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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  October 6, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> good morning, everyone. i'm carolyn tyler. thanks for joining us on this sunday, october 6th. let's start things off with a quick first look at the weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> hi there, carolyn. good morning to you. starting out once again nice and clear. as a result, temperatures have dropped significantly in parts of the north day. elsewhere we are in the 50s. san jose and los gatos, but the warm spot, san francisco. 63. 62 in oakland with still the offshore flow is on tap for the afternoon. that means another warm day. the sea breeze will pick up throughout the afternoon. around the bay low to mid-80s. plenty of sunshine, a few high clouds. along the coast we are looking at cooler numbers, upper 70s. but still a very warm to mild
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conditions coastside, even warm. and inland we are looking at mostly cool numbers. big changes coming up. carolyn. >> we begin with breaking news out of san jose where firefighters have just put out a fire in a car that was split in half. it happened at blossom hill road and wind fielder boulevard near the mall. so word on how the car was split in two or if there were injuries. we will continue to follow the story and by you updates as we become available. a stanford student faces manslaughter and dui charges after driving the wrong way down 101 this weekend and slamming head on into a taxi cab. the predawn collision south of candlestick park caused a pileup
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that shut down 101 for three hours yesterday. the taxi was carrying two passengers to sfo. one was thrown into traffic lanes. >> at least one was completely ejected at the vehicle. he died at the seen. he was not seatbelted in. >> he was heading to the airport for a flies to his home in puerto rico. another passenger and the driver taxicab driver hospitalized with major industry. the other driver will face criminal charges and he could be sent to prison for at least four years. police made an arrest not nearly two-year-old murder case of charles butler jr. he was killed days before christmas back in 201 and his organs were donated to several resipiants. abc news 7 talked to his family and has more.
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>> reporter: the arrest was quell come news to the family of charles butler jr. >> it was joy. it was yes. justice does get served. >> according to investigators, butler accidentally bumped a car while he was parallel parking at a store. as he left he was chased down by two men in the car and shot to death. police say the man is the suspected driver. the suspected shooter is still on the lose. butler's family is hoping more tips will come in to help track him down. >> we are hoping that someone sees him, someone that knows him can give us the information needed for his capture. >> according to butler's family, douglas and hunter have long been suspects in this case and the least one of them was arrested and released last year. the district attorney's office cited a lack of evidence then. but after a recent public plea by butler's ailing father, high
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weight that you, police say the public responded with new tips in this case. >> he wants to be there. he wants to be there in court. he wants to see their information. >> with new information the das office has formally charged hunter and douglas in this case. abc7 news. in an update to a story we first brought you yesterday morning, oakland police are looking for suspects in a triple shooting that has left one woman dead. it happened around 1:30 yesterday morning on broadway near 14th street. officers found three gunshot victims and took them toeshoe hospitals. a 21-year-old pittsburgh woman died, a 20-year-old woman and her 21-year-old boyfriend that san leandro are expected to recover. developing news in redwood city where police feed help tracking down a hit-and-run driver. last night around 7:00 a dark-colored minivan struck and
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killed a pedestrian near marshall street and maple. victim's name has not been released. the man driving the minivan left the scene. police are hoping more witness will come forward to help them with the investigation. a suspect is in custody this morning on suspicion of stabbing someone at a san francisco mcdonald's. it happened yesterday afternoon near stanyon and waller streets. victim was stabbed and taken to san francisco general hospital in serious condition. new details this morning concerning the safety of a gas pipeline in san carlos. abc7 news learned the gas line could be shut down as early as today. in a statement pg&e said the pipeline in question, line 147, quote, is completely safe. e-mails from a utility employee to san carlos officials questioned the integrity of the pipeline that was installed back in 1929. pg&e is following a judge's order to shut down the line. san carlos residents say it's
