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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  October 11, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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room bar saturday night, once outside saw people spraying graffiti on a library wall and kron kon fronted them. her lawyer says the group turned on her, police say she got into the car, trying to run down the people she thought were her attackers. hitting bystanders james roda instead. >> he did go into surgery for swelling in his brain that wasn't going down. >> reporter: roda's friends told abc 7 news he's in critical condition in a coma with a severe head injury. >> over the years he's blossomed into an mazing human being that loves so unconditionally and loves to make everyone laugh. >> reporter: the original red onion where he works as a cook start aid collection for him. so have his friends. >> we want to return the favor. you know? just keeping hopeful and send him as much good energy as possible. >> reporter: information about
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an online donation skpit facebook page can be found on our web site abc 7 laura anthony, abc 7 news. tonight a student has been booked on charges for causing this accident in south san francisco. investigators accuse him of driving on the wrong side of the road before 4:00 a.m. when he collided with a taxi. you can see the taxi cab. a passenger in the cab was ejected and kills. the driver and another passenger were injured. katz is free on bail and has a court date next month. negotiations continue to prevent another bart strike. there is renewed hope fr a settlement now that the general manager joined contract talks. bart says the gm's participation was not needed until now.
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also several east bay assembly members will be observing talks. >> getting people overly helpful. elements here today between two parties, all high ranking officials to get an agreement. mix is here to get an agreement today. >> and negotiation goesing to continue for the weekends. new target date is sunday night if there is no deal by 11:59 p.m. union says a strike will begin first thing monday morning. >> so perhaps we can avoid a strike, but then again, maybe they will walk on monday that. dateday to day uncertain city nerve wracking for people in the bay area. and costly for some. nick? >> you know, small businesses like that truck depend on the foot traffic of passengers entering and exiting trains. they want a deal done and are tired of the back and forth of negotiations and want it done now.
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>> i'm just worried about getting work every day. just paying bills, getting what we need, done. >> phillip just one of thousands of commuters kugts in the mid yefl a continuing back and forth between bart management and unions without us getting to work we can't do what we need to do. >> there are training rung for now, but that could change. >> bart went on strike before, it took three hours just to get to work. >> commuters aren't the only ones hit. >> it's so much fun. >> omar's shop depends on foot traffic. bodies equal dollars in the drawer. when the trains aren't running sales are nonexistent. >> better to close go, home, no business at all. >> reporter: dispatchers need 150 driver tluz 1800 stops. when trains aren't moving it
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hits hard. >> it's close to a heart attack at this point. >> reporter: because brakes on trains means a break to his routine, everything from staffing, hours to customer commitments have to be adjusted. major costs that can't be passed on to clients. >> over time alone ran 6,000ses today $8,000. our losses closer to $20,000. >> reporter: with the threat only day as way he is working to recover losses from the last strike. and forced to once again, prepare for the worst. in walnut creek abc 7 news. >> the digital team launched a way for you to sounld off about bart. dear bart you're playing with peoples lives, live is hard enough, please, end this, now. nancy brown tweeted this. dear bart know the majority of riders do not support your reason to strike. and we're not just getting and looking just for tweets but
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also videos. you can use hash tag dear bart and send videos to abc 7 news basebook page. >> san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi agrees there should be an independent investigation into the missing patient that was found dead this week as we reported on a rarely-used stairwell 17 days after the hospital reported her missing. mirkarimies department is responsible for security at the hospital. governor brown signed a law requiring limb seenz to have extra exits, must have two more exits in addition to the door. the law passed after a fire in may where five women died as they were drive dwron a bridal party.
