow so sunday morning more cloud cover and sunday afternoon more cloud cover and cooler conditions best chance of rain during the evening hours on sunday up north and then it spreads to the south as we head into, say, monday morning. we will keep an eye on it. i will get you through it with live doppler 7 hd if there is wet weather for the morning commute. here is a look at the seven-day forecast, we are a couple of degrees warmer tomorrow, and still 70 at the coast and a last
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us in the 80's and you can see the temperatures drop sunday and monday and when we get beyond that, sunshine is below average but nice next week. >> listen to this, guys, some couples buy matching outfits but for britain's prince william and kate they get a new coat arms that will represent them as a couple. the new logo unites william's royal shield with kate's red and blue shield. >> we need a coat of arms for the midday, right? >> dug last note's 49er game you probably say the wave make it through the newsroom. it took a lot of teamwork to get the right shot and we had a ton of fun but we had to get the timing just right. but we nailed it. the wave kept going. here is more of the team getting in on the action.
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do you love it? we had more response on the facebook pages. thanks for sharing in the 49ers fun with abc7. if you want to see our wave, you can find both videos at abc7 and on facebook and you can look at the
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questions. so far our fan with the most right answers is margaret h. thank you for sharing in the fun, margaret. one question was, how many on air reporters do you see in the promotion? i knew that! >> still to come is friday's "purr-fect" pet
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>> coming in, do you love a good nap in sleep experts have important do's and don'ts. why bargain hunters will have the best weekend ever. >> time for friday's "purr-fect"
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pet. >> nothing better than a nap with your friendly dog or new addition to the family. our guest is from the peninsula humane society. this i-year-old terrier long haired chihuahua mix and was found a month ago. her parents never showed you so she is up for adoption and is wonderful. sweet. gentle. very personable with her kennel mates a perfect all around dog. >> we hope to find her a never home and if you are interested in her, give a call for the peninsula humane society. nice to see you. >> a cutie. >> posing perfectly for the camera. >> love me! thank you for joining us.
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