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about time. >> that's serious. it stays the officials shutdown a line? is is san carlos going to san bruno next? come on, guys, get it together. >> city officials acted in response. >> u.s. special forces have captured and killed terrorists in two waves in africa. it is another blow to al-qaeda and it's organizations. here's chuck sievertson. >> he's one of the top al-qaeda leaders in the alleged terrorist mastermind behind the deadly twin bombings of the u.s. embassies in kenyon and tanzania. over 200 people were died or injured. on the fbi most-wanted list with a bounty of $5 million on his head, the 49-year-old was
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grabbed outside of his house in tripoli, libya saturday morning after three cars suddenly surround his car. special commandos smashed his window and grabbed his gun. he's reportedly on his way to the u.s. to stand trial. around the same time u.s. forces attacked a terrorist stronghold house of the capital of somalia. a group al-shabaab, the same group that took attack on a kenyon mall last month. the attack they say was planned well before the mall astack was carried out before the same muss navy seal team 6. they said no u.s. special forces died in the assault. abc news, new york. sheriffs employees will be
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learning the late nest terrorist techniques in the middle east. it will be taughtdy -- taught by israeli commanders. goo the oakland raiders are interested in moving to concord. they said raiders toured the concord naval weapons center site on friday. davis told him he likes the 5,000-acre site as a possible location for a new stadium. as you know, the laiders have been looking to build a new stadium for years. ♪ >> fireworks exploded over pier39 in san francisco last night. this will happen every saturday night this month. pier 39 officials are trying to make up for the excitement and tourism because there is no fleet week this be year. it was cancelled due to federal
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budget cut. >> bart officials and employees have only five days to roach an agreement now. both sides met yesterday and displayed no sense of urgency. hoping for the best and preparing for the worst. >> we will continue it negotiate for as long as we can and we are committed to coming tomorrow, if that be the case and all week next week. >> we have said all along we want to come to a negotiated settlement but we are preparing for the worst if the unions do decide to strike. we've been working on a contingency plan for weeks now. >> besides wages the biggest issue appears to be the lent of the contract. bart officials wants a four year deal and unions want three. both sides will be back at the bargaining table tomorrow. bart has begun a new clipper card policy. they will now require people using clip are cards to have full fare on the card to complete their ride. previously bart allowed customers with a negative
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balance on their card to leave the statement. if you don't want to be stuck, you better have the full fare there. meteorologist lisa argen now here with a preview of your accuweather forecast. >> well we had a really warm day yesterday. the winds backed off. most of the area today warm to mild. that means a sea breeze will be kicking up with subtle changes around the bay and more significant changes to begin the work week. your forecast is straight ahead. >> thank you, lisa. also ahead, your tax dollars going to help pay rent for ex--cons. the reasoning behind this plan in one new area. and plus the few law that could change the status of thousands of [ daughter ] hi mom. hey honey, the trip's great, very relaxing. are you sure you can't make it?
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>> well, there's no apparent progress in ending the partial government shut down, despite a meeting in congress yesterday. but there is some good news for the hundreds of thousands of furloughed federal workers. abc7 news reporter has the details. >> all those in favor, say aye. >> it was a rare unanimous agreement on a budget issue. 4701 they voted giving furloughed federal government workers retroactive pay once the government reopens. but when talking about the shut down as a whole, the sides were still apart. >> obamacare is simple, it is no special treatment under the law. it is to delay the individual man date. for everything else we are funding this government. >> the idea that they were going to defund, overturn or delay the
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affordable care act is not going to happen. as i said to my colleagues yesterday, that's like saying give me your first born child and then we will talk about the rest of the family. >> he said he's bringing back as many as civilian employees as possible whether the shutdown is over or not. he said he will use the pay our military act to return workers who contribute to the well bearing and readiness of the military. and congress said 200 members have called for a vote calling for a clean budget bill. they have heard from several republicans who want the same. >> the letter the leader referred to with 200 democrats on it indicates that clearly in my view right now there are enough people to pass a government opening funding bill. >> but republicans still blame senate democrats saying they are not taking up the house funding bill.
