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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  September 30, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news, dangerous conditions along bay area beaches with a warning from the coast guard if you plan on heading out to the coast. >> police are building a case against a speeding driver accused in a deadly crash in san francisco. what friends are doing to remember the young victim. >> a plea from the parents of a murdered dodgers plan. they need help after the main suspect is released from jail. >> good morning, everyone, on this morning. thanks positive joining us. >> have a great week. this morning we are starting out wet. >> drizzle and light rain in many areas north of the san mateo bridge. you can see the radar runs are few and far between because the rain is on the light side and it is below the radar. at the beaches, we have maul small until 5:00 tomorrow
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afternoon and that is how long we will deal with the swell at 9' to 12' with snakier -- sneaker waves. cloudy at noon and 70 and same as the threat of wet weather tapering at 4:00. our day planner inland neighborhoods is wet and 61. clouds will break at noon and 9 and it will be cooler than yesterday at 73 at 4:00. grab a coat in the evening. drizzle hangs on longer through noon and it will be dry in the low-to-mid 60's in the afternoon hours. >> busy over the altamont pass bumper-to-bumper traffic taking an hour to head in the westbound direction from tracy. we have plenty of traffic on highway 4 and this early incident has cleared westbound 84 at the high-rise we had a stalled vehicle blocking a couple of lanes and now it is moved out the way.
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highway 4 antioch to concord is not five minutes but it is actually 30 minutes. 101 san rafael to san francisco is under 20 minutes and outside we have a wet bay bridge toll plaza and the cash-paying lanes are oded up and the metering lights are not on yet but it is busy. >> some parts of the bay area could see rain the coast guard is issuing a warning along the coast. abc7 news reporter matt colder has more on the waves. >> five people died on the northern california coast from the sneaker waves. the coast guard is issuing a warning. because of the large unexpected waves. the national weather service issued a rough water advisory in the 9:00 p.m. with large swells at 10' to 15' high and moderate
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to large surfaces and potential sneaker waves. they are higher, stronger and can reach further up the beach catching people by surprise and wash them to sea. a man was killed at point reyes this year at marin county after a sneaker wave pulled out a wife and dog. they survived but the man did not. the coast guard is telling family and dog owners to protect themselves and avoid fishing from rocks and jetties. check the both before holding out and make sure the safety gear is up to date and in good working conditions. that is the news from pacifica for abc7 news. >> new details this morning in the crash that killed a high school student in san francisco. we have learned that the driver would police say was responsible was arrested. 16-year-old kevin san was killed when the family van was rear
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ended at a spotlight at pine. a woman slammed into them at 80 miles per hour. show was, booed friday -- booked on friday for manslaughter but she has been released. his friends held a vigil for him. >> he all had a smile on his face. gloomy day he would give a laugh. >> investigator say the driver was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol but her arrest includes gross negligence because of her extreme speed at 80 miles per hour. abc7 news reporter, amy hollyfield, will have more at 5:30. >> children playing in golden gate park found a loaded handgun yesterday. they were attending a birthday party and one found the women. the child told his parents who told police. no one was hurt. >> the bill has grown to $5 million for damage from a water
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main break that flooded san francisco's west portal this year. according to the san francisco examiner officials say the bill will continue to climb when the residents' damage claims are included. the 16" pipe broke in february sending a flood of water into cars and homes. officials say the bill will be paid by the engineering firm responsible. >> new report says that truancy among elementary students could be costing the state billions. a million elementary school students were absent last school year. the schools lost $1.4 billion a year because of truancy. there were studies cited that shows often absent are more likely to drop out of cool and end up jobless or turn to crime so it is costing the state $46.4 billion a year when you fatter the cost of lofts economickist productivity and incarceration
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the. >> pure politics in the capitol and americas can bear the brunt of it. lawmakers are in the midst of a game of chicken. without money the government cannot provide services or pay employees. we are in washington, dc, and are joined with the latest. >> it has been 17 years since we last saw a government shut down and there is still time today to avoid another one you only if republicans and democrats can reach a compromise. >> the clock is ticking to a shutdown but the halls of congress are quiet. no negotiates, no emergency meeting and the bit are dispute over obamacare is spilling out on the the airwaves. >> the government is saying i will shut down the government if you do not give me anything on obamacare. >> it is wrong to use that as a way to create change. >> house of representatives republicans want to delay the law by a year and repeal a tax
