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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  September 30, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> hope you had a great week. thank you for start your day with us. >> it feels like fall out there especially because there is aibility of moisture. >> remember last friday and thursday we talked about wet weather last night through this morning and sure enough it is out there. our best radar returns are in the north bay. this is where we have had the steady rain through the overnight hours at .02" i and half moon bay and oakland and berkeley and in the east bay hills we have had a little bit of rain. we will have highly scattered showers that will fall apart after the morning commute which would be the most affected by
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the wet weather. mid-to-upper 60's loan the coast and upper 60's to 70's for the rest of us. now the traffic. leyla gulen? >> we have a report of an accident southbound along 680 at the on-ramp and it spun in the wrong direction so this is where we have incidents because of the wet road conditions. it is not causing any delay and i look at our walnut creek camera and the traffic is slowing but building approaching 24 junction. our drive time traffic across 580 westbound from richmond to san rafael across the richmond and san rafael bridge is six minutes and highway 84, dumbarton bridge is 11 minutes. the golden gate bridge shows misty out there and you can hardly see it with construction crews northbound picking up cones out there. >> happening now a coast guard warning is in affect for boaters
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up and down the northern california coast. rough seas and so-called sneaker waves can catch people by vice with deadly consequences. abc7 news matt keller has the latest from pacifica. >> watch your back on the peach. what is the warning from the coast guard. you can see the waves in pacifica are big and rough. that will stay until late tonight. the national weather service issued a rough advisory until 9:00 tonight. ways 10' to 15' high are forecasted. moderate to large waves. the sneaker waves are harder and stronger and can catch people by surprise and watch them to sea. a man was killed early this year after a sneaker wave pulled out a map's wife and dog. they survived but the man did
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not survive. four others survived from sneaker waves on the northern california beaches. the coast guard recommended you tell a reliable person where you are if you do not come back on time. >> new details in the crash that killed a high school student in san francisco. we have learned that the driver would police say was responsible was arrested. the 16-year-old kevin san was killed when the family's van was rear ended at a top spite at pine. the s.u.v. driver would slammed into them was going 80 miles per hour and booked for vehicular manslaughter on friday. last night, kevin's friends tell abc that she has been released on bond and his friends held a vigil near the school. >> he would always have a smile on his face. gloomy day, he would give a laugh. >> vote of gathers say the drive was not under the glue of drews
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or alcohol but the arrest includes gross negligence because of the extreme speed. abc7 news amy hollyfield has more at 5:30. >> children playing in golden gate park made a disturbing discovery, a loaded handgun that was found in bushes while children were attending a birthday party. the child told his parents who contacted police. the officers came and took possession of the gun. no one was hurt. >> the bill has grown to $5 million for damage stemming from a water main break that flooded san francisco's west portal this year. according to the "san francisco examiner" officials say the bill will continue to climb when residents' damage claims are concluded. this was a flood of water into cars and homes in february. officials promised the bill will be paid bit engineering firm they believe is responsible for the break. >> a report says truancy among
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elementary students could be costing $1 million for their absentees. the school districts lost $1.4 billion, a year, during the truancy. those always absent are more likely to drop out and end up jobless or turn to crime. dropouts are costing the state $46.4 billion a year to factor in the cost of incarceration and lost economic productivity. >> pure politics in the capitol today and americans could bear the brunt of it. lawmakers are in the game of chicken over the budget. without money the government will not be able to pay employees or provide services. the deadline is hours away. we have the latest from washington, dc. >> we have not seen a government shut down since 1996 but we could see one again at the
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stroke of midnight when the government runs out of money as obamacare is set to kick in. >> the clock is ticking toward a shutdown but the halls of congress this morning are quiet. no negotiations. no emergency meeting. the dispute over obamacare is spilling out on the airwaves. the president is saying i will shut down government to you don't give me anything i want on obamacare. >> it is wrong to do a shutdown of government as the way to make containing the. >> to keep the government open house republicans want to delay the health care law by a year and repeal a tax on mold devices but the democrats and president obama are refusing to budge. >> your hate for this president is coming before the love of this country because if you love this country, you would not be closing it down. >> we are fighting for the american people. >> without a breakthrough a government shut down takes affect at midnight and roughly 800,000 federal workers will be
