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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  October 5, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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it was the most intense accident i have ever seen. >> a wrong way driver on 101 collides with a taxi killing one man and seriously injuring several others. good evening. i'm ama dates. police arrested 24-year-old zachary katz under suspicion of driving under the influence. tonight katz and several others remain hospitalized. lisa amin gulezian joins us with the latest. lisa? >> ama, three people involved in this morning's crash are here at san francisco general hospital. one was a passenger in that cab that you mentioned. the other two are in serious condition. one of them is the driver of the taxi, and the other is the
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man believed to have caused this entire thing. he left his wife at home in emeryville this morning and got to his taxicab. he had no idea a few hours later he would be at san francisco general hospital. suffering from two broken legs and a hip, back and neck injury. he was driving to sfo with two people in the backseat when police say the stan stored mba student drove the wrong way on southbound 101 in south san francisco. they say he was drunk and hit the taxi head on. >> the two passengers that were in the taxicab were not seatbelted in. at least one was ejected from the vehicle. he died at the scene. >> he died and was on his way home to pew wear -- pay wear toe rico. he is being watched by the chp and under arrest for vehicular manslaughter and felony duh i. he says he is a first year
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grad student who volunteers as aly liaison for international students. he drove this now mangled taxi full time. he arrived from ethiopia four years ago. >> i was in shock when i heard. >> those at national veterans cab in san francisco can't believe what has happened to their friend. >> he was a great guy. he was a nice guy. he would do anything for you. >> you try to talk to other drivers and nobody knows what to say or do about it. >> if he is found guilty, he could face four to 10 years in prison. in san francisco, lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. >> in developing news, abc7 news has learned the oakland raid you ares are interested in moving to concord. the concord mayor told us the raiders owner toured the concord naval weapons center site yesterday. davis told them he likes the 5,000 acre site as a possible location for a new stadium.
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the raiders have been looking to build a new stadium for years. police made an arrest in the nearly two-year-old murder case of charles butler, junior. he was killed kays before christmas in 2011 and his organs donated to several recipients. sergio talked to his family tonight and has are month. and has more. >> the arrest was welcome news for charles butler, junior. >> it was joy. justice is served. >> according to investigators, butler bumped the car as he was parallel parking at a neighborhood store. as he left he was chased down by the two men and shot to death. police say he is the suspected it driver of the car that sped after exrarls butler, junior a couple days before christmas in 2011. police say the suspected it shooter cartier hunter is on the loose. butler's family hope more tips come in to help detectives track him down.
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>> we are hoping someone sees him, someone that knows him could give us the information needed for his capture. >> according to butler's family, douglas and hunter have long been suspects in this case, and at least one was arrested and released last year. the district attorney's office cited a lack of evidence, but after a recent public plea by butler's ailing father police say the public responded with new tips in this case. it is butler's father's final wish to see the accused brought to justice. >> he wants to be there. he wants to be there in court. he wants to see their faces. >> with new information the d.a.'s office has formally charged douglas and hunter in this case. abc7 news. >> oakland police are looking for suspects in a triple shooting that left one woman dead. it happened at 1:30 near broadway and 14th street. officers found three gunshot victims and transferred them to hospital. a 21-year-old pittsburgh woman died and a 20-year-old woman and her 21-year-old boyfriend
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from san leandro are expected to recover. a suspect is in custody under suspicion of stabbing somebody at a mcdonalds. the victim was stabbed and taken to san francisco general hospital in serious condition. >> new details tonight concerning the safety of a gas pipeline in san carlos. abc7 news has learned the gas line will be shutdown as early as tomorrow. in a statement, pg&e says the pipeline in question line 147 is, quote, completely safe. e-mails from a utility employee to san carlos officials question the integrity of the pipeline that was installed in 1929. pg&e is following an order to shutdown the line. san carlos residents say it is about time. >> that's serious. come on, they should have shutdown a longtime ago so they knew better. so what is san carlos going to beat san bruno next? come on, guys, get it together. >> city officials activated a
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-- an emergency center. >> a big night in oakland where the a's fans were amped up for the second game of the american league division series. with tonight's win the series is tied one game apiece. >> passengers on bart broke into a spontaneous cheer for the a's. fans stopped by to remember the playoff year. and then they went into the stands to cheer for the home team. >> the a's will go to the world series. i have faith. i have faith. >> it is electric. it is electric. i have never seen seats so full. i have never seen the fans so pumped. we are ready to do this. >> and of course shu will be along with all of the highlights. a's fans are showing off their playoff pride. check out these guys in the video from abc7 sports director larry beil. you too can show off your team spirit from abc7 news. share your fan photos on our facebook page or on twitter at
