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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  October 3, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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>> that is right. these two men say were the only two men with jonathan denver when he was stabbed in be san francisco. they admit there were words exchanged, a chair thrown but dispute the suspect's claim that denver was stabbed in self-defense. >> i was a kid that took my brother from me so soon to be behind bars. >> robert priest says he decided to tell the story because he wants justice for his little brother jonathan denver. the dodger fan stabbed to death last week after a giants game. >> we were walking up the street. that is when the group of guys came from behind us he says they went to the game to celebrate their father's 49th birthday. not everyone was a dodger fan. some wore giants gear.
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after the game after a stop in a bar priest, john and their friend joey were walking near third and harrison. a large group of men came up behind him. that group included michael montgomery arks rested for stabbing denver and later leased. >> why would you carry a knife if you weren't anticipating something is going to happen? or if you guys weren't going to do anything or looking for trouble. >> we were just walk down street. >> joey says reports that their group had encountered montgomery and his friends earlier are untrue. >> all of a sudden just broke out into fighting. >> who threw the first punch? they d they we were three guy autos how many were they? >> 8. >> montgomery's father says his son stabbed him in self-defense. >> i was just protecting my brother.
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>> robert priest says he, not john swung a chair at montgomery. >> what kind of chair? >> just a aluminium beach chair. a gift my dad gave me from dodger stadium. >> montgomery has been released police continue to investigate his claims that he stabbed denver in self-defense. >> from police department can't end the fight with a knife. >> someone took my brother too soon. too soon. it wasn't worth it. >> san francisco da says he won't charge montgomery until there are independent witnesses or evidence that could lead to conviction. in fort bragg laura anthony abc 7 news. >> three high school students taken to the hospital this afternoon after a bus collided with a truck. sky 7 was there shortly
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the accident happened. the bus hit a white pick up, then an suv. three students were taken off the bus and taken to the hospital. none of the other students or driver was injured. >> cal fire preparing for several days of wildfires around the state. a small one broke out today in brush alongside san bruno mountains. it was quickly extinguished. temperatures are not extreme but weather service issued five fire weather watches and red flag warnings for california including one for hills around the bay area. >> fire dag danger is on the rise, snidz smiz sunny skies, mild conditions but it's breezy. we'll get breezier into the evening hours. we have dry, gusty winds and red flag warning in effect right now until 6:00 saturday
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morning for the bay area hills above 1,000 feet. winds gusting 35-45 miles per hour with stronger gusts in the higher elevations. humidity down to 10% to 20%. there is a wind advisory in effect for sacramento valley until 11:00 tomorrow night. strong winds in those areas as well. right now look looking at winds above 25 miles per hour in napa. half moon bay, 24. you can see it's windy around the bay area. humidity is low inland loks right now between 10% and 20%. >> cal fire staffed and ready to go. most of the state is still in fire season. but if the federal government shut down goes on too long it could jeopardize response to a major wildfire.
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wayne? >> it's interesting watching red flag day to fight fires. the air base run since 3:00 on their own with four separate calls. they knew it was coming on a red flag fire day it wasn't a matter of if, but when. that is what the men and women had been telling us just moments before. >> they contend in just a moment. >> no different than, you know a fireman on fire station we're just waiting to slide down the pole. we just don't have one. >> when a puff of wind tickles flags on a pole, they take notice. these they had a busy summer. since impass in washington they've been going on their own without help from national
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guard including large c kbr. 10 tanks near sachblgt. >> for us to be able to sustain operations and be ready to go, they're absolutely critical. >> the lieutenant colonel took a advance of voicing frustration. half of the staff has gone on furlough stoornt of the dangerous firefighting month. >> support maintenance sup export back bone of our operational support will be missing. >> a red flag case like this >> as to his personal records in a six-hour period he left 29 times. >> especially now in a 10-hour shift scramble first, ask questions later.
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>> what is this? say? about the kind of flying you do? >> yes. we bounce around a lot. >> now, you can get weather alerts at radar throughout the red flag warning period by down loading the weather app on abc 7 >> firefighters continue to battle flames in their recycling plant. railroad ties are feeding the fire. sparks caused a small grass fire extinguished. the freeway had to be closed because of heavy smoke. fire crews are expected to be at the scene several more hours. and fire damaged a 12-unit apartment building this afternoon. fire officials say the building is no longer safe to occupy. the fire broke out on a second floor and is involved when firefighters arrived on the scene.
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the cause remains under investigation. >> felony charges have now been filed against a walnut creek man and his son in what could turn out to be the largest securities fraud case in california history. at stake $700 million from about 2800 investors. many of them in the bay area. abc 7 news dan voice -- dan noyes is here now with an update. >> it's been two years since reporting the fbi and sec were investigating walter ask kelly ng. the criminal case is finally moving forward. many people have lost their live savings. >> over the past 35 year, walter ng and his son ran limited partnerships. then made loans to real estate developers. the charging document, united states of america versus walter ng and kelly ng say
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they looted funds by making withdrawals and charged with structuring for the purpose of evading requirements. being a hell of a long delay. >> the 81-year-old doctor is typical of the ng investors met through friends and lost more than $400,000. he had to delay his retirement, and. >> aprilly at last. i'll be happier when they're sitting in jail. and happier yet if able to extract anything, pu i think we may have lost every penny. >> the ngs face a civil case from the sec. and using assets to rescue a rapidly collapsing fund.
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one class action lawsuit thinks ngs and others may face additional charges. >> i think we'll find during this period, the people were supposed to be watching over them, they're ktants, lawyers and bankers were in the doing their job. >> ngs set for arraignment in one month. i'll be there to cover it. the attorney declined to comment today and kelly ng's lawyer did not call me back. an irs ruling from the bernie madoff case came into play. investors may be able to deduct up to 95% of the losses. >> just heart breaking. >> thank you. thank you very much. seven days before a possible bart strike. both sides are still talking tonight in oakland. management is setting latest offer by unions. workers lowered base pay to increases below 15% over three
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years. >> they should have no problem with the prose proe poseal so we're expecting an agreement. >> observers say that may be optimistic. previous proposal put union asks bart $100 million abart. >> we do appreciate the offer made by yun skbrinz have been working hard since receiving the cost of it. we're still split on four year contract versus three year contract that. is important to us. >> don't expect governor brown to step in to save the day again, he's not awill youed to order another cooling off period. >> still head here tonight a look at what can happen when tesla catches fire. is driving more dangerous than sitting on a tank of gas? >> california's new law, a
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bill that won't take affect for months. >> a tv ad promises notebooks for a dime. a customer finds out she has to spend more to get the deal. i'm michae
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twitter unsealed paper work for initial public offering revealing it hopes to raise $1 billion. disclosing solid numbers now has 215 million active users.
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the company is still losing money and had a net loss of $79 million despite revenues that nearly tripled. still, twitter ipo is one of the most anticipated stock sales of the year. >> what this proves is that many people dismissed as useless. it's not briefing it's a internet media power house. >> twitter is expected to go public next month. >> tesla is under scrutiny after video this week of a battery fire. tesla says the safety warning system worked as designed and no one was injured. >> the underside of a vehicle is vulnerable in an accident.
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for gas powered cars that is what the fuel tank is for model s that is where batteries are. tela says it happened after the driver struck a large metal object in the road. tesla says this was not spontaneous. automotive technology inspector explains what probably happened. >> something hit the battery. if shorted it will cause heat and could catch on fire. >> tesla model s is housed in a steel case covering the bottom of the vehicle. inside are 16 partitions including lithium cells. the battery pack made at tesla's fremont pack. >> tesla builds so the battery
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isn't one lithium mass. >> the fire broke out in a front partition. firefighters say it was a stubborn fire tla reignited. the company would not go on camera but issued this comment, quote, the car system signal aid problem instructing the driver to pull over, which he did. no one was injure skptd occupant had time to exit safely. the battery pack is low on purpose you want a low center of gravity in the car. this is the heaviest component you and may want to haimpk that battery like filling a tank with gasoline. >> all right. almost to the weekend weather looking good. >> yes. spencer christian is here now. >> nice, sunny and getting
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milder. here is a look at doppler 7 hd. breezy towards ocean beach, readings 66 in san francisco. 70 in los gatos, how about this view. under sunny skies right now, it's 74 at santa rosa and napa. 72 novato. and here is a view of downtown san jose. gusting winds overnight. breezy already. there are warmer days still to come tomorrow and saturday temperatures rising. here is a satellite image i'll show you why we have these windy conditions right now. pressure difference between center of company inskplnd
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senters of low pressure off shore that is alignment producing strong winds. that is what we have now. at 7:00 it will be gust eye along the coast with winds up to 43 miles per hour up north and port arena. point arena, i should say. gusty inland at fairfield. gusts peak around 11:00 tonight. and are they'll be strong up to about 50 miles per hour at fairfield by 3:00 a.m. and later we'll see winds brisk but gusts will be weaker during early morning hours. some cooler readings a low of 48. highs tomorrow, will be sunny,
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breezy but warm in the south bay highs into low to mid-80s. the high of 83 of redwood city. 72 pacifica, downtown san francisco, warm tomorrow. the high 76 we'll see warmth across the north bay, highs. >> noo low to mid-80s. 381 in oakland. 81 livermore, 82 in fairfield. here is the accu-weather forecast. warmest day will be sunday highs upper 80s to near 90. low 70s on the coast. warmth starting to moderate monday then getting clouds in on the cool down tuesday, maybe even shower or two tuesday there. is a slight chance of rain that day. >> thank you. >> coming up next a new idea for a valuable plot of land in
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tonight stocks closed lower. dow jones closed below the 15,000 mark. because of a shut down labor department says it will not release it's september jobs report tomorrow. staple as qired a silicon
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valley software company appearing to be stepping up a challenge to amazon by buying a local company based in san mateo. and arrdio is launched partly owned by cumulus media owning and runs hundreds of actual radio stations compete lg for smart phone and tab blet listeners. >> a south bay school district wants to build two new schools. santa clara unified has been negotiating for years to buy the 81-acre former agnew east development center and wants to build two schools and create a park on the site. but the state decided to put the property up for open bidding after it could not agree on a price with the school district. >> it shouldn't be the highest
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bidder. sometimes we have to put the value of a school up to the value of a 7-11. >> the city and district working on a shared plan. bids due by november 21. >> there is more still to come here tonight at 6:00. you'll see the dramatic confrontation that put the u.s. capitol on lock down today. what we know about the woman at the wheel. >> also, arrest this week of a suspected online drug mer qhant a look
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good evening, late developments on a high speed police shoot being near the u.s. capitol. it happened and started with a woman driving a black infinitey tried to drive through barricades in front of the white house.
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and both are okay. the washington post quoting law enforcement sources identified the driver as a 34-year-old mariam carey of connecticut. a 1-year-old child in the car is okay. >> this is a lengthy process. there were multiple vehicles rammed and officers struck. so it does not appear this is an accident. >> the shooting led to a temporary lock down on the capitol, some terrified moments for lawmakers and staffers told to shelter in place. people outside described chaos like this. >> there are police everywhere. and it's scary. >> late tonight a bomb squad call md to help search a connecticut home believed to be where carey lived. she was killed behind the wheel today.
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what did trigger this remains unknown. >> we told but at rest of a reported mastermind of a global online black market that made more than $1 billion in drug sales that, arrest went down in a san francisco public library. vic lee has been working on this story. it's like something out of a movie it s a bad movie this, is part of the latest effort by the federal government to crack down on the marketplaces which have grown because of the virtual occurrenceys and software helping users browse without detection. now in months there have been other arrests but none as significant as this one. >> there is bmrf you want cocaine there is sheet marketplace. but the biggest and most successful of all online black
6:31 pm
markets was closed by the feds. they arrested a young man they say ran it. the 29-year-old entrepreneur looked clean cut and innocent. the fbi says he was living the live of a digital drug lord operating a black market called the silk road on the so called deep webb where fictitious names are used. his name was dread pirate roberts like the movie "princess bride". >> court records show silk road sold $1.2 billion worth of illegal drugs generating commissions by being the middle man for those transactions. these documents say the silt was used by several thousand drug dealers around the world but now is in custody. he was arrested tuesday at the
6:32 pm
glenn park branch of the san francisco library. >> they heard a crashing sound. >> library spokesperson says staffers went out to find what's happening. >> they walked over to look and saw a library user up against the window by several other fbi agents. >> he reportedly lived at several addresses, an apartment on this block is one of them. this internet cafe he frequented. several patrons said they recognize this picture but never spoke to him. all were surprised. >> staying here and someone next to you drinking coffee is selling heroin is crazy, right? >> he has been charged with
6:33 pm
trying to hire a hit man to kill a user who tried to reveal identities of thousands of other users. he goods back to court to.. >> this is fascinating thank you very much. some argue silk road able to exist because it dealt in bit coins. an anonymous occurrencey has been catching on. in a pink store front, cups and cakes bakery is world famous but not for deep chocolate but this sticker. >> most customers pay cash or credit. cups and cakes accept another payment. bit coins. >> 36s stdz total. let's check out now.
6:34 pm
they scan the code it happens digitally says c net's brian coolly. you can't get a coin or paper that represents it. it's in digital accounts over the internet. >> and it's value changes by the minute. >> now, it's 117.2. >> it's electronic. >> you're operating far more out of the spotlight. being watched by hundreds. >> for the moment these are one of the few things you can buy but that hasn't stopped people from betting big in cases converting millions of dollars into bit coins. >> tech crunch writer tells us the value fell off a cliff when word got out the web site shut down. >> it was a marketplace that
6:35 pm
only accepted bit coins because they wanted to trade on silk road. >> he says there will be another silk road but jennifer hopes to keep show gg side by selling a different kind of substance. >> i am not selling drugs, i'm selling cupcakes. it's easy to say, like, it's legit. >> well, enjichb a small plane will be taken apart to find out what forced a landing on a san jose street. sky 7 above the plane this morning. and the pilot and passenger on a training flight when the plane experienced problems. these are the neither pilot or passengers were injured. >> that is a weird site.
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>> coming up next a bay area woman spots a deal too good to be true. >> a
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a popular office supply store ran an ad for 10 cent notebooks. >> michael finney is here now to tell. >> she got very upset. store manager told her she'd have to spend money to get that bargain. >> it began when ellen saw this 15 second ad on tv. staples were offering notebooks just 10 cents each. >> she flashed colors blue, red, green. it caught your eye. >> it was a back to school special. but ellen thought the colored notebooks were exactly what she needed to organize events for her ski club and only a
6:40 pm
dime each. she marched down ask asked for her 10 cent notebooks. ma that where she found a little catch. >> i get there. they say there is a $5 minimum charge. >> the clerk told her she'd have to buy $5 worth of other stuff at the store. >> she smoed me the print ad in the store. sure enough it said $5 minimum charge. i said that is fine but that is not what it said in your tv ad. and the manager said well sorry there is nothing i can do for you ellen left without buying anything when the same ad came on tv she tried to find notice about a $5 minimum. >> i never say the minimum charge. i was looking for it ellen says she wanted the ad to tell her about conditions before she went shopping. she contacted 7 on your side.
6:41 pm
we asked staples about this. the retailer provided us a copy saying yes, it did have required disclo shurks ellen looked and didn't see it. then... >> i saw it. >> it's there in a flash. we freeze the frame. you can see $5 minimum. there in small print. we counted it on the screen 1.7 seconds. staples gave us a statement saying the ad comply was rules about truth in advertising and it is, indeed on the ad. staples said we strive to come up with great skpofrz communicate to customers and our advertising comply was network guidelines now retailers do not have to disclose conditions for special deals. if you see an ad it might be
6:42 pm
just as quick. check before you shop. >> thank you. >> coming up next, california new law granting driver's licenses to illegal immigrants. >> a bill that
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california is on a list of states that will allow illegal immigrants to obtain driver's licenses. governor brawn saying it's only the first step. abc 7 news is in los angeles. >> from dignitaries to dish washers, several hundred people crowded on to steps of l.a. city hall in support for landmark legislation that grants driving privileges to undo documented immigrants in california. >> no longer are undocumented people in the shadows they're alive and well and respected. >> supporters of the legislation hailed it as a major step towards rights.
6:46 pm
>> those immigrants come with hopes and aspirations to realize the american dream. >> ab 60 will grant people a special driver's license so long as they pass the required test. according to officials they will be valid for driving purposes and cannot be used to fly for voter registration or receive public benefits, critics say the law goes too far. >> this was kobled together in three hours of session it and doesn't address concerns i don't think it's going to make roads safer. >> supporters argue it will make roads safer. >> with this bill over a million drivers will be more likely to have been tested to have have insurance to know rules of the road and to obey the laws of the state and
6:47 pm
man says he's from peru driving without a license for 12 years, he says this will give him peace of mind as he drives to work. officials estimate 1.4 million people will apply for the special licenses, they're due to be issued starting in january of 2015. >> spectacular. >> it s let's check in now with spencer. >> going to be spectacular again, tomorrow, you can see live doppler 7, clear skies across the bay area tomorrow, sunny skies and windy in some areas. warm with high temperatures into low to mid-80s, mid-70s and tomorrow night at o dot co coliseum, game one of the playoff series there. game time 6:30, 75 degrees, sunny skies that won't last
6:48 pm
long. here is the accu-weather forecast. we've got warm day as head, sunday will be the peak of warming with highs into upper 80s and low to mid-70s on the coast. temperatures tapering off monday and a chance of rain tuesday at this point that is far away. >> yes. >> thank you. >> between now and game time, you can keep track of the forecast for yourself by down loading abc 7 news weather app. >> check that out when you can. here is a group of a's fans showing pride. a's in the playoffs in the next game is tomorrow. >> send us your fan photos. are you can share them on abc 7 news facebook page or on twitter. >> and someone will be snapping photos tomorrow. >> yes. exactly larry? >> yes. i'll be out there. >> well, i'll dot forecast, too. i'll take individual
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photos and we'll be in the horse shoe area between arena and stadium come on out. injury updates on two big sluggers heading into the series. both banged up and losing a temper can be costly. just ask patr
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a's and tigers scare of tomorrow. everybody pumped up. injuries might be a factor here. he's going to play tiger slugger miguel cabrerra has a hip groin issue and in pain. this year see hue long each stays in this game. a's won the season series 4-3
6:53 pm
but numbers over the a's are that meaningless now. >> there are two good teams both have respect for each other. it feels like we've seen them quite a bit up to this point. >> you work hard for, you put extra hours to do to be on the spot. >> and game one, pirates and cardinals in st. louis. cards would explode for seven runs, carlos belltran, a towering bla. his 15th career ties babe ruth. sharks open at s of s.a.p
6:54 pm
center. after weeks of camp sharks had injury issues. that tonight in the tank time to drop the puck. >> that is five games already, i'm good to go. >> we're deep, you know? we're missing him already. we're a deep team and a steady team. >> patrick wau kb. gh exchanging words with the ducks coach. come get some. come get it. you want some? $10,000 so congrats on the win,
6:55 pm
they'll pay. could be inexpensive season. niners and texan was several things in common. both losing to seahawks. houston lost two in a row. richard sherman, stanford man. niners know they cannot take them lightly. >> i would say everything is team. you can't base it on the fact they lost a couple games. because that could be the same team to come back and win division. going far into playoffs we have to plan this, is good. >> you goes one on one with shu right after the game. the president's cup got bad hair cuts with local barbers
6:56 pm
and went with wigs. check out sparky here. he's ready. the rain halts matches, americans leading 3.5 to 2.5 after day one. >> go wing autos yes. >> thank you. >> join me tonight at 9:00 the government shut down, national parks closed and turning some communities into virtual ghost town autos then, what we're learning about the woman behind the wheel of a dhar took police on a chase outside of the u.s. capitol, coming up tonight at 11:00. >> now, prime time here on abc 7 starts tonight with scandal. secret is out. a recap, then, it's grey's anatomy followed by scandal. you can see them online or on
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demand with our watch app. watch abcapp. >> that does it for this edition. >> from all of us here, thanks for watching. connect with us any time you wish on twitter.
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