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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  October 10, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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amy hollyfield joins us with what is happening. amy? >> i just spoke with a police officer. he says they have not been able to talk to the man who is believed inside the home. the s.w.a.t. team is here trying to make contact. they want to coax him out of the house. they have it surrounded. officers say last night around 11:30 in santa rosa a woman called police to say her husband had shot at her and a locksmith. no one was there. the wife and locksmith are safe and he is believed in there alone. police have evacuated some homes. they cannot predict how long this will last and do not know when they can open up the streets. they are hoping they will be able to get them out of there peacefully but they have not spoken with him.
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>> now the forecast. leyla gulen? >> now moisture in our forecast just a few high clouds. it is going to be a chilly start. you will want do dress in layers from emeryville to the bay bridge and to san francisco, it is a clear start to the only with no clouds. that will come later on tonight but we will see clear conditions. it will warm us closer to the weekend. we will see temperatures wrapping up in the upper 70's and lower 80's. the next 12 hours dress if you can in layers topping out in the mid-to-upper 70's by evening, though, clear skies and cool. we have a couple of
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direction. northbound traffic is not affected. we have an accident from castro valley approaching northbound along 238, watch out for that slow go away from 580. this is the drive in san jose beyond the julian street off-ramp the traffic is building. >> the countdown clock to a possible bart strike is winding down to the midnight deadline but there is a set back and accusations. matt keller has more from the fremont bart station. matt? >> the unions have that option to call a strike when the 60 day cooling-off period ending but they are expecting to be back at bargaining table. negotiations last night wrapped up at 9:45 and the union says
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bart management withdrew the officer when they were close to a deal and a spokesman said they did not withdrawing any proposal calling it a "miscommunication." the union says they are committed to negotiating and anything is possible. we spoke with a bart rider. >> we are hard working and need to go to work and save money so we take public transportation. it is not fair. >> both sides say despite the disagreement we are back at the table today after a board of directors meeting that starts at 9:00 including a closed door meeting. the bart riders have to wait to see tomorrow whether they have to find another way to work tomorrow morning. >> check out for everything you need to know about the commute and getting
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around with real time traffic maps and remember to follow us on twitter for any breaking news alerts. >> the 20 top republicans meet with president obama at the white house today to try to reach an agreement on ending the partial government shut down and reagans the debt ceiling. he invited all republicans but speaker boehner opts for a smaller group and the white house says speaker boehner is trying to exclude republicans which president obama is trying to reach. the longer this drags on the more they are look at a short temperature solution. >> there is an abortion controversy at santa clara university with the president deciding to drop health insurance coverage for elective abortions for the university, faculty and staff. the president said that in part and i quote, "our core commitments as a catholic
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university are in a history professor says that they received no notice. state law does not require employers to cover elective abortions, only abortions in which the health of the mother is at stake. >> the abortion controversy in santa clara university comes as the governor increases access to the procedure. the governor signed a bill allowing more mold professional -- medical professionals to perform the abortions including midwives and physician assistants with special training to perform the procedure. california becomes the only state in the union this year to protect abortion rights and the california pro life council says this is not about helping women but promoting abortion. >> three california poultry plants linked to salmonella could be shut down.