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told to "stay home." some government offices will close and services slowed down. it could delay first-time home mortgages, and slow airport security lines and limit food safety inspections. outside of washington, many americans are simply fed up. >> if they were to lose their paychecks like everyone else would lose their paychecks that could motivate them to solve some of the problems they are facing right now. >> members of congress and the president will keep getting paid even if the government shuts down but it could come at a big cost to taxpayers the white house estimates if the government shuts down the cost will be at least $2 billion. >> thank you. tomorrow, the affordable health care law's new marketplaces will open here in california allowing you to comparison shop between insurance plans online. join us tonight for our "7 on your side" hotline with a panel of health experts leader to answer your questions on the
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marketplaces. our phone lines are open from 4:00 to 8:00 p.m. today. >> now at look at the weather and see how we start the new week and new month. >> lots of cloud cover, and wet weather. look at half moon bay, less than quarter mile and the ceiling is 200' so there is drizzle and low clouds. the rest of us are okay with visibility until you drive into the clouds which is where you will find the wet weather in our east bay hills spilling into the lower land north of the san mateo bridge. you can see the whole system is slowing sinking down to the south as we look at the bay bridge toll plaza you can see it is weather and here is the day planner the next 12 hours we will have wet spots through the morning commute and a scattered shower is possible at 12:00. the showers taper as the front wants out in the afternoon and 64 to 74 is the spread and by 7:00, wet weather will be over and we will see the clearing and 62 to 68.
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you will need a coat. a throw day forecast, tomorrow the temperature is the same as today but more sunshine and dry air. it is humid this morning. clouds and sunshine on wednesday and a slight bump of temperatures and the wind will shift with a wind event coming, probably a fire threat and we are keeping it out the trust but thursday is the warming trend i will show you in the seven-day forecast. first, though, traffic with leyla gulen. >> the san mateo bridge shows it is a bit misty and in san jose it is dry but if you go along the bay bridge tolls that is where we will see moist conditions and, also, in walnut creek. in the north bay i was telling you of this accident northbound 101 to the westbound highway 12 connection we have an accident a scar went east roadway and c.h.p. has requested 200' of cable to retrieve the car and an active scene is causing slowing. 280 from dalai lama taking the
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280 extension interest san francisco as it takes to you king street nine minutes gets you there so no traffic to speak of. walnut creek shows the lights are glistening off the road and it is wet but as you travel if this area a car spun around and is resting in the point. leyla gulen? >> if you are trying to buy a big pickup, good luck. the bloomberg business report business is next. >> police say they save lives but there is new concern of red light cameras. the state considering pulling the plug on them. >> emerging technology on earth that could be a game changer for we'll take something tasty and healthy. ♪ ♪ if you wanna go and fly with me ♪ ♪ it's buzz the bee on your tv ♪ ♪ oh how did i get this way?
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try new fiber one cinnamon coffee cake. >> san ramon and pleasanton and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> the a's closed out the regular season in seattle with a grand crew entertaining the crowd. the a's shut out the mariners 9-0. the a's host the detroit tigers in 9 opening of the division series on friday. >> with the regular season over, yankees slugger rodriguez appeals the 211-game suspension. he is the only one of 13 players fighting the suspension happened down by major league baseball for the connection to a florida clinic accused of distributing performance-enhancing drugs. the hearings will take place behind closed doors at league
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offices in new york city. baseball will present evidence with temperature from ones and cross-examination by a-rod's attorneys, a decision by an arbitrator is expected within a month. >> israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu will address the u.n. and meet with president obama at the white house. he will discuss the latest developments between the united states and iran as well as the situation in the middle east. israel believes iran is continuing to build nuclear weapons capability and that it threatens israel despite the diplomatic overtures of iran, the first reaction to the telephone call between president obama and iranian president rouhani, the first such phone call between the united states and iranian presidents this these decades. >> some cities are getting rid of them and lawmakers in florida are considering banning red light cameras, the consideration comes three years after voting