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meanwhile the proposal to provide back pay for furloughed workers is expected to pass the senate but no time table on when the senators will take it up. abc news, new york. >> this morning at 8:00 on "this week" house speaker boehner will answer questions and what it's going to take to get the federal government running again. don't miss this abc news exclusive on "this week" with george stephanopoulos coming up at 8:00 here on abc7. >> how is the government shut down impacting your life? post your video on instagram at abc7 fuse bay area using washington. last year state voters
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approved releasing low risk offenders from prison and now they will get $1,000 a month to pay their rent starting the 1st. they said it will help more than half the 73rd strikers released in santa clara county, many with just the clothes on their back and $200. with a few strokes of his pen yesterday, governor brown has for ever changed how our state deals with immigration issues. the government said while washington waffles on immigration, california is forging ahead. i'm not waiting. the new laws went into effect on a day of immigration reform rallies all over the nation, including here in san francisco. one measure allows undocumented immigrants to get licenses to practice law. another prevents state and local law enforcement from detaining people just because of their immigration status. saving up frequent flyer
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miles can save you thousands of dollars on your travels. one couple planned their entire retirement on using nearly a million saved up miles but when it came time to take the trip. miles were long. >> steven of monterey county is giving us a glimpse of his worldwide travels. >> this is a picture of me with two of the younger orphan chimps. >> his job took him to exotic regions in the congress go and new guinea, exploring for oil with the chevron organization. >> it's given me the opportunity to travel quite extensively. >> he and his wife toured italy, south america and the orient, flying for years on air france. when he retired steven racked up about 1 million frequent flyer miles. >> he looked forward to using the miles. >> the couple planned it to explore more of the world using their free time and all those miles. that is, until beverly tried to
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book a trip. >> and i was like, oh, my gosh, there's nothing in here. >> she was look at their flying blue account with air france t showed a zero balance. all 947,000 miles were gone. >> we have a problem. it was quite a shock. >> all those miles had expired, all because flying blue requires members to fly on a qualified flight at least once every 20 months. the couple was sure they had flown more than enough times, but flying blue said no. the flights they took did not meet requirements. >> i basically said what can i do here? i've been a loyal customer for all these years. >> flying blue made a deal. if he flew on a qualified flight within six months, it would restore his miles. he got on the phone right away. the airline confirmed that a flight to salt lake city good qualify, so he took it and waited. >> and waited and waited, and waited, it didn't come. >> flying blue still didn't
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restore his mile. the company said the fare he paid didn't satisfy requirements. >> it was maddening. terrible. oh, i'm sorry. well, michael said frequent flyer programs often have complicated rules that you have to follow or you will lose your miles. it's important to stay up-to-date so you can save up your miles and save a lot of money on your travels. japanese retailer unit glow is collecting clothing today to help the saint vincent depaul's society helpless fortunate families in the bay area. can you bring a bag of gently used clot to go the san francisco store union square and receive a 1% coupon. their goal is collect 1,000 items for the charity to distribute. this afternoon the theater hosts an event tend today help mend the broken parts of berkeley's camp and staff.
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it was destroyed because of a rim fire. it hosted several generations of berkeley family and friends since it opened. today at 4:30 the camp's staff will put on a camp spirit event. it is before a sold-out audience. it the ruled can tan amazing and the super heroes of the camp. san francisco's hardly strictly bluegrass festival is in full swing this weekend helped by brilliant weather and the sound of boz skaggs. it's free. with six sound stages to choose from, blues fans have plenty to keep them entertained. >> this is our 13th year so the theme of this year's lucky 13. and it just came together with bunch of people that love music and wanted to give a gift back
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to the city. here we are 13 years later in the park. >> the festival runs through tonight. and the weather yesterday, lisa, was perfect for that. >> maybe a smidge cooler today. the sea breeze kicks up. it's still under the influence after strong ridge of high pressure. so as a result no fog as we check out live doppler 7hd. the fog will not really reappear for the next 24 hours or so. we will see high clouds today. some changes in the form of some higher clouds and also the sea breeze kicking up. a live shot from the roof camera right now where it is clear. san francisco is one of the warmer locations, in the 60s. oakland is also in the 60s. mid-50s san carlos, and half moon bay at about 50 degrees. from our sutro camera, nothing but a clear sky. the sun not up until after 7:00. numbers dropping into the 40s. so pretty chilly this morning for novato, santa rosa, even over into concord and livermore. barely at 50 degrees. this morning you may want to
5:22 am
