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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  September 28, 2013 1:05am-1:41am PDT

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that interview was the first piece of honest media in years. followed was a kanye kimmel social media battle. >> finally i am in a rap feud. >> one that turned vicious. many tweets too graphic for television. "the new york times" set the record straight on mario luigi from the super mario brothers games. in an obituary for the president, the times misstated the duo's all important professions. quote, the brothers mario and luigi who appear in this and nintendo games are plumbers not janitors. >> oh, no. >> and a record breaker threw his final pitch at yankees stadium last night. when mariano rivera was taken out not by the manager, his long time teammates. he lost it. we have seen a lot of athletes come and go over the years but this one left many in tears.
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thank you for watching abc news. tunen to "good morning america" tomorrow. and as always we are on line at good night. >> announcer: every day more americans choose abc news, america's number one news source.
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just minutes ago. the suspect in the stabbing of a fan after wednesday night's game was released from san francisco county jail. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm carolyn johnson. alan wang is at the jail with this late breaking development. alan? >> technically the jail computer shows that michael montgomery is no longer in custody. we have not seen him walk through the front doors of the jail. there is a good chance he was released through a side door due to special circumstances. michael montgomery from lodi was in jail since yesterday, the day after he stabbed and killed a dodgers fan after a game outside at&t park. jonathon denver died from his wounds after he and some friends got into a rivalry-fueld altercation with friends outside a bar after 11:30. in an interview with the
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sentinal they claimed their son was outnumbered and they say he was hit in the head with a chair so he fought back in self-defense. that appears to be why he was released. this evening the district attorney george gascone says they do not have enough evidence to prove murder beyond a reasonable doubt. they said it is vital to have independent corroboration of the incident to meet our ethical obligation to charge this case. earlier we did speak to a man who was released from jail. he was in the cell with michael montgomery and he looked to be a very young boy, but he is 21 years old, but he appeared to be a fish out of water. he said montgomery told him his story and said it was in self- defense. montgomery appeared confident with his story. alan wang reporting live from the jail in san francisco. abc7 news. >> alan, thank you.
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stay with abc news with continuing coverage. we will have the latest on-line at you can get breaking news updates by following us on twitter. news crew is all right after an attempted shooting. it happened in san francisco. this as police looked for evidence inside. two armed men demanded the reporter equipment. the reporter gave it to the men and then took cover. they fired shots at them. one was hit and they took off in a car. police say a man walked into san francisco general hospital with a gunshot wound. police have taped off the person's vehicle. officers will not confirm that the incidents are related. c hos morning claimed the life of a high school student. he was on his way to lincoln
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high with his mom and sister when a speeding car slammed into the van killing him. students have struggling to process what happened. sergio has tonight's developments. >> this was a morning crash that left a scene of crumpled cars. he was a passenger in a mini-van that was hit by a speeding silver mercedes. word quickly spread that one of their students was in that crash. >> the junior and senior that passed away, i didn't know who it was. there was a guy in my class that was missing. >> we sat next to each other for the next few years. we would talk a lot. we would help each other with homework. we would play games together. >> fellow students describe kevin as an avid bicyclist and an active member of the rotc drum core. the candles and flowers were set up feet from where the fatal crash happened earlier this morning. he was the victim of the
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crash. his mother and sister were sent to the hospital. three other victims were sent to the hospital. this silver per -- mercedes benz came careening down. >> the van was sitting there and it was stopped. i watched it flip over. >> the driver of the silver mercedes was not injured. it may have been speeding at 80 miles an hour. officers spotted the speeding to, but had little time react. >> they didn't have time to activate the lights and sigh -- sirens before the crash occurred. >> abc7 news. three people were killed in a house fire in san francisco. the fire started at about 1:30 this morning at 18th avenue and pacheco street. 33-year-old raymond c and his 1-year-old daughter chloe were killed. the child's grandfather was injured and died at the hospital tonigthe mother made
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the mother made it out with minor injuries. investigators say the fire was a tragic accident. >> a giant fire is causing air quality problems today in parts of the bay area. the fire broke out just before midnight about 20 miles from vacaville. there was heavy smoke and the fire could take another two days to burn itself out. nick smith was in winters tonight. >> this was the scene as it burned from the peak. at least five other surrounding agencies working to get ahead of blaze. expensive agriculture equipment and light up the night sky as more than 200 tons of hay were consumed in the fast-burning inferno. parts of yolo county remain under the red flag warning and the fire can be seen off 505 near winters. more than 16 hours after the initial 9-1-1 call. >> the smoke impacted the