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abc7 news bay area or download wallpaper for your cell phone. and let's get to meteorologist leigh glaser for a first check on weather and live doppler 7hd. a nice, warm day, leigh. >> it was a perfect night for the a's game. the temperatures -- you are not going to believe this around a the bay area. it is still near 70 degrees. live doppler 7hd is not picking up returns at all. we have clear skies and here is a look at our highs today. san francisco 83 and half moon bay 82. we had 903 in santa cruz and 85 in livermore. real quickly before i leave you, here are the current readings, 69 in san francisco and 68 in oakland and 65 in san jose. anymore warming tomorrow, we will look at the forecast coming up. >> leigh, thank you. developing news, an anti-terror blitz as u.s. special forces capture and conduct terror raids. it is a blow to al-qaeda and
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the affiliated terrorist organizations. >> he is one of the top al-qaeda leaders and the alleged terrorist mastermind behind the deadly twin bombings of the u.s. embassies in tanzania and kenya. over 200 people died and thousands injured. he was under indictment for the 1998 attack. on the fbi most wanted list with a bounty of $5 million on his head, the 49-year-old was grabbed outside his house on saturday morning after three cars suddenly surrounded his car. the special commandos smashed the window and grabbed the gun. they are now reportedly on their way to the u.s. to stand trial. around the same time, the u.s. forces attacked a terrorist strong hold in somalia. the target this time was members of the al-shabaab, a group affiliated with al-qaeda. the same group that took responsibility for an attack at a kenya mall where 50
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people died in the assault. the attack was planned well before the mall attack and was carried out by the famous new year's eve vee seal team -- famous navy seal team 6, the same that killed osama bin laden. abc news, new york. >> command staff from the contra costa and sheriff office are learning the latest in the anti- terrorism techniques in the middle east. the training will be taught by the israel defense force commanders. they leave tomorrow for the program funded by the an tau defamation league. there is no sign tonight that the government shutdown will end anytime soon. but there was evidence members of the house can work together. the house today unanimously passed a bill giving 800,000 furloughed workers retroactive pay when the government reopens. president obama says he expects congress to increase the nation's borrowing limit and in his weekly address announced how it can be done. >> pass a budget that funds
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our government. with no partisan strings attached. the senate has already done this. and there are enough republicans and democratic votes in the house of representatives willing to do the same. and end this shutdown immediately. >> and the pentagon said it is ordering most of the approximately 400,000 furloughed civilian employees back to work. >> how is the government shutdown impacting your life? post your video on instagram using hash tag tell washington. >> fireworks exploded over pier39 in san francisco. this will happen every saturday night in october. pier39 officials are trying to make up for the lack of excitement in tourism that is missing because there is no fleet week this year. it was canceled due to federal budget cuts. still to come on abc7 news at 11:00, your tax dollars are going to help pay rent for excons. the reasoning behind the new
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thousand dollars a month to help pay their rent starting january 1st. the board of supervisors approved the subsidee. officials say it will help more than half of the 70 third strikers in the county many with the clothes on their books and $200. at midnight, bart and union negotiators will only have five days to reach an agreement before a possible strike. both sides met briefly and displayed no sense of urgency. they are hoping for the best and preparing are to the worst. >> we are just going to continue to negotiate for as long as we can and we are committed to coming tomorrow if that's the case. >> we have said all along that we want to come to a negotiated settlement. we are preparing for the worst. we are working on the contingency plan for weeks now. >> besides the wages, the biggest issue appears to be the length of the contract. bart officials want a
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four-year contract and the unions want three years. both sides will be back at the bargaining table on monday. bart is starting a new clipper card policy today. the agency will require customers who use clipper cards to have full fare on the cards to complete a ride. bart allows customers with a negative balance on the cards to leave the station. with a few strokes of his pen, govenor brown today changed forever how our state deals with immigration issues. the govenor said, quote, while washington waffles on i immigration california is forging ahead. i am not waiting. the new laws went into affect on a day of immigration reform rallies including here in san francisco. one measure allows undocumented immigrants to get licenses to practice law. another prevents state and local law enforcement from detaining people just because of their immigration status. san francisco's annual hardly strictly bluegrass festival is in full swing this weekend helped by brilliant weather today and the sound of bob skaggs.
