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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  October 3, 2013 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning, america. double-whammy. tropical storm karen now headed for the gulf coast and another huge storm to wallop the center of the country. up to two feet of snow expected to slam the country. and breaking news. tragedy at sea. at least 78 dead in a massive shipwreck off the coast of sicily. more than 150 people rescued at this hour after jumping into the water to escape the fire onboard. keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars. he's the voice of a generation. american radio legend, casey kasem now caught in the middle of a vicious feud. his wife versus the rest of his family. millions at stake. ♪ get ready, america. it's your chance to decide what these adorable bouncing, baby pandas will be named.
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panda-monium starts this morning, only on "gma." and good morning, america. take a look at that count right there. we're on day three of the government shutdown. no closer to a solution. so many daily activities being affected, from cashing a check to taking out a mortgage. we're also seeing potentially dangerous consequences like cutbacks and clinical trials for cancer patients. >> that, we are. and we showed you this astonishing picture on wednesday. remember sam's reaction. we showed you in the newscast yesterday. a nail right through a man's heart. how he survived. we're going to hear from him this morning. every time we see that. >> it's a good story. it's a happy story.
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>> yeah. yeah. we're going to begin with the weather and the two major storms brewing at this hour. i know you're tracking for us. >> so much happening. we need to talk tropical systems, a snowmaker and thunderstorms as well. we'll start in the tropics. miami i'll start with these pictures. not that this storm is for you. overnight you were involved in some of the rain loosely involved in the tropical system. the reason i want to show she's pictures this is 6 to 8 inches of rain in southwestern dade. this is the kind of rain we're talking about for the gulf coast by the time we get to the weekend. this is that tropical storm. this is karen. you're looking at it now in the yucatan peninsula. and the edge of cuba. skirts all of that. leaves most of the peninsula alone. it's the i.d. here. let me show you spaghetti models, all the models, forecast models put in one graphic. that's why we call it spaghetti.
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follow the pink which is the center. we believe it will be a cat 1 someplace in the gulf here. it will make landfall well east of new orleans. probably some place in the mobile area, in whatever form it is, it means it's a lot of heavy rain. that continues up the east coast for the first part of next week. because it's getting squeezed by a very powerful cold front. we're looking anywhere from 45 to 67 inches of rain. a big rainfall their. there's more rainfall in the east coast. behind that. there's a driving force of cold air. we'll talk who gets snow a little later. we have so much weather to watch. let's get to the desk and give you the forecast in a minute. robin and george. the latest of the government shutdown. three days in, the consequences are spreading across the country. but neither side in washington is budging yet. jonathan karl covering it from the white house. jon, the president called
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congressional leaders at the white house last night, but not much seemed to happen. >> reporter: that's right, george. day three. the president had that meeting. but there's no end in sight. even after spending over an hour talking with the president in the oval office, speaker of the house john boehner, simply, the president refused to negotiate. >> the president reiterated one more time tonight that he will not negotiate. i would hope that the president and my democrat colleagues in the senate would listen to the american people and sit down and have a serious discussion about resolving these differences. >> reporter: a few minutes later, democratic leaders emerged from the same meeting with a different view. >> i can only conclude that they wanted to shut down the government. >> reporter: the president has insisted he will not negotiate on the affordable care act or anything else, until republicans agree to reopen the government and raise the so-called debt ceiling, allowing the government to borrow more money. if that doesn't happen by october 17th, on top of being shut down, the u.s. government would face its first-ever default, with catastrophic economic consequences.
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how real is the danger that the country may default? >> i think that it looks like these people are headed where they want to go. >> reporter: shortly before the meeting, president obama suggested unreasonable republican demands have left him at wit's end. >> am i exasperated? absolutely i'm exasperated because this is entirely unnecessary. >> reporter: speaker of the house john boehner tried to revive the idea of a so-called grand bargain. a big budget deal on taxes and spending to reduce the deficit. but the president's answer was firm. no negotiations on anything until congress reopens the government and removes that threat of default. >> jon, it seems like more and more people are resigned to the idea that the stalemate is going to continue. maybe the full two weeks until we hit the deadline on default. >> reporter: that's the growing view here. if you can imagine this, no meetings scheduled here. that one didn't go well last night. no need for further meetings, the view is. and congress is planning to go home over the weekend. >> likely to get an earful.
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thanks very much. >> we continue to feel the ripple effects. the longer it takes. now, to the impact the shutdown could have on homeland security. the nation's top intelligence official raising the red flag, saying intelligence workers are among the federal workers out of the job right now. and the risks from that are real. pierre thomas with that story. >> reporter: good morning, robin. that's right. that top intelligence official had a blunt warning. this shutdown is about more than politics. it may be making us all less safe. here's what james clapper, the director of national intelligence, told congress. >> this seriously damages our ability to protect the safety and security of this nation and its citizens. i've been in the intelligence business for about 50 years. i've never seen anything like this. >> clapper went on to talk about the civilians that are out. 70% of the staff. this is real here, pierre.
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>> reporter: sources tell me there's so many people out of the office that there's real concern that critical analysis will be slowed down. the question is, can a smaller intelligence workforce keep pace with the mountain of intelligence that's always coming in. is there some file that could be critical that they might not get to? that's the question, robin. >> this goes beyond politics right now. pierre, thank you very much. i know you're staying on top of it. we're going to turn to josh with the rest of the morning top stories. good morning, josh. >> we're going to begin with the breaking news we showed you. tragedy at sea. dozens of people are dead and hundreds more are feared dead, after a migrant boat sank off the coast of italy. abc's lama hasan joins us now. lama, what do you know? >> reporter: good morning, josh. here's what we know so far. 92 people are dead. at least 94 people of dead and hundreds are still missing. and officials warn that the death toll is likely going to rise. here's what happened. overnight, a ship packed with 500 people, including women and children, were forcedly first capsizing and then catching on
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fire. one theory is, after the vessel was running into trouble, they used flares to call for help. that may have caused the fire to break out, forcing the passengers to jump overboard into the sea for safety. at this hour, coast guard, police, helicopters and patrol boats are on the scene, searching for any survivors and victims. hundreds of migrants seeking asylum make this trip to italy from africa and the middle east every year. the vessels are often overcrowded. but this, by far, is the deadliest accident this year. josh? >> something must be done. lama hasan, thanks for that. southwest has fired the captain of the plane that landed so hard in new york's la guardia airport in july that its nose gear collapsed. we're showing you video of that landing. they say the captain suddenly took control from the first officer, a mere 400 feet from the ground. and again, landed nose-first, injuring 16 people in the process. and new questions this morning about the safety of electric cars after the $70,000
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tesla, touted as the world's safest car, did this. erupted in flames near seattle. the company says a large metallic object struck the battery, sparked that fire that later re-ignited. tesla's stock has fallen since the video surfaced. overnight, we learned about a new leak of radioactive water at japan's crippled nuclear power plant. it's the second leak into the pacific ocean in less than two months. officials say there was no gauge on the leaking water tank to even warn of the danger. and finally, forget about the dog eating your homework. how about this? a golden retriever in montana ate her owner's cash. five $100 bills gone. take a look. that check in her mouth, a government check. because, get this. the owner's smart enough to wait for her to pass the bill she chewed. he cleaned them, sent them to the u.s. treasury, treasury sent him a check for the $500.
