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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  October 11, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news good morning, at 5:00 a.m., waking up to no bart strike. >> that is the good news that bart trains are running but they may stop in their tracks on monday after the deadline passed the agency and the unions agreed to keep talking but the unions also gave a strike notice.
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matt? >> the cooling-off period ended at midnight and we have a new deadline sunday at midnight. if no agreement is reached, bart unions say they will strike on monday. bart and the unions agreed on a contract extension through the weekend averting a strike today. bart negotiators say they prepared to offer a new proposal but the unions said any were not ready. negotiators say elective bart board members are involved in negotiations and expect the general manager to be at the bargaining table today. we will be back here tomorrow at 10:00. >> let there be no misunderstanding with the board getting involved and assisting with the general managerring to sit down at the table the unions are continuing to negotiate and
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hope to avoid the strike. >> union leaders felt the sides were not too far apart and hope by having a general manager at the bargaining table it will speed up the process. the general manager will sit at the table when a deal is close. both sides will be back at 10:00 a.m. this morning. now traffic from leyla gulen. >> everything is moving fine in san jose it is wide open and top speeds at 71 miles per hour. along 101, away from the nimitz, up to moffitt airfield, 280, too, is career -- clear. we do have an area shaded in orange which indicates fog. if you are traveling from santa rosa through novato to marinewood we have fog and lisa will have the details on that.
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use your low beams. we have lisa here to talk about it. >> we have a summertime pattern along the coast and the fog settling into the north bay valley and another day or so and we will see clearing at the coast and warm up to more typical october readings. usually it is a dry time of year for october. it is 51 in san francisco and 50 in san jose. you have fog in napa and sunshine and mild in the afternoon but the coast is 59 in half moon bay. it is accident in fremont. eric? >> a brief sigh of relief for bart riders who take the train this morning but what about monday? amy? >> with the trains running, riders are smiling.
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we are hearing stories from people that didn't know what they were going to do so the mood is happy. people are tired and telling us they were up late waiting for the news. >> up early at 12:30 to check the news. if bart was striking i would have had issues. my job doesn't allow me to work at home. he need as plan "b" because they could strike on monday. riders are taking this one day at a time and will enjoy today's victory while it is here. >> we are asking you to share your feelings with us about the bart strike. this was posted. >> i commute from oakland to the
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bay each day. i will lose opportunity to get an education but i will have the risk of being harassed because i will walk and ride my bicycle late at night. >> you and post your video to twitter with the hashtag "dear bart." if there is a strike bart managers have been training to run trains and the district will charter 200 buses from service from 9:00 at east bay bart and downtown san francisco with a bus between 5:00 and 8:00 p.m. including west oakland and laughity -- lafayette and fremont. evening service is 3:00 to 7:00 p.m. you have to buy round trip morning to watch the evening bus. a.c. transit will have additional seats on the local and transbay line and stops
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located inside the bart stations will be moved outside the property lines. the ferry service is adding more ferries. usually they transport 6,000 passengers but that jumped to 19,000 during the last bart strike in july. we have a range of resources at including details on alternate transit options and real time traffic maps. you can download the exclusive traffic app to navigate the freeways and download our abc7 news app to get up-to-the-minute updates on the strike talks. >> oakland police of investigating the 75th homicide of the year. a drive was cordoned off at 7:30 last night after a man was shot. officers found the man injured, lying in street and he died at the scene 15 minutes later.
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a $10,000 we ward is offered for information. >> three people are facing drug charges in a residential pot-growing scheme. detectives with the help of other agencies raided 13 homes in san leandro and hayward and san lorenzo and confiscated 1,700 marijuana laboratories more than $4 million in drugs and they stole electricity to grow the plants. pg&e has until wednesday to file updated safety certification on gas pipeline. they have ordered the pipeline to remain shut down although a court injunk was lifted yesterday. san carlos is considering hiring legal and technical experts to investigate whether the pipe behind poses a danger running beneath residential britain avenue between 101 and 280. 9 city called off a state of emergency after pg&e reduces the treasure in the line.