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to allow the cameras. while they were sold as safety devices it appears the system is abuses with red light light tics producing $62 million in revenue. some cities are shrinking the yellow light time to get money from unsuspecting drives. >> if you try to by a big pickup truck, good luck. >> here is that and the only news in the bloomberg business report. >> good morning, get ready for obamacare, the new health care exchange in the affordable health care act. the changes are expected to only on time because it is mostly funded through mandatory appropriations but glitches could make it difficult for people to enroll and political fighting in washington could dampen enthusiasm. do not expect a flood of people to enroll the first week with payment due in 30 days but the policies do not take effect until january 1. bad news for those hoping to buy
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buying pickup trucks from chevrolet. they are limiting how many of v8 can be ordered because the supplier cannot produce them fast enough. this is bad for customers and g.m. and they are trying to sell as many as possible before ford brings out their new truck next year. that is the news from the new york stock exchange with the bit -- bloomberg business report. >> 20,000 pounds of chicken are recalled because of contamination that were distributed nationwide including salads sold under "archer farms." the problem was scoffed through testing by the food and drug administration but no reports of any illness. >> nasa scientists believe 3-d
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printing could change the future of space exploration. 3-d printers use plastic to create any object and scientists say they could be used to may spare parts or supplies in case of of an acknowledge and they are testing out satellites. there are some problems of printing space because of gravity and temperature changes. scientists are developing their own version of a 3-d printer that is better suited to space. the first could be tested out some time next year. >> the huge lottery jackpots get the publicity but a fremont man is doing okay with the proceeds from his scratcher ticket. the 34-year-old will get $1,000 a week for 25 years because of a ticket he bought on a whim at the circle k. >> here is what happened. his son spotted the gaslight coming on saying you are low on fuel, dad, get some gas. they pull in, he goes inside to
5:18 am
get his receipt and he sees the tickets and says, well, i will buy one. he buys one. he will get $1.3 million in total other $1,000 a week for the next 25 years. >> that is like the woman a few years ago she needed change for the parking meter so she bought one ticket at the liquor store and, boom, $7 million! >> well...i will show you what is going on. >> that will cheer us up, right if. >> not enough tears up here how about rain falling from the sky. radar and satellite shows the bulk of the heavy precipitation up north where it is snowing in the higher elevations around seattle and mt. hood and mount washington. we are on the tail end of the storm as you can see around crescent city and eureka with the radar runs falling apart. we do have winds as matt mentioned, and small craft or
5:19 am
had douse seas and the entire area you can see along the coast but for the monterey bay until 5:00 tomorrow morning and sneaker waves and dangerous rip currents are ahead. now, this morning we are two degrees warmer in mountain view and ten degrees in napa and humid out of the with the frizz factor. in the low-to-mid 60's include at half moon bay and san jose at 59 and los gatos at 55 and mountain view is 58 and everyone else dress for 60 to 65 degrees. from our roof camera you cannot see the top of the building because of the low clouds, the mist and drizzle. it is wet. anywhere from north of the san mateo bridge. for the morning commute it will be dry no all of us in the evening, with a weak system that will fall apart in the afternoon. clearing and cooler nights ahead
5:20 am
as dry air comes in behind the cold front and the windows shift and we will get another offshore event on thursday all the way through sunday, and warmer than average weather. this is how it looks at the golden gate bridge you can see this is mist hanging in the air and drizzle falling on the deck and not only will it be moist today but 1 to 6 degrees cooler-than-average. the bet of wet weather is in cloverdale and the rest of us have scattered showers from 9:00 to noon and at noon you can see the dry air rolling in and the showers you over at 5:00 and in the edge with the dry air moving in overnight and most of us wake up clear tomorrow. the seven-day forecast shows temperatures the same even with more sunshine and a slight warming trend on wednesday and the winds will shift and come offshore and thursday, friday, saturday, and sunday, 80's to 90's inland. 60's and 70's at the coast.
5:21 am
>> southbound 101 at lucky drive involving a lit and run a car was driving at 75 miles per hour and we have wet conditions. it hit a car and kept going. you are looking at slowing because the crash is still blocking one lane, northbound, up to the richmond-san rafael bridge you are in good shape. in the east bay, eastbound along highway 4 to a street we have a construction project and you can see how it is causing slowing to summersville road. westbound direction at antioch to concord, it is very slow as you approach summersville down to 27 miles per hour and outside to the bay bridge toll plaza it is looking wet and the traffic is moving well and cash-paying lanes are not loaded up yet. >> ahead, seven things to know as you start the day. >> a frightening turn for
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prove it. enough is enough. d-con baits are specially formulated to kill in one feeding. guaranteed. d-con. get out. >> whether you are just joining us or headed out the door, here are seven things to know. sources say the driver behind a deadly crash that killed a teenager in san francisco has been released on bail. police say the woman was speeding when she slammed into a minivan on friday killing 1-year-old kevin san. abc7 news amy hollyfield will join us if a few minutes to show us what the school is doing.