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>> he's letting the dog hold the check in his mouth. >> again -- some folks have not learned. >> history repeats itself. for all you kids, by the way, paper is not consumed. it cannot be digested. a dog can't ever really eat your homework, just so we're clear. >> oh, interesting. josh elliott -- >> i'm now the enemy of kids everywhere. >> so glad we got take away from that story. thanks. we're going to turn to the deadly accident in tennessee, where a church bus collided with a tractor-trailer and an suv. a fiery crash that has killed eight people. abc's steve osunsami has the story. >> reporter: witnesses say the impact looked and sounded like a fireball that they could see for miles. >> we do have confirmed fatalities at the scene. >> reporter: eight people lost their lives on this highway east of knoxville. and 12 had to be rushed to area hospitals. many of them, still being treated this morning. police say the charter bus carrying a church group of
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senior citizens was on the way home from a jubilee when the left front tire blew and the bus lost control. it swerved over the median and directly into oncoming traffic on the other side of the highway. first striking a white tahoe. and then slamming into the side of a tractor-trailer that burst into flames. >> it's the first time i've seen that ever bothered me this bad. and i've seen them all. so, i've cried. i've been here since 2:00 and i've cried. and i'll cry again. >> reporter: 18 seniors on that bus and 6 are gone. so, is the driver of the tractor-trailer and one of the three people in that suv. the highway was closed for several hours. but this morning, traffic is flowing on interstate 40. for "good morning america," steve osunsami, abc news, atlanta. >> our thoughts are with all of the families that were affected. now, to the verdict in the michael jackson wrongful death lawsuit. the jackson family sued concert
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promoter aeg live, claiming that the group was responsible for the superstar's death. but the jury did not see it that way. abc's david wright has more. >> reporter: after five months and more than 50 witnesses, a verdict. >> did aeg live hire dr. conrad murray? answer, yes. was dr. conrad murray unfit or incompetent to perform the work for which he was hired? answer, no. >> reporter: a verdict in favor of aeg live. the jury rejecting the jackson family's claim that the concert promoter was somehow responsible for the king of pop's death. >> it's been an exhausting five months. and it's been an extremely stressful last three or four days. >> reporter: michael jackson's mother and three children had sought $1.5 billion in damages against aeg live. they said in the run-up to the this is it tour, the promoter hired dr. conrad murray, the doctor who administered jackson the fatal dose of propofol.
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>> we, the jury, find the defendant, conrad robert murray, guilty. >> reporter: that doctor is behind bars, convicted of involuntary manslaughter in a separate criminal case. and although this jury accepted that aeg hired murray, the jurors ruled murray had been fit for the job. in other words, it wasn't aeg's fault. >> how can aeg have done anything about it when they were kept in the dark? >> it's easy to paint a picture of a faceless corporation. but these are people that are being blamed for something that wasn't their doing. >> reporter: jackson's lawyers are hinting at an appeal. >> we'll be exploring all options legally. and factually. >> reporter: perhaps not the last jackson trial after all. for "good morning america," david wright, abc news, los angeles. >> thanks to david for that. now, the latest on that wild confrontation between a motorcycle gang and a father driving his family in an suv. this morning, one of the bikers has been charged. police are searching for a second. and a third biker is speaking out. abc's linzie janis is tracking all of it.
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>> reporter: in deed, george. just? the last few minute, abc news has learned police have found and questioned the biker behind the helmet cam video police want to see all of the raw footage, not just what was posted online. also this morning, police say they are searching for one man in particular. overnight, the nypd released these new photos in hopes of finding one of the prime suspects in the now infamous road rage incident, pitting dozens of motorcyclists against a family in an suv. that biker seen here smashing the window of the suv with his helmet is at the center of this manhunt. that means 28-year-old christopher cruz is now the only motorcyclist charged in the incident so far. he was in court wednesday, accused of reckless driving after he cut lien off and caused a fender-bender. police say it was the single event that caused the rest of that terrifying encounter. cruz's lawyers say he is innocent. >> the video doesn't show
7:15 am
everything that happened before. i wouldn't classify it as a deliberate effort to block the car. >> reporter: also this morning, we're hearing from one of the bikers on that ride who says driver 33-year-old alexian lien did something unforgivable. in a panic, he peeled off, leaving 32-year-old father of two, edwin miese, paralyzed. >> i think it's messed up. if you hit someone, the proper thing to do is pull over, and exchange paperwork. and, you know, wait for the cops. but to pull off and run over people in the process is not really right. >> reporter: overnight, protesters gathered outside the hospital where miese is being treated. diamonding lien be held accountable. also, this just in moments ago. a statement from the wife of lien. our sympathies go out to the injured motorcyclist however we were forced with the dangerous situation and we had to protect
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our lives and our family. we know in our hearts we don't kobt do anything differently. now, to an amazing story of luck and survival. we showed you the astonishing picture of a nail into the heart. it happened when a man building a deck accidentally shot a nail gun into his chest. right into his heart. he survived. and now, he's speaking out about it. abc's alex perez has that story. >> reporter: take a look at this unbelievable x-ray of eugene rakow's heart, as a nail went deep into the suburban minneapolis carpenter's breastbone. >> they told me i was lucky. >> reporter: that's because it came just two millimeters from putting a nail in his own coffin friday. >> came down, boom, right in my chest. >> reporter: rakow was repairing his neighbor's deck when the nail gun he was using kicked back, firing a 3 1/2 inch nail right into his heart. with the nail in his heart, he ran to his truck and called the first person that came to mind, his wife, carmen. >> at one point i started to lose it. he said, get it together. >> reporter: with her own heart
7:17 am
sinking, carmen rushed her husband to the hospital. >> he felt gurgling and crunching in his chest. >> reporter: this morning, doctors say just where the nail hit rakow is most likely what saved his life. >> the nail caught on the sternum just like the sternum was a two by four. that really prevented the nail from going in any deeper. >> reporter: this cross section x-ray shows how deep into his heart the nail went. just two millimeters away from the coronary artery. amazingly, surgeons were able to remove the long spike and sew two stitches directly on his heart. >> i told him and his family, if i were you, i'd play the lottery tonight. >> reporter: rakow says he knows he's lucky. but instead of playing the lottery, he said his goal now is to learn to his work as a carpenter. >> if it wasn't for god's protective hand, i would have been done. >> reporter: a second shot at life after a shot to the heart he'll never forget. for "good morning america," alex perez, abc news, chicago. >> you heard him. he knows how blessed he is. that's right.