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the order came after pg&e engineers' memo expressed concerns the pipeline could explode like the incident in san bruno. >> president obama will meet later this morning with republican senators hoping to end to the partial shut down. mr. obama met with house republicans and the white house said no specific determination was made. the g.o.p. will present their own options in the crisis. >> the nobel peace prize is going to a watch dog group dedicated to wiping out chemical weapons. the committee awarded the 2013 peace prize to the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons. the group is known for the efforts in syria. much speculation centered around 16-year-old pakistani schoolgirl
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who was shot by the taliban for wanting to go to school and now an activist for girls' education. join us for an exclusive in a diane sawyer. >> no bart strike. trains are rolling. leyla gulen? >> traffic is building. we will have the travel times in a moment. we have construction projects. eastbound 580 between greenville and north flynn we have the projects with a repair of drainage. we have some volume building in 9 westbound direction offer the altamont pass and up to granted line road where it is looking ride. those are slow speeds.
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we are under 30 minutes from tracy to dublin. from antioch to concord, 15 minutes. 101 from san rafael to san francisco, 20 minutes. the fog could slow you down. use the low beams. not the high beams. >> we have marine layer from 1,500' to 2,000' from pacifica to san francisco and napa and novato. it is a chilly start. we will look at temperatures to warm up today into the 70's inland. 50 in mountain view and an the bay are slightly cooler-than-average and we should be looking at numbers in and an the 70-diagnosis mark in san francisco but we are warmer with the clouds at half moon bay and three degrees cooler in mountain views. we have 40 and 50's to start and low 60's by noon and by the
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afternoon at isn't around the bay and mid-70's inland and still cool. we will look at temperatures holding steady for the first part of 9 weekend and a slight warm-up on sunday, upper 70's inland and topping out around 80 inland on monday. >> next, the best place to find affordable home. >> the first big test for muni's efforts to put the commutes on the fast track. >> a uc berkeley grand wounded in the kenyan mall attack tells people go to a mattress store, and essentially they just get sold something. we provide the exact individualization that your body needs. before you invest in a mattress, discover the bed clinically proven to improve sleep quality.
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>> covering cupertino, concord, wine country, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> at 5:14, there is no bart strike this morning, as the two agree to keep talking but as the strike notice has been issued for monday in case there is no resolution that remains a possibility. a lot frustration among the riders and one tweeted this from the bart train of an official looking sign there but there is nothing official about it, with the word "brat" rather than "bart." it says "do the job and agree on a contract." >> the most popular commute runs
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on san francisco's muni could be the new s shuttle metro train that runs between the embarcadero and st. francis circle. the shuttle is the only muni train to add a third car. they normally run with two cars and started last week to alleviate congestion in the morning and evening. when overcrowded two car trains have to skip a stop. it makes three round trips between 6:30 and 10:00 a.m. and in the evening between 4:00 and 7:00 p.m. >> a jury if los angeles says toyota is not liable for a woman's death in an acceleration case when her camry crashed into a street after it the jury blamed the driver of another car that crashed into
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the woman's car. >> a uc berkeley graduate injured at a mall attack in kenya pretended to be dead to stay alive. 67 died during the siege in nairobi. the 26-year-old who worked for a restaurant guide was judging a cooking competition and was about to surrender and the woman next to her was shot and killed. she decided to play dead and still gets emotional. when i see the photo of the victims i knew, i realize i was this. >> she still considered kenya her second home and hopes to go back. >> the problems in washington could shut down the release of new smartphones.
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>> good morning, we are coming off a huge delay for stocks after the white house and republican lawmakers indicated progress in avoiding a government default with the dow up 323 points the biggest one day jump after house of representatives republicans prepare a plan for a short-term increase. it is day 11 of the shutdown and today is the last day to see the paycheck until the shutdown is over. the shutdown could cause hangups frommen introduceing new wireless devices. >> if you hope to buy a home and do not mind moving, the midwest including toledo and indianapolis are the most affordable cities in the nation. detroit and columbus are on the list of cities where more than 80 percent are seen as "affordable" for middle class. homes in the south are relatively cheap. homes in new york, los angeles, boston, are among the least
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aboardable along with hawaii homes. >> you knew that, didn't you, san francisco leave affordable. >> tell me something we don't know. no bart strike. we will see if all things are good for commuters. >> so far, so good. we don't have the bart strike today. that could change for monday. we want to keep the plan "b" within reach. we have clear conditions across the bay area. you can see the green indicating top speeds. columbus day is monday. we have big columbus day event in san francisco. oktoberfest is tomorrow. that lasts from 12:00 to 5:00. we have fun and hopefully it will be fun. for mass transit bart is on time with 40 trains rolling.