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on medical devices. but the senate democrats and president obama are refusing to budge. >> your hate for this president is coming before the laws of the country because if you love this country you would not be closing it down. >> we are fighting for the american people. >> without a breakthrough a partial government shut down takes effect at midnight and 800,000 federal workers will be told to stay hope. some government offices will close. services will be slowed down. it could delay first time home mortgages and slow airport security lines and limit food safety inspections. outside of washington, many americans are fed up. >> if they lost their paychecks like everyone else that could motivate them to solve the problems they are facing. >> as for would would get the most blame if the government shuts down, a cnn poll finds 46 percent of americans would point the finger at congressional
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republicans. only 36 percent blame president obama. >> this afternoon, our "7 on your side" hot live will feature a panel of health experts to answer questions of the new law including who qualifies, how much are the premiums and what is covered. >> new this morning, it is not your imagination, crossing the bay area's bridges in the afternoon is take longer. traffic levels on almost all bay area bridges are up this year over last with increased congestion notable on the bay bridge. a possible explanation is more jobs created in the bay area, and 95,000 added in the region this year compared to last. bart also is reporting transbay ridership is up 10 percent in early september over last year. >> driving could be treacherous
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where they are getting rain. mikest. >> it is dan. visibility is worse at half moon bay and they are getting drizzle and a low ceiling. we have moist air and drizzle in the east bay hills. that is where the measurable rain is. the winds from the south and southwest, facing the slopes, we are squeezing out some of the better chance of steady rain. now, our 24 hour temperature change and how mild it is, two to nine degrees warmer than this time yesterday with temperatures in the 60's and we are holding teddy at 59 at half moon bay and mountain view and 58 in san jose and 55 at los gatos and the golden gate bridge you can see it is wet and mist and drizzle is hang around and we will be one to six degrees
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cooler-than-average with 60's and 70's and dry and warmer on wednesday and big warming trend starts on thursday and through the seven-day forecast. leyla gulen? >> we seeing a buildup of traffic as i reported, the bay bridge toll plaza meter lights were not turned on but that is why we are seeing plenty of traffic away from the maze to the toll plaza. we have a report of this accident to the shoulder enough to cause slowing southbound along 880 headed out of san lorenzo to hair we are looking at a backup to northbound 238 and our traffic 680 from highway 4 to walnut creek is a six-minute drive and along highway 24 headed through lafayette and orinda is nine minutes but 580 is the hour long commute. >> still ahead, big developments on twitter's initial public offering. >> charges you will not mind
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paying with airline fees that could fly with passengers. >> the bay area company edging out coca-cola to become the most valuable
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i want you to be awesome. i don't want you to look at the chart before you say hi...david. i want you to return my emails. i want you to keep me doing this for another sixty years. at kaiser permanente, we want you to choose the doctor that's right for you. find your perfect match at and thrive. >> covering san rafael, south bay, pleasanton and all the bay
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area, this is abc7 news. >> the oakland a's are ready to play some post-season baseball. they closed out the regular season in seattle with a grounds crew entertaining the crowd. the a's shut out the mariners 9-0. the a's will host the detroit tigers in the opening of the division series on friday. >> with the regular season over, yankees slugger rodriguez appears the 211-suspension today, the only one of 13 players fighting a suspension from major leg baseball for the connection to a florida clinic accused of distributing performance-enhancing drugs. his appeal will take place this week behind closed door at league offices in new york city. a decision by an arbitrator is expected in a month. >> san francisco-based twitter is expected to file initial public offering papers by this week according to the "wall
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street journal" and twitter stock could trade in early november if it goes at plan. twitter announced they made a confident am filing with regulators and the i.p.o. is the most anticipated in years and hopefully will go better than facebook. >> two other bay area companies have topped a new list of the most valuable brands in the world, cupertino's apple and google are number one and two on the best global brands report. the last time the report came out was in 2000 apple and google edged out coca-cola as the top brands worldwide and coke held the top speed for 13 years now and the report says that apple is number one because the company has "literally" changed the way we live our lives. >> airlines are fine --
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finallying instituting fees we may want to pay. they are offering streets with extra leg room, door-to-door bag baggage deliveries. other airlines are now renting ipads, preloaded with movies and letting passengers pay to have an empty seat next to them, big business for the airlines braying in more than $15 billion a year. >> nasa scientists believe that 3-d printing could change the future of space exploration. 3-d printers use spools of plastic to create any object, nasa scientists say it could be used to may tools or spare parts in case of emergency in space and they testing out small 3-d printed satellites where some problems because of gravity and temperature changes. scientists are now developing their own version of the 3-d aren'ter better suited to space. the first could be tested out next year. if we had one now we could make