7:18 am
time, now, again for the weather. you're going to talk again about this. >> i'm going to go backwards from what we did at the top of the show. we didn't have all of the graphics coming out at the same time. i want you to see what we're talking about. between the yucatan and cuba, this big lump of clouds right now is what might become what the hurricane center is thinking will become tropical storm karen. it has the gulf right there. there's the coast -- the gulf coast. and here's what the spaghetti models are doing with this storm. this is somewhere around the weekend. by saturday, this is early into next week. drag making this a big rainmaker. there isn't a real opportunity to develop this into a monster storm. but we think it will get to a tropical storm at least. then we're going to watch it. from here on it is a rainmaker. but soaking rain up the east coast. this is the short-term rainfall out of this. it's a big rainfall number. look at five to seven inches of rain. that's why we showed you the pictures of the stop of the show of what that looks like. how much rain that is. it's flooding rains here. that's three to five inches. then, take this and move it all the way to the east coast by the time we get into early next week. that's what we wanted to show
7:19 am
you at the top of the show. i apologize for the graphic. all that weather was good morning, the bay area microclimate forecast sunshine today and temperatures about the same as yesterday but a big fire danger is developing today through saturday. above average warmth friday through sunday that will follow the wind. it will be cooler next week but i don't see any rain in the forecast. mid to upper 60s along the coast. low to mid-70s for most of the
7:20 am
bayshore and the south bay and upper 70s in the north bay. and warmer tonight with the all that weather was brought to you by big lots. a quick look at the big board. more weather in the next half hour. >> the computer. >> yeah. >> great graphics. >> it was worth the wait. >> maybe you could draw some. >> no. he gets in trouble when he does that. we remember that. >> that's not happening. coming up on "gma," dramatic day in court for the husband charged in his wife's death. the emotional cell phone messages from her entire family, including her husband, as they were searching for her. also ahead, the alleged internet drug kingpin nicknamed dread pirate roberts. >> "princess bride." no relation. how authorities busted his billion dollar operation. you know the voice of casey kasem. why the radio legend is now caught in the middle of a major family feud. it's quite sad. you are looking live at a picture of america's only baby panda twins.
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7:25 am
leaders submitted their third counterproposal last night. the union says it would like to hear back from b.a.r.t. today. b.a.r.t. managers are revealing the union's latest proposal which has a week to go until the cooling-off period ends. a strike could come as soon as next friday if they can't reach a deal in time. this morning's commute, here's leyla gulen. >> this accident i was telling you about earlier turned into a sigalert, chp working it at 0 and green valley road. at least four to five vehicles, two lanes blocked. 24 miles per hour your top speed backed up from west texas. as we take you into san francisco, we're reporting police activity earlier so right now debose at garo still shut down. we'll let you know when it reopens. >> thanks so
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welcome back. still in the 40s in san ramon, concord, hayward, los gatos, napa. everybody else in the 50s this morning. starting off with sunshine as you can see here from our tower cam. the air is pretty clean still. temperatures today a little warmer in fremont, san francisco, and oakland, the rest of us within a couple degrees of where we were yesterday. fire dan
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this is tamara. i just got e-mail from dave about you're not being home. call me. >> it's your sister. where are you? i love you, bye. >> a young woman right there was missing. everyone searching for her, including her husband. right now, her husband is on trial for her murder. the voicemail messages played in court. we're going to have all the latest on that trial coming up. >> you hear their voices. also ahead, he's the man who goes by dread pirate roberts, online. that's his online name. the alleged internet drug kingpin under arrest after authorities took down his billion-dollar operation. doing this all online, allegedly. the voice of generations,
7:31 am
really. radio legend casey kasem, now ensnared in a vicious family feud between his wife and the rest of his family. a health condition is at the heart of it. we'll have the latest this morning. >> indeed. and can we see the panda-cam? yeah. only here on "good morning america," people. these are america's only baby panda twins. you get to choose what they'll be named. you can name them. and nelly's here. and kerry washington. i'm totally "scandal" nerding out right now. >> finally tonight, it's back on the air. now, to the case of the suburban seattle man on trial for murdering his wife. more than seven years after her death. emotional voicemail messages from her entire family revealed in court. abc's neal karlinsky has the latest for us. >> this is tamara. i just got an e-mail from dave.
7:32 am
about you're not being home. call me. >> reporter: it was january of 2006. nicole pietz was suddenly missing. and her friends and family were frantically calling her cell phone. >> it's your sister. where are you? give me a call. i love you, bye. >> reporter: her phone was never found. but the voicemails, kept on file by at&t, were played at her husband's murder trial wednesday. a gut wrenching replay of the panic nicole's loved ones were going through in the first few days. sitting in court, the family was in tears listening. >> hi, nicole. it's mom. we're very worried. please, call me immediately. day or night. i really just need to talk to you. and i love you. >> reporter: 40 voicemails over 4 days. there was no sign of a crime yet. only confusion about where pietz was. but prosecutors pointed out only three messages were from her husband, david. all on the first day of her
7:33 am
disappearance. all sounding rather matter of fact. >> babe, give me a call. i need to know if i need to stop and get food for ellen and jason. so, give me a call. i love you, bye. >> reporter: nicole pietz's body was found weeks later in the wood. strangled, prosecutors say, by her husband's own hands. a family friend testified about something david pietz asked her at his wife's funeral. >> he wanted to know what to do to get life insurance and how to go about doing that. >> reporter: weeks into this trial, david pietz's character has come under steady attack. he maintains his innocence. and day after day, his expression gives up nothing. for "good morning america," neal karlinsky, abc news, seattle. we're going to turn to the stunning arrest of a drug kingpin that goes by the name dread pirate roberts. appears to have cornered the internet drug market. his real name is ross ulbricht. gio benitez is here with all of the details. good morning, gio. >> reporter: good morning to you. the fbi calls it the most
7:34 am
sophisticated criminal marketplace on the internet. thousands of drug dealers used it to sell drugs and completely hide their identities. this morning, the fbi says that 29-year-old seemingly clean-cut entrepreneur was living a secret life as a digital drug lord operating an online black market bazaar, called silk road. here's an online commercial. now, ross ulbricht is in federal custody. arrested tuesday. and the site he allegedly ran, shut down after a two-year undercover operation. >> a sophisticated individual who took the skills and the talents and developed an online website that marketed illegal goods and services. >> reporter: just look at some of the 13,000 items offered through that underground site. ultraclean cocaine. clean and real lsd.
7:35 am
high-grade mdma, also known as molly. all with fast and free shipping. court documents say silk road sold $1.2 billion worth of drugs and illegal services in just under three years. >> they were comfortable operating in that environment because they felt that they enjoyed complete anonymity. >> reporter: investigators say the penn state graduate tried hiding his identity on silk road with the user name dread pirate roberts. just like in the movie "the princess bride." >> you're the bred pirate roberts, admit it. >> reporter: it seems one silk road user threatened to reveal the identities of thousands of others. investigators say ulbricht tried to execute a murder-for-hire on that user, offering $150,000 to a would-be hitman because, quote, this kind of behavior is unforgivable to me, especially here on silk road. anonymity is sacrosanct.
