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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  October 3, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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[ male announcer ] the all-new cla. [ shots fired]. >> car out of control. gunfir gunfire. chaos and panic at the u.s. capitol. tonight the woman behind the wheel of the black car is dead. shot by police. and her mother is revealing to news what may have been behind the bizarre behavior. good evening everyone i'm carolyn. >> we learn more tonight about the woman identified as the driver, 34-year-old miriam kerry worked as dental hygienist. her mother said she suffered ptsd following recent birth of her daughter. task force searched her home tonight in stanford, connecticut and investigators also speaking with her sister in brooklyn. >> as for the baby police rescued the child from the car
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writ after the shooting. you can see an officer running with that child to safety. she was not harmed. karen has more now on the investigation from washington top. >> it was a dramatic high speed chase from the white house to the u.s. capitol. it ended with law enforcement officials shot and and killed female suspect. mile an hour why kerry of stanford, connecticut with a history of mental illness. chase began at 2:18 p.m. at the south east corner of white house compound, rammed into a barricade. >> the the driver takes off right up pennsylvania avenue taking secret service and capitol police officers on wild chase. for mile and a half around dc iconic monument. the driver stopped at the botanical garden surrounded by police with their guns drawn. patrol car tries to block her but she puts it in reverse and speeds away. the first shots are fired. >> i heard the gunshot then the
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ka are tore out of the area back towards the direction police car was following. >>reporter: at 2:45 p.m. she's financially stopped near the senate office building. block from the supreme court. law makers at the capitol hear another round of gunfire capitol complex on lock down. they are told to shelter in place. >> heard pop. 3 to 5 pops. if shots or not. >>reporter: authorities are trying to piece together a motive. no weapon was found in the suspect vehicle. inside was toddler under harmed. because of the government shut down the u.s. capitol police involved in today pursuit are not getting paid. won't see a paycheck until the shut down ends. this is capitol hill. [applause]. >> rare moment of unity in congress. democrat and republican in the house praised the quick work of capitol police officers for keeping them safe. lawmakers gave them
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a standing ovation on the floor thanking officers for quickly containing the threat outside. now we will bring you updates on the investigation into the capitol hill shooting on air and on line. on our web site where you can see dramatic images of the shooting from the first people on the scene. >> following breaking news grass fire in napa torched 200 acres and still burning rate now. fire broke out around 8:15 tonight in the area of the knoxville road and east side road on the northeast end of the lake. fire officials say strong winds are fueling the fire. 5 threatened by the blaze and people in 4 counties are reporting smelling the very strong smokey odor. in confirmation if that's where it comes from but the winds are coming from the north. there are no evacuations right now. >> also happening right now. firefighters put out major fire burning at recycling plant in stockton. s all started 3 this
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afternoon strong wind gust flames ember sparking 18 other fires in that area. near i-5 and highway 4 thick smoke forced freeway closure as well. allen is in stockton tonight. >> bulldozer to brick apart the burning bale of cardboard packed so tight like giant flame logs. fire spread to the recycling plant in stockton at 3:00 o'clock. firefighters couldn't get to it soon enough. >> in this case the fire started at the front and absolutely prohibited our unit to get into the fire scene. >>reporter: heavy wind gust blew smoke across the interstate forcing closure of the south bound lane for about 2 hours. storm of ember ignited 18 spot fires including one that lit up the oil soaked railroad tie that started bonfire. ember kept blowing into a neighborhood 3 miles away the and set the house on
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fire. >> you would expect it to be more than just one and had to happen twice. it's unfortunat unfortunate. >> reporter: second floor of the house caught on fire and collapsed on the garage. but before it happened quick thinking firefighters started the 62 chevy impala and saved it. it belongs to her uncle out of town. >> he's spent years on this ca car. if pretty much like one of his kid. one of his very most prized possession. >>reporter: firefighters say they are preparing for long battle that will last through the night and well that the da day. in stockton, allen wong 7 news. >> the as allen showed you wednesday pick up tonight. prompting red flag warning in some of the bay area higher elevation. gusty conditions and dropping humidity and heat and equate to dangerous fir condition in several couldn't until at least saturday mornin morning. at cal fire sonoma air attack base fire retardant
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dropping flames stood ready for take off. the goal there no more than a 20 minute response time. >> breaking news from san francisco where the blustery wind blew 2 stories of scaffolding into a set of power lines in portrero hill. it was up gains wall of building under renovation. pg&e crew called out to fix the damage to the lines. let's check in now with sandhya who is keeping an eye on the windy conditions out there. >>reporter: yes. those winds wram rampping up. i'll show the wind speed in just a moment here. sky are clear. radar on mount saint helena tracking changes, high gusty wind and advisory until saturday 6:00 a.m. for all the hills you see shade entered red. gust of 45 miles per hour stronger higher humidity 10 to 20 percent. wind advisory also for the straits and delta until 11:00 p.m. tonight. the humidity is lowering. winds kicking up. check out the hilltop winds
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mountain tamalpiais wind gust right new and 34 oakland hills. you get the wind direction coming out of the north and dries atmosphere relative humidity is dropping. now 22 percent in the oakland hills. and check out the wind currently coming out of the north with wind direction around napa 37 miles an hour 40 in fairfield. you know the fire burning near lake and wind out of this direction is fueling the smoke into the area and rate now we can smell that strong, smokey smell from the fire burning north of here. it's the strong winds bringing that smoke air down here. i'll be back with a look at your temperatures and they will be heading up sharply more on the warm-up for your weekend coming up. >> all right sandhya thank you. >> remember weather alert and arrive radar throughout the warnings by down loading our weather app. go to the our web site. >> fast moving fire burns
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through sunnyvale apartment this afternoon destroying number of units and force resident to find new homes. the the fire quickly went to third alarm with heavy black smoke and flames. firefighters did get another control around 4 this afternoon but fire officials say the building is too damaged to live in. >> 3 high school students were taken to the hospital today after the school bus collided in a truck. it happened at east julian and north 28 street. we were overhead medley after the crash. bus was carrying 48 students from san jose high when it hit a white pickup truck that turned in front of it. truck then hit an suv. the driver was also hospitalized after complaining of pain. her son rushed to the scene. now all of the injuries are considered to be minor. mother who lost her 11 in neighborhood park was remembered by her community exploratorium tl park worker ran over christina's she and her baby relaxed in holly park.
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amma was at tonight vigil in san francisco where her husband spoke about the tragedy. >> it's completely changed my world. >>reporter: he spoke at vigil tonight for his wife christy. she was killed month ago right here on the lawn at holly park when park employee tom ran her over with his truck while she was sun bathe with infant and dog. >> tl of after the vigil organizers passed around a petition calling on the department to enforce the policy to use spotters any time a vehicle veers off paved path way. matthew signed that petition e.we just felt that it was story that could have been anyone of us. i think we knew when you think about that then you are empathetic and want to participate. >> supervisor david is also getting involved. he represents the neighborhood
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here and called for hearing next thundershowers take a cholesteroler look at that spotter policy. pl currently on paid administrative leave and out on bail. district attorney is waiting for more evidence before filing charges. they have to decide if this will be a felony or misdemeanor case. his lawyer contends what happens was an accident. this is 7 news. >> president obama has cancelled plans to visit asia next week because of the government shut down. president obama says house speaker boehner has the power to medleyen the shut down by allowing a vote on budget stripped of partisan attachmen attachment. but republican lawmakers say the president refs to negotiate. shut down stretched into the third day today. hundreds of thousands of federal workers are now on furlough and unsirnts impacting wall street. dow dropped 136 points today. >> just ahead. hear from the people involved in that terrifying road rage incident caught on camera. video made national headlines and tonight
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we learn more from a woman inside the suv and what the bike versus to say if their defense. >> twitter make public the secret i p o filing. why some say the company isn't really ready to go public. >> and big let down for kite surfer in the bay. why they kept the coast guard and
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>> wife of suv driver chased down assaulted by group of motorcyclist in new york says her husband only wanted to protect his family. whole thing captured on video. probably see. group of motorcyclist surrounded a car manhattan west side highway. driver is then takes off but runs over one of the riders. he was then chased down. pulled from the car and beaten. his wife and 2-year-old daughter were inside. one of the bikers spoke tonight saying fellow rideers were ready to walk away. >> look at the end of the video. he walked away. what you don't see after the video is the guy mouthing off. which is more aggressive behavior. pl don't be aggressive. >>reporter: the wife expressed sympathy to the injured biker but says her husband was faced with life threatening situation. police say she called 911 4 times asking for help.
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>> highly anticipated stock sale since facebook moving forward twitter filed go public revealing for the first time hoping to raise 1 billion dollars. some are questioning the timing of the offering. here's pl lisa. it's official. twitter is going public. look at the i p o filing. twitter reports revenue of 2 54 million dollars for the first half of this year expenses reached 3 16 million. still the company lost 69 million dollars during the same time period. analyst doesn't think twitter is ready for this move. much like facebook wasn't. when it went been last year. >> we have had a feeding friendy on the stock. financial didn't support the value asian that it reached. it collapsed under the weight. >>reporter: also thinks the current government shut down is huge obstacle for twitter. >> with the government shut down thinks turns into ugly
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market for i p o so really do want to hope the government recovers and come back. >> twitter isn't changing course just yet and people still talking about the newest i p o filing. >> if about my answer is no. i would not get involved in twitter i p o. >> prison for the stock should be determined in the next 3 weeks, this is 7 news. >> you heard strong wind advisory for the bay area tonight. but little help for kite surfer today. without enough wind the kites aren't going anywhere this afternoon. coast guard got called on down kite surfer near the san mateo bridge. nobody was ever in any serious trouble. just strande stranded. wasn't enough wind for wind surfing. >> dr. matcly change. let's check now with sandhya for the very latest.
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>> we are hacking at the strong gusty winds. we saw video earlier in the broadcast scaffolding knocked down. could see it again at morning commute. power licenses and trees knocked down. be careful out there. give yourself plenty of time for the morning commute. live doppler 7 hd writ now tracking clear conditions relative humidity is dropping. 16 percent in livermore. very dry santa ros rosa. 18 percent in the teens napa so the wind is drying out the air mass. east bay hills camera showing you what it loo looks like right now and a little bit on the shakey side. 69 in san francisco. 68 in san carlos. oakland. san jose 62 degrees in half machine bay one of the cool spots in the mid 50's. view from the mountain tam camp. this is bringing the smoke odor from the lake area down to the san francisco area. spu smell the smoke that's creating it. still warm because of north wind in santa rosa. 70 degrees at 69 in nap
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napa. 70 currently in livermore for the roof cam are the flag blowing tree sway in the wind out there. gusty wind. high fair danger in the hills and we lack at warmer days tomorrow and saturday and into sunday. >> right down out of the north. that will continue as you notice here. wind will peek tonight about 45 miles an hour at 11:00 p.m. for the fairfield area. 11:30 then you see them getting close to 50 miles an hour before we start to see them letting up but not for the morning commute. still very rough in spots about give yourself plenty of time for the morning commute. in the afternoon the winds ease up a bit and we will see a little bit of a switch in the direction. until then, though, about gusty winds overnight tonight. mostly clear sky. temperatures in 50's for most
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of us. santa cruz afternoon hours warmer day you notice san jose and milpitas sunnyvale 83 santa cruz. sunshine on the peninsula. 83 redwood city. mountain view. warm day in pacifica. 72 degrees. south san francisco. north bay you will see the windy conditions. warming you up into the low 80's for santa rosa and no have the 0vallejo out to the east bay. 81 oakland. fremont. it's sunny. inland union degrees in livermore. 82 concord. 83 in walnut creek. accu-weather 7 day forecast make your weekend plans. keep this in mind the winds will ease up. it will be warm from the beaches to the bay to inland. mid upper 80's inland to mid 80's around the bay. 70's coast side. cooling it off slight chance of written on tuchlts much cooler. >> looks like it. thanks very much. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week.
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pillsbury grands biscuits. make dinner pop! and school nights turn into grands mini pizza nights. . >> good evening. shark drop the buck on new season tonight hosting rival from vancouver. shark brought the gun out of the play off last year as always. high expectation. for the men in teal this season but they strike first. power play. daniel of the brothers feeding garrison and pl it's one nothing vancouver. 19-year-old in the second. nhl debut with the assist. we are tied at 1. under 2 minutes to play. first goal in 19 months. it has been awhile. they win the opener 4-1. funny line from tiger
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pitcher who starts game 1 in oakland. asked about the coliseum i heard the plumbing isn't up to standard. heard right mack. hoping to flush the a's in the division series. opener. he led the league. 21 win and 7 strike out. facing could loan with 18. heat at 40 years old after meeting in last week play off and series in august here is both familiarity and respect on both sides. >> 2 good teams. both have respect for each other. certainly we do for them. feels like we have seen them quite a bit from last year up to this point. i'm excited. this is what you work hard for. this is what you put in all strat hours to do, to be in the spot. >> game 1 dodgers braves serie series. her shaw message for atlanta. you get nothing and like it. go 7 innings struck
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out 12. 6-1. pirates and cardinals. 1 time giant carlos beltran break the game open to the bottom in the third. hits it into a sea of red. beltran 15 career tie. st. louis wins 9-1. thursday night football second quarter i have to get this for halloween. to benjamin. show me me the benjamin across the field with the 350 spinner. 79 yard touch down. head quarterback come in $18 left the game with a knee injury. looked serious. brandon demoted and he's back. hits josh juggling cash browns with 37-24. 3 and 2 now in first place in the afc north.
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how about the college football. no. 12 ucla provides a scare in utah. up by 3. bruins quarterback huntly goes the distance. 36 yards. beware the bruins. facing cal next week. 7 sports brought to you by riff rock casino if smelling l it all over the bay area, this smoke. >> pretty pronounced. up from the napa year. amazing. >> really is. >> about trillion of dollar in
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with qualifying bundles. to those who've encountered welcome to covered california. new, affordable health plans so you can be ready for whatever comes your way. enroll today at is is. >> look at the wake up weather.
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red flag warning and wind advisory for northeast bay hills. santa cruz mountains and delta and morning has 50's and 60's and news director sent me an e-mail it's very windy the last half hour or so. be careful in the morning. we track the winds in the morning. >> thanks. >> about 4 trillion dollars what would you do. >> they ask themselves that took. >> they found the money in the bank account and short time yesterday that was reality for several customers. >> one man had 4 trillion i don't know in his account. another woman had 40 trillion. >> bank said it was all a computer glitch quickly direct corrected. >> take out 1 trillion. >> oh, man how frustrating. thanks for joining us everyone. >> abc 7 news continues now on line on twitter facebook and all did mobile devices with our next newscast.
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>> dickey: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, john mayer. this week in unnecessary censorship. and from "scandal", katie lowes, with cleto and the cletones. and now, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you for watching at home.


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