kick on the heat a little bit or grab an extra layer because anywhere from napa to the coast, we are much, much cooler. so we've got the clear sky, that radiational cooling. no blanket of clouds to insulate us overnight. winds are calm. that's also aiding in our cool down this morning. finally from emeryville, clear and cool for everyone. warm today with a few high clouds. we will see much cooler weather for the week ahead which, of course, the work week is starting tomorrow. here's the setup. still high pressure to the east of us and rest of us. lower levels and upper levels of the atmosphere. but this area of high pressure is going to slowly drift to the east. as it does, it allows for a trough in the north and west to slide to the south, and that will bring a stronger sea breeze tomorrow. mild to warm with subtle changes today. still numbers well above normal. but here's what i mean about the changes. in san jose with 85 today, upper 70s tomorrow. into the mid-70s on tuesday. we will get into partly cloudy
5:23 am
conditions midweek. even a threat of a few showers around here by late tuesday into wednesday. not looking too likely at this point but still we begin to recover. slowly, not much, but by friday or saturday. it will eventually, finally feel like the season. as for today, very little change. you see a few clouds around. >> 84 santa clara, 86 in morgan hill. santa cruz down from that lower 90-degree reading yesterday to 83 today. 84 in redwood city with san mateo topping out around 80. here's the 70 today from satisfy moon bay and pacifica. pretty nice, not too hard to take. san francisco, 77. a few degrees of cooling for you. in the sunset district mid-70s. in the north bay look for the 70s and napa low to mid-80s. east bay low 80s. hayward, newark, fremont, you head inland and low to mid-80s
5:24 am
from brentwood to antioch. today, this is with of it, the warmest day of the week with mid-and upper 80s around the bay. 70s at the coast. tomorrow much cooler with 60s at the coast, 70s and barely an 80 out there. then by tuesday and wednesday, hears the weak system that could bring as you couple of showers late in the day tuesday, into wednesday. the cool-down and the autumn feel that will stay with us thursday and more sunshine by the end of the the week. >> did you mention a high fire danger. >> always a high fire danger when it's that dry and the relative relative humidity so low, even though the winds aren't gusty. thank you. new details coming up in the dramatic case of road rage in new york. the new suspects who have come forward and why several police officers may have been with those bikers.
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to those who've been denied ewelcome to covered california. now, you can no longer be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition. enroll today at >> a 18 mum dribble beauty in sacramento saw 22 names added to the firefighters memorial. >> governor brown joined the uniform firefighters, family members and dignitaries in attendance yesterday. this memorial contains the names of firefighters who have fall anyone the line of duty. more than 1250 names stretching as far back as 1850 are currently inscribed. red flag alerts are in effect in southern california
5:28 am
through today after several small fires broke out yesterday with the hot, windy conditions. three fire agencies using bulldozers, air support and ground crews battled the 15-acre blaze that started on the hillside north of the junction of interstate 5 and state route 14 in the new haul pass. in an update to a story we brought you yesterday, a 35-year-old motorcyclist has been arraigned in connection with the beating of a new york city man by a gang of angry bikers. robert sims was charged with first degree assault, first degree gaining assault and criminal possession of a weapon yesterday. last sunday the driver of an s.u.v. saying he feared for his life from a swarm of bikers hit one as he was speeding away. bikers chased the car, broke the windows, dragged the driver out and began beating him. a good saw mare can stopped the assault. >> i approached the man because i saw he almost dead on the floor.
5:29 am
so what i did, i spoke to the people and stood between them and the main line and i said to them, that's it. let her go. >> the biker who was hit remains hospitalized. you see him there with broken legs and spinal injuries. still to come, tropical depression karen weakening, but still on track for louisiana. why residents are taking no chances ahead of the storm. and a young boy told he could not get on a ride at a county fair. it wasn't because of his age or size, why he was told to stay away.
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totino's pizza rolls. mm-hmm. hmm. [ female announcer ] zero to pizza. pronto. now in two bold new flavors! [ female announcer ] zero to pizza. pronto. to thsuffered in silence... hoped... and lived in a state of fear... welcome to a new state... of health. welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage. financial help for those in need. and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll now at >> welcome back. we start thing this half-hour with a quick look at the weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning, carolyn rifle in the middle of our warm weekend we sit with an autumn
5:32 am
warning. temperatures dropping into the low 40s in the north bay. the one spot, san francisco, 62. even over into the san ramon valley where the cooler air drains, the clear skies and longer nights. it is a chilly start. but as we go through the afternoon, you will notice a few high clouds. and with the high clouds temperatures still are going to be on the warm side. we are talking about, once again, plenty of 80s. a few numbers dropping into the upper 70s. due to a stronger sea breeze. but today will be the warmest day out of the next seven. i'll have the accuweather seven-day forecast and detail that for you in a few minutes. carolyn. >> thank you, lisa. tropical storm karen has weekend to a tropical depression and called off the louisiana coast but it still threatens to bring strong winds and heavy rains to vulnerable low-lying areas, especially in louisiana. it could pass through the area sometime today.