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the festival is free and it is held in golden gate park's hemond hollow. with six sound stages to choose from, they had plenty to keep them entertained jie. this is our 13th year and the theme is lucky 13. it just came together with people who love music and want to give it back to the city. here we are back in the park. >> the festival runs through tomorrow night. for what the weather is going to be like tomorrow, if you are heading out there, let's get to leigh glaser. >> live doppler 7hd is showing you all clear this evening. boy it was a terrific day today. there are some subtle changes and we will get to that in a moment. let's get to some current temperatures. and you can see for yourself that, boy, we are nice and mild. san francisco is 69 degrees right now. oakland is mild at 67. we have 65 in san jose.
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a bit on the cool side and half moon bay is 52 degrees. clear sky from the sutro tower looking toward the avenues and toward san francisco. santa rosa 55. you will notice most of the north bay has -- have fallen into the mid50s thanks to the winds starting to calm down there a bit. we have 63 in santee jobing -- in livermore. cool temperatures overnight and get ready for another warm to mild day for your sunday. we bring in a few extra high clouds and then that will set the stage for some changes as we head into monday, tuesday and wednesday. much cooler air mass settles over us and the high clouds will be on the increase. the lows tonight mainly in the north bay. where is wind is not and more calm conditions. midup toker 40s there and 50s elsewhere. 56 for san francisco. richmond is down with clear skies. interior east bay locations,
11:19 pm
livermore will get down to 54. so here is a look at the set up. the high pressure is keeping the storm track well to the north of us. it is arc up into canada. this high is actually generating the slight offshore winds. it will not be as strong as it has been the past several days. we will experience the winds coming from land to sea and that is definitely going to be more mild temperatures near the coast. warm to mild will be the forecast tomorrow. late in the day we will notice the winds slowly starting to shift to more on shore. and that will mean some more high clouds for us and a bit of fog developing as we head into sunday afternoon. here is 5:00 a.m. on sunday. you will notice the clear skies and then late in the afternoon, there you go, a little high cloudiness as the winds will start to shift a bit. a bit breezy at the coast and you will notice the high clouds drifting by off and on in the day on sunday. here are your highs though.
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get out and enjoy. by tuesday and wednesday, some locations will drop as much as 15 dries. we will look for mid80s inland antioch and livermore and 85 degrees. in the north bay san rafael high clouds and 83 and napa 85. upper 70s for san francisco. the coast, the peninsula in the 80s. san jose 85 degrees. things will be changing though. we will look for cooler conditions on monday and clouds thicken on tuesday and there is a slight chance of maybe showers developing wednesday through early thursday and then after that we will dry things up and bring on lots of sunshine and warmer temperatures for your saturday. >> looks good. thank you, leigh. >> shu is here with sports and an incredible finish. >> the a's are in a must win situation in game two of the alds. he pitch i had the game of his caw -- he pitched the game o to those who've encountered a bump in the road... welcome to covered california.