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>> the federal government faces a partial shut down at midnight unless congress reaches a compromise. the white house and congressional democrats say house republicans trying to delay the president's health care law does nothing but push the government closer to the shut down. >> the ntsb on the scene of a plane crash at the santa monica airport after a jet slammed into a hangar while land. no word on how many were on the flight from idaho or inside the hangar but investigators say the crash was not survive average. >> former homeland security security janet napolitano begins her new job at university of california as president, promising to listen and learn about the many issues facing the ten-campus university system. >> more rain in the region after record rains flooded streets and knocked down power lines in oregon and washington and up to 2 feet of snow is specificked in some areas.
5:26 am
>> i am bringing up wet weather for the morning commute. we will look at that. also, a warming trend for the weekend in your seven-day forecast. >> seven, it is a moist commute as we look at the bay bridge toll plaza, it is moving well out there but we have a report of a hit-and-run accident in marin county near lucky drive. >> look at this, a tour down the river in london took a scary turn for passengers this weekend, they were forced to jump for their lives after the boat caught fire. all 28 on board including five children and two crew members got out much the engine caught fire and soon was throwing heavy smoke into the air right near the houses of parliament. three passengers went to the hospital as a precaution. >> a couple in north carolina decided to skip the traditional walk down the aisle for their big date choosing, instead, a more dynamic entrance.
5:27 am
check it out, they had zip line wedding while getting hitched they did run into a slight problem and had to pull themselves in the final few feet but the bride did not take that as a bad side and figured it was good exercise. >> maybe they needed more weight to make it all the way? >> maybe they needed a jet pack. >> straight ahead the top stories including the crackdown in east bay community considering on gun shops and the people who own or work in the shops. >> an 18-year-old is gunned down if vallejo and where the vest stands this morning. >> the countdown is on to a possible government shut down as we have been talking about with a look at abc7 news countdown clock.
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> odd looking morning with mist and drizzle and light rain the. >> it is measurable and it made it wet for the commute. do not let the lack of radar returns fool you. there is weather sneaking under the radar this morning from san mateo bridge north. that is where we have the drizzle and light rain. the best radar returns where we have had the measurable rain is less than .05" but that is where you find the wet streets. downtown you can see the mist and drizzle on the embarcadero. today, we will have light rain and drizzle for the morning and scattered showers in the afternoon and by the evening we should be dry. look at the temperatures, cooler-than-average and upper 60's to mid-70's bay and inland and the coast to san francisco low-to-mid 60's.
5:31 am
here is a look at traffic with leyla gulen. >> good morning, everyone. i was telling you about an accident in marin county southbound 101 at lucky drive. what happened was a hit-and-run accident and they gave chase. we have one car hit and the other car took off and that is now following the car that hit them so they traveled through the tunnel and now they are in san francisco at the moment so for lanes are blocked but northbound traffic is building on 580. san jose northbound and southbound 880 there are construction crews until 6:00 this morning. outside, another look at 280 away from highway 17 clear conditions and dry roads. >> there is developing news about a deadly traffic accident with grief counselors assisting the 16-year-old victim.
