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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  October 7, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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good afternoon, everyone i'm carolyn johnson. >> i'm dan ashley with the government shut down stretching into a second week now, the president made an effort to step up the pressure on republicans today with a visit to fema headquarters where most workers have been furloughed. >> house speaker john boehner insists the president grosh yait on charges to the health care law and spending cuts if you wants to end the shut down. >> both sides continue to point fingers with the president directly blaming boehner. >> he doesn't apparently want to see the government shut down end at the moment un. >> the president's refusal to economy and putting our
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country at risk.r> >> a federal government is now 10 days from hitting the debt ceiling. this democratsym intond raise the debt limit withoutxd unrelated conditions republicans said they've had to seek. the white house signaled it will extend borrowing. >> last night's earthquake under scores an impact of the federal governmentç shut down. >> thoun one aszv on duty tofá help identify location and magnitude. >> david louie is live ask x@ç rememberoes in the contract.r david? >> well, dan, carolyn usgs says in the event of a major earthquake they will come back to work. however, for the time being it means their work is shifting to uc berkeley. the only vehicles in the license plates there.
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was vop one to drive them. offices remain closed. >> that mean there is no one monitoring size mow grafts. it shifted work to uc berkeley and caltech saying it's a work shabl -- workable solution for now. >> if out longer who knows whether computer systems will continue to run. if systems for collecting data goes down, then, probably >> furloughs spreading to contractors, lockheed martin said itd8 will send home 3,000 employees. the number of furloughs in silicon valley isn't known. lockheed martin separates in sunnyvale under tight security with smaller offices throughout the valley a call to the spokesman was not returned. next to be impacted willzv be lawrence liverdg)e lab.
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meantime jobs are safe until n friday. however, unlike federal employees the contract workers will not get retroactive pay when it ends. david louie abc 7 news >> time runningç outa5ñ for october 11th unless there is a deal to keep trains"n runningd. that is when the 60 day cooling day off.u! latest offers will be show prog gres but they're still million as part. abc 7 news reporter has latest now on the talks. >> there is no way this is getting done today. really it's more likely this will go down to the wire thursday night,5a possibly beyond. goal is getting to the the financial sweet spot the
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bart board decided kit live within this contract. so far that is remaining out of reach. >> and making sure both sides agree on math used in the latest proposals. the mediator asked parties to stop talking about details publicly there, is a tidbit from bart it increased wage offers since back in august, 10% over four years. >> we had a 10% wage increase on the table over four years and have increased that. and we have also provided an opportunity for thousands of dollars in what is called bonus autos there could be new numbers by the end of the day. bart says there is an $89 million gap. the union. staying it's a lot of money to sort out by thursday night's cooling off deadline.
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>> it's a gap ofçó $89 million? or $30 million? >> right now i'm not talking about the gap. >> what about a 72-hour strike notice? >> we need to discuss that as a group so. we're hopeful tojgç let the public mow if that wrt case but again we're just going continue to do thet( positive%v> talks are scheduled for every day this week.. >>çó so we're going show nalt tiffs being lined up stay with us for the latest on the bart talks we've assembled a range of resources for you in case of a strike including latest updates from transit agencies on how they're going to accommodateçe1 passengers.q
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>>çó now you'll get that there and you can follow us on twitter abc 7 fwhus bay area. >> police in hayward arrested one of their officers accused of extorting money from a forgery suspect. investigators say last month the officer demanded cash. he was released on bail today and resign frtd police department. this is the second time a hayward officer has been arrested in the last two weeks richard mccloud pleaded not guilty to child molestation charges accused of sexual assaulting several girls before becoming a police officer. >> pg&e has just about let gas out of a pipeline after the city won a legal battle. a judge ordered the utility to shut down the line after internal e mails questioning the saiflt of an 83-year-old seem weld on that line utility