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an umbrella. or a slow down sign for everyone else. time to slow down because of the wetness. the bulk of storm is to the north. you saw wins up to 15 miles per hour in seattle and a winter storm warn east of seattle. call ahead if you are traveling that way it will be rough. the bay bridge toll plaza shows it is backed up. you can see the road is wet. in fact, the bulk of our presip has fallen in the east bay halls around the bay because of the southwest wind. it will be wet for the morning. so far it has been san mateo bridge north and it should be
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dry for the evening commute. clearing and cooler nights ahead and the warming trend hits thursday and hangs around through the weekend. the temperatures are below average, low-to-mid 70's in the south bay with san jose at 74 and we could reach the upper 70's around morgan hill and gilroy with more sunshine to the south. 67 in millbrae and low-to-mid 70's for everyone else on the peninsula and redwood city and mid-60's along the coast to upper 60's in downtown and south san francisco. our best chance of see the steady rain after the commute is in the north bay with temperatures in the upper 60's for near 70's. the east bay shore is 66 in richmond for the cool spot. we will have plenty of sunshine and a few high clouds in the east bay valley and low-to-mid 70's. clear air tonight, dry air behind this cold front and the 40's in the forecast around cloverdale and napa and a few east bay valley neighbors around
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40 and mostly clear conditions tomorrow. through 7:00 you can see the scattered drizzle and light rain through 9:00 and from noon, 9:00 until noon you can see how quickly sit a scattered light shower and from noon to action nothing but a few clouds and overnight it is clearing. tomorrow the temperatures are a lot like today and wednesday are a couple of degrees warmer and thursday, friday, saturday and sunday mid-80's to 90's inland to mid-80's around the bay and 70's at the coast. we have a report of an accident at highway one with a pg&e truck. you are in good shape approaching highway 84. across to the east bay southbound 880 before you come up to highway 92 we have a your that is blocking no lines and it
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is push the to -- pushed to the shoulder creating pressure from castro valley at 33 miles per hour is the top speed. westbound 80 a save headlights more like a river because of the rain. very busy. 20 minutes gets you from highway 4 to the maze. >> 6:20. and we are joined with a look at what is ahead on "good morning america" next. >> dramatic moments on one the landon's popular hotspots when a hi. i'm henry wi and i'm here to tell homeowners that are 62 and older about a great way to live a better retirement. it's called a reverse mortgage. [ male announcer ] call right now to receive your free dvd and booklet with no obligation. it answers questions like how a reverse mortgage works, how much you qualify for, the ways to receive your money, and more. plus, when you call now, you'll get this magnifier with l.e.d. light
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>> now we check with st. charles, missouri, finest and what coming up on "good morning america" at 7:00. >> i miss missouri. coming up on "good morning america", happening now the count down to the shut down with the deadline of midnight and is the shutdown certain? the latest from capitol hill and a top naval officer suspended the number two officer who supervised the united states nuclear arsenals is now the focus of an illegal gamble investigation. was he passing counterfeit chips in order to increase the winnings? we have the latest on that.
6:24 am
plus an interview of the wife of a man who went on a deadly rampage at an amish schoolhouse seven years ago. he is speaking out for the first time and office her idea of what may have happened. the 25th anniversary of a classic tv and we had fun listening to the theme song with all that and so much more on "good morning america" coming up next. >> thank you so much. >> a frightening landing for a jet in rome after the right landing gear did not come down when landing. a passenger on board the airbus showed the plane sitting on the right side after an emergency landing in rome. the plane skidded on the runway and stopped with 115 passengers
6:25 am
on board. all were unharmed. >> duck boat tours down the thames river have been suspended after 28 people including five children were forced to jump for their lives after their duck boat caught fire. the engine caught fire spewing heavy smoke into the air. the tour company will only offer ground tours until they figure out what went wrong. >> couple in north carolina decided to skip the traditional walk down the aisle for the big day and picked a dynamic entrance. they had a zip line wedding. they did run interest a slight "hitch," while getting hitched and had to pull themselves in the final feet. the bride did not take it as a bad sign but figures it was good exercise. >> it is a metaphor for
6:26 am
marriage: it takes work. >> a fiery jet crash with a grim task if federal investigators in santa monica. >> lincoln high school students have a plan to remember a student kills in a car accident on friday. live doppler 7 hd showing light rain and drizzle for the morning commute. despite the moist conditions we are light in the accident report but not so much in the congestion area with ple
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. on this monday, september 30, what a way to start and end september and get into october. we have some funky weather out there. >> the embarcadero will not show you that but you know what i'm