5:32 am
police are trying to build a case against the driver would caused the accident. abc7 news amy hollyfield is at lincoln high school. >> students will be remembering kevin san today at lincoln high school. they will have a board set up to sign at almost time and they will dedicate a dislay case. the 16-year-old died on friday morning on the way to school. he was in the minivan at a red light and a mercedes plowed into him. his sister and mother are in serious condition. we have learned the driver of the mercedes was booked into jail and her bail was set at $300,000. she faces vehicular manslaughter with gross negligence. >> the high rate of speed the silver vehicle was traveling was for several blocks and the witnesses, independent witnesses, say they could not believe how fast that car was
5:33 am
going. >> kevin's friends have placed candles and flowers at the site. he was a member of the rotc drum corps and practice was canceled. counselors are here on campus to help students work through their grief. we expect police to release the name and age of the woman charged in the case. >> thank you. the family of a dodgers fan who was stabbed to death after a giants game is asking witnesses of the attack to come failure. jonathan denver's father, mother, brother and aunt made a public plea passing out flyers to fans. denver was stabbed to death after a rivalry-fueled fight outside the ballpark. >> i am making a plea to the public asking anyone who may have witnessed the incident to
5:34 am
come forward so both families can have some measure of closure i believe that someone may have videotaped the incident and can help us discover the truth. >> "person of interest," 21-year-old was released from jail on friday for lack of evidence. he says it was in self-defense. >> brian stow appeared at game against the padres. he still has permanent brain damage after being attacked by two dodgers fans two years ago outside dodgers stadium and those men are awaiting trial. >> police in vallejo are investigating the shooting death of a man who is 18 shot material times including in the neck outside an apartment complex on santa clara street after 7:00. the victim staggered into an apartment where he died. neighbors tell the vallejo times herald they we heard up to 16
5:35 am
shots fired. >> the federal government is facing a partial shut down at midnight unless congress can come up with a compromise on a funding bill. this is a look at the count down clock show how much time it left before the midnight deadline. harry reid says when the senate convenes it will reject an emergency spending bill from the republican-led house of representatives that calls for a one year delay in implementing parts of president obama's health care law. if no emergency spending bill is passed before midnight government offices will be closed. services will be shut down. 800,000 federal workers will be told to stay home. despite the bickering, the law would be funded during the government shut down because the funds are not dependent on the congressional budget process. the new marketplaces will open for business in california allowing you to comparison shot between insurance plans online. this afternoon, "7 on your side"
5:36 am
hotline will feature a panel of health experts to answer your questions about the new law including who qualifies, how were are the premiums, and what is covered. the phone lines will be open from 4:00 to 8:00 today. >> bart will continue contract talks with union leaders today with only a week and a half to go before another strike. bart negotiators met yesterday with representatives of the largest unions. no one is saying whether they made any progress. bart workers are threatening to strike by october 11 right after the the end of a 60-day cooling off per f that happens, the transit agency says it plans to provide limited service using managers to drive trains and there would be free charter buses and around-the-clock car pool hours on some freeways. >> investigators are open scene of a plane crash at the santa monica airport after a jet slammed into a small hangar that
5:37 am
collapsed on the cessna twin engine. no word on how many were on board but the crash was not survivable. the plane was arriving from an airport that serves idaho's sun valley resort area and registered to a real estate company in alabama and georgia. >> three people are treated for burns suffered in a gas explosion in santa cruz. fire officials say the motion is was in a small outbuilding next to the victim's apartment. people in the building told reporters they thought it was an earthquake. police are calling this explosion "suspicious." >> the pleasanton hill city council meets to consider lacing sufficient regulations on new gun dealers and stores. the sure would require a police permit for a gun dealer and criminal background checks for store owners and their employees. stores would be required to have an alarm system and surveillance
5:38 am
and would not be allowed within a specific distance of homes, parks, or schools. >> it is mike with the forecast. >> we have the visibility which is low along the coast, quarter-mile visibility after half moon bay with drizzle. nine miles in santa rosa an area where we are seeing the steady rain. we have had .03" there and .04" in petaluma. the winds are from the south with a moist flow and dew point in the 60's and humidity is high and our temperatures are also in the 60's. you can see that the next 12 hours are wet spots are influence the morning commute and by noon we will see the broadness of the wet weather shrinking more into scattered light showers and mid-to-upper 60's loan the coast and bay and 70's inland and by 4:00 county hardly a shower out there and we will be sunny in the afternoon with more sunshine and mid-60's
5:39 am
at coast and low-to-mid 70's bay and inland and take an umbrella and we will not need it during the 7:00 hour but you will need a coast for the cool weather. temperatures are the same tomorrow and the warming trend starts thursday and through the weekend. that is in the seven-day forecast and now a check on the commute. >> an accident marin county 101 on lucky drive southbound was a hit-and-run accident that made it into san francisco because the person who was hit started to chase the person who hit them. right now any are reported to be around the broadway tunnel. if you are headed out of the city watch out. to the dumbarton we have a report of a stalled on the westbound side. we are at top speeds. over the altamont pass it is very slow, at 22 miles per hour to the pass and you can see how the speeds pick up sightly and
5:40 am
you back to 28 miles per hour approaching vasco road. now, the traffic is under an hour to head out tracy to dublin along highway 4 antioch to concord. 101 is at top speed but slows down because of the wet conditions. >> arrest during a raid if the south bay and police swooped to to take over 100 people into custody. >> mark your calendar the vatican's big announcement on when they will turn two popes into
5:41 am
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>> covering santa rosa, berkeley, san jose, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> zero tolerance meant exactly that during the beyond wonderland festival in mountain view. police arrested more than 100 people mostly for drug and alcohol violations. organizers say the large outdoor rave attracted more than 20,000 people. >> palo alto police need help in catching two robbers who attacked a woman in broad daylight. the teens targeted their victim near middle field road and university of on saturday afternoon. she told police that a man grabbed her hair from behind and pulled her to the ground a woman with the attacker took the victim's purse.