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foster farms has until today to have a "fix." they said though are dedicated to resolving concerns by the us usda and are responding with new and already implemented practices. our partner, "consumer reports" founds sam salmonella in a july purchase. >> we think 300 illnesses is too much. other companies have asked recalls for far fewer people getting sick and we think it is about finally time to issue a recall. >> the centers for disease control has not linked the illnesses to a specific foster farms product. >> friends and family of a missing patient found dead weeks after disappearing from san francisco general hospital are asking how it could happen after
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lynne spalding checked into the hospital september 19th, and two daze later she went missing from the hospital room and wasn't found until her body was discovered 17 daze -- days later. the hospital did not disclose she was missing for ten days. staff are devastated by the incident. >> arson is trying to determine who set a small fire at campus in the ravine below the services building, and was intentionally set it is believe, and are asking northern with information to call police. >> san francisco mayor may have to delay an important trade mission to china if there is a bart strike. the mayor and 76 people are scheduled to land in beijing on monday but he doesn't want to be out of town if there is a strike. he will promote opportunities for chinese investors in the
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billion dollar mission rock development. he is popular in china and well-known among the deep pocketed chinese investors. >> everyone is hoping for no bart strike. leyla gulen has traffic and weather starting with the weather. >> uneventful with no moisture but the low that brought us the rain over mount hamilton and snow in the sierra is moving east. from sutro tower, a a beautiful sight and it is clear. we have cool temperatures with no clouds to keep any of the heat in. we do have 52 degrees in san francisco and we have 45 degrees in los gatos and some areas are experiencing in the mid-to-upper 40's so keep those slippers on. toward the financial district another gorgeous sight for three days, though, we will have an uptick in temperatures over the weekend and early part of next week. that is because of a weak ridge
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of high pressure so we will take it. we have one problem in the traffic department with a big rig and possibly five vehicles in hayward and it is slowing traffic southbound along 880 at a street we do have traffic there if both directions, 238 not so affected and we have volume building but we will keep our eye on this. drive time traffic 680 southbound from walnut creek to dublin is 14 minutes and from santa rosa to san francisco is 2355 minutes on 101. 21 minutes from highway one to los gatos and outside this is a gorgeous shot to the bay bridge from emeryville traffic is moving to treasure island a little bit slower. >> one country wants to develop a so-called gay detector test. there is a controversial use being planned.
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>> dreamliner diverted. a glitch forcing a japan-bound jet to return to the airport. if there is a bart strike we will be on early tomorrow morning with complete coverage starting at 4:00 a.m. half an hour early with the latest and the
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>> covering fremont, palo alto, north bay, and all the bay area. good thursday morning. a look at 6:13 at the bay bridge toll plaza where traffic is building. especially in the cash-paying lanes. we will check with leyla gulen to see how traffic is moving in the bay area and the changing both forecast. >> japan airlines is investigating two separate incidents after two dreamliners had to be diverted. a boeing 787 is on the ground after returning to san diego
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international airport yesterday. officials say there was a problem with the de-icing system. an electrical system failure affected a flight from now to tokyo leaving passengers unable to flush the toilet. >> a senior kuwaiti health official says the country is developing ga-dar to keep them from entering the country. the official did not say what a gay detector test involved. visitors have to pass a health exam. homosexuality is banned in all oman and bay rain and saudi arabia and qatar. >> shares of men's warehouse are up sharply and joseph a. bank which offered to buy the wear husband for $2.3 billion and they rejectedded the offer and that sent shares for both soaring and men's warehouse closed up 28 percent to $45.03
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and bank jumped 47 percent. investors know men's warehouse is bluffing and a deal between the two companies is still likely. men's warehouse has offices in fremont. >> oprah is doing remodel. you can get your hands on some of her favorite things auctioning off furniture and antiques and fine art if herman -- her homes in santa barbara and hawaii and indiana including a chest worth $50,000 from louie 15th. he is donating the proceeds to the leadership academy for girls in south africa. >> the best bmx riders and skate boarders are in the world are in san francisco to do something
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they are not always allowed to do legally. it was blocked off for the city champions and the skateboarders will jump over benches. the course was molds after hotspots in san francisco area. >> this is based on something that is ten minutes away. >> do not be surprised to see a dirt course at the asian art museum. the events are free. on sunday, amateur skater and fans can ride the same course that the pro's compete on. >> we have my daughter's so the ballgame -- oops, i mean the a's big game.