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the law takes affect for new limos. >> a san jose man will be sentenced to live in prison without parole after pleading guilty to a violent crime spree including murder ask attempted murder of a police officer. last yeefr year's crime spree ended on november 16th with jonathan willbanks and a 15-year-old accomplice shot and killed 22-year-old rory park pettiford, minutes late yes, opened fire, wounding a police officer that pulled them over. the night began with armed robberies on local businesses, willbanks will be sentenced in december and his alleged accomplice waiting to go to trial on adut charges. a suspicious package triggered an evacuation in richmond today, turns out there was nudge goinging on. -- nothing sinister going on. explosive experts from the
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bomb squad were called in. he determined the box contained nothing more than flash skplits batteries, haf harmless. federal workers returned after two hours or so. police asking for help finding an armed robbery suspect caught on video in a north bay walmart. take a look. police say the man loaded a cart with more than $200, items and then, returned them for a gift card. two store employees stopped the man on the way back in, they say he pulled a silver pistol from his waist and pointed it at the employees. he got away in a honda civic. he's six feet tall with an athletic build. bald wrk brown eyes. berkeley police asking for help idaho fiing a man stealing from tip jars. police say the 35-year-old to 40-year-old has a tony -- pony
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zpail has stolen items from customers. if you recognize the suspect the berkeley police department would like to hear from you. >> authorities in alameda county released photos from a major drug bust arresting 13 people in hayward and san leandro yesterday showing some of the 1700 plants seized. there worth about $4 million on the streets. authorities say they were growing them in 11 homes and each location had bypassed electric meters. >> some lucky homeowners are benefiting from a real estate boom in one neighborhood, cash mg on a friendly mire linked to facebook. in crescent park neighborhood where mark zuckerberg live. >> they say key sword location, location, location. well, another location, proximity this, is a nice street. very nice homes that were
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worth well over $1 million. two, sometimes, three just over there behind that house mark zuckerberg lives. they say grass is greener on the other side n a special part, it's gold in front of a house that... >> went for 14.5. >> that is $14.5 million for 2600 square feet on less than four tenths of an acre beyond, to the side of a home owned by mark zuckerberg who appears to be buying up the neighborhood. this real estate person helped unravel the history of why they're selling for more than value autos nice to have someone like mark moving in next door. looks like these guys hit a jackpot. >> an investment group bought the house next door, word got out he wanted a little
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privacy. >> he would be a good neighbor. >> not that values have been suffering. stephanie, another realtor had seen values in $3 million to $5 kblichblt now, zuckerberg affect. >> i think that i would make whatever price i could get. >> $14.5 million, feel free to stay if you like. imagine frustration of saira, living just a few more doors down the street. >> reporter: if you just bought one of these houses. >> i know. i know. >> reporter: so much for facebook friendliness. >> would you like these flowers? >> where he yes. >> reporter: nothing like adding a new front yards to your back one. a home in belvedere sold last month for reported $24.5
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million, built last year on an acre of land. it has seven bedrooms nine baths, a pool, spa, sauna, gym, wine cellar, theater and elevator. got to have one of those and views of the bay. records show the buyer is an investment manager a menlo park based portolla group. >> we need to go to a party there. call us, all right? we have more including new outrage over a lost dog in san francisco international airport. what one airline employee still ahead is sparking anger. >> i'm sandhya patel. i'll let you know when goitsing to warm up enough to where you might be head together coast. your weekend forecast is coming up. >> and parents of students in one south bay school saying boo to decisions on a halloween parade there. stay with us. the news begins in 60 seconds.
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developing news one of the most iconic national parks will be back open tomorrow and another may join us. the statue of liberty will reopen. the state will pay 61 thi a day to pay for employees working at park closed since october 1 shut down. officials asking for permission to reopen in their borders including grand canyon. >> five days after losing a dog at san francisco international airport air canada is under fire. on monday the employee let this greyhound named larry out of his cage. the dog ran off and hasn't
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been seen since. air canada manager callously dismissed the incident in an e mail meant for a work yourer but stont a news reporter quote, i think i would just ignore, it's local news doing a story on a lost dog. their entire government is shut down and about to default this, is how the u.s. media spends it's time. the hand handler wasn't too surprised by the tone of the e mail. >> i wouldn't expect any different from a company that would allow this to happen. >> larry on the way to a new owner. his previous owner just died of cancer. >>. officials say computer hackers may have obtained information on tens of thousands of residents saying a computer containing those names and dates of birth of 144,000 people hacked in march. officials say it took seven
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months to notify residents. >> republican senator ted cruz had a hard time getting a message out today because protestors kept interrupting him. six times, pro testors stopped the speech in washington today. they were wearing shirts that said keep families together and yelled questions about why he did not support a pathway for citizenship for immigrants in the u.s. illegally. cruz joking they were the president's paid political operative. more warnings about the tainted chicken processed in three foster farms poultry plants. the chicken is sold under several brands in addition to foster farms. the salmonela sickened 300 people, most fully california, since march. here are the brands consumer
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reports says you need to avoichld ralphs, safeway farms and kirkland signature, among others. if you're looking for a new career a staffing company has a list of the hottest jobs of 2014. according to robert half international, starting salaries for mobile a. p developers are expected to be $100,000 to $144,000. starting software developers expected to make 80,000ses today $127,000 up 7.7%. financial analysts with one to four years of experience 52,000ses today $70,000. and pay in the bay area is higher than national average. >> jack spade no longer trying to open a store in the mission district. the company had a set back. the board agreed to rehear the question whether he could be defined as formula retail making aproveal process
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tougher. some business owners felt jack spade would take customers. >> this year's halloween parade canceled in a south san jose elementary school. the prance pal says it's too distracting. parent groups and teachers were consult bud some parents are upset. one mother started a petition to overturn it. >> i'm not a grinch. i was a child once and i celebrated halloween, typically when trick or treaters no, doi answer and do the halloween thing. >> i voted for them to have the parade here it's a day to let the kids have fun. i know people don't celebrate halloween but there ones that do. >> the principal says only 25 parents from 560 families signed petition. >> tonight you won't want to
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miss a special edition of 2020 focusing on a young pakistani girl shot in the head by a taliban terrorist. she was attacked because she fights for education for girls in her country. malala is now 16 with permanent damage from that attempted assassination. >> only sign you might have is that part of her face the nerve was receivered, still has trouble forming her famous smi. she practices it every single day. and she also has a cochlear implanlt because her ear drum was shattered. >> that is tonight at 11:00. -- 10:00. she talks about her attack, her fight to survive, and now, to thrive tonight at 10:00 here on abc 7. >> she's remarkable. >> yes. >> changing live autos let's talk about the weekend weather forecast.