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we have san francisco bay ferry running normal and muni is hurricaning great with no delays and outside this is the picture across the san mateo bridge with extra tail lights. >> we not only have poor visibility in the north bay but low clouds and fogs along the shoreline allowing for a cool afternoon and clouds in san francisco and oakland and emeryville and 52 in san francisco with 50 in san jose and half moon bay coming in at 50 and our exploritorium camera showing city and the clouds with mid-40's and quarter-mile visibility is 48 in napa and from the roof camera, a great start and a cool start with 40 and 50's and chilly this morning from the north bay so grab the jacket. we have sun this afternoon with little change in the first part
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of the weekend but next week everyone is looking warmer and brighter. the low pressure is lifting out but we are not going to see the warmup yet and we are still looking at temperatures in the low 70's for san jose tomorrow, today, as well. the warmest day is next week on tuesday. it will be 80 and we see the numbers fall and it continues to be dry. low 70's in san francisco and we talked about that with 73 in morgan hill and sunnyvale at 72 and 59 with the fog at half moon bay and the sea breeze keeping it cool in the sunset district and after the fog lifts the numbers will push through the 60's and highs at 3:00 at 73 in santa rosa, and 67 in berkeley and 70 in fremont and another messent afternoon with 73 in concord. the changes come sunday, monday,
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tuesday, with warmer weather and cooler next week but no rain. >> seven things to know as you start your day. >> free coffee and now a more direct approach. starbucks wants to enlist you to end the government shut down. earlier today, matt had a crazy idea, and a crazy idea can either make you kind of famous or kind of fired. his bosses told him to pack up his things and go... ♪ an office...with a door. see, matt works at esurance, where crazy ideas make car insurance faster, friendlier, and fit for life in the modern world, which isn't all that crazy when you think about it. esurance. insurance for the modern world. now backed by allstate. click or call.
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those who've been deniedealth for a few weeks, ewelcome to covered california. now, you can no longer be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition. enroll today at >> whether you are just joining us or headed out the door, number one, good news for commuters this morning: no bart
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strike today but a strike is possible for monday. both sides will be back at the negotiation table this morning in oakland after the cooling-off period expired at midnight with though -- no deal. >> 40 trains running on time. we have a few early risers into san francisco. friday lite conditions and quiet in the bay area. >> the san carlos gas pipeline is ordered shut down although a court injinx was lifted. pg&e has until next wednesday to file an updated safety certification on the pipeline under britain avenue. >> "consumer reports" issuing an alert for a half dozen other brands of chicken which include popular brands including costco and safeway. the three farms are not shut down after making changes at
5:25 am
foster farms. >> senate republicans get their turn to meet with president obama today to give their options on how to end the budget battle. g.o.p. house leaders met with the president yesterday and the white house says no specific determination was made. >> the a's are knocked out of the playoffs by the tigers like last year with verlander dominating oakland in winner take winner-take-all. >> sunny and mild weekend is on the way. >> starbucks could hand you something more than the morning latte starting today. they are launching a new effort to end the government shut down. starbucks is offering a petition to pressure lawmakers to reach a deal. the c.e.o. says he and people he has talked to are "steamed"
5:26 am
about the situation and encouraging other leaders to sign the petition. >> amazon has unveiled a luxury beauty store where you can find products from 24 prestigious brands. it is knowns at the largest online retailer. the director of beauty and health and personal care says this is in response to customer requests. >> when it is hot a cold beverage hits the spot. coca-cola is testing owe a vending machine in spain that charges a different price depending on the weather. you would think it charges more when it is hot it charges less. at 84 degrees lemonade was $2.40. at 86 degrees it was $1.20. the machines were designed to get people to try new beverages. >> we continue at 5:30 with the
5:27 am
top stories. san francisco mayor lee is now responding after a missing woman towns up dead at san francisco general hospital. >> oakland a's fans have a night of agony after the game five loss to detroit. any are looking ahead to the next season
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and is matched only by our journey to capture its scent. crafted by expert perfumers for your home, air wick mountain woodlands and crisp air is part of our limited edition national park collection. airwick. the craft of fragrance. >> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> 5:29 on friday. good news with bart. >> the good news is the strike has been averted for now. trains are running this morning but there is in deal between the transit agency and the unions. a possible strike now looms over the monday morning commute. matt keller is in oakland.