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freeway. we had the slow traffic and at times closed portions of the highway. >> smoke had an affect on air quality in winters and beyond. with the help of the winds the smoke was pushed to pleasanton and livermore and at one point could be felt in santa clara county. now, the slow, long process as firefighters wait for the fire to burn itself out. >> we think we lost 20,000 tons of hay and sales were going for $200 to $250 a ton. >> so they are switching up their strategy. choosing instead to protect the buildings that are not building and to prevent the spread of the fire. between the structures, the product and the equipment, the losses at this time are believed to be well above $6 million. in yolo county, nick smith, abc7 news. >> well, the wind has helped clear out some of the smoke in parts of the bay area. meteorologist sand yaw patel is here with live doppler
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7hd. sandhya in -- sandhya? >> the wind switched directions and let's check out live doppler hd and i will explain. what happened is the sea breeze started to kick in and when the sea breeze came in we started to see the smoke moving away from the bay area so the westerly wind direction helped. the current wind speeds are lighter as you can see. check out the time lapse. there were still enough smoke layers to get the redish hue of the sunset. we have changes coming this weekend and that includes the possibility of needing the umbrellas. >> we will see you shortly. developing news, pinole police are reconsidering opening the case of a girl after it was closed. amber schwartz was seen in 1988. the fbi and pinole police closed the case in 2009 two years after serial killer
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curtis dean anderson confessed to kidnapping and murdering her. she was serving time for murdering another girl. amber's family has been skeptical. there was no physical evidence. a family friend started an on-line petition to reopen the case. pinole's police chief says he will talk to the fbi on tuesday for more information on why the case was closed. he says he will re-open it in pinole if he is not convinced the case should have been closed. next week will mark 20 years since another high-profile kidnapping case. polly klass was ab -- abducted after a slumber party. the kidnapperrer -- her kidnapper is now on death row. polly's father says he has not forgotten or for given the man who took his daughter's life. >> i will witness execution wi the execution with great joy. yes. i will drink champagne after
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he is snuffed. >> after polly's death mark klass started the klass kids foundation to prevent crimes against children. >> -- a man started punching and kicking a woman at laguna street. a parking control officer saw it happening and tackled the man. police say the man suffered an injury and was taken to the hospital. he died last night at 10:15. san francisco municipal transportation agency is waiting for a police report before commenting. president obama made history when he spoke with the newly elected president of iran. it is the first time in more than 30 years that a u.s.presido president has done so. the two spoke by phone. >> the very fact that this was a first communications between american and iranian presidents since 1979 underscores the deepness between our countries.
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but it it indicates the process of moving beyond that difficult history. >> he was in new york for the u.n. general assembly. he tweeted president president obama wishing him a nice day and said hello and goodbye in farsi. coming up, how halloween it boosting business in the south bay. >> and with halloween right around the corner, one of the largest retailers in the world is pulling a children's costumes from store shelves. why it is not the outfit they have a problem with. >> the dangerous new drug that literally r flesh and for all those who sleep too hot or too cool, and struggle to sleep comfortably together, now there's a solution. the company that individualized your comfort with the sleep number bed brings you sleep number dual temp, the revolutionary temperature-balancing layer with active air technology that works on any mattress brand, including yours.
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is a month away and halloween hiring is getting started. theme parks and theme stores are gearing up for the spending spree that goes along with october 31st.abc7 news ancr abc7 news anchor ama dates is live at great america in santa clara. ama, trick or treat. >> hi, dan. i prefer a treat, but i think i was tricked here at great america for their halloween helicopter that kicks off lots of scary creatures everywhere. as you mentioned halloween is big business everyone goes
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outlooking for a good scare. it is a howling good time at great america's halloween haunt. frightening creatures and -- scared guests inside this maze. >> it was scary. i think the 3-d glasses added a good affect to it. >> reporter: the maze is one of the attractions bringing in people from all over the bay area. >> halloween is a major piece of the business. >> reporter: the vice president and general manager says halloween is huge for them. it is so big they load up on seasonal workers. >> we beefed up to about 2500 employees. we had another 500 for halloween haunt. >> reporter: great america is not the only employer giving a boost to it the economy. they hire a lot of college students. >> we want to make things look nice for customers. >> reporter: according to a survey, halloween sales are expected to be down this year with the average person expected to spend $75.03 on
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all things halloween compared to $79.82 last year. a trend this store is not seeing. >> has business been good? >> business has been better th picking up it is picking up a lot. >> reporter: carol expects to spend the same this year compared to last. she is shopping for home halloween decor and costumes for her two boys once they finally make a decision. >> it is going to take awhile to decide. i might be a zombie or i mighta. >> whatever they choose they are sure to be spooky. >> a child's halloween costumes is stirring controversy at wal-mart. take a look. this is the naughty leopard costumes. it is the name that the customers don't like. it is not actually the costumes itself. they disappeared from the company's website. the company is apologizing for customers who may have been