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performances from the a's rookies in front of 48,000 fans as they had a difference in a 1-0 oakland victory and tieing it at a game apiece. sunny tbrai made his post season debut and he looked like a veteran striking out in the third including this 96 mile an hour fast ball. he blew past miguel cabrera. he tossed seven score less innings and struck out 11 and was looking in the fourth. then in the fifth tigers with runners at the corners and greg strikes out austin jackson. he gets jose at second and ends the threat. gray was outstanding and eight score less innings. allowed four hits and struck out 9. still score less bottom of 9. bases loaded and he comes up big. a walkoff single and a's win a
11:25 pm
thriller 1-0. they even the series at a game apiece and no better way to end it than a pie. >> you want to be in that position and looking for something over the plate and staying in the middle of the field. just fortunate to come through. >> it was exciting and i was glad to get the opportunity. like i said, i knew there would be a lot of adrenaline and however i was able to harness the adrenaline was going to be a big turn in the game. >> he made pitches and competed. for a 23-year-old on the stage he was on tonight, can't say enough about the job he did. >> game two, red ox and rays and david ortiz with a solo homer and it is 2-0. big papi does it again. it just stays fair.
11:26 pm
it is a commanding 2-0 series lead. a 7-4 victory. fifth ranked stanford hosting 15th ranked washington in their toughest test of the season. the game opening 99-yard kickoff return for a touchdown and he was just getting started.
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[ male announcer ] introducing progresso's new creamy alfredo soup. inspired by perfection. [ female announcer ] at 100 calories, not all food choices add up. some are giant. some not so giant. when managing your weight, bigger is always better. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant washington. they beat stanford last season in seattle. tonight down on the farm they were looking for pay back. both teams are undefeated. he started off the game with a 99-yard kickoff return and 15 seconds left in the half. kevin hogan, the second td of the game. 290 all purpose yards for a tie. 17-7 stanford at the half. washington got 139 yards rushing and tonight bishop sank 125 of them. stanford responds and a rushing touchdown and tyler
11:30 pm
gafney and stanford up 10. they cut the lead to three and a minute and a half to play. keith price makes an amazing throw to kevin smith for the first down. they ruled it a catch, but overturned the call after they say it hit the ground. it was close, but stanford comes away with a win 31-28 and improving to 5-0. cal hosting washington state. both teams are proponents of the air raid offense. a high scoring affair. the second quarter and wazu is up 14-5. airing it out to chris harper. 89-yard touchdown. 18 catches and 216 yards. third quarter and the cougs pull away. 72 yards and 41 of 67 and 521 yards and three td passes. washington state is all over cal 44-22. bears fall to 1-4 and 0-2 in pac-12 play. sharks are back on the ice hosting phoenix and trying to
11:31 pm
remain undefeated. they put a hurdle on the coyotes. it was an impressive opening night win. it was just46 seconds of the game. it was his first nhl goal. it was 1-0 san jose. got his first one and now the second. on a power play and deflects the shot. the youngest shark scores two goals in a game and back in 19 19 -- 1999. this abc7 sports report is brought to you by riverwalk casino. coming up, the warriors and the lakers will tea it up and we will hear from a dejected sunny dikes. >> still ahead, the latest in the dramatic road rage case. the suspects who have come forward and why a half dozen police officers may have been with the bikers. plus the popular schoolyard game now being banned. why students are being told to stay away.
11:32 pm
and a young boy told he couldn't get on a ride at a county fair, but it wasn't because of his age or size and why he was told to stay a
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i'm ama dates. chp officers say a stanford nba student was driving drunk and going the wrong way on southbound 101 when he hit a taxicab. a passenger in the taxi was ejected and killed. the cabdriver, his other passenger and the student are at san francisco general with serious injuries. pg&e will shutdown a san carlos pipeline in accordance with the judge's order as soon as tomorrow. the utility insists the line is safe despite a pg&e employee's e-mail that questioned the integrity of the pipeline. and the oakland raiders may have found a place to build a new stadium.
