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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  October 4, 2013 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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gusty winds are sparking problems around the bay area. today this wind-driven grass fire near livermore scorched nearly 150 acres. firefighters have contained this fire, because red flag warning is in effect for higher elevations. >> the wind toppled trees like this one that landed on a pickup truck in napa. one of the branches shattered
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the windshield. >> scaffolding on a building under renovation in san francisco came loose damaging power lines here. >> the fire, heavy fire conditions in the attic with heavy wind conditions, gusty at that time, driving the fire. >> and the cause of this house fire in san jose is under investigation. but there's doubt -- or there's no doubt that the wind helped fuel the flames. good morning. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm cheryl jennings. >> let's check in with mike nicco for the windiest spots. >> we'll start with the current conditions. gusting to 44 in fairfield. 31 in napa which has been the fast spot around the bay area throughout the borni imorning h. 25 at sfo, 25 at mountain view. the wind advisory is for north-northeast wind sustained at 20 to 30, with gusts up to 40. that's in the north bay,
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mountains, east bay hills and diablo range. a lot of the passes, you will have issues. white knuckling. it's a red-flag warning. the high fire danger continues above 1,000 feet. but it's longer than the 3:00 stop time for the wind advisory, it's until 6:00 tomorrow morning for all the areas in red. any time you step away from the tv, you can get live radar and weather alerts by downloading our abc7news weather app. we'll have more on the heat coming in the forecast. look at the camera on the bay bridge just bouncing around there. that's crazy. cleanup is underway in many bay area neighborhoods where fierce winds have caused a whole lot of damage. aim my hollyfield is live in san leandro with some examples. >> reporter: wae ae are here in leandro on halcion drive, not a
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good place for a tree, so they had to clear it out of here quickly. fire departments all over the east bay say they have been busy. winds from the storm overnight did quite a bit of damage outside, and kept people inside awake and nervous. >> it was a wild storm. electricity went off four times, the doors were shakinshaking. the windows were shaking. >> reporter: he could hear how bad, but couldn't see how bad until he came out and saw his neighbor's tree lying in the driveway. >> amazing. >> reporter: this is on oak crest drive. the storm tore up this area of oakland. fences fell like this one, and trees were knocked down like this one at skyline in redwood road it started a small fire when it crashed. one quickly put out. the debris from this tree created quite a mess.
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this tree was down in adiablo. it's amazing. i live in tracy, it's not like that there now. usually tracy is the bad spot. it's bizarre. came around the corner, saw this. crazy. >> >> reporter: in san leandro a huge tree came down on halcion avenue, coming uncomfortably close to the people who arrive at a scene like this after the fact. >> actually fell right in front of us. >> reporter: officer fletcher and his partner were driving on the over side of the road when it came down. we asked him to describe it. >> the loud crack, it's like watching a film in slow motion. it just comes straight down. >> reporter: pretty unusual that we get to interview the person who saw the tree falling. he said they were shocked and very relieved that there were no cars going in the opposite direction or any pedestrians in the path of that tree. he said that was lucky break. we saw a lot of damage this morning, but we have not heard
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of injuries. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. some of the trees that have fallen have taken down power lines a snapshot here of who's without electricity now. in the east bay, 070 customers are in the dark. south bay 353. in the north bay, 227. san francisco, 230. on the peninsula 33 customers are still without power. pg&e is reminding people to stay away from power lines on the ground. in oakland they're resorting to a different tactic to keep a nearby fence from blowing over. the construction worker is cutting holes in this green fence surrounding a safeway store under construction. if you took pictures of the wild weather or damage where you live, please send it to us. we want to see it send your pick chores and video to we hope to share some of them on air and online. crews are keeping a close eye on the weather as they try to contain a fire burning near
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lake berryessa in napa county. so far it's charred 376 acres. firefig firefig firefighters hope to have it contained by tonight. the city of san jose is in court right now fighting major league baseball to bring the a's to san jose. today is the first hearing before a federal judge. katie marzullo joins us outside court. >> reporter: the hearing wrapped up not five minutes ago. you can see the attorney representing the city of san jose, he's talking with the media now saying he's hopeful things in the hearing will go his way. baseball is in a unique situation in sports, it's a sanctioned monopoly, an exception to antitrust. this is the first and only hearing in which major league baseball is trying to get the case dismissed altogether, arguing that the location of a
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team, the relocation of a team falls under the business of baseball. and only mlb can decide if the a's can move. san jose says the relocation of a team does not fall under the scope of major league baseball. so both sides citing prior cases, trying to prove their point to the judge. the judge heard all of the arguments in this motion to dismiss, but it may be days or weeks before he makes his decision. this was not part of the hearing, but another bombshell today. abc 7 news has contained a copy of a letter from the a's to san jose, also this $25,000 check that the team wrote, basically to tie up the land. that would be the future stadium that san jose wants to build. that's pretty much proving san jose city attorneys say that the a's do want to move to san jose. the a's had to stay quiet in all
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of this so far as they are still a team within major league baseball. but our abc 7 news business and technology reporter david lui is covering the story as well. watch for his reports this afternoon at 4:00, 5:00, and 6:00. new this morning in san francisco, a federal judge just postponed a detention hearing for ross ulbright. he is the 24-year-old accused of creating a mass online market for drugs. sources tell abc 7 news reporter vic lee has ulbright said his net worth is vastly exaggerated. he is also charged with using the website to hire someone to kill a former employee. new developments this morning in the bikers versus suv confrontation in new york caught
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on video that stunned the nation. matt keller joins us with word of a high-profile attorney getting involved? >> reporter: yeah, gloria allred is holding a news conference with the family of the biker hit by the suv. she says certain press reports about jamie mieses are inaccurate. >> reporter: police believe this man seen smashing the window of the range rover in new york also pulls lien out of the range rover and began beating him. police tracked down the motorcyclist who shot this helmet cam video at his home many bell port, new york. questioning him and taking the video as evidence. the confrontation and attack came after this. lien drove straight through the swarm of bikers minutes earlier leaving jamie mieses paralyzed
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in a statement lien's wife expresses sympathy but said her husband was faced with a life-threatening situation. she said our fears were confirmed when the attack happened to my husband, me, and our 2-year-old child. today for the first time a biker on that road told abc news that it was lien who was at fault. >> he was all over the place on the highway. he was in this lane that lane, speeding up. this is the reason he was surrounded. nobody attacked him before this happened. >> reporter: police say lien's wife called 911 four times asking for help. police are looking for witnesses and looking at videos for more evidence. still to come a frightening accident on the peninsula involving a pregnant woman in the car with several children. we'll have an update on their condition. and new details on the woman who went on the shooting rampage at the u.s. capitol and what she thought the president was trying
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an accident in redwood city this morning sent a pregnant mother and her four children to the hospital. investigators say the 27-year-old woman was driving at 1st avenue and middlefield road when she hit a parked pickup truck and her vehicle flipped over. her children ranged in age from 14 to a year and a half. investigators say the youngest
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child was not restrained. the mother had an injured arm and possible internal injuries. the children were taken to stanford hospital. new details about the connecticut woman accused in a wild scene on capitol hill. this morning a federal official said 34-year-old meriiriam care was delusional and believe president obama placed her under electronic surveillance. carey was traveling with a 1-year-old who was found unharmed in the back of the black car. those who knew her are shocked. >> didn't seem like there was a problem. >> she had a wonderful life. >> i don't understand. >> carey's mother tells abc news her daughter had no history of violence but struggled with postpartum depression. she was on medication for an unknown mental illness and has a
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family history of skri twitter is going public. the price for twitter stock will be revealed in the next few years. here is a look at twitter's ipo filing. revenue is 2$254 million. expenses, 320 million or so. the company lost about 69 million in the same time period. >> let's see if we will be losing or gaining in terms of temperatures. >> warm weather on the way. a lot of events this weekend. it won't look like this. this is very windy conditions from the east bay hills where we had gusts up to 35 miles per hour. i'll tell you when those winds will come and how arm it will be even at beaches this weekend. >> nice. the type of fuel that could be interfering with honeybees ability to make honey. >> are you wearing your yellow
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and green? a's playoff
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a new study shows honeybees are not only effected by pesticide but also by airborne pollutants such as the chemicals found in diesel exhaust. the research in the publication scientific reports, shows the smell of diesel chemicals interferes with the honeybees ability to find rich sources of nectar from flowers. researcher says this study
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highlights the need to improve pollution, air quality and protect the bees. >> let's see where we will get protection from those winds. >> a lot of twigs down this morning. limbs down. that time of the year. it's fall in the bay area. we had our first windstorm. so far we've done okay. this is how it looks at about 2600 feet. you can see the trees moving. you can see how clear it is want to use this as the back drop to show you the peak wind gusts from every county in the area. right next to mount diablo, 59 degrees in contra costa. oakland 54. middle peek and marin county, 54 miles per hour. we're getting close to severe thunderstorm type of winds. that's why we saw the damage we saw. spring valley in san mateo, 38 miles per hour.
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cupertino, 38. napa had a wind speed of 37 miles per hour. that was your fastest wind gust. last hour it just about reached 40. that may be a new one. here's a look at how dry it is on live doppler 7 hd. let's talk about your temperatures. stepping out, everybody in the low to mid 70s, except san carlos. you're at 69. monday we had dew points in the 60s. humidity up in the 80s and 90s. look at how bone dry it is out there today. 12% in santo rosa, 16% in napa. 18% in san jose. that's why we have the fire danger out there. if you're heading to the beaches, santa cruz, the water not nearly as choppy as it was earlier this week. have fun while heading there. enjoy the warmth without the breezes. that's what's going to happen this weekend. we have cooler weather next week. and it's looking better that we
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might have some rain as we transition to that cooler weather. here is ocean beach. we will use that as the back drop for our temperatures. livermore, 82. in the next two days, we will be warmer than today. here's a look at the high and low notes, how close they are. tight pressure gradient, or sharp pressure difference between the two. that is pushing the thermal trough out to the beaches. highs at the beaches today, low to mid 70s. mid to upper 70s in san francisco and richmond. everyone else, low to mid 80s. it comes with a price, the breezes at 3:00, those will calm but the warm weather will stick around. the a's taking on the detroit tigers. 77 degrees at 6:30. overnight lows will be cooler tonight in the 50s, unlike the 60s this morning. that's what you get when you
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have slightly lower winds. we have san francisco's 145 anniversary. a carnival tomorrow. mid to upper 70s there. enjoy it, alabama street at 16th street in san francisco. let's talk about your accuweather seven-day forecast. a couple degrees warmer tomorrow and sunday. the transition to cooler weather monday. possibility of light rain tuesday. that will be the coolest day on the backside of that cold front wednesday and thursday, we will be cooler than average. >> thanks for setting up that great weather for the a's. good to know for all those a's fans at the oakland coliseum tonight. the a's will be facing tigers ace matt scherzer. bartolo colon will start for the a's. he won 14 games. the two teams also met last year in the division playoffs. a's will host the tigers tomorrow night and then travel to detroit. >> a's fans like this one are excited as the a's gear up for the first playoff game tonight.
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the lady even has the elephant mascot on her head. send us your fan photos. e-mail them to you can share them on the abc 7 news facebook page. of course you know it's friday, right? >> yeah. >> that means we have the purr-fect pet. >> mike will be back with that. and also
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