5:33 am
we have a look at the preparations with abc news. >> reporter: the wind picking up. the rain moving in. tropical depression karen slowly, unimpressably making her way to the gulf coast. >> you would never expect it to be like this. we expected a lot worse. >> it was downgraded last night to a tropical storm but brings the threat of strong winds and storm surges up to three feet in this area. they say karen will not strengthen into a hurricane but the memory of the past furries causes people here to take precautions. >> we will have our guard up. we have had storms of that been like this of that hung around for days. >> a state of emergency is already declared for parts of the panhandle, alabama, mississippi and louisiana. some emergency situations are up and running, homes sand bagged and boats tied up.
5:34 am
the gulf coast ready to ride out the storm. >> we definitely take them seriously. >> it is still calm . most of the effects are still offshore as the storm continues to wacken. abc news, louisiana. >> the national weather service is still assessing the damage electric a tornado that ripped through parts of iowa and nebraska friday night. at least four homes were destroyed and nearly a dozen others damaged. 15 people were injured in the small town of wayne, nebraska. blizzards are moving across the dakotas. this video shows heavy snowfall near rapid city, south dakota. amount of snow dumped by a cold front, 3 1/2 feet, is a record for this time of the year. >> an amazing site in new mexico where hot air balloons were nearly blotting out the sky. you could hear the roar early yesterday morning as air began filling the balloons. from the air it looked as though the ground was covered with
5:35 am
brightly covered easter egg. the 42nd annual albuquerque international balloon festival runs through today. the family of a two-year-old boy says he was not allowed on a ride at a fair at fresno because he's autistic. but fair officials say that's not what happened. things went wrong when he want to get on the chopper hopper. his dad normally rides with the son to make sure he's okay. >> first they said he's okay. and my husband said i'm going to go with him. we won't allow him tolling on the ride because he's autistic. and the carney said disabled kids, no, he needs to go. >> but they said the dad did not want to pay to ride with him. the family complained and the fair operator investigated the incident and offered the family a free day at the fair which they have accepted. fresno fair said the worker will be retrained on the company's
5:36 am
policies. the government shut down is all about obamacare which requires almost everyone to have health insurance next year. and if you don't sign up by march, you are going to be fined. in california more than 5 million people currently do not have health insurance. abc7 news health and science reporter carolyn johnson shows us how volunteers are trying to educate people. [speaking spanish] >> sylvia is going door to door as part of the state's effort to educate people about the affordable care act. she's with the health clinic. >> i'm also involved with a lot of our community events such as our job fares, our health fares. >> gomez is one of the many people literally walking the state to get the word out about the affordable care act. the law requires all u.s. citizens and documented immigrants to have health
5:37 am
insurance by march. >> peter is head of the place to go in the state. >> we have hundreds of organizations across the state that want to be part of making history. which is anchored in, educating consumers to give them information they want to act on, getting affordable health insurance. >> alex is uninsured. >> i definitely need to know more. i just saw some of the basic information about what the requirements are. >> he's not alone. according to california, 48% of uninsured californians are latino. sylvia said most of their patients speak limited english and haven't heard of covered california. undocumented immigrants like christina are scared it voice their opinions. they aren't eligible for the coverage. but even if they can't get coverage for themselves, undocumented immigrants are still subject to fines for not getting coverage for children who are u.s. citizens. and that was abc7 news
5:38 am
health and science reporter carolyn johnson. now, if you need insurance, go to you will find a link under "see it on tv" to the state's official insurance exchange wishes is called" covered california." coming up, competition heats up in the tablet market. the new product looking to give apple's ipad a run for its money. and here's a live look from our roof cam. it's going to be hot today to start off the week. highs in the 80s. what about the rest of the work week? lisa argen, our meteorologist, will have your forecast in just a few minutes.
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>> welcome back. in a couple weeks apple may reveal a new ipad but microsoft is trying to beat them to the bunch n a small factoring of the creators of the microsoft surface showed up the new version of their tablets. experts say this one is worth a serious look. jonathan bloom takes a look. all the things are true. but the truth is its unbelievably productive. >> he sounded like a salesman burks he's just a really smooth-talking geek. he heads up the design team behind microsoft's surface. as a devoted fan, he's a bit of a celebrity. >> was your name? >> mike. >> what do you do, mike. >> at a small gathering, he signed autographs directly on to the rubber keyboard covers they sell. surface hasn't been a great seller but in a group of loyalists they claim that won't be the case for surface 2 because microsoft is listening.