11:36 pm
the mayor of concord tells abc7 news that the owner mark davis inspected the 5,000 acre naval weapons center site and the raiders were looking for a place to build a new stadium for years. a solemn tribute in sacramento today saw 22 names added to the california firefighters' memorial. governor brown was among the uniformed firefighters, family members and dignitaries in attendance. the memorial contains the names of firefighters who have fallen in the line of duty. more than 1250 names stretching back as 1850 are currentlyien scribed. several small fires broke out across southern california amid hot, windy conditions. three fire agencies using bulldozers, air support and ground crews are fighting a blaze near interstate 5 and state route 14 in the new hall pass area. red flag alerts are in affect in southern california through
11:37 pm
tomorrow. karen has weakened to a tropical depression and stalled off the louisiana coast. but the storm still threatens to bring strong winds and heavy rains to the vulnerable low-lying areas especially in louisiana. marcy gonzalez has a look at the preparations. >> under bright, sunny skies, people along the gulf coast spent the day getting ready for whatever karen carries their way. >> the last storm looks like, this beautiful days. and then tomorrow it is all over. >> the storm threatens to bring wind, lots of rain and storm surges up to three feet in some areas. but it has lost a lot of power. and while karen will not strengthen into a hurricane, it is the memory of mother nature's past fury that is prompting residents not to take the risk too lightly. >> i am very stressed. i have been very stressed for a few days knowing it is coming. >> the stress and the lessons learned prompting investigations. >> almost want to keep the water from rushing through the
11:38 pm
door. i can ask before and it seem i had like most of the water came through this area last time we flooded. >> a state of emergency is already declared for parts of the florida panhandle, alabama, mississippi and louisiana. emergency operation centers are up and running. >> we are going to have our guard up. we have had storms that have been like this that have hung around for days. >> the plans are in place and the loose ends are tied up. and now the wait as karen churns closer to the coast. it is still quiet here for now, and the center of the storm could pass over or near southeastern louisiana sometime tomorrow. marcy gonzalez, abc news, empire, louisiana. the national weather service is still assessing the damage from a tornado that ripped through parts of iowa and nebraska last night. four homes were destroyed and more than a dozen others damaged. 15 people were affected.
11:39 pm
blizzards are moving across the dakotas. the video shows heavy snow falling near rapid city south dakota and even more snow is in the forecast for tonight. a 35-year-old motorcyclist was arraigned today in connection with the beating of a new york man by a gang of angry bikers. robert simms was charged with first degree assault, first degree gang assault and criminal possession of a weapon. last sunday the driver of an suv saying he feared for his life from a swarm of bikers hit one as he sped away. they chased the car, broke the window, dragged the driver out and began beating him. 5* good samaritan stopped the assault. >> i approached the man because i saw he was there on the floor. what i did was confronted these people and i stood between them and the man who lie on the floor and i say that's it. let her go. >> the biker who was hit remains hospitalized with broken legs and spinal injuries. >> the game of tag is off
11:40 pm
limits for those in grand michigan. teachers sent a letter to parents alerting them to the policy this week. they said the no tag, no chasing policy was aimed at stoping behavior and that was too rough for the children. when the no tag rule created controversy, a follow-up letter emphasized safety concerns. the family of a two-year-old boy says he was not allowed on a ride at the fair in fresno because he was autistic. but the fare says that's not what happened. things went wrong when he wanted to get on the chopper hopper. his dad normally rides with him to make sure he was okay. >> at first they said he was too small and than an adult had to go with him. my husband said i will go with him, but we won't allow him to go on the ride. he is autistic. the carnival operator said no, disabled kids x no. >> but he said the dad didn't want to pay to ride with him. the family complained and they investigated the incident. a representative -- of on
11:41 pm
erred them a free day at the fair which they accepted. the worker will be retrained on the company's policy. the newly redesigned $100 bill is about to debut. the bill which will be released on tuesday has several features including a 3-d security ribbon that will make it easier to authenticate and harder for forgers to replicate. it is the fourth time they have kept up with improved counterfeiting technology. >> just ahead, up, up in the air. the amazing sight from the world's biggest balloon festival. plus, the newest way to keep track of your baby. how it is all done through your smart phone. >> hi there again. i'm meteorologist leigh glaser. 5* terrific day today. we will have one more before big changes next week. a look at my accu-weather
11:42 pm
11:43 pm
11:44 pm
to help you keep an even closer watch on your baby. it is the next generation baby monitor that works in tandem with your smart phone. abc7 health news reporter carolyn johnson has the story. >> check and make sure it is all tight. >> she is bundling up her young son luke for a nap. the booties she is double checking will do more than keep his foot warm. it is a high-tech baby monitor. >> you do that and it will pull up.