7:36 am
>> just because silk road is shut down doesn't mean the concept will go away easily. the operator made $80 million in fees. that's a huge incentive. >> reporter: $80 million. ulbricht's attorney, a public defender, has not returned our called for comment. investigators say his key mistake, he allegedly used his personal e-mail address for nearly all silk road communications, george. >> thanks very much. let's talk to dan abrams about this, our chief legal affairs anchor. i'm amazed that a website like this could stay up for so long. >> it's accessed through a special network on the internet, which allowed users to immediately encrypts, masks who they are. so, you can't identify what their i.p. address is. and the payment system is through bitcoin, which is digital currency. not backed up by international banks. not backed up by u.s. banks. but simply based on the confidence of the users who exchange these bitcoins computer
7:37 am
to computer. >> the fbi's case is based on the idea if they can show that dread pirate roberts is ross ulbricht? >> can they link -- he was trying to hide his identity on the site, as well. so, the first thing they're going to have to do is definitively link him as the person who runs the site. and typically when you're talking about a website, people would say, if people are exchanging information and they're dealing drugs, it's not our responsibility. we just put up the site. the problem is, in this site, they're taking commissions. and you have a beautiful site. looks like amazon in the sense that it's got all the different kinds of drugs that are for sale up there. it will be very difficult to claim, we didn't know about what was happening on the site. >> we heard at the end of the piece, this is not going away. >> no. this is -- this is going to be the biggest takedown of what is currently in existence. and you're now going to see them on warning. and you're going to see a bunch
7:38 am
of smaller entities begin to try to take over. >> thanks very much. sam with the weather. >> that's the perfect word. fascinating. unbelievable. let's get to the boards. join me, if you will. and we're going to talk about warmer temperatures all over the country right now. remember, we're talking about the cold front that sweeps into the middle of the country, very strong pocket of cold air. and changes all of this. currently, it's going to be 86 in kansas city. and steamy. st. louis at 88. washington at 85. new york, you're 80 degrees. that's down from yesterday. but you'll feel more humidity in the air now. all of this stays stagnant until some kind of cold front or rain sweeps in from the weekend to next week. new orleans, you're at 88 today. watch that cold air in the north squeeze and change the wind direction in the south. west, that is. l.a., you're going to 89 on friday, where from we are in the 70s today. that's manhattan beach. santa barbara, all the way to the coastline. the wind direction brings the heat all the way by. 95 by the time we get to
7:39 am
saturday. a big change. big warm-up, the change of the good morning. a lot of sunshine and temperatures pretty close to average today, 64 to 68 at the coast, 72 to 77 spread around the bay, inland 75 to 80. the high fire danger b >> all that weather was brought to you by mercedes-benz. west coasters -- >> no better place to swelter. >> than the west coast? >> yep. radio legend casey kasem at the middle of a family feud. his kids are saying they're not allowed to see their father. and are bill and hillary ♪ nice car. sure is. make a deal with me, kid, and you can have the car and everything that goes along with it. [ thunder crashes, tires squeal ] ♪
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7:43 am
we're back, now, at 7:43, with radio legend casey kasem at the center of a family feud. so many know him as the host of "american top 40." now his kids are fighting with his wife, jean, saying they haven't let them see their father in months. abc's nick watt has the latest. >> daryl hall and john oates has the most popular song in the usa this week. >> reporter: for nearly 40 years on our tvs and our radios -- >> now, we're up to our long-distance dedication.
7:44 am
>> reporter: casey kasem counted down the soundtrack of our lives. this morning, his story has seemingly gone from america's top 40 to family feud. friends and family this week, protesting outside kasem's beverly hills mansion, claiming his second wife, jean, won't let them see the deejay. until now, kasem was most famous for playing loretta on "cheers." why do you think she's doing that? >> i can't even speculate. i don't know. >> from the outside, it looks like what we call the hollywood second wife syndrome. she may feel they're threatening the money. she may feel they're threatening the control or power. >> reporter: casey is 71 and in failing health. he's rich. his house alone is reportedly worth as much as $40 million. >> i don't want any of the money. we're doing just fine on our own. and it has nothing -- she can have all of it. all of it. all of it and then some.
7:45 am
just give us our father. >> reporter: kasem's only brother was also on that protest. >> all this is about, to see my brother and tell him i love him. that's all this is about. nothing else. >> for once in hollywood, they're not trying to get the money. i'm willing to believe that these kids just want to see their dad. >> reporter: we reached out to jean kasem for comment. no response. kasem himself was also not available. >> unfortunately, he's not able to speak for himself at this time. if he were, he would demand to see us. there's no doubt in my mind. >> reporter: for "good morning america," nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> as josh said, truly the voice of generations. wishing the family the best. >> we are. coming up, everybody, behind miley cyrus. why she says she's really been going so edgy on stage. and "the play of the day."
7:46 am
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7:50 am
right then. here's "the play of the day." >> true story. when i was a kid, i was the youngest kid on the block full of kids. the only way i would be able to hang around with them, i would have to memorize -- with that, i give you kaley. a 3-year-old, a seattle seahawks fan her entire life, all three years of it. and she knows her team. take a look. >> who is the quarterback? who? >> russell wilson. >> who is the running back? >> marshawn lynch. >> who else do we call the running back. >> beast mode. >> who is the catch? >> pete carol.
7:51 am
>> who is the safety? >> earl thomas. >> who are the corners? >> richard sherman and brandon browner. >> that's amazing. >> okay. we can trip her up. no way could she name all five wide receivers. >> of course not. >> no. >> golden tate. sidney rice. percy harvin. doug. is there another one? >> there's another one. >> jermaine kearse. nelly, kerry washington. >> jermaine kearse. nelly, kerry washington. go nowhere. new things. really? what's wrong with trying new things? look! mommy's new vacuum! (cat screech) you feel that in your muscles? i do... drink water. it's a long story. well, not having branches let's us give you great rates and service. i'd like that. a new way to bank. a better way to save. ally bank. your money needs an ally.
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7:56 am
good morning. i'm kristen sze. san francisco police are investigating an attempted carjacking of a limo. it was towed away from clinton park near valencia street a little more than an hour ago. the driver says the carjacker shot at the limo shortly after 4: 4:00. he says he escaped by driving away but ended up crashing the vehicle. mike has the forecast. winds lead to a high fire danger. 6:00 this evening through 6:00 saturday morning in the east bay hills, santa cruz mountains, north bay mountains, above 1,000 feet. accuweather seven-day forecast, temperatures about the same as
7:57 am
yesterday. for today, much warmer tomorrow. leyla? sigalert still in effect westbound along 80 at green valley, but we also have this. it's an overturned vehicle in the santa cruz mountains, highway 92 at highway 35. lanes are blocked and traffic is stacked. in san francisco, southbound 101 ♪ [ engine revs, tires squeal ] [ male announcer ] since we began, mercedes-benz has pioneered many breakthroughs. ♪ breakthroughs in design... breakthroughs in safety... in engineering... and technology. and now our latest creation breaks one more barrier. introducing the cla. starting at $29,900. ♪
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7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. ♪ it's getting hot in here >> it's 8:00 a.m. and things are heating up as "gma" prepares for a scandalous hour with kerry washington. >> there will be a scandal in the morning. count on it. are you ready for panda-monium? it's cute-times two. we're with the only u.s. twins. what happens next, is up to america. and did we mention, it's getting hot in here? nelly headlines our fall concert series, as we say -- >> good morning, america. >> kerry washington with a big "scandal" morning today. sam, do the honors.