5:42 am
>> battery life because the big one. so we have improved that by 75%. >> he went on to show the new kick stand in two positions so you can use it in your lap and new keyboard covers that make it avoid typos. a full copy of microsoft office and a much better version of windows, one viewer said this one is a different story. >> for somebody who wants a nice tablet around the price range of the ipad and they want to do a little more with that, the surface 2 will be a really good option. >> will the new surface tablet be a hit? it was with people at this event but some might not need much convincing. >>. >> i have a pro at home and may get a pro-2 later on. >> it's that passion they are going for. >> we want people who love it to use it. >> and he's passionate. when asked his favorite thing. >> when somebody asks me that,
5:43 am
it's everything. i have four. when somebody tells me which part i like best, there's no answer. in san francisco, jonathan bloom, abc7 news. pretty hot for this -- is it the -- yeah, the first sunday in october. >> that's right. but this morning, boy, is it chilly out there. it feels like the season. although we will warm another 30 degrees from where we are right now. we are sitting at 56 degrees. here's a look at emeryville. yesterday anywhere from the hid 80s to around 90 at the airport. today almost as warm. i'll have today's forecast and a look at the season week ahead when we return. >> crunch time for the a's in the game two of the american league division series t all comes down to the ninth inning. sports is up next.
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>> welcome back, everyone. it's 5:45 on had sunday morning. this is a live look from, which camera? the east bay hills camera. today, if you liked yesterday, you are going to like today. pretty much the same type of weather pattern, although our meteorologist lisa argen is sitting here right next to me to tell me that it's a little cooler today. >> the sea breeze is going to kick up. if you don't like the heat, know right after about 6:30 it cools off so quickly. we will lose that warmth. we have done that this morning. live doppler 7hd shows no cloud cover and without the cloud cover we are looking at some very cool conditions all around the bay this morning. the sun not up until 7:10. it does set at 6:45. so we are still look at high pressure that will bring us another warm afternoon with more numbers above average. right now from our roof camera you shall can see the still conditions. no wind out there. numbers range from the warm
5:47 am
spot, san francisco 62. mid-50s in oakland. we are at 55 san carlos. low 50s los gatos, and half moon bay, 50 this morning. with the wind yesterday they were up about 70 degrees all morning long. so it's much, much cooler at our coast. and from our sutro tower camera we are looking at the clear sky. nice view of the city with numbers well into the low and mid-40s from santa rosa, napa, novato. you were cooler yesterday morning. low 50s. pretty chilly to start your sunday. a big range of temperatures from the morning close to the afternoon highs. but we are colder this morning. of course, at the coast. and also up in napa. you were in the 6 ostrander. but in the valley you have the cooler air that drains to the lower elevations. maximal radiational cooling, no blanket of clouds to keep us warm. that will change in the days ahead. increasing clouds, cooler temperatures from emeryville. a nice shot. clear and cool this morning. warm today with a few high clouds. and with that sea breeze kicking up, yesterday was the warmer
5:48 am
day. but still numbers well above average. look for much cooler weather to arrive tomorrow and continue through much of the upcoming work week. with high pressure to the east of us and also offshore, it still is allowing the light offshore flow. but we will look for the sea breeze late in the day just along the coast. but still how about upper 70s for the shoreline? in fact, even once again into the 80s for some of our beaches, particularly around santa cruz. here's a look at the high temperatures statewide. still breezy southern california and hot with low 90s. upper 70s monterey. out of the 80s for you but with breezy conditions over into the sierra nevada. so 70s and mid-80s. feels like summer in yosemite. we will look for a patch of high clouds to visit us throughout the day today. that will bring mostly sunny conditions. still on the warm side. 82 oakland with 80 san mateo. upper 70s half moon bay.
