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tv   ABC7 News 800AM  ABC  October 5, 2013 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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gorng -- good morning, everyone. it is 8:00 a.m. and we want to start you with a quick look at the weather. here is lisa argen. >> it looks nice and walk, but there are breezy winds in spots. in santa rosa it is quite cool. it is 25 degrees cooler. 58 in antioch and 51 in livermore. winds are quite gusty along the coast. that's why half moon bay is 68 degrees all nightlong. we are not looking at red flag warnings. we are looking at dry conditions with temperatures across the bay well into the 80s. so very little range from the coast to the inland east bay with numbers anywhere from about 80 to the mid80s coast
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side and around the bay we are looking at more mid80s and in fact inland a little variation, low to mid80s for you as well. the light offshore flow continues for the second half of the weekend and things really change to start the workweek and much of the week ahead and feeling like the season. i will explain coming up. >> thank you. we have an update on breaking news we have been following in south san francisco. all lanes of southbound 101 have reopened after a deadly early morning crash. it was shutdown near 4:15 and sierra point parkway. one person was qild and -- was killed and a wrong way driver was involved. and in oakland a woman is dead and police are looking for who ever opened fire at a busy downtown intersection. police were nearby and heard the gunfire at 14th and broadway around 1:30 this morning. they saw a crowd of people running for safety when the shots were fired. at the scene they found three
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people were shot, two women and one man. one of the women died and the other two victims were taken to the hospital. police have not revealed a motive in this shooting. there is also developing news in east oakland. police are investigating a double shooting and it left one man dead and sent another to the hospital. it happened last night on 106th street near interstate 580. police got the call before 8:30 and arrived to find a man's body outside the car. the second victim was taken to the hospital with one gunshot wound. police have not arrested anyone and they hope witnesses will come forward and help lead them to suspects. a fire in sasoon city created a haze. gusty winds fanned the flames and blew smoke across the region. officials say the fire was caused by a combination of rare winds and marsh land vegetation. alan wang has more from highway 12 in solano county. >> by night fall, fire crews
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were moping up hotspots and a herd of cattle were looking for greener pastures. it started around noon. this massive grassfire east of sasoon city burned a thousand acres. high winds swept it into a coral where several cows were trapped x but a ranch hand helped free them. the fire burned into the nearby marsh land and seemed to generate more smoke than flames. >> fighting fires out here, particularly in the marsh there is green vegetation and it smokes more than typical than if the vegetation was dry. >> the smoke snarled traffic on interstate 80 and the northerly winds blew it into the bay area creating a haze across the sky. meanwhile, more than a dozen homes out here were evacuated. >> i am waiting for my daughter to come out. they are trying to get the bird and the dogs. >> the only loss was a ranch building that contained hay and farm equipment. >> the fire is under control, but the crews are paying attention to the wind and several teetering power poles
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damaged by the flames. alan wang, abc7 news. this fire in sonoma county came close to one home. it broke out in crane creek regional park before 1:00 yesterday afternoon. firefighters stopped the flames after they charred about 159 acres of dry brush. sky 7hd shows a fire that broke out in vaw -- vaw knee shaw. it briefly threatened nearby buildings around around 3:00, but no evacuations had to be ordered. you could smell smoke in just about every part of the bay area with all of the fires. viewers tweeted us all day and reached out on facebook saying they smelled smoke and saw haze across the bay area even in places miles from the nearest fire. haze almost made alcatraz vanish from this view. some folks felt disappointed who were sighing to see the view and enjoy the view from