6:30 am
talking about. >> you sound like rick james...i guess you had something out in mind. mike? we will talk about the wet weather. here is the live doppler 7 hd with the radar return moving from west to east and the rain is out there mostly north of the san mateo bridge with just enough to make the ground wet. we will talk to leyla gulen to see if it is causing issues. the next 12 hours, 64 degrees. mostly cloudy at noon, and we will have a threat showers by 4:00 and 66. you will not need the umbrella but grab a coat. the clouds will break at noon, and cooler than yesterday and dry by 7:00. at the coast county we will get all the day planners in, 7:00, 59 and drizzle and less drizzle at noon and dry by 4:00 and 7:00
6:31 am
grab a coat. we have an accident involving a peg manage truck and another vehicle blocking a lane at hour one. c.h.p. is headed out there. as we take you to san jose, it is not wet. it is dry. top speeds along 101 and through cupertino and 280, 66 miles per hour and 85 is a great drive if you are headed northbound and southbound. from tracy to castro valley it is 1 1/2 hours. 101 northbound from san jose airport to 80 from highway one to san francisco is nine minutes. outside this is walnut creek where traffic is very busy and southbound along 680 away from highway 4 to the 24 junction. a san francisco high school is offering support to devastated
6:32 am
students returning to school this morning after a crash mate was killed in a car trash on friday. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield is at lincoln high school with the latest. >> there will be a dedication of a dislay case to him at lincoln high school. they will have a board up so people can sign the board at lunch time. 16-year-old kevin san died on friday morning on the way to school. he was in a car accident. his sister and mom were seriously hurt. the friends left candles and flowers where he died. lie was a member of the drum corps. practice was canceled. the friends are clearly suffer ing. we are all close to kevin and it feels like another day he would be with us. instead we give will respects. he always had a smile on his face. gloomy caylee -- day, three would give a laugh.
6:33 am
the driver of the mercedes who hit the van was booked in jail on manslaughter. she was not under the influence of drug or alcohol but was drivinger -- driving erratically the she posted her veil at $350,000 quickly and released from jail. today we expect the officers to release her name and information about her. >> developing news from southern california with federal investigators on the scene this morning of a plane crash at the santa monica airport. a small jet slammed into a hangar while landing and the hangar collapsed on the cessna. no word on how many people were on board or whether there were people inside the hangar but the crash was not survivable. the police was arriving from an airport that serves idaho's sun
6:34 am
valley and registered to a real estate company. >> place are investigating the shooting death of an 18-year-old. the man was shot outside an apartment complex on santa clara street at 7:00 last night. he was hit several times and staggered into an apartment where he died. neighbors heard 16 shots fired the family of jonathan denver are asking witnesses to come forward over killing of their son dug the giants game. he was stabbed to death outside the ballpark five days ago. >> i make a three to the public asking anyone who may have witnessed the incident to come forward so both fames can have a
6:35 am
measure of closure. i believe someone may have videotaped the incident and can help us discover the truth. >> the suspect in the case or "person of interest" is 21-year-old michael montgomery and released from jail for lack of evidence. he says it was self-defense. >> a public appearance by giants fan brian stow during the game against the padres and he was a victim of fan violence when beaten into a coma following a los angeles dodgers game two years ago. two people have been charged in that beating and are awaiting trial. >> bart will continue contract talks with the union leaders today with only a week and a half to go before another strike. negotiators met with representatives of the largest union. no one is saying whether they made any progress. workers are threatening to strike after the end of the 60 day cooling-off period.
6:36 am
negotiations are scheduled each day through the end of the cooling-off period that ends october 10, the last day talks scheduled. the federal government is facing a partial shut down midnight tonight unless congress comes to a compromise on a funding bill. the senate majority leader harry reid says when the senate convenes it will reject an emergency spending bill from the republican-led house of representatives calling for a one year delay in implementing parts of president obama's health care law. if no emergency spending bill is passed by congress before midnight government offices will be closed, services shut down and 800,000 federal workers will be told to stay home. despite the bickering the president's law would continue to be funded because it is not dependent on the congressional budget process. the new marketplaces open for business in california allowing you to comparison shop between insurance plans online. this afternoon, our "7 on your
6:37 am
side" hot light features a panel of health experts to answer your questions of the new law including who qualifies, how were the premiums will be and what is covered. the phone lanes will be open from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. today. >> still to come, dozens arrested after a major weekend rave and authorities swooped in and took over 100 party goers into custody in the south bay. >> a look outside from our emeryville camera to the new eastern span of the bay bridge with a judicialous shot of traffic streaming into and out of san francisco.