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looking good. >> yes. delivering a nice-looking forecast we'll see changes for second half of the weekend including warmer weather so if you don't like this, changes are coming. low clouds near the coastline our radar is not tracking rain and not expected to track any moisture so we have a dry pattern setting up. nothing but blue skies, high clouds there. temperatures 54 in san francisco now. cooling off in half moon way. it's 52 degrees highs today along the coast mid to upper 50s only up to that range because of the low cloud cover. away from the coast low to mid-70s this, is what you expect to see
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66 napa. fairfield at 73 along with livermore, san jose, light winds. low clouds and warmer sunday. we're talking about beach weather next week so you'll see in the accu-weather forecast how much temperatures will come up this, system has to pass through here and temperatures respond beginning on sunday, low clouds starting out with gray chilly weather like we did this morning and then, we're expecting late day clearing. we're going to see clouds scouring out. everyone enjoys sunshine and temperatures will look like this getting off to an early start heading out for a bike ride or you have a tea time, it's going to be chilly if
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you'll need to bundle up. temperatures 40s foremost of the bay area. nights getting longer days shorter so chill is evident. 71 tomorrow afternoon. 62346 santa cruz. it's going to be mild, pleasant. 71 redwood city. still need long sleeves there. mid-60s around downtown san francisco. north bay you'll see 70s except near the coast you'll see 50s. petaluma, 70. 74 towards napa. clear lake, east bay, hayward, 67. oakland, 69. inland spots 70s for you all f you're going to the san carlos fair this weekend looking good. cool in the morning. mild in afternoon. we'll keep this streak going. accu-weather forecast
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featuring warmer weather for the second half of the weekend next week, 70s. >> thank you very much. >> from halloween themed manicures to a watch that tracks health. michael finney next with his finney's friday free stuff gave way. >> then, a singer's surprise, she becomes victim of a door knock burglar. the story you'll see only on abc 7 news. we'll be right back here.
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you're going to get free decals. they're easy. see? look at that. good set. it's sold in over 50 countries they're a pretty big deal. >> i'm going to have to fight dan for this. >> that is cool. >> that is $24 you're going to get it free. okay. this is after you eat halloween candy you're going love these. live track move, see, smart watch. you'll keep track of fitness. it hooks up with the appargus. have you to get in on it early. >> this is great. >> how do we do that? >> other than you? everyone else should dial or
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at any time log on to abc 7 >> thank you. >> more head, four legged weight loss. >> how
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coming up, running out of time before a bart strike. we'll have a live report on negotiations underway. also, how about this? mechanics not only make house calls but go tlot with you to help you buy a used car. and a homeowner frozen out when he upgraded his home's heating and cooling system. why he didn't get the rebate he was promised. now back to dan and cheryl. >> thank you. see you then. >> we have a story about a dog called obi. >> last year it tipped the scale at 77 pounds. >> now, he lost 50 pounds,
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hard to believe it's the same dog. >> yes. meet 5-year-old obi. this owner decided it was time to get into shai. he started exercising. >> and what a transformation. he's now, look on the right! one hot dog. weighing in at 27 pounds after a year of counting calorie autos wow. it's help add long by a tummy tuck and super long walks. >> now he's ready for swimsuit season. >> his owners were elderly and fed him out of love. you can see it's hard to get around. so keeping a critter trim is healthier. >> and he's thriving. >> yes. >> that is going to do it for us. world news is coming up next. i'm cheryl jennings. >> from all of us here, thanks for watching. we appreciate your time. connect with us on twitter on
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abc news bay area, we'll see you at 6:00. welcome to world news tonight. nuclear shake up, a top general in charge of america's nuclear arsenal fired. the pentagon says personal misbehavior. deal or no deal? the latest on the government shutdown, accelerating negotiations tonight. tragedy at the zoo. why an elephant seemed to turn on a veteran trainer. and unbreakable. malala, the miracles that led to her recovery and the moment she opened her eyes. >> i'm feeling this is a new life. >> our person of the week. and a good evening to you on friday night. we start with a developing story, a shake up at the highest level of the u.s. military.


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