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offended by the name. a potent and dangerous drug has shown up in the united states. it is known as crocodile because it rots the user's skin making it scalely like the animal. it is made of codeine, iodine and paint thinner. a decade ago it became popular, a cheap alternative to heroin. the average user lives just three years. last week authorities in arizona reported two cases. that's the first time it has been known to appear in thetate. they switched on the snow making equipment this morning. it allowed the resort to make the crisp white powder. hard to say if it will stick. if it doest hopes to start up the lifts in about 30 days just before halloween. >> i can't believe we are talking snow. >> it is remarkable. >> it is warming up. sandhya patel is here. >> the inland highs will come
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up a couple more degrees only to fall everywhere on sunday and we will bring the possibility of rain. we will be tracking it and the best possibility will be in the north bay. as you look from the exploratorium camera looking out 250rd -- toward coit tower it is 57 in san francisco and the mid60s in oakland. 62 in san jose and 48 degrees in half moon bay. we are still going to have some chilly spots for your saturday morning plans. backville camera looking back toward sutro tower. 65 in antioch and it is currently 62 in livermore. san francisco in the clear. no fog around. mild to warm again tomorrow. light rain for the north bay. sunday afternoon, and we are looking at showers on monday morning. at least a possibility for most of the bay area. most will be in the north bay. here is the system that will bring in a chance of light rain. look at the moisture tap. this is the remanence of a
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former typhoon getting taped into. this system is aiming its energy into the pacific northwest. they will see some snow there. here in the bay area we will get a small bit. 11:00 a.m. for your saturday plans, sunny skies and if the kids have games early tomorrow morning it will be dry out on the fields. if you are just thinking about taking the dog for a walk or running yourself things are fine for saturday. changeit of a change. there is a chance of rain mainly in the north bay on sunday afternoon and evening. really monday morning could see drizzle in the east bay. can't rule that out. we will keep in the shower chance through the lunchtime hour on monday. not expecting a lot. the temperatures starting out on the cool side. upper 40s to the mid50s. this is how it is going to look. 84 morgan hill and nothing but sunshine on the peninsula. pally a will -- palo alto and
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mountain view. 66 degreesect thand you expect s around this time of year. north bay 80s and santa rosa and novato and 78 in san rafael. near afnlg temperatures and 80 for hercules. a pleasant day and 82 concord and livermore and a lot of sun as the giants take on the padres tomorrow afternoon. we are looking at mild, sunny weather. upper 60s dropping to the mid60s. so i think you can get away with short sleeves. make sure you have your umbrellas. cooler on sunday and monday. that's where we will see the best possibility of rain. we will dry it out and warm it up to the middle of next week. >> thank you. we have the latest on the a's. >> they know they will start the playoffs in a week. now who pitching
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♪ turn around, barry ♪ i finally found the right snack ♪ ♪ with our new, improved peanut butter chewy bars. the a's have some decisions to make. good decisions. do you start bough loan know cologne. they are opening the final series of the regular season in seattle. yellow shirts means trouble. felix hernandez kills the a's. a three-run bomb in the first. the 29th of the year. 3-0 at athletics in a flash. he is just browsing and they allowed two runs and winning
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his 18th. pinch hitting derrick norris. high, deep and aloha. a's win and clinch home field in the first round of the playoffs. giants and padres, hunter pence receiving the willie mac award. voted for his teammates and coaches and fans. san diego up 1-0 and not anymore. juan perez deep off smith. his first career homerun. what better way to cap off the night for huntere pe nce than a home are of -- homer of his own. number 23 for pence who is in a contract year and giants win it 7-3. scary scene at san jose to be carted offad to e field with a head injury after a hit against utah state. the long-time nfl coach dick vermeil was honor neitherred
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-- was honored before the game. burke appears to cross the plate and it should be a touchdown. they called him down. the coach could challenge and he doesn't. and the very next snap aggies recover and a blown opportunity. ensuing drive and here is the senior quarterback and he is trying to make a tackle and lowers his head and is knocked unconscious. he is taken off the field in a stretcher. the good news is he has movement in all of the extremities. ce aton -- keaton fires the first one and the aggies roll 40-12 and sparty falls to 1-3. nfl, niners will get a few extra days of rest before they face the texans on october 6th and that will be much appreciated by vernon davis who caught a touchdown pass in the win over the rams.
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>> vernon is i guess a special creation. he has a different kind of blood throwing through than you or i do. >> he has a tear in his ham spring -- hamstring. it just heals back together. >> i would like to order me some of that vernon davis blood. abc7 sports is brought to you by riverwalk casino. >> at the end of the week we can all use it. >> that's for sure. >> a big toy for a big city. next on abc7 news, where this
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saturday morning plans will include clear skies and a little bit of a chill still in the air. we will call it a light start. cool breeze upper 40s to mid50s. 8:00 a.m. to the 50s and 60s. lisa argen is here at 5:00 a.m. and tracking the rain on sunday afternoon. carolyn, dan? >> we are tracking something else. it has been spotted in hong kong , sydney, australia and amsterdam. >> the world's largest rubber duck key is calling pittsburgh, pennsylvania home. >> it stands four stories tall and three stories wide. each city built its own plans and the big bird is meant to remind people. >> that we are all creatures sharing the same water. >> i don't know if i get that out of that. >> now we know the message, right?
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>> coming up next, jimmy kimmle and actress amy poehler. >> i'm carolyn johnson. >> and i'm dan ashley. from all of us here, we appreciate your time. connect with us on twitter, facebook and all of your mobile devices.
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