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>> we are back. we are starting with san jose an area that dry with sunshine breaking out at 101 and 880 over-the-top with no need to worry about wet weather in the south bay but you are three degrees cooler than yesterday in san jose at 74 and most of us are one to six degrees cooler. rainfall in the north bay .04 itch and .02" in napa and the east bay in berkeley hills .06". we could have a stray shower before 11:00 in yosemite national park and tahoe, 62 there and sunshine and mid-to-upper 70's san diego and los angeles. >> the rain drop window outside, you can see we do have some
6:41 am
traffic on the bay bridge toll plaza so you can see it is 11 minutes to come away from the maze and the emeryville camera you can see where the traffic is dissipating as you approach treasure island but you cannot see through the mit and the haze there but traffic is moving pretty well at 11 minutes. and at the golden gate bridge we have plenty of fog and mist and you can see the traffic is running smoothly at 11 minutes to get you from sausalito into san francisco and across san mateo bridge, 14 minutes and out of hayward to foster city no crashes to report and quiet. >> police in the south bay delivered on a promise to enforce a no tolerance policy open drugs and alcohol at the largest ray parties to take place in the bay area. 100 attendees of the rave were arrested over possession charges. they were warped to leave
6:42 am
nuggetly -- to leave anything illegal at home. >> trading is underway on wall street and the dow is off 133 points possibly concern over the impending government shut down. we will go to live to jane king and the new york stock exchange. >> catholics, mark your calendar , with
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>> covering walnut creek, burlingame, campbell and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> a coast guard warning is in affect for anyone going on or near the water today. rough seas and so-called sneaker waves could catch you by surprise the our reporter explains. matt? >> watch your back on the beach. that is the warning today from the coast guard, you can see why and how big and rough it is. in pacifica, it is expected to stay that way until tonight. the national weather service has issued a rough advisory at point reyes and near carmel with swells up to 10' to 15 feet
6:46 am
high. there will be moderate large surf and sneaker waves which are unexpectedly large waves that are higher, stronger, and can reach further up the beach, sometimes catching beachgoers by surprise washing them out to sea. a rich mapped mass want camed at point reyes after a sneaker wave pulled out his wife and dog. they survived but the man did not. four others died from sneaker waves last winter on northern california beaches. the coast guard recommends the boaters tell a reliable eastern where they are planning on being in case they don't return. the waves have grown in size the last couple of hours so be careful if you are out there on the beaches. >> we have breaking news from suburban chicago with two trains on the el that collided on the same track. right now we have word that ten
6:47 am
people were transported to hospitals and many ambulances were called this is happening in forest park. somehow a westbound and eastbound train were on the same track and crews were on scene and the blue line, the service there, has been suspended in a certain area and the rush hour could be a mess because of the collision happening right now in suburban chicago. >> in syria a group of 20 u.n. inspectors will leave for syria today to oversee the destruction of the chemical weapons. they say the first priority is to help syria scrap the ability to manufacture chemical weapons by november 1. that could include smashing equipment with sledgehammers and blowing up delivery missiles and driving tanks over shells. syria says they will fully cooperate with a u.n. security council resolution that the government destroyed the chemical weapon stockpile. >> mark the vatican calendar,
6:48 am
the pope announced the timing for the canonization of two predecessors. john 23 and john paul ii will be declared saints next april. pope francis said he would canonize the two together. >> we have been reporting on a government shut down that could close the door on some people's dreams of homeownership. >> jane king is at the new york stock exchange. gin? >> good morning. the f.h.a. is among the government operations hurt by a partial shut down. they insures loans so that makes it easier for first time home buyers and others without a downpayment to boy a house. they likely would not be able to approve new loans so that could especially hurt minority home buyers and first time home
6:49 am
buyers and those trying to sell a lower price home. properties in san jose are in good shape. it is ranked number one in the nation, and nationwide 40 percent of homes have mice, water leaks and other problems. >> on wall street, there are jitters about a potential government shut down tonight. the dow is down 150 points and selling off across the board and the silicon valley index is down 1 percent. >> apple is close to getting approval for construction of the new headquarters the "los angeles times" reporting the city council will give approval to the project on october 15. there are gripes over the student lunch program focus on healthy food but only half a percent of schools have dropped out of the federally sons diced program since being introduceed. >> time for a look at the weather.