5:30 am
matt? >> more good news. they are still talking. a deal could be reached. bad news is if no deal is reached by monday they will have to find a new way to work on the commute. last night, over night, bart and the unions signed a contract extension averting a strike today. the cooling-off period helped at midnight and now midnight sunday if there is in deal bart unions will strike on monday. >> you need to understand we have been negotiating the entire time. it is not us. the district has been able to make this deal as of june 30, the longest negotiation period i have ever been involved with, in 22 years much bart negotiators say they were prepared to offer a new proposal yesterday but the jews said not to present it and the negotiators say elected
5:31 am
board members are involved in negotiations and expect the general manager to sit down at the table today with the negotiations section scheduled to start at 10:00 a.m. in oakland. >> it is now 5:31. the bart trains are rolling. what about the other transit options and the commuten at freeway? leyla gulen? >> we have a major accident on service streets in san francisco. the drive away from sfo approaching 380 we have a report of a box truck with smoke coming from the cab and we are checking on that for a possible fire. we do have wazers reporting a major accident. san francisco police report this is an accident at 10th and geary with a car hitting several parked vehicles.
5:32 am
traffic could be impacted in that area. you can track your own traffic with the app at apple app and google play. >> we have a summertime cloud element at the coast but it is a chilly start. a mild finish and 48 in napa and reduces visibility and 52 in san francisco and oakland is clear in san carlos and san jose at 50 degrees. here is the plan with low clouds and fog through the afternoon and it is upper 50's along the coast and a few high clouds in the north bay and cloverdale holding on to the cloud cover but over all 60's and 70's today with 69 in oakland and 74 in livermore and low 70's in morgan hill and it will be cool in santa cruz at 62.
5:33 am
>> this or, commuters who rely on bart are breathing a sigh of relief but it is only temporary as they worry about monday morning. we have coverage from hair -- hayward bart. >> riders are cautiously optimistic. it is picking up at the hayward bart station. riders are talkative about their feelings. they are relieved they did ride the trains but they are worried what will happen monday morning. [ inaudible ] >> i am hoping it will keep working. [ inaudible ] >> they have to get a solution going on.
5:34 am
this is a good start. i think they will come through with it. >> sin the no strike announce ment bart riders did not know until they woke up how they would get to work or wherever they needed to be. they are taking bart train this morning but keeping a plan "b" in the back pocket for monday if it is needed. >> contingency plans were made if there was a strike and they will stay if place for monday. for drivers, car pool lanes are in place from 5:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. rather than just during rush hour on interstates 80 and 680 and 880. temporary car pool lanes are added to highway 24 near the tunnel. >> people stressed how a strike changes their lives and we have
5:35 am
a way for you to sound off. >> i will take the san francisco ferry from oakland to san francisco without issue. however, that z is not the case for fellow bart riders from further reaps of the area. put aside your differences and get a solution now! >> send us your video online or on twitter or our ace -- facebook page. >> if there is a strike we will start monday at 4:00 a.m. a half hour early with the latest talks and the commute. >> like this morning. san francisco mayor has called for an independent investigation into the death of a woman found in the stairwell at the hospital that reported her missing. lynn spalding was 57-year-old mother of four who want to san
5:36 am
francisco john hospital if routine treatment but died in a stairway. the mayor accepted blame on of the city saying they want answers and will pass the answers to her family. the police and the sheriff are ticketing their own investigation >> it is senate republicans' turn to meet with president obama at white house and they close to reaching a deal. the government shut down now is in the 11th day. they are talking. that raises the hope there could be an end to the shut down and increase in the debt ceiling. the white house meeting was yesterday and they returned to the capitol saying they were "encouraged." >> very useful meeting and clarifying on both sides as to
5:37 am
where we are. >> the house of representatives leadership presented to the president a plan to raise the debt ceiling for six weeks and removing the threat of a default and both take times to work out a broader budget deal. the president neither accepted or rejected the offer. >> national parks stay closed in california unlike other states that spend their own money to re-open the parks. the obama administration decided individual state could fund their re-opening of the parks but california says they do not have the money. private donations enabled california to keep many parks open. >> a's fans are disappointed after they dropped the winner-take-all game five. in the 4th inning, cabrera hit a two run homer putting the tigers ahead 2-0. verlander dominated carrying a
5:38 am
no-hit bid into the 7th. verlander struck out ten in eight scoreless innings and now pitched 30 consecutive shut out innings and a post-season record advancing to the american league championship series against the boston red sox. a's fans show their appreciation giving a standing ovation for the memorable season and many fans are looking forward to next year. >> we have next year. >> no one picked us to do anything. they scrappy. they fight hard. that is what we want. >> fans are thrilled they made it to the post-season again. they were 27th in payroll size after having the smallest they
5:39 am
still did what they did. >> and bart is efficient with no strike. on monday we will have plan "b" in effect. one problem is a major accident in san francisco. we have a report of a possible fire coming up to 380 in san bruno away from sfo. we have a stalled vehicle at fremont and that is blocking one lane and your traffic coming into the city is not a problem and as we take you over here at geary a report of a driver would hit several parked vehicles and it helped in a major collision and it looks like traffic could be affected in that area. we will watch it. you can see what is happening in san jose is not too much but just congestion and more cars are head on the roadway.