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>> you may want to wear a cheerleader sweater because it will be chilly. we have cool temperatures this morning. that is because of an area of low pressure that has left and not brought moisture. we still do not have moisture. it will be dry. our live doppler 7 hd shows high clouds from the north bay and over the bay area and is headed california but not too much here. it brought us a dusting of snow in the high sierra, a beautiful we are at 68 in millbrae and we will be 68 in south san francisco. in the bay area, 74 degrees in
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santa rosa and 75 in calistoga. in the east bay, oakland is 71 degrees so very cool with upper 60's and lower 70's for the warmest areas and inland is 76 degrees in antioch. we have the game tonight at the coliseum so pack your sweater. we will be seeing an eight-degree drop. 69 to get us started at 5:00, and go a's! our lows for the let of the bay area along the coast are 48 degrees at half moon bay and lots of 40's in the north bay and 51 in livermore. the seven-day forecast is warming up over the weekend and into the early part of next week. we have problems on the roads as we take you into hayward where we have a multiple vehicle crash now causing quite a delay in both northbound and southbound direction, northbound 880 we have two lanes blocked so a big
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rig there and five other vehicles, one which spun around and is facing the wrong direction. we have a tow truck headed out northbound 101 at 880 with a crash there at 39 miles per hour is the top speed. heave conditions at the split but it eases at san jose airport. in other parts of san jose, when you get beyond the crash and you head north of 880 it is wide open and at top speed. >> as we have been talking about the a's are ready for a do-or-die game at the coliseum against the tigers. >> you may want to wait to have breakfast. "7 on your side" and "consumer reports" go on a bacon taste
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at walnut creek and we see one lane in the middle there, very slow on 680 southbound. we will check with leyla gulen in a couple of minutes to find out why. >> a little hungry. >> are you? >>guest: yeah! a story that sizzles, bacon is more popular than ever. which takes the best? >> what about health concerns? "consumer reports" has partnered with "7 on your side" for a bacon taste test. michael finney? >> good morning, everyone, bacon isn't just for breakfast anymore. the treat is showing up everywhere in pizza, salad, even nonfood products. eating bacon can be a health buster. "consumer reports" helps you find which are worth the splurge. >> bacon is enjoying the 15 minutes of fame. you can add sizzle with bacon
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myer is good, the thick oscar myer and from wal-mart, their specialty. precooked pork bacon tended to be tough and chewy. "consumer reports" reminds us if you are going to eat the good stuff eat it less often, so rather than pork bacon strips, try mixing bits in your egg, with the flavor meaning a little goes a long way. >> the abc7 news continues at 6:30 with breaking news. police officers armed with assault rifles surround the north bay home and evacuations are underway. we have a s.w.a.t. stand off happening right now. >> in fremont, the clock is ticking for a deal to get done between bart management and unions as new tensions rise at the bag aning table.
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>> abc7 news starts now with breaking news. >> that breaking news is happening in the north bay. a s.w.a.t. stand off in a normally quiet santa rosa neighborhood is in the seventh hour. we have learned shots have been fired. there are reports of evacuations abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield is there with more on the situation. >> the quiet neighborhood will wake up to crime tape and police cars with officers walking on the sidewalk and even a s.w.a.t. mobile unit parked outside a santa rosa home where they believe a man is holed up. they have streets blocked off in the neighborhood and officers say they have evacuated some of the homes. police believe that a man who fired shots at his wife is inside the house. she told police around 11:30 she and a lock smith she brought to
6:30 am
the home were fired at and he shot at them. they are okay. no one was hurt. she is out safe. police believe the husband is the only one inside the home. they peace through want to coax him out of their. they do not know how long that will take. no word on when the neighborhood will return to normal especially sin they tell me they have not made contact and have not talked to him or still of trying to reach him. who knows how long it will go on. it has been going on since 11:30 last night. clouds are coming in over the bay area, and, in fact, we can see it from our roof camera as we look to the bay bridge. the impending sunrise is showing the clouds. they will burn off, though, by today, and right now, we have chilly temperatures and santa
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rosa is 46 degrees and cooler today, and napa is 52 and fairfield is 49 togethers and concord is a little bit inland and you will be in the lower 50's and we have warming taking place but you can see the change is still lower than yesterday in certain areas, mount spray view and santa rosa, seven degrees cooler. from the exploritorium to the financial district this is what you need to know, we do have a ramp up of temperatures and, also, plenty of sunshine. now, as far as traffic is concerned, we do have a couple of problems out this. we have been watching this accident in hayward that has been involving five vehicles including a big rig. you can see there is quite the backup from bay point with bumper-to-bumper traffic. a crash northbound 880 at a receipt so that now is looking at heavy traffic away from 92
