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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  September 30, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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mind your speeds. it is slower because you do not want to hydroplane because of the oil that is built up on the roads. >> a san francisco high school is offering support for devastated students after the death of a classmate in a horrific car crash on friday. a new development regarding the driver police are blaming. amy hollyfield is at lincoln high school. amy? >> counselors are here at the high school this morning and students will dedicate a message board to kevin san and have a big board at lunch time that people can sign. 16-year-old kevin was killed on friday morning on his way to school. he was in his family's minivan when they hit by a car. his sister and his mom were seriously hurt.
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kevin's friends left candles and flowers over the weekend at the spot where he died at pine. he was a member of the junior rotc drum corps. practice was canceled. his friends are suffering. >> we are close to kevin. it feels like another day where he would be with us but, instead, we giving our respects. >> he would always have a smile on his face. gloomy day he would give a laugh. >> we have learned the driver of the mercedes who booked his van has been booked on the charge of vehicular manslaughter. she was not under the influence of drugs are alcohol but she was driving erratically and speeding for several blocks. investigators have not released her name or age or information about her.
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>> the family of a dodgers fan who was stabbed to death after a giants game is asking witnesses of the attack to come forward. jonathan denver's father, brother, mother and aunt made a public plea for help yesterday in front of at&t park. they passed out flyers to fans. denver was stabbed to death after a rivalry-fueled fight outside the ballpark five days ago. >> i make a plea to the public that anyone who may have witnessed the incident to come forward so both families can have some measure of closure. i believe someone may have videotaped the incident and can help us discover the truth. >> the suspect in the case, a 21-year-old, was released from jail on friday for lack of evidence. he says it was in self-defense. >> brian stow appeared yesterday during the game against the padres.
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they sent their come dole ensures to his family. he was permanent brain damage after he was attacked by two dodges fans outside dodgers stadium. those men are awaiting trial. >> police in slay hour vetting the shooting death an 18-year-old man. officers say the man was shot several times including in the neck outside an apartment complex after 7:00 last night. the victim staggered into an apartment where he died. neighbors say they heard 16 shots fired. >> the federal government is facing a partial shut down midnight tonight unless congress can come to a compromise on a funding bill. this is our count down chock showing how much time is left before the midnight deadline, 16 hours and 26 minutes. senate majority leader harry reid says when the senate convenes this afternoon it will reject an emergency spending bill from the republican-led house of representatives that calls for a one year delay in implementing parts of president obama's health care law.
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if no emergency spending bill is passed by congress before midnight, the government offices will be closed, services shut down, and 800,000 federal workers will be told to stay home. despite the bickering, the law would continue to be funded during the shutdown. the marketplaces open for business in california allowing you to comparison shop between insurance plans online. this afternoon, our hotline will feature a panel of health experts to answer your questions including who qualifies, how much the premiums are and what is covered. our phone lines are open from 4:00 to 8:00 p.m. today. >> bart will continue talks with union leaders today with only a week and a half before another strike could happen. bart negotiators most yesterday with representatives of the largest unions. no one is say whether they made any progress. bart workers are have threatened
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to strike october 11 after the end of the 60-day will couping -- cooling-off period. the transit agency will provide limited service to run the trains and there will be free charter buses and away the clock car pool hours on the freeways. negotiations are scheduled each day influence the end of the 60 day cooling-off period that ends october 10, the last day talks are scheduled. >> federal investigators are on scene of a plane crash at the santa monica airport when a jet slammed into a hangar last night. several buildings caught on fire the hangar collapsed on top of the cessna. no word on how many were on the plane or inside the hangar but investigators say the crash was not survivable. the plane was arriving from an airport that senators eat he sun valley and registered to a real estate company with offices in alabama and georgia.
