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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  October 2, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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>> today's news is difficult for the firefighter to hire, he was behind the wheel of the truck that killed a 16-year-old passenger but it's so hard for her parents in china she was an only child. prosecuters confirmed they're now deciding whether to charge a veteran firefighter in the death of the 16-year-old. a passenger aboard asiana airlines flight 214 crashing at sfo july 6. >> i think we're looking at probably two to three weeks. >>-to-make the decision. >> the i team reported the 49-year-old was driving this massive aircraft rescue firefightering rig mobile 37 without a spotter. department poltsy is two firefighters owe in the truck when staffed but solo driving alieued in an emergency. the truck rolled over yee, killing her. now, prosecutors are considering an involuntary manslaughter charge against duckett. >> would it be a felony or fpl
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mm? it could be a felony with gross negligence, or nothing at all. just a tragic accident. >> the autopsy report obtained today shows location of death runway 28 l. cause multiple blunt injuries and concluded it was an accident that mobile 37 ran overy. >> at least once, maybe even twice. >> it could have been two trucks? >> right koit have been the same or another. >> the coroner tells me the first impacted her head killed her. the second hit came after she had died. the autopsy findings confirmed by videos reviewed shot from the fire trucks, a camera and from the control nower. he saysy-yee is visible on the ground. several rescue personnel walk by and a truck covers her in foam. >> the foam was put out, and
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the vehicle ran over her that, is documented. >> is she suffer covered in foam at this point? >> at this point, yes. >> the family of yee is the only one with a case against the san francisco fire department. >> fire department personnel directed one vehicle around her while she was on the ground. she was known to be there. she was never properly examined, then left unattended. >> sources say a firefighter pulled her from the plane and left her near the wing. telling me he will file papers shortly. the first stop a lawsuit. he says yee's family is struggling with the loss of their only child. >> just about three months now. of course they're still heart broken. and just a terrible tragedy and other families as well.
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>> the chief declined an interview late today saying she'd not viewed the autopsy report. she confirmed duckett is still working as a firefighter. she exprose presed condolences in july. >> very difficult to hear, devastating and heart broken. there is not a lot of words to describe how badly we feel about it. >> the chief told me she'd not received a copy of the autopsy report from the coroner. so i e mailed it to her. she says she expects ntsb report to be done in about a month but that may be delayed as those investigators are on furlough now due to the shut down. >> one more update, bloomberg reports two plain plane pilots expected to return to work this week but will be part of the ground staff.
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td they're still under investigation in this country for their roles in the crash. to horj pilots on the plane returned to the air last month. >> fbi arrested reputed mastermind of a popular online black market for drugs. authorities claim more than a billion dollars worth had been sold on the site called silk road. it's amazing how much trade. >> ross was arrested in a library here. the affidavit did not say what he was doing there but did say he had a lap top with him, which may mean he was busy running the operation. >> it's a site known as silk road. where fictitious names are used to buy ask sell elicit drugs. fbi says the mastermind behind
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the online drug black market. he was once quoted referring to a site as anonymous court documents say he generated tens of millions of dollars in commissions being the middle man for the sale of heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine and other drugs. yesterday, he was arrested and arraigned today in federal court on charges related to money laundering and becoming. during the investigation fbi says it made more than 100 under cover buys of drugs from silk road ventors. prosecutors say he engaged in money laundering using bit coins, a virtual occurrencey for transactions. according to documents, over the past two years, silk road used by several thousand drug
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dealers to sell $1.2 billion in illegal drugs which generated $80 million in commissions. now, the complaint also says he was engaged in a murder for hire plot that he solicited a silk road user to kill another user threatening to release identities of thousands of other users. there was never any proof the plot was ever carried ut out. >> firefighters contained a house fire in the town of felton. you can see flames in this view from sky 7 hd. there were no injuries and firefighters kept it from spreading to neighboring homes. now to the latest on breaking news out of langs. jurors in the michael jackson case decided jackson's concert promoter was in the responsible for the death. jurors handed down that after
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a five-month long trial they agree aeg live did hire the doctor but said dr. murray was competent and awarded no money to jackson's family. jury forman spoke to explain why they sit sided with aeg. >> he was kpet don't dot job of being a general practitioner that, doesn't mean that we felt he was ethical. and maybe had that word been in the question there could have been a different outcome. but for the job he was hired to do, that is what we had to focus on. >> aeg says it's pleased with the decision. jackson's mother told reporters she was okay after the verdict. >> eight days and counting before a possible bart strike. if it happens hundreds of thousands of commuters vil swril to scram tobl get around. nick? >> there has been so much back