6:32 am
approaching 238 which is easing up but lots of spectators slowing in the southbound direction. outside we go and the san mateo bridge from hayward to foster city we are at 50 minutes and up to the high-rise it is full steam ahead. >> this morning, we could be over 17 hours from the second bart strike in 3 1/2 months with negotiations ending with what appear a tense dispute between both sides. we joined from fremont bart to explain. matt? >> no deal this morning. we don't know what type of deal riders face tomorrow as the cooling office period ends. after 12 hour days of bart meeting, the hired chief negotiator left with a smile at 9:45 saying only "see you tomorrow." he was followed by frustrated union members who have been closing in on a deal but the
6:33 am
management pulled the rug out from under them. >> we were taken abart when the bart management backed up and withdrew the offer claiming to have been confused. there was no confusion. instead, bart's hired gun at the direction of the general manager lied to the unions shattering the agreement. >> it is not true we had a proposal on the table that was withdrawn. it would be more a case of miscommunication involving the mediator working between all three pairs. >> they will be back at the table today after a bart board directors meeting that starts at 9:00 including a closed door meeting with an update on the negotiations. the union did not sure a 72-hour strike notice and that is a courtesy to bart workers.
6:34 am
that could still happen when that cooling-off period ends at midnight tonight. we are asking you to share your feel insurance and thoughts about the possible bart strike. this was posted by angela. >> dear bart, please don't go. bart strike: fail. dear bart, you are letting me down. >> you can post your video with hashtag "dear bart," and post videos to the facebook page. if there is a strike we are on early to hope you get you where you need to go. we will start half an hour early with the latest on the strike and the commute. >> murder in san francisco is leaving police with few clues. yesterday around 4:00, shots rang out and mission and brazil.
6:35 am
witnessing could only say they saw a gunman running from the scene. they provided no other description. >> san jose police are rejecting the city's contract offer. number, officers want san jose to double it. the vote was 954-2 against the contract. the city offered a one year 3 percent raise and officers want 6 percent. the unions say the officers have been retiring and resigning at unprecedented rates because the city pay is for longer competitive. officials admit that is true but they cannot afford races without cutting other services. other unions agreed to 2 percent race. >> uc berkeley police are warning students of a prowler spots -- spotted walking around the hallways with a mobile phone
6:36 am
to his ear while looking for opportunities to enter unlocked offices and could be responsible for the theft of laptop computers and other personal property on campus since august. a hearing will be held in san francisco to discuss the safety policies of the recreations and parks department after a woman was run over and killed by a city employee. september 5, the 35-year-old resident was sunbathing and she was run over. the driver was a parks employee and he drove away later telling police he did not remember hitting anything. neighbors say the city workers drive too fast and consistently drive off pathways. >> ahead, the critical meeting happening today at the white house as the shutdown enters game 10. a's and tigers, game five
6:37 am
happening tonight. traffic is building on the bay bridge e
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>> good morning. 6:39, going on 6:40. here is a look from mount
6:40 am
tamalpais, a gorgeous sunrise, and it will rise at 7:14 but you can see the horizon, we have a layer of the orange and blue and breathtaking. we can see the stray high clouds and that is what live doppler 7 hd is tracking moving to the south and east. current temperatures are very chilly in the mid-50's and upper 40's in some places and this is what you need to know to get you out the door. for the next 12 hours, chilly start to the morning and by lunch you can peel away the layers but keep the jacket handy because it will be a cool evening. a couple of problems in hayward, 880, northbound, an accident involving a big rig but it has cleared and the bad news is it left us with nasty traffic approaching 238 with the red there making the northbound commute. southbound has a brand new accident involving a motorcycle so we have heavy conditions in both directions and speaking of
6:41 am
witch looking over the altamont pass, 580, bumper bumper to bumt is looking good and at the dublin interchange it is top and go until 680. walnut creek is slow and sluggish, and you can see stop-and-go traffic all the way to 24. kristen? >> it will be sunny and gray tonight? today is "do or die" for the a's as they host the tigers for the game five in the division playoffs. and the rookie has been picked for the starting pitcher after striking out nine batters in game two and melvin thinks he will have the momentum but history shows they lost five straight game five's in the series including a lost to the tigers last year.