8:01 am
welcome our guest in. >> hey, kerry. >> come over here. >> hi, lady. >> welcome to the show. how are you? >> so happy. >> hi. >> do you get that every morning? outside my bedroom, when i have a 5:00 a.m. call. that would help me. >> we have been waiting for you here. your fans of "scandal" have been waiting all summer long. >> i missed you all. >> we got together as a cast and watched it because we had to be prepared for the live tweeting tonight. and it completely blew our expectations. i'm so proud to be part of this show. it's such a great premiere episode. >> we should be chanting shonda, shonda. >> exactly. >> we are delighted to have you here. >> thank you. >> sam will get you a cup of coffee. >> get you started. >> okay, good.
8:02 am
>> kerry washington. >> it's so awesome. >> she's always so nice to everyone. >> she is. >> you don't want to hear that. >> lara was -- >> so excited. >> i know tomorrow is going to be a long morning. but that's all right. >> you'll earn it. >> it's worth it. also coming up here, a boyfriend pulled off an epic proposal and wedding for his girlfriend. both, in fact, on the same day. he planned the whole thing, based on her dream wedding posts on her pinterest page. talk about effort. >> yeah. >> and the details. >> love it. >> that's a winner. and also, we're going to go behind the scenes with miley cyrus and why she says that she's really been going -- well, pushing the envelope so much on stage in her performances. and the movements that she says that she's starting. >> a movement. >> she's starting a movement. >> i didn't know that. i'm still jittery, kerry washington.
8:03 am
>> are you a "scandal" nerd? >> yeah. but also, even if i didn't love the show, you'd love her. she's just so sweet. something else you're going to love this morning. how about some great "deals & steals"? when you see tory johnson, you know this is the good stuff. you want to get online and get all set up. >> love that every thursday. a lot coming up. let's get news first from josh. >> we're going to begin -- following the breaking news overseas. hundreds of people missing after a boat sank off the coast of italy. at least 94 are now confirmed dead. the boat said to be carrying as many as 500 migrants from africa, heading to europe, seeking a better life. rescue crews are now searching the waters off of sicily for survivors. we'll have updates throughout the morning. meanwhile here at home, a blown tire is being blamed for this crash on that tennessee highway. a bus carrying a church group back to north carolina careened across the center divider. struck an suv and a
8:04 am
tractor-trailer. eight people were killed in the accident. no signs of progress this morning as we now enter day three of the government shutdown. after white house meeting last night, house speaker john boehner said the president is refusing to negotiate. earlier, the president admitting to being, in his words, exasperated by the ordeal. no new negotiating are planned. meanwhile, the director of national intelligence, james clapper, says the shutdown, quote, seriously damages, end quote, national security. 70% of intelligence analysts have been ordered to stay home because of the shutdown. and hillary and bill clinton may have collected many titles. but not grandma and grandpa yet. that may change. chelsea clinton is telling "glamour" magazine, that she and her husband decided 2014 will be the year of the baby. you're right, george. that is a rather big hint. they're getting a little pressure.
8:05 am
chelsea says, mom asks her about it every day. and a guy that takes the cake. it happen at a courthouse. a woman brought her daughter's birthday cake to court. she didn't want to leave it in the car. so, it goes through the metal connector. there's another guy entering court, steals it and starts eating it. no knife. no fork. look at him. >> oh, no. >> he's charged, by the way, with theft and resisting arrest. the cake, a total loss. what is going on there? >> it had tinkerbell on it, too. >> digs into a cake after it's gone through a metal detector. >> busting dreams at the same time? >> stealing joy and happiness. a sweet ending, however. a local grocery store stepped up and replaced the cake. >> that's nice. that's what should be done. >> thank you, josh. "pop news," lara. >> no problem with that. good morning, everybody. and how does this sound to you guys? mccarthy, melissa mccarthy. the fabulously funny actress, set to take on the role of a
8:06 am
bond-like character in an upcoming movie. she's teaming up with "bridesmaids" and "heat" director. i meant to ask. is it paul sieg? he has written the script for "the heat 2." and is hoping that melissa and sandy bullock are up for it, too. we are, too. i like the idea of melissa as a bond. >> she's funny. this is amazing. you know i break for yard sales. i would break for one that oprah winfrey was having. and she kind of is. she's cleaning house. doing a massive renovation to her mansion. in anticipation of her 60th birthday bash. she's totally renovating it. redecorating it. she's holding it on the grounds in january. all the furniture, carpets and decor that doesn't make the cut, are going under a giant tent nearby and sold to the highest bidder. the oprah auction is set to take place on november 2nd at the
8:07 am
santa barbara polo grounds. and is expected to be like the jackie o. auction. a mad house. george has just said it. that's where i will be, working hard, as always. and can you give us the address again, lara? the tent with the oprah stuff. will any of this be featured in your one-hour hgtv on friday night? >> new special. thank you, sam. friday night. "i break for yard sales." also auction. >> if she watches that, how will she get up to watch another episode of "sea rescue" on saturday morning? >> i know. it's so weird. finally in "pop news" innovations in eating. first, the nibble pan. >> the what? >> the nibble pan. invented by talia. knowing how hard it is to resist a cake trish fresh out of the often. her pan has a cup attached so you can have your cake and eat it, too. you can test it if you're a baker. i ruin the cake.
8:08 am
now, you don't have to. and for those of you who don't get to leave the cubicle for lunch, there's dine ink. it's three pen toppers that double as a spoon, fork and knife. one review said they're sturdy and well made. and both of these inventions are available on amazon. i got you a dine ink set. when we're at the desk and we get food, you can have your own set of utensils. nothing is too good for you. what do you have, sam? >> dear, diary. nibble pan and oprah's yard sale. let's get to the boards. one or two things going on this morning we thought we would share with you. how about a live shot out of chicagoland. chicago, we have to talk about the next couple of days for you. as we often do, when we get this big shift in the weather pattern, you're right on the edge of where the stronger storms will be in the next few days. i wouldn't be surprised in the chicagoland area that you have one or two powerful storms. today, they're from des moines all the way to north platte, on the cold front. as the front slides east
8:09 am
tomorrow, the storms will drop north and a bit south and a bit east. there will be a long line of storms. look at the cold air behind it. and what happens to dallas? 91 degrees today. 71 on saturday. that's how strong this early season push of very cold air is. and that's why we're talking snowstorms and strong storms all along that boundary. remember, we have to watch the tropical system, as well. there's a lot to keep your eyes on. good morning, the bay area microclimate forecast sunshine today and temperatures about the same as yesterday but a big fire danger is developing today through saturday. above average warmth friday through sunday that will follow the wind. it will be cooler next week but i don't see any rain in the forecast. mid to upper 60s along the coast. low to mid-70s for most of the bayshore and the south bay and upper 70s in the north bay. and warmer tonight with the >> very nice. >> and i'm not sure how sanitary these are. >> i will cut you with my pen.
8:10 am
>> with my pen. here's what's coming up on the "gma morning menu." the boyfriend who surprised her bride by giving her the wedding she always dreamed of. how did he know? we'll tell you. and then, there are the panda twins. how about you guys help us name them. panda cam. and it's getting hot in here. nelly in the house performing. and we're nerding out because kerry washington, our favorite gal, is here live on "good morning america." here live on "good morning america." [ male announcer ] if you're a rinse user, you may have heard there's a new rinse that talks about protecting, even after eating and drinking. crest pro-health has always done that. it's clinically proven to fight plaque and gingivitis. rinsing with pro-health after brushing can take your oral health to a new level.