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above the berkeley hills. >> it is a bummer when you don't get to see the beautiful blue sky. it is sad that it is so far away and affecting us here. >> i thought something was burning in my house when i woke up. >> and plenty of smoke was visible in the air in it pan or -- panorama. a state of emergency declared in san carlos because of a pg&e pipeline beneath the city similar to the one that caused the deadly explosion in san bruno. and now a san mateo county judge ordered it shutdown. ama dates has more from san carlos. >> pg&e doesn't know enough about the condition of this pipeline. >> the city manager is worried about pg&e's pipeline 147 that runs between 280 and 101 primarily along britain avenue. >> the records are mismatched in testimonies of the material of the pipeline and the age of the pipeline orie furbished
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materials were used in the creation of the pipeline. >> it is similar to the one in san bruno that erupted and exploded. in an e-mail from an employee to the city they raise concern about pipeline 147 saying are we sitting on a san bruno situation? a city spokesperson assures me the line is safe. the utility tested the line two years ago, but the city isn't convinced so it is in the process of serving pg&e with a temporary injunction and it requires pg&e to immediately shut off service. pg&e reduced the line pressure by 20% and says it will consider further reductions if it can be done without jeprodizing service to customers. pg&e and san carlos want to assure residents that there is no reason to panic over the pipeline. >> there is no reason to leave your homes or make any changes to their lives that they wouldn't on a daily basis. >> they will meet with the city to see if anything they
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can do to help get the sorted out. ama dates, abc7 news. sky 7hd shows where a gas leak forced the costco in danville to evacuate. the above ground line broke near camino ramone about 6:00. it took about an hour to patch the leak and shoppers returned to costco when firefighters gave the all clear. oakland police have made an arrest in the case of a fender bender that lead to murder. charles butler was shot to death in 2011 after bumping another car trying to parallel park. abc7 news reporter has more on yesterday's arrest. >> the arrest of douglas is the latest chapter in the murder case of charles butler, junior. days before christmas in 2011 police say butler was killed after accidentally bumping a car while trying to parallel park in an oakland corner store. douglas was arrested by us marshals on tuesday. they say he is an accomplice. the accused gunman is still on the loose. police are looking for more
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information to help track him down. >> we knew there was a lot of people out that day there was a fundraiser that was happening, a toy give away around the corner. >> butler's sister described the scene when he was shot in 2011. >> he is coming down the street, boom, boom, boom, six bullets. they weren't happy about that. they drove up, put the last bullet in his head. >> as an organ donor he saved several recipients that hole -- holiday season. >> the fact that he gave his organs to someone else is the most wonderful christmas gift ever. my brother is giving life to other people. >> police say they got new tips on this case after a recent plea by butler's ailing father. >> we had a news released a month and a halfback where the father who was dying requested that before he leaves this earth that someone -- please someone help him find the killers. >> his family tells me they are happy about douglas' arrest. they are hoping cartier hunter
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will be in custody. abc7 news. to the bart strike threat now and a big gap separates both sides in the labor talks, but how big depends on who you ask. bart says there is an $89 million gap and one union says it is 30 million. they disagree on how long the new contract should be. bart officials want a four-year labor contract and the unions want three years. talks will resume to prevent another strike that would come next week. two dogs were shot to death and not killed as first reported. he said he beat the dogs to death and then cremated him. he was covering for his father who shot them after he started killing his chickens. state law allows an owner to kill a dog that is killing livestock. 8:09 and things are improving and couldn't be worse than yesterday. >> that's right.
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but the temperatures are well above normal and conditions are very dry outside. elevated fire danger despite the national weather service lifting the red flag warnings. gusty winds are gone and plenty of sunshine and in the 60s downtown. we have 40s and 70s this morning your afternoon forecast and the weekend and the week ahead when we return. >> lisa, thank you. also up next, chaos at the capitol. the sisters of the woman shot by police are asking questions about what happened and why. and how twitter helped a bankrupt company's stock sore 1400%.