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insists the line is safe and plans to challenge the shut down in court tomorrow but the gas has been removed. >> authorities detained a man for questioning following this brush fire starting around noon in the north section of thew3 former military basebym. the fire burned about half an acre. >> we don't see smoke like in that in the city toofá often this, gotw3 really big quickly. >> i've never seen a fire near all of the years live lived here. and have been here since 1974. >> a's are just a winç away league championship series for the first time since÷ú
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>> they allçó homered seth, smith, however, two run shot in the fifth provided what the a's needed. >> the check this out in the 9th. a's closer squared would have tigers december nated hitter victor martinex3 after two exchanged nasty words. the umpire had to keep them apart and has bothxd benches cleared but no punches thrown. >> so the antics of a's games can sometimes get r-rated this, baby with a custom made felt finger look how cute, so cute. >> you can share your photos with us on twitter and we'll show some of the photos onw the
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air. >> that is fun it is. >>ç a's clinch the division value series with one more win. next zbaim tomorrow afternoon. if you can't watch follow us on twitter or down load our abc 7 news smart phone app to stay on top of the game and score. >> neat stuf yes. >> she's here with what looked like a beautiful forecast it does. a changing forecast live doppler 7 now showing youñi some high clouds, you're probably noticing clouds, temperatures up in areas down and others, san francisco 66 oakland at 77 degreesç. looking at the view from our roof camera÷ú, not much of the wind rightw3ym now thate1ç is g toçbe changing. livermore you're at 86.
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so far highs close to 90 degrees in fairfield and livermore this afternoon. from our mount tamalpais camera gorgus shot here, mild, high clouds this evening. low 60s to low÷ú 70s.p6÷írok tomorrow morning it's going to be a cool start. afternoon, cooler day, breezy out there. you'll notice changes this isn't the only change coming. i'll talk about other changes for mid week time period. >> still ahead a newym÷ú $100 bl about to make a debut. >> and prince william trance formsç buckingham pal wras with special guests. >> then a bay area company's donation giving a school district a major boost in michael on and6n
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twitter at m mini.ç >> taking a look atd the skyway right it's smooth sailing for thosexd drivers south but look at the other side. they're not moving these drivers trying to head to the lower deck of the bay bridge, very slow going. ron: i'm sorry, who are you? h at that all like? jc: i'm your coworker! c'mon guys. i'm driving. hey, you guys comfortable? it's best-in-class rear legroom.
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taken risks... and lived in a state of "what if?"... welcome to a new state... of health. welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage. financial help for those in need. and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll now at crews been cleaning up a
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propane spill officials evacuated gr'its at the america's best value inn. the tanker carrying propane had a chevron label but it's not known if that company actually owned the truck. >> the new $100 bill makes its way back to you tomorrow. the bill has an array of high tech features. the bill's introduction plagued by problem that's set back the rollout by two and a half years, however, you can see the new bills by tomorrow afternoon. so look forp thimt. >> yes. >> some business news now, twitter'sñr womens issue. >> right. emily chang is here with this afternoon's after the bell report. hi, emily. >> good afternoon. waiting the companies ipo, twitter that is, spotlight is
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shining, shining on all aspects of twitter and one uncomfortable fact is a lack of women on twitter's board. twitter said the company supports initiatives to teach and mentor more young women. new york state is going after air b and b attorney general snyderman subpoenaed the apartment sharing site for informationd8 about new york residents renting out apartments on the site as new york city law restricts residents from renting homes unless they own them. air b and b called this unreasonable bli broad and promised to fight it. >> samsung hoping the white house will overturn an impokt ban on some samsung devices after the international trade commission ruledsamsung infringed on two apple patents. samsung hoping it will overturn the ban like it did for apple in august.
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>> stocks fell today, your bloomberg silicon valleyç also falling today as well. next time you tweet about breaking bad or something, neilson will be watching and measuring. the company calculates what it calls unique audience about television. neilson and twitter hope this will0l provide a new view of what is known as social tv. dan, carolyn, back to you. >> thank you. >> buckingham palace hosted its first soccer match. prince william welcomed players before kicking off the game this morning. they went head to knead a special royal command match. william's grandmother gave prince william permission to host the game but did heko give a warning about his grandmother, if anyone broke a window they'd have to answer to the queen. >> i think they were careful.