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>> three men are treated for burns in a santa cruz gas explosion that happened yesterday afternoon on third street. the photos are from the santa cruz sentinel newspaper. fire officials say the explosion was a small outbuilding next to the victim's apartment. people thought it was an earthquake. police are calling this explosion "suspicious." >> three teens face charges following a drug-fueled party and a confrontation with sheriff deputies in mill valley. paramedics were called to the house yesterday morning and found a person under the influence of lsd covered with blood from self inflicted injuries. investigators say combative party goers confronted the deputies. >> the pleasanton hill city council will place tough regulations on new gun dealers and stores. the measure would require a police permit for gun dealers and criminal background checks know store owners and employees. stores would be required to have
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an alarm system and surveillance camera and new stores would not be allowed within a specific distance of homes, parks, or schools. >> police are pleading for help finding a san francisco woman missing for a week. he mysteriously van ired from her hospital room at san francisco general nine days ago and is described as 5' 7" 105 with a british accept. she was being treated for an infection because her medication left her disoriented. >> former secretary of homeland security janet napolitano will take over as president of the u.c. system today already weathering a no confidence effort launch by student activists against her failed. the group believes napolitano's past job makes her a bad fit for the u.c. system because the new job including running campuses that are prone to protests and
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where undocuments students study. >> having not dealt with this in some time, we are finding rain. >> most of the rain is falling up north, around chrisent city had nearly 5" rain and ukiah enough to make it slick. where you do not see radar runs, around oak and walnut creek which leyla gulen is going to show you in a second is moisture on the highways there. our best chance of wide-spread wet weather this morning the form of drizzle, possibly light rain, temperatures are very mild and low-to-mid 60's. this will taper after the only rush and the steady wet weather stays to the north and the rest of us have scattered showers. if 12 hours, best chance of the morning is scattered light this afternoon with temperatures in
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the 60's and 70's, mid-60's to mid-70's. we have dry air tomorrow but temperatures are the same and high clouds and sunshine and a few degrees warmer wednesday but a nice warming trend with summer warmth thursday and the rest of this forecast in the seven-day forecast is ahead. leyla gulen? >> so far, folks are proceeding with caution which is what you want to do on the roads because of the slick conditions. we do not have reports of accidents but we have lots of construction southbound along 101 from 82 to hospital curve where you will find construction crews working on a few lanes. that lasts until 5:00 this morning and you are looking at a slow down making the approach to the curve. northbound side is not a problem all the way over to the bay bridge. westbound a 80 from tracy to dublin you can see how quick it will be at 25 minutes along highway 4 from antioch to concord 14 minute along coe h--
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along 101, 20 minutes. the traffic with the headlights gristens off the roads indicate the wet countries so slow down your speeds when you head out today the. >> next, why authorities in the east bay are searching for this man caught on camera. >> and a weekend deluge leaves
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>> covering daly city, dublin, los gatos and all bay area this is abc7 news. >> zero tolerance meant exactly that during the beyond wonderland festival in mountain view. 100 people were arrested mostly
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for drug and alcohol violations. organizers say the large rave attracted 20,000 people. >> palo alto police need help in catching two robbers who attack add woman in broad daylight. the thieves targeted the victim at university avenue on saturday afternoon. a man grabbed a woman's hair from behind and pulled her to the group after the woman with the attacker took the victim's purse and she was treated for minor injuries. >> el cerrito police released video of two home burglary suspects. you can see one of them noticed the camera and the other breaks on the door. one suspect takes a tool and breaks the camera. there is the video of the two walking up to the house. police hope someone will recognize the burglars and help tram them down. >> today there is a court hearing for the colorado movie theater mass shooting suspect. the recent is going for the death penalty and want more details on james holmes' psychiatric evaluation.