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place this morning for a teenager who police say was killed by a reckless driver. 16-year-old kevin son was headed to high school when his mother's mini-van was rear-ended. his services start at 8:00 with a junior rotc tribute at the funeral home in the mission district. the burial is set for 9:30 at the memorial park in colma. his mother is in a coma and his sister has serious
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injuries. genie ju was going about 80 miles an hour when she slammed into the mini-van. the sisters of a woman killed by police after a car chase in the nation's capitol want to know why she had to die. she was killed after she tried to ram through a barrier at the white house. her sisters say mirium showed no signs of being unstable and didn't deserve to die. >> deadly physical force was not the ultimate recourse, and it didn't have to be. you have to ask yourself as americans is it okay for that to happen? it can happen to you. if we are okay with that, then i feel sorry for awful us. for all of us. >> carey said her daughter suffered from postpartum depression last summer and she was hospitalized three times for mental issues last december. on this the fifth day of the partial government shutdown, the house has passed a bill to give 800,000
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furloughed federal workers retroactive pay once the government reopens. in the meantime, president obama is still urging the house to pass a short-term spending measure that would reopen the government completely without strings attached. we will have much more on this coming up later this hour. meanwhile the shutdown of the government is impacting many home buyers and sellers sellers who face uncertainty on when mortgages can be approved and sales closed. michael finney has this. >> alex schroeder put it bluntly. he is ticked off about the government shutdown. >> every single move on their part i think is a farce and it is shameful. it is a completely shameful way to behave. >> alex buys and sells homes for a living and he is what is known as a flipper. he buys distressed homes, rehabilitates them and sells them for a profit. he made his latest sale last
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week. and now the government shutdown has put it in doubt. >> it puts it in uncertainty which is serious. that's my source of income. >> here is why. before the loan can close the buyer's social security number must be verified. the social security administration supped partial shutdown with 29% of its workers furloughed. a transcript of the ks tays of the buyers is needed from the irs for income verification, but the agency is only staffed at 10%. >> we need to get past the social security check and the irs check in order for the veterans administration process. >> they estimate that one out of four loans in california are government backed by the v.a. or the federal housing administration. those loans are now in limbo due to the shutdown. other lenders have the same requirement, but they are
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being more flexible. they have reportedly waived the transcript requirement. we should check with yours about how it is handling the government shutdown. with each passing day of the shutdown alex is feeling more pressure. >> we need this sale to go through. we need it to go through quickly and the money is tied up. we want to roll into the next project as soon as possible. >> that was michael finney reporting. we have received word that cal vet home loans are not affected by the government shutdowns so a little good news there. >> the shutdown affecting the bridge to bridge race in san francisco. organizers are being forced to move the finish line from kris see field to the marina green. the 7k run is now reduced to a 5k. the 10k will remain the same helping. other roadways that could clog up events, golden gate park is hosting the hardly strictly bluegrass festival and the 49ers will be in action at
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candlestick pack tomorrow as well. another big event, the rock and roll san jose half marathon. 16,000 runners are signed up to take part tomorrow morning in -- and the biggest roadway is from 6:00 a.m. until noon. a motorcyclist has surrendered to police in new york after an apparent road rage attack on a family of the police say 38-year-old reginald chance turned himself in and he is the one who initiated the attack on the suv. one of the helmet cameras captured the video of the violent chain of events. the driver was running over one of the bikers and we are learning the pack of motorcyclists included off duty police officers. one undercover detective told the nypd that he didn't get involved because he didn't want to blow his cover. ?oi it has been a scary start to the start of the year. this is what they saw almost
8:19 am
every morning during their bus ride to school, barely able to stay awake. the brothers told school officials who told the district, but apparently nothing was done and they even watched the driver once heading the wrong way down a one way street. >> you know this is a one way street, right? >> you said something to him? >> yeah. and he said oh yeah, oops. >> despite their complaint nothing was done until the boy's uncle told them to get some proof and that's when nick took the video on the phone and they showed the video to district officials who showed it to the private bus company who finally removed the driver. a cal fire pilot escaped unharmed after the tanker made a hard landing. you can see the fire retardant on the runway and these images by the hemet police department. it was fighting a fire in riverside county and they canceled the second drop. cal fire and the ntsb is now trying to find out what wept wrong. went wrong.