11:45 pm
the first thing it does is pops up the temperature. >> readings are being streamed directly on to a smart phone via blue tooth. the system includes sensors that can provide a variety of data. >> we have the device on my finger right here. what it is doing is remotely sending my oxygen levels and heart rate to the smart phone. >> the chief operating officer says the unit allows parents to monitor not only their child's heart rate, but the blood oxygen levels and the sleeping position including an alert if the child rolls over in the crip. >> the target goal is to keep the child safe. >> it is the latest device to take advantage of diagnostic technologies that can be miniature rised into a handheld unit. he works at the california medical center in san francisco and agrees the technology is powerful, but he worries about how parents may interpret the data. for example, heart rate. heart rate there is a huge variation with newborns all wait from a fairly slow heart rate to a high heart rate.
11:46 pm
if the parents see the trends is that worrisome when in reality it is normal. >> the company says each monitor will come with training materials to help make sense of the data including the normal parameters for the readings. they are also hoping that the parents can share data with their pediatrician. >> the information you are seeing as a parent is tracked over time and you have access to see their heart rate and vital signs for some time. >> in the meantime they believe the monitors could add peace of mind coupled with the convenience of a smart phone. >> it is a lot more convenient to have just one -- to have your cell phone with you. >> carolyn johnson, abc7 news. >> the company plans to begin shipping a limited number of monitors next month and should be available in stores in january for just under $200. nearly 300 swimmers raised half a million dollars for two bay area children's cancer programs today. most of the swimmers were dropped off near the golden gate bridge for the mile and a
11:47 pm
half swim back to chris see field beach. the money goes for the center of cancer research and ucsf be children's hospital. >> that's what this is about. these kids and what they are going through, it is just amazing. they are really my hero. >> the event is the main source of funding at ucsf. it provides clinical care, education and research. an amazing sight in new mexico today. hot air balloons were nearly blotting out the sky the engines roared in the early morning to start filling the balloons. from the air it looked as though the ground was covered with brightly colored easter eggs. isn't that amazing? the 42nd annual albuquerque balloon festival ends tomorrow. for one last check of our weather let's get to leigh glaser.
11:48 pm
>> live doppler 7hd is showing us that we do have clear skies. i want to update you quickly on what was tropical storm karen. it has been down graded to a tropical depression. winds are 35 miles per hour and it is considered about 150 miles to the south and west of new orleans. and you can see on the latest track that it will just skim the gulf coast by sunday evening and winds are just off the coast at 35 miles per hour. it will head on over the panhandle of florida by early monday morning. they could see as much as 4 and maybe as much as 6 inches of rainfall as this system moves on through. down in new orleans it will be wet as well as the gulf coast region. chicago will clear out a bit. minneapolis 57 and will be cool. denver sunny and 68. southern california, get ready for more sunshine there with 90 for los angeles and 90 fresno and 85 for sacramento. the bay area, boy, a great day
11:49 pm
tomorrow. the temperatures inland near 90 degrees. 70s at the coast. enjoy it because by tuesday and wednesday, it is going to be much cooler and we will bring in a chance of midweek showers. there you go. >> thank you, leigh. mike shumann is here with sports and the a's must win? >> a lot of things going on. the a's got all they could from two rookies. they pull off the hit of his life for the walkoff win tieing the series at a game apiece. complete he lights and [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to find big savings on the things you need. just make a straight line to safeway. your club card gets you deals you can't find anywhere else. this week, folgers is $6.88 for the large size. that's a lot of coffee. skip the warehouse. charmin is $13.99 for 24 double rolls. and lean cuisine entrees are just a buck 99.