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the defense attorneys want to limit the access battling over this in pre-trial motions. he opened fire inside a packed theater last july killing 12 people and wounding 70. he pleaded fault guilty to 160 counts by reason of insanity. >> in italy the retrial of amanda knox begins today. she will not be there for it. instead, the 26-year-old is staying home, in seattle, under italian law she is not required to be in court. she faces retrial after italy's highest court over turned her murder conviction. >> the second round of legal proceed insurance against british petroleum over a massive oil well blowout begins today. 11 rig workers died in the april 2010 explosions that saw will months of gallons of oil seep into the gulf of mexico. they will cover how b.p. tried to cap the well and exactly how much oil spilled into the gulf of mexico. the trial's first phase helped in april after the judge heard
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eight weeks of testimony about the cause of the blowout. >> pope francis announced the timing for canonization of two predecessors, john paul and john paul 23. he said the predecessors are declared "saints" april 27 next year. he announced in july he would canonize the two, together, approving a miracle by john paul and bending vatican rules by deciding john 23 did not need one. >> now the extreme weather in the note, more rain is expected after more than a month of rain this weekend in the northeast. it is the wettest september in decades in the northeast, with the first wave dropping record rain in seattle and flooding streets in tacoma with power lines coming down leaves thousands in the dark. the storm stepped into oregon and more rain is expected it could turn into snow with up to 2' in part of the cascades
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through tomorrow. >> we have our own weather weather as you experienced. >> coming through oakland with lot of wet weather turning from drizzle to light rain. it is out there. it is scattered. live doppler 7 hd shows up north the pinks are a winter mix. the white snow that is falling in the cascades. the radar is scattered showers so it is cooler air. you look to northern california and that is the leading edge of the cold front through idaho and it will come our way and increase our chances of rain as we head through the morning and scattered light showers this afternoon as the front wants out most of the energy is up there around or the -- portland and seattle. we have small craft advisory for the hazardous seas with a swell at 9' to 12' with rip currents
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until 5:00 tomorrow afternoon. check out how mild it is head of the cold front: san ramon and pleasanton the only areas in the 50's. elsewhere, low-to-mid 60's in the east bay. pretty much everyone is in the low-to-mid 60's until san jose at 59 and same at half moon bay and 55 at los gatos and 60 at hair, fremont, mountain view, 63. novato and san francisco and san carlos, oakland, 64 degrees. dress for the mild weather this morning. it will be cooler-than-average this afternoon with high clouds and sunshine in the south bay and the least likely areas to get wet weather from 72 in milpitas and 74 in san jose and 77 in morgan hill and gilroy at 78 for the warm spot. on the peninsula we will go partly sunny today, a sprinkle or two this morning is the best chance, 70 to 74 degrees is the spread until millbrae at 67. drizzle along the coast for the better part of the day with the wins coming straight off the
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ocean and into your neighborhoods from the west. low-to-mid 60's for you. mid-to-upper 60's downtown and south san francisco where the drizzle is more intermittent. we have upper 60's to low 70's the best chance for steady rain in the north bay through the morning and early afternoon hours. in the east bay boast chance for steady rain this morning become, more scattered this afternoon and nonexistent by the afternoon partly sunny and 66 in richmond, the cool spot and the rest of us 60's to low 70's and the east bay valleys a little drizzle and the south bay is the least likely area to see measurable rain low-to-mid 70's. tonight, the dry air comes in and tomorrows are back in the 40's and 50's for the rest of us, a few lingering clouds along the coast and dry air mass tonight. you can see how scattered in nature the rain is and how it becomes more scattered by 9:00. by noon it will be over other than a brief shower and action we not even showing much other than it will clear out as we
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head to the overnight hours. the radar shows warming trend on thursday and 70's on the coast on saturday. be careful. >> we have a little bit of traffic over the altamont pass approaching the pass, where we have red. all in all you are in good shape at 60 miles per hour closer to vasco road. if you heard along the eastbound direction you still have this project in the works along eastbound 580 between greenville and north flynn road so watch out for the crews. in the westbound direction you are at top speeds up to the dublin interchange and highway 84 out of livermore to the sunol grade you are in great shape. this is the drive across the san mateo bridge where traffic is running smoothly from hayward to foster city and 14 minutes gets you there.