6:42 am
game time is 5:07. >> president obama and top republicans coming face to face, will it lead to a breakthrough with the government shut down? >> this woman just won the nobel prize in
6:43 am
6:44 am
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>> coughing petaluma and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> it is 6:44 day ten of the government shut down. we have what could be the strongest signs yet that there is some kind of solution ahead. abc7 news reporter katie marzullo has important white house meetings scheduled for today. >> the buzz phrase is "short-term solution." so there will be private meetings today. both sides are looking for a solution to prevent the government from defaulting on its debt meeting with president obama and the democrats this morning from the senate and the house of representatives republicans this afternoon. republicans are considering raising the debt ceiling but not re-opening the government. house speaker boehner is pushing for changes to the new health care law. >> what a train wreck? how can you tax people for not buying a product from a website that doesn't work? >> our interest is to solve the problem, open government,
6:46 am
negotiate and honor the full faith and credit of the united states. >> pelosi has figures on how much the closure of the national parks is costing in lost spending and lost revenue, it is $76 million a day. at this point, that is times ten. >> breweries are taking it on the chin because of the shutdown. case in point, the brewing company in fairfield cannot put out any of the newest craft beers because the government has to approve the labels and although the alcohol and tobacco tax and trade bureau is closed, it is still collecting permit taxes. >> we are not able to put out our if you products until the federal government is back in its own business. >> irritating? >> very. >> the company is in the midst of expanding from 1,600 to 3,000
6:47 am
barrels a year but they cannot do so without a people. >> libya state news agency says the prime prime minister who was abducted at dawn has been freed. he was snatched by gunmen from a tripoli hotel where he lives. the government spokesman said he has been set free and was on his way to his office today. libyan forces have intervened in some way and the abductors did not free him voluntarily. >> woman has been awarded the nobel prize for literature, alice munroe. they did not reach her about prize by telephone as is the custom so they left a message on her answering machine. tomorrow, the winner of the n peace price is announced. >> the bay area housing market continues to shine. >> the shutdown continues to hurt the economy.