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a bankrupt company got caught up in the frenzy of an ipo. the stocks called tweeter are soaring. stocks that trades with the symbol twtr2 started trading and was up to 15 cents each. the stocks were briefly halted yesterday. just so you know for the future, twitter will sell under the name twtr. twitter, tweeter an easy mistake. and despite our 80s that hasn't changed, but most of the winds have dialed back. thereof we are looking at the red flag warning lifted. as a result we can sigh a little relief. still temperatures anywhere from 6 to 10 dries above average -- 6 to 10 degrees above average. the humidity will be low again this afternoon despite higher
8:21 am
relative humidity this morning. no fog to speak of anywhere across the bay. not only today or tomorrow, san jose bright and sunny with low 60s from san francisco and some of the warmer locations and over into the east bay. 67 in oakland. what about the 70 in half moon bay. well, you've had wind gusts from the east, northeast up to 28 miles an hour. that's why you are so warm. it is low to mid50s. the east bay hills camera, you can see all of the sunshine and the air quality has improved. we are looking at temperatures on the chilly side up in the north bay just in the low 40s. over in napa it is 51. mid50s concord and livermore into the lower 50s. we are looking at plenty of sunshine in san francisco all weekend long. the winds will be lighter, but we are talking about the offshore winds that will keep us warm today and tomorrow and temperatures in a narrow range. that means 80s for everyone.
8:22 am
yesterday we saw a few 80s and today everyone will enjoy 80-degree temperatures. even at the coast. if you like it cooler you will have to wait until monday with a stronger on shore push. it pushes this ridge of high pressure to the east. once that happens the on shore flow will bring cooler numbers but between now and then it is the opposite. it is the offshore flow from the inland east bay to the coast. we are looking at warm weather and very little variations. in fact we are looking at more 80s tomorrow in oakland. here is what you can expect if you are planning the week ahead. more 80s for sunday and the numbers drop about 6 dries on monday thanks to the on shore winds. and then by tuesday we l are looking at increases clouds and maybe light showers wednesday and the numbers will be trending back upward slowly by the end of the workweek. today a little change from yesterday in san jose. but the winds have backed off. 85 in san jose and 86 in los
8:23 am
gatos. santa cruz into the upper 80s. half moon bay and pacifica, how many times are you in the 80s? more typical in october. 84 in palo alto of the mountain view 85. the average highs in san francisco should be 70. we are 80 today. a degree warmer than yesterday. up in the north bay, look at the mid70s. bodega bay, stinson beach, 80, 84 in vallejo. near east bay, low 80s hayward and fremont into the 80s. newark 82 and 84 castro valley. and the east bay not the warmest numbers, but plenty of warmth and the accu-weather seven-day forecast, the offshore flow continues tomorrow and even a couple degrees warmer into the upper 80s. the sea breeze late in the day will drop the temperatures at the beaches. monday turning cooler and 60s x 70s and 80s -- 60s, 70s and 80s and maybe a sprinkle toward evening and into wednesday. the coolest day of the week. and then sunny and breezy by
8:24 am
thursday. so still be careful out there even though we don't have the 40 and 50 mile an hour wind gusts it is still very dry. >> you can never be too careful. thank you, lisa. coming up, back in session. a look at the issues the supreme court is set to take up in the upcom
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government that is not
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shutdown is the u.s. supreme court that begins a new term. on monday the high court justices will consider cases involving race, abortion rights, prayers at government meetings, political donations and obamacare. the court will likely hear challengeds to the provision that requires employers to include contra september tiff -- contraceptive services. they have advanced the cause of same sex marriage. wild weather in the gulf of mexico and all hurricane watches have now been cancelled. that is some good news weather wise. up next, hands on demonstrations about everything from making donuts to building massive lego creations. also fleet week is just around the corner and the changes to the event this year due to the government shutdown.