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>> a group of 20 u.n. inspectors is planning to leave for syria to begin oversee the destruction of the chemical weapons. the inspectors say the first priority is to help scrap the ability of syria to manufacture chemical weapons by november 1. that includes smashing mixing equipment with sledgehammers and blowing up delivery missiles and driving tanks over empty shells. syria says it will fully cooperate with the u.n. security council resolution that the government destroy its chemical weapons stockpile. >> a swim from alcatraz to san francisco is always impressive and this stands out from the rest. >> are we being fooled bit antics of mammals. are
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>> three young blind adults with diagnosis, not a disability, are
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celebrating a major accomplishment this morning. they took part in the alcatraz invitational swim jumping from a boat near alcatraz and starting swimming to the san francisco shore. they all made it becoming the first blind group to complete the 1.5 mile swim. necessity competed and they sent a message. >> i was swimming to prove that blindness doesn't set anybody back and proving that blind people can do anything that those with sight can. i'm just proving to myself and the world that i can do whatever i put my mind to. >> they have proven that again and again. this is not the group's first extreme event. some of them have climbed the rim of the grand canyon. >> very impressive. >> feat for anyone. >> on the drive in, the mist is not unusual but light rain. >> measurable rain is falling in oakland and the oakland hills to
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orinda and in the north bay and at .04" in petaluma. the roll clouds are in the sierra and the jet stream is leaving the system. that is yes we are getting less wet weather. it is not getting upper level support. through the afternoon, the rain will diminish. we will have 80 in sacramento and 62 in tahoe and mid-to-upper 70's in san diego and los angeles. >> starting today through december 22nd, the gold were gate ferry is changing to the fall schedule so less ferries will be traversing the bay so check the schedules. on the drive time traffic: 680 from walnut creek to dublin is clear at 16 minutes. 101 southbound from santa rosa to san francisco is under 15 minutes and through the santa cruz mountains along highway 17 is 24 minutes.
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a dry commute in san jose, northbound 101 away from 880 you can see how clear it is. if you have a flight to catch, you are in good shape. >> the government is releasing a new report this morning that shows most kids in the united states are eating healthier lunches at school with 80 percent of schools moving to more healthy schools. only on schools have dropped out of the federally subsidized national school lunch program. most of the schools sight requirements that are difficult and expensive to follow. >> raccoon face as long recovery after getting caught in a wildlife group calls a barbaric trap with these pictures of "duke," animal care and services rescued adult male after he was mangled in two different body
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gripping traps. his tail was amputated. the good news is he will live though it is not clear if he will be able to return to the wild. >> dolphin lovers are mad over a new debate. biologists say that in his new book, are dolphins really smart, they do show behaviors commonly associated with intelligence such as sounding alarms when they discover food or a threat and recognizing themselves in a mirror or lie but many consider dumb, like chickens, also have alarm, signals and empathy. he is not saying they are stupid but other species are underappreciated. >> this morning, not one, not two, but 14 baby pandas are on display in china. look at the bunch resting in the crib, the youngest cub is less than a month old and weighs
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center is to reintroduce most into china's fewer bamboo forests. right now there are less than 2,000 giant pandas in the wild. >> see how big the diapers are on the pandas? if you thinking of heading to the beach or this or, we have a big head's up. at 5:00, the trouble you could find yourself in before you release the danger. >> water main break turned homes and streets into lakes with the mounting cost months after it happened to repair the damage. >> this tremendous cost to california of truants
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> hope you had a great week. thank you for start your day with us. >> it feels like fall out there especially because there is aibility of moisture. >> remember last friday and thursday we talked about wet weather last night through this morning and sure enough it is out there. our best radar returns are in the north bay. this is where we have had the steady rain through the overnight hours at .02" i and half moon bay and oakland and berkeley and in the east bay hills we have had a little bit of rain. we will have highly scattered showers that will fall apart after the morning commute which


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