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real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life.
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two rookies have the game of their lives and prove to be the determining factor in the win. sonny with a lot of strikeouts. he looked like a veteran and struck out the side in the third including this 96 mile an hour fast ball as he blew it past cabrera. verlander just as impressive. seven score less innings. struck out 11 including moss looking in the fourth. one out and strike out with the double play and it ends the threat. gray was outstanding. allow i had four hits.
11:53 pm
bases loaded for steven and he comes up big. a walkoff single and he scores and the a's win a thriller 1-0. even the series at a game apiece and no better way to end the game than with a little pie. >> come up bases loaded and thases what you -- and that's what you dream of. stay in the middle of the field. it is fortunate to come true. >> it was very exciting. i was glad to get the opportunity. like i said, i knew there was going to be a lot of adrenaline and however i was going to harness the adrenaline was going to be a big factor in the game. >> he made pitches and competed for a 23-year-old kid. can't say enough about the job he did. >> game 3 monday in detroit. in fact they beat stanford in seattle. tonight they are looking for
11:54 pm
pay back. both teams are undefeated. he took the opening kickoff 99 yards for a touchdown. 15 seconds left in the half and hogan to montgomery. second td of the game and 2 ninety all purpose yards. 17-7 stanford at the quarter. they got 139 tonight. stanford up 24-21. stanford responds and gaffney is up 11 yards. huskies cut the lead to three. fourth and 10 and keith price makes an amazing throw to kevin smith. they ruled it a catch and overturn the call after a review saying it hit the ground. i don't know how you can overturn that. stanford comes away with a victory. improving to 5 and 0. cal hosting washington state and both teams are proponents to the air raid offense. the second quarter up 14-3 and goff airing it out to chris harper. great cut back and harper had
11:55 pm
13 catches and 216 yards. towingers lead down to two. the third quarter and connor halliday and he is gone. 41 of 67 and 521 yards and three td passes and washington state wins big 44-22. cal falls to 1-4 and 0-2 in pac-12 play. >> we have no confidence right now. i think we are a fragile football team. when you are a fragile football team and you go and fumble your first position of the drive -- or the game after you put a decent drive on it takes its toll on you. >> sharks back on the ice hosting phoenix and they put a hurdle on the coyotes. off an impressing win and 19-year-old rookie thomas hurdle with the first nhl goal of his career. 1-0 san jose. got his first one and how about his second? on the power play and right
11:56 pm
there, the youngest shark to score two goals in a game since 1999. the sharks are now 2-0 with a 4-1 victory. pre-season basketball and the warriors and the lakers and he is cleaning it up with a put back jam. tips the pass. ahead to curry for the rarely seen dunk. later the first quarter barnes with the rebound and starts to break. thompson going to the rack with some power. the warriors lose it 104-95 the final. the third day of the president's cup and usa took four of five matches. he drains the putt for the win and one up. different story for the alternate shot. chipping in to go three up. they finish it tomorrow. johnson's approach on the par
11:57 pm
515 holds out for eagle. that won it 4-3. usa up 11. this abc7 sports report is brought to you by riverwalk casino. 5:30 kickoff and raiders host san diego at 8:30 kickoff at night. that's because the a's play during the day and they have to turn the field around for tomorrow. >> thank you for joining us. the news continues tomorrow morning at 5:00. take care.
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