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8:15 am
yo, "gma." it's getting hot in here. are you ready? >> cannot wait for that. and kerry washington coming up, as well. look at that crowd out here in times square. a whole lot going on. we're so excited. >> i have to say, nelly, kerry washington. all that is live. >> in one morning. >> "heat index" time. >> yes. >> it is. >> we're going to the "heat index." miley cyrus coming up. she's in the hot seat since the vma performance caused all that controversy. now, answering her critics in a document called "miley the
8:16 am
movie." >> reporter: let's face it, as an entertainer, you know you're pushing the adolescent to almost adult envelope, when even britney spears sounds shocked. >> you're not going to be topless on stage. >> reporter: no. the tongue-wagging 20-year-old, who is eager for pop edginess, her child stardom, seems so 30 seconds ago. >> it's part of the movement. we have to be like an army moving at one time. >> reporter: with behind-the-scenes slices of promoting her new music. fighting frustration. >> i don't want to sing anymore right now. >> reporter: once for her supersized voice. her rooftop on "gma." and a montage of moments leading up to her foam rubber finger twerkfest at august's vmas. including a full-on miley feltdown. all done in the fervent hope that her music will clean up.
8:17 am
>> she is very clear-cut about what she wants. she doesn't mince words. she knows what she's going for. and she's getting people to talk about her. ♪ wrecking ball >> reporter: also talking about her, an unapologetic tish cyrus. >> has the good and there's bad. and they're right there. >> reporter: all of it designed to reinforce the notion of what some might see as wild behavior, is part of miley's master plan for world domination. >> i think if people could see the details, they would know this isn't just some mess. it's all thought out in my mind. >> reporter: for "good morning america," chris connelly, abc news, los angeles. >> that airs on mtv this sunday. also burning up the "heat index," george, a guy that may be the best husband.
8:18 am
a guy who secretly dreamed up his wedding for his girlfriend. off of her pinterest page. pulling it off on the same day that he proposed. >> that's what she wanted. >> i think that was the most romantic thing. >> there's a guy that knows what pinterest is and there's a page for dream weddings. this groom arranged the perfect big day for his bride. ryan and amanda shared the wedding of a lifetime. ryan surprised her with a proposal. they got engaged. and married on the same day. >> i always knew that i would do something extravagant for a proposal. >> reporter: a year before, ryan overheard amanda telling a girlfriend how cool it would be to get engaged and married on the same day. so, the dashing groom-to-be, made that happen. not your typical timeline. and even less typical, that the entire wedding was organized by the groom. under the heading, "my dream
8:19 am
wedding," amanda's pinterest page had 224 photos detailing every aspect of her perfect wedding day. this digital bulletin board became a blueprint for a surprise wedding. >> i started putting pictures on there, even thinking that i may never have that. >> reporter: ryan popped the question exactly five years after their first date. >> the real question is, will you marry me today? >> reporter: then, all of a sudden, the wedding day began. >> right away, the friends and family were telling me your wedding dress is here. somebody to do your makeup. >> reporter: even with his meticulous planning, some things were out of his control. >> the only flight that was canceled out of 74 flights was amanda's. and i lost my mind. i would have gotten her there no matter what. >> reporter: and the question they get asked most, what about the dress? >> we knew that the dress can take up to a year to find.
8:20 am
so, i heavily encouraged her to go dress shopping, just to get an idea. >> i married a dreamer. and i got a dream-style wedding. >> oh. >> that is killing guys everywhere. >> but not only registering for regular gifts, they asked people to make a donation to an organization. >> they found a burning house and saved puppies and unicorns. >> you're ruining my piece for tomorrow. >> and a rainbow -- >> that's the follow-up story. >> setting the bar very high. >> it says a lot about her. you pick people that reflect you. she must be pretty amazing, as well. >> thank you. thanks for bringing that to us. now, to the pandamonium
8:21 am
stirring up the "heat index." we've been showing you all morning. the first set of panda twins born in the u.s. >> i like that. >> can we get a close-up on him. >> i'm a panda, love me. >> their names are cub a, cub b. i love the one. >> having a good dream. >> oh. it's going to change because of all of our great viewers. abc's matt gutman. >> reporter: for the last 2 1/2 months, the world has watched these twin panda cubs go from infants into toddler cubs. these bouncey boys spend a lot of time squeaking and cuddling. their survival is miraculous. >> twins. >> reporter: known as cubs a and b, the baby boys are nearing the 100-day mark. a cording to chinese tradition,
8:22 am
pandas are named once they turn 100 days old. and a tradition kept by keepers here. zoo atlanta is asking you to help choose their names. the polls open next wednesday. here's your choices. option one. mei lun and mei and choice two, mei lun and mei huan. next up, tian lun and tian le. joy of family life and happiness. lan tian and bi shui, blue sky and clear water. and last but not at least, da lan and xiaou lan.
8:23 am
bigger one and smaller one. appropriate for twins. so, america, the choice is yours. >> what do you think about these names? >> i think they're all great. can't wait to see what our fans decide. >> reporter: for "good morning america," matt gutman, abc news, vero beach, florida. >> so close. so close. oh, yeah. this is another look at the panda cam. one more time. so, josh can see the little one on the left. >> you can go to our website to see the naming options. and starting october 9th, you can vote for your favorite names at on yahoo! we will announce the winners, live on "gma." a huge event from zoo atlanta. great place. we're going to have that on october 23rd. >> that is so compelling. you're staring -- wow. >> i would watch it all day. >> i think there is a place you
8:24 am
can stare at it all day long. >> they look like little people in panda suits. >> they're going to be eating bamboo before we know it. again, go online. see those names. be a part of history here. let's get outside to "deals & steals" with lara. >> thank you, robin. today's "deals & steals" are all about, your money's no good here. you need to logon to the computer to get the deals. the codes, and it's all about looking great. >> it is. ready? you want to do the first one? >> i would love to. >> cold water creek has a huge assortment of jeans. we got three models here showing you three different styles. an enormous assortment. more than 30 different styles online. if you go into the stores and mention "gma" today, and wait until you hear the prices. from sizes 4 to 24. regularly $70 to $90. slashed in half, starting at $35
8:25 am
and free shipping. >> need to go online. number two, everybody. >> this is also a social message. and this is anti-bullying. this says bye, hater on the back. >> amazing hoodies, started by a great student at boston university, who was a student. wanted to be warm and fashionable at the same time. >> and a huge celebrity following. selena gomez. >> it will work. >> kardashians. regularly starting at $94. these also slashed in half. starting at $47, on line. >> shameless. we featured these. they are the new designs. they call five wraps. semiprecious stones. normally $190. these are slashed by 85%. 29 bucks.
8:26 am
okay. new brilliance. microdetermine abrasion opinion. only on "good morning america." fine lines, wrinkles. all of the amazing things to treat your face. normally $259. slashed more than half. last but not least, one of my favorites. the insides are gorgeous. they come in seven different colors. really beautiful, leather bags. normally $425. these are slashed hugely to $89. and go to and see all of our pink products. you can shop and save. time is money. >> thank you to the companies. go online. and come back.