6:48 am
jane king has more at the stock exchange. >> more americans filed legislations for unemployment benefits last week but it is because of the shutdown and also a backlog in processing in california. 3,000 workers in san francisco engineering firm are been told not to report to work because of the shutdown which says the we number could increase if the shutdown continues. a sharp warning from the treasury secretary jack lew in testify saying inaction on the different limit to hurt social security and the dollar and stock markets but stocks are higher this morning as you just reported with investors at the white house meeting scheduled between president obama and the republican leaders and how maybe, maybe, maybe that is show signs of progress and is 160 points higher. big drop in p.c. orders, because
6:49 am
people are using tablets with sales of personal computers falling in the third quarter to the lowest level since 2008 and the bay housing market has foreclosure filings plunging 68 percent in september compared to a year ago and down 61 percent in san joses sunnyvale and santa clara. in the new york stock exchange for bloomberg business report. >> very exciting, we have been showing you how excited people are about the a's taking on the tigers at the coliseum for the deciding game. look at fan photos this is judy and thomas showing off their photo. mail your photos to us. you can share them on facebook or twitter@abcnewsbayarea and
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leyla gulen tried so hard digging through her closet. but she cannot wear green. >> nice hair cut. >> a little shorter. >> very nice. you may want to hold on to your hats, we have cool temperatures but first, a look outside toward the outside bay hills from sutro tower we have the sun greeting your sky with a beautiful sunrise in store for us and cooler temperatures with the high clouds. live doppler 7 hd shows they are moving across the bay area to the southeast and that and because of the low that came to visit us for a few days and now is headed east but left us with a mass of cool air that is keeping our temperatures low and we don't see much of a change in certain areas but in santa rosa
6:51 am
we are down seven degrees from yesterday so very cold out there and, really, in the mid-to-upper 40's and drop in san jose and gilroy. our highs today are not going to top above the mid-70's but, still, cool but sunshine-filled day at 69 in san mateo and 76 in fairfield. pack the jacket at the coliseum and gave five, the a's tape on the tigers at 69 to start and 61 by the time you leave the game. so areas of patchy clouds. if you going to be on the coast, we have cloud cover and 47 in santa cruz and 48 degrees in napa so chilly. live doppler 7 hd shows seven-day forecast with warmer conditions over the weekend and 80 degrees for next week. now, as far as traffic we have a
6:52 am
couple of crashes and a stall causing quite the delay in oakland if you travel along southbound 880 at oak we have bumper-to-bumper traffic blocking one lane so it is causing the delays. in hayward we have southbound 880 involving a motorcycle and we are down to 20 miles per hour. northbound traffic is packed with an early five-vehicle accident and a big rig. this is across the golden gate bridge you can see the high clouds and, otherwise, clear drive from sausalito to san francisco. >> seven things to know before you go. you disgust me. prove it.
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enough is enough. d-con baits are specially formulated to kill in one feeding. guaranteed. d-con. get out.
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>> a look at the bay bridge eastern span where a lot of drivers will make their way east to the coliseum around 5:00 tonight for the deciding game of the league. go a's. >> here are seven things to know: more on breaking news from santa rosa, s.w.a.t. teams are surrounding house and evacuation are underway. a gunman is believed holed up. the stand off is going on 7 that hours. >> a small society back in bart talks as we move closer to the midnight deadline. the union accused bart of withdrawing the latest offer but a spokesman says it was a miscommunication with the mediator. >> the clock is sticking for three california poultry plants linked to a salmonella outbreak. foster farms has until the end of today to show how it has
6:55 am
fixed the problem or face shut down. contaminated chicken has sickened 300 people in 17 states. >> president obama is meeting with democrats and republicans in separate meetings to talk about a short term pollution not to re-open the government but to avoid the united states defaulting on the debt in october. >> as you mentioned a's host the tigers at the coliseum for the fifth game in the divisional playoff series tonight. the manager thinks that the rookie pitcher can do it again. >> 28 degrees in lake tahoe. we had a dusting of snow yesterday and it looks like things are going to warm up slightly today. the low pressure that brought us the snow is headed out the door and the day planner the next 12 hours is a chilly start to the
6:56 am
day warming up to the mid-70's. tomorrow we have traffic from emeryville not too bad and any are looking at some lanes moving at top speeds with metering lights on and not too much traffic. we have a big rig on 101 with the off-ramp blocked moving to sfo. see you in 25 minutes.
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good morning, america. breaking overnight, kidnapped at gunpoint. libya's prime minister abducted by gunmen at dawn. snatched from his hotel in tripoli. libyan forces intervene. inside the chaos being caused by al qaeda. developing overnight. hold on. major scare at universal studios. passengers on one of the country's tallest roller coasters, coming to a dead stop stories in the air. it's not the first time it's happened on this ride. bruce jenner loses it on camera. is the olympic hero turned reality star, feeling the heat. and he wants the cameras turned off after his superstar breakup. and gone viral.


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