6:50 am
>> live doppler 7 hd shows you it has been wet this morning and the main push of the system is to the north and they have had wicked weather with gusts up to 85 miles per hour and rain was a record in crescent city at 2.6", more than a doubling of the record. this storm is through 5:00 tomorrow afternoon with a small craft advisory along our coast for the sneaker waves and the rip currents. we have one hour and 18-minute flight arrival delay in sfo because of the slow clouds and wet weather and the evening commute will be dry. clearing and cooler nights ahead before the warming trend hits thursday through sunday with warmer-than-average temperatures. today, mid-to-upper 60's along the coast including vallejo and santa rosa and low-to-mid 70's to the east bay. tonight it will be ten degrees cooler than this morning and
6:51 am
40's in the deepest valleys and low-to-mid 50's for the rest of us with clouds in the overnight hours. right now through 9:00 you can see the sporadic nature of the showers and by noon the best chance is the north bay and along the coast and in the afternoon everyone dries out and there are only clouds in the coast for 5:00 with the rest of us cloudy and over night, a clearing trend and dry air pushing in tomorrow morning. that is why it will be in the 40's and 50's. tomorrow afternoon we rebound to the same as today in the seven-day forecast cooler on wednesday and 80's and 90's inland and 70's and 80's around the bay and 60 and 70's at the coast. have a great day. >> we have a couple of citizens in the east bay off of 580. the first is on 580 westbound off to the shoulder not blocking any lane and slow conditions from tracy to dublin and at least one hour in the westbound
6:52 am
direction to the south of there with a report of a single vehicle crash on old pass step son pass road at greenville and patterson pass will be shut down because a car that flipped. someone was trapped in the car. as we pull out we look at highway 84 and it is getting very slow as we approach the sunol grade and 680 is loaded up through pleasanton to highway 84 and to the south you can see how traffic is running smoothly northbound and southbound through fremont and the nimitz is where we are seeing heavy conditions but today despite the rain we are looking at light conditions with accidents. this is walnut creek and the drive is very heavy coming away from highway 4 to the 4 junction it will take you 15 minutes. >> ahead, seven things to know before you go. >> the morning news
6:53 am
6:54 am
>> a look at the bay bridge, you could find drizzle here. it is a little wet especially to the north where you could find rain this morning. you could have a final check on weather coming up. >> as we happened things off to "good morning america" here are seven things to know before you go. sources tell abc that the driver in a deadly crash that killed a teenager in san francisco has been released on bail. the woman was speeding when she slammed into a van on friday killing 16-year-old kevin san. she was arrested on friday. >> moist monday morning and you can see that the rain is more of a nuisance than a heave producer with a few radar returns. the headlights on 680, nobody, away from walnut creek headed to concord, you can see shimmer on
6:55 am
the road. we have morning drizzle and scattered showers throughout the afternoon and they will be light. the big story today is it will be cooler-than-average temperatures at mid-70's around the bay. >> three, the coast guard issued a warning to beachgoers and boaters. from pacifica, the swells are up to 15' trusted and officials say sneaker waves can catch people by vice and put they will to see. >> the family of a dodger fan stabbed after a giants gape is asking witnesses to come forward and jonathan denver died after a fight with giants fan outside at&t park last week and the suspect in the case was 21-year-old michael montgomery released for lack of evidence. >> this morning, federal investigators are on the site of a plane crash at santa monica airport where a jet crashed into
6:56 am
a hangar and it was not survivable. >> the federal government faces a partial shut down at midnight unless congress reach as compromise. if a spending bill is not passed it could mean delays for people applying no government-backed mortgages and closures for national parks and museums. >> the bay bridge toll plaza is empty coming from the maze to san francisco and it will take you 11 minutes to get into the city. we have a new report of a crash northbound along the nimitz at 98th avenue to the shoulder and maybe partly blocking the off-ramp with slow continues and we have mostly congestion this morning and not too many crashes. that is good news. >> we will see you in 25 minutes .
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good morning, america. government on the brink right now. the first federal shutdown in almost 17 years is hours away. the halls of congress still empty at this hour. and will technical glitches stop so many people from signing up for obama care at midnight tonight. breaking overnight. no survivors. this private jet catapults off the runway in santa monica after witnesses say they heard a long boom. the plane plowing into a hangar, completely destroyed by a massive fire. western wallop. hurricane-force winds hitting the pacific northwest. geysers spewing in the streets. a sailor rescued by the coast guard after waves 20 feet high batter boats. how about this weather headline? water spouts.


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