5:44 am
she was treated for minor injuries. >> surveillance video has been released of two burglar suspects. one suspect takes a tool and brakes -- breaks the camera. there is video of the two suspects walking up to the house. police hope that someone will recognize the burglars. >> this is a court hearing for the colorado movie theater mass shooting suspect and prosecutors are asking for death penalty. they are battles over pre-trial motions. holmes is accused offering fire in packed theater killing 12 and wounding 70. he pleaded not guilty to 160 counts by reason of insanity. >> in italy amanda knox's retrial for the murder of her roommate begins today but she will not be there and is staying at home in seattle.
5:45 am
show is not required to be in court under italian law. she faces retrial after the highest court overturned her murder conviction two years ago. >> the second round of legal proceed insurance against british petroleum over a massive oil well blowout begins today. 11 oil rig workers died in the bill 2010 explosion that saw millions of gallons of oil seek in the gulf of mexico. the new phase shows how much oil spilled into the gulf of mexico. the first phase ended in april after the judge heard eight weeks of testimony of the causes of the blowout. >> pope francis announced the timing for the canonization of two predecessors, john 2 and john paul 22 saying they will be declared saints april 27 next year. he announced in july he would canonize the two, together, approving a miracle by john paul and bending vatican rules by deciding that john 23rd did
5:46 am
not need one. >> now the weather in the northwest. more rain is expected after they saw more than a month's worth of rain this weekend. it is the wettest september in decades. the first wave of the storm dropped record rains in seattle and flooded streets in takoma tear down power lines leave tens of thousands in the dark. the storm stretched to oregon and more rain is expected, it could become snow with up to 2 feet fall in the cascades through tomorrow. >> we have measurable rain in the bay area in september. i don't know if we call that extreme but it is different. >> it set records. it was more than three times what san jose normally gets in september and it fell in one day and it has turned to snow up north. good for them and hopefully the wet weather will not spend all of its energy up there. you can see the scattered nature of the showers now moving
5:47 am
through portland and seattle. it is colder and those are showers more than the steady rain. you can see the whites and pings and a winter mix pink with snow developing in the higher elevations. crescent city showed record rainfall yesterday at 2.5 itch -- 2.5", doubling that record. that is how much moisture was in the system. it is just humid this morning. small craft advisory this morning with sneaker waves possible and rip currents are dangerous through 5:00 tomorrow evening. it is not doing away any time soon. why would you want to go to the beach unless you like to get wet. temperatures are two to nine degrees warmer than we were this time 24 hours ago. we will check out the temperatures: still in the 50's, mountain view at 58, san jose
5:48 am
and half moon bay at 59, los gatos at 55. dress for low-to-mid 50's. the bay bridge toll plaza is wet, and you can see the wet commute but this evening is dry. with clearing nights ahead and a big-time warming friend thursday through sunday. in walnut creek you can see the slights up 680 with reports of steady rain headed into the hills in the east bay, one to six degrees cooler-than-average today. most of us are going to be in the 60's and 70's. here is how the wet weather plays out, the bulk of it this morning is staying to the encourage and by 9:00 we are starting to see a little bit of a drying trend and by noon just the scatter shower and by action you can see the front falling apart and most of the moisture is gone and the dry air is moving in. overnight, the dry air takes over and our lows are in the 40's and 50's. after highs today in the 60's we
5:49 am
will stay low-to-mid 60's at the coast and low-to-mid 70's for the rest of us and the same forecast temperatures for tomorrow with more sunshine and warmer wednesday and there is the warming trend, thursday, friday, saturday, and sunday, flirting with 90's inland and mid-80's at the bay and 70's at the coast. >> you do not want to do this if you are hit by a car you do not want to chase after the person who hit you but we have been reporting on the hit-and-run accident in marin county at lucky drive southbound 101. the person who was hit gave chase and now they have ended up at broadway in san francisco so if you are going to be in that area watch out for police activity. do not do that! at the dumbarton bridge westbound 84 at the high-rise we have a stalled vehicle blocking one lane. to the south into san jose we are seeing slowing northbound along 101 at 37 miles per hour and the speeds top out at san
5:50 am
jose airport and outside we go, a look at the oakland maze along westbound 80 approaching 580, bunching up a little bit although we are still at 14 minutes head from highway 4 to the maze. >> developing news in ike, officials say 50 people are dead and 100 injured after several explosions. the latest happened in baghdad, officials say a car bomb went off near a vegetable market and packing lot and the blast was followed by ten other car bombs. yesterday, two suicide bombers detonated explosives south of baghdad dug a funeral. no group has claimed responsibility but the interior incity flames al-qaeda interior ministry blames al-qaeda. >> there are new fees for perks you could be happy to pay for at the airport. >> swim from alcatraz really stands out above the rest.