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and forth. negotiations ended for the day. we've watched bart labor negotiate leave the building and waiting for representatives to come down stairs now. he told me this has been one of the most difficult negotiations he's had that is because he's dealing with two different unions before they can come back to him with a proposal. bart labor unions and management continued to disagree over several issues including pay increases, benefits, safety and the length of the krangt. >> we should be serious about bargaining. >> unions want a three-year agreement. bart asking for another four year contract. >> so if you want to paint me as the boogie man, i guess i'm the boogie man. >> tom hawk negotiated 400 contracts and said economics must be done as a package. >> can't let yourself get pick add part by doing one thing
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without looking at the cost. >> workers are unwilling to share detail autos nudging is that insurmountable that a deal might not be able to be reached before the 11th. >> sharly -- harley shaken says the details are more than less thn a road block there. is still time for a deal to be made. >> but the whole nature of collective bargaining is neither side gets everything they want. in a serngs it's a compromise. >> leaders dressing again to prevent a bart strike but making it illegal. today they called on a measure to force the unions to honor no strike clauses that are in their contract. now, they point out state law
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>> have to use common sense, keep doors locked. >> poliqe made another arrest. allen edwards shown in the video punching the window of the suv, turned himself in yesterday.ç with the investigation ongoñ(0z, the district attorney decided not to charge him for now. marcy gonzales abc news, new york. >> still no word onç exactlyxd what caused the death of best selling author tom clans yeechl he became one of the literary world's best known authors writing a series of complex military thriller novels. his debut book "the hunt for red october" considered one of the best genre novels ever written. some were adapted as hollywood blockbusters. his career as a writer almost neverç happened. he studied english in college later says he wasn't smart enough for the science.
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apple may unveil a new ipad. >> and a small gathering last night creators of the microsoft surface showed off the new version of the tablet autos this oneu, experts say is worth a look. here is abc 7 news reporter jonathan bloom. >> the truth is that it's productive. >> he sounds like a salesman but is just a really smooth
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talking geek. to devoted fans he's a bit of a celebrity. >> what is your name? >> mike. >> he signed autographs. surface hadn't been a great seller. now, he pro claim that had won't be the case for surface two d(u microsoft is listening.tkyijv?xñiç >> he went on to show the kick stand now with two positions so you can use it in the lap and keyboard covers making for fewer typos. >> with a full copy ofi] microsoft office onezd reviewer says this one isñi a different story. >> i think for someone who wants a nice tab blet and wants to do more with it, it's
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going to be a go>> some might nh convincing. >> i might get a pro two later on. >> it's that passion he's going for. >> we want to sell it. importantly we want people to love it and use it. >>xd and his favorite thing? >> someone asked which one i liked better. i can't -- no way. no answer. >> well, coming up next million mile mystery. >> michael finney looks into
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as you know saving frequent flyer miles can save thousands on your travels one couple planned retirmwnt around using nearly a million miles. >> they had a great plan. however, whit came time to take the trip the miles were gone.
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michael finney got them back. >> i love miles. my worst nightmare. a million points is worth tens of thousands of dollars. for this couple it meant they can travel the world during retirement. however, with most programs miles will expire if you don't follow the rulusu this couple was very careful to meet all requirements and still, somehow lost precious miles. >> steven from monterey county giving us a glimpse of his travels. >> this is a picture of me with two of the younger orphan chimp autos his job took him to the congo. exploring for oil with chevron corporation. >> giving me an opportunity to travel extensively. >> he and his wife toured italy and the orient flying on air france. when he retired he racked up one million frequent flyer
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miles. >> we'd been looking forward to using those miles. >> the couple planned to explore more of the world using their free time and all of the miles.<  that is... until beverly tried >> i was like oh my god there iszvçjñht nothing here. >> she was looking at their flying blue/u account withç air france showing a zero balance. all 947,000 miles were gone. >> we have a problem. it was a shock. >> all of the miles had expired. all because flying blueym requires membersñr to fly on a qualified flight at least once every 20÷ú months. the couple was sure they'd flown more than enough times but flying blue said knox flights they took did not meet requirements. >> i said what can i do sneer i've been a loyal customer all of these year autos flying blue made a deal. if you flew on a qualified flight within six months would it restore miles, he got on the phone, the airline confirm that had a flight to salt lake city did qualify. so he took it.i]