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>> can you imagine that? >> trouble. >> royal trouble there. let's talk about the weather forecast starting another week. >> everyone will notice a cooling trend into the next few days. for longer shirtse1, middle of fall enjoy tonight's warm weekend around the bay area. the peninsula, south bay, areas like livermoreé@ cold front coming throughbzij:z(,÷úe justw3 seeing high thin clouds filtering our sunshine now. we're four degrees warmer now in fairfield. half moon bay, down 14 compared to yesterday. you're feeling it at the coast. wind switched directions.
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here is a look at the forecast. cooler tomorrow, cooler pattern mid week we're going see snow in sierra nevadau!. cold front coming through. we're going to notice it over the next couple days. cooler air starts to filter in mind the -- behind the front. breezy tomorrow after the zmoochblt late tuesday night, wednesday we're talking about snow here. you're going to see mix of rain and snow, will be impacted in the southern sierra nevada a winter weather advisory goes up. wednesday, 5:00 a.m. through thursday, 5:00 a.m. two to five inches of snow with gusty winds for higher elevations if you're going toe1r cross tioga pass you may head
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into problems. tomorrow morning mainly clear skies. you'll need a light jacket as you head off the work or taking little ones to school. 75 tomorrow afternoon. 76 loss dat yos. sunshining in the santa cruz. mid-70s redwood city. 63 pacifica. 64 daily city. you've been in mid-70s today. you'll notice that as well. low 70s oakland not as warm as inland. 77 livermore, 76 conk yordz, a look at the accu-weather forecast cooler wedzáday, sharp drop off, mid-70s inland fofr us not going to mean rain or snow just much cooler weather low to mid-60s coast side. mid-70s inland then, for the
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weekend we'll just take temperatures up slight lie coming up next how stars of "dancing with the stars" balanced practice schedule with work. >> and no ticket no, problem, getting through security not all he was caught doing wrong by the way.
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to those who've been denied ewelcome to covered california. now, you can no longer be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition. enroll today at
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competition. >> tonight there will be a familiar guest judge on the panel. >> yes. we are live in l.a. with a preview of theçó competition. sounds exciting. >> it is going to be exciting. the special judge is julianne hough filling in for len goodman. she's going to have to judge her brother derrick. the big twist, amber riley was injured. her knee got hurt. she couldn't start dancing
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until friday. it will be interesting to see how she does tonight. valerie harper also dancing with a bum knee. i thoi you know dancing with the stars takes a lot of effort. this has become a real balancing act. christine is busy with kmisments but still has dut eyes a full time mom. >> i looked and was like this gave me new energy. so i had fun on top of what boy have had if i didn't put that little girl on my mind. >> those without families in los angeles you may feel home sick at times its hard to travel back and fworj this show.
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and everything else, i'm fine with. >> many have other work commitment autos we'll are heard tomorrow, then friday, saturday, sunday on the road again we're going to atlantic city, newark, new jersey and maryland. >> it's just early mornings of radio tours then hour days. >> at night my brain is like mush.ymñ >> their bodies are, too. part of the balancingv: act. >> i go go to rehearsal, i wake up, and go back to rehearsal. >> the 10 teams will dance 10 different dance styles, one of the performers will could do a song fromç "i love lucy" z two
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guys will be shirtless. that is it for now. >> no shirt no, dancing. >> thanks spencer. >> coming up on abc 7 news at 4:00 biker accused of starting a frightening chain of events speaks to abc news. why he says he's being treated unfairly. >> the big news for sane1 francisco middle schools to prepare students for the high-tech world z late year we don't get as many hours of hard labor as we used to. >> special cause that broug
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middle schools in san francisco are trying ipads in the classroom. >> yes. they were a gift from the cloud computing company called sales force. >> we are now here with more on how it's working. >> this is cool. the donation was $2.7 million. a first for the district. and this is only the first phase of the projectzv intended to bring more technology inside of the classroom. >> therefore isn't one for
4:30 pm
every student but every student will have access toon ipad at martin luther king middle school. the ceo donated the devices and visited the schools to see how they're being used. >> we have folks who are just wondering what you should do to get back. >> 750ç ipads were distributed to all 12 public middle schools. that is about 62 per school. each school received an additional $100,000 cash to invest in area that's would benefit students. so at martin luther king the principal decided to use that extra money to purchase moreç ipads. total 180 device autos throughout the day everyone of the 500 students swril an ipad in science class. >> san francisco mayor and the