5:40 am
>> it is clear in the south bay and along the peninsula in the north bay settling into the valley so a chilly start in napa and novato. the clouds are keeping the cost warmer in the 50's. oakland is checking in at 54 and 46 in santa rosa and 48 in napa and the east bay is chilly in concord by four degrees, a cooler stat in mountain view and san jose with cooling up in napa so visibility is only half a mile in santa rosa and better visibility to the coast but the low clouds and fog keeping it cool so we will look for temperatures in the 40's and 50's and by noon in the 50's, still. low-to-mid 60's elsewhere and 70's for the afternoon highs and 3:00 or 4:00 in the bay and inland, 60 at the shoreline and half moon bay and pacifica,
5:41 am
gray. tomorrow, warming up a bit and monday we will hit around 80 inland! >> new details of the salmonella scare affecting foster farms chicken with other brands to want out for. first a picture of the bay bridge toll plaza. negotiations resume at 10:00 a.m. with a good number of people but no delays at the moment with continuing coverage on the
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and everybody wins. yoplait. it is so good. prove it. enough is enough. d-con baits are specially formulated to kill in one feeding. guaranteed. d-con. get out. >> covering novato, oakland and sunnyvale this is abc7 news. >> good morning. 5:44 on friday. a look at emeryville we have clouds. if you need to get from emeryville or the east bay to san francisco you can take bart training are running but a notice has been issued for monday morning as talks continue with full coverage on abc7 news.
5:45 am
>> the governments along the california chicken plants associated with the salmonella outbreak to stay open for now. a consumer group is expanding the brand names to avoid. abc7 news reporter cornell bernard is in san francisco. cornell? >> the warning is strong of buying chickens produced at the three plants linked to salmonella. we are talking about other brands, not just foster farms. "consumer reports" advises against buying chickens sold under safeway, simple truth, organning, eating right, kirk land signature and open nature. the agriculture department says three plants lenged to salmonella can stay open because they made changes to the slaughter and processing.
5:46 am
inspectors will monitor the chickens for the next three months. chickens the past three weeks have made people sick in 17 states. we have were more information about the salmonella outbreak at >> members of the san jose city council are denouncing rules from the russian federation in support of the sister city in russia. they want to let their sister city know the recent russian propoganda campaign againsts bays and lesbians and transgender is up fair. >> turning your attention to the traffic this morning, we have a big problem. >> if san francisco, at 10th
5:47 am
avenue this crash happened when a female driver was hitting several parked vehicles and that ended in a major collision so the san francisco police current ly are investigating. we have clear conditions. if you are leave the city to head to oakland, eastbound side of fremont a stalled wreck is blocking a lane westbound track, though, is moving well. we have 43 bart trains on time. san francisco based ferry is normal. muni does not have problems. 580 is looking slow at 32 minutes to head from tracy to dublin. we are clear in the east bay valley and the peninsula and the south bay but clouds loan the coast with fog in the valleys of the north bay.