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[ laughs ] ♪ [ female announcer ] hey ladies. you love it. you've got to have it. cinnamon toast crunch, 'cause that cinnamon and sugar is so irresistible. everybody craves those crazy squares.® we are starting this half hour with a quick look at the weather. here is lisa argen. >> good morning to you. we have been clear all nightlong. that has allowed for temperatures in the north bay to really drop. the winds are still up in a couple spots despite the national weather service lifting that red flag warning for the entire bay area. so santa rosa, 41 degrees with the long evening and we are looking at warm temperatures coast to inland. still gusty here around half moon bay.
8:31 am
the temperatures are hitting near 70 and some of the hills near our east bay 20 to 25 mile an hour wind gusts. all around the bay, a much calmer condition and we will be warm. low to mid80s not only coast and bay, but inland. very little range. we have the light offshore flow that will last through tomorrow. changes tomorrow though. it will bring temperatures down in a few spots. up in a few others. the accu-weather seven-day forecast features fall-like weather in a few minutes. katie. >> lisa x thank you. and police are looking for a gunman. the holdups all took place on fruit veil avenue yesterday first in the fruit veil district and then in the diamond district. vic lee reports. >> news of the brazen robberies spread quickly. she opened her cafe in the diamond district just four months ago. she says there has been a surge in crime here. >> i know a bunch of my customers who actually left
8:32 am
the neighborhood because of the increase in crime. >> the first robbery took place at about 8:45 here at this mexican restaurant on the tour teen00 block of fruit veil avenue. the manager told us that the robber fired at least six rounds into the wall and then he demanded money. the only worker there said there was none in the cash register so the robber took two bottles of tequilla instead. >> he did not fire right away. he asked for money. i said give him the money. >> the robber then hit the beauty salon in the diamond district. a neighborhood of shops and restaurants. many small mom and pop businesses. just like the restaurant horn just ep oned her shop so -- just opened her shop and she too only had a small amount in the cash register. >> they requested more. i said we just opened and this is all we have. >> that was not the answer the gunman wanted. >> you can see the bullets.
8:33 am
>> the woman fortunately was not hit by the gunfire. the robber then ran out and entered the subway sandwich shop where he demanded money from a worker here. >> i heard three shots, back, -- bam, bam, bam like that. >> this witness who didn't want to be identify for fear of retaliation said he saw the robber run out the door after he heard the shots. >> this guy come blazing out of subway waiving a gun and screaming get the heck out of my way! started chasing my friend with his gun and passed him up and piled in a car and took off and jumped on the freeway and left. >> vic lee, abc7 news. day five of the shutdown. the house has voted this morning, but not to reopen the government. the house passed a bill just this hour to give back pay to 800,000 federal workers who are out of work during the shutdown. the senate is expected to approve the legislation. it is not clear when, but potentially sometime today.
8:34 am
meantime president obama wants a yes or no vote in the house to end the shutdown. >> pass a budget that funds you are our government with no partisan strings attached. the senate has already done this and there are enough republicans and democratic votes in the house of representatives willing to do the same. and end this shutdown immediately. unfortunately the far right of the republican party won't let speaker boehner give that bill a yes or no vote. take that vote. stop this farce. end this shutdown now. >> in the republican address texas senator blames the senate democrats for refusing to make any changes to the relet care law. to the health care law. next week is fleet week, but due to the government shutdown it will be much quieter. the blue angels and boat parade were canceled because of budget cuts, and now what is left of fleet week is shutdown. the fireworks will be launched at 8:30 every saturday night this month starting tonight.