8:27 am
i'm kristen sze. breaking news from san jose where a small plane landed on a major roadway this morning shortly before east capital expressway between tully road and ocala avenue. that's just south of the reed hill view airport. we're told the plane landed safely. no reports of any injuries. but let's go to leyla gulen with a traffic situation in the area. leyla? there are alters gnats to get around it. you can use king road, it's also right near the eastridge mall. but if you want to stay on the freeway, 101 is going to be your best bet. that will take you to story road. you can get off the freeway there to get around it. looks like this intersection will be closed for quite some time. kristen? >> leyla, thanks a lot. we'll check out the forecast with m
8:28 am
i search for the perfect blue... bi share as soon as i find it. because when you score a designer this amazing... for so much less. it's the best feeling ever. see the real deal. search hashtag maxxinista wait 'til you see the designers people are scoring. t.j.maxx.
8:29 am
good morning. the big story, red-flag warning, high fire danger that starts this evening at 6:00 through 6:00 saturday morning for areas above 1,000 feet. let's talk temperatures, most of us in the 50s, stale few 40s in our east bay valleys, napa and los gatos. we're on our way to a day that will be a lot like yesterday. temperatures will be running in the 70s, maybe we'll get to an 80 into the east bay valleys. it will be tough to get there. all right. lease take a look at your
8:30 am
accuweather seven-day forecast. much warmer friday, saturday, and sunday. enjoy it. kristen? >> all rig ♪ ♪ i'm thinking about me, thinking about us ♪ ♪ what we're going to be open my eyes ♪ ♪ i tried to go back down and low ♪ ♪ she comes back no one knows ♪ ♪ i realize, yeah. >> everybody's just a dream. >> that, of course, is nelly. the superstar, his brand-new music. it's going to be a good one. and in just a little bit, of what we have. >> it's hot in here. >> we cannot wait.
8:31 am
>> a very special guest with him. and he's also going to perform a real classic. we have a big special guest here this morning. kerry washington right here in times square. going to get a little sneak peek of season three of "scandal" on tonight. >> those two are very hot in here. just one look. "people" magazine's best dressed women in the world. she's sharing her secrets with everybody. you see the whole place is decked out in scandalous style. >> that's tori berch, if i'm not mistaken. >> how did -- did you just fashion strike. > >> so happy to have you here, kerry.
8:32 am
and marie osmond's here. let's get to it. it's been a long five months for fans of "scandal." the wait is finally over. season three premieres tonight. and this morning, ms. washington is here with us. thank you. you, as always -- the gladiators are out in force. >> they are. >> they've been waiting. last we saw you, olivia pope, you were in the back of the limo. >> yeah. >> this character that we have been seeing all season long and didn't know he was your father. >> i know. >> you were as shocked as everybody else. >> i had no idea. the actor who plays my dad, he knew. but i had no idea. when i got the script for the season finale, i turned to the last page of the script. and i saw those letters, d-a-d. this is my father? that's where we start this season premiere is in that car
8:33 am
with my dad and i. and we pick up moments after the finale. >> that's exactly it. let's play a little bit because it's just moments after. and you're back there in your office. and you've already been discovered to be the mistress of the president. >> well -- some might call it that. some might call it the love of his life. >> that's true. or both. >> here's a clip from season three. >> we do, what's our first move? >> we do nothing. it's being handled. everybody go back to work. business as usual. >> business as usual? how is that possible? >> pick up the phone and call our clients. we're as dedicated to them as ever. what? >> you're not going to talk about the fact that you're the most infamous woman in america. > in the world. >>it's bei handled.
8:34 am
>> by who? the white house? >> some of your co-stars have back off, lara spencer. she's such a groupie. >> she's an original gladiator. i know you can't give away too much. it was interesting when even you, in reading script, and knowing what shonda rhimes and company have stor tha >r week, it's a rollercoaster ride. and we feel lucky to be on this show. we feel like we have the most t. te gog it, week after week. we'r ask to do and the story linat charact are through. it's really inspiring. >> i won time.3 & peo are always respect your work. and you had reservations. nominated for an emmy for it. why did you have reservations? >> i never made this kind of commitment to television. it's so much work. it's harder than i ever worked before.
8:35 am
to do 22 episodes of a full season. 17 hours a day. it's so fulfilling because the writing is so good. once i read the script and i thought, oh, my goodness. it's shonda rhimes. this character, this show. >> it jumps off the screen. all the many things that you're involved in. and you're very philanthropic. and you have been giving in just of yourself. and "people" magazine named you one of the most beautiful -- best-dressed women in the world. and people have been screaming and asking you. there's an important reason why you're wearing that dress. >> th dre was designed by my friend, tory burch. and i wore it because it's pink. here at "gma," we're going pink for breast cancer awareness month. and my mother's a breast cancer survivor. >> that means very much. all of the things you're involvin. ca
8:36 am
you saw each other last night. >> last night together at a saks event. we got together over the weekend to watch the episode. we're very close. we really are like a family. it might be hard for people to imagine that. as much as we ar friendemies on the show, that we're trying to kill each other and rival each other. and -- okay, lara. you want to come in? you can come in now. >> hello, lara. >> lara is wearing olivia pope white. >> i know. >> you are a delight. thank you for being so generous. >> thank you fo havin me. i hat we get to share the ablove. >> sea three. premieres tonight. >> tell me more. let's look at the weather >> tell me more. let's look at the weather with sam. enjoying the fall color. kerry, if you'll notice, just going for a walk in the fall
8:37 am
leaves here in times square. good morning, you guys. h are you? thank you so much. l to the boards. thank you so much. l to the boards. with this system making alrea h to watch this very in, tropical system coastline. coastlinhis. rain with it. it will have wind for the coast, as well. good morning. a lot of sunshine and temperatures pretty close to average today, 64 to 68 at the coast, 72 to 77 spread around the bay, inland 75 to 80. the high fire danger begins toni to severe storms in the midwest >> i my. i may be working the bye hater sweatshirt right now.
8:38 am
there's so much coming up on the show. marie osmond coming up here. we're not done. nelly's in the studio, about
8:39 am
one year-since i received the itbest gift i will ever get... a life saving marrow transplant from my big sister, sallie-anne. and right now my first and only wish is simple. that you support the be the match marrow registry. if more people are on the registry,
8:40 am
there will more people who can find a marrow match. you have the power to save a life
8:41 am
it is so great to have our friend, marie osmond, back here on "gma." and she has important information to make sure your family is prepared for a natural disaster. she is the new spokesperson for z company. she is here to tell us about that. and we're going to catch up on everything else. >> let's talk. >> i love it. good to see you. >> good to see you. you look beautiful. >> look at you, sister. >> it's hard to believe looking at you, could it be you're a grandmother? >> i'm almost. december 26th, i will become a grandmother. i'm so excited. it's crazy. >> congratulations. i want to talk to you about "dancing with the stars." another season upon us. >> i call it "dancing with the starved." >> it is like the best weight
8:42 am
loss program ever. >> you get sore. i believe you should be 19 to do that show and nothing over. >> this season, do you have favorites? >> amber alert. amber alert. >> you and everybody else. >> i'm telling you, i say, you go, girl. >> you have company in vegas. what do you think about britney joining you? >> isn't that fun? she's going to be part of the caesar's group and part of the family now. i'm really excited. she's really trying to pull herself together. and she's doing really well. and i love vegas because of being a mom. i have eight children, four at home still. and you know, it's a nice stay-at-home job. celine, myself, we live there. you know, there's something nice about not being on the road and a different venue. i tour and do christmas shows and things like that. >> but this is some stability.