5:49 am
85 in san jose. morgan hill coming in at 86 this afternoon. a couple of big games, of course, over in oakland this afternoon. how about candlestick? we will visit the texans. temperatures in the low 70s. so that's your mild start at 5:30 but then the numbers drop into the 60s. still a nice evening and the raiders an even later game. that's with the chargers, upper 60s to low 60s. and today the warmest day of the week. tomorrow we drop another five to seven degrees. the clouds increase. maybe a slight chance of shower tuesday night into wednesday. slow recovery on the temperatures by friday and saturday. so it's been pretty nice. a lot of folks wanting the fall-like weather. >> it's kind of odd to see san francisco as the hotspot so far this morning. >> very typical for october. >> okay. thank you, lisa. let's check out sports. a's in a must-win situation in game two of the alds and rookie
5:50 am
sonny gray pitched the game of his career, setting up the walk-off winner the ninth. shears schu. he has all the sports highlights. >> good morning. what of the chances that two rookies in game two of the alds have the game of their lives and prove to be the difference with the went over detroit. the forecast was sunny with strikeouts. justin verlander was impressive. struck out 11 and including brandon moss looking to end the fourth. runners at the corners and one out. sonny gray strikes out jackson. he gets jose glazeious at second. still scoreless, got to have of ninth. no outs. bases loaded. he comes up big, walk-off single. yoenis cespedes scores. a's win and even the series at one a piece. no way to end the game without a little pie. >> it was really exciting and i
5:51 am
was glad to get the opportunity. like i said, i knew -- i knew there was going to be, you know, a lot of adrenaline in however i was able to harness that adrenaline was going to be a big factor in the game. >> all right. college football, stanford hosting washington. they always give them trouble. look for pay back. both teams undefeated. ty montgomery with the opening kickoff. thed yards and the touchdown. second td of the game. 290. 17-7 stanford at the half. third quarter, washington one of best running games this season. 139 last night. and stainky 125 of them. stanford up three. but stanford responds. and gaffney, 11 yards. stanford goes up ten. huskies cut the lead it three. minute and a half to play. the amazing throw to smith for what looks like a first down. they ruled it a catch but overturned the call after review
5:52 am
saying it hit the ground. how could you overturn that in it was close. stanford comes away with the win, 21-28, improve to 5-0. and cal. high scoring affair. wazo. up 14-0. airs it out to crawford. great cut. 9 yards. 13 catches are, 216 yards. lead down to 2. cougars pull away. holloway. he's gone. holloway, 41 of 67, 541 yards and three td passes. washington state wins. cal false 1-4. 0-2 in pac-12 play. >> sharks and coyotes. sharks coming off an impressive opening night against the canucks. 14 minutes in. hurdle, his first nhl goal. got his first one, how about his second? on the power play. deflects the matt matt irwin sh. youngest shark to score two
5:53 am
goals in a game since patrick marleau in 1999. sharks with the 4-1 victory. 49ers host texans and raiders host san diego at 8:30. i'm mike shumann. have a great day. >> a popular event pound to tie up traffic. the 13.1-mile block party happening today in san jose. you raise her spirits. we tackled your shoulder pain.
5:54 am
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>> a record 16,000 runners expect notice downtown san jose this morning for the rock n' roll half-marathon. the race amounts to a 13-mile block party with live bands performing every mile. it starts at 8:00 at the intersection of west santa clara street. the finish line is near the plaza where a concert features atlas genius as the headliner. this year runners have come from 49 states and nine countries to take part in the run and fun. a san francisco tradition started by the late supervisor harvey mill happens today. the castro street fair. this is the 40th, or will be, anniversary of the event at marketland cass vo street. you can expect to see a lot of people wearing ruby red as they enjoy the color of the castro. it raises money for local charities. if you are going, you are encouraged to make an optional donation at the gate.
5:57 am
the fair runs from 11:00 this morning until 6:00 tonight. up next at six, an arrest in a deadly accident on highway 101. we are learning more this morning about the suspect. plus, safety concerns in san carlos. why a pipeline could be shut down as early as today.
5:58 am
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>> good morning, everyone. i'm carolyn tyler. thanks for joining us on this sunday, october 6th. let's start things off with a quick first look at the weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> hi there, carolyn. good morning to you. it is nice and clear, but, boy, is it cool out there with temperatures dropping into the 40s in parts of the north bay. here's a look from our sutro tower where it is the warmest spot in san francisco with the low 60s. ocean this time of year keeping us mild. areas where we are all of the land, cooler air is draining to some of the valleys and radiational cool doing its thing with numbers dropping to 44 in


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