5:48 am
we are at 52 in san francisco. 54 in san carlos a milder locations with mid-40's in los gatos and half moon bay with the fog and 52 degrees and a cool afternoon and downtown san francisco in the clouds, mid-40's santa rosa and 48 in napa and 50 in livermore with concord at 47. chilly by the valley. the clouds will stay at the coast throughout the afternoon bringing the cool sea breeze and the chilly morning translating into a pretty warm afternoon if you are inland. the warmer weather is headed our way the second what of the weekend and we will have high you are pressure building but today we will keep it below average with the he clouds and the fog on the coast and low 70's return for san jose today and tomorrow and a bump up by three degrees on sunday but by
5:49 am
monday and trues we are in the upper 70's to near 80 and temperatures trailing by the middle of next week. elsewhere, sunnyvale 72 and 71 in milpitas with gilroy at 74 and upper 60's san mateo and half moon bay and pacifica, a summertime pattern for the sunset district and daly city at 59 and the north bay, low 70's but a raw day from bodega bay and simpson beach and 67 in berkeley and hayward and toward fremont and castro valley at 70 degrees and 74 in livermore this afternoon. not much of a change of two to four degrees on sunday and warmer on monday and tuesday and lowly dropping to the middle of the week and staying dry. >> changes coming to facebook and it will be harder to hide on the site.
5:50 am
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>> good morning, everyone, with traffic moving along interstate 680, almost friday lite with no
5:53 am
bart strike. that is the good news. privacy changes for facebook getting rid of a privacy setting allows users to hide their profiles from the search function. face book says only a small percentage of the $1.2 billion users use the setting. facebook is expanding their search feature and users can protect their privacy by limiting the audience from each item they post. >> there is word that stuck -- facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg is on a spending free snatching up four hopes near his property. the billionaire spent $30 million for the properties to keep a developer from snatching up the lots next to his. he is not evicting the neighborhoods. he is planning to lease the houses back to the current homeowners so the developer was
5:54 am
going to build a mega home and market i as being next to zuckerberg. >> that ain't happening now. >> no track on friday morning. >> walnut creek shows flashing lights headed southbound before you get to highway 24 there could have been a stalled vehicle and everything is to the shoulder. we have this problem that started as a stall eastbound 580 at fremont and it turned into a crab, a white bus clipped the mirror. we have a buildup of traffic into the city off the bridge. traffic is starting to get on the heavy side. in the south bay westbound along highway 84 at the dumbarton toll we have an accident blocking the number five lane and slowing approaching the area.
5:55 am
>> sunrise is 7:15. clouds are at the coast and ground fog in santa rosa. in the afternoon the sun is shining in san mateo at 68. 69 in oakland. 74 in livermore with more mid-70's in san rafael. 61 in monterey. breezy in the mountains and low 60's in tahoe after recovering from the 24. southern california is the same, in the low 70's. headed in the sierra nevada low 60's and lows and breezy and >> a dangerously close call for the driver of an 18-wheeler in west texas, check out the force it was hit by a train with.
5:56 am
>> my goodness. the driver escaped before it was smashed to pieces. amazingly no one was hurt in either vehicle. the rig was stuck on the union pacific railroad tracks in texas. >> water cooler story: police in india filed charges again the newly clowned miss universe for unauthorized fashion shoot, formerly miss usa, was shooting a commercial where commercial activity is banned. though could be jailed for up to two years and fined $1,600, hopefully not have to train in her crown for handcuffs. >> steve jobs an action hero? he is now a toy and is here
5:57 am
showing a suited tie. here he is wearing the trademark turtle neck setting you back $150. the first like steve jobs meets the beatles. >> a nobel peace prize surprise, the girl everyone thought would win loses out in the prestigious honor. a strike for friday bart commuters, ahead the down to the wire announcement and what is happening. >> a toy story of terror in a behind-the-scenes look.
5:58 am
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6:00 am
coming up, what both sides are staying about hammering out a deal. >> new details on the salmonella scare affecting foster farm chicken. more brands could be affected. >> the nobel peace prize doesn't go to the young girl favored to win. we will tell you about the upset. >> bart trains are running. they could stop in their tracks on monday. after the midnight deadline passed the acknowledge and the unions spread to talk through the weekend and matt keller has the latest from oakland. >> the cooling-off period ended at midnight and now we have a new deadline: midnight sunday. if no deal is reached the unions say they will strike on monday. bart and the unions came to contract tension agreement through the weekend averting a strike today


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