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school superintendent had a a.approached to bring more technology into the classroom. they say putting ipads in the city's middle schools was a right choice. >> we discovered when we looked at schools we saw the big drop off. in the middle schools. that is where truancy starts. >> i have learned much more about the ipad and like more of the world. >> it's easier to collect knowledge. >> teachers are using ipads to track progress. >>e1 students will be able to use and identify and be able to apply and think and work in teams and think outside of the box. >> there is little chance of breaking or losing them, students not allowed to bring >> the devices stored and locked in a cart holding 30 at a time. because accidents do happen, the district did purchase
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extended warranty plan. dan? just in case. >> why not?r not a bad idea. >> the wife of a suspected al qaeda leader speaking about the u.s. military successful capture of her husband in libya. forces captured him out sifd his house over the weekend. he's suspected in the 1998 twin bombings of american embassies in kenya and tan ska kneea. his wife denies he play aid role and insists he left am qaeda in 1996. >> did he not take part in my bombing anywhere in the world participating in the jihad in afghanistan. he was a member of al yaed and personal security for osama bin laden that. is true but did he not take part in operations. >> another raid that happened nearly the same time in somalia was unsuccessful. >> now to, an abc news
4:33 pm
exclusive an interview with a bike year accused of starting an accident that led to a massive road rage incident in new york city. motorcyclists say people misunderstood the video. scott goldberg has latest in this case. >> christopher cruise is seen on this video pulling in front of an suv, then slowing down in what police say was an attempt to provoke a fender bender but cruz says what you see is not what it appear eyes never had intentions to cause problems my intention never to make him stop. >> in an exclusive interview cruz says he was trying to change lanes, arguing his brake light never went on and looks over his shoulder were not directed at the suv driver but his fellow riders. >> i didn't think i was doing anything wrong just turning into another lane. >> police aren't buying the story. they say he is the one setting off a terrifying eight minute long chase ending with the
4:34 pm
beating of the driver, dragged out of his suv in front of his wife and baby daughter. >> police don't believe him, it's hard to to a.believe his account. >> one biker was lefti]fso cf1 o pralyzed during the incident when the suv driver raé over him after becoming frightened by swarming bikers. sunday another rider seen here smashing windshield was arraigned on a number of charges including gang assault. his lawyer says he obviously struck the suv but says chance never laid a hand on lean. >> he did not assault anyone or punch anyone. or authorize anyone to do those thing autos scott goldberg amplt bc news, new york. >> three time indianapolis 500 winner will remain in houston as he recovers from a sh on the last lap of houston grand prix.
4:35 pm
the car went airborne watch this now. into the fence. he ended up with a concussion. he is well known beyond the racing world. his estranged wife is ashley judd. >> there is this. the governor of chihuahua in mexico says a monster truck driver's unauthorized maneuver is to blame for a deadly accident. eight people were killed when the truck plowed into the stands. the governor says the truck should not have÷ú given over the cars. witnesses say he lost consciousness after crushing the carsxdyuu
4:36 pm
all of this since september 11th has been to keep us safer it and has. but still we have gaping holes and this is a perfect example of this. >> surveillance video captured the boy stealing a suitcase from the baggage carousel then leaving it nind an airport restaurant when he left without paying. minneapolis spoke to the boy's family after authorities kablgted them ai. family member told police the 9-year-old ran away last week. >>. >> coming up at 4:00 a bid for
4:37 pm
ultimate bling. the new record. >> and a story of meeting strangers. the father and son's adventure has owe do with a single name. >> i'm michael finney. i'm taking your questions now at twitter and face book. you can contact me on abc 7 and on twitter. i'll answer questions here live a little bit later. >> gorgeous view, high clouds signaling a change. we'll talk about the forecast coming up. >> let's go outside at berkeley. you can see
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a white diamond sold for a record amount at auction. >> the flawless diamond weighs 118 carats found two years ago. it and was 299 carats in the rough. >> two bidders competed over the course of six minutes until one dropped out. that is a new record. that is butte oofl crazy. >> yes. >> what do you do with that?