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then, waited. >> and waited and waited and waited.nb didn't come. >> flying blue still would not restore his miles. why? the company said the fare he paid didn't satisfy requirements. >> it was maddening and the fine print in the program is just madden oogt couple contacted 7 on your side and we contacted air france and it's partner klm air lines. it turns out eligibility rules changed after steven book that had salt lake city flight. klm spokesperson received as flying blue updated eligible booking classes after mr. zalen booked we retroactively considered his booking as an eligible booking and reinstated his miles. now, all 947,000 miles are back in their account. the cup jell back to trotting the globe. >> we're very, very great tofl >> these programs often have
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complicated rules so it's forn stay up to date on rules so you can save your milesjf and therefore, save a ton÷ú of mjhgy traveling. >> fabulous work. >> thank you. >> let's get another check on the forecast now. >> yes. spebser christian back with that. >> things looking good in the evening.xd÷ú tomorrow, sunny skmild. -- and mild. 74 los angeles, 68 monterey. bay area, sunny skies and windy out into the delta area. in effect in fact for the reej yichblt high temperatures up to 80s inland. here is the accu-weather forecast.u! just getting warmer as the weekend approaches saturday will be warmest day inland highs upper 80s around the bay mid to upper 80s and mid-70s í coast. lovely beach weerj we've got
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breaking news on bart negotiations unions justç released details on later counter proposals. >> this calls for a lower wage increase calling for a 3.75% increase for first two years of the contract. 4% nft third year. we're now eight day from a potential strike. >> close. >> yes. >> let's switch gears and speak of sports now. >> yes. larry beil is here to talk baseball. >> yes. daunte whitner paying the price for big hits now he may are to pay again to change his name. and what does he want to
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join us at and thrive. good evening, terrell prior apparently recovered from a concussion. he'll start on sunday against chargers and matt flynn started in the loss to the redskins has been dropped to thord et string now. the raiders planned to start him then yeel rise -- realized he was struggling with sensitivity to light.
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that is a common reaction. as for playoffsv:, pryor learned a painful lesson. get down. r feeling normal. god has a story for me. whatever is going to happen is going to happen. just make the right decisions and start decisions and be a smart person and player, if there are three guys cramming down on me i don't want to challenge all three to get down. but just be myself and play football.-9 ÷ to pressure colt mccoy. niners get set for houston texans sunday nightñr football. jjwatt can wreck an offense, jjwatt can wreck an offense, big strong agile witha priority.
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>> if he doesn't feel like he's going to get to quarterback he's going to jump up to try to make a play anyway he can. he's a greatht effort player going to troy to make a play any chance he gets. >> jj watt you know?ç he's able to run, use legs and a lot of really good things to his name.áo@ >>w3 and do not forget another edition of vernon's view coming up. baseball a's getting set to host games one tw z.two. series opener friday fight. first pitch at 6:37 p.m. most of the season a's played to small but vocal crowdsñr of die hards. it's a higher than many people would have guessed.
6:55 pm
tarps goring to come off, 4,000 loudz and proud green and gold supporters will fill the coliseum. >> we get to see our fans and againstw3 theirs.÷ú last year isñi different. but we feel confident. >> it's going to be awesome to be able to step on field one with fans here. going to be exciting a lot of energy. >> indians and raysçó plçíbeñ the wildñr card game.ñi loser goes home, now, 3-0, rays in the 5th. back to football just a moment. 49ers safety loves to deliver a big hit now he wants his name to reflectç÷÷ his game. he's filed paper work toç change his name to daunte hitner first he has to check with his mom to get her
6:56 pm
approval. he is so tough. he's been in touch with nike to determine how many jorsys are still in stores, you see, by nfl rules he has to buy up ab cl. 7 sports brought to you by. >> get a sharpy. >> yes. >> to commit the time to it. >> yes. >> her> says he'll pay if it's reasonable. >> there you go. >> we've got to go, join me tonight atç 9:00 multi million click mistake how covered california web sites overestimated the interest in affordable health care. >> and the story of a police
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officer thought she's helping a dog but ended up saving a litter. it's a story only on ab$( 7 news. >> and we have middle followed by back in the game then modern family premierym of super fun night and nashville. they're available online or demand. >> but that does it for this edition of abc 7 news, thanks for joining us. >> soon, californians from to salinas to san diego will have equal access to quality health insurance. those who need financial assistance will get it. and nobody will be denied because of a pre-existing condition.
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welcome to a new state of health. welcome to covered california. we are your health insurance marketplace. enroll today at or call 1-800-300-1506.
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