8:35 am
well you have probably heard about the maker movement. it is about building things yourself. it is taking over san francisco's fort mason. though the movement itself is high-tech, abc7 news reporter jonathon bloom explains h is not your typical -- explains this is not your typical tech crowd. >> in the front of the sprawling festival pavilion, stephanie shuler is making a large sign out of legos. >> we have 385 pounds of them. >> did somebody bring that in their car? >> oh we picked up the pallet down at the docks this morning. it came in from denmark from the lego company. >> lego is one of the sponsors of a new conference and festival all about the maker movement that is largely attended by women. >> i just love that this is not my usual tech audience. the men's restroom is completely empty. >> this is the first generation that grew up with two working parents and no shop class and home ec class
8:36 am
and they were elect tiffs. we are overwhelmed with the digitals that we want to make. >> so the stars are not apple and google. it is lego and velcro and paper and scissors. legos have been the quintessential childhood toy for the generation. but there will be a different building toy. not just building things out of blocks, but building things out of their imagination. >> the next generation will be the kids who are getting 3-d printers this holiday season. >> the former editor-in-chief of wired says now it the time to get a 3-d plinter. they liquefy plastics and form them into shapes one layer at a time. it is changing the way we make things. >> we don't need to know how a 3-d printer works. you press make and it happens. >> you can use it to make gears and springs. >> to print things that move is really incredible and it opens the boundaries of what you can do with one of these. >> and it is not just
8:37 am
plastic. she printed her own belt buckle. >> this is a full metal belt buckle that goes like this. >> it is free and open to the public. jonathon bloom, abc news. lots of tourists flock to chinatown, but it is more than a great place to visit. it was named one of the 10 great neighborhoods to live. now, details on the honor by the american planning association. chinatown that is the largest community outside of asia was chosen for its architecture and the community activism. residents are recognized for protecting chinatown's character and identity and keeping the neighborhoods natural charm through careful planning. still ahead, the movie everyone is talking about. what happens when a disaster happens in space? we have the real life hero who helped inspire that movie. and taking a live look outside from our sutro tower cam. the golden gate bridge under
8:38 am
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is talking about. two hollywood superstars trapped in space. now the real hero who helped inspire the movie is talking with us about what it is like to be just one step away from disaster. here is abc news anchor david muir. >> the new movie "gravity" about to pull us in a world beyond us. the breaking through boundaries and the fear of what is possible too. sandra bullock is playing an
8:41 am
astronaut attached to the arm that comes loose from the shuttle. her fellow astronaut played by george clooney. it is a harrowing, fictional tale and not what the astronauts prepared for. including this team in may of 2009, the shuttle atlantis prepared to repair the telescope. the one they are going to repair in the movie. he saw the movie and saw himself in it. >> these are my tools. we had a one of a kind cuter tool we had to cut a wire inside one of the instruments. it is floating behind sandra bullock's head. i said there is my wire cuter! >> he went on four spacewalks on his own and spending 30 hours out there on a ledge. the views in the movie finally help him to describe it at home. >> the only sad thing about being an astronaut, david, is when you look out that window or look through your advisor and see the earth and see the
8:42 am
stars. how can i describe this to people? how can i tell my family about there? >> while bullock's character faces challengeds far beyond what he had to live through, he remembers what the lead spacewalker told him. >> we have lost people before. one way to lose another person is spacewalk. it is a dangerous business. we will button everybody up and everybody is sealed and everybody is coming home. that set the mood. we knew these things happen. >> there was a moment in space mike was known for. trying to fix the telescope when what was supposed to be a simple bolt wouldn't come free. >> i used the power two and the first two were fine. the one on the left was fine and the one on the right was not coming off. it was stripped. my hurt sunk. my blunder, we will never know if there are life on other planets. >> they spent time dangling there trying toking it out
8:43 am
what to do. telling them to grab the handrail and pull the whole piece on. >> a good tug and just ripped the thing off. >> his crisis averted. as the fictional crisis plays out, mike is remembering the beauty of looking down on his family. >> have you kids, right? >> i do, yes. >> you can tell if they left the lights on? >> if you were in heaven, this is what heaven must look like. i cannot imagine anything more beautiful than our planet. >> just when you thought you had a bad day at work, you know, you are not lost in space. >> the rest of us are doing all right. >> we are monitoring the changes. yesterday was pretty scary with the gusty winds and the fires. this morning in tahoe, we want to take you to show you how beautiful it is. the temperatures today will be climbing that the 60s despite that 19-degree chill this morning in truckee. and we have our own cool numbers back home.