4:41 pm
>> spencer christian is off and sandhya patel tracking it for use looks great. i can't offer a diamond but a beautiful forecast from our live doppler 7 hd perspective. if you're traveling nationally there will be thunderstorms tomorrow. 68 atlanta. towards miami 88 degrees and sunshine in denver. 77 and rain showers around seattle and portland. mid-50s for highs. looking at state wide temperatures 61 tahoe looking at potential for snow by wednesday morning. yosemite 71 degrees. 74 los angeles here in the bay area, it's going to be cooler tomorrow. temperatures coming down most areas will be out of the 80s. 79 in antioch. 68 san francisco. 65 half moon bay
4:42 pm
sea breeze going to bring temperatures down, wednesday, 74 into warmest valleys. >> nice. >> thank you. >>. >> coming up next an abc news exclusive. a global movement a pakistani teen started after being nearly killed by the taliban. >> you might remember this young nebraska football fan's dream to run into the end zone. now how is he scoring in life. >> so many airline fees. is there a place to go to to those who've worried... suffered in silence... hoped... and lived in a state of fear... welcome to a new state... of health. welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage. financial help for those in need.
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and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll now at
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the pakistani teenager snot head by the taliban is inspiring many people around the world she is the youngest nominee ever for the nobel peace prize.
4:46 pm
>> this one child may be the bravest girl in the world. >> i almost died it was just after mid day. >> she grew up surrounded by women with hidden faces and men in the shadows who destroyed girl schools and threw acid in the faces of girl students. she was determined to learn. >> they cannot stop meechl i will get my education at home, schools or any place. >> one year ago she was on a school bus with other girls. >> the day i was shot all miff friend's faces were covered except mine. >> is that wise? it was brave but was it wise? >> i wanted to live as i want. >> a man with a beard and gun stopped the bus and asked who is malala, and fired three
4:47 pm
shots at her. >> the bullet went through here, and here. >> through a series of astonishing misha cells from the way the bullet traveled to the doctor who just happened to be there, she woke up for a new day. >> thousands of voices came. >> courage was born. >> you can watch the interview coming up on world news at 5:30. >> 8-year-old jack hoffman scored again. you may remember him as the boy with brain cancer who sprinted during university of nebraska spring football game. this earned jack a visit to the white house, word is that after a year of chemotherapy
4:48 pm
his cancer is now in remission. >> that is good news. >> yes. >> a teenager's goal of finding everyone with his name has turned into an adventure. >> dave smith got permission to visit historic landmarks and interviewing everyone he can find named dave smith. >> father and son camping in national parks until the government shut down forced them to improvize. now they're waiting in seattle. >> we're just trying to go to national parks and they're preventing us from doing it. >> just trying to figure out what i want to do after the trip is over. >> dave junior will submit his journal, photos and videos as a senior project. >> michael finney answering questions sent to him by facebook twitter and e mail. a twitter tweeted why is the
4:49 pm
do not call registry shut down with the government shut down? >> we they've web sites as themselves but there are people running them and tech support plus saying they have to shut down government. so i don't know how much they have to get done. >> beth asks this, how do i know if nonprofits who are they say they are? >> so happy someone asked me. so much money gets wasted on rippoffs. go to guide or you can go to attorney general of california, they also take a look and rate charities.
4:50 pm
>> bill s writes is there a web site i can compare fees? >> they do almost compare sons but two i like, kayak does a good job of laying it out in a grid. there is another web site called travel nerd. you say i want to do this and that. and so. >> yes. >> it's hard to imagine what waits like before we knew how to find this. >> it's amazing what is at our finger tips now. >> one more question about this used to be if you bought a ticket you're locked into that. but now we have a 24-hour period.