5:51 am
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♪ old el paso says diced tomato stand 'n stuff chicken tacos. ♪ you say what's for dinner? old el paso says start somewhere fresh. >> three young blind adults with a "diagnosis" not a disability
5:54 am
took part in the alcatraz invitational ye shiwening for the san francisco shore. they all made it becoming the first blind group to complete the 1.5 mile swim. >> i was switching to prove that blindness doesn't set anybody back and proving that blind petroleum can do anything that sighted people can. just to prove to myself and the world that i can do whatever i put my mind to. >> this is not the group's purse extreme event some have climbed the rim of the grand cap beyond. >> mike, what do you think about the weather? will it dryoff after the commute is over? >> we will have dry weather for the evening but the wet weather shows .02 itch in napa, and .06"
5:55 am
in the berkeley hills with wet weather falling apart headed to san francisco. the evening will be dry. 80 in sacramento with increasing sunshine and a scattered shower before noon and 62, and in the mid-to-upper 70's san diego to los angeles. >> the altamont pass shows you need your wipers. we have lendive -- plenty of traffic taking an hour from tracy to dublin. had construction roth will last for a couple of hours with lanes blocked causing a bottleneck. 20 miles per hour is the top speed. mass transit including muni and bart and ace are running on time. walnut creek is moist making the drive southbound along 680.
5:56 am
>> the government is releasing a new report this morning showing most kids in the united states are eating healthy lunches at school. the agriculture department says 80 percent of schools have switched to healthy foods including more fruits and vegetables since the new standards were introduced. only 500 schools in the nation have dropped out of the federally subsidized national school lunch program. most of the schools cite requirements that are "difficult and expensive" to follow. >> dolphin love evers are flippin' mad over a new dolphin debate. a biologist says if his new book that dolphins show behaviors commonly associated with intelligence such as sounding alarms when they discover food or a let and recognizing themselves in a mirror or lying for their benefit but he argues that many species often considered "dumb" have alarm others, and have empathy showing
5:57 am
other species are under appreciated. >> 14 baby pandas are on display in china. the youngest is less than a month old and weighs 1.5 pound and the oldest is four months old and weighs nine pounds part of the china giant protection research center that breeds pandas. the goal is to reintroduce the animals into china's disappearing bamboo forest. >> they are doing a great job because there are less than 2,000 but 10 years ago there were 1,600. the numbers are going up. >> next, bay area commute is taking longer and longer and the silver lining behind the worsening gridlock. >> warning from the coast guard for anyone planning to go near the water today.
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news, dangerous conditions along bay area beaches with a warning from the coast guard if you plan on heading out to the coast. >> police are building a case against a speeding driver accused in a deadly crash in san francisco. what friends are doing to remember the young victim. >> a plea from the parents of a murdered dodgers plan. they need help after the main suspect is released from jail. >> good morning, everyone, on this morning. thanks positive joining us. >> have a great week. this morning we are starting out wet. >> drizzle and light rain in many areas north of the san mateo bridge. you can see the radar runs are few and far between because the rain is on the light side and it is below the radar. at the beaches, we have maul small until


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