8:43 am
>> there's some stability. and i can understand why she wants to do that. >> you've been given the opportunity to endorse probably 9 billion things over the course of your career. why the company? >> it's accordable. you can eat less than school lunch. it's affordable. but look at what's going on with sandy, katrina. what with the $78 billion of damage done just here in new york and new jersey. >> what is this? >> it's emergency meals. not your grandmother's kind. not the beans and rice and the gross garbage. this is lasagna and really good stuff. swea to you. why am i here talking about swea to you. why am i here talking about d y add water. o don't have to add hot water. and it's affordable. it's convenient. it tastes really good. tast the peaches.
8:44 am
ut they're different than any other company because they're dehydrated and freeze-dried. and they combine. i swear it's fantastic. >> marie osmond. >> give it for christmas to people. and save lives. >> thank you very much. will you tell donny, we hope -- >> it's a bummer. but i'll tell him. >> mar
8:45 am
8:46 am
[ cheers and applause ] joined, now, by one of the superstars. nelly. seven solo album. "m.o." he'll be performing live in a few moments. with help of a special guest. we'll keep that under wraps for you. first, "m.o.," what can we expect? >> "m.o." all of my projects have been
8:47 am
diverse. very versatile. and i owe that credit to my fans because they allow me to do a various range of music from different beats, different rhythms, different styles. it's basically that. it's my method of operation. it's where i'm from, in the show-me-state. and me being who i am at all times. >> shoutout to missouri. indeed. and you mentioned different styles. florida/georgia line, huge hit. collaboration is a big deal for you. >> yeah. definitely. i love to collaborate with people and have as much for what it is that they do as i do. and i love to make people like if they have an idea, they may not think they're going to like it. after they hear it, they love it. that's gratification. >> where do you find the hours? and can you leave something for us? he's got a tv show.
8:48 am
and the cheerio's pitchman. it must be the honey. is it all good, filling up the time there? >> it pays to find things that take up more -- >> indeed. it was one of the great soundchecks this morning. time to get to the real thing, though. off the new album "m.o.," in stores now, it's nelly with rick james. ♪ i can't wait to spend this money spend it all on you ♪ ♪ it don't matter what it is what it cost, girl ♪ ♪ you see, i'm on pay-per-view see you standing on the couches ♪ ♪ bottles in the air dancing on the tables ♪ ♪ my accountant keeps the business runs ♪ ♪ that's what rich people do ♪ tell me put your number in my
8:49 am
phone i'm almost gone ♪ ♪ too much hey, hey ♪ ♪ here alone hey what i'm on ♪ ♪ in my zone ♪ everybody get down yeah, i'm rich, freeze ♪ ♪ everybody in the zone baby, hold my phone ♪ ♪ like what? everybody on the floor ♪ ♪ too early to go home oh, oh ♪ ♪ i can't wait to spend this money ♪ ♪ girl, what you want to do i don't drive or park no cars, girl ♪ ♪ see, i park avenue where we standing on the couches ♪ ♪ bottles in the air dancing on the tables ♪
8:50 am
♪ how about i send my pilot for you, baby? ♪ that's what rich people do ♪ tell me, put you're number in my phone i'm almost gone ♪ ♪ too much hey, hey ♪ ♪ here alone hey, what i'm on ♪ ♪ i stay in my zone ♪ everybody get down i'm rich, freeze ♪ ♪ everybody in the zone baby, hold my phone ♪ ♪ everybody on the floor too early to go home ♪ ♪ i say it everybody in the club ♪ ♪ how are you been ♪ it's looking for
8:51 am
i ain't going for it ♪ ♪ see that see these girls ♪ ♪ you follow me, girl everybody in the zone ♪ ♪ hold my phone oh, oh ♪ ♪ totally, everybody in the club hey, like, oh, oh ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
8:52 am
to those whoworried...... poked and prodded... taken risks... and lived in a state of "what if?"... welcome to a new state... of health. welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage. financial help for those in need. and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll now at or call 1-800-752-6631.
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8:54 am
that's the show. special thanks to kerry washington. and thanks for joining us. also, special guest here. and nelly, of course. before we go, know, can we get "it's getting hot in here"? [ cheers and applause ] ♪ oh ♪ uh, uh ♪ lil bit a eh, eh lil bit a eh, eh ♪ ♪ wanna lil bit a eh, eh and a little bit a eh, eh ♪ ♪ just a lil bit a eh, eh
8:55 am
just a lil bit a eh, eh ♪ ♪ just a lil bit a eh, eh just a lil bit a eh, eh ♪ ♪ i was like good gracious bodacious uh ♪ ♪ flirtatious trying to show patience ♪ ♪ i've been waiting for the right time to shoot my steeze you know ♪ ♪ waiting for the right time to flash them keys ♪ ♪ and i'm -- i'm leaving please believing oh ♪ ♪ me and the rest of my heathens ♪ ♪ got a lock out the top of the four seasons ♪ ♪ penthouse rooftop birds are feedin' ♪ ♪ no deceivin' nothing up my sleeve and ♪ ♪ no teasing i need you to ♪ ♪ get up up on the dance floor ♪ ♪ give that man what he askin' for ♪ ♪ 'cause i feel like busting loose ♪ ♪ you, and you ♪ can't nobody stop the juice so, baby, tell me what's the use ♪
8:56 am
♪ it so hot ♪ ♪ soe of all your clothes ♪ ♪ i am getting so hot i want to take my clothes off ♪ ♪ it's getting hot in here so hot ♪ ♪ so, take ♪ oh, it's getting hot in her ♪ so, take off all your cloth all your cloth and goggles ♪ her exit 106 and pa ♪ ashtray time gucci collar for dollar ♪ ♪ got out walked it ♪ , i lk is jei ♪ you with aner is jei ♪ you with aner can't leave cancun ♪ so, take it off
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
in santa fe, a small plane is being towed away after it land on a major roadway this morning, east capital expressway between tully road south of breeze view hill airport. this plane landed safely. it's in one piece. there have been no reports of injuries. right now, how about the traffic situation around there. leyla gulen? >> yeah, as we continue to look from sky 7-hd, that live picture of the plane being towed, they have capital expressway shut down, traffic was moving there. but it looks like traffic should reopen very soon. mike? >> let's look at that fire danger. it stars tonight, 6:00 through
9:00 am
6:00 saturday morning. it's above 1,000 feet. accuweather seven-day forecast, much warmer tomorrow through sunday. kristen? announcer: it's "live with kelly and michael." today, from the new film "gravity," sandra bullock. and recording artist and actor curtis "50 cent" jackson. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by isney-abc domestic television] announcer: now here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪ [cheers and applause]


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