4:51 pm
>> there is a law. have you 24 hours to cancel a ticket. a lot of them make it look like at this gift with this. you know? go through that. >> that is what we can do with any airline? >> yes. any airline. you get 24 hours. >> yes. it's good. >> now, let me tell what you is coming up. how does a free flight for spring break sound? and we're all going to daytona beach. kids will love it. >> yes. >> i don't know about that. >> coming up next a presidential visit. >> former president visits the bay area to help struggling families rebuild lives. >> coming up shark attack. a man bitten while surfing. it's not the first attack in
4:52 pm
the area. talking with a scientists who saw the mystery and won the
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ron: i'm sorry, who are you? h at? jc: i'm your coworker! c'mon guys. i'm driving. hey, you guys comfortable? it's best-in-class rear legroom. and with a turbo engine that gets 34 highway m-p-g. you know j.d. power ranked passat the most appealing midsize car two years in a row? i bet, uh, dan here wishes somebody found him most appealing two years in a row. ron: it's ron jc: ron... exactly.
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at 8:00 two hours with dancing with the stars followed by castle then join us for abc 7 news tonight at 11:00. >> victims of the boston bombings are learning how to run again. those blasts killed three people and injured more than 200 others. yesterday amputees learned thousand run on their new prosthetic legs. >> former president carter is in the bay air lending his hand to a cause that helps disadvantaged families rebuild their lives. they are marking their 30th work project for habitat for
4:56 pm
humanity. the federal government may be shut down but jimmy carter is grabbing a power saw like an expert in oakland you think it's just seeing what happens on a habitat project, in washington with everybody working together towards a common goal that would be a wonderful development. >> workers were robbed at gun point working on the homes last week, one r one man pistol whipped during the attack. >> not only to steal from another person but people who are looking for a good house for the first time in their live is a double crime, i thigh it was unfortunate incident. we're past it. i think this week is making up
4:57 pm
for the drama. >> country singers garth brooks and tricia yearwood are also here and say the former president is a tough boss. >> he is. you better be working i'm hoping he does not see us standing here. >> i've got to tell you nobody works harder than him, i think he's a thousand times more since. >> the stars say the reward is getting to meet homeowners and see excitement. >> how many people can say the president worked on your house? >> in response, habitat hired extra security officers to watch over crews until finishing this job. >> skm thanks for joining us. abc 7 news at 5:00 begins right now. >> thank you. coming up pipeline safety
4:58 pm
what. pg&e is saying about a court ordered shut down. >> shark attack. the man helped save a california surfer. >> plus, tiny bubble autos big changes this week. you'll notice a difference. vile details coming up. >> and an announcement from bart unions just moments away. we're expecting workers to give notice of an impending strike. >> this is a live picture of where leadership is scheduled to speak at any moment. we're going to take you there live as soon as it begin autos good evening. >> stay tuned for that. we'll press on until that moment. pg&e cut a thread. >> we have new details about a pipeline the utility was ordered to shut down near highway 101 after information surfaced raising concerns about the safety of the well.
4:59 pm
>> let's get now to abc 7 news reporter wayne freedman live with the story. wayne? >> good evening. if you see about 24 inches across it's been cutoff on both sides now. pg&e let the pressure bleed off. as for the political pressure that is another subject. the questions continue, who do you sfwleef a concerned mayor and city officials? >> i wonder what the question would have been the day before something smg maped. >> san bruno is a fatal explosion that just keeps giving. the public utility more head aches. the city of san bruno learned of a pg&e memo from an unnamed
5:00 pm
engineer and that process began over the weekend ask concluded this afternoon but the debate continues. >> this e mail is about a year later after a leak was found. >> where is the test to confirm the test? >> remissioned a report after the employee e mail was sent that. alert report outlined in addition to high pressure test was operating safely. >> how they can claim it's safe if they don't know what they have in the ground? >> this field is safe, and the homes and residents. the utility rerouted gas using other main lines and says service will not be disrupted. >> did you assume it's safe? >> absolutely. >> do you still think it's snaf. >> i don't know


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