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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  September 30, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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and we do a lot with employees which is why we have a good record to date. >> he remains in jail, bail set at $750,000. >> new developments tonight police announced a second passenger shot when someone fired into an ac transit bus. the bus driver discovered two people on board had been wounded. the driver kept going and victims are expected to survive. investigators have not sfed they're targeted. >> countdown is on for the government shut down now just four hours away. fit happens social security recipients will did he have benefits. taxes will be collected and the military will continue to fight but if you need a loan
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to buy a house or gun permit, or passport you'll have to wait. if you want to visit a national park you're out of luck. campers will have two days to leave. wayne? >> we have a number of parks within a da day's drive. we have muir woods and we have alcatras. that is one way what happens will affect people here. >> in washington politicians in rare form. >> putting progress at risk is the height of irresponsibility. >> this law not ready for prime time. the house has done work. >> that is how way down the food chain a budget battle centered on federal health care may put a damper on anyone visiting san frachblt
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andre area had tickets but all monuments will close as 800,000 workers will remain home, it could mean longer lines at airports. it could delay mortgages but will not impact food stamps and social security checks. the sound byte from 1995. the more things change, it seems the more they say the same. sheer someone today. >> i just think it's a bunch of post you'ring. and i'm not happy bit for a lot of reasons. >> so said just another tourist who wants his al qa ka traz. >> now, i've got to call obama. right? do you have his number? >> stocks closed qlor as investors braced for a possible shut down.
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dow jones fell.8%. the nasdaq closed 3% lower, global stocks retreated as well. if a shut down does happen three hours from now, the web site would be in its self inaccessible. neither have funding to keep going. the shut down with tomorrow's launch of the affordable health care act. lots of people have questions about the plan. and you may as well. the number to call... well bundles of pot worth close to $100,000 wash add shore today they kim from a cap sized boat
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capable of carrying up to 2,000 pounds of marijuana. they think the boat left mexico with a full load. another boat captured in july just six miles away. 175 bundles worth $2.1 million found. >> police say three men were injured in explosion and fire in santa cruz were making a potent marijuana extract. police say there are critical condition with life threatening burns it and happened around 1:30 in the afternoon yesterday and an apartment in the 700 block of third street. crews have problems putting out fire because of exploding butane. >> we're learning about the san francisco driver accused of traveling 80 miles per hour on city streets and killing a high school stud glent a crash.
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accord together dmv, the 58-year-old had a clean driving record before this accident. a 16-year-old lincoln high school senior was killed when her suv reended his mother's minivan. there is a growing memorial where this accident happened. his mother and sister were critically injured in this crash. kevin's father just finished speaking about his son's live and about his wife and daughter's recovery. we have a crew skb will bring you more coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00. >> hit and run investigation into mountain view. police say a car like this one hit a pedestrian then kept going. police say it made mai have damage on the front and left side and possibly be missing
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the driver's side mirror just before 6:00 this morning. the woman is in the hospital in stable condition. if you know anything police ask to you call them. >> if you live in san francisco work here or visit the city you know streets can be congested. one supervisor is saying enough. >> well, about a million and a half parking tickets issued every year here. this is about double parking. the supervisor says he's never seen anything kritd for that. that, he believes is a problem. >> why did you double park? >> just trying to do my job. >> double parking is rampant
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in san francisco. you've probably noticed it disrupts traffic if you've driven along top five streets for violators. mission, sutter, howard, polk and union. >> it's ts wild west. people seem to block vehicles whenever they want, wherever they want even when they have a possibility of pulling over. >> supervisor scott weiner called a hearing to discuss enforcement. makeup 62% of the violateors. >> i'm not sure i have a solution but people have to be tollerant and know this is a vital function for the community and businesses in large. >> this driver accepts being inconvenienced. >> does it happen a lot? >> every now and then, it's no big deal. >> the municipal
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transportation agency says 261 parking control officers are working the streets. >> we are have issued 22,000 parking tickets last year so we're enforcing rules. it's a matter of using resource to the best of our ability to be more efficient. >> the fine is $110. maximum allowed by law. so he believes better enforcement is the only way to change the culture of the wild, wild west. >> first medicine. >> a.proved for breast cancer. >> and epidemics of whooping cough. investigators say they know what fueled it and a special solution for these geese.
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♪ >> fda approved first medicine to treat breast cancer before surgery. the drug is called projetta for women with early stage breast cancer. doctors hope that using cancer drugs early will shrink tumors making them ease yearer to remove. it could allow some women to avoid having a mastectomy. >> research confirms what experts spektded people who refuse to vackin serious condition yait their children likely drobtd a huge outbreak of the disease in 2010. researchers looked at areas with higher percentages of
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people who chose not to vaccinate and found people living there were two and a half times more likely to be located in an area with high levels of whooping cough. the outbreak sickened 9,000 people, more than any year since 1947 and 10 babies died. >> now is a chance to get your questions answered about health insurance under affordable care act. >> michael finney is standing by live with a panel of pemplts ready to cake your questions. michael? >> everyone of the them are smarter than me and are taking your questions. if you have concerns let me give you a number. you can call from now all the way up into 8:00 tonight we have people standing by to take your questions and listen to concerns. consumers union was a major part of getting this passed
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and writing legislation or rule making as well. >> we all get coverage now. sit worth having? >> well, not everybody gets coverage now. there are seven million uninsured people in california now. for those who do, if we have employer coverage it's usually pretty good. for other folks it's within been the wild west. you may think you're covered for cancer then find you go for out patient care and there is an exclusion the new rules of the game will cover benefits that means outpatient drugs the whole full range of service that's
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people need. >> there are, depending on were you live in the state of california have you a selection between either three to six companies. in texas it's 73 companies. are we getting a better deal or they getting a better deal? >> i think we're getting a better deal. research has shown people get paralyzed for having too much choice you've got choices before when you don't know how to choose had plan as ply and made choices based on value. and so names people will recognize. you've got stay in the bay area counties about five, six plans per county.
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or companies per county within that, there are several choices so you'll be able to compare. >> yes. apples to apples. so consumer union, so we have consumers union here, health action ses, covered california and california pan ethics healthnet work. reporting live from the 7 on your side office i'm michael finney. >> it's a great service. thank you. if you did not get your questions answered there is the number on the screen. >> legal team helping defeat prop 8 is fighting for marriage equality. today joining a lawsuit to overturn a ban on marriage
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between same-sex couples in virginia. the lawsuit filed in july, by two men denied a marriage license in norfolk and says the ban is unconstitutional. >> governor brown sails into the history works this week. jerry brown took nofs 1975 as the youngest governor today at 75 brown now in third term. brown's service exyeeting that and warren resigned to become chief justice of the u.s. supreme court. >> california is home to the largest concentration of fillin pinot americans in the country. and are celebrating with a major challenge to entrepreneurs and investors. the "new york times" says the
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singing legend is a cut above most broadway divas. she'll raise money to improve education levels. and is checking silicon valley with the philippines to create job asks encourage entrepreneurship among filipinos. it's the 36thth largest trading partner with goods with the united states yet one third live below poverty line. >> education, training and research, so in our through the help of the u.s., an entrepreneurship program that is unprecedented. >> she points out many americans have a a.chiefed success such as chief justice
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of california. and a major player in silicon valley. and slairl burke. for more information you can log on and look for a drink on saturday with see it on tv. >> a school's plan to scare off geese with guardian watch dogs appears to be working. the watch dogs don't bite, bark or move. that is because they are fake rubber coyotes. the problem is that they'd leave behind a mess. the district says shins since the coyotes have gone it, the number dropped. residents are wondering whether a bear will walk around again. home video shows the bear climbing a tree yesterday
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morning. one official suspects it followed a creek to roseville. >> well, it's muggy out there. let's check on the forecast now with the latest for us. >> yes. it's sticky up here, hello, cheryl. sun beating down here and it's beautiful here, check out live doppler 7 now we'll talk about the humidity in the air, we'll talk about rainfall. we have lingering clouds and sprinkles just minutes ago near yontville are now dying down as well. i think we're done and over with the rainfall.
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dew point nootz low 60s. feeling sticky out there. and oakland, 636789 a front coming in brought in rain and higher humidity. and here are the rainfall totals. st. helena with 8/100ths in santa rosa. napa, some of you just have drizzle but these red light official weather reporting sites. sheer what you need to watch out for. there is a beach hazard watch out for strong rip currents along the coast f you're going toke check out the waves or you're a surfer, we have northwestern swells building until 5:00 a.m. tomorrow.
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current wave heights are 10-15 feet. here is a view from our camera. a couple people here, but watch out as i mentioned. 64 in san francisco. 71 oakland. here is a beautiful view, you can see clouds are stacked up there. temperatures now low 70s for santa rosa. 77 degrees currently in livermore. your highs today, mid-60s to upper 70s. areas of low tonight sunny skies and mild next few days and looking at a warmer pattern friday, saturday bringing with it fire concern no, red flag warnings or weather watches up just yet. here is a cold front. this is what is responsible for wet weather today. and this is moving out with clouds lingering but clouds break up we'll see just patchy low clouds forming by morning.
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and take a look at the week ahead. high pressure building in. dry wind pattern, off shore flow raised a fire concern we'll be watching out for higher fire danger in the north and east bay hills. make sure you bundle up. will be clo lowe clouds out there. 70 in oakland. fremont 72. 76 antioch. and looblging at the accu-weather forecast, temperatures inching up but don't return to normal until we head into that friday, saturday, time period. by saturday, low 90s inland. low 70s coast side. we're talking about friday, saturday being warmest two days as far as higher fire
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danger during that time period so watch out for dry gusty winds. soits beautiful. we're going to feel like summer by the time we head into first half of the weekend. enjoy it. cheryl, carolyn? >> thank you. >> why jet blue going to be in mint condition, the story next. plus why, this dinosaur could be a nasa first. >> california compiled numbers of school truancy and results are not good. coming up, the economic impact of skipping school
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jet blue changed it's mind of treating all passengers equally. it's launching a premium class section called mint featuring seats that lie
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flat and personal 15 inch tell skrigs a door for privacy. it comes with a tapas-style menu. the flights will be offered on new york to los angeles routes starting next summer. jet blue says coach is also getting an upgrade. >> a big shift for ikea in the united kingdom. the store will be selling solar panels. instead of step by step instructions experts would install for you. fit does well, we can see them here in the united states. a skarly skart up -- strt sup making a 3 d printer for nasa to launch into space that could be used to make tools, parts and perhaps satellites and karen nyeburg made this toy dinosaur. the skin made interest a
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fabric that lines russian food containers and then stacked with pieces from an old tee shirt creative. >> so ahandy, huh? >> that is cool. >> coming up what where
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coming up what is behind a wig snurj robberies in oakland? and we'll have a look at how start ups think they can play a role in the system and why critics are hesitant. >> also, technology you can wear goes beyond google glass it's coming up in a half hour. >> i probably noticed dan ashley isn't here.
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>> today 160 golfers teed off. the event raises $100,000 a year to send 500 under served kids to summer camp. >> summer camp is a rite of passage. what we do is make sure that happens. we're able to send children up to lake tahoe for a summer camp experience. >> in 17 years it has sent 8,000 kids to camp. for more information go to abc 7 >> we have a great service to help you understand affordable care act. >> yes. the hot line going to be open until 8:00 tonight. world news is up next. i'm carolyn johnson i'm cheryl
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jennings. from all of us here thanks for inviting news your homes tonight. welcome to "world news." tonight, over the edge, heading toward a government shutdown when the clock strikes midnight. what happens to the services and support you count on, and will this torpedo the fragile u.s. economy. retrial. amanda knox once again facing murder charges. could she be forced to leave the united states and return to an italian prison. wild ride, the boaters and their daring video, circling five twisters on the water and we ask them, what were you thinking? >> one, two, three, four and the fifth over there. and a good evening on this and a good evening on this monday night. as


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