8:44 am
but more 80s on tap with less wind around the bay. i will have that forecast when we return. >> lisa, return. lisa, thank you. >> and on a night when hits were hard to come by it was a house of 48,000 and
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lisa argen with our forecast now. and some temperature range -- a range from now until later, but not a lot later. i am not helping at all. >> we are looking at a very narrow range for the afternoon. but we usually see that in the afternoons, but in the morning we are seeing that. we are just in the 40s in santa rosa. while we are near 70 in half moon bay. what is that all about? it has to do with the wind. we are clear and the numbers have bottomed out. the cool air drains to the north bay and the valleys of the north bay. a gusty wind nearly 30 miles an hour has allowed half moon bay to stay pretty warm. here is san jose. nice and sunny with temperatures ranging from the 60s, san francisco, oakland and there is that 70, half moon bay, 67 in los gatos and low 50s for much of the south bay. from our east bay hills camera this morning, better air quality , but by the afternoon it is going to be toasty everywhere. 41 in santa rosa.
8:48 am
over in napa though it is 51. it depends on where you are. if you feel the autumn chill or the mild start, 61 in antioch and concord is at 55 and livermore is sitting at 51. the golden gate bridge, plenty of sunshine all day long. the beaches, wow, in the 80s today. we are looking at very little change. with the clear and cool conditions this morning you are thinking, yeah, it feels like fall. but by the afternoon we have beach weather with widespread 80s. it is so very dry out there, but the winds have backed off and that's why the national weather service has allowed the red flag warnings to expire. but still some breezy winds in the higher elevations for the next couple hours. cooler weather not only next week, but it looks like parts of the bay will cool off tomorrow with a stronger sea breeze. still well above normal and the culprit, double-barrel high pressure and a trough off the coast. it is allowing for the offshore flow to continue today.
8:49 am
i think it will be stronger today with the offshore flow and we are looking at temperatures ranging very little. we are talking about an 8-degree spread. but numbers around the state are even warmer in the south bay. we have the red flag warning from san diego, orange county, near 90 here and breezy in the mourn at the p 10s -- in the mountains. still very warm. upper 70s for yosemite and how about 80 in monterey with numbers warmer here than in sacramento. in fact, we could see high temperatures well into the 80s for santa cruz and 80s from half moon bay, pacifica and all the way up through .reyes. that's -- pointreyes. 84 in oakland with 81 in fremont. you are a little cooler yesterday in fremont. if you are headed over to the coliseum it is going to be a warm evening. the sunsets so much earlier and it will allow temperatures to drop off quickly after about 7:00. from the upper 70s to the upper 60s still a beautiful
8:50 am
evening. it is the texans and the 49ers at at&t park. a cooler afternoon, but still pleasant. 70s at 5:30 and by 9. a 30, mid60s. the raiders even later tomorrow. the numbers in the 60s for that game. forecast showing the temperatures still warm tomorrow and then turning cooler. increasing clouds tuesday, wednesday, and not going to see any rain, but the numbers are much, much cooler. recuff reon thursday and friday -- recovery on thursday and friday. 80s for everybody today. >> thank you, lisa. in sports, three hits and 16 strikeouts, not the recipe of success for the a's. the tiger take it to the max in game one of their division play of yo series. playoff series. larry beil has more in the sports highlights. >> he was the only pitcher in major league baseball to win more than 20 games this season and he was throwing raw, nasty heat at the a's last night in game one of the playoff series in oakland.
8:51 am
the tarps came off. 48,401 in attendance. colon, roughed up in the first and the third batter of the game and cabrera base hit scoring option. later in the first, 2-0 and avilla under the glove of the first base man and then into right field. victor martinez scores barton. 3-0 after one. he is throwing smoke. 98 mile an hour heat. you all get nothing and like it. struck out 11 of the bottom of seven and a's looking for any energy. he is not my ennis, he is yonenis. there is life. a's looking for the equalizer. strikes out josh reddick. a's with three hits. 3-2 final and tigers lead the series one game to none. dwrai will go tonight in game
8:52 am
two. >> he is a swing and miss guy and they have several pitchers that get their share of strikeouts. >> if i am pitching game one or game five, it doesn't matter. when you are facing a post season team, a team like the a's , you have to bring your a-game. that's the way it is. >> he brought his a-game against the a's. red sox and rays and tampa bay lead until the fourth and then the red sox erupt for five runs. johnny gomes and a double off the green monster. the sox pour it on and they roll in the opener of that series 12-2. dusty baker had one year left on his contract, but the way the reds collapsed this season, the team decided it was time for a change. dusty had the best run in cinncinati since the big red machine in the 70s, but failed to get out of the first run of the playoffs three times. the latest demise on tuesday. baker, the former giants skipper admitted, you know what? maybe it is time to go.
8:53 am
back to the highlights, game two dodgers and braves and tied at one in the seventh. bases loaded with two outs and jason hayward delivers right up the middle. two runs score on the single. the braves go on to win it and tie the series at a game apiece. and the pirates over the cardinals 7-1 and tieing that series at 1-1. game three is coming up in pittsburgh on sunday. don't forget we have college football on abc7 and kicking off at 5:00 in the afternoon. northwestern versus ohio state followed by "lexus after the game." hope to see you around 8:30. have a great weekend. i'm larry beil. coming up, from horses to dogs and cats, the big milestone san francisco's spca is
8:54 am
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san francisco's hardly strictly bluegrass festival is in full swing with music to suit everyone. mc hammer got things off to a spirited start at golden gate park. the festival is free and it runs this weekend from 11:00 to 7:00. and if you are looking for a new best friend we have just the place for you. today the san francisco spca is celebrating its 145th anniversary with a free carnival and street fair and you can get a little guy like that. they tell us there will be more adoptable pets at this event than anywhere in the bay area and we are talking everything, dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, roosters and more, and the
8:57 am
adoption fees are waived for the weekend. the carnival runs from 11:00 to 6:00 along alabama street between 14th and treat right next to the south of mission post office. if you are in the market for a het check it out. -- check it out. it is not going to rain for sure. >> i already have a couple pets, but you? plenty of sunshine and the change today comes with the winds. you can see from our camera in the east bay hills it is clear. the air quality is better out there. the temperatures around the bay today are not going to change despite less wind out there. so we are looking at not only 80 in san francisco, but talking about the low 80s half moon bay and pacifica and upper 80s around santa cruz and even point reyes is pushing the 80-degree mark. along the peninsula, mid80s. and we are talking about low 80sin concord. the changes come tomorrow with the stronger on shore push that will cool our coast down into the 70s.
8:58 am
otherwise we are very warm this weekend. still a high fire danger despite the red flag warning being absent over the weekend and back to seasonal readings common day. maybe a little rain visiting by wednesday. >> firefighters would sure like to see that. thanks, lisa. >> and thank you for joining us on the abc7 morning news. we continue at 4:00 p.m. because of college football. ohio state plays northwestern at 5:00 p.m. followed by "after the game" at
8:59 am
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>> "jack hanna's wild countdown" is sponsored by nationwide insurance. >> hello, everyone. i'm jack hanna coming to you from my base camp here at the columbus zoo ld countdown." over the years, river safaris have provided some of my most memorable animal encounters. you've got to enjoy this. elephants there, elephants there, elephants there and elephants there. the rivers also provide a comfortable refuge. they can just put their little ears and eyes and even their nose right up to like a submarine. right above water. an escape route. >> these buffalo will come out and try to get away from the lions.aking disp >> and a breathtaking display of power. man alive